Clear Victory sooner than expected


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

In the name of God the Merciful
As we have said, and repeat the military moves # confidential and non-deployment
It also knows the move led military and urges the Libyan authorities {cover local and international} in the wilderness, and air and sea, I called on the readiness
Will the Libyan army to residents of Tripoli
1_ The morale is high and calls for the Libyan army
2_ to Otzam to keep Aarogm to move away and finishing out of the places of terrorist gangs
3_ expanded operations to eliminate terrorism and the liberation of the capital Tripoli to eternal
4_ hearing alerts for the General Staff of the Libyan army
5_ for all staff in the places occupied by terrorist gangs lack of presence in these places for your safety.
6_ operations imminent Kabh brackets or Edna
God and gone to reconcile

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
كما قلنا ونكرر التحركات العسكرية #سرية وغير قابلة للنشر
كما يعلم هذا التحرك العسكرى بقيادة السلطات الليبية و تحث { غطاء محلى و دولى } فى البرية و الجوية و البحرية على إهبت ﻷستعداد
وصية الجيش الليبي لسكان طرابلس
1_ إن تكون معنويات مرتفعة و دعوات للجيش الليبي
2_ ﻷتزام للحفاظ على اروحكم ﻷبتعاد والتجهيز للخروج من اماكن العصابات اﻷرهابية
3_ العمليات موسعة للقضاء على ﻷرهاب و تحرير العاصمة ﻷبدية طرابلس
4_ السماع لتنبيهات ﻷركان العامة للجيش الليبي
5_ لجميع الموظفين فى ﻷماكن التى تحتلها العصابات اﻷرهابية عدم التواجد فى هذه ﻷماكن لسلامتكم .
6_ العمليات وشيكة قابة قوسين او ادنا
و الله ولى التوفيق


tenderness. Mannan, Badi … The heavens and the earth, with honor and majesty, mercy, O Most Merciful.

Victory really is nigh

All praise be to Allah, the Most High. Peace & Blessings be upon the Prophets of Allah, especially, upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad

(sallallahu ‘alaihi wa …..)

“Zintan ghost-page official”

“Day to Day, Victory Diem to Ahazeemh Edom ODDS our war”

(A gift from the Libyan army Champions Per Liberal)

Rishvana says we will have Victory

QaaQa and the National Army are prepared:

Rishvana and says each of the tribes:
Elly Miattabrhash capital / Matattabrash gain.
The men and ordered them to clients Rishvana

God Almighty Almighty and then Aabeyen Ruahhm p.
Ze Maicol ideals collaboration worshiper even Balskat …

I mean, who I do not even Qdha Sakkat thank the O … Kebailna honest.


” يوم بيوم لانصر دايم لاهزيمة ادوم سجال حربنا “

(هدية من ابطال الجيش الليبي لكل الاحرار)




Zintan Brigades capture Terrorists



Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning and 32nd civil enhanced

Song Jaienk O enemy – channel of the Great Jamahiriya
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Photo de ‎عملية البركان - بقيادة الجيش الوطني‎.
عملية البركان - بقيادة الجيش الوطني

The Tribe in the Heart of all Libyans:

Chairman of the General Staff of the Libyan Army Brigade Abdul Razzaq Nazawry
Up to Russia for talks with Major-General Valerie Aqrasimov, the Russian Chief of Staff…



The arrival of Chief of General Staff of the Army Gen. Libyan Naaddoury to Russia at the invitation of Chief of Staff of the Russian army and to engage in direct talks with # analogues of the Russian military bases in various land, air and sea.


Russia agrees to an alliance, if Libya repeals the ‘Isolation Law’ and recognises Libyan former Jamahiriya Officials, …and political-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA prisoners must be released upon Victory.

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi:

The arrival of the fighter MI35 with Major General “Abdul Razak Nazawra”, head of the Libyan Army#, coming back from Russia, to the Libyan army,

 Friday Juma


Operations room and Rishvana:


To all young people in all axes and alleys, streets and farms and villages Akhmalhath, caution and attention,

and lack of sleep because the enemy seeks to cause harm.

“Zero hour”, on FB:
# Urgent
Wandering civilian cars in Rashah Janzour and triangle steam bath gospel

type Kia and Lancer mostly white subsidiary gangs shields and dogs Guenida and their gates illusory and Igeru in place gates every half hour and Rakpthm shiver and kidnapped in youth and Rishvana and Asalo on the movements of our troops …
Jaquem McCann Gabe Aaclab Qatar.





NATO READIES FOR NEW AIRSTRIKES ON LIBYA as OBAMA gives his O.K and Yankee $$$$$$$$$$$$$ “to bomb certain Militias” ????

Natwa meeting this evening.





Operations room Zintan:

Mohammed al-Raeid factory owner Nasim MP-elect of the Libyan Parliament and rejecting him!

