Unreasonable Demands Made by BROTHERHOOD


Mu, by his honor

Aaaaaaah and salvation

اااااااه وخلاص

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر / “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” ON FB)


Now: first exit PEOPLE’s DEFENSE FORCE (GREEN) tanks to start the process in the liberation of Tripoli #








Al-Dhirua intervention delivery of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Ki-condition for any ceasefire on the ZINTANI and the Tripoli Airport.


There is no truth to the news of the withdrawal of Zintan Security from Tripoli International Airport.

Untrue to negotiate with Misurata with Zintan, over Saif al-Islam. The delivery of this news was Nfendh, through our own sources, and our correspondents.
We also note, that through the ZINTANI, that Saif al-Islam has rejected to negotiate with the tribes dishonest about his extradition.
Eloquent in Arabic means Zintan, says Saif, is outside the framework of any agreement or understandings with any party.


“Tuttle” French company operating in the field of oil, Libya deport all of their employees from Libya because of the

deteriorating security situation:

“Operations room Zintan rebels”, comments:

The difference between the process of # Libyan dignity … 
and I mean the process of # Keturah (Keturah country) !!!
The difference in these men and the difference in the case is clearly shown: –
# Dignity leaders -:
Major General Khalifa Belqasim Hftar – Mohammed el-Hassy – Saqr Jeroshi
(Present in and built a heap) (see the PICTURE)


Keturah leaders # -:
Abdul Hakim Belhadj – sincere Gharyiani – Ali ‘hardness’ Salabi with al-KAED (BROTHERHOOD In Turkey

and the second in London with his son and the BROTHERHOOD, and the third and fourth in Doha In Qatar with the BROTHERHOOD). 
The difference is that the process is the dignity # honorable Libyan, for the Libyan peoples….

# The process of Keturah, are traitors dishonorable, used for the 
Intelligence from Turkey and Qatar to control Libya 

(Operations room Zintan rebels)




RATS killing Green Political prisoners
سجون الميلشات
News of the editing of a large group of people from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Armed Forces, civilian Volunteers, of the tribes Surman, the department in Ajeelat, Nook, and the CITY of “BEAUTIFUL”, 
from one of the prisons of the rat Militia terrorists.

أنباء عن تحرير مجموعة كبيرة من قوات الشعب المسلح و المتطوعين اليوم و هم من قبائل صرمان و العجيلات و الجميل و الزواية من احد

سجون الميلشات

الأرهابيه .

“Libya’s international airport”, on FB COMMENTS:

Benghazi (spark). And Misrata (withstand).

After the catastrophe of February, in which the NATO. The country to a group of criminals and the Kharijites.
It was necessary to complete the plot. Provide people and cities as symbols of public opinion.
The sincerity of criminals and servants of NATO in these cities mentioned like this Trick.
And became a street under the pump media halo of hand. The horror of arms on the other. Deal with these according to these descriptions and adjectives. And which were not real and realistic. Because it is a creation of Western intelligence. To be a substitute dazzling home and abroad for the symbols that exemplifies the true liberation and dignity, pride and history.
As market slogans (spring) and (Freedom) and (Jay goodness) and (blessed revolution) … and others.
After that everyone is wearing this dress detailed them. And rode this wave of media. And started telling stories and tales about the heroism and fake you not even in the movies and sci-fi cartoon.
Today ended the task and the roles of everyone. And entered the country in chaos, pre-planned.
And became the heroes of the media yesterday. Criminals and hunted and terrified and hated today.

Playing field exposed. The details became clear. The mask has fallen for everyone. Who appeared roles which were not only air bubbles and sound phenomena. NATO exploited. To cover 30,000 air raid destroyed and killed and ruined everything.

Today Misrata (withstand) hated. Each Misrati fear of kidnapping and assassination. To move around outside of his hometown, but within an armed convoy. Or are forced to hide his identity. And even change the license plate. After that it was a symbol of courage and national cheated in the minds of fools.

Today Benghazi (spark) a curse upon the people. And all the people of the Middle terrified of assassinations and indiscriminate bombing and terrorism that is spreading in every neighborhood and street. But They can not even leave their towns. After that they did not spark the good that he sees one. Joy, who missed since that spark
It is clear that those labels and descriptions provided within the plan of systematic Freemasonry. Souktha island and sisters. Solicitation of public opinion. And give a bit of prestige and dignity of treason and shame and apostasy.

Does everyone wakes up from this coma. And removes all circles Maholt West crusade that Ttmesh instilled alternative shame Rose and betrayal. Does everyone denies spark sedition and blood to return the first statement of joy. Black and deny the shame and betrayal of history dating cordon supervisor. And deny the steadfastness of apostasy, employment and return the glory of the atheist, and the angle of the governor.

