BATTLES continue



Mu lecture







African lines: more than 6,000 Libyan stranded at airports in Cairo and Amman and Istanbul, Paris, London and Sfax and Manchester and Berlin, Dubai, Jeddah and Alexandria.

 The British Embassy and Germany closed their embassies because of the security situation in the city of Tripoli.

Lack of liquidity in the banks in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

 Demonstrations in the streets of Tripoli, condemning the attacks of the Brotherhood

and extremist groups upon the airport and residential neighborhoods.

Shooting at demonstrators in the field of Algeria now
By armed groups belonging to terrorist Abdel RAOUF ‘hater’ cart.



Brigade operations QaaQa, lightning,and 32nd enhanced civil (XANTHAN)

25 juin 2014:
Scandal Brotherhood candidate Abdul Rauf immune circle Abu Salim

Besides the confessions of Abdul Rauf immune Otina arrested within the Ministry of the Interior for the night at Altanip after midnight with a coordinating political isolation and are desperately searching for papers and documents confidential within the ministry, trying to steal
The excuse that he entered imaging (excuse worse than guilt)

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)
#غرفة العمليات


Lire la vidéo


عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)

#غرفة العمليات

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)

#غرفة العمليات


Urgent .. spread his Turk snipers militias Gneoh tallest buildings in Abu Salim:





Zintan Brigades are moving to control the crossing of Ras Igdir and requests of all young people

displaced in Tunisia and other access to liberate their country from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Zenazqh.


Urgent…crossing the head of Igdir shut until further notice, and the reason is kidnapped

Tunisian officer and taken to Libya.







“ZERO HOUR” on FB (posts this cry of the people):

Youth eastern plateau and door bin Ghashir inspired Damascus preparing to go out on demonstrations and shut down the streets and declare a state of civil disobedience until the graduated MB militias shield room Libya rebels depart from Tripoli …

Declaration of civil disobedience in the capital Tripoli ask the Liberals meet their obligation to their homes and coming hours, we do not know what hides God save us Liberals honest.

اعلان العصيان المدني في العاصمة طرابلس نطلب من الأحرار توفير حاجياتهم والتزام بيوتهم الساعات القادمه لا نعلم ما تخبئ لنا حفظ الله الأحرار الشرفاء .

A prayer for a family: –
O decoder families captured
O God of Aadahm …. It is usually annoyance Vazh .. It Nazarem Vanzareth …. and the right to paid by ..
God Save them and honor their religion .. and .. themselves ..
Oh God, they are weak .. Vqohm wronged Vanzarethm .. Vthbthm afflicted.

O Allah, keep them out of their hands and their faith and Hmaúlhm is above them and seek refuge Bazmtk to assassinate beneath them.
O slaves .. They came out in Sbelk In order Marzatk .. Oh it Brakhmotk them, and revealed them quiet … and set them, O Lord of the Worlds
O Anse and Hsthm .. and .. Remove Krepetthm tempered grief .. and heal their patient .. and forced Xeirhm ..

Oh God, may say to them, Nasser .. and not only them, you sire and champion .. Oh Vanzarethm your victory apron set sooner rather than later .. oh listens and Aaalam.

Aallahm Yamen Younis out of the belly of the whale .. bring them out of Ganmen families safe and sound.
Oh God, promise them to their families and their children and their friends sooner rather than later .. is Khozaya and Amvetonin
Oh God, the patience of their parents and their parents and loved ones .. and fortitude inspired from Thee, O Lord of the Worlds.
Oh God, crying Huzeinat them mothers, and fathers existence, suffering and pain, and the sons of Aergo them tear on their parents parting ..
Oh God, I will gather them and their friends Bohlehm sooner rather than later ..

Oh God, merciful and bestow Your mercy .. Ashimlhm with great kindness .. A.b pray.
Oh God, you complain about the weakness and lack of strength and resourcefulness Huanna people,

O Most Merciful, the Most Merciful of you, and you are vulnerable, Lord, you are our Lord,

to whom shall Tklhm to Aottaghmanm far enemy, or to a close friend ordered his queen?

