TRIPOLI and BENGHAZI secured, but criminal WAHABI lurch still

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: Allah’s POWER over EVIL



Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar
This start ………

Military leadership of the tribal council and the Libyan cities announces the beginning of the process

of cleansing the city of Tripoli militias incitements and malevolent Brotherhood.
Where fighting brigade and Rishvana military falls under the military command of fierce battles against the terrorist militias shields and Gary cleanse the region of 27 to Bridge Gargaresh then login to Tripoli from several directions.
1 – the beginning of military operations before the issuance of the statement was purely a military tactic.
2 – The name of a purge Tripoli undisclosed.
God gone Altovq invite to your brothers in the leadership and the forces of the Libyan army set victory.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

هذه البداية………

بشرى ساره :
القيادة العسكرية لمجلس القبائل والمدن الليبية تعلن عن بداية عملية تطهير مدينة طرابلس من المليشيات التكفيرية والاخوانية الحاقدة .
حيث يخوض للواء ورشفانة العسكرى المنضوي تحت القيادة العسكرية معارك شرسة ضد مليشيات الدروع الارهابية وجارى تطهير المنطقة من كوبرى 27 الى قرقارش ثم الدخول الى طرابلس من عدة محاور.
1-بداية العمليات العسكرية قبل صدور البيان كان تكتيك عسكرى بحت.
2- اسم عملية تطهير طرابلس لم يكشف عنه .
والله ولى التوفق أدعو الى أخوانكم فى القيادة وقوات الجيش الليبي بالنصر المبين





OUR BLESSED VICTORY over the Satanic ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

Privacy Statement from “stun Zintani”:

In the name of God the Merciful With using

The blessings of God and the blessings and peace on the Prophet Muhammad best all creatures
We have forwarded confidential personnel stun al-Zintani. We were and continue to investigate and denounce what is happening from the shedding of the blood of me
One people, and the spilled blood of our youth in the battles to come not only a temptation and external Moabader on our homeland and Libya.

God McKenna want to interfere where I have Rabottna Allhoudh this topic in our beloved city of Zintan, after what turned out to
Us tonight in this topic of the rally and intimidation and disregard for the blood of our children and our young people and our children in Tripoli it.

We asked permission HTP with our brothers in Tripoli against the Kharijites and Takfiris, not against young Húla
Impulsive; and we will strike from inside the strength of the enemy and our goal will be the leaders of the kids, it  is not directly the children.

And certain Mbgataathm wherever Kano beseech you brethren, pray for the victory of truth and not pray for championing the hand
.Hand, but I call on God to grant victory to the right wherever it is… and that can help us God is not often us.

On the morning o f04 August 2014

“Stun secret al-Zintani”

Monsters sixtieth

Allahu Akbar

attention NAY sayers:

The Army of the Arab Great Jamahiriya is fighting along-side (and with) the Cyrenaican “Gently” Defensive Forces, the National Army under Khalifa Hftar, RISHVANA, al-AZAZIA and the ZINTANI BRIGADES, under the “MILITARY COUNCIL” of the Libyan Tribes for the Cities of Libya. It is co-operative and no one is dominant. Differences are put aside to achieve a maximum common goal and victory: The removal of the KHARIJITE and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood terrorists from Libya permanently.

So, stop your petty sqabblings and prejudices: We are one United for the Salvation of Libya and her historic various peoples.

“Zero hour”, on FB, Sends us this directive:

Operations room and Rishvana:
Appeals to their brethren of the tribes to participate in the process of cleansing Libya
God is great and young Rishvana doing their duty and appealing to the rest of their fellow tribesmen

to join them in their battle against the Kharijites .. especially the descendants of Nabi good and Saadi Tabola ..


To all officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the army (armed people)
Turcot work and who want to engage in a battle they had to contact and

communicate with Rishvana mesh on the net, my Helena

As well as young people, both young and Rishvana or our fellow Libyans to communicate with the public and Rishvana and Operations Command
Hadi battle and will not stop the war until the liberation of Tripoli and Taatther of germs.


“Zero hour”, on FB explains to us:

Responding to the messages conveyed to us ..
Everyone knows what happened … the agreement between the tribes and their seducer dishonest ..
The conditions under which asked misled …. three:

They fooled them Btid first condition and,

the second condition and,

half dragging their heels in the third condition ……

for science … and honorable ready for action in case of the completion of all the conditions as agreed upon …..
These next few days will reveal a refill that conversation …
We do not Tstjloaaa ….. yen between fire … fire non-disclosure of secrets and confidentiality ..

fire and reassure honest ….. and Agadh cowards.



