Prévenu assez, Ce soir, c’est la gloire


Prévenu assez, Ce soir, c’est la gloire

“Zero hour”, on FB, POSTS:

Important and urgent \ \ \ know Jamahiriya

Dear Liberal honorable and supporters of leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flag and the Libyan and all national free jealous and even Nadmon whose hands are not stained with blood and money of the sons of the tribes ..

He came time seriously and underline epics and action, not to say equipped yourselves and communicated among yourselves and steep confidentiality and Alkosman place is known and the goal is clear and everyone was excited to watch this topic in the glorious days of waiting impatiently for this topic and Althmoua Bojuankm enrolled in the driveway, arms and recorded the positions of glory and honor and dignity with the popular forces of the tribes ..

Hedda glory day

مهم وعاجل \\\ تعلمون جميعااا ايها الاحرار الشرفاء وانصار الزعيم القائد معمر القدافي والراية الخضراء والجماهيريه وكل وطني حر غيور وحتي النادمون ممن لم تلطخ ايديهم بالدماء والاموال من ابناء القبائل ..لقد جاء وقت الجد وتسطير الملاحم والفعل وليس القول جهزوا انفسكم وتواصلوا فيما بينكم والحدر والسريه والكثمان المكان معروف والهدف واضح والكل كان متحمس لهده الساعات المجيده وفي انتظار هده الايام بفارغ الصبر التحقوا والتحموا بأخوانكم في الدرب والسلاح وسجلوا مواقف العز والشرف والكرامه مع القوات الشعبيه للقبائل ..الامجاد هدا يومها

Urgent et important lieu vous savez tous mes partisans honnêtes et libérales du chef Muammar al-Qathafi et le drapeau vert et chaque national libre des pénitents même jalouses qui salissent les mains avec du sang et d’argent appartenant à des tribus et.

Le temps de grand-papa et souligner les épopées et effectivement ne pas dire CC vous-même et communiquer avec vous walhadr et walkthman lieu connu objectif est clair et tout le monde était excité pour ces heures glorieuses et attente pour ce jour avec impatience, ils correspondaient avec inscrits et vos frères d’armes suivre et enregistrement les positions de la splendeur et l’honneur et la dignité avec les forces populaires des tribus et.

Gloires de cette journée

Mu in Paris 1 Mu in Paris 2

 MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI, understood, and warned us, as early as 2007:

when he spoke, in 2007, of what will happen in Libya:

“MUSICIAN” writes:

I Will not let thoughts of Muammar al-Qathafi go, as long as (I KNOW THAT)

he did NOT leave the earth’s surface for its interior….

= لن نترك افكار معمر القذافي طالما لم نترك سطح الارض الي باطنها


Ghada Warfali, writes:

Muammar is the need for people of the sun
They are absent every day
Without crying Vracھa man!!
He knows that it will return. . !

This is the confidence!!

“As the sun sets lose sight of beautiful things waiting for a new dawn”

Let your trust in God is stronger than all the absence of
Let your trust in God, even if the reason for your happiness Zaiguetk conditions.


غادة الورفلى


مھما كانت حاجة الناس للشمس
فهي تغيب كل يوم
دون أن يبكي لفراقھا إنسان!!
لـأنه يعلم بـأنها ستعود . . !

هذه هي الثقة !!

“وكما تغيب الشمس تغيب عنّا أشياء جميلة في انتظار فجر جديد”

دع ثقتك في الله أقوى من كل غياب
دع ثقتك بالله سبب سعادتك حتى وإن ضايقتك الظروف

Mu Green victor

Nasser Shikhy:
To have our
Green Soldiers under Divine protection of Allah:

Circulating fast PLEASE: the utmost possible effort quickly
We got the call from Asodna please, to all the pages and Adaminat Liberals not to publish any information or news about the presence and concentration of the Liberal or as a result of our operations, but after we finished the tasks to ensure the safety black quickly PLEASE

Do not permit Satanic forces to know the positions of our soldiers.

Help us pray Wi Stgdonh exclusively within the framework of our safety.

تعميم سريع ارجوكم باقصى جهد ممكن بسرعه
نداء وصلنا من اسودنا ارجوكم الى جميع ادمينات الصفحات والأحرار عدم نشر اي معلومة او خبر عن تواجد وتمركز الأحرار او نتيجة عملياتنا الا بعد انتهائنا من المهمات حرصا على سلامة الأسود بسرعه ارجوكم
ساعدونا بالدعاء واي حصري ستجدونه في اطار سلامتنا

white glove:
mystical-mu-2 mystical-mu 1


Nasser Shikhy:


Circulating fast PLEASE: the utmost possible effort quickly
We got the call from Asodna please, to all the pages and Adaminat Liberals not to publish any information or news about the presence and concentration of the Liberal or as a result of our operations, but after we finished the tasks to ensure the safety black quickly PLEASE

Help us pray Wi Stgdonh exclusively within the framework of our safety.