If not your anger, but they do not even care that your health wider for them, and we seek refuge in the light of your face,

which brightened his darkness and reconciliation it is that the world and the Hereafter down their anger or solve their wrath,

you threshold until you are satisfied and no strength except your

O Allah, this prayer and you answer. This effort and you’ll Altclan ..
And prayed to God, and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.
O Lord, Ameen

The Gaddafi Towers in Tripoli

دعاء للاسري :-
اللهم فك أسر المأسورين
اللهم من عاداهم فعاده ….ومن آذاهم فآذه ..ومن ناصرهم فانصره ….وللحق سدده ..
اللهم احفظ عليهم دينهم .. وأعراضهم ..وأنفسهم ..
اللهم إنهم ضعفاء فقوهم .. مظلومين فانصرهم .. مبتلين فثبتهم .
اللهم احفظهم من بين أيديهم وعن أيمانهم وعن شمائلهم ومن فوقهم ونعوذ بعظمتك أن يغتالوا من تحتهم .
اللهم إنهم عبادك ..خرجوا في سبيلك وابتغاء مرضاتك .. اللهم فمنَّ عليهم برحماتك،وأنزل عليهم السكينة… وثبتهم يا رب العالمين
اللهم آنس وحشتهم .. وأزل كربتهم .. وخفف مصابهم .. واشف مريضهم.. واجبر كسيرهم ..
اللهم قد قل لهم الناصر.. وليس لهم إلا أنت مولى ونصيراً ..اللهم فانصرهم بنصرك المؤزر المبين ..عاجلاً غير آجل يا سميع ياعليم.
االلهم يامن أخرج يونس من بطن الحوت.. أخرجهم من الأسر سالمين آمنين غانمين .
اللهم أعدهم إلى أهلهم وأبنائهم وأصحابهم عاجلاً غير آجل .. غير خزايا ولامفتونين
اللهم صبر أهلهم وذويهم ومحبيهم ..و ألهمهم الثبات من لدنك يارب العالمين .
اللهم إن لهم أمهات باكيات حزينات، وأباءً يعانون الوجد والألم، وأبناء لايرقأ لهم دمع على فراق أبائهم ..
اللهم اجمعهم بأهليهم وأصحابهم عاجلاً غير آجل ..
اللهم ارحمهم بواسع رحمتك .. واشملهم بعظيم لطفك .. يامجيب الدعاء .
اللهم إليك نشكو ضعف قوتنا وقلة حيلتنا وهواننا على الناس، يا أرحم الراحمين، أنت أرحم الراحمين، وأنت رب المستضعفين، وأنت ربنا، إلى من تكلهم إلى عدو بعيد يتجهمهم، أم إلى صديق قريب ملكته أمرهم؟ إن لم يكن بك غضب عليهم فلا نبالي إلا أن عافيتك أوسع لهم، نعوذ بنور وجهك الذي أشرقت لـه الظلمات وصلح عليه أمر الدنيا والآخرة أن ينزل بهم غضبك أو يحل بهم سخطك، لك العتبى حتى ترضى ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بك
اللهم هذا الدعاء ومنك الإجابة . وهذا الجهد وعليك التكلان ..
وصلى اللهم وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين .
اللهم امين يارب

The closure of the TRIPOLI HIGHWAY.



Youth Zanata and Hani storm the news channel in ALGERIA SQUARE.

International Airport

 la vidéo de ‎عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني‎.


Renewed shelling Grad rockets and mortars at the Tripoli International Airport …


hear sounds of heavy weapons now in the way of Tripoli airport:

 at the airport, we count the destruction:
Rise in the number of aircraft infected dead in parts of the airframe to 17 aircraft to airlines and private Libyan ...
Libyan Airlines – African airlines – Buraq Air – Air Mediterranean Almidavea.

Brigade operations QaaQa, lightning & 32nd civil Brigades
Statement to a battalion Illaz airport security
Haddath and betrayal that got from Salah Badi and his militia;
And reassures Libyans that the airport is under control and it is not the king of the tribe

will never be handed over to the militia.




Now been answered by a missile on a camp Salah Badi  fell in front of the camp, specifically by
Hakon QaaQa rocket in the center of camp, God willing, after adjusting Alahdhatiat.

من داخل المطار اليوم

تصريح لأحد ضباظ كتيبة أمن المطار
وحديته عن الخيانة التي حصلت من صلاح بادي وميليشياته
ويطمئن الليبين بأن المطار تحت السيطرة وهو ليس ملك قبيلة ولن يتم تسليمه للميليشيات

 THE ZINTANI REGULAR Battalion security of the airport in Tripoli calling sheikhs Zliten and Misrata and Mslath to come and receive the 50 bodies from the bodies of their children Gu died Tuesday night after being thrown butcher Gharghour Salah Badi in a failed attempt to infiltrate from the back of the Nkulaih on the way “pedestrian” ended in their deaths all.