مطار ليبيا الدولي
بنغازي (الشرارة) . ومصراتة ( الصمود

بعد نكبة فبراير التي قدم فيها الناتو . البلاد لثلة من المجرمين والخوارج .
كان من الضروري لأستكمال المؤامرة . تقديم أشخاص ومدن كرموز للرأي العام .
وصدق مجرمي وغلمان الناتو في هذه المدن المذكورة كغيرها هذه الخديعة .
وأصبح الشارع تحت ضخ الهالة الأعلامية من جهة . ورعب السلاح من جهة أخرى . يتعامل مع هؤلاء وفق هذه الأوصاف والنعوت . والتي لم تكن حقيقية ولا واقعية . لأنها صنيعة المخابرات الغربية . ليكونوا بديلا يبهر الداخل والخارج عن الرموز الحقيقية التي كانت تجسد التحرر والكرامة والعزة والتاريخ .
كما سوق شعارات ( الربيع ) و ( الحرية ) و ( الخير جاي ) و ( الثورة المباركة ) … وغيرها .
وبعد أن لبس الجميع هذا الثوب المفصل لهم . وركبوا هذه الموجة الإعلامية . وراحوا يروون قصص وحكايا عن بطولات وهمية لاتحصل حتى في أفلام الكرتون والخيال العلمي .
اليوم أنتهت مهمة وأدوار الجميع . ودخلت البلاد في الفوضى المخطط لها مسبقا .
وأصبح أبطال الإعلام بالأمس . مجرمين ومطاردين ومرعوبين ومكروهين اليوم .
فاللعبة أنكشفت . وتفاصيلها أتضحت . وسقط القناع عن الجميع . الذين ظهرت أدوارهم والتي لم تكن سوى فقاعات هواء وظواهر صوتية . استغلها الناتو . للتغطية على 30.000 غارة جوية دمرت وقتلت وخربت كل شئ .

اليوم مصراتة ( الصمود ) مكروهة . وكل مصراتي يخشى من الخطف والأغتيال . ولايتحرك خارج مدينته الا ضمن رتل مسلح . أو يضطر لأخفاء هويته . وتغيير حتى لوحة سيارته . بعد أن كان رمزا للشجاعة والوطنية في أذهان المخدوعين والسذج .
اليوم بنغازي ( الشرارة ) عليها نقمة الناس . وكل أهل الشرق مرعوبين من الأغتيالات والقصف العشوائي والأرهاب الذي ينتشر في كل حي وشارع . ولايستطيعون حتى مغادرة مدنهم . بعد أن كانوا شرارة الخير الذي لم يراه أحد . والفرح الذي غاب منذ تلك الشرارة
يتضح جليا أن تلك التسميات والأوصاف قدمت ضمن خطة ماسونية ممنهجة . سوقتها الجزيرة وأخواتها . للتغرير بالرأي العام . وإضفاء شيئا من الهيبة والوقار على الخيانة والعار والردة .
فهل يستفيق الجميع من هذه الغيبوبة . ويزيح كل ماحاولت دوائر الغرب الصليبية أن تطمسه وتغرس بديله عار وردة وخيانة . وهل ينكر الجميع شرارة الفتنة والدم لتعود البيان الأول للفرح . وينكر أسود العار والخيانة لتعود تاريخ الكردون المشرف . وينكر صمود الردة والعمالة وتعود مجد المشرك وزاوية المحجوب





Summary Tomb Usta denier on the first channel Libya
1 – There is no agreement with one
2 – Shura Council Misurata these cockroaches
3 – Salah Badi and his group are the chicken to the attention of Aenaiarham
4 – rabbits and chickens are threatening to men and their heads come picking
5 – will know tomorrow Zintan gone, hen BADI and the “Libya shields” and a group of chickens meaning of manhood
6 – rabbits for Aigdron only on the weak
7 – Tripoli on Friday will fire them because they are stupid military and political
8 – Misurata and (rat) “shields” possess Damro Airport Benghazi and Sirte airport and the airport of Sabha and Tripoli airport Is this good that Sajelboh to Libya
9 – Salah Badi originally was one of the revolutionary committees and cheer al-Qathafi; and if this man comes to the airport tomorrow, he will be elimated by QaaQa or lightning…
10 – From Watteau to Tripoli from Misurata like Israel when they came to Gaza
11 – this is a war we will not give-up Libya
12 – Friday is the deadline for ZINTAN to leave. (UGH!)






SULEIMAN ZUBI, arrested:

caught named Suleiman Zubi by a military police instigators of the “war on the Airport”

and one of the members of “the terrorist bloc”, which claimed the fulfillment of the abyss in Libya.

Suleiman Zubi from inside the silo prison has been dealt with according to the year and the debt and has not been beaten or verbally abuse him and will be transferred to the secretariat of the city until they are held accountable in accordance with the Constitution of justice:




Operations room Zintan rebels, tells us:



Company announces Libya Telecom and Technology since minutes stop Internet service on Sunday in each of the following areas: Qasr Ben Ghashir fully / Airport Road area from the oil tanks, and even the airport. Cause of outage is heavy shelling.

Interruption coverage Libyana on the road to the airport and transport and its neighboring regions.