تعميم سريع ارجوكم باقصى جهد ممكن بسرعه
نداء وصلنا من اسودنا ارجوكم الى جميع ادمينات الصفحات والأحرار عدم نشر اي معلومة او خبر عن تواجد وتمركز الأحرار او نتيجة عملياتنا الا بعد انتهائنا من المهمات حرصا على سلامة الأسود بسرعه ارجوكم
ساعدونا بالدعاء واي حصري ستجدونه في اطار سلامتنا


Operations room and Rishvana
To all young people:
Aziziyah. Amiriya. Sawani. Nasiriyah. Zahra. Alhachan. His gospel. Globe. Kerkozh. Clay. Mil. Fisherman.
Bandguetk and coastal with dampers.


Conference Libyan tribes tribes are required to send their children to the People’s Forces for the Liberation of Libya

from al-Angas and Kharijites

 Young Green Youth in Support of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

مؤتمر القبائل الليبية يطلب من القبائل إرسال أبنائها للقوات الشعبية لتحرير ليبيا من الأنجاس والخوارج



a commentaire of “Zero hour”, on FB.:

Dear Liberal There Haliaa our capital grabbed wounded more than 4,000 car armed Misurata and Adnabha and more than 150 tanks and about 100 cars a rocket launcher and more than 200 armored vehicles and about 20 000 inventory and a heretic

and, in contrast (we) are facing a few hundred of our military hero of the sons of the armed forces battalions specializing Mgehvlh trainee Brigade 32 battalion Emhemed battalion Shban, and regiment the ninth and Hedda is not a secret

and Mend about 25 days could not clients NATO to achieve any victory or control over a square kilometer.

It is believed that this topic of “war is ruined between Zintan and Misurata, so one would be greatly mistaken.

Because it is not Kdlk did not Kdlk a war between the honorable and customers.

It is between the right and the legitimacy and legality of falsehood which resorted via Air Cross and conspiracies .. Viaaaha Liberal endowed and answered a call to duty and as you said, Mr. Commander \ to Atkhcohm Akhcoa God and you are closer to God Hola infidels and crusaders and Goodenough.

ايها الاحرار يوجد حالياا بعاصمتنا المغتصبه الجريحه اكثر من 4000 سياره مسلحه من مصراته وادنابها واكثر من 150 دبابه وحوالي 100 سيارة راجمة صواريخ واكثر من 200 مدرعه وحوالي 20الف جرد وزنديق وبالمقابل يواجهون بضع مئات من جيشنا البطل من ابناء القوات المسلحه من كتائب متخصصه مجحفله متدربه من اللواء 32 وكتيبة امحمد وكتيبة سحبان والفوج التاسع وهدا ليس سرا ومند حوالي 25 يوم لم يستطيع عملاء الناتو تحقيق اي نصر او السيطره علي كيلو متر مربع ومن يعتقد ان هده الحرب هي خرب بين الزنتان ومصراته فهو مخطئ لانها ليست كدلك ولم تكن كدلك وهي حرب بين الشرفاء والعملاء وبين الشرعيه الحق وبين شرعية الباطل التي جأت عبر طيران الصليب والمؤامرات ..فياايها الاحرار هبوا ولبوا نداء الواجب وكما قال لكم سيدي القائد \ لاتخشوهم واخشوا الله انتم اقرب الي الله هولاء كفره وخوارج وصليبين

“Zero hour” again tells us:

For members stationed in the Disclaimer page we went to

not to publish news on the Liberal stationed in the fronts.

We warned you download videos and pictures she knows the enemy places on the Liberal …

and not writing in a reasonable limit …

and thank you.

 Is Libya Finally Free





The arrival of Prime Minister Abdullah figs (Thani-“bending”) and Minister of the Interior to Tobruk airport coming from the United States to an American.

(Yankees thinking that they can control the new “HOUSE” ????)

asking for foreign intervention ????

This is not what the people voted for…see, elections can never reflect the true desires of a people

Meeting of the Council of Representatives

Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi # Libya Ahrar:

It is not true what promoted by the media that the international community does not want to intervene in Libya, and I think it
If a decision of the House of Representatives of Libyan legitimate body requesting the international community to intervene #,

You will not hesitate to help the Libyans .. # .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Council of Representatives _ # # Tobruk

United Nations _ Arab League _ for an African Union _ the European Union countries _ 5 _

the major organization of the Union of Islamic _

All Iatpruna House of Representatives legislative authority in Libya

Turkey _ Qatar refuse to admit. Means eating wrong and are true al-Zzouz

Hallelujah Alash in 2011 Mqlch Nakhadd Bray for foreigners.

