Holy Ramadan 3



“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, prays:
Fasting prayer answered:

O Allah, destroy the oppressors Lord

and spend the creator of the Brothers and Matbahm to the Day of Judgment inspired kills dogs, the people of the fire in this holy month and beyond us evil ungodly and the enemies of religion

for Aslam and destroyed following the Jews and impure teams included every enemy stray wants to doom the country’s O teams. included the “Brotherhood” and all the Kharijites. 

Oh God, your family wants all of the evil in the country,

and we insist goodness everywhere,

Lord of the Worlds…


From last year, but still beautiful:


“Zero hour”, on FB, posts this narrative:

Where the case …
Struggle so I chose the name, brother Fadhel, to fight for your country and be of help and votes each Libby signed by the injustice, however, traitors and agents

Yes struggle we went out in the channel green with courage despite pressures came out to tell the truth and stand on the side of the homeland against the enemies came Vzrat hope in the hearts of ordinary people and you give them skin is better that the nation still holds the honorable and their hands will return to free itself from intruders Wayne case,

my struggle and the issue that came out for it and become a stalker in life. Is it for money or for the Sultan or for that encloses the name ? Bank owner of the channel is not my brother is so liberated homeland. They said in the sayings of thanking you hard Azmh and you came out on the canal thankful for brother.

Libyan blood praising his efforts supportive of his positions what has changed, and why the transformation of praise to the extrusion and treason?
said the Holy Prophet Salot God and peace be upon four of Be. It was a hypocrite, and was a tuft of whom it was a characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it:

from if there is a lie, and if he speaks, and if contending with the dawn, and promised, if treachery Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

And you Khasamt and blew and promulgated and defamed the man who we have seen from him, but all the best (Muammar al-Qathafi) and what we saw of it, but all keen to be for the people a voice Isdh against injustice. 

What happened, my struggle: Does money change souls and whether circumstances change of Principles that was you right lost your right this way

and it was the first your that endures from your friend even asked Liberal aid to Kano Aanuk and Takro for help and stand by your side in Mahntek issue homeland whole suffers from the diaspora and loss

and this is not the right time to increase our homeland Diaspora and the loss of pain seek excuse for this guy and says perhaps suffering from shortness if perhaps conditions.

Do not allow the payment of religion may promise me brother and Sasber it until soft or is it a difference of opinion, became spoil the friendship between brothers.

We all know what the circumstances of the Libyan blood and challenges for the continuation of the channel and expose customers and support the oppressed displaced persons, prisoners and others who have narrowed their ways of life and how abandoned by everyone and left to suffer alone;

and even Tkacfo him to Askto voice and Tamro him to make him look like a traitor climber on the suffering of the people, and all this in order to Aisalo to what Wiredu was the first of their support of this young man.

If Cano already working for the nation and the people subject Big O struggle and you know very well what’s Being in the shadows: Fd sanity and do not pick the demolition of more than the loss of state: and you are already in distress.

Here we extend you a helping hand and, God willing, we collect you money to loosen tribulation. I do not think that the Liberals are reluctant to lend a helping hand to one of the Liberal either. They brandished Libby blood to serve the interests of others. This is why people would reject the Liberal ???