PICTURE: Kharijite terrorist on Libyana Mobile Free:

 Now from Tripoli airport ... coverage and finally returned to the WiMAX and things Hania 10/10 .. and the operating room ready

Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar

Zintani soldiers online again !:


TRIPOLI at 07 AM, on 19 JULY 2014

Operations room Zintan rebels:

It seems that militias of SALAH BADI and Lhalboss and other profiles calculated on Misurata and AC Brotherhood … want to convert Tripoli, and the airport road to the Holocaust and the massacre Gharghour other, and the news we receive massive movements of these militias in Tripoli and they want to overturn the agreement this morning and the attack on the army camps

On all units to prepare and take caution and anticipate any emergency.

(Operations room Zintan rebels)



Very violent clashes in the center of the entire Mtartarabuls (TRIPOLI).


The burning of a number of cars by Misrata rats in the saddle.




RAT Cavalry Regiment Janzour execute one of the sons of the population al-Rajaban janzour who was an unarmed person and has nothing to do with the conflict, named:
Majid Mohammed Anfais, a victim of the population of Sidi Abdel Jalil.
Tawergha Camp in Janzour TRIPOLI

Clashes strong now in the OS. Agheiran



Saorieg fall on the area now janzour,  by Zintan Brigades.

Zintan on the bridge to Ajaeelat.
dogs Al-MISURATA Mtaaan of  janzour when the bridge bombing Agheiran and

mutually in the text largest population in Tripoli,
My Lord, destroy them and delivers Alzzouz innocent Libyans ..

Violent clashes now in the neighborhood of janzour between MB RAT MISURATA 

militias and the QaaQa BRIGADE.


Zintan militia now controls the island was Agheiran defeat Militia Knights janzour ..



the voices of weapons and explosions heard across Tripoli.

The attack on the news channel now !



Even houses of God have not received them:


dirty MISURATA !!:


They began al-MISURATA Jtthm dogs in the streets of TRIPOLI !


 Now move a convoy of Mzrath by breaker !

Beating the airport B, al-Rajmat and Zintan Erdo on MUSURATA locust, nor health to provide forces MISURATA now.


Iron Misurata Kroa the Zintan after being free and fled the airport and Hrrtoa not become you.


Still heavy shelling of the airport from several directions.



The fall of a number of missiles at the headquarters of “locusts Brega” on the road to the airport in the capital Tripoli.








also, so-called LIBYAN GOVERNMENT” (nicknamed “ISLAND“) supports now SALAH BADI,

rejecting all initiatives to stop the fighting.



Military aircraft took off from the airport now MISURATA has bombed Tripoli airport.


Ignitions / LARGE FIRES  now at the airport in Tripoli now the intensity of the shelling.

The rat Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, reports:


Four Mirage jets taking off now Misratah air base in the area Agheiran to bomb the headquarters of al-ZINTANI scattered through the airport and through the Islamic Call Society to resolve the final battle with the militia battalions against QaaQa, 32nd CIVIL-enhanced (XANTHAN) and Lightning.”

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”: WARNING!!!

Moved from page
“Legion Eboumnyar revolutionary fighter Zliten”.
Urgent and very serious,
To all the inhabitants of Tripoli
Reported to us by the news from very reliable sources that he is being prepared for the scheme despicable to turn Tripoli into a battlefield and he will burglary and the displacement of people forcibly and use of homes Kkhanadq for criminals and it requires everyone to take caution full and hide your documents family mission and passports and all his importance Bhozatkm because this planned despicable scheme Masonic and tool implementation Acharazm incitements and the base is the most important and intended to destroy Libya and final displacement of the people of Tripoli,

I swear to God this news from a reliable source very, very,
And the Prophet, but the author and God Save the innocent people of this sedition Freemasonry,
To everyone who reads this publication circulated to reach to all,
God Save our people, O Lord of the Worlds.



Hittin militia commander says that the channel Misrata tactics that we faced in the battle of yesterday are

the same tactics that faced Civil Brigade 32 in Aldavnip enhanced,  and at the axis of Tawergha.


Places cleaned-up, and now under the Security control of Zintani Security BRIGADES (QaaQa, LIGHTNING,

XANTHAN 32nd enhanced CIVIL):

The Airport Road, Airport, Al Falah, Creamy, Sawani, transport, Hamza Camp, the new ring, south OS


 Operations room Zintan rebels, EXPLAINS:

Millions are stolen every day in Sirte by Ansar al-Sharia why not move Misurata militia to end this farce?

What does it mean Tripoli airport in particular?

Hundreds of battalions stationed in Tripoli

Theft and looting and capturing everywhere in Tripoli

Mamni Airport Road only? Zintan and why? And why the Cyrenaican army?

Do you know why they want Directed Zintan from Tripoli?