Dr. Abdul Hameed intervention:


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”;
Of fasting begins from the date of next Wednesday 10 September until 15 September, God willing tuned to five things, namely: –

1 – fasting for a lifetime …
2 – Siam white days …
3 – fasting six days of Shawwal ..
4 – fasting on Mondays and Thursdays …
5 – to fast three days of every month …

A great wages Is Mu’ammar ..??
Atjolha have to stand not knowing how real Muslims will fast because of you.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:
Wait, another important statement from the Tribal Council in the coming hours.

Wait a statement from the Leadership of the Green Resistance ..

COMING ! Citing the mass channel (says “ZERO HOUR” on FB)

Syed horsehair salvation resolve the issue where a hostile Maidriq Hlha faces …..

dampers fighting by side reservoirs and written Ola image Snfaji world 3_8_2014


Tripolis Dreebi
Cherish the glory of God from him, and God bless you Khouna on these good words and raise the morale of the Libyan …

this is not a stranger to the people of Tobruk, the Holy Quran and loyal to Libya.

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:
O Allah, forgive him and merciful and accept the martyrs, he and all the heroes mercy, O Lord of the Worlds ..


Been decisive in the Chwena


Importance of Camp 27:

“Zero hour”, on FB:

Men and Rishvana
Fall in the camp of Western Shield 27

Securing the front and rear of the army
Cutting the supply coming from western Libya for the Abu Obaida
Directed by MB Western Shield and the closure of a front of the open fronts
Disconnect group bin Laden (Sabratha and  Mitigua)
Down the region falling from Camp 27 to the island market Tuesday in the west of Tripoli entirely in the hands of the army.

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:

Heroes of our military and the brave men homelands him now Istron epics in all axes ..

God is great and thankfully.

Land of the field
# # Our equipment and our arms and everything is 100% ready ..
And before this is all pure faith to God and then to the homeland …
The victory comes only from God Aziz Hamid.



Recent developments operations room and Rishvana
1 – axis 27 Battalion 11/11 list of duty and tamping in the biggest stronghold of the Kharijites and their wounded and dead and dozens lose evacuated the wounded by sea and through the first aid to the corner ..
2 – axis janzour his gospel battalion martyr Salah Abuamad list of duty and tamping Guenida smolts in which a large number of them surrendered.
3 – a third axis in Hzanat oil-led secret of the brigade and the military Rishvana with the strength of tribal youth.

Men live and who Rishvana Araboa / Interface Language
Room rebels Interface Language ask truce deadline for withdrawal, but the leaders of the brigade and

Rishvana refuse to camp and still boxed distress call to colleagues in Laselky ruin but no one answered them today.

# (Operations)

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:

Salah Badi (Paddy) withdrawal of militias from all axes in Tripoli
The militia attack today Paddy indiscriminate bombing
On some areas west of Tripoli …


BUT:  Urgent of our sources say that ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Abu Obaida decisive battle and control of Tripoli

begins tomorrow.


Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi. tells us:
Been monitoring missile launches from janzour toward OS and Sawani Islamic Call Society and Got Alshall

* School of Homeland Security eastern janzour
* Camp deterrence Eastern janzour
* Soap factory and building new tourist entrance to the village from the left of the entrance to the coastal .. janzour
* Force headquarters moving bridge 17 janzour

# (Operations)

“Zero hour”, on FB says that there is
Fierce fighting is now in progress after a fisherman secret martyr Salah Abuamad in the direction of janzour and confidentiality 11/11 clash with al-Taran room in the triangle mil pharmaceutical factory.


Tripolis Dreebi:
Channel Allenbae Brotherhood flared discord and sow terror in the population and the people of the al-Drebe … that will break into the area al-Drebe and village favor and Khlav by the militias of Misrata and militias allied because the area al-Drebe supports the Libyan army and the process of ‘dignity’ and controlled by al-Zintani….


the brigades area as human shields, as alleged by this channel of … God suffices us and including of …

Forget that Lee was a rebel stronghold are still true and can not sell home for money and ideologies such as what others alakhwangih to impose force and faits accomplis and shed those militias and rogue almklobh and destroyed the simple good Libyan people’s assessors, public and private, and claimed lives and displaced population safe from their areas of application of Qatar and Turkey agenda of …

Ahadrwa and be careful Oh Tres Lee of treacherous these militias and closed down your streets and tkhedlwa the Libyan army, operation dignity, the weapon is thankfully and Lee frequently known area and youth and support the House of representatives to be held in the city of Tobruk…

Thankfully there are prestigious and high-level personalities attending the first formal meeting, including but not limited to the Rector of Arabic and delegations from neighbouring States and the Islamic Conference, the African Union and the European and others …

God save our capital Tripoli Mermaid and dice and henna and all towns and villages in Libya friendly from all evil.