Number Dhaah Melcaat Misrata 732 per capita in the period of the invasion of Tripoli on 13 today to Beaulieu

Number Jerhh 1328

Mr. Speaker, in his first meeting on the channel BBN






News Ban
Inventory was arrested Sheikh Salah Valley killer of children, along with 15 mercenaries of different nationalities

Corrects of news
pedophile killer Salah Valley is really arrested 07 AUG. 2014, after false reports of his “death” earlier this year !


The Algerian newspaper El Shorouk \ \ \ \ Qatar sent from Anasrdaash 5000 State of Iraq, Syria to Libya ..

as part of the project to divide the so-called “Arab Spring” countries.

al-Zioamrakiaaaaaaaamn project through their agents inside.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, tells us:

al-Khmaa great:

LIFG led by Belhadj (originally known as al-Hasidi) and Khaled al-Sharif and Qaid Salim Derby and Interface Language and others
And others .. are dominated by the state after the revolution .. they changed their skin to blur history and Tusbandathm
The goals associated with al-Qaeda and its agenda in order to deceive the Libyans and the world that Asmoa themselves revolutionaries room
Touched off Libya and other effects of the Supreme Council for Libya rebels, and coordinated political isolation and created a chic them pawns

To appear on the media to speak on their behalf and they stayed Ihrcnhm from behind the curtain ..
Now running battle in Tripoli from behind the scenes, they are lit from this war with money that Libyans
Looted from the budget and the budget of the Cape Zaidane estimated in billions, as well as the looting of banks
And institutions .. recruited by teenagers, criminals and some tribal fanatics who hold grudges
And grudges ..
Currently working on a media marketing solutions mediator demanded by their aides from political analysts
And from media which is directed by forces from Misrata and Zintan, DC .. right .. void intended goal of this

Stay alone in the capital, home of the decision and the money and power in general ..
Any solution or any other negotiable and must be the subject of a solution room Libya rebels or coordinated by the Council of insulation or rebels

Libya negotiated a file from the files ..

These Aeltsimat and objects are all nothing but a front for the organization of the “Libyan Fighting Group” :
the cause of affliction and disaster of the “17 February revolution”.



Libyan Islamic Fighting Group walk out upon their release from Abu Salim prison in Tripoli 24 March 2010, up walk out upon their release from Abu Salim prison in Tripoli 24 March 2010:

then later another 110:



Statement Libyan Company for Post and Communications and Information Technology Holding


Reflect the company’s Libyan Mail and Communications and Information Technology Holding deeply regrets to target
Dividers and the main warehouses for the telecom sector in the beginning of the road to the airport on Thursday, November 4
4 Kdaúv fall resulted in a massive fire is not brought under control until the preparation of this statement
Despite the efforts
Continuing to firefighters since the morning and feared the fall Kdaúv other on the same place, which foretells
Interruption of mobile communications and the Internet on areas of Libya and this Malantmanah.

However, it is to be informed
So all Libyans,

Thank God Almighty, there were no human damage, despite the inability of a number of
Engineers, technicians and workers from leaving the site and that their lives are in danger, and this sequence Ministry of Communications
Informatics and all interest and accuracy all developments relating to communications through the operating room that
Working over 24 hours






Spread of snipers in the five largest and God will be tearing Kharijites.


Close all roads leading to the hospital street corner in Tripoli by armed groups and prevented

him approaching. In order to bring patients in complete secrecy of the hospital.

Apparently, it figures Germanah great leaders Mlaxiaoah


RAT “MB Militias armor” now stationed at the first sign of light in the direction of the corner.




Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi

When mixed with blood and Rishvana, and epiphyseal, and Zintan, and Tarhunah in position 27 today,

the draft of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of “February”, to construct their national front, has been thrown in the garbage ..

Glory to the martyrs ..

and victory for the heroes who wrote with their blood chapter bright of Libyan history, as did their parents and grandparents.



Brotherhood and MISURATA today are bringing weapons and ammunition from # Sudan today

called by Ahmed cabled the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of deformities and physical faults al-Mqji today #

Kufra protection Sudanese army ... far from the center of the infidels .. knowing that Dr. # cabled was staying in # Afghanistan.

الاخوان و المصاريت اليوم تقوم بجلب الاسلحة والذخائر من #السودان اليوم عن طريق المدعو احمد الزوى الاخوانى ومعه عدد من المقملين اليوم دخلو #الكفرة بحماية الجيش السودانى …الان من وسط الكفرة..مع العلم بان #الزوي دكتور كان يقيم في#افغانستان ..

Brotherhood’s SULIEMAN ZUBI goes FREE !!