Because of Zintan in the last term took pushing Abdul Hakim Belhadj and his aides of corruption and conference and could not move Braanh Belhadj in Tripoli

The reason after losing in Parliament and politics want to use force to control the capital and entered into the wave assassinations and bombings to show Libya in the form of terrorism to the West, in order to interfere with foreign troops and Tnepk country nor returned avails Parliament nor shall they grieve and this follows Yeboah group fighter Belhadj

(Operations room Zintan rebels)





Destruction of mass destruction
دمار دمار دمار



شوفو ماحل بمطارنا ياليبيين

Lire la vidéo


al-Zintani forces repel attack on the airport and the MISURATA-Jewish outbursts number 2 tanks and a number of mechanisms.

RAT  Aloeschy ‘Shield’ forces

bombard Tripoli airport locust now.

Shield forces Aloeschy fall under the blows of al- Zintani Forces~ and painful news for the families of 15 Mzrati:


God. Indiscriminate shelling is still ongoing and several directions at Qasr Ben Ghashir area and the airport ..

The smoke was seen rising heavily.



Combustion properties of another plane of the Libyan bombing by the barbaric militias of SALAH BADI:
Suffice it, and yes, the agent

(Operations room Zintan rebels)

The Melcaat of Misrata are shelling the Tripoli airport and violent clashes are now at the airport and Abu Salim.

Mbagt militias to attack.

Salah Badi, In the meantime, is in the airport in Tripoli

The airport security in response…

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

(Operations room Zintan rebels)


Named Ali ‘hardness’ SALABI gives instructions to the invited Abdul Hakim Belhadj. They refuse to negotiate and give orders for the need to speed up the control of the Tripoli International Airport and the suburbs of Tripoli by the BROTHERHOOD and WAHABI (terrorists).



Access to support from the Government of Sudan to the Brotherhood and the Brotherhood militias in Libya yesterday evening via Sudanese plane landed at the airport in Mitigua Airbase.



The death of a child, “Lance Kamal Harabi” in Crown Street Airport Road following the fall of the shell

caused his death ((his picture in the hospital when he arrived)).



when driven RAT  shield Central and direction of Tripoli, Misratah militias now Haktr forces !


Information about the channel to break into the headquarters of Libya’s Tripoli International and is also currently

re-old program and there is no channel logo and does not bar the news, and also the channel page

on Facebook have been closed.



and now we received news via Allaski, that the RATS supporting and providing for their forces to traverse

the dirt toward the airport, and they will surround of 4 axes.



20 vehicles, belonging to the defense forces of the ZINTANI, were destroyed,

as the RAT shields have been trying to infiltrate the dirt and access to the airport.


Rats of pages:
Command (RAT) shield Libya Central Region
Libya’s RAT ‘defense’ forces began to move towards the airport and the attack will be final and decisive blows will be decisive and prompt and accurate


MISURATA criminals in Qasr Ben Ghashir:


The following places witnessing clashes medium and heavy weapons, now between Misrata militias and army forces:

Triangle Qasr Ben Ghashir Airport Road trait Furjan

 homes Qsirn Gashir genocide


Strong battalion clashes between the RAT militias ‘shields’ and the Lightning BRIGADE, in the vicinity of the airport.


Operations room Zintan rebels”,explains in detail:

This morning 19.07.2014 were repulsed an attack by groups belonging to the militia Misurata wanted to turn around and access to the airport from Djihh East (Ilyushin) and battalion airport security repelled the attack

and Tkebedhm heavy losses and the destruction of their vehicles and arrested a number of them and pursue them to a distance of not less than 5 kilometers east the airport, and this is the second attack, which is the negation of the truce agreement, and the airport is now under the control of the army Valiant.

(Operations room Zintan rebels)




Urgent,,, Hauser missiles fall on the Equestrian Club Qasr Ben Ghashir, causing the fall of dozens of dead MB rats

of  “Shield Central”.




By alfatah69


MP resigned from Congress Salah Badi


Salah Badi is from Misurata, was in the Jamahirya army as a Lieutenant were for medical reasons (psychopath)  he was forced to resign in 1992 I think, so it explains the hatred towards the Jamahirya government as he lost most of his privileges. CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA and TURKEY want such men on their side, as it is very easy to manipulate them. You can see on the photo above his eyes look kind of crazy, he must be from a mixed marriage as most Libyans do not have Green eyes. The man self-appointed to Colonel, it is said that he resigned from the puppet Congress in 2012 and ever since then he has been on the verge of a nervous breakdown because he can not control Tripoli.

Tripoli or Tripolitania as its originally called has completely disregarded the Misurati militias and its people, the capital can not forgive them for the MASSACRE OF GARGOUR (by the way I was there when it happened too much blood too many dead and they were innocent civilians killed by Bady and its crew).

This last rampage that he is doing and going against the peoples wishes is because his masters: CIA,MI6,MOSSAD, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA AND TURKEY who are connected to ALQAEDA, ANSAR SHARAIA, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, DAASH AND LIFG are loosing to the renegade Hfter plus they (Misurata, the puppet-client NATO governmment and its crew), have all made their headquarters and bas at MITIGUA AIRPORT. The Sudanese, Qatari and Turks supply them with arms and airplanes, money (etc.) which is all done with Best Wishes from the Obama/Cameron/ Netanyahu, Belgian (HAGUE) and French administration.