Perfect ambush behind the road to the airport for transport to Jardan Misrata and some of Jardan Zliten and Jardan Mslath shortly before dawn, and the number of 49 murderers inventory follow the militias of Misrata.


50 dead and 80 prisoners and then eliminate them from the airport to the box accidentally descendants of Jews Almzarat traitors shortly before.




Mokhtar Fernana al-Andar greenhead of the military, now says on “al-Zintani p channel Libya first”:
That there are mercenary forces with Badi and the MB rat-Libyan forces.

ZINTAN attacked the Misurata who we are around the Tripoli airport, and

some were found dumped p Jttthm, and left on the ground while others fled. Zintani have captured a total of them which confessed that they have been paid huge sums of money to fight with Salah Badi’s gangs against ZINTAN.

PICTURE: Mukhtar Fernana al-Andar Green in Airport lounge:







The death of the offender, “Hisham Saleh Turkish” Scantajurae of the origin of the Friday Market

killed in clashes Airport Road.

Renewed clashes locust hand eye Ministry.



Yankee drone is hovering over TRIPOLI:




Misrata in front of the gate of the wellness clinic and in control of the clinic to treat their wounded.


Libya militias shield centered area Qasr Ben Ghashir prevent displaced people from out of town by force of arms.



Grad rocket landed on the family of al-Jabri area of ​​Qasr Ben Ghashir and news about the death

of a family member.
God Save the Liberal Lord.


Misurata militia attack on protesters in Qasr Ben Ghashir and fall of several wound now.





Mortar fire on Tripoli International Airport, by  Brotherhood of militia stationed at Qasr Ben Ghashir.




The death of a whole family in the area near the palace of Ben Ghashir Ntgah wellness clinic,

bombing with heavy weapons.


militias Brotherhood /Zionists of Libya are preventing displaced families from Qsr Ben Ghashir, from receiving aid.

free light dawn arrived ,and claimed victory and mercy Ghawali ~

It ~ hours a glorious catastrophe pick up in February last breath.


 “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:

Pen Commander,writes:

I am God and to Him we return, God Ogerna in our loss and Khuff us good ones “

Attribute to comfort ourselves and our people in the tribe Almgarha in the death of the martyr, God willing Bnaúl Ahmed al-Megrahi and Hidayat, who was martyred in the fighting in the capital Tripoli against the Kharijites and Altkfferin and I hope to God Almighty that inspires his family and his family patience and solace.






Grad rocket landed in an area Biar Spring Valley shortly before




convoy follows the rats out of the Western camp 27 towards Tripoli.


Reported a convoy of RAT Western Shield out of the camp 27
The convoy problem out of the gate Aldavnip towards Tripoli and followed a convoy

heading from the RAT central shield in Spring Valley and at the Airport.




Finding 4 car bombs bearing material “TNT high explosives, each weighing 200 kg in the Libyan capital Tripoli


The bombing of another wildlife park in Tripoli
Caught fire and science park are located
Wild animals and staff employees.



Vote locusts and heavy weapons heard in Tripoli intensely and ambulances voices filled the streets of Tripoli.




Youth are preparing to attack Tripoli property Almsarit in Tripoli in response to the burning of the International




MB militias shield Aloeschy preparing for an attack on al-Zintani. 

Voices of shooting gun in Salah-al-Din now.


forces ZINTANI locusts now used in the bombing of RAT troops and MB armor forces Aloeschy room revolutionaries.


Car bomb fitted in a camp in Salah al-Din’s shield Aloescha to detonate in the crowded streets.


The war began between the Rat shield Aloeschy, and al-Zintani now ~ O Show good free




Now is alerting residents who Airport Road near the oil tanks to evacuate the area.


 rockets locusts now fall heavily on the airport road:


a group of armed militants now in the neighborhood of huts (railway bridge),

by Zintani were seen near the iron bridge road to the airport,

firing toward the headquarters of the so-called “precordial”.


Grad rocket shot down now in the neighborhood of cottages now.




12 young man been killed in the center of the capital Tripoli last night they
Watch the final match between Argentina and Germany in terms of income
Gunmen of the cafe and shot p youth causing
Young man killed 12 and wounded Qatari…..moved the bodies to the hospital Street Corner …

There is no power but from God.

the dead in a hospital just street corner ..
A medical source said the Tripoli Central Hospital «street corner» in Tripoli

that the number of dead at the hospital only by the armed clashes that took place

since Sunday morning has reached to 23 people .


