Mu addressing the iTalian Government on the newly signed ITALIAN-LIBYAN CORCORDAT.

PICTURE: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in Rome,, addressing the Italian Government on the newly signed ITALIAN-LIBYAN CONCORDAT.


“Supervision of the Great Jamahiriya”, on FB:
Our sole aim retrieval pride and dignity of the honorable Libyans






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, tells us:
“Snfaji world soon ~ ~ Resistance forces Libyan People 

Two days Achow Gaah ~ patience Paso.”


Tuesday 18 February 2014, 4: 19 PM

“QaaQa” and Lightning” Brigades they give members of the Conference five hours to resign
Osman Mlikoth, the “al-Qaqaa Brigade” commander, along with the Lightning Brigade, with their

battalion‘s commander, read a statement demanding the resignation of members of the “Allaotunai” Conference.

a statement demanding the resignation of the members of the “Conference”
The leaders of the al-Qaaqa Brigade and battalion lightning gave a statement in a press conference on Tuesday, members of the ABLES National Conference five hours to comply with the will of the people and resign,

“otherwise will bear the consequences.”

In a statement read out at the press conference, the leaders of the two armed men, “all of the surviving members of Congress usurped authority and against the will of the Libyans will be a legitimate target for us,” said the statement, which vowed to capture all of the unresponsive and brought to trial by the said acts constitute conspiracy against Libya and negatively to its abundant resources and a waste of money and a betrayal of the people.

The statement blamed the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood responsible for the problems of the country, describing as “corruptors” brotherhood, as well as to those described as “the ideologized and extremist groups,” saying that these groups are “disease and epidemic for this country, and we will be medicine.”

And the two leaders stressed in their statement that the authority is not satisfied but protect the homeland, and said: “We pledge to the people that we are not students of the power, but that the blood of our comrades of the victims and fulfilment of the homeland to be guardians of the homeland, even standing on his feet to build military and security institutions, we will be supporting it with all our strength.”

The statement blamed the responsibility not to drag the country into the abyss … and blood drips on the Libyans home, “vowing that the” true revolutionaries against both a traitor and a coward, wherever you will clean up the country’s semiconductor revolutionaries bastards. “

The statement said: “after this date, this period all responsibility of this country”, calling the Libyan people free to stand with right to cleanse his country fully, “he said, adding that people” is the legitimacy and sovereignty after God. ” He led the al-Qaqaa Brigade and battalion Lightning by saying: “and I say that, God willing, to do.”







Lightning Brigade commander Emad Trabelsi, denies the occurrence of his brother Abdullah in captivity and

 confirms the occurrence of the late, former decective, Abdel Moneim fishing room Libya rebels in captivity.

(Former crime Chief Abdel-moniem fishing, from the place of detention in the airport road.

The late former Prime Minister Abdel-Moneim fishing edema in God)

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون…نعزي أهل ليبيا و نعزي أنفسنا في وفاة الثائر البطل عبدالمنعم الصيد الذي لم يبخل على ثورتنا المباركة بشئ منذ قيامها و كان من السباقين لخدمتها في كل وقت و حين…سافر لبنغازي و حارب في الجبهات و بعدها ذهب لتونس ليدخل مع ثوار جبل نفوسة لطرابلس و بعد التحرير ساهم في تأسيس مكتب مكافحة الجريمة و الذي كان له الفضل في الكشف عن قضية فساد ضخمة بمليارات الدولارات تطال شخصيات هامة على رأسها رئيس الوزراء السابق علي زيدان و على ضوء التحقيقات التي قام بها البطل عبدالمنعم تم سحب الثقة من علي زيدان عبر المؤتمر الوطني و صدر أمر من النائب العام بمنعه من السفر فهرب علي زيدان للخارج و لو كان برئ لما هرب…كان البطل عبدالمنعم رحمة الله عليه أول من صعد للجرافة التي حاولت إيقاف الناقلة المارقة التي قام المجرم جضران بتهريب النفط الليبي على متنها…و بعد ذلك تم خطفه و تعذيبه في طرابلس و فك الله أسره أثر عملية فدائية قام بها زملائه…خرج البطل عبدالمنعم فجر الأمس للمساهمة في عملية قسّورة فجر ليبيا فتم أسره غدراً و تعذيبه و حرقه رحمة الله عليه حتى لاقى ربه مجاهداً محتسباً صائماً و هذا الفعل الشرير حرام على كل مسلم طبقاً لحديث رسولنا عليه الصلاة و السلام ( لا يُعذب بالنار إلا الله رب النار) – صحيح الألباني.
الصورة صارت واضحة لدينا الآن…فمن إغتال عبدالمنعم و حرقه بالنار كان يريد أن ينتقم و يشفي غليله منه لكشفه سرقة أموال الشعب الليبي و مدّخراته…و حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل فعلى الباغي تدور الدوائر.
اللهم إغفر لعبدالمنعم و أرحمه و تقبله عندك شهيداً يا رب العالمين.