User fundamental businessmen council Libya established by Saif Gaddafi (ANOTHER BLOOPER OF SAIF !) and Mtdhans great Ali Baghdadi Mahmudi and was active members in the Office of Communication and companion of Muhammad Hidayat and robber great al-Dbebh and partner Ahmed Sarkis angular owner Franchise Samsung and the dominant firm deals Kmilit airports in Libya and Mr. Mohamed Abdel days to the present day ..

# Mh_ozlam_rah

# Khv_almistor

Preparing to expose the shady deals deals Ahmed Sarkis angular and his brother Imad owners of companies and agencies mostly fake bids for tenders and fake in the Ministry of Transport and the interests of airports and their transactions pictures with Nasser Khalif Masrati and Mohammed Abdel Sayed, head of the airports and Mohamed Zidan Secretary of General People’s Committee for transportation in the GREAT JAMAIRIYA (but now supporters the bombing of Libya and the invasion) and after Rishvana misled Attorney General to open an investigation to whom ..

# Antzerowouona_gariba

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

محمد الرعيض صاحب مصنع النسيم النائب المنتخب للبرلمان الليبي والرافض له !!!

العضو أساسي في مجلس رجال أعمال ليبيا الذي أنشأه سيف القذافي و متدحنس كبير علي البغدادي المحمودي و كان من الأعضاء الفاعلين في مكتب الإتصال ورفيق لمحمد المجدوب و السارق الكبير الدبيبة و شريك أحمد سركس الزاوي صاحب توكيل سامسونج و الشركة المهيمنة علي صفقات كمليات المطارات في ليبيا ومن أيام محمد عبد السيد إلي يومنا هذا..


غرفة عمليات الزنتان


جاري التحضير لفضح صفقات مشبوهة لصفقات أحمد سركس الزاوي و أخوه عماد أصحاب شركات وتوكيلات معظمها وهمية وعروض لمناقصات وهمية في وزارة المواصلات و مصلحة المطارات وصفقاتهم بالصور مع ناصر خليف المصراتي و محمد عبد السيد رئيس مصلحة المطارات ومحمد زيدان امين اللجنة الشعبية العامة للمواصلات في نظام القذافي الداعمين لعملية تفجير ليبيا و غزو ورشفانة بعد تضليل من النائب العام في فتح تحقيق بخصوصهم..


I see, but am fearful of the implications of all this:
It shows, that by the negligence of Saif-al-Islam, bringing in these men, led to the fall of the Great Jamahiriya…
although, I am sure that Saif did this innocently, overtrusting…

Yet, it still happened, as with Jalil, Kusa, and Jabril...all crooked and all brought-in by Saif…among other notorious figures.…not to mention his confidence in ALI SALABI (‘hardness’) and Belhadj !!


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, posts from

“Sky News”:

Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi):

Libyan army is preparing for the process of decisive military spokesman said the Libyan army Major Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi), for “Sky News” that the Libyan army is a military action he described as “crucial “, to regain control of the capital Tripoli from the hands of the MB militias.

“The army ranks ranks Currently for military action decisively, and we are waiting for orders from the high command to move at any moment. “and rejected el-Hassy (Hijazi) in a telephone interview from Benghazi, to disclose any details regarding the forthcoming, saying only that” the army has prepared plans for it, and will not be driven by random nor arbitrary preserve on the lives of civilians.

He, el-Hassy (Hijazi), said that the Libyan army “is making progress on the ground on more than one axis, supported by strikes from air force planes, especially toward the city of Benghazi, and on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli. He said that the Libyan air force bombing, on Thursday, new sites back to groups, “February 17”, and “Dawn of Libya”, in Benghazi, explaining that it “has incurred significant losses.”

On the other hand forced the fighting since 4 months in the two largest cities in Libya and are Tripoli and Benghazi, about 250 thousand people to flee, from including one hundred thousand displaced people locally, according to a United Nations report. He estimated the report issued Thursday, Mission Support of the United Nations and the Human Rights Office of the International Organization, the number of people fleeing the country, about 150 thousand people from migrant workers. The report said the “climate of fear” to make citizens reluctant to talk about the excesses committed by the Wahabi militias “radical” fall under the so-called operations, “the dawn of Libya” in Tripoli,

and the same applies to the Benghazi saluting exist groups “militant” most important “Ansar al-Sharia ….


# Riash_erkan_rult_jawah_ /Air_force_Libyan:

Snqcef any military convoy are not affiliated with the Libyan armed forces moved anywhere on the Libyan territories inside or outside the cities.

This photo is for demonstration puposes only; and it is not any convoy known top have been blown-up in LIBYA.

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

# Disclaimer: It is important army a letter from the Muslim Brotherhood and the group blew Libya conquerors pages much on the basis of the Libyan army and volcano purpose of pages Hadi answer in Pictures Army of Iraq and old photographs repeatedly bash Iharbo credibility news on the Libyan army and people descend morale …

important Photos Libyan army and this is forbidden by the General Staff to all individuals that bullet Mtaatsourh
With respect to pages with Almsedkih and known to all-







Libyan authorities are required to pay a tax to the Tunisian port of Ras worthy crossing

Security sources said the head of a Tunisian crossing Ras worthy, quoting Tunisian nationals, some of whom were surprised at the request of interests tariffs on the Libyan side to pay the tax to enter Libyan territory.

