all the Tribes and Libyan Cities fighting the Kharijites and Brotherhood




Mu looks on

Appeal to all young …And the media is.  Of all the cities of Libya and.

We hope you support the Libyan tribes in their fight against the brotherhood and the military wing the mails and their militias and.

1. support sending combatants to they saw.

2. support the work and send the audio data channel to the Jamahiriya.

3-support articles and advice for journalists

4. support the writing on the wall throughout the Jamahiriya

5. support the work of saws are distributed in all the cities.

6. support my work each almsarit ambushes in Libya.

7. support across pages and expose their violations and their work in all languages of the world.

8. support to target all groups and arrest their trips.

9. support me not to publish details of the exact movements of the tribes.*

10. support not to publish the full names and addresses of the martyrs in order to preserve the integrity of their parents.

11. support to close ports and roads in all the cities of Libya

12. monitor all movements of militias and published or sent us …

We hope everyone posting …..And commitment

Largoa forward..

*: Very important……..Very
The brothers, boyfriends and girlfriends
Nbus on your premises or not posted pictures of places of resistance by God

As you destroy the resistance and put target for enemies
Notable places and record reveals images of resistance on Facebook is either a moron or Jaen
Please please everyone not to broadcast any movement or places or photo stop silliness
Rise up and lodged in the defense of the capital and just stay behind the keyboard
—————-The master of tourism.

هام جدا……..جدا
الى الاخوة الاصدقاء والصديقات
نبوس على راسكم عدم نشر اماكن او صور لاماكن المقاومة بالله عليكم

انتم تدمروا المقاومة وتضعوها هدف للاعداء
ملحوظه من يكشف اماكن ويسجل صور للمقاومة على الفيس بوك اما هو معتوه او خاين
الرجاء الرجاء من الجميع عدم اذاعه اى تحرك او اماكن او صور كفاكم بلاهه
انهضوا وشاركوهم فى الدفاع عن العاصمة ويكفى البقاء خلف الكيبورد
—————–سيد سياحه


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

To all honest people on the internet … please you when transferring News

not to publish the details and the title enough name, title, city Vqt..

hvaza on the people of the martyrs and their families …

in order to Acharcn Jardan in retribution from their families ..ballah you.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, comments:
Tightening Çáĺăĺ Auld sir everything continued to struggle despite the severity of the storms

and all the number of the martyrs of the homeland all increased our determination to victory with God’s help.


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, informs us:

Between tribal forces in the fronts and Jardan Altervstan (and Rishvana)
We hope not to take things Ppalartgalih and not mix things up in the media, because he considered the battle belong to the tribe or region returns Reverse and especially as we live in a Dharv each tribe or city is trying as much as possible to maintain on their children and protect them, but No one can deny that most tribes have sons in the demarcation lines.

And taking into account that the position of tribal forces is excellent and Jardan and al-Doaash have spared no effort in trying to occupy the capital and Hedda Re Ali argues that if the flag was hoisted green meet the nation Jardan and extremist groups, accepted the argument in principle, but it is no longer logical argument and to encourage the rest of the cities and tribes to open fronts in the center and the east and south who excuse that they will not fight on behalf of the al-Tervstan.

Had individually join the dozens and hundreds of tribes first Fullaehm which is hated but actually readings confirm knead.
To avoid this confusion on the “Popular Defence Forces” to fight under the green flag and the proportions of the martyrs and the victories of each tribal and non-shortcut battle in the tribal-specific and us in previous battles along the lines of a war: Bani Walid to the war, the South into a war of Sirte, the martyrs of all Libyan tribes with varying ratio towards population the same area conducted by the battle.

So incredibly al-Tervstan and Aokhaddhm vanity and they Adhanoa number, but not scared Arab tribes in order to preserve the capital and its suburbs to Doaash Salah Badi (Paddy) was at the airport since the holy month of Ramadan.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

مابين قوات القبائل في الجبهات وجردان الترفستان (ورشفانه)
نتمني عدم اخذ الامور بالارتجاليه وعدم خلط الامور اعلاميا ,لانه اعتبار المعركه تخص قبيله او منطقه مردودها عكسي وخاصه اننا نعيش في ضرف كل قبيله او مدينه تحاول قدر الامكان الحفاظ علي ابناءها وحمايتهم , ولااحد يستطيع انكار انه معظم القبائل لديها ابناء في خطوط التماس .

