Secrecy, and the Wisdom of ALLAH



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إبداع مصراته ف الكدب



“Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32”:
# Urgent
All axes and thankfully 100% under the control and #

# Aljeic_alliba sentiment in the sky and the conditions are very good.

(# Operations)

Our hero soldiers:

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

“A salute to Polsl in all axes and al-Tgor.”


Weld Bouslim, announces:
The Zintan brigade, lightning, and Rishvana, Imad noble tribes of Libya are protected and Ruba.

GREAT JAMAHIRIYA soldiers defending Tripoli:

Praying in the war-field while being under fire:

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, comments:
“The elimination of armed gangs and extremist groups, anti-state and religion “Kharijites”,

simply is a matter of time to change my….

We have a tank without (gas) tanks !”

Allah is the greatest

Important operations for fighters bombings of the sites Kharijites:

It is not important that you know the countries who participated in the process, and how, when and Mador Allies…

And What are the airspaces ?

How was the Libyan army posting this ?

The Important matter will be the elimination of all Kharijites.
This event, which alert them to withdraw and extradition totally from Libya.

(# Protection
 Civilian and military duty)

ALLAH is great, thank God.



Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32:

Information almost certain: that the bombing, which occurred last night on gangs invasion of Tripoli, was due to intransigence and the Brotherhood’s rejection of the cease-fire,

where there were negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations cease-fire in Tripoli and the agreement provides for the following:
– An immediate cease-fire.
– Out of all formations of the capital Tripoli and for a distance of 50 km.
– The formation of a joint committee of all parties and deliver airport and Tripoli Mitigua base of the Libyan state, and under the supervision of the United Nations.
– The formation of a joint committee of all parties and under the supervision of the government and the United Nations to re-placement and the formation of military forces.
It was the deadline is 48 hours of the start of practice for the cease-fire,

but Tnat gangs Misrata transgressing and violating the cease-fire more than once called on the forces of the coalition that has been formed from a period of the past, which includes the Southern Mediterranean countries (Greece – Malta – Italy – France – Spain)

and ring countries of Libya (Tunisia – Egypt – Algeria), strikes a warning to these gangs, noted that this alliance will be to help Libya out of the crisis, which it and the fight against terrorism and extremism and eliminate the smuggling of arms and human beings.

It is likely to be a French aircraft which are pounding these gangs and using the Algerian airspace,

or do you think these bands led by those patients which bombed the civilian airport packed with passengers and their indiscriminate shelling of civilians, would pass unnoticed?

The story of the Libyan plane is from the bombing, it is can not be achieved for reasons:
– He can not fly and fly the Libyan bombing at night.
– That the planes which are bombing the two.
– The speed of the bombing targets were bombed more than 15 goals in about half an hour.
– Infecting targets with such accuracy is a sophisticated airline has the ability to maneuver night and the Libyan air force does not have this capability.
– There are no aircraft able to take off originally from any airport or base in the region of western Libya, with the exception of the base of Mitigua.
– For Air-base Wattayah, the base is not ready at all to boot any plane because of the damage in the big runway and navigation devices and the need to maintain a large ..

عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني 2

معلومات شبه مؤكدة : ان القصف الذي وقع ليلة البارحة على عصابات غزو طرابلس كان بسبب تعنتها و رفضها لوقف اطلاق النار ، حيث كانت هناك مفاوضات برعاية الأمم المتحدة لوقف اطلاق النار في طرابلس و كان الاتفاق ينص على الآتي :
– وقف فوري لإطلاق النار .
– خروج كافة التشكيلات من العاصمة طرابلس و لمسافة 50 كلم .
– تشكيل لجنة مشتركة من كافة الأطراف و تسليم مطار طرابلس و قاعدة معيتيقة للدولة الليبية وبإشراف الامم المتحدة .
– تشكيل لجنة مشتركة من كافة الأطراف و بإشراف الحكومة والأمم المتحدة لإعادة تنسيب و تشكيل القوات العسكرية .
وقد كانت المهلة هي 48 ساعة للبدء العملي لوقف اطلاق النار ، لكن تنعت عصابات مصراتة الباغية وخرقها لوقف اطلاق النار اكثر من مرة دعا قوات من التحالف الذي تشكل من مدة ماضية والذي يضم دول جنوب المتوسط ( اليونان – مالطا – ايطاليا – فرنسا – اسبانيا ) و دول الطوق لليبيا ( تونس – مصر – الجزائر ) ، بتوجيه ضربات تحذيرية لهذه العصابات ، يذكر ان هذا التحالف تكون لمساعدة ليبيا للخروج من الأزمة التي بها و محاربة الارهاب و التطرف و القضاء على تهريب السلاح و البشر ، ومن المرجح ان تكون طائرات فرنسية هي من قامت بقصف مواقع هذه العصابات و باستخدام الأجواء الجزائرية ، ام تظن هذه العصابات بقيادة هؤلاء المرضى ان قصفهم لمطار مدني يعج بالمسافرين وقصفهم العشوائي للمدنيين انه سيمر مرور الكرام .