Here is an admission of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, who praises Badi for his accomplishments, by leading ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood member Abdul Razag al Aradi, (who supported the attackers).He  describes their grab for the airport as a response to “aggression” by Khalifa Hftar, the ex-general who has been leading Cyrenaican and other Libyan armed forces, in a crusade against Wahabi-Salafi militias. 

The Zintani have been actively supporting Hftar’s “Operation Dignity” — his fight against Wahabi-Salafi militias in the east — and they have also supported the Rishvana /Rafla forces in Tripoli. In the recennt past, the Zintani supported popular demands for the dissolution of the General National Congress (GNC)/Allaotunai Conference, which they saw as a front for the ‘Muslim’Brotherhood and other Wahabi to control Libya through their “Justice and Construction Party”.  (Lead by Abdul Rahman Sowahailli and Mahmud Abdul Azizthey recently lost almost all their seats

in the new Parliament.) Aziz says,


 “Libya Shield forces from Misurata have told me they’ll keep the number of causalities to a minimum as they attempt to take over the airport,”

which of course, it was not held to the minimum. Badi lost a lot of men on the first round. Supposedly, now he is a “wanted man” in Tripoli: the Zintani Security, and Resistance “People’s Defense Force” Army are looking for him. Naturally he is not hiding, because he has his masters are there to protect him in Misurata. Now he commands, from Misurata, his small army that his masters gave him along with the Militias of Akkla Gneoh of Abu Salem, and the forces of Abdul Raouf ‘hater’ cart from the Plateau. SALAH BADI is a member of the “Wafa Islamist bloc”.

Militias from Misurata (called the “Central/Middle Shield of Libya”) do obviously tend to side with the radical Wahabi/Salafi Groups like “ANSAR al-SHARIA”; since, they are mostly members of the ‘Muslim’Brotherhood themselves.

To conclude the Zintan Security Forces, still hold the International Airport, but all of Tripoli is grieving for

the deaths of the innocent civilians and children who were to Badi collateral damage. Here are the photos of his rampage.


International Airport


International Airport


International Airport


International Airport


Also, the Qsr bin Ghashir Clinic was hit with no regard to the patients


clinic area of Qasr Ben Ghashir


clinic area of Qasr Ben Ghashir


clinic area of Qasr Ben Ghashir


clinic area of Qasr Ben Ghashir


clinic area of Qasr Ben Ghashir

Kdaúv fall of Grad rockets and mortar store medicines and Building 108
Qasr Ben Ghashir now.







dozens of rockets now Yarmouk camp.


Now: the bombing of missiles locusts from the Yarmouk camp.


Now monitoring a convoy outside of Spring Valley area to vector Qasr Ben Ghashir militias of SALAH BADI.


The Zintani bombing of a camp of Yarmouk, where is based “Militias of the ‘shield’ Libya” by Bgrad.


Violent clashes near the Yarmouk camp

inside Yarmouk Camp, Spring Valley, Khela Ben Oun, Tripli, 2


 Power outages from the area of Qasr Ben Ghashir ...

youth Zintan and the national army stationed in various parts of Tripoli  prepping and out of the camps.

Monitoring a convoy of armed out of the Spring Valley heading to the Palace bin Ghashir.

Battalion stationed know what the island (Misurata), Bartel includes tanks, rocket launchers and operations room

in Al-Qoaah – Got pomegranate.



Clashes taking place and the defeat of the militias Mzrathin TRIPOLI.


الاشتباكات الحاصلة واندحار مليشيات مزراطة


Allarhabiy Abdul Rauf cart sends more support from armored vehicles and ammunition to militias Gneoh in Abu Salim.



Militias of Rat Gneoh controlled completely Kilometre 4 and militias are expected to expel QaaQa and Lightning Brigades,

(The place that this comes from, is the “Center of Communications”, Libya).


Violent clashes in Tripoli neighborhood of cottages …..


violent clashes now in the streets of the neighborhood between, the huts and Zintani, against Akilla Gnaoh.



Today hater militias roam in Omar Mukhtar Street, Alsreem street, Algeria Square, Street Jerabh, Fashloum,

Friday Market Street, Ben Achour. 

Madraat enter the gas station Omar Mukhtar Street.


Keep smoke billowed from the point of Omar Mukhtar Street with
Hear the sound of ambulances now.


Tripoli :: process now catch a wide Nawasi rats carried out by militias led by Heretic cart against

“youth Fashloum” and “Tajoura Almaady”,  “Zintan Brigades” and “Operation Dignity”.


“Operations room Zintan rebels”, reports:

Now clashes in the center of the capital Tripoli between rebels and the people angle Dahmani and militias ‘hater’,

which was stationed in Green Square.