After the booking process and reservation to: Mr. Suleiman Zubi
Which was held at the axis of OS _ Janzour during a clash with al-Melcaat Kharijites

And conduct investigations Kaqh to be freed up
by the members of # Briq_nasr



The Brotherhood Broke the ceasefire, so the BATTLE to clean-up and defend TRIPOLI, continues:
Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Urgent Statement # National Defence Force

Despite the decision of the House of Representatives a cease-fire, which we announced our commitment to him, but the force of the aggressor

Progressed towards the axis and the axis of Wildlife reservoirs of oil Vtsdt have the force of defense, and this now has forced them to retreat again.

The result of the battle
_1) tadmar Number

(2) and tank

(1) armored
_(2) tadmar 6 mechanisms, some armed
_(3) About

14 people dead and an unknown number of wounded

We would like to warn that the statement of the National Defence Force:
” We commit ourselves to Baqrarcil elected House of Representatives on a cease-
Fire on all axes

and this commitment is considered null and void in the event of a power or attempt aggressor Balrmih”

Progress on any axis

We ask God that is injected into the blood of Muslims. “National defense” have nothing to do with the “Cyrenaican National Army” and its combat is Independent.



Champions Brigade and Rishvana and force lightning victory for special operations.


 Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi
Statement # _ power _ defense _ National _ Tripoli:

We declare our commitment to the immediate decision of the “House of Representatives”

elected on a cease-fire on all axes …

and this commitment is null and void in the event of a power aggressor Balrmih or attempt to progress on any axis.

Hittin battalion continued shelling Misrata camp al-Braizh my 106.

Misrata militias are indiscriminate arrest of Ali free in the area Karrout in five against the backdrop of an assault

which has been a fun night a convoy of atopic ago to killing two members of the militias heading to the capital Tripoli.



06 AUGUST 2014:


“Zero hour”, on FB, important post:
Hedda has a precious child and very lost in the neighborhood of Andalus Tripoli and now this child is from Andalus.

Please recognize him from his family or his family that call me sooner in this figure Hedda 0912191003
Please circular.

ساعة الصفر

لطفل هدا قد وجدا ضائع في منطقة حي الاندلس بطرابلس والطفل هذا الان هو عندعائله الرجاء من يتعرف عليه من اهله او ذويه بان يتصل بي عاجلا فى هذا الرقم هدا 0912191003
الرجاء التعميم.




Urgent international Guenadh
Forces noble tribes dominate the camp 27

Clashes now in Bridge 27

Fire in Camp 27



Moved from the operations room and Rishvana \ to all fighters instructed not to enter the camp,

but after 27 discernible Near and instructions from brigade and Rishvana fighter ..

Please restriction of the importance of the instructions.

Forces Libyan tribes have a martyr in the battle of 27 (YARMOUK CAMP, SPRING VALLEY)

and we have 11 wounded Adaulhm Lord and to help them heal.

Brigade and Rishvana and redeployed from operations room and Rishvana \ \ \

now are combing and scanning farms surrounding the camp of the 27 private farm Kdav blood

that were exploited by terror gangs and al Qaeda and al-Doash.

There are snipers two Gary dealing with them and work is underway to demolish the walls of Hedda camp

so are not taken to cushion it up again by any criminal group and exploitation of the interests of terrorism

and Akhawan Muslims. Allahu Akbar over Kidd aggressors.

Rishvana and seven drums
Hello …
Almanuyaaaaaaat hugging the sky …
The camp was liberated 27 hunter barrier of the bridge … 17 … port of Sidi Bilal,
And the establishment of God Saaaaaaaaaaat Nkono and at the base of Mitigua.….
God is greatest above the aggressor Kid.

 picture of RISHVANA and Zintan Brigades inside CAMP”/ / YARMOUCK:

Moved from their channels \ \ \

called Hassan Hake deputy ordered Shield Libya admits that the camp of the 27 under the control of Rishvana describes attackers him they were members of the brigade enhanced 32 and says they are trained and the attack a surprise and were bombing the rebels in all the sites and attacked the entrances and exits at the same time they know their camp Tamam knowledge .. and started screaming and desperation Bthoar NATO and demanding the need to restore the camp Hedda overall speed and knead the strategic importance of this.

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood client-Mafia-NATO government of Libya is asking for a permanent cease-fire through NATO/ UNO, claiming that CRONIES (former member of the “GADDAFI-REGIME” ‘s “32nd enhanced Dvsn.”, which are now part of the Zintan Brigades), took over their CAMP 27…which they (THE Brotherhood Mafia Government) need and belongs to them (THE MB client Allaotunai Conference).

They are calling for NATO to assist them !!!