ساعة الصفر

اين القضية…
كفاح هكذا اخترت الاسم ايها الاخ الفاضل لتكافح في سبيل وطنك وتكون عونا وصوتا لكل ليبي وقع عليه الظلم بيد الخونه والعملاء نعم كفاح خرجت علينا في قناة الخضراء بكل شجاعة رغم الضغوطات خرجت لتقول الحق وتقف في صف الوطن ضد الاعداء خرجت فزرعت الامل في قلوب البسطاء وكنت لهم بشرة خير بان الوطن مازال يحمل الشرفاء وبايديهم سيعود ليتحرر من الدخلاء اين القضية يا كفاح وما القضية التي خرجت من اجلها واصبحت مطارد في الحياة هل من اجل الاموال ام من اجل السلطان ام من اجل ان يرفق اسمك بانك صاحب القناة لا يا اخي ما هكذا تحرر الاوطان قالو في الامثال من تشكره يصعب عليك اذمه وانت خرجت على القناة شاكرا للاخ ليبي الدم مثنيا على مجهوداته داعما لمواقفه فما الذي تغير ولماذا تحول الثناء الى قذف وتخوين قال الرسول الكريم صلوت ربي وسلامه عليه أربع من كن فيه كان منافقا ، ومن كانت خصلة منهن فيه كانت فيه خصلة من النفاق حتى يدعها : من إذا حدث كذب ، وإذا وعد أخلف ، وإذا خاصم فجر ، وإذا عاهد غدر خرجه البخاري ومسلم . وانت خاصمت وفجرت واذعت وشهرت بالرجل الذي ما راينا منه الا كل خير وما راينا منه الا كل حرص على ان يكون للشعب صوتا يصدح ضد الظلم مالذي جرى يا كفاح وهل الاموال تغير النفوس وهل الظروف تغير المبادي ان كان لك حق فقد فقدت حقك بهذه الطريقة وكان الاولى بك ان تصبر على من كان صديقك ولو طلبت من الاحرار العون لكانو اعانوك وما تاخرو عن مساعدتك والوقوف بجانبك في محنتك فالقضية وطن باكمله يعاني من الشتات والضياع وليس هذا الوقت المناسب لنزيد الوطن شتاتا وضياع الم تلتمس العذر لهذا الرجل وتقول ربما يعاني من ضيق حال ربما ظروفه لا تسمح بتسديد دينك ربما يعدني اخا وساصبر عليه الى حين ميسرة ام ان اختلاف الراي اصبح يفسد الود بين الاخوة كلنا نعلم ما الظروف التي يمر بها ليبي الدم والتحديات التي يواجهها من اجل استمرار القناة وفضح العملاء ومساندة المظلومين المهجرين والسجناء وغيرهم ممن ضاقت بهم سبل الحياة وكيف تخلى عنه الجميع وتركوه يعاني وحده بل وتكاتفو عليه ليسكتو صوته وتامرو عليه ليجعلوه يظهر بمظهر الخائن المتسلق على معاناة الناس وكل هذا لكي يصلو الى ما يريدو وكان الاولى بهم مساندة هذا الشاب لو كانو بالفعل يعملون من اجل الوطن والشعب الموضوع كبير يا كفاح وانت تعلم جيدا مالذي يجري في الخفاء فعد الى رشدك ولا تكن معول هدم يزيد من ضياع الدولة وان كنت بالفعل في ضائقة فها نحن نمد لك يد العون وباذن الله نجمع لك الاموال لتفك ضيقتك ولا اعتقد بان الاحرار يمانعون في مد يد العون لاحد الاحرار اما ان تشهر بليبي الدم من اجل خدمة مصالح اناس اخرون فهذا ما سيرفضه الاحرار







False pretenses.
Company announced that the General Electricity cause power outages and distribution of loads on the cities ..
Netje for the exit of foreign experts from Libya …
Bahi before sitting Kano experts and narrowed Aigs how Ray.

حجج واهيه.
اعلنت شركة العامة للكهرباء ان سبب انقطاع التيار الكهربائي و توزيع الاحمال على مدن..
نتجيه لخروج الخبراء الاجانب من ليبيا …
باهي قبل كانو قاعدين الخبراء و ضي ايقص كيف راي


Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the mass channel P on 06/26/2014


Do justice to the Libyans Saif al-Islam Gaddafi?

By Son of the Fatherland

(Hey prepared Libyans .. colonialism Jaykm)
This phrase, which came in a speech Engineer Saif al-Islam on Sunday, 20-2-2011, which draws them to the pan Libyans did not listen to them a lot of their security well, but there are those who considered it a bit of hype and a scarecrow used by Mujahid Saif al-Islam in the very same.

But after three years of that speech, which react through which Engineer Saif alert ordinary people of the danger of what is being plotted for them and for the country, it was clear to everyone, without exception, from ordinary people to talk captive Saif al-Islam is the word of Knight and not Almtrgel world Boukbaya things and insider international politics , and social structure of the Libyan society,

all warned him signed borders of Libya under the seized companies Alamnahalaatalih as stated by him (Secretary of Defense) and may be called by the Minister of contracts for security affairs, and the Security Council has taken a decision to send troops to Libya, a prelude to the return of foreign bases and security agreements that will shackle the sovereignty of the state, he said the hero Saif al-Islam.