والاخذ بعين الاعتبار انه موقف قوات القبائل ممتاز والجردان والدواعش لم يدخروا اي جهد في المحاوله لاحتلال العاصمه وهدا رد علي من يتحجج انه لو تم رفع العلم الاخضر ستجتمع امة الجردان والتكفيريين ,,قبلنا الحجه مبدئيا ولكنها لم تعد حجه منطقيه ولتشجيع باقي المدن والقبائل لفتح جبهات في الوسط والشرق والجنوب ممن يتحججون بانهم لن يقاتلوا نيابة عن الترفستان .

ولو كان الانضمام بشكل فردي بالعشرات والمئات فولاءهم لقبائلهم اولا وهو امر مكروه ولكن قراءات الواقع تؤكد دلك.

ولتجنب هذا الخلط علي قوات الدفاع الشعبي أن تقاتل تحت الراية الخضراء ونسب الشهداء

والانتصارات لكل القبائل وعدم اختصار المعركه في قبائل بعينها ولنا في المعارك السابقه أسوه من حرب بني وليد الي حرب الجنوب الي حرب سرت ,كان الشهداء من كل القبائل الليبيه مع تفاوت النسبه باتجاه سكان نفس المنطقه التي تجري بها المعركه .

لكي لايصدق الترفستان ويأخدهم الغرور ويضنوا انهم رقم ,ولولا فزعة القبائل العربيه من أجل الحفاظ علي العاصمه وضواحيها لكان دواعش بادي في المطار منذ شهر رمضان الكريم .

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Martyrs epic yesterday’s difficult getting it Aabakaya Turks.

Xanthan, Rishvana, Zintani to Qmazvh, Zliten, Ajeelat, Touareg, Mgarha mingled with the blood in the back and Hani and

al-Karzabiah and cordon and Swanee Bani Adam.





The seven drums of Agency News Agency Seven drums News

This criminal and terrorist named “Billie’s Valentine” appeared in the video publication and is saying to allmilitants to “come to Jihad in Tripoli” and says to his audiences that they chance it is the easiest of the Jihads, comparative to Afghanistan and Iraq. Science has two sons in Canada for the purpose of study and hurling the poor youth to death under Jihad. ..

All who are inciting destruction of Tripoli and killing her families, must submit to justice as a war criminals and their immunity lifted, whether religious, political or tribal!!




Almہہہsہtہہہhar Sہہہہdam
Libyans know that every corner under the control of Abu Obeida and Kilani …..

and Sabratha under the control of Omar Mukhtar camp in Ansar al-Sharia in Misratah and

Mitiga under the control of the militant group and Emir Abdul Hakim Belhadj ….

and that the Ministry of Defence led by an al Qaeda member Khalid Sharif .. .,


and we also know that the shield centrist-dominated Ali Airport Sabha and that those who claim they Twar Sabha Mahm only tribes of Solomon, which has the support of Misurata against Kabylie Tabu and that the bulk of the tribes of the children of Solomon Kanu supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ….

We know that the military wing of Misurata in Benghazi are Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi led by Bin Humaid Al-Zahawi … Aktar and local councils are under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood …

All the data that supports this topic dawn Libya Temtl do anything because they are issued to members

of Maaneben Mjas … and that is the final chapter of Representatives because he was elected by the people.



MISURATA and the ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD are on a dirty MEDIA CAMPAIGN (just like “al-JAZEERA”) .

They are falsifying documents and pretending they are coming from the ZINTAN BRIGADES.

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi



“Counterfeiting is not new for them and laugh at the light and emphasize minds we did not publish “Symbol publication” at all ….”

Photo : ‎سوف يبقا سالم جحا أحد ضباط لجيش الليبي الشرفاء صاحب وطنية </p><br />
<p>ولن يفلح تشويه ﻷمعات<br /><br />
لا صارتلكم مجزرة لا تقولى مغرر بينا انتم بغاء ياحرس ﻷخوان الخوارج</p><br />




Misurata attacks upon Tripoli, its suburbs, and elsewhere in the Western Region, are war crimes.


Was killed in a terrorist largest criminal Friday Market named Jalal al-Kose.

Allahu Akbar over Kidd aggressor.