And confirmed with sources, in a statement quoted by the Tunisian Radio Sabra, that some of them pay the amount of this tax 60 Tunisian dinars, about 30.35€, and across towards the Libyan territory while the other side chose to return to the Tunisian territory.

This action comes in response to officials at the border crossing of Ras worthy, the decision to pay a tax of 22.77€ Tunisian dinars for the departures of Tunisian territory by non-residents

Congestion large Jaddaaa unprecedented Ali Thuhayba crossing the border between Tunisia and Libya

the news of the spot:



250 familes have immigrated from Tripoli because of the clashes


Gateway al-Davnip, Misrata Brotherhood are confiscating newspapers in the eastern region which Zintan

has sent to the west and south, to be distributed;

whereupon, the Brotherhood is confiscating the newspapers sent from the eastern region to Tripoli, at the

gate al-Davnip which were either sent to the south, or confiscated in al-Jufra gate.

Operations room Zintan:

The role Al-Khlaifah known and well.

battalion Abdul Nabi Arab men and their uniforms and al-Qmazfah target home and land the role of moss and Twar O Funny.

battle homeland and battalion and company follow the Libyan army
and answered a call to Chief of Staff

Greet me: –

Battalion Abdul Nabi good “and Rafla”

Battalion loyal “Tarhunah”

Battalion Tabu

Battalion Touareg

Secret Alkhlaifah


Awaiting a Call from the Chief

Mohamed Ahmed Mooro, writes:

Thanks xanthan Thank Rajaban Thank Araban Thank easy Ajafarh Thank Bani Walid Thank Tarhunah Thank Sabhaa Thank Sirte Thank Torgaa, five Alqrbula thank me ahead of Tabu and Torac.

Saviors of the air

Today Flyer without a voice and without a voice and bombing accuracy in goals


“Zintan ghost-page official”

To the people of Charity …
Sick in “Tripoli Medical Center,” you need a blood transfusion and blood type (B negative),

it has this species and is willing to donate it to contact this number: 0,917,117,276.
God does not waste the reward of the doers of good.

 B negative blood donors

‎إلى أهل البر والإحسان ...<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مريضة فى "مركز طرابلس الطبى" تحتاج لنقل دم وفصيلة دمها (B سالبة) , فمن لديه هذه الفصيلة ويرغب فى التبرع عليه الإتصال بهذا الرقم: 0917117276 .<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
والله لا يُضيع أجر المحسنين .‎

شبح الزنتان-صفحة رسميه

إلى أهل البر والإحسان …
مريضة فى “مركز طرابلس الطبى” تحتاج لنقل دم وفصيلة دمها (B سالبة) , فمن لديه هذه الفصيلة ويرغب فى التبرع عليه الإتصال بهذا الرقم: 0917117276 .
والله لا يُضيع أجر المحسنين .

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar
2 more, unfortunate, loses for us:

Tripoli – Misurata terrorist militia seizes by force of arms on the headquarters ran “Batat to study abroad” and “the headquarters of the Ministry of Health” # Bmntqh_frenaj

le statut de-lovers Shahid key Bouzid.
Mitiga International airport today, “Friday,” ……

Hundreds of Libyan citizens stranded in poor conditions at airports, Istanbul, Dubai and Amman and Alexandria after a strike by airport staff Mitigua from work due to an assault wound militias last night on the airport employees in civil claims # Naguib_talhh and shooting it inside the airport

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Resume my trip Libyan Airlines from Mitigua airport to Alexandria, Casablanca and Stqan this evening.

Full employee “strike” on Friday at the airport “Mitigua” after the attack on an employee of an airline …


Agency Seven drums News:

Copper theft of 50 containers of the Customs Department in Tripoli, their price nearly 60 million dinars.


Interruption of water for the region Got Alshall.

According to the source that the reason of the south


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

Unidentified Balrmih on a car carrying citizen and daughter near the island of rotation Andalusian Tajoura and

when he looked into the man’s daughter (5 years old) and grandmother whacked Valras and blood covered the chair.

There is no power but from God.



Militias distributing weapons and change their positions to Abu Salim and Forest victory at home to Barki hand car market “through the thorns” and Bouchaalh near the mosque at the end of the project! Fear of the unknown


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Fisherman from the heart of the event ·

Shortly before
Salah Valley group and with them Al-Tball of Janzour and mobile power for mosques pleasures

Joe Hunter and Icololhm Akhalo homes.





Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

(Azizia Sheep has Rishvana and Zintan in control of)

Control brigade and Rishvana Ali Gate is situated between sixty and well Azizia sheep
(Sixty monsters) (4 photos)



Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Obash Kklh been crushed and some of the rabid dogs of Gharyan forbid Liberal where it came from Guo them to lock the road between Zintan and Rishvana and to cut supplies .. but got on Roshm and Tbako them pliers and died of them died and capturing them and fled Astra.


 Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi, reports:

Yesterday the armed group belonging to the Gharyan blocked the road link between the western and mountain Azizia order of the Misurata militia leaders Vtnadt them Libyan army units stationed in Zintan has been crushed and Adhu fled and did not keep them only their shoes, and some of their vehicles ..


“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

Achievements of the field forces Libyan tribes today

 yesterday was reported:


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Generalizable and publishing ,,,

Alert for the entire Jardan Gado all kinds of weapons and declared destination
Is the base Wattayah.

TODAY, we are informed:

Forces achieved “the Military Council for the Libyan tribes Antasrat field mission”:

today where prevented the seizeure of, and retain full control of, the military air base Wattayah located 170 km southwest of Tripoli after fierce fighting with MB forces shield the western region of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Quoting Zintan brigade Qaqaa:


Libyan Army sympathetic to the so-called  “rebels”:

Day yesterday to a group outside the law breakers from the “rebels” on the House of Representatives of the region, “Gado”.

This group tried to infiltrate the base Wattayah.

“unemployed” Saraya military stationed there detained and disarmed their vehicles.
They gave every rebellious (Guenint water even Ayath Ergau and left them to their area of ​​Pasir feet).

Mercy Mbush shed blood for Ola Ergau to the straight path in the future.

It also succeeded brigade and Rishvana forces and tribal militias in defeat “Ansar al-Sharia”, led by Shaban gift (known as) Ubaida angular, after falling into an ambush after an arbitrator was a sapling Tuibih region’s tribes and Rishvana.

For its part, overpowered by forces from Zintan fighters and Rishvana over the MB militias from the ‘city of Graana belonging to process the dawn of Libya’ was going to cut the road between the city and the mountain west Zahra, causing the deaths of dozens of dead and wounded MB militants from Gharyan.

“Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, & 32nd Civil enhanced”, reports

The destruction of many MB military vehicles of the Gharyan militia Kklh and tried to cut off supplies to the area Azizia Bmuftriq “Abuscabh” and the remaining of them escape to the city of Gharyan

and the road is currently under the control of a huge military forces belonging to the Libyan army.



Zintan ghost-page official:

Interruption of the Internet “# # Wi-Max” on the city of Zintan, performed by the militia MISURATA which occupied the city of Tripoli.


Operations room Zintan:

Zintan Army trainees

Part of the training the Libyan army in the city of Zintan and the quality of new weapons

for the first time to enter Libya ..

Yama Jaykm of ringing:

“Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News”

URGENT: Close the mountain road link between Zintan and Jadu by MB militias affiliated with the “dawn of Libya”,

and to prevent cars destined for Xanthan to participate in the demonstration held in their Martyr’s Square for Zintani.
Will be handled, God willing !
(Operations room Zintan rebels)

al-Rajaban and Jadu and Zintan blocked from connecting the mountain, by MB Militias:







“Zintan ghost-page official”

Today’s event in the morning in one of the homes Tuibih (and Rishvana) family Usta Hawara tribe of eating breakfast, they stormed the militia Abu Ubaida angular house

and ordered them to stand together and face toward the wall and opened fire on them without mercy.

Mohammed Omar was killed, a drummer born in 1976 on the spot of injured all-Usta Mohammed Abdul humiliating born in 1993 seriously wounded, carp Usta Muhammad was born in 1988 seriously wounded, Usta Muhammad Faraj was born in 1993 seriously injured.

He was with them from the tenant Mansour Ghadames mild injury,

and then after they leave, the militias then to strike a nearby house and settled four missiles flattened.

These are the best of the region’s youth and people were required civilians and their homes might not find a place to run to.

Media completely absent from what is happening in the massacres and terrorism Tuibih and Maya.

If angular or Anzoura Dqath thorn in the land and Rishvana establish minimum and does not Ikaduha find pages and neighboring cities weeping and begs people and find commentators say and wipe Rishvana and Alncta Tawar and say this land of the ousted and criminals ..

What about the militia Abu Ubaida? Are they not the hardest criminals? Can we find the day of crying on Tuibih residents who mostly peaceful mixture of several tribes? Do you find it mourns Omar drummer in the pages of terrorist militias or immorality in the media channels? Do you find it is convinced that the war in the menu Tuibih and Maya are now attack for criminals and abusers and sellers of grain and receivables?

Altcfhirien on civilian areas pacifism · This photo Omar Mohammed Drummer

(# al o Rishvana)


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Interface Language massacre committed by militias and shields in Tuibih.
An armed group stormed yesterday morning, Thursday, 04 September 2014 a house for a family in the USTA Tuibih area and near the restaurant and the MB JANZOUR (so-called) “Knights” are shooting random people on the sons of the house and their relatives and kills two people and injuring three.

They were identified as Mohammed Abdul dominant Usta 23 years old and another person is a Doctor chemistry son Mohammed drummer and either wounded understand carp Usta Muhammad and two sons of his aunt was not able to learn the names of our sources is complete.