Forget oil what is happening in the oil sector of the looting and destruction of the infrastructure of its known to all Libyans, and also warned of the consequences of the spread of the killings, where he will weep over thousands dead if they do not judge mind at this historic moment, and warned of the fragmentation of the country and the fighting between Libyan tribes and regions,

and this is what we live today, also said that the development projects, which is estimated at about 200 billion dinars will stop and go the dreams of Libyans in the evolution unheeded.

This is the bulk of what the architect of the country for all the famous speech, which will remain part of the nation’s memory and testimony exonerating Saif al-Islam before God and before history.

Is Aaudallepien to their senses after what has happened and is happening to them and fair towards this man?

هل ينصف الليبيين سيف الاسلام القذافي ؟

بقلم ابن الوطن

( استعدوا يا ليبيين .. الاستعمار جايكم )
هذه العبارة التي جاءت في خطاب المهندس سيف الاسلام يوم الاحد الموافق 20-2-2011 و التي وتوجه بها الى عموم الليبيين لم ينصت اليها الكثير من امنهم بشكل جيد، بل هناك من اعتبرها شيئا من التهويل و فزاعة استخدمها المجاهد سيف الاسلام لغاية في نفسه ، ولكن بعد ثلاثة سنوات من ذلك الخطاب الذي أرد من خلاله المهندس سيف تنبيه عوام الشعب من خطر ما يحاك لهم و للوطن ، يتضح جليا للجميع دون استثناء من عوام الشعب ان كلام الأسير سيف الاسلام هو كلام الفارس و ليس المترجل العالم بخبايا الأمور و بواطن السياسة الدولية ، و التركيبة الاجتماعية للمجتمع الليبي، فكل ما حذر منه وقع فالحدود الليبية تحت سيطرت الشركات الامنيةالايطالية حسب ما صرح به ( وزير الدفاع ) و يجوز ان نطلق عليه وزير التعاقدات للشؤون الأمنية ، و مجلس الأمن اتخذ قرارا بإرسال قوات الى ليبيا وهي مقدمة لعودة القواعد الأجنبية و الاتفاقيات الأمنية التي سوف تكبل سيادة الدولة ، كما قال البطل سيف الاسلام أنسوا النفط ما يحدث في قطاع النفط من نهب و تدمير لبنية التحتية الخاصة به يعلمها كل الليبيين ، و أيضاً حذر من مغبة انتشار القتل حيث قال سوف نبكي على آلاف القتلى اذا لم نحكم العقل في هذه اللحظة التاريخية ، و حذر من تشظي الوطن و القتال بين المناطق و القبائل الليبية و هذا ما نعيشه اليوم ، وقال أيضاً ان مشاريع التنمية التي تقدر بحوالي 200 مليار دينار سوف تتوقف و تذهب احلام الليبين في التطور ادراج الرياح .

هذا جل ما قاله مهندس الوطن للجميع في ذلك الخطاب الشهير و الذي سوف يبقى جزء من ذاكرة الوطن و شهادة تبرئه لسيف الاسلام امام الله و امام التاريخ
فهل يعودالليبيين الى رشدهم بعد ما حدث و يحدث معهم و ينصفوا هذا الرجل ؟




Omar Humaidan: General National Congress is preparing to hand over power to the House of “Representatives” !!


Lire la vidéo

عصابة ركسوس و اتباعهم

حكام ليبيا الجدد

Durée : 1:25

Conference chaotic year



Lire la vidéo

المؤتمر الفوضوي العام

المؤتمر الفوضوي العام

Durée : 2:04

(THIS IS A FARCE–read the


ABDUL-RAHMAN ASWIHAILLY, Pascha of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in MISURATA,

and the new “HOUSE” for the Puppet “GOVERNMENT” of LIBYA:





Now we must ask us to show all of my …
1 .. Accounting all members of the Conference
2 .. Accounting members of Congress in Resolution No. 7 entry into the BANI Walid
3 .. to prevent any member of Congress to get out of Libya
4. Accounting Libyan intelligence chief
5 .. Accounting Mufti Adyaar
6 .. Accounting Governor of Central Bank of Libya
7 .. All Accounting Ministers
8 .. Accounting Chief of Staff and deprived of all civil rights and military
And bring them to the Libyan judiciary;