اما قصة ان طائرة ليبية هي من قامت بالقصف فهذا امر لا يمكن ان يتحقق لأسباب :
– انه لا يمكن للطيران الليبي التحليق و القصف في الليل .
– ان الطائرات التي قامت بالقصف هي اثنان .
– سرعة قصف الأهداف حيث تم قصف اكثر من 15 هدف في حوالي نصف ساعة .
– اصابة الأهداف بهذه الدقة هو طيران متطور له القدرة على المناورة الليلة و سلاح الجو الليبي لايملك هذه القدرة .
– لا توجد طائرات قادرة على الاقلاع اصلا من اي مطار او قاعدة في منطقة غرب ليبيا باستثناء قاعدة معيتيقة .
– بالنسبة لقاعدة الوطية فهي قاعدة غير جاهزة اطلاقا لإقلاع اي طائرة نظراً لأن للأضرار الكبيرة في المهبط و اجهزة الملاحة و تحتاج الى صيانة كبيرة ..

“Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, &  civil 32”, exclaims:

“The bombing of the bombers … !!!!!!!

Each bombing unless make commitment to cease fire and to mobilize in force and bombed civilians in ..

Altkvrien and terrorists dead now.”



“Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32”, posts this confession of a young mercenary for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood:

Confirmation that the fighters of the “MB shield the central region” (a weak army of the MB militias) are facing their enemy in an unprecedented way; and so said this fighter, who has declined to give his identity for reasons related to his personal safety:

«MB forces shields and room Libya rebels and al-revolutionaries should recognize that it is facing an army organized and coach and works dish military plans and field advanced beyond our capabilities far, and we have to admit that its elements has a fighting spirit and high ethical ».

He said, continued the fighter, who met one of our correspondents in the Tripoli field after his capture in the axis of OS, that

«the army of Libyan tribes and a brigade and Rishvana military and rebels of Zintan working together tactics military and the organization of ideological and unified planning and Professional. Unlike our troops, which consists of young untrained and mostly fighting for money and under politically motivated and partisan and regional »

Abizaid and

«even in terms of general appearance, we are facing fighters dressed in military uniforms and they are at the top of al-Kiefah and fitness; while our fighting, are young people dressed in sports and slippers, and suffer from psychological stress, which makes them fire rockets at random and throwing fire in all directions indifferent, without any estimate of the losses that may injure civilians »

He continued about the armed,

«Most fighters militias are convinced to go to battle, but the need for prompt them to fight for money, there are fighters with us from different nationalities, some of whom had been working in the farms and workshops, building before their being mislead, and attracting them to fight against anything through the sums of money (and given the task of paying them up to two thousand dinars per day), mostly from Egypt and Tunisia, Chad and Sudan, along with radical Islamists from neighboring countries, who are calling for the necessity of the destroying the capital Tripoli, so as to make a ‘Declaration of succession in the Islamic Maghreb’. »

Said element Almilxiaoa,

«But it seems that most of the elements of the militias have become them convinced that they are facing an army invincible, which is capable of response easily, and win them in a few hours, if it decided to storm the capital, and will not stand any barrier to the control of the base Mitigua (where there are “Halls of campaign Libya dawn”

noting that

« the leaders of the militias are retreating back and paid by the young seducer and foreign mercenaries to the forefront to be the fate of murder, families or serious injuries ».