The Rat MB ARMY Libyan Armor Shield (UNDER MB Gen. Abdul Salam Jadallah al-Obaidi, seen in the picture below, circled center front seated), claiming legal authority !:

Rat Army headed by chief of staff, Colonel Abdul-salam Al-Salheen Jad-Allah al-Obaidi w Nouri Abu Sahmain Busmein (‘NURI BUSHMIN’):


RAT Channel Misrata shortly before Hassan Hake deputy commander of the defense forces to Libya describes who attacked the camp of 27 they were remnants of the Brigade 32 enhanced and that was clear from the bombed each places in the camp and broke into his doors they know that particular camp was at the time of Khamis Gaddafi’s Brigade 32 enhanced and call upon all revolutionaries in Libya, for the need to restore the camp at the earliest opportunity of its strategic importance ..


Power outages on most areas in # Libya ..

He has to tell us of the city?!


Back interruption of water on some areas of the capital Tripoli / Libya.

Ministry of Electricity: cause power outages caused by a technical failure, and work is underway to fix it,

and return the power supply in the coming hours …


Election of Heretic \ Mahdi Harti dean of the municipality of Tripoli ..

((sign of goodness Jay)) and waited for the announcement of the “Islamic Emirate of Tripoli”

under Daash branch of North Africa and the Islamic Maghreb.

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi


(TOTALLY as their new headquarters) knowing that no one will bomb the Super-Luxery Hotel !!

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi

Came “Evacuate” orders to the staff of Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel
eviction !!
The real reason was not yet known then; BUT NOW WE KNOW! via “ZERO NEWS” on FB:


News and incoming \ \ \ \ \ “he and Mend few” specifically Hotel Corinthia in Tripoli has been the delivery and receipt of the traitor Nuri Abu Bushmin and a number of members of MB “religion” of MISURATA (which does not recognize the Council of Tobruk),
headed by the NATO client Qatari Turkish MB Abdul-rahman Sowaihili ..

It is rumored that he had been assigned to the so-called “Chamber of Libya rebels” to form a “government Taara à la Vichey” .. to govern the “Caliphate of Libya anew” through the Order of the Brotherhood.

# (Operations)


Moved page of the so-called Chamber of Libya rebels \ \ \

withdrawal room Libya rebels from the camp of the 27 temporary withdrawal

all enmasse to the Hotel Corinthia…
and then we will come back to him and strongly Garibaaaaaa Haha ..

((one of this topic Alkdbat tactical Hahaha))

God is greatest above the aggressors Kid


Urgent \ \ \ \

militias, Heretic “Abdal-rav (RAOUF) hater” last night to control the so-called channel Allaotunai

and the expulsion of its staff, a Haliaaa under control and managed by Hedda terrorist and gangs criminal.

After transfer sessions aspiring “House of Representatives” held TOBRUCK ..

this topic transparency, freedom and democracy in the light of the “plight of February” diabolical.


Rocket in a box specifically Gammoudi fell in a house Emhemed Bogofah did not result in deaths.


Rocket “Grad” on one of the houses of the Islamic Dawa area leads to the death of S_khas and is in bed sleeping .


This body Sniper “my brothers” Egyptian nationality have been bombed by the Champions popular forces

exist in a hospital because Venus and Gary dealing together the rest of the snipers:





MB Libya militia shield you robbed a bank branch agency of the Republic Palace bin Ghashir district in the capital Tripoli.



Mend very violent clashes at 6 so far in the vicinity of transport and Wildlife and the airport.



There gate Amflanha now in the way of the plateau along the direction of Salahuddin and Oagafo in cars following non

plates and Rado Tlouho quantity of garbage after the gate side street bumps because they are armed Armo.


Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi

To all young people to go to the coastal road to help secure it to move Rishvana brigade and the military

to hunt down the Brotherhood to bankrupt and janzour mil ...
Alert lack of shooting in the air in order to preserve ammunition ….
Allahu Akbar …



15 JANUARY 1981

Password Commander in university students al-Fateh University, TRIPOLI







Karrout area:

Sources uncertain \ \ \ jittery in five after heavy gunfire on the mechanism of armed highway belonging to the militia of Misurata was on its way to the capital. Asafaran killed two people from Misurata. Believed to be Ahaddalguetla commander of one of the militia leaders. Knead after suffering injuries directly and specifically the area Karrout east City five.


City five combatant he shared with grandparents in battles against the Italians in Rabat and Hani Alkarzabih:

Yesterday evening Ikomena Barmih on 2 of Melcaat Misrata were killed and two Iinin
(Mohammed Jamal) and (Mohammad Aahmoudh)

Today brave five Icomona blew tank of the Melcaat Misrata.

“We promise you the next best”.

after the major operation which Arabthm recently in the city of five, which is the index of the traitors, Misratah and Adnabhm that the battle has moved to places outside the capital.