AND, the


Libyan demands for new House*****
1. repeal of the political isolation
2. give legitimacy to the dignity and recognition and support
3. isolate the Mufti and referred to the judiciary
4. isolation of the Governor of the Bank of Libya and its elimination
5. isolate Chief and denied all rights of civilian and military
6. the direct “election” of the “head of State” of the people [THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I DISAGREE WITH: read the “GREEN BOOK” !]
7. cut ties with Qatar and Turkey for their involvement in support of terrorism
8. turn off the payroll at all military formations after “17 February” and resolve all objects outside the army and armed police
9. accountability of all murderers and criminals from militia leaders and armor and the members of the Conference
10. Declaration that the brotherhood a terrorist organization and banned and banned all parties
*****11. the return of displaced persons and refugees at home and abroad
12. put an end to the actions of the U.S. Ambassador and the breach of international treaties and protocols

Lo Mustafa MA, on FB:
“Do not forget to let the request of the brother leader, and their young.”

 “Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB:

“Recall only
Those who want to take to the streets of Benghazi in order to secure them!!!
They are in yesterday’s near Ahdtho a massacre in Benghazi named the Sabbath
Black left behind 42 dead from the finest young Benghazi still Cymru
Moms in their eyes and you want to get off of the new!!!”

التذكير فقط
هؤلاء من يريدون النزول الي شوارع بنغازي من اجل تأمينها !!!
وهم في الامس القريب احدثو مجزره في بنغازي سميت بالسبت
الاسود خلفت ورائها 42 قتيل من خيره شباب بنغازي لازالت دمعه
الامهات في اعينهن وانتم تريدون النزول من الجديد !!!

Lire la vidéo



Fire broke out in Tripoli airport car park this evening, resulting in the burning of cars

and Tlat unknown reason and was brought under control.


Witness the moment the two men targeted a car Al-husoma Osama Mohammed and eloquent

in the Beach refugee camp 06/27/2014 AD.

شــاهد لحظة استهدف سيارة الشهيدين أسامة الحسومي ومحمد الفصيح في مخيم الشاطيء 27-6-2014م .

Lire la vidéo 


Tawergha Camp in Janzour, Tripoli


The assassination of Mr. Moses Magbari a little while ago on the road to the river, where unidentified

men riding a car Intra leaden firing a hail of bullets. He has killed a man and wounded his son with him

and took him to the hospital ..

There was the assassination after the departure of the man of the Taraweeh prayers do not know

yet what are described. .

Close by limiting Bin Ghashir –

The largest hospital in Libya (the escape of electricity to devices Asabieh patients in the hospital) in Tripoli:



Shut down the oil pipeline link between the field and the spark refinery corner promises congestion

is expected on petrol stations.

Libyan oil production of 321 thousand barrels per day and is worth ….. Baldkr no offshore oil field “field mullet” away from the coast of the city of corner 20 km and issued 230 000 barrels per day …. not calculated within the final production in the sense that Libya produces approximately 551 000 barrels per day, not 321 000 barrels per day
Hedda field and was sold by the agreement between the Government of the client (Ali Zaidane) and the Maltese government earlier ….










Tarhounah protest against power cuts on a daily basis and for long hours ….






Stolen by unidentified gunmen on Sunday, two million Libyan dinars robbery on the car for the transfer of funds to the Bank of the Republic Mizdah.

A reporter Libyan news agency Mizdah that the armed robbery suffered by the car transfer of funds took place

in the road link between Mizdah and Gharyan on the way to the bank.


Unidentified robbing the transfer of money on a car belonging to the Bank of the Republic

area Mizdah and steal an amount of two million Libyan dinars.



“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaaQa” will help clean-up LIBYA justly

Osman Mliqth commander of the ‘Brigade QaaQa’:






Mdahirat and burning tires because of the lack of liquidity in the banks in Racdalin






Lack of liquidity in the banks and tension in the city.






 dirty MISURATA:


THis is how MISURATA celebrates RAMADAN:

No hula is no power but from God:

The occasion of the holy month of Ramadan courts Misrata preparing for Execution of death sentence for 7000 supporters of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, from among the 11 000 political “al-Jamahiriya” prisoners who are presently prisoners imprisoned in MISURATA !

28 JUME 2014
amongst them are Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour and

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Chuirv.