Abdul Rauf ‘hater’ cart, of the criminal militias, at Omar Mukhtar Street shortly before:

Raouf 'hater' cart, local Council head Friday Market


Shortly before the attack on the militia in the area of ​​SALAH BADI Alqrbolli and wounding mechanism for

a serial killer of Gharghour SALAH BADI Mtnha carry on the anti-aircraft weapon 14.5 was killed 3 people,

and innumerable wounded, so-far.



A car bomb near the city center.



Rats Targeting support portal chemotherapy Bakmav RPG in Tajourah:


TAJOURAH, 2 by Alla Saed


Today has been the evacuation of some patients from the hospital street corner and the reasons are unknown:





The arrival of armored vehicles belonging to the band attribution own Al-Tamenh Nawasi in the arena Al-Akhaddra.

One of MISURATA militia in Tripoli Tahristilha combing:


Packets in Sawani


clashes in the far Got Alshall


Rat troops “shield Libya-Central Salahuddin area south TRIPOLI

The arrival of the replacement price of cooking Propane gas cylinder filled to 75 dinars in # Tripoli

in Tripoli are 80 dinars and Qc corner



Lack of recharge cards phones and the Internet in Tripoli


A fire at a civilian car, and sparked the shooting near the bridge showing pressures and

pomegranate reasons unknown:


Aaaaaaaaaaaajl ……… withdrawal of militias MISURATA coming from the CITY of FIVE and ZLITEN, in protest at their position made in the front-line, in the face of QaaQa and Lightning Brigades.

عاااااااااااجل ……… انسحاب مليشيات مزراطة من الخمس و زليتن احتجاجا على وضعهم في الصفوف الامامية في مواجهة القعقاع والصواعق

MISURATA ZIONIST MB-Jews have out all their troops, and they force your child to go to Tripoli...




The start of the fighting in the vicinity of Camp April 7, controlled by the Zintan Brigades,

and Mr. Salim and Crown Street,



Fallout 3 Grad rockets in the eye of the Ministry shortly before, one reason for the fire and thick smoke.


The people of # angle _ Dahmani re-opening of the self-styled “Interior Ministry” and expelled

operations room for the Bulls, who led by Abu Shaaban Obaida Libya Libyan armed men, who closed

the self-styled interior ministry during the past period.

Abu OBAIDA Shaaban LIBYA was killed. (Previously, In 2012, he was arrested by Egyptian authorites.)

He is was also a leader of al-Qaeda in Libya.

Fathi called the killing of the “black area commander mil secret shield (one of the Leaders of al-Qaeda) Libyan Abu Shaaban Obaida” Bin Jarrah during clashes today perimeter airport in Dahmani Angle area ..

PICTURE: when ALI met jarden (RATS) in RISHVANA, 30 JAN 2014:




MISURATA Targeting Security Directorate Tripoli area Zanata without any human casualties.

5 killed members of the family and the family of one claiming Ben Ramadan _ including a child in the ninth

after the fall of a heavy artillery shell type of howitzer shells fired by MISURATA militias ..



Death toll rises in clashes today for up to 31 people dead and 68 wounded.








عقيد صلاح معتوق

Zintan brigade QaaQa

Cyrenaican army Caught Colonel Salah Matouk. He is room al-Milit Libya rebels involved in the
The attack on the Tripoli International Airport.

News about the President of the Chamber of rebels pizza and current

Chairman of the Board Gharyan former military (Colonel Salah Matouk), along with another person Sarraj district.

They took part in the destruction of TRIPOLI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

Zero hour”, on FB says:

Graffiti in Gharyan (God and Muammar and Libya ups) has Tortkm O Jardan..


Clashes in Gharyan.






RISHVANA Honorable rafla against tails misrata |

Picture and Honorable RISHVANA Rafla against Misurata.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, from his e-mail,  posts this information:

And honorable Rafla (RISHVANA) against tails Misurata** Menkowowol
I received some e-now
We reserve not to mention the name for security reasons
The message follows, and as I received
Bakri I was with a group of people who follow the central region and the Gala one of them and I have a lot of confidence because that is bound to matter and mesh Radi First Forces Central totaling what Affuc the 10 000 fighter trainees of them after the events, what Etjaozuc the 3200 person said Brōhm they Biderioa Popat, but they’re What Andhmh ability first p attack and battle and Tanya that intention Taarh in the war who is Chavo including Shi Paso Almsarit Mahddenhm anyone Yuhr Atcefy and calculated p cronies

and with rolls purity of 12 people in cold blood, I asked him to launch Bdero just said, mostly in young h received said Ntih in the hands of Zintan mercy of Almsarit

eventually Aaillete received from Jews and walk prisoner and Ikrbuc Aillete and Nasi person who said talk this Nadmon and was thinking even escape overland is a set of  (RAT) “armor Central” said Elly rulers in the (RAT) “shield” Hashak dogs and expect anything of them in return for money fronted by asking killing Alash plastic.