A tribute to the men of the five who Andzo their mission to the fullest was ten Dqaig dodge a car packed with Baldkhaúr Scheduled from Misurata to Tripoli and Tmknu dampers from her heart on the coastal strip and now Misurata Mscrin coastal Elmu P Dechaiarham of tar, of course this is the gate to who the most important thing dampers Atkin and focus and who it Eye alter his place in power because of Gayh Mzrath to catch the Liberals who Charcot in epic steadfastness!!!! Oh Mzarat Coast Khalasin al-Uahl, 

and a tribute to the “Five” who tresses Darrow their.

PICTURE: Misurata troops destroyed outside of CITY of FIVE, Karrout area, 07 AUG. 2014

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

al-Mabart Jews standing Irene Gate in five

Badbwabh five in the direction of Tripoli personal

inspection Atbehu Aahrar.






Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Tomorrow will enter missiles (lofty) to battle an advantage as tall as rockets fall on the objective of the
Top-down accurately and not like locusts missiles and launchers used by the militias.

So go ahead
Launched toward the target horizontally and often do not hit the target, which was launched for

her short speech of lofty #
Tomorrow in the field results after the end of the battle.

Force _ # _ Lightning victory



ARREST THE AID to ALI SALABI (‘hardness’):

The arrest of an aide to Ali ‘hardness’, Fadi Abu Obeida called Greyhound, which is now under treatment in one
Clinics and Rishvana ..

It was learned that the arrested person is from a bankrupt Brotherhood of the kidnapping of Egyptian diplomat
And imprisoned in his ranch.

He also is is accused of abducting a number of free to corner (TRIPOLI)


Today the land of thorns wed the tribe 7 Rishvana drums and the first martyr for the sake of God

and the homeland hero Hicham Alvarek Nansabh Valasm.

God of the martyrs and the companion to the good and in the perpetrators mole Baden God.

To Name of martyr and Rishvana my father already Dl in the previous publication the name (Hisham Alvarek) Valasm is correct (and handsome Alvarek) from the tribe of Awlad Jabir ..

God bless his soul. And Natdr for error, but Lardy and unintentional .. and ăäćŃíä Jmieaa and pray for Hedda Hero mercy The resting place of forgiveness and paradise Iaaaarb.


Greetings from the people and land of thistle 7 drums they saw to angled or tribal men

and boys Hawk heroes a do a lives a

ساعة الصفر

تحيه من اهل وابناء ارض الشوك ال7 طبول ورشفانه الي رجال الزاويه ام القبائل وخاصة اولاد صقر الابطال ا هل ا لفز عه

Allah Akbar \ \ \

popular forces and a battalion of the brigade and Rishvana Iedkon strongholds Adnab Misratah and al-Qaeda

in the hunter and entering of three axes to surround them and eliminate them ..

and youth 7 drums dedicate a gift of one man to secure the coastal road in the epic of epics Jihad

and honor that history will record in Araa pages. .

Greetings to the people of the tribes and the popular forces and the 7 drums sons leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

Stroa battles of honor at the coast and through the door Tajourah, TRIPOLI))

Many flocked to the tribes of the sons of the land of thorns
and to liberate the usurped

God is greatest over the victim.




Very heavy shelling in the hours before the Sabratha between “Ansar al-Sharia” and youth Sabratha



“Zero hour”, on FB reports:
After threats of bombing General Electric Company ..

other threats up to “Mellita Oil & Gas Company of ITALY” detonated entirely by armed militias

who had put up a sign on the main gate.



# _ E _ from page one of the brothers of # Ifrane

How did the podium after dismounting from the Holocaust
Rishvana and I swear by God to them Tcolo Mkhanb and legs, but the ousted from Tootkm Farrukh Misrata.

God Lin Thacmt of treatment and how Aat in euros and those people on the road and how people bash Augeo in Miouselh where shelling and Oallah Mavrko between supporters and opponents nor Jebali and Asenthana not like Mbar Misurata inspection Mobiles p identity

And mortars to topple the lip Hawwaisahm my eyes to Baaklhm worms
Wali Icolo them room to the rebels and pizza coming to Bihrrona Zaat aspirations, but as appetizers and people in gangs Ikcefo
God and something unfortunate to Saarlhm Magdrohash Ppalarbatashat mortar shelling of civilians in.

ساعة الصفر

#من_بريد_الصفحة احد الاخوة ﻣﻦ #ﻳﻔﺮﻥ
توة كيف وصلت من محرقة
ورشفانة اقسم بالله الي تقولو عليهم مخانب وازلام الا ارجل من طوطكم فروخ مصراتة
والله لين تحشمت من معاملتهم وكيف يساعدو في الناس ويورو فيهم في الطريق وكيف يوجهو في الناس باش مايوصلش فيها القصف ووالله مافرقو بين مؤيد ومعارض ولا جبالي ولازنتاني مش زي مبعر مصراته تفتيش موبايلات ع الهوية
والهاون الي يطيح على حوايزهم شفته بعيوني الي بياكلهم الدود
والي يقولو عليهم غرفة ثوار البيتزا والي جايين بيحررونا طلعو زياط بس وكمشة عصابات يقصفو في الناس
والله شئ مؤسف الي صايرلهم ماقدروهاش بالاربعطاشات الهاون يقصف في المدنيين





“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:

What is happening in Misurata now \ \

rally and incitement and the meetings of the leaders of the gangs and militias and knead explains their inability to Mend about a month to accomplish any progress Iedkr in the process of invasion of the capital and especially after the major operation which Arabthm recently in the city of five, which is the index of the traitors, Misratah and Adnabhm that the battle has moved to places outside the capital.