Ramadan Misurata courts are preparing to implement the death penalty for 7000 of their 11 000 prisoners, who are supporters of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

He said the happiest ombiya abukaila journalist and writer Libby independent: “we continue to follow up all the small and large new scene in the scene the Libyan sources the Libyan milieu in the holy month of Ramadan, local authorities almtmetlh Municipal Council junta in Misurata city will implement death sentences against prisoners and science brought thousands of prisoners from Muammar al-Qathafi and was forwarded their files to the military courts and civil courts in Misurata

and was imprisoned first degree and they are the “most dangerous” prisoners from the followers of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi;  and, “these 7000 prisoners deserve the death penalty”, who were mostly security and military leaders and civilian supporters of al-Qathafi. Other prisonersa Tanya and is deserving of life imprisonment and numbering nearly 3,000 prisoners and prisoners of the third degree and is deserving of imprisonment from 10 to 20 years, their number has not been specified. There are more than 11,000 prisoners in the prisons of Misurata, according to recent statistics from local and international human rights organizations

He said the happiest abukaila denied a judicial source in the “capital” city of Misuratah, by Libya’s channel space in comments published the news of the release of Sheik Mohammed Al-Chuirv, a civil 85 years old and still in custody, Sheikh Mohammad civil Misurata prison as is Al-Chuirv, a Sheikh, classified as civil prisoners mainly awaiting the death sentence on several charges including “incitement against the ‘revolution’ of 17 February 2011”,

due to their non-Muslim use of NATO, was shown daily through the media of the Great Jamahiriya, and Sheikh Mohammed Al-Chuirv, born in the Libyan city of Benghazi in the village of alghoilat in Ramadan in 1348 Ah – 1930 and held several religious positions under the Great Jamahiriya as its former Mufti.

such hypocrates are the Misrath—They call these honest, good and sincere men “DANGEROUS IN THE FIRST DEGREE”!!! Filthy Turkish-Misurata, who are “Brothers” of the Qatari, Bernard Levy and the Americans…all whom have Allah’s wrath upon them—as murderers, torturers, drug addicts and sodomists—scum of the earth…and they plan on bringing a million Zionist jews into Libya!!!

“ZERO HOUR”, on FB, comments:

“No Tansu Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs and pray for the homeland that God lifting the plight of a family of February to hasten his return to the bosom of safety and security.”

لا تنسو الفاتحة على أرواح الشهداء و الدعاء للوطن بان يفك الله اسره من نكبة فبراير و يعجل بعودته الى حضن الأمن و الأمان

“Zintan Brigade QaaQa” on FB, comments:

  • “Khozi all cad supports the infidels in God, the Day of Resurrection get stuck with them in the fire of hell. “





Today was the release of the two people are free from the conqueror of

Aqaba ~ Khalil prison for the rest of the prisoners.







Was arrested three people, one of Casablanca (white)  and the other from Cyrene and the third a Syrian,

tried to reach Alcamrat tapes related to the Parliament; and, one of them admitted that they had been a

partner in the bombing.

There is an investigation underway to reach the rest of the group masterminds.


The arrest of so-called (EVIL) young Boca (Mohammed al-Oraibi)

and now is in the city of Prairie.


Prairie City is the urban center of lock almsaratet assets until the release of their abducted

who are within the identity of the Sirte region, and sealer.

مدينة المرج تقوم بقفل محلات ساكنيها من الأصول المصراتية حتى يتم اطلاق سراح أبنائهم المختطفين على الهوية في منطقة سرت و السدادة. .ليبيا..




Kidnapping Mohammed el-Hasy, after leaving the Taraweeh prayers tonight:







Arabic channel Al Arabiya | Urgent:

Reporter has informed Libyan sources saying, most of the extremists who are being chased for their involvement in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, have disappeared completely and are in hiding now; the others have changed their physical appearance and completely shaved their beards

beard, bearless

Mohamed Buisier:


Concerning Ahmed Bouchtalh
U.S. source told me that he was very responsive with the investigation, and he spoke a lot and wants to take advantage of the full recognition of a deal for a reduced sentence, and the trial will not take long, and others in Libya, including Tripoli must equip their lives soon.