He continued, saying

«militants militias Mnharon psychologically, has been propelled to the battlefronts, that they are unprepared to cope with a strong army; and, the fact that I say that the tribal forces enjoyed high moral character, you are infected Vosafinu and took me to a safe place, and provided me food, Mknona of a pack of cigarettes, even if I am a prisoner of them. If It were that I was occurred in the hands of militias, I would have been tortured and possibly killed. In torturing people, is perhaps the cause of this difference, as we are winning ».

(Tripoli / Africa news portal)

عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني 32

أكد أحد مقاتلي درع المنطقة الوسطى أن جيشا قويا يواجه الميلشيات بشكل غير مسبوق ، وقال المقاتل الذي رفض ذكر هويته لدواع تتعلق بسلامته الشخصية «على قوات الدروع وغرفة ثوار ليبيا وكتائب الثوار أن تعترف بأنها تواجه جيشا منظّما ومدربا ويعمل طبق خطط عسكرية وميدانية متطورة تتجاوز قدراتنا بكثير، وعلينا أن نعترف أن عناصره تتمتع بروح قتالية وإخلاقية عالية».
وأضاف المقاتل الذي التقاه أحد مراسلينا الميدانيين في طرابلس بعد أسره في محور السرّاج أن «جيش القبائل الليبية ولواء ورشفانة العسكري وثوار الزنتان يعملون معا بتكتيك عسكري وتنظّيم عقائدي وتخطيط موحّد وإحترافي عكس قواتنا التي تتكون من شباب غير مدرّب وأغلبه يقاتل مقابل المال وتحت دوافع سياسية وحزبية وجهوية» وأردف «حتى من حيث المظهر العام ، فنحن أمام مقاتلين يرتدون بزات عسكرية وهم في قمة القيافة واللياقة في حين يقاتل شبابنا بملابس رياضية وشباشب ، ويعانون من ضغوط نفسية تجعلهم يطلقون الصواريخ عشوائيا ويرمون النار في اتجاهات شتى بدون أي تقدير للخسائر التي قد تصيب المدنيين»
وتابع المسلح «أغلب مقاتلي الميلشيات غير مقتنع بخوض المعارك ، ولكن الحاجة تدفعهم للقتال من أجل المال ، وهناك مقاتلون معنا من جنسيات مختلفة ، بعضهم كان يعمل في مزارع وورشات بناء قبل أن يتم التغرير بهم وإستقطابهم للقتال مقابل مبالغ مالية مهمة تدفع لهم تصل الى ألفي دينار في اليوم الواحد ، وأغلبهم من مصر وتونس وتشاد والسودان الى جانب إسلاميين متطرفين من الدول المجاورة ينادون بضرورة إعلان طرابلس عاصمة للخلافة في منطقة المغرب الإسلامي»
وقال العنصر الميلشياوي « لكن يبدو أن أغلب عناصر الميلشيات أضحت لهم قناعة بأنهم يواجهون جيشا لا يقهر ، وهو قادر على ردهم بسهولة ، وسينتصر عليهم في ساعات قليلة لو قرر إقتحام العاصمة ، ولن يقف أي حاجز أمام سيطرته على قاعدة معتيتيقة التي توجد بها قاعة عمليات حملة فجر ليبيا» مشيرا الى أن « قيادات الميلشيات باتت تتراجع الى الوراء وتدفع بالشباب المغرر به والمرتزقة الأجانب الى الواجهة ليكون مصيرهم القتل أو الأسر أو الإصابات البالغة».
وتابع قائلا «مسلحو الميلشيات منهارون نفسيا ، وقد تم الدفع بهم الى جبهات المعارك وهم غير مهيئين لمواجهة جيش قوي ، وللحقيقة أقول أن قوات القبائل تتمتع بـأخلاق عالية ، كنت مصابا فأسعفوني وأخذوني الى مكان أمن ، ووفروا لي الغذاء ، ومكنوني من علبة سجائر ، ولو كان أسير منهم وقع بين أيدي الميلشيات لتعرض للتعذيب وربما للقتل والتنكيل به ، ربما بسبب هذا الفرق ينتصرون علينا ».