CAPTURE OF Izz al-Din bin Muhammad bin Abdul Kenawy Levite – 38 years old
Ezzedine Ben Umar Mohammed abdellaoui

“Brigade and military Rishvana”, posts:

Enable members of the brigade and the military and secret Rishvana in Thunderbolt capture the Leader of the Ansar al-Sharia [Azzedine bin Mohammed bin Abdul Kenawy the Levite]. ﻋﺰﺍﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﺑﻦ ﻗﻨﺎﻭﻱ ﺑﻦ ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻋﺒﺪ
He is of Tunisian nationality and wanted in Tunisia on charges related to terrorism.
This came after an injury in the ambush on the militia Abu Obaida yesterday, in the 0.27 Camp.

Now, in these moments in negotiations for his release, in return for the amount of Mali is very large and the negotiations of political figures from the Conference.

We all know that the National Conference ENDED its mandate; and, the brother of Abdul Hakim Belhadj and personal Tunisian…
His name seems to be important [Ali Ben Arfa].

God is great, God is great, and thankfully

(# from Oa_Rishvana_alaskara)


Tunisia_News – acknowledged Aoun’s former security involved with terrorist groups, Izz al-Din Abdul Levite, today, Friday, 16 August 2013 of involvement in the assassination of political Chokri Belaid, he disappeared after the assassination on 6 February 2013 in one of the houses neighborhood gazelle, before moving later to the point of Rosary, where he was arrested.

According to investigations, the Ezzedine Abdul Levite (38 years old) was working for the benefit of the security services, and that he was jailed, has been implicated in several terrorist operations in the capital and other destinations, is also suspected of involvement with gangs and groups to smuggle weapons and storage.

عز الدين عبد اللاوي يعترف باغتيال شكري بلعيد

Tunisia_News – اعترف عون الامن السابق المتورّط مع الجماعات الارهابية، عز الدين عبد اللاوي، اليوم الجمعة 16 أوت 2013 بتورّطه في اغتيال السياسي شكري بلعيد، وقال انه اختفى بعد عملية الاغتيال يوم 6 فيفري 2013 في احد المنازل بحي الغزالة، قبل ان ينتقل لاحقا الى جهة الوردية حيث القي عليه القبض.




Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, tells us:

Ham has been confirmed now and the source from within the city of the corner of one Ahrarna that of the liquidation of the Isra Atalath Hamad Ashenaq and Mohammed Akaddar and Habib al-Hawali is the offender and killer and inventory Abdullatif Ibrenqgua

and Hua now offline corner with Jardan and Hua of the population of the city of Zliten tribe children Gate will Tendmon Aajerdan day Ainf Penitence.

 90 dead in a hospital corner death toll from the battle yesterday to follow the Interface Language
(There Peixtan, including foreigners and Indians)


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, gives us

A summary of yesterday’s battles 08/16/2014
-tgmat Militias corner with shield Libya and sheep Janzour and a convoy of Gharyan to attack Camp 27 after heavy shelling Vtm siege by the banner of victory and Lightning Brigade and Rishvana making them squirming Favre and fled from the killing of the families of the killed and captured.
And reached the statistics in this front to more than 30 people dead and 120 injured and was arrested on the Tunisian side were fighting these bastards.

Either up front to the airport so she forces Qaaqa stopping a convoy composed of 20 full mechanism almost wanted to enter the airport after heavy shelling Misurata militias launched carbonated today.
And from a source of hospital statistics Mitigua reached to 113 dead and more than 200 wounded arrived yet to Mitigua. And was the martyrdom of 2 Brigade and Rishvana and 4 of the National Army in Airport Road.

All of its affairs and fully complete control over all axes.




# Amilit_aljeic_al-laotunai:

The death of more than 17 people today in the military air-base MITIGUA, For not providing ambulances.

Today large number of wounded and unexpected.

Distress calls to donate blood Mitiga hospital.
Khco looked like an official airport.


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi, posts:

Ambulance did not stop today’s evidence that their injuries are many and large this from ignorance and Tandhm Ali falsehood and still did not see anything and not for Ravtna and humanity that are decaffeinated you to. We targeted this aircraft missile heat, but not of our ethics to target those who are the most vulnerable of us and of They are fleeing from fighting.

(# Operations)


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
The situation in the 27 under control, and was defeated gangs Interface Language,

by brigade and Rishvana; and Tkebedhm a big loss

and the killing field commander Nooruddin Ghzayel from the corner

A very strong explosion shakes the turf area on the outskirts of Tripoli since the few and so far Mtkarh heard

explosions and clashes in the direction of Camp 27.