The killing of Abdel Moneim hunting leading of Ninewa operations room

of rebel militias by the Zintan.


 Oh God, forgive for Abdel-Moneim and merciful and have accepted a martyr, O Lord of the Worlds.

 when he exposed the corruption and thievery of Zaidane & Co. and asks for Allaotunai Congress to dissolve:


 when he was “free & alive”:



اصابة عماد الطرابلسي الزنتاني آمر كتيبة الصواعق
من طرف larbi في الجمعة يوليو 26, 2013 10:09 pm. اصابة عماد الطرابلسي الزنتاني آمر كتيبة الصواعق بعد هجوم صاورخي فجر اليوم على مقر كتيبته .

“Zero hour” announces:

THE WORST SIN: USING GOD to LIE and telling false dreams & prophecies–

WAHABI/NATO MB GHARYIANI  Claims he had a dream-Vision !!!

عااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل and extremely dangerous ::: Mufti Sadiq Ghariyani directsword to room Libya rebels

and the leaders of the process of lion which he says:

“The Jihad what you are doing in the deepest and greatest pictures angels flying above you, O rebels to Nasrtk swim victory to you this is jihad a duty upon you against gangs and criminals which occupies State facilities. I saw last night in a dream vision of the good you came to me in a dream of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him smiling invite you to victory outlined and Auadkm by God Almighty continued to crush the forces of injustice and tyranny, a victory for the religion of God and the protection of the slaves, victory to you and God be with you and this Rahman promised to you.”

(Channel local market Friday)


Using ALLAH & THE HOLY PROPHETS is the worst SIN!)




 GHARYIANI and his little demon companions (JINN) which infest him:

Here is another evil being (BERNARD HENRI LEVY) who is possessed by demons:





SAIF al-ISLAM is on the RADIO:

He is heading/Commanding the Zintani Forces

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB REPORTS:


It also received some Alaaan



We hope Publishing wider Ntaaaaq

# هااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام

Sages met with Libyan tribes Zintan three o’clock this morning with Dr. Saif al-Islam and was

Condition, Dr. Saif al-Islam only to get out and to throw Biaaaaaaaaan Hoowo Khrowoowoj people in Tripoli fully in Mazaaaaepehrt for three consecutive Aiaaaaaam and that this condition is met,,,, we will come out of Dr Saif al-Islam made a statement through visual radio

Oh God, Oh God, I witness may have reached.



(# Pen Commander)

Directed by al-Zintan, Saif al-Islam on the media and docking Libyan tribes dishonest ~ Turkish Jewish

conspiracy was exposed.

Saif military

Mohammed Salama, on FB, says:

He took the Al faza’a (was assumed) that  al-Zintani free Dr. Saif al-Islam.

كان تبوا الفزعه يازنتان اطلقوا سراح الدكتور سيف الاسلام
Il prit l’Al faza’a yazntan gratuit Dr. Saif al-Islam.

ISRAELIIS: Gaza bombed, Tripoli and at the same time of the Jews ~ Lord Save our Muslim brothers.


 “Zero hour”, on FB, gives us a re-assuring
UPDATE:for tonight, of 13 JULY 2014:
DAY ONE a Victory:
Despite the damage to the sites which are of the presence with Zintan Brigades,

All now have returned to all the sites from which they were expelled. All are now back in their control.


Jtt Misurata and kill them from the left and fled.


IT is a LIE that al-Zintani Brigades threaten to bomb oil tanks if they lose their security positions in the capital Tripoli.




Qaqaa Brigade controls the storage tanks of fuel through the airport to prevent the fuel from the attacking force ..

 Plan of Attack, Brotherhood-backed gangs shield Aloeschy:


violent clashes in the way of the Islamic Dawa (DAHRA). 



90 military vehicles follow the military council of Zintan up to the bridge and Zahra now preparing to enter

Tripoli to support the troops Elephant.