Tripolis Dreebi
قناة النبآء الإخوانية تأجج الفتنة وتبث الرعب في سكان وأهالي منطقة الدريبي … بأنه سيتم اقتحام منطقة الدريبي وقرية صالح وكشلاف من قبل مليشيات مصراته والمليشيات المتحالفة معها لأن منطقة الدريبي تدعم الجيش الليبي وعملية الكرامة وتسيطر عليها كتائب الزنتان وتتخذ هذه المنطقة كدروع بشرية كما تدعي هذه القناة… حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل فيهم … انسوا أن منطقة الدريبي كانت ولا زالت معقل الثوار الحقيقين ولا يمكن أن يبيعوا الوطن من أجل المال وأيديولوجيات خارجية مثل ما يفعله الاخرون الاخوانجية بفرض القوة وأمر واقع وتسليط هذه المليشيات المكلوبة والمارقة والتي دمرت مقدرات الشعب الليبي الطيب البسيط العامة والخاصة وازهقت الارواح وهجرت السكان الامنون من مناطقهم لتطبيق أجندة قطر وتركيا… احدروا واحترسوا يا تريس الدريبي من غدر هذه المليشيات واقفلوا شوارعكم ولا تخدلوا الجيش الليبي وعملية الكرامة فالسلاح موجود والحمد لله ومنطقة الدريبي معروفة بكثرة السلاح والشباب وادعموا مجلس النواب الذي سينعقد بمدينة طبرق … والحمد لله هناك شخصيات معتبرة ورفيعة المستوى تحضر غذا أول جلسة رسمية ومنها على سبيل المثال لا للحصر رئيس الجامعة العربية ووفود من دول الجوار والمؤتمر الاسلامي والاتحاد الافريقي والاوروبي وغيرهم… حفظ الله عاصمتنا طرابلس عروس البحر وأرض الزهر والحنة وكل مدن وقرى ليبيا الحبية من كل سوء




Shelling with heavy weapons
Got Alshall * al-Drebe village * fit * sports * Goblet of militias Mzrath…

Fire still lit in the oil tanks in the road to the airport so far.

National Safety Authority Tripoli:
The withdrawal of the fire trucks that went to Brega Oil Company (corner, Tripoli) since few tanks

because of the shelling and clashes perimeter region.


Burning gas complex in Tripoli by MB militias.

Intensification of clashes in the Airport Road Inspirations huts and Os and near Ain Zara (pictured below):



Siraj and the East became janzour between the hammer and the anvil under shelling and the region still populated,

and the situation there is like turning area Qasr Ben Ghashir.

Burning power mobile militia camp area janzour.

Escape the remnants of the remnants of the “MB RATS Knights janzour “, and mobile power and armor towards the corner by the Abu Obaida.

Hope of our people in the corner forcing them to return to or taken it janzour disarmed them

and not Atkhaddo corner of the area a military zone for them.




The Brotherhood is abducting and “detaining” members of the the new Libyan “House of Representatives”…preventing them from accomplishing their work.

“Tajourah dignity”, tells us:
The number of deputies detained in the city of Tobruk rises to 175 after being held … that forces Tabrgih dropping off downtown Zliten and the abduction of Deputy Vice palace and taken to Tobruk has arrived for their detention Dar es Salaam midnight tonight.

The total number of the reps is 188; so, that means ONLY 13 are free to legislate !

The criminality of the Brotherhood is open to see; but no one in the MSM is going to admit this and will never indite MISURATA for any wrong, which they have so overwhelmingly done, to humanity.

Elly those in the picture are destroyed Tajourah and threatened them by force after refusing to process Alkhsorh
And Elly by the Trial Chamber criminal robber’s gang brothers .. named Ibrahim Qubqhob and residents of Hamidiya and Elly and Rah Almhvhv named Omar and the title of fame broiler and Elly Mqamz Aalessar named Mohammed Ahama and demolition warlords militias Elly tarnished Tajourah and deserted people Chova into that we are all brothers. But the truth is the opposite knead.
(# Tajourah)

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:
Advanced members of the national army to the House of Representatives and the people who are elected by and the derivative are complete they will be al-Faisal and congratulate all of the Libyan people the great transfer of power from the Allaotunai Congress to the Council of Representatives  despite all the machinations that would have prevented this achievement and in spite of the difficult conditions because of our people that lived them # militias unjust and corrupt Khawarij terrorists destroyed and ruined and Att havoc on the ground so as not to get into this great day.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB,comments:

“Libya the same, and tell the politicians we have a style of Political special and distinctive and very strong and art Allacae and accuracy in Alavaz and our policy is the biggest advantage of this fact

and the style of the Libyan people style system Jamahiriya, which was founded by the leader Muammar al-Qathafi.... and Thanks.