Young people were present in the house of Mohammed Usta in Tuibih eat breakfast when it entered them armed group, which controls the region, namely militias Interface Language and shield Bank and took their phones and made them line up on the wall and was shooting them at random with a rifle NBK T according to the words of one survivor of the massacre.

The gunmen then stole two cars from the house and went out to find an old man in the road and tell him that there were dead in the house that he wanted first aid; arose Sheikh reporting them was their ministry to a hospital corner.

It is worth mentioning that most of the families in the area Tuibih displaced since the period due to the indiscriminate shelling of the region’s long, but the young people stayed to guard the houses from thieves and criminals.






Zliten Ezz:

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Zliten country Aezzyakdave name of God the Merciful ….

O Libyan people great Tnvidalaradtk free and Thakiqalomanic precious and sincere response to your call Almtakerralve demanding Baltgarwaltthiroages to work, initiative and inciting revolution and regularity has your armed forces to overthrow the reactionary regime backward and rotten which Ozakmt smelled stinking Noses and shrug of his vision features chilling and one stroke of your army hero tumbled idols and crashed Alottan Vanakecg.

one moment of moments equally terrible in the darkness of the ages by virtue of the Turks to Gore Italians to Ahadaldjaah and bribery, mediation and nepotism, betrayal and treachery

and Hecda since the now Tattabr Libya Jamahiriya under the name of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the Good emerging with God’s help to Ela moving to the path of freedom, unity and social justice

Vatantalabnaha right to equality usher them the doors of honest work for Amhiom and Amgbon and acid and Amseod but brothers Ahrarfa a society flapping Anchaou allah banner Alrhaoualemsawah Vhatwa hands

and Ofatho hearts and Enso Ahkadkm and stand as one Dda’do Arab nation,

The enemy of Islam, is the enemy of Humanity, which burned our holy places and broke Party-nawhecda.

We will build the glory and Nhari Frasa and Nterlkramh been right

You raped Yamen, you participated with Amral-mokhtar jihad, unholy and Yamen Qatltm with Ahmed Sharif

and Yamen Qatltm with Muammar al-Qathafi and Mutassim and Khamis Gaddafi for Libya and Aerobh-wala-salam fighting really Aaibina badiha Aaibina desert Aaibina ancient cities Aaibina rural Tahra Aaibina villages …villages fine granular Haked pealed hour work Fa forward and Revolutionary Struggle continuously ….

to Athurh Talo above Revolution Colonel Muammar Mohamed Abdel Salam Abu Minyar al-Qathafi, God willing, and that this revolution is a revolution of white and Lucite revolution, red contaminated and full of blood Kmafltm.

You Ioeha foolish: either we are involved to complete the task and Emczuaromcirh Colonel Muammar al-Qathdafi (may God protect him), and We have prepared a kit as commanded, and are continuing to Malldna him and burn everything and everybody above the heads collaborators and traitors and Godless, and eradicate the thorn from its roots as pledge.

We are the sons of the city of Zliten, beloved liberation of the city of Zliten in full, and the rest of the cities of Libya beloved, as we participated in the fighting before and we will participate again in the liberation of the country. We will not surrender and we mean Manicol …

not a revolution after the Great  (’69) Revolution and forward the revolutionary struggle and continuous …