“Zero hour”, reports:

Was decided yesterday at the RAT meeting, which was held after Morocco in Tripoli to begin a military operation to expel the battalions that follow the Xanthan (QaaQa and lightning) from Tripoli,

the major goal of this process is to eliminate the armed wings of Xanthan in the capital and this so-called owners of this process stage (a),
The phase (b) begins as soon as the completion of the stage (a) so that the militias attacked Zintan from several points of collaboration with some of the tribes and regions that have a feud with Zintan,

and aims of this phase by those who made it to disarm or destroy the military power of the tribe Zintan and as well as the arrest of most of the military leaders, in order to prevent the Security Brigades from Zintan regroup and think of returning to the capital again.

Ibrahim Madani says on the Civil Channel Capital: 

” in the end I will die a martyr like my uncle Muhammad al-Madani.”

Ibrahim Madani ordered 32nd enhanced civil brigade:

“soon I’ll be in Libya and will be deviated Haddat each. It is time to eradicate the tumor Hedda of The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.”
Ibrahim Madani of the “32nd Enhanced Civil Brigade” command, says that “if the street is returning the Trabelsi to eliminate terrorism, I am ready so say that the ‘al Qaqaa Brigade’ has 10,000 fighters.

ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻧﻲ ﺃﻣﺮ ﻟﻮﺍﺀ ﺍﻟﻤﺪﻧﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺳﺮﺍﻳﻴﻔﻮ ﻗﺮﻳﺒﺎ ﺳﺄﻛﻮﻥ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ﻭﺳﻴﻜﻮﻥ ﻟﻜﻞ ﺣﺎﺩﺕ ﺣﺪﻳﺖ . ﺣﺎﻥ ﺍﻟﻮﻗﺖ ﻻﺳﺘﺌﺼﺎﻝ ﻫﺪﺍ ﺍﻟﻮﺭﻡ ﺍﻷﺧﻮﺍﻧﻲ ﻣﻦ

ابراهيم المدني آمر لواء المدني ،، يقول لو ان الشارع الطرابلسي يقوم بتفويضي للقضاء على الارهاب انا جاهز لذالك ويقول ان لواء القعقاع يملك 10 الاف مقاتل .


 More than two hundred military vehicles and hundreds of Toubou fighters are joining to fight alongside Zintan:


Brothers citizens …………
Please discernible caution and steep ….. entrances and exits of Tripoli now unlocked ….. No need to go out and expose yourself to danger
Airport Road. Alcimafro. Locked ……. by Sawani gypsum locked …… Salah al-Din locked …
Areas of clashes.




large convoy of rats visitors heading to Tripoli.

Urgent passage of a convoy of military now Alqoaah gateway to Tripoli due to dependence MB militias Shield & Aloeschy.


Military convoy belonging to the MB militia up from Misurata to Tripoli at the eastern entrance to the city, “Alqoaah”.




The killing of “Hamid ‘submitted’ Emhemed Abuznad”, at gate al-Heirh by shooting him.

Large convoys moving from the Western mountains towards the capital now to support the troops al-Zintani.


Reports that the headquarters of Zintan to blow air ! Clustered columns from the cities in the mountain areas surrounding the town of Zintan, prepare to go to the capital Tripoli ( pit blood during RAMADAN) to defend Zintani.



Withdrawal young Zintani battalion belonging to the “Libyan border guards” stationed in the border triangle Algeria, Tunisia, Libya. They are on their way to Tripoli.

Unfortunately, this situation was pre-planned and foreseen by the Wahabi-Brotherhood, ….

so the terrorists can swarm into Libya unguarded. !!!



Zintani forces progressing to the neighborhood now huts and violent clashes with militias there & Gneoh.


Young neighborhood huts latch al-Zintani forces and are preparing to attack Gneoh now:






HAMZA THAMI’s sons confirmed escape from prison of Khaled Sharif in MITIGUA ~

Lord protect them and care for them!


Urgent: the entry of vehicles carrying plates political body now to Mitigua airport,

transporting foreigners to travel outside the country.



~ Urgent withdrawal of the third force of MB rat shield Aloescha from Sabha, and they go in the

direction of the capital of Tripoli.


Urgent access to the airport pilots diagonals Mitigua to share with MB militia forces and armor Aloescha

room rebels in nostalgic forces which shelled al-Zintani.

Urgent news of the escape of the militias shield Aloescha under the blows strong of the al-Zintani.


Splitter and the client Salah Badi lead the attack on the airport before getting hurt this morning ..

 some of BADI‘s men were killed:

Images of militias Salah Badi corpses

The arrest of 16 people from the militias, “Salah Badi” by the Zintan militia accused

in the massacre Gharghour in Tripoli ….

news that Salah Badi has been injured:
Salòah Badi 2

Urgent access to the base plane country shortly before Mitigua:

armored convoy carrying banners to enter the base through the airport from the point of the project plateau ~

Street specifically bumps.