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:
# Series and continue lying and shading on the all-in an attempt to win the media war that led to the unjust burned lying and forgery and spread rumors in Ostedohat Al-Jazeera.

But it is impossible and all the people and all honest media against you on the lookout.

And the House of Representatives should not be neglected by the media financed from abroad and Almadlj and false in the next phase and do not let him affect his work and construction of the nation, and you in the biggest proof of this news, even before that Tstlmoa. This channel began broadcasting rumors you rogue.

# (Operations)

الصفحه الرسمية – الرائد عماد الطرابلسي

و يستمر #مسلسل الكذب و التظليل علي الكل في محاولة لكسب الحرب الأعلامية الظالمة التي يقودها من أحترقوا الكذب و التزوير و بث الأشاعات في أستيدوهات قناة الجزيرة القطرية .
و لكن هيهات كل الشعب و كل الوسائل الأعلامية الشريفة ضدكم بالمرصاد .
و علي مجلس النواب ألا يهمل جانب الأعلام الممول من الخارج و المؤدلج و الكاذب في المرحلة القادمة و لا يدعه يؤثر في عمله و بنائه للوطن، و لكم في هذا الخبر أكبر دليل ، قبل حتي أن تستلموا بدأت هذه القناة المارقة ببث الأشاعات عليكم .


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:

I hope the author neighborhood cottages ………………..
Very important and ÚÇÇÇĚá ………………………
To each stationed in the District cottages take caution ……

The forces dogs Brotherhood of in both of Gneoh and precordial and Nawasi and some Shield forces dirty processing Lei blow very strong from several directions have Jmau each of their several and hardware in order to control the District or destroy it completely … and we call on the honorable people of Tripoli to support youth District cottages response in this attack …



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:

Sources from inside the hospital at MITIGUA airbase

# nearly _74_ body, mostly from Misrata have been saved and are now in the refrigerator hospital MITIGUA, after Sokoto in recent days in Tripoli and most of them have not been informed of their families for fear of inflaming public opinion in Misrata against their leaders involved with the process “invasion of Tripoli”

who Zbbo in the deaths of so many of those fooled them to satisfy the agenda of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and Ali has a son missing from Misurata, and followed or told him that prisoners heading to search for his son in the refrigerator MITIGUA for honoring buried

and that goes a way to trade the blood of his son at the hands of the leaders of these gangs, and these are some names that we have acquired from our sources:

# Muhammad _ Tablh – Market Friday – Nawasi (we received the body was headless),

Abdul Ghaffar Salem Elmarghani – Market Friday – Nawasi,

# key _ Mohammed _ Abouhger – Zliten – shield the middle (and got his body dismembered to hospital Mitiga),

# Abdulsalam _ Shehoumi – Misurata – Shield Central,

# birthday _ Mohammed _ Circassian – Misurata – Central shield.

There are also some cases of amputations also not been informed of their families and relatives, some of them in Mitigua and some of them moved to the outside Libya without the knowledge of their family and told them that they are a prisoner or missing.


Camp 7 Ibrbl

by rockets falling like rain locusts Please spread the word:

There are prisoners of our military free information from within a definite place

(Military locast fire like rain, falling on Camp7)


By wireless rats exposed to the Moroccan embassy armed attack.





Word now / artillery shelling on Misurata airport …. Is the news of Íaakd.


[It had to happen, as MISURATA was bringing in THOUSANDS (LITERALLY) of terrorists through Turkish airways.]

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, reporting

A mercenary named Bashir Alzoreiky, Misurata city, of Zliten, was in contact with the youth of his city and displays them in 2000 Libyan dinars per day compared to join to fight in the ranks of the MB Libyan ‘shield’, with the knowledge that the beginning of the war on the amount of Tripoli 1000 Libyan dinars.

Note Libby on the Liberal discernible precaution and protection money from steep news presence in Tunisia named Mohammed Alzoreiky …. and Huda Bashir image Alzoreiky.






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:
Aircraft type Anyoshn country fell by an hour at the airport in Sirte and flowed into the cars of Misrata

said she loaded Baldkhaúr …

طائرة نوع انيوشن قطرية نزلت قبل ساعه في مطار سرت وتوافدت عليها سيارات من مصراته يقال انها محملة بالدخائر…


Assassination of a member of the Council of Elders of Benghazi Ali Mabrouk Albergthe.

deceased local BenghaziCouncil Member Khalil elbarghati:



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