قناة العربية Al-Arabiya | عاجل :

قالت مصادر ليبية مطلعة وناشطون إن معظم المتطرفين الذين تطاردهم أمريكا لتورطها في الهجوم على مقر القنصلية الأميركية بمدينة بنغازي بعضهم أختفى كلياً و يختبئون الأن و الأخرون غيروا ملامحهم و حلقوا لحاهم ” اللحية ”
الولايات المتحده الامريكيه
محمد بويصير

Mohamed Buisier

بخصوص بوختالة
مصدر امريكى ابلغنى انه كان متجاوب جدا مع التحقيق ، وانه تكلم كثيرا ويريد الاستفادة من صفقة الاعتراف الكامل لتخفيف الحكم ، ومحاكمته لن تستغرق طويلا ، وان آخرين فى ليبيا بما فيها طرابلس لابد ان يجهزوا ارواحهم قريبا



The explosive ordnance disposal section dismantled an explosive device weighing 400 g was placed

under the car, “Mahmoud Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi,” the son of

Major General Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi area Ahumaidh, who last month completely disabandoned himself from the RATS, and joined “dignity” to clean-up DERNA (in particular), and all of LIBYA.

PICTURE: Major General Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi

“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, informs us:

In the name of God the Merciful
Today’s the first day of the month of Ramadan re God be upon you and the blessings we have in Yemen
The explosive in the day to continue the violent events in our beloved country


Victims of the first month of Ramadan ….

The assassination of Ali San’aani after leaving dawn prayers from the mosque Street Beauty and Kdasib shot by unknown assailants and died after entering the care and still conflicting reports between Sheikh predecessor and followed between the supporters of Sharia


The arrival of the head of a person seared, cut and placed in a bag to the hospital in 1200. 
The head belongs to someone who has not yet been identified. It was found in Bofajrh;

and, the head is now in the morgue.



Assassination soldier Ghaith Hamid Fakhiri,  shortly before one of the soldiers of Sellouk,

was a climber from the air-base at “Have Built ” after the end of his mission;

and Marawah the monsters, in Sellouk, and was arrested “Battalion Ansar al-Sharia”

and the launch of nine bullets in his heart and his head. The martyr was wearing a costume martia,

and was a passenger in a military vehicle, with a picture of his family Hftar .. now if not pitiful…


Marawah kidnapping Tatanaky

Airport “have built”,   by an armed group.



Shooting on the car, “Ibrahim Abdullah bin western” one of the elements “Have-Built air base,

while passing by way of the day the industrial killing him with one of his sons, 4 years, and the survival of his son,

which accompanied him.





Shut down by the river by the people and with the slain “Ibrahim Ben Gharbia,”

who was killed on the ears of Morocco is the son of 4 years old ….

Close by the river in Benghazi and set on fire by the region’s youth and the youth of the family of

the officer Ibrahim Ben Gharbia, who was assassinated along with his son before the ears of Morocco today.



News Mdahmt youth area milkfish and Ben Younes raid Galaa Hospital:


Security force backing Benghazi | Urgent
News of the death of a person inside the Shell Fuel Qnfodh few minutes ago and did not Atnoh

us gauged his identity and a civilian or military.


Murder in the gas station with the help of pomegranate .. Abirdalsalam Albergthe killed in Benghazi



rockets locusts fall heavily in Rulrhh and Sidi Faraj in Benghazi 


From Benghazi that bleed

Shelling in the area of ​​C-Faraj .. this good, who deprived him of Benghazi during the past 42 years.







The release of Tunisian diplomats kidnapped in Libya


Tunisia’s prime minister says two Tunisian diplomats who were held for months by gunmen in Libya have been released.

Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa said late Sunday that embassy employee Mohammed Ben Cheikh and diplomat Laroussi Kontassi would soon be on a plane back to Tunis.

The men were kidnapped in March and April by a group calling itself Shebab al-Tawhid, or Youth of Oneness, which demanded the release of Libyans being held on terror charges in Tunisia.

Tunisian Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi said there were no negotiations with the kidnappers ahead of the release.

Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen:






Murderous RAT, Joseph “carved” ornately arrested in TURKEY:

Assault was the named Joseph ornately since few in Turkey by 5 shows were arrested on 3 of them by Turkish police:






Foreign Minister of Libya, “Mahmoud Abdel Aziz,” a resident in Egypt for several months

and is sending him e-mail to sign there and was returned to the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli.