They sense the tactical military targeting supply lines which beat Logistic reflecting that there is a potential ignition eastern front in the limits of the capital and Hedda makes them an enemy of my palm pincer ..

has confirmed sources from inside Misratah that their leaders insist on the build-up and the need to resolve the battle in the capital and in the fastest time, despite the horror may bear between members of these militias.

They Haliaaa in their cases is easier and it turns out they’re just a paper tiger.



The names of carrion Jardan armor of Misurata \ \ \ \

1. Mohammed Hamouda

2. Mohammed Abdul Hameed Salem sentences ..

and injured parties.

Injury .. Greetings average of five are free in you for this process quality ..

Keep up the stiff resistance and violent enemy wimp and weak.





 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s speech delivered in the Libyan city of Misrata on 07/09/1970







Video leaked for Boshnh (Abdulla Jalil) and al-Tcfhirien for the “invasion of Bani Walid” (RESOLUTION 7)
In 2012
Boshnh and extremist groups from the cart (RAOUF “hater”) and Belhadj and SALAH BADI (Paddy) and Haitham al-Tagouris, disarm the people of Bani Walid while leaving all regions of Libya has even heavy weapons.

This has been a clear targeting of Bani Walid and generally Orvlh
al-Lowaar demand the trial of Salem and the names of many national inside Bani Walid.


فيديو مسرب ل بوشنه و التكفيريين لغزو بني وليد
في عام 2012
بوشنه و التكفيريين من كارة وبالحاج وبادي وهيثم الثاجوري بنزع اسلحة اهالي بني وليد بينما يترك كل مناطق ليبيا تمتلك حتى الاسلحة الثقيلة. لقد كان هذا استهداف واضح لبني وليد وورفلة عموما
المطالبة بمحاكمة سالم الواعر واسماء وطنية كثيرة داخل بني وليد

Lire la vidéo
NOT MENTIONED HERE, but the Invasion of BANI WALID was led by Nuri Abu Bushmin‘s forces.

Nuri Bushmin sends his troops to attack BANI WALID, first 2011


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, informs us:
The Kharijites Owoo Misrata Istgito for any City graduated with them on the Parliament and fights with them in the destruction of Tripoli

A delegation from the Kharijites went from Misrata to Bani Walid and asked them to fight with

them in Tripoli Bamkabl. They said that they would

Compensate for your home, which Taatdharrt
He divorced the release of your children
Your support financially.

The response was from Bani Walid was:

“our children have been done the ugliest forms of torture and your words Mafeesh Vaivh.”

Ptkhco ĘÝÖáć becomes unacceptable or your way Mrbouhh

Hahaha ^^ 100% Rafla

Delegation went from strength to third Melcaat Misrata Ajafrh Menem asked them to fight in Tripoli

Vakan response Jufrah reject Vagherrh third discernible force of arms,

which Aatthlhm Misrata events in the south and the third power cars Bserg citizens

Allah is the greatest Aajfrh


Musraty Mlxiaoy related Balomazig and asks for Amazigh Charcot said to them, please, all of you with us in the war Tripoli Raho We originally Amazigh Arabist and even the streets in Misrata Sameenahm Balomazagy

Hehehehe Minker origin, but the dog

^ __ ^ Oh God, Oh God … to Ashmta Kharijites clear from the face of the earth.










“Zero hour”, on FB, gives WARNING:

To our people in Benghazi # Please pay attention and be careful of the likes of these Acharazm:

Name: – Ali bin Hamid
Address: – Milkfish west near the island of JAR

Street: – Drawer
The car: – Mercedes leaden
Age: – 27-28
Occupation: – Garyounes student at the University College of Engineering
When they have a black Jeep process comes from the highway and take
And is one of the Kharijites hired to kill.








Jufrah reject Vagherrh third discernible force of arms,

which Aatthlhm Misrata events in the south and the third power cars Bserg citizens.


MISURATA asks al-JUFRA to give to them (MISURATA) all their weapons !

Heading members of the third power of the Mzrath to al-Jufra to ask for help from their tails out there,

but they refused respondent them to Tripoli;

and, then they (MISURATA) asked them (al-JUFRA) to return the weapons they had their them during the events

of the south,

and shared gates

and then  MISURATA proceded to car theft people, especially species that could be used in war.








