“I Am”, ‘no, this ole man ain’t dead’



 Dr. Hamza Thami on the al-Jamahiriya Channel


أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

(Foreigners keep away, even if your intentions are good and sincere.)

Warning to Liberal brothers outside the land of the Great Jamahiriya ((displaced)) and especially of young people.

It has become the issue of the displaced at this time is to exploit this issue from some people, whether Libyans or other nationalities, Valhmae you, O are free discernible caution those who exploit your cause:

we do not want our young people that employed them one nor any party from any country was.

Wake faithful are free to trade and has become a cause Azhvo and go back to your country unconditionally Vikvakm to Hua and frolic in the neighboring countries and be with Qubaúlkm at home for the Liberation of Great Britain

and repeat that your case has become a trade for all countries and forward.

تحذير الى اﻻخوة الاحرار الموجودين خارج ارض الجماهيرية العظمى ((المهجرين )) وخصوصا من الشباب
لقد أصبحت قضية المهجرين في هذا الوقت عبارة عن استغلال لهذه القضية من بعض الأشخاص سواء كانوا ليبيين او غيرهم من الجنسيات الأخرى ، فالهذاء عليكم يا احرار اخد الحيطة والحذر ممن يستغلون قضيتكم نحن لا نريد لشبابنا ان يشتغل بهم احد وﻻ اي جهة من اي دولة كانت .
فيا احرار استيقظوا أن قضيتنا اصبحت تجارة وازحفوا وعودوا لبلادكم دون قيد او شرط فيكفيكم لهوا ومرح في الدول المجاورة وكونوا مع قبائلكم في الداخل لتحرير العظمى واكرر ان قضيتكم اصبحت تجارة لكل الدول والى اﻻمام

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi
“The happy arrival of new aircraft to the air base of Tobruk”
I arrived at dawn on Saturday, 09.06.2014 a group of fighter jets type (mig 21)

This may reach new aircraft to the base within the next few days …



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

# al-Jeic_al-Libya
Soon in the field


(picture of QaaQa Brigade)


The arrival of the Libyan army forces to the outskirts of Tripoli:



[MSM lies–Western Press continues to spread the rumor that Libya is controlled by the Brotherhood and “Islamist Militias”—and that Hftar’s army is not legit, and neither is Maj. Gen. Abdel Razek Nadouri. They put down Tobruk as insignificant, and smear major figures in false immorality charges (which in fact is really the LIBYA DAWN people). Murdering, pillaging, thievery, destroying and kidnapping / raping is not “fighting for the struggle of the ‘Revolution’ “, as they make it ! (Packed full of lies and inversion of the facts…) ] There is no “rift” between Bouchmaidth and Hftar  for “power as to who ‘controls’ Libya” !!! Such thoughts are only of the Brotherhood; not honest  men who are every minute risking their lives to clean-up Libya for the Libyan peoples (NOT FOR THEMSELVES alone !)

Operations room Zintan

Continuation of lying and shading advertising for Ayn Libya news ….

And exposed the false mask of the page and its contents Brothers and Arhaaaaba.

Please Alhaddr of this topic page that toxins (poisons) decide between Libyans.

Avis important de suivre les nouvelles de l’armée libyenne en…
Il y a pages de nouvellement émergèrent avec des mots comme “volcan”, “dignité” “Armée”, ces pages sont pour la plupart informelles et de fausses nouvelles, pour des raisons inconnues, peut-être pour attirer les fans et divertissant ou peut-être médias… l’ombrage. Il n’y a pas de nouvelles ou de toute action militaire a commencé ou commencera à Tripoli à l’heure actuelle.

#يرجي_النشر ..

تنويه هام لكل من يتابع أخبار الجيش الليبي ….
يوجد صفحات ظهرت حديثاً تحمل كلمات مثل “البركان” ” الكرامة” “الجيش”
هذه الصفحات معظمها غير رسمية و اخبارها وهمية لاسباب مجهولة ربما لجذب المعجبين و التسلية او ربما للتظليل الاعلامي …. لا وجود لاي خبر او بيان لاي تحرك عسكري بدأ او سيبدأ في طرابلس الي اللحظة .




# Erga_alnscher ..

Important disclaimer for each of the tracks news Libyan army ….

There are pages of newly emerged bearing words like “volcano” “dignity,” “Army”
These pages are mostly informal and fake news and perhaps for reasons unknown