(BELOW) Hadi image to control the lion camp 27 today … just need Hovoa strange … Habaytha Channel
News frankness



Salvation Taaluw for 27 mesh Qlto Interface Language dominated by Taaluw íÇĺáÇ



Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
InchAllah coming hours will bear skin Sarah population Janzour and Os and turf …

(# Operations)

Perfect ambush by the heroes of the army and the rebels in the field of equestrian.

Menkwol reports:

Quoting a wireless device:

After what has been Put several successive ambushes and entered the armed groups of outsiders to the equestrian been Khanagahm and number Aljtaat in the land of countless Knot-weaving and Mobeih

Before entering them in the inside Equestrian

Who in their group in the equestrian Ichaelmowo said Balaslky

Hear our pocket supply Equestrian Raho shape ambush and fire bracket we supply Hat

Replied: lack Ndzlk mother Mesh supply dampers moto on a large number of Bndzlk of Berflk supply.

God is great and has been Tkebedhm heavy losses in lives and mechanisms.

URGENT!… Misurata militia movement of the dead and wounded in Balbruwayth axis equestrian

and moves Name Misrata rebels from airbrush to rebels al-Brooath.

(Hahaha … you state.)


 “Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, gives a post of

We have dramatically prisoners, some of them Arab nationals and non-Arab
However the investigation
Recognition of Mercenaries to kidnap one girl from the city of Tripoli in the month of “Ramadan 2014”,

and raping her with the rest of the gang, and then they buried her{}.

We are waiting for is publishing videos and pictures investigation
This hope of a president and the support unit to allow
We even knew the people publishing the fact militias.

City heroes and lions den without Ezz Zliten today wed or three testified in defense of the homeland

of the rapist criminal gangs in the land of Jihad and resistance and Rishvana Palmamorh and ask God

to accept them as Chadaeoan Eskinhm rest in peace and come down on the patience of their parents and loved ones.


 Sound of an explosion in the center of the capital now.



Kadigh fall on Ben Achour.


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

yesterday round-up:
The situation was follows:
Today of course, on the basis of a comprehensive and Hajmin attack from all axes ..
For the airport tried to advance from the parties but were turned with ease and Tkebedhm big losses ..
For transport axis is still an ongoing clash but the situation is under control and things are okay at best.
The rest of the axes just bombing from afar intensively with all kinds of heavy weapons, and they can not progress in any axis ..

The number of martyrs to now 2* and 7 wounded, mostly their simple …







Urgent Media, p. M. El Tagoury

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and thankfully, uncertain news from a media source unknown Atadhir for anonymity, currently
Was liquidated more than (6) Persons of the City (five – Gharyan – Friday Market) within al-Dhirua after prayers
Noon today because of their escape from the battlefield, wildlife.




Brigade and military Rishvana

# Grfah_amilit_trhona:

Tarhunah waiting for the signal from the Council and all Libyan tribes of young people are ready 14.5 300 cars

and 20 tanks and 5,000 fighters of all those waiting for the signal to resolve the battle. Be sure that we are present and waiting for the signal only.

Faraj Al-Tarhuni, says:

Not Tarhounah stood with Muammar Mesh Love in Muammar base for fear of Asaar just did young Tarhounah bombards them NATO ye Tkbro with NATO and just Tarhunah in the case because Tarhunah are Alacamoh Dz NATO and NATO was fighting in Tarhounah if Maandkmh aware mesh in Libya and Tarhounah are Alacaoma 8 months against NATO and LG have just the role of the rebels and their revolution means of God and for the good of the Mavi one maneuver Ali Tarhounah.

Tarhuna Highway in 2010 before Nakba disaster:






The western Nafusa Mountains of Libya, which run along the breadth of half the country to the Tunisian border and are home for hundreds of thousands of people, are dangerously cut off from aid and essential basic supplies, threatening a serious humanitarian crisis.

An anonymous source told Channel 4 News that the situation in the area has developed to a point where Libyan women, children and the elderly are suffering from potential starvation. As well as the growing difficulty in transporting supplies of food and water.

“The people are totally cut off in the mountains, very little medical equipment is getting up there. There are 16-18 villages being attacked by daily raids in tanks, some reports of shooting indiscriminately at houses and anything that moves, as well as historical monuments. It is chaos, shelling on a daily basis, ground missiles, rocket launchers.”

In addition there have been reports that systematic shelling has been unleashed so close to the border that one Tunisian border guard has been killed and three others injured:

“They (the Libyan forces) have cut off water communications and we are having to smuggle in baby supplies. If it carries on for another few days to a week water will run out, innocent men women and children, elderly and disabled will die of starvation.