young fighters Zliten area, Friday martyrs as the year

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

زليـتن العـز
الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الإشتراكيه العظمي زليتن بلاد العزياقدافي بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم…. أيها الشعب الليبي العظيم تنفيدالإرادتك الحره وتحقيقالأمانيك الغاليه وإستجابة صادقة لندائك المتكررالذي يطالب بالتغيروالتطهيرويحث علي العمل والمبادره ويحرض علي الثورة والإنتظام قامت قواتك المسلحه بإطاحة النظام الرجعي المتخلف والمتعفن الذي أزكمت رائحته النتنه الأنوف وأقشعرت من رؤيته معالمه الأبدان وبضربة واحده من جيشك البطل تهاوت الأصنام وتحطمت الأوتان فانقشغ بلحظة واحده من لحظات القدر الرهيبه في ظلام العصور بحكم الأتراك إلي جور الطليان إلي عهدالجعيه والرشوه والوساطة والمحسوبية والخيانة والغدر وهكدا مند الأن تعتبرليبياجماهيرية تحت إسم الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الإشتراكيه العظمي العظيمه صاعدة بعون الله إلي العلا سائرة إلي طريق الحريه والوحده والعداله الإجتماعيه فاتنتالأبناها حق المساواة فاتحة أمامهم أبواب العمل الشريف لامهضوم ولامغبون ولاسيد ولامسيود بل إخوة أحرارفي ظل مجتمع ترفرف إنشاءالله راية الرخاءوالمساواه فهاتوا أيديكم وأفتحو قلوبكم وانسو أحقادكم وقفوا صفا واحدآ ضدعدو الأمة العربيه عدو الإسلام عدو الإنسانيه الذي أحرق مقدساتنا وحطم طرفناوهكدا سنبني مجدآ ونشري فراسا ونثأرلكرامة برحت وحق أغتصب يامن شاركتم مع عمرالمختار جهادآ مقدسا ويامن قاتلتم مع أحمد الشريف ويامن قاتلتم مع معمر القدافي والمعتصم بالله وخميس القدافي من أجل ليبيا والعروبةوالإسلام قتالا حقا ياأبناء الباديه ياأبناء الصحراء ياأبناء المدن العريقه ياأبناء الأرياف الطاهره ياأبناء القري قرانا الجميلة الحبيبيه هاقد دقت ساعة العمل فا إلي الأمام والكفاح الثوري مستمر …. لاثوره تعلوا فوق ثورة العقيد معمر محمد عبد السلام أبو منيار القدافي بإذن الله وأن هذه الثوره هي ثورة بيضاء ولسيت ثورة حمراء ملوثه ومليئه بالدماء كمافعلتم أنتم يآيها السفهاء اما نحن ماضون إلي إتمام مهمة ومشوارومسيرة العقيد معمر القدافي حفظه الله ولقد أعددنا العده كما أمرنا وماضون إلي ماعهدنا إليه ولحرق الأخضر واليابس فوق رؤس العملاء والخونه والكفره وإستئصال شوكتهم من جذورها كما نتعهد نحن ابناء مدينة زليتن الحبيبه بتحرير مدينة زليتن بالكامل وباقي مدن ليبيا الحبيبه كما أننا شاركنا في القتال من قبل وسنشارك من جديد في تحرير البلاد ولن نستسلم ونحن نعني مانقول …فلا ثورة بعد ثورة الفاتح العظيم وإلي الأمام والكفاح الثوري مستمر…مقاتلين شباب زليتن بمنطقة الجمعة شهداء كعام …
. قرين زليتن.

Assigned Zliten.








Operations room Zintan:

The admiration of his beautiful daughter:

Fatima Ali al-Tarhuni is the14 year old daughter of Mr. Ali Al-Tarhuni ..

Media Brotherhood is trying to distort the Patriots in any way ..

Lake ← ← post comments ← in order to reach the truth to all.

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

فاطمة علي الترهوني العمر 14 سنة إبنة السيد علي الترهوني..

إعلام الاخوان يحاول تشويه الوطنيين بأي طريقة..

لايك ←تعليق ← مشاركة ← لكي تصل الحقيقة للجميع

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, tells us:

There is a continuous flow of Turkish planes to Misrata Airport.

(OBVIOUSLY, BRINGING-IN MUNITIONS, MILITARY EQUIPMENT and supplies, as well as WAHABI KHARIJITE FIGHTERS by the hundreds–if not thousands !!)


prisoners of MISURATA escape !

Zintan ghost-page official:
The escape of a number of prisoners jailed five day with the knowledge that the

Saraya Swehli (Mzrath) that manages the prison
Wayne Tris five Asmho how to be the authority in the city of Misratah

Is Britain playing both sides of the Ball Game ? Or was this mis-reported (as it came-out of MISURATA) !!

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

# Asahfa_mahmod_al-musrati editor of the “new Libya”:

British ambassador “Michael Aaron” during his visit to the city of Misrata # said:

no legitimacy except for the Allaotunai General National Congress and the Government, ‘Mohammed el-Hassy’ (is just) childish games !!!!

‫#‏الصحفي_محمود_المصراتي‬ رئيس تحرير صحيفة ليبيا الجديدة :
السفير البريطاني “مايكل آرون” خلال زيارته لمدينة ‫#‏مصراتة‬ صرح قائلا : لا شرعية إلا للبرلمان وحكومة “الحاسي” العاب صبيانية .


Brigade operations Qaqaa, Lightning, & 32nd Civil- Enhanced”, reports:

Balash play boys and Amco enrolled in Tobruk parliament, instead of the isolation that Vredtoha makes on your city.”
This was the message of the English delegation today in Misurata.



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:


Met this morning, the UK envoy to Libya and the UK Ambassador to Tripoli at the Italian Embassy in charge d’affaires with representatives of the ” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’ and her MB shields in
Municipal councils of each municipality Janzour, Mslath Palace,
option Asabah Zliten, and Gharyan, five, and MB of Tarhounah.

(see picture below)


BRITISH REPS meet with Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood gang leaders at Italian Embassy in Tripoli 05 SEPT. 2014


As I said before, :
a shave, shower, and a nice suit, and you are no longer seen as a terrorist !

Therefore, NEVER believe that USA or the U.K. or NATO can be your friends—ever…

They fulfill their own sweet Zionist agendas which pleases them to be with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.








KHARIJITE terrorists belonging to terrorist organizations are expelled from the field in the city of Ajdabiya by locals






News channel – # Ankara (TURKEY) closed its consulate in Benghazi after receiving the # attacking threat:




A picture of an explosion convoy # Kharijites
# Benghazi:


Ordered Special Forces Thunderbolt and stresses Nice Bouchmadh used artillery to bombard the extremists – archival.