Youths break into buildings for the hospital medical staff Street cedi street corner, next to know what the Ministry of Housing,

note that these apartments empty.


Fire is now under the bridge Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli




A convoy of youth Tarhounah tends to support the Youth Palace bin Ghashir. They are Moajthm

with militias in Misrata ..








Unconfirmed reports of Zintan

The release of some detainees “prisoners” of pro regions of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

in a gesture of unity against the militias and the Brotherhood armor and combat
(# Pen Commander)

Zintan announce the release of all political prisoners captured with Saif al-Islam, (more until further notice)

General Omar Tntosh at liberty !
was released General Omar Tntosh …Lord lifting the rest !

Nbwa Enaihoa freedom Nbwa Enaihoa in safety.

Young Zintani fighter against the Brotherhood:






SALAFI/WAHABI who make up the Zuwarah convoy of militia, consists of five hundred thousand,

and a car and up to six hundred people janzour (TRIPOLI)  to participate in the war against

ZINTANI  Brigades QaaQa and lightning. !!!








(Warning to Khotna in Beautiful City)
Suspicious movements of the group, was born the son of Nile and Born Hltaat of the department in Ajeelat

of their group, together with you ..







martyrdom of Haj Salem Qrbna city of Zliten in five coastal road from the

armed group to kill him, was shot in the head and stole his car ~

God bless his soul and Aghafrlh
الحاج سالم قربنة من مدينة زليتن






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB
Moked of our sources now Misratah boil against Salah dog Badi;
and there is a threat to him from inside Misratah death

Salah Badi WAS NOT INJURED !! The photo shown was when he went up against BANI WALID in 2012.

Here is the story from his TWISTED MISURATA FB SITE (and remember BADI is evil,despite what it says here on his FB site):

“Dealing in old photo of the year 2012 AD to Thaer infected in the editing bin Walid and say they picked the day of the Haj Salah and the only similarity between the Rebel and the patient is in Haj Salah Shall head cover!
Repeat for the umpteenth time … Haj Salah fine and to praise and thank God … and as the popular saying goes we have in Misrata: who hates you dreamed a dream … Shin Voloa rebels honorable what you like and Ahlmoa Macitm O tails of the defunct O and grown up Traratm in no man’s land and livelihood swelled Btonkm eating Zaqqum Vasari you devil bloodstream in the veins will not be bad for us, but what God has for us … and God is enough, and yes, the agent.”

يتداولون صورة قديمة من سنة 2012م لثائر مصاب في تحرير بن وليد و يقولون إنها ألتقطت اليوم للحاج صلاح و الشبه الوحيد بين الثائر المصاب و الحاج صلاح هو في الشال غطاء الرأس!
نكرر للمرة الألف…الحاج صلاح بخير و لله الحمد و الشكر…و كما يقول المثل الشعبي عندنا في مصراتة: اللي يكرهك يحلم لك الحلم الشين…فأكرهوا الثوار الشرفاء ما شئتم و أحلموا ماشئتم يا ذيول المقبور يا من كبرتم و ترعرعتم في رزق الحرام و أنتفخت بطونكم بأكل الزقوم فسرى منكم الشيطان مجرى الدم في العروق فلن يضرنا إلا ما كتب الله لنا…و حسبنا الله و نِعم الوكيل.

  Salah Badi and Abdul Hameed doing malice in the city of Bani Walid:



# Eye area _ Ministry of some of the young residents of the area were burning factory PVC me Abdelati Auan from # Misurata


al-Sreem street youth are turning to burn Mhalat Furniture owned by Salah Badi pastry shop in front of the world.




Outbreak of fire in some shops in the area Aldrebe belonging to the citizens of the city of Misrata.






Patrols to youth Bani Walid along Valley Road dinars to secure families
Displaced from Tripoli:

 News about starting families out of: these TRIPOLI districts:
– District of Quakh
– Abu Salim neighborhood
– District Project
– Buildings flowers
– Spring Valley .. towards Tajourah

after the announcement of the Cyrenaican army to evacuate the neighborhoods of the population so as not to be displayed or impediment to the operations of the army of liberation of the region from Alasaabat terrorist as the news broke about the exit of armed vehicles belonging to the invited Akkla Gneoh under the pretext of securing the arrival of families to Tajourah while a fugitive and is retiring from the battlefield to Mitigua after the announcement to evacuate the area.








Gate 25 bombing of the city of Barak seawall by unknown assailants.



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