Nafusa Mountains – Key strategic position

The mountain area is seen as a key strategic position for the future of the TRIPOLI conflict; and although nearly all the settlements are relatively small they act as a barrier between Tripoli and much of the rest of the country.



“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, post:

I hope publishing widely:

Message from the Tribal Council of Libya and the Libyan army

Men have lost to the Elders and the western mountain.

We ask you to withdraw your children of religion who are located in the axis and Rishvana western...

and in knead to prevent ignition fire of sedition among young people, we have given their tribes and Rishvana and Malaspb.

However, in the period petals years, did not see any violation, theft or process Taadib citizen

at the hands of young people who have lost and Hedda that Dallah,

but the authenticity given their histories supervisor and that the period given their presence Twar in Tripoli, Certificate Alriviath, they did not steal anything of them,

and when they went out of them, surrendered, and did not seem to enter one.

I, therefore, ask the wise, and the headband given, for their withdrawal of the region’s youth, of this topic of failed war, which can only lead to the loss of young people (who have been given their illusion of the finest men WHDH into sedition), by a faded Brotherhood and Abu Obeidi servants angular and Omar Mukhtar al-Mdhuny and Hedda request.

We see that the wisdom of the elders has been lost; and only they will be al-Zerb Beida iron.

Anyone, even if Jeely, can be tempted to prejudice and compromise the Security of the region or access to the land, and the land of men Rishvana.

And thanks
Libya’s a long melody, collected by the national interest.

ارجوا النشر على نطاق واسع
رساله من مجلس قبائل ليبيا والجيش الليبي
الى رجال جادوا وحكماء الجبل الغربي
نطلب منكم سحب أولادكم الدين موجودون فى محور ورشفانه الغربي ودلك لمنع اشتعال نار الفتنه بين شباب جادوا وقبائل ورشفانه ومالاسبب الا انه فى فترة تلات سنوات لم نرى اى انتهاك او سرقه او عملية تعديب لمواطن على يد شباب جادوا وهدا ان دله الا على أصالة جادوا وتاريخها المشرف وان فترة وجود توار جادوا فى الريقاطه بطرابلس شهاده انهم لم يسرقوا شىء منها وعندما خرجوا منها سلموها وكأنها لم يدخلها احدا
عليه نطلب من حكماء وعقال جادوا سحب شباب المنطقه من هده الحرب الخاسرة التى ممكن ان تؤدى الى خسارة شباب جادوا وهم من خيرة الرجال وهده فتنه بفعل خبت الاخوان وأبو عبيده الزاوى وعمر المختار المدهونى وهدا طلب نلمس فيه حكمة وجهاء جادوا وإلا فسوف يتم الظرب بيدا من حديد اى شخص حتى ولو كان عجيلى تسول له نفسه المساس
بأمن المنطقه او الدخول الى ارض ورشفانه ارض الرجال
دامت ليبيا لحمه تجمعها مصلحة الوطن




Tribe and Rishvana trumpet heroes in battles every day on the axles:
Hero Mahmoud Maziod – from the tribe of the children Saud
Hero Sami commode – from the tribe of the children Tles.





*: 2nd soldier(martyr)  lost, is from ZINTAN


Saqr Zintan Caúba, “Soldier of Mercy”

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
il y a environ une heure
God bless Aasaqa Dove :::::: made your soul to the homeland of his days blacks ::::: Aasaqa bird ::::: bless Mawla and received good ::: defended the homeland Lac mercenary nor ager ::: Bnadm thrown all his actions before him: :::: You are domesticated and even Beck dove :::: God bless you today and the Day of Resurrection

Navigate to the mercy of God, “Saqr Zintan Caúba”:

God makes the rest of paradise ..









 Statement tribes Zliten 08/17/2014


A joint statement of the tribe and the tribe Awlad El Sheikh invoices and Amayem .

We tribe Awlad El Sheikh and gentlemen invoices and Amayem reject and all kinds of rejection and reject and strongly all Mansp to the city of Zliten and religion Zjo on behalf of our region from criminal gangs and armor of the Brothers bankrupt their corrupt blessings to the process of dawn Libya.