طرابلس / بوابة افريقيا الاخبارية



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”

Because Aaaaaaagel #

International Criminal Tribunal for # Libya, start preparing lists of the defendants in the case

of the bombing of civilians in Tripoli,

containing the list of military and political leaders and the media.



not to mention:

Mongoose fisherman, says:
To pause, but the destruction of all warehouses in Misrata and Sirte and Sabha and Jufrah, Tripoli, and the department in Ajeelat, corner, and Zuwarah, and Gharyan.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”

Aadm of the martyrs will not be lost

This supplication residents of Tripoli, which bombed in the month of Ramadan and after Ramadan

This prayer compatriots martyrs

This supplication of the oppressed

This supplication people Tawergha

This supplication people Benghazi


This supplication people of Bani Walid

This prayer Qasr Ben Ghashir

This is a prayer and an elderly man and a child princes

Allah is the greatest and thank God.



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, tells us:

Allah is the greatest

To places that have been targeted jets of air [BOMBED]:

1 – Maskaralmnarh: stationed by gangs and Hassan Salah Badi (Paddy) skeptical about.

2 – RIDING CAMP: # old Palace bin Ghashir a camp adjacent to the lighthouse and not through the Equestrian.
It is the headquarters of the airport Halboss and other militias from Gharyan and Mslath and Zliten.

3 – Maskaralermuk: the “goodness of religion” (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) and its gangs called “armor shields of  Libya”.

4 – Artillery School Bkhalh al-Forjan his battalion Hittin and Mursi and Hurricane.

5 – Cherkhalnehralsnaaaa Spring Valley: the concentration of excommunicating named Salah al-Mirghani.

6 – The number of artillery howitzer Spring Valley bombed during the air bombardment of Tripoli.

7 – ammunition convoy of trucks cross into Sudan from the south.

8 – Maskarsudadh: Indeed, on the road between Bani Walid and Sirte and has al-Qaeda.

According to initial news and radio waves refers to the deaths of dozens of deaths in their ranks.

Was published 5 drones in the atmosphere of the Libyan part of a deal to arm the armed forces

of the Libyan army.

X 5:


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Allah is the greatest.

Air Force has eliminated  Melcaat Brothers Kharijites era.

Air Force beat the targets and destroy al-Melcaat sites fully.

The Aviation Air Force air strikes sites Spring Valley, who is the armed al-Melcaat was clear these headquarters

and sites fully.

And dozens fleeing from their positions

# Because direct

Aviation fly over the area of ​​the bridge plug and beating the target there.

Spring Valley

Yarmouk camp (SPRING VALLEY)

Sites Qasr Ben Ghashir (TRIPOLI)

Bridge stopper

Stores Jufrah


The Marmit and surrender, but God tumor.

Allah is the greatest

Km Lake of the Armed Forces of the Libyan army.






Aviation Air Base ally looped over Mitigua occupied by militant groups and Brothers.

YESTERDAY pre-warning:

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Aviation Air Force through contacts Balslky to Mitigua air base ‘must immediately evacuate the base, as it will be bombed.’

Note: For neighborhood residents to leave the windows open Mitigua.



al-Melcaat Kharijites and fighter withdraw because of the air base Mitigua.


Allah is the greatest.

Hdoy prevail Tripoli after the implementation of an air fighter in the depth of the Kharijites and the destruction

of centers of armament in the early morning hours.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Back fighter aircraft in the skies of Tripoli and its suburbs,

and because the target and bombed some sites Kharijites.

What’s the spread sites targeted.

Allah is the greatest

The City of Tripoli, now exposed to the brutal aggression of the BROTHERHOOD;

and each missile they fire, cost the price of 1.49€ million, supplied by TURKEY, Qatar and USA.