I do not have what Anderlk you and your community Wenta Paso prophet Nodhalk launched Sayer in young people who in the middle generally try how explain to this point of view in a publication Rh where people Petrdja from the text of the way and who returned from the text of the way, if he was walked by them,

but what Iderio Shi because mostly system volunteered even store Klashmakovs what is known Aobeih Zain and withdrawn by this reality as well as that with them Msarit Mesh satisfied that lets Sayer and confirmed from as well as a person and the danger in which he said Elly Sugar apparatus and Mabash Ajém Emczulh cars of the 14’s monsters and Hddo his family.

I am what Arafch Nsogh this Alash Gatlk the Libyan people media bash picks the right words.

It is generally hard youth said Penclm ourselves first chance, but Almsarit what extent Arahmo Oak. You Copy chat and give it reduce dictation luggage incorrect Mieh Mieh and flattering style
And Amamoha pages strictly confidential messages bash what Atdharosh youth who lipo íÓáăć.

I mean Asahk extent inflicted in the General page, because as you know, the rats infiltrated Heca times prophecy who becomes reverse instead of bloodshed Ikthelo young.

Tpadloha messages true great effort, but worthy
And let the concerned authorities in the Lightning or QaaQa generally encouraged that the prisoners are the sons of Libya, and what connects them pretty bad word.

Believe me, Rahm Ieno and oppressed Wenta brightest Qataris and Turks and Velstiinyin and Masarwa.
This is more Shi Qaharham Rh.

Once you give them safety h Cioffi Kdah Beslmo who lives on the first opportunity, but the most important thing people who Tenbho P Qaha and detonators that these people Majaburh arrested and treated better and give him Amanullah.
QaaQa Ehna duty to be the best of them and who is due to his mind Naqbloh.

ورفلة الشرفاء ضد ذيول مزراطه**منقووووول
وردني عبر البريد الان
ونحتفظ على عدم ذكر الاسم لدواعي امنية
الرسالة كالاتي وكما وصلتني
بكري كنت مع مجموعة من الاشخاص اللي تتبع المنطقة الوسطى وحكالي واحد منهم وعندي فيه ثقة كبيرة لان منضم ليهم ومش راضي اولا قوات الوسطى اجماليها ما يفوتش ال10 الاف مقاتل المتدربين منهم من بعد الاحداث ما يتجاوزوش ال3 الاف و200 شخص وقال ان خبروهم انهم بيديروا بوبات بس وانهم ما عندهمش القدرة اولا ع الهجوم والمعركة وتانيا ان النية طايرة في الحرب اللي ما شافو منها شي بس المصاريت مهددينهم اي شخص يوخر يتصفى ومحسوب ع الازلام وفيما فات صفو 12 شخص بدم بارد سألته شن بديرو توا قال الاغلب في الشباب ح تسلم قال نطيح ف يد الزنتان ارحم من المصاريت في النهاية عايلتي تسلم من اليهود ونمشي اسير وما يقربوش عيلتي وناسي الشخص اللي قال الكلام هذا من النادمون وكان يفكر حتى يهرب برا هو ومجموعة من درع الوسطى قال اللي حاكمين في الدرع حاشاك كلاب وتوقع اي شي منهم مقابل الفلوس واجهته بسؤال قتله علاش تشكيلي ما عندي ما انديرلك انت وجماعتك قالي بس نبي نوضحلك شن صاير في الشباب اللي ف الوسطى عموما حاولي كيف تشرحي وجهة النظر هذه في منشور ره فيه ناس بترجع من نص الطريق واللي رجع من نص الطريق كانه ما مشى فيها عندهم بس ما يديرو شي لان الاغلب نظام تطوع حتى مخزن كلاشن ما يعرف يعبيه زين ويسحبه هذا واقع بالاضافة ان معاهم مصاريت مش راضيين باللي صاير وتاكدت من كذا شخص وخطرها قال فيه اللي سكر جهازه وماباش يجيهم مشوله بسيارات ال14 للحوش وهددو اهله انا ما عرفتش نسوغه هذا علاش حكيتلك هذا يبي شخص اعلامي باش يختار الكلمات المناسبة
عموما بجد فيه شباب قالت بنسلم نفسنا اول فرصة بس المصاريت ما يرحمو حد اوك انت انسخ الدردشة واعطيها لحد الاملاء متاعه صحيحة مية مية واسلوبه كويس
وعمموها في الصفحات بسرية تامة برسائل باش ما اتضروش الشباب اللي يبو يسلمو
قصدي اصحك حد ينزلها في صفحة عامة لان زي ما تعرف فيه جرذان مندسين هكي مرات يصير عكس اللي نبوه بدل حقن الدماء يقتلو الشباب
تبادلوها بالرسائل صح مجهود كبير بس يستاهل
وخلي الجهات المعنية في الصواعق او القعقاع تشجعهم بصفة عامة بان الاسرى هم ابناء ليبيا وما حد يوصل فيهم بكلمة سوء
صدقني راهم يعانو ومقهورين قالي معانا قطريين وفلسطيينيين واتراك ومصاروة
وهذا اكثر شي قاهرهم ره
وبمجرد يعطوهم الامان ح تشوفي قداش اللي بيسلمو ارواحهم في اول فرصة بس اهم شي تنبهو الناس اللي ف قعقاع وصواعق ان الناس هذه مجبورة اعتقله واحسن معاملته واعطيه امان الله
انشالله احنا واجب نكون احسن منهم واللي يرجع لعقله نقبلوه



the Eid prayer in the al-Shlioni




Annex a terrorist Ahmed al-Ftisi, one of the leaders of the MB ZLITEN ‘ARMOR’ which was affiliated w MISURATA