Said the commander of the Special Forces «Thunderbolt» Colonel Nice Abu Khmadh Bouchmadh for «Reuters»:

«The troops bombed, Wednesday, artillery number of stores of ammunition in camps controlled by the« Shura Council of the rebels in Benghazi »that falls beneath the organization« Ansar al-Sharia «and« Shield Libya 1 », and battalions Rav Alshata God, and the martyrs of February 17».

And heard today, on Thursday, the flight of warplanes in the skies, and the city of Benghazi witnessing violent clashes between Special Forces «Thunderbolt» (in addition to the process of «Dignity» plus ‘Gently’ DF Cyrenaica, combined) against  Ansar al-Sharia terrorists., announced by Major General in the Army Khalifa Hftar since last May, against extremists in the city.

Thunderbolt, 'Gently' Defense Force, and Dignity combined forces

imported thousands of KHARIJITES into LIBYA

Militia “the dawn of Libya” are constantly sending reinforcements from Asia to support the armed extremists in

# Benghazi
(Multiples of Thousands, of these illegals, are now in Libya fighting and destroying and killing !)

“Youth uprising in Benghazi in support of the army and police” comments on FB:

Appreciate trace # news channel in two words, but, regarding the two children wounded, but that the controversy Naftradw # Hfterqcefhm, Bahi NATO bombing 78 (hah, just only 78 ???) civilians in Libya error ??, Ôäć do you think?

You tell me he was fighting in the NATO system tyrant (!!),
Bahi mercenary NATO supporters against Hfter who fights terrorists in Derna and Benghazi ..

TGI news says how terrorists Hdhum (calling them # ìrebelsì! )Tmaaaam, Nicollhm Okaro statement number 19 who Talaaoh # Cil_chory_thoar_Benghazi.

Anlqo they Mkvran democracy in all its forms! The House of Representatives does not Abosh not a national conference, sinner Arfosh what they learned in the state with all mesh confessing P. ..

This talk Sticky Baldlaúl and proofs but you Tfhmu! Anto Othbto, but you Guenaah # al-Lenbhmh news beast … all those who follow the page, shame on channel news and who funded the Bahi (NATO mercenaries) …


انتفاضة شباب بنغازي دعما للجيش والشرطة
نقدر نزر قنـآة #النبأ بكلمتين بس، بخصوص الطفلين المجروحين، نفترضو جدلاً بس ان #حفتر قصفهم، بـآهي الناتو قصف 78 مدني في ليبيا بالخطأ، شنو رآيكـم؟؟ تقوللي الناتو كان يحارب في نظام الطاغية، باهي حفتر يحارب في الإرهابيين في درنة وبنغازي.. تجي النبأ تقول كيف ارهابيين هذوم #ثوار!!! تماااام ،، نقوللهم أقرو البيان رقم 19 اللي طلعوه #مجلس_شورى_ثوار_بنغازيحتلقو انهم مكفرين الديمقراطية بكل أشكالها !! وما يبوش لا مجلس نواب لا مؤتمر وطني، خاطي انهم ما يرفعوش في علم الدولة بكّل ومش معترفين بيه.. وهذا كلام مثبت بالدلائل والبراهيــن كنكم تفهمو ! ،، لكن أنتو أثبـتو أنكم قنااة #النبح مش النبأ … حشا كل متابعي الصفحة ،، خزي علي قناة النبأ واللي يمول فيها بـآهي …

NATO bombs LIBYAN airforce (NATIONAL ARMY / HFTAR) by error ?????

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi, comments:

Prophet ask a group Fajar, Libya question,

and I wish him Aijaopponi frankly, Vhmtwa need of aircraft bombed by NATO  yesterday in Benghazi ? .. !!!!!!!


(NATO mercenary ‘gumen’ BAHI target Libyan airforce planes over the skies of Benghazi)


ARRESTED on Thursday, 04 SEPT. 2014, the Misurata terrorist named Ali-Ibrahim Bouchaal-Halkieda Lhalboss of the MB battalion of the Central shield.

He was fighting in the ranks of “Ansar al-terrorism” at the “airport Have-built”.






Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Mazal cord Ali jars

Evidence of the involvement of 10 MB members of the House of Representatives who boycotted the meetings of the Council in support operations for the Brigades# against_Libya terrorists

and most prominent amongst them, of all of (Abdul Rahman Sowaihili (Misurata) – Ali Bozekok (Benghazi) Abdul Rauf immune system (“hater”)(Tripoli-Salim) – Fathi Bashaga (Misurata) – Ali Sibai (Tripoli, al-Andalus) – Ali Bozribe (corner) – Salem bottles (Nalut)) cells, known as the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood parliamentary and extreme stability against Libya.
# To N_tflhawwa
# Geraúm_fjr_libya



“Agency Seven drums News”

Nizar el-Annabi, reports:

# Cil_alomn in his report today regarding the decision of 2174 (2014) Manual advantageous to have understood that even if Salah Badi and his Paddy group Agnon, Petrki sanctions are being implemented on the foot and leg in each of the threatened. The safety of debtors and obstruct the peaceful transition to paillasse and will not support, but the House of Representatives as being the sole representative and the legitimacy of the Libyan people.