Vala do not represent only themselves and all of Dahab and fought and Park this topic process most often and most of the tribe Residents and Alkraglh. They do not represent the city of Zliten nor its people and therefore we have decided the following, we

1-We firmly reject the involvement of the cities of Zliten and all of a murderer or stop the process with the dawn of Libya, it does not represent only himself and does not represent the whole of Zliten.

2-reject and strongly remapping stipulated by criminals supporters of the process blew Libya.

3-We support and applaud the House of Representatives, a body of Forensic my father represents us.

4-We clan Awlad El Sheikh, invoices and Amayem dawn operation against Libya.

5-unit Libya, dignity and her blood red line.

6-strongly condemn everyone who speaks on behalf of the city of Zliten and nag that he does not represent only himself.

7 We reject all Maysai for our region and all “Maidaa Ali Radio Zliten FM” and my father is broadcast on Mdano.r Nilesat and Hedda radio speaks on behalf of Akhawan bankrupt and Hedda radio does not represent us.

issued Hedda statement today Friday 15-08-2014

بيان مشترك لقبيلة اولاد الشيخ وقبيلة الفواتير والعمايم ….
نحن قبيلة اولاد الشيخ والسادة الفواتير والعمايم نرفض وبكل انواع الرفض ونرفض وبشده كل مانسب الي مدينة زليتن والدين زجو باسم منطقتنا من العصابات المجرمه والدروع التابعه للاخوان المفلسين من مباركتهم لعملية فجر ليبيا فؤلاء لا يمثلون الا انفسهم وكل من دهب وقاتل وبارك هده العمليه جلهم واكثرهم من قبيلة الاهالي والكراغله فهؤلاء لا يمثلون مدينة زليتن ولا اهلها وعليه فاننا قررنا الاتي
1-نرفض وبشده الزج باسم مدينتا زليتن وكل من قاتل او وقف مع عملية فجر ليبيا فهو لا يمثل الا نفسه ولا يمثل زليتن باكملها
2-نرفض وبشده الخارطه التي نص عليها المجرمين المؤيدين لعملية فجر ليبيا 3-نحن نؤيد ونبارك مجلس النواب وهو الجسم الشرعي الدي يمثلنا
4-نحن قبيلة اولاد الشيخ والفواتير والعمايم ضد عملية فجر ليبيا
5-وحدة ليبيا وكرامتها ودماءها خط احمر
6-ندين وبشده كل من يتكلم باسم مدينة زليتن وناكد بانه لايمثل الا نفسه 7- نحن نرفض كل مايسيئ لمنطقتنا وكل مايداع علي راديو زليتن اف ام والدي يبث علي مدارقمر النايلسات وان هدا الراديو ينطق باسم الخوان المفلسين وان هدا الراديو لا يمثلنا صدر هدا البيان اليوم الجمعه الموافق 15-80-2014



“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”:
Extend my heartfelt sympathies to the desert Mujahid in the death of the martyr fighter Zliten.

The martyrdom of one of the sons of the tribe Akaddadfh Znabil iron in the clash and Rishvana today …
Valiant hero martyr … Ahanih Hamid Abdul Salam.
Age ..45noh

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:
Bled to you the news of the martyrdom of the sons of Zliten today and Hua Haj Hamad Ashenaq tribe bills Mujahid and Mujahid Muhammad Akaddar from the tribe of Awlad El Sheikh and Mujahid Habib al-Hawali from the tribe of people who are of Geert fighters Zlitan, one of Charcot in all the battles of the Libyan tribes killers in Aldvinyh 2011, with the armed people and killers in War Bani Walid 2011 Kdlk in battle Rusaifa in the October war against the Jews Mzrath In war the south with armed people and the history of witnessing it and Sivkraltarich Zllk city of Zliten yesterday pitched three people from Geert youth in the Battle of 27 and today have been arrested from Almqji and filtered in the city Azwaip but still the city of Zliten Zvi convoys of martyrs of the homeland with their brethren Libyan tribes noble side by side.








Looking at the House of Representatives to change the Mufti and Chief of Staff


The arrival of the ship carrying a floating hotel …. I’ve docked opposite shores of the city of Tobruk # Mujahid

Will be the establishment of the House of Representatives, where inside, containing the halls for meetings and hospitality links

God and gone to reconcile







“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, tells us:

Black people of the South to the desert with the southern tribes to cut deliveries of weapons between gangs of Jverh Tripoli and Sabha to me and you
Attacked them in their hideouts Sttohm because they are weak, O people of the South are not the cause of the destruction in Tripoli and even that did not cause
He thanked.

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