Maholhsergh plant equipment Military Industrialization 54 and igniting it on fire by a group of thieves,

and the fire was brought under control thanks to the young people and the people of the city and escape group

that was trying to loot the factory.









Assassination named Jawad Hamad Akkub’s Special Forces, THUNDERBOLT
At the crossroads Louhichi


Find the decomposed bodies of two people, one of them decapitated and the other in the city of Benghazi.

(BELOW) Shahid Mehdi Agbash:

الشهيد المهدي اغباش

Lire la vidéo



5 shells fall on the area Rulrhh


Assassination “Ali cuneiform” one of the employees of commandos shot dead by unknown assailants

in Benghazi area Almajora ...


The increase of the number of reports received by the Department of Special Forces to ((68) for the case of

people lost contact with their military and civilian citizens and foreigners, including ((9)) women.









Hear the voices of powerful explosions. In the direction of the base Barak flights. Because

Photo : SOUTH LIBYA:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>(FEZZAN):</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>BARAC CHAT'AI:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Hear the voices of powerful explosions. In the direction of the base Barak flights. Because



Sabha today all petrol stations closed, the commercial banks are all closed because of the sit-in in front of Central Bank of Libya in Sabha. Smono Mivchouc Thmnhunt Traffic in the daytime and with gasoline and has Achoy ….
MONEY does not mean no Gas no airport and feast p doors.












“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, reporting

14 000 troops from Algeria and Tunisia to carry out operations on the border of the two armies agreed that the leaders of Tunisia and Algeria to launch a series of military operations of concurrent, in the border areas in parallel with the implementation of the 7 items within a security scheme for long-term, to eliminate the terrorist groups on the border between the two countries.

It was decided to implement a series of limited military operations and widespread in 5 key areas in Tunisia, in the border with Algeria after the leadership of the Army Staff for the approval of the Algerian Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, President of the Republic, to carry out two operations in the Algerian Tunisian border.

The main areas where the operations will be carried out, is the mandate of Kasserine, Tunisia and in the border areas linking the south-west of the southern Tunisia, Libya, and in areas of the valley and the holders of Tebessa and Biskra and market Ahras Khenchla and Algeria.

The Algerian security source told the “news” of the Algerian newspaper on Sunday that the processes that have been agreed upon include security plans minutes against specific targets and other military, during which combing some locations and tighten their grip on the lanes and roads and paths in the various axes of the border.

The timing depends launch inspections and combing that will take part in at least 8 of thousands of elite forces in the Algerian army, and between 5 and 6 thousand Tunisian military, to provide aerial surveys and collect information. The security plan, preventive measures to crack down on Salafi jihadist groups in the border, and other activity related to intelligence and information gathering, and the activation of the security and military operations against the armed groups.

Apart from strengthening the control points above the ground accomplish high sites, and share information among themselves and driving fast, and activate surveillance and aerial surveys in each border between Algeria and Tunisia.

It was also decided to activate security investigations on networks of terrorist recruitment in Tunisia and in the eastern regions of Algeria, and included an agreement to deny terrorist groups as far as possible from sources of funding and the means to live, where it was decided in the Tunisian side create security cells to prevent the collection of funds for the Salafist groups and the denial of funding sources.

And other cells operating in Tunisia to monitor the flow of funds and jihadists from Libya to Tunisia, as decided in the Algerian side to tighten control over the movement of money and smuggling operations between the two countries to prevent the exploitation as a source of financing terrorist activity.



Urgent entry 14000 Algerian recruited to Mount populism in Tunisia, in coordination with the Tunisian army







“Legion Eboumnyar revolutionary fighter Zliten”, reports:

ﻋﺎﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺍﺟﻞ Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Declares a state of maximum alert p Egyptian-Libyan border after the killing of 21
Militarily p Libyan-Egyptian border logic – New Valley


Colonel Hamid Suleiman, commander of the joint Sudanese-Libyan forces and the head of the military junta in Kufra, that their forces declared a state of maximum triangle horn horseshoe Libya, Sudan, Egypt.

He added that the force in full alert, and there is intensive patrols stationed and mobile, and that after the attack on members of the Egyptian army at the border by unidentified gunmen area of ​​New Valley near the border area of ​​Siwa – Giarabub, and killing more than 21 soldiers from the army Egyptian and wounding eight others.


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