PICTURE: Libyan FM Mohammed Abdul Aziz is palsy with the UAE/QATARI

Message Room # Libya rebels to the State Department to close it until the

exemption minister from office.

…definitely he is a RAT !


D. Moses Qrifah speaking:

The right word and the nation shortly before breakfast … Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the most ministries and is exposed Tarst
For periodic incursions …… Why? Simply .. Everyone wants a diplomatic function … wants this
Ambassador … and so … Consul .. so .. so … so …. can not be built and managed countries … and thus can not be
That the world accept and support staff of the embassies in this way.
Unfortunately turned embassies after the Libyan February to Saraya staff is qualified and who is not ..
Require working conditions embassies and their presence ….. money in hard currency and even the disposal of waste and the country is going through
The most difficult and the most dangerous economic crisis.


 Break into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the operations room of rebel-controlled Libya:

According to information received operations room Libya rebels storm the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fiefdoms, and they senders request of members of Congress in the outgoing respond ordained in the position of ambassador to the outside.

Source from the Ministry of Foreign Aak continued closing the Foreign Ministry building in Tripoli by the

operations room donkeys Libya since last Thursday, demanding the sacking the minister and the

application of the law of political isolation.

The source says that the militants are present inside the ministry building, they are demanding

the resignation of the minister is located in Egypt months ago.

It is worth mentioning that he was beaten and Undersecretary “Alqrede” inside the ministry building

and submitted his resignation following the incident and was assigned to the spokesman for the

Ministry of d. Said Black as an agent for the Ministry instead of Alqrede.


PICTURE (BELOW): SAID BLACK of the ‘Libyan’ Foreign Ministry in Tripoli


 SAID BLACK of the 'Libyan' Foreign Ministry in Tripoli

Besbasa Aaakh Oh my head:

I heard Balsar Foreign Ministry mesh Galo our state a state of law and a democratic state and the rule of … Howana broke into them members of rooms rebels
The House on Nziedk poem Talbo Atnha Contact Person in the rule of HE the Minister of Foreign Affairs …. Wayne began legal authority and power and authority Alchraeih implementation … groups everywhere in the opinion imposed by force of arms.
# Wayne Mufti Diyar Libyan aggressive confirm this topic category.

_ Stay and lie Achuih Mufti empty mesh to ramble for things in the media war to distort the rule of war …. Dr. takfiri from Libby Army secular groups to spend on Islamic and secular thought and publishes military movement.

#, But the attack on the executive branch of this prostitute on the state by force of arms

God, you Shaklak faith estimate required by law to stop and Ba ten Mieh groups and secret prisons Illsh much Ppadulh and overthrew Sultan Hept … and the rebel movement and the real revolutionaries Alhellbe Pavlos
Randomized differentiate good from bad.

Crimes per thousand Mieh Lord Aastr you Yablady of envious malice.

بسباسي اااخ يا رأسى :

سمعت بالصار لوزارة الخارجية مش قالو دولتنا دولة قانون ودولة ديمقراطية وسيادة …هاوينا إقتحموها من أفراد غرف الثوار
ونزيدك على البيت قصيدة طلبو يتنحا المسؤل فى الخارجية سيادة سعادة الوزير …. وين راحت السلطة القانونية والسلطة التشرعية وسلطة التنفيذ …جماعات فى كل مكان تفرض فى راى بقوة السلاح .
#وين مفتئ الديار الليبية هده فئة باغية بتأكيد

_ خليك وأرقد اشوية المفتئ مش فاضى لهذى ﻷمور فى حرب أعلامية لتشويه سيادة الدكتور …. حرب تكفيرية من جيش العلمانية يبي يقضى على الجماعات ﻷسلامية وينشر فكر العلمانية والحركة العسكرية

#بس الهجوم على السلطة التنفيذية هذا بغى على الدولة بقوة السلاح

والله أنت شكلك نية من يقدر يوقف ويفرض القانون مجموعات با العشرة مية والسجون السرية طاحة القدر بادولة وطاحت هيبت السلطان …وحركة الثوار الحقيقية وثوار الهلبا بافلوس
معش تفرق الصالح من الطالح

جرائم باﻷلف ومية ربك ياستر عليك يابلادى من حقد الحاسد


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