# Egypt the killing of Brigadier General “Omar Hussein forms” and Mr. “Salem forms” after firing on their car accidentally

“worlds” in the direction of # Cairo, by the Egyptian army by suspicion and error.

Ahmed howitzer blood Gaddaf-a-Dam, writes:
The armed forces and the interior tribes and masses of Matrouh valued in providing condolences.

Dear brothers who died by the age of the late forms of error and his brother Salim forms and objects Matrouh Alatnen who were traveling in the car together …

in the way of El Alamein
God accepts everyone Bmghafrth and mercy vast and Osknhm paradise
And I am God and to him we shall return (5 photos)






# Send a plane to Tunisia to evacuate its nationals from Libya.







The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, like “Latter-day Saints” (MORMONS), are FREE MASONS.


Luther Burbank:

Horticultuist and naturalist, Luther Burbank

Hassan el-Banna:

Hassan-el-Banna-1 founder of MB


 Mormons are Free Masons


Product Description

A Fascinating New Companion Documentary to the Bestselling Book, Featuring Commentary by: Matthew B. Brown, Richard E. Bennett, Glen A. Cook, Steven C. Harper and Daniel C. Peterson.

Why did Joseph Smith become a Freemason? How was Freemasonry introduced into Nauvoo, Illinois, in the early 1840s? Do the Masons really descend from the stonemasons who built King Solomon’s Temple? Is there an ancient relationship between the Masonic lodge rites and the Mormon temple ordinances? The subject of Joseph Smith and Freemasonry sparks a wide range of responses among Latter-day Saints, from curiosity to suspicion to outright excitement. In this fascinating documentary, trusted LDS scholars — including a past Grand Master of Masons in Utah — clearly and skillfully address the subject’s history, theology, and traditional understandings. With research ranging from the particular to the panoramic, this film offers engaging, edifying exploration of the relationship between the ritual practices of Freemasonry and the SO-CALLED “blessings of the house of the Lord”.

About the Author

COVENANT COMMUNICATIONS is an independent publisher of novels, nonfiction, music and spoken audio.


  1. Know Your Enemy (Part 72 – Mormonism)

    Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Christian perspective.

    In this part, a look at the connection between

    Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and Free-Masonry.


  1. 7:03À regarder plus tard



  1. 10:06À regarder plus tard

    FreeMasons and Mormonism

    • de Elder Joseph

    • This is a clip from a documentary entitled ” Secret Mysteries Of Americas Beginnings”.

    The interesting part is the link to …




Gateway Africa News:
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, show a huge amount for the purchase of edema

«latest news» Tunisian

The head of the newspaper Liberation “latest news” Taoufik Ayachi that Libyan Abdel Hakim Belhadj presented to the Foundation last news of an amount of 2.99€ billion in order to burnish his image.

According to the same source, the deal was under the supervision of the owner of a Tunisian media organization.

Ayashi stressed in a statement to Radio Sun FM that the amount of money that is pumped for the purchase of receivables according to many journalists in Tunis confirmed.

I knew the newspaper «latest news» prosecute the phenomenon of extremism through news reports and investigative reporting, but she has been a breakthrough in some occasions.

He asked Ayashi, saying that “the Libyan Abdulhakim Belhadj innocent of the blood of the martyr Chokri Belaid, why seek to exchange large sums of money in order to Tansaa image inside Tunisia and Libya not only?

The organization of the National Initiative for the detection of the truth about the political assassinations in Tunisia revealed in October last year, according to a leaked document the involvement of the leader of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya, Abdul Hakim Belhadj in “terrorist” acts and political assassinations in Tunisia.

In the information revealed by the Organization initiative in a news conference on 02 October 2013, said that the terrorist elements follow the stream of Ansar al-Sharia seeded terrorist organization headed by Saif Abdullah bin Hussein, known as Abu Ayaz, received training in Libya under the supervision of the “Islamic fighting Group”, led by the commander of the military wing of the Libyan Revolution in Tripoli Abdul Hakim Belhadj.

The attorney-Tayeb Aqeeli member of the Organization of the initiative in order to reveal the truth in the assassination of Shokri Belaid, Muhammad Brahman had been discovered badge fighter within the Brigades Abdul Hakim Belhadj in store weapons in civilians in southern Tunisia bearing the name of a member of Ansar al-Sharia Ahmed Rouissi, one of the most wanted by the security services .

He highlighted that the relations Aqeeli close and solid between Belhadj and Abu Ayaz who participated together in the Afghanistan war within al-Qaeda.


MB Outlaw Mohammed Kilani, former member of Congress from the “corner” (TRIPOLI) one block

members epidemic escapes to Tunisia with his family.



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