Thank you.









Salim Karim Salem al-Dakulai Gaddafi killed….
and the injury of Ali M’hamed Gaddafi, whose condition is very critical …..
After being exposed to archery in Dairi secondary

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

The young victim Salim Karim Salem Gaddafi. His father and mother only had this one son.


Abduction citizen Omar Emhemed Akhchibh Gaddafi near Shaabeyat Mansheya, (a chief of a large age)
We ask God traced back to his family unharmed.






Heathen Airport:

More arms for “LIBYA DAWN” from the Sudanese MB government:

After the word Sudan’s Foreign Minister Elly says that his country is keen on peace in Libya.
Any plane After the word Sudan’s Foreign Minister Elly says that his country is keen on peace in Libya.
Any plane T Nov 74 Sudanese asked shortly before refueling at Airport Heathens

and after that allowed her to land the airport, security force searched and it turned out the existence of

a heavy shipment Dkhaúr on board ….

Peace flavored arms !!!!!!!

plane Antonov 74 Sudanese lands ia Heathen Airport, al-Kufra

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

MB Colonel, “Hamid Suleiman” denies discharge of weapons by force of Sudanese plane

The chief of the MB military council ordered through the Libyan-Sudanese Joint Forces Colonel “Hamid Suleiman” .

What throughput of some media on a shipment of weapons Sudanese have been relegated by force of Sudanese plane.

Suleiman added that the plane landed normally at the airport in Kufra. It was not an emergency landing, unlike the rumors.

Hamid said that the shipment was a supply to the joint forces of the MB SHIELD FORCES stationed in the regions of Owaynat and unpleasant border.

He noted that there is a prior coordination with the knowledge of officials in Kufra for the arrival of this plane, which was banned for unloading the ordered the military area and a number of military officers and princes some battalions and a group of dignitaries in the city in order to avoid rumors

and was discharged naturally before Ntfaji some media published Unlike exactly what happened; and they relationship with MITIGUA Airport (occupied by MB forces of the Libyan Shield).

Hamid also said that the National Army will not allow the entry of any weapons or any ammunition to any party in the current conflict, and this (he claims) will shorten his duties in securing and protecting (HAH, hah!!) the border. (really ?)

The journalist Mahmoud Masrati editor of the “new Libya” had said earlier that the plane Antonov 74 Sudanese asked refueling airport Heathens, who were only allowed to land for the subject later for inspection at the airport, in the city to prove the existence of shipment Dkhaúr on board, was emptying the shipment and booking papers plane .

The chief of the MB military council ordered through the Libyan-Sudanese Joint Forces Colonel “Hamid Suleiman” :





UN finally admits it

Agence France-Presse

United Nations || armed MB and KHARIJITE mercenary militias in Libya committed «serious violations of human rights» ..

A report by the United Nations on Friday that serious violations of human rights committed during the clashes in the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi (al-Lebian) have had disastrous consequences for civilians ..

The warning comes in the UN mission in Tripoli, and Human Rights Office, a few days after the adoption of the interim Libyan government Mljoha in the east of the country. (The House of Representatives in TOBRUK)

That they actually lost control on Tripoli which is controlled by MB armed militias ..
The report accused the MB militants and KHARIJITE mercenaries did «indiscriminate bombing, and attacking civilian targets and bombed hospitals and kidnapping civilians, and carrying out torture and arbitrary killings of civilians, including women and children» ..

The report said that «dozens of civilians were kidnapped in Tripoli and Benghazi just for religious or tribal affiliation or suspected affiliation; and are still missing since their abduction» ..

BELOW PICTURE is the leader of the “AKKLA GHIANI GNEOH MILITIA”, alias Mahdi al-Haratine..whom Ali Magrief made Governor of Tripoli, after policing ABU SALIM…Murderer, kidnapper, terrorist and mother-killer, he is wanted by many States as well as the International Community. He, like Abdul Hakim Belhadj, led and trained many militants in Syria, Iraq and other parts of Asia as well; and had dubious workings in Ireland, embezzeling lots of money.



Reports the forefront of the United Nations Mission on the day (5 photos)

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎ a ajouté 5 nouvelles photos.

التقارير الصداره من بعثة الامم المتحده بتاريخ اليوم

Photo de ‎أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎.
Photo de ‎أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎.
Photo de ‎أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎.
Photo de ‎أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر‎.


Nizar Elannabi, reports:

Media covering up what is happening on the terrible war crimes in Libya
(NONE of the MSM are covering this…)



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

The fact Daash rule: –

This who hides his face was a fighter and puts ‪#‎ISIS‬ tattoo special American army?
Believe Elly said Arab modesty # Sorry




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