Rat army controlling MITIGUA AIRBASE, showing HASHEM humans

Rat army controlling MITIGUA AIRBASE, showing HASHEM humans

BMP3s being handed over by the Russians at Mitiga Airbase, Tripoli

BMP3s being handed over by the Russians at Mitiga Airbase, Tripoli




aerial view of MITIGUA

violent clashes between militias MISURATA, and Brigades Zintani.







Brigade QaaQa equipped missiles locusts in shape through the airport the night of Soda ..



Tqilh votes weapons and powerful explosions heard by now in the airport in Tripoli.


rats NATO bombing Tripoli International Airport rockets now!!



Sacred Farrukh Farrukh NATO destroyed the airport !


URGENT: # NATO bombing planes _ dependency now flying in the skies and OS by Soane

and Airport Road and the surrounding areas.
(They destroyed TRIPOLI AIRPORT!)



earlier report, said: ” Fighting with heavy weapons in the city of Tarabalis (TRIPOLI) clock
Half past three in the morning and until this moment ..
During the fighting, a rest period at the time of the dawn prayer ..
Houses and buildings vibrating ..
Terrorize humans fasters .. .. unsuspecting sleepers.
Someone threatening to blow up the airport in Tripoli [and it happened!!, really through NATO],

and the resistance-other, threatens to bomb the base of Mitigua.

Sheep 9 vehicles mechanism Midhorh forces under Salah Badi, 

that attacked at dawn today Tripoli International Airport.


“Zero hour”, on FB, shows

Injury to the clinic _ # _ wellness hospital adjacent to the Tripoli International Airport in the bombardment launched by militias and Paddy’s Salah Abu Ubaida Libyan and Jijel and Mohammed Saeed Al-Gailani against the airport this morning, in order to disable and destroy and transform his trips.

ساعة الصفر / “ZERO HOUR”, on FB, posts:


O Lord, shed them for Aarahm earthquake and the ground beneath them, and they’re corrupting Atto amok and ruin

يا رب سلط عليهم من ﻻيرحم وزلزل من تحتهم اﻻرض انهم مفسدون وعاتو في اﻻرض فساداً وخرابا


Bottles of drinking water show with NATO rebels in the holy month of Ramadan.


Salim Chitwan killed one of the leaders of the militias Mursi in Misurata clashes Airport Road.
Killed a leader of the militia, to the Americans sound Marina of Misratah, on airport road.

مقتل سليم شتوان احد قادة مليشيات المرسي التابعة لمصراته في مواجهات طريق المطار .

Afriqiyah Airways flights transported from airport  Tripoli to airport Misrata, temporarily because of

the security conditions in the capital.


“Zero hour “, on FB, reporting:

Severe congestion on the gas stations and the flight of the Yankee drones over Tripoli

and the streets almost empty and anticipation prevails Tripoli.

10 were killed and twenty five injured until this moment proceeds Alachtptakat albums that got him in the capital Tripoli.


Misurata militia Lhalboss send a hundred French-made tanks to Tripoli now.



the arrival of the armor Aloescha to kill Tripoli hospitals.



MB Aloeschy Shield forces are bombing Tripoli airport locust again…

4 killed by militias of the CORNER in the clashes in TRIPOLI Airport

~ kept by the airport Eachd Sukm ~ time Aiith airport bombing locust now by MB militias shield Aloescha.


Assault on a nurse in a hospital in Tripoli street corner by three gunmen from the NATO rebels at 8:00.





forces al-Zintani Ngnm 7 mechanisms of the western axis, AGAINST

Qasr Ben Ghashir MB militias Shield & Aloescha.


killed two of MB armor Aloeschy now in Qasr Ben Ghashir following the explosion of a rocket car heat .

Retreat Militias MB shield Aloeschy after elephant (ZINTANI) Brigades attack them.




Clashes between MB militias shield at the Bank, and the columns of unknown

affiliation. Scheduled road west of Tripoli.




Hisham humans called the killing of the Turkish population of the Friday Market as a result of the clashes In the  Airport.




UPDATE:  Stop the clash Yarmouk camp and the return of the activation gate there by the

Zintan  32nd enhanced civil Brigade.


And militias of Misrata after failing at the airport now trying to attack the camp of Yarmouk.


Misurata Brigades bombed the camp of Yarmouk. Tajourah locust Now.


a clash between, what is known as civil Brigade (xanthan T.),  at al-Yarmouk camp, and  Misurata .