PICTURE of a Lockheed_Martin_Longbow_Hellfire missile:

ahoha Ly:
Turkish Rafale and Mirage planes are bombing the French military barracks in # Tripoli, according to statements by French channels and # that France will not wait for the command to enter to protect civilians

URGENT: # Maskar_almnarh east of Qasr Ben Ghashir where gangs are stationed Misrata and followed and taken a springboard for the bombing of the airport is now exposed to aerial bombardment and more than 5 air raids so far.
(operations brigade Qaqaa, lightning, civil 32)

All sites tribal forces safely in the absence of any target site of aerial bombardment ..
Axis axis airport .. OS .. axis 17 .. 27 .. fully axis.
Libya and our homeland and the land of thorns Aranna.
(Operations room and Rishvana)

Spokesman for the First Brigade “Qaqaa”:

The latest developments from the axis of the General Staff Jadallah al-Obeidi’s forces

sporadic shelling Al-Hauser guns

and weapons by “al-Tqilh MB ‘Shield Forces Central’ “:

The presidency of the General Staff and the national armed forces, to address this attack,

and their advancing towards me the rear gate,
where there are the concentration of the invader’s attacking forces.

Suhil al-Gmaty, reminds us:

If you Tdhan that we have planes able to come from Tobruk any of more than 1,000 kilometers
And hit targets with pinpoint precision, and return to Tobruk “1000” kilometer …
You remember Joe specifications Eagles global rather than Russian aircraft 40 years old.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, comments
“Miracle of Rhett accuracy Aviation Aktronat, and

directed evolution Kdaúv locusts, without hitting a car !

That can not happen because Xi neighborhood.”

Maydg which speak only to the pleasures of lion and will fight, these aircraft will not stop


Babes on the land of the brave Mekdrtosh Tqdmo Metro

Exceed stronger epics 37 days in front of an intimate mixture of fire and of foreign fighter and shows Madljh

Reverberating on the fly ^^

Science were few fighters did not have a full attack squadrons #

The armed forces of the army and its allies Allia

And the protection of civilians goal every Army.

Km Lake Air Force’s new

Armed Forces of the Libyan army.

God is great beyond all the Kharijites.


Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, civil 32
Video Capture directly to the bombing of a plane Palace bin Ghashir … !!!!!!

 Image for French aircraft bombed over the Palace bin Ghashir.. !!!!

لقطة مباشرة لقصف احدى الطائرات بقصر بن غشير …!!!!!!

Lire la vidéo

Gateway center …

About talking about Italian French aircraft, and other information about the Algerian aircraft bombed specific locations and meticulously to rocket launchers and ammunition Dshmat in several areas of Tripoli trace the attacking forces of the city.

Algerian Su-30 fighters:

“Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, civil 32”, informs us
Store ammunition explosion Pfsr Ben Ghashir continued to Misrata militias transgressing aviation bombed after the war.


انفجار مخزن ذخيرة بفصر بن غشير تابع لمليشيات مصراتة الباغية بعد قصفه بالطيران الحرب …

Lire la vidéo


Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, civil 32:

Combustion plant wildcard after a military targeted by warplanes in the area of Spring Valley,

which was stationed by terrorist militias.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

Photos of the sites that were bombed in “Spring Valley”, cleared by we defenders and Aldkhirh tamping of Tripoli.



Most of dead and 81 injured in fighting were mercenary soldiers of the alliance of invading WAHABI militias attacking transports:

Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32:

Break and continue …
Mhajah in the road to the airport before the Champions Zintan and morale above the wind …

فاصل و نواصل …
مهاجاة في طريق المطار من قبل ابطال الزنتان والمعنويات فوق الريح …

“Brigade operations Qaqaa, lightning, & civil 32” :

Indiscriminate shelling from afar in a desperate attempt them and

what is this but evidence of the weakness and respond to destroy it completely,

but Tripoli Libyan army lookout for them with God’s help.


Injury field commander Mukhtar Aljuhaoa is what is known as a battalion of  MB militia tagine ‘Shield Central’.

(# Operations)


Missiles falling on civilians and Ge Drbouap Got al-Shall.



NATO aircraft over the skies of BANI WALID.
I Toe in Ammi and NATO bombardment on the stores al-Mmbart Allahu Akbar
“Operations brigade Qaqaa, lightning, civil 32”, says:
Bombardment and still appeals to Ostgath across Aslekiat militias .....