Yarmouk camp, which has a small number of troops of al-Zintani, is besieged by MB militias shield Aloescha,

African worker was killed near the Yarmouk camp after the clashes taking place in Tripoli today.

al-Zentani forces are preparing to attack the camp now 27:



postpone the exams at the University of light until further notice because of the war, located in Tripoli:




large convoy passes janzour towards Tripoli.


Three rockets fall on condominium Martyrs
District janzour Abdul Jalil Stadium behind the star, and there are
Esbat between human population and ambulances are now going to be


Lock Bridge ~ disabled janzour sand barriers.



Hadi janzour Bridge Road when the disabled fully unlocked


clashes now in the island market Tuesday.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB,says:

Arab residents of Tajourah promise. ..



Abdul RAOUF ‘hater’ CART 

SEEN BY “Eyewitness”:

Inventory “cart” stores in weapons and Aldkhaúr Badri plateau in complex underground (basement)

Please publishing broadest.

(Cart and Khaled Sharif plan on blowing-up the prison with all the prisoners, if they are captured.)




RAT Shield Aloescha now bombarding the headquarters of a brigade in the way of QaaQa in Sawani.



Brigade operations QaaQa, lightning, & 32nd civil (XANTHAN)

One of the leaders of the MB Western Shield corner: 
He tried and his group yesterday infringement on the State camps and the attack on the camp April 7 in Sawani.

Vtm is defeated and his..

(# Operating room)

The displacement of many residents of the area surrounding the headquarters of the Brigades _ QaaQa _

in the way of Sawani , asked to evacuate their homes, due to an attack from militias Knights janzour..


Smoke rising from the vicinity of April 7 in the area shortly before Sawani, and at the Church there.:

Republic Bank project in # Tripoli stop working today.



renewed clashes and hear the sound of the shells now.

With the exodus of families from the road towards the airport and Rishvana.


The streets of Tripoli to be almost deserted.


Lock and roads leading to the airport in Tripoli


Airport Road, Tripoli 2


Zintan militia over the third bridge Aldayri in Got Alshall:

14.5 and launchers



“Zero hour”, on FB, tells us that:
Suffered a power station south of Tripoli to the indiscriminate bombing led to the outbreak of fires inside

and around the truck resulted in an explosion and located near several shells fall.



Transmission clashes now to some neighborhoods.









Gharyan military council confirms clashed with a convoy of Zintan gate of Abi Shaybah 13/07/2014 The head of the military council of Gharyan Chenkadh key “to the website ambiance” The clashes capabilities at noon today gate of of the Council area Iboshibh between forces loyal to them and the military convoy coming from the city of the Zintan heading to Tripoli four people injured during the clashes belonging to the RAT forces of the military council of Gharyan.


Clashes in the gate Alheirh among a group of Gharyan and Alrgiat on following the killing of an officer of the city of Gharyan

Urgent. RAT Gharyan militia close the mountain roads to Zintan, and cut off their supply lines in

agreement with the RAT MB militia Kklh.


Zintan requests  al-Faza of Libyan tribes across the pages of social networking, after the city of

Gharyan cut the road betweenTripoli and the cities of the mountain ..






“Zero hour”, on FB, comments:

Means need this all the time and still ademro vital installations wetkotlo innocent wetkhlko enemies

even tvehmo that al-Qathafi was right after the intriguing idea has certainly launch tvekro adero???

ساعة الصفر

يعني محتاجين كل هذا الوقت وبعد ما ادمرو منشأت حيويه وتقتلو الأبرياء وتخلقو اعداء حتى تفهمو ان القذافي كان على حق باهي وبعد ما وصلت الفكره وتم التأكيد شن تفكرو اديرو ؟؟؟

Means the needy all this time and after what Admarw vital installations and Tqthelo innocent and Tkhalqo enemies even Tfhmu that al-Qathafi was right Bahi and what came after the idea was launched to emphasize Tvkro Adero???





Legion and Rishvana fighter, which includes 30 000 fighter raises alert level to the maximum extent

and asks each of its affiliates to prepare for out of their camps immediately after the issuance of orders

to them from the military command of the Legion.


PICTURE: Rishvana at Azizia meeting w Military:














The assassination of bin Faraj Lise one affiliated to the Special Forces, Thunderbolt,  in the city of Benghazi Sabri.



Inventory Elly Ampkry Tkdb Villa and you saying what ‘Xi in the

area Martyrs Jalil Anicollha and Hedda launched named O …………………………


(Photos of homes affected by the bombing area Martyrs Jalil Bjnzo)







The death of the driver «Ben Qmo» wounds sustained in tuber died Sunday afternoon

Hisham bin Mohammed Fayed also known as “Moody” died of his wounds after he was

injured during an assassination attempt in the city of Derna.




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