“Hawks Unification”, comments:
Ally yesterday’s enemy, is today Hallelujah.

The Messenger of Allah Oaana Dhalma authority of God upon .

ana to Aantq on the air Twakhaddna including Lord does not act foolish of us.


LX-N90443 – NATO Boeing E-3A:





“Sword of Libya”, informs us:

Are now raiding tribe ‘Bioat Ma’daan’ in Misratah and arrested Lahrar-ali Khapartya Addkber of the tribe

which fled the land.

They are in the dampers and Rishvana Iktalu with the sisters against the Kharijites.



Aviation Air ally beating some of the military targets in the area of ​​Misrata.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

Council Misrata NATO Mydrhash Madharbash


NATO’s our friend, we Mids in Xi


NATO’s  RASMUSSEN greets and congradulates MISURATA‘s joint chiefs of Staff for the TNC:






Khaled Mkraz al-Drnaoy, reports:


Been lifting the lid social family (al-Depana) and displaced from the city of Derna after it is proved

that their son is involved with the bombing of his family’s house, as ‘the act of the slave’,

that he has hit his daughters and not the Air Force.









Rabat – “The MENA region, as never before, is in total turmoil.”

Morocco readies itself for possible terrorist air attacks

Mohamed Chtatou

by :

The Libyan state is controlled by the WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD, who are uniting with al-Qaeda of the Maghreb, for the worst military scenario conceivable..

In the face of this volatile situation, the western intelligence has informed Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia of possible Kamikaze attacks of the 9/11 type using Airbus passenger aircrafts that have fallen into the hands of the Libyan WAHABI during the recent fighting. The Libyan Brotherhood militias might not use them themselves, but they have given them to their military wing, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQMI) who have many issues to square with North African governments, which they consider kafir staunch allies of the Christian West, arch enemy of Islam.

Acting on this serious information, the governments of North Africa are readying themselves militarily for the worst.

In Morocco, back on 10 July 2014,  the Minister of the Interior Mohamed Hassad, made mention of these terrorist threats in the parliament. In the last couple of days, the Moroccan Army proceeded to the deployment of radars, air missiles and other military hardware in many parts of the country and put the air force and the navy on maximum alert alongside all security forces, to foil any possible terrorist air attack.

In the possibility of any security threat detected by military radars and civilian ones, the air force will immediately scramble its military jets, which will first persuade the incoming aircraft to turn back, according to the international protocol in use in such situations. If the aircraft ignores the orders, then warning shots will be fired and if there is no compliance, the fighter jets will fire their missiles and down the airliner. If for some reason this fails, then the navy missiles will be fired in the direction of the aircraft. The ground air defense system is activated, in the last resort, just in case everything else fails.

The Moroccan people in Casablanca and various other cities were flabbergasted at the sight of the military hardware deployed and were asking questions, but receiving no answers from the officials, for fear of causing unnecessary alarm that might create some sort of panic. As a matter of fact, the concerned number one party i.e. the army, as usual, is keeping quiet acting on the golden rule: “no news, good news.”

It must be said, with strength, that no country of the MENA region is secure anymore, as terrorism is going unfortunately global and insecurity with it.


 Dr.Mohamed Chtatou:

Dr. Mohamed Chtatou is a Professor at the University of Mohammed V in Rabat. He is an analyst of Islam and remains part of the teaching Community Based Learning with the Amazigh



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa” has informed us:

Countries in consultations before the time period has been the closure of the border decision on Libya

and because the implementation will be:
Will not run away from any individual Ikhawan bankrupt
Nor any member of the extremist organizations Maansar evil
Nor infidels.



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, says:

Any convoy any move any step will be shelling and Afina finger on the button on

the al-Melcaat retreat and surrender immediately

Because after 48 hours will Akonona pages in the past if not íÓáăć

The speech read between the lines of past experiences

The Forewarned is forearmed.









Old and rare letter to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi
خطاب قديم ونادر للقذافي
Death train from Tel Aviv wouldn’t stop it only Arabic unit of the fair tribes of the Consortium
15 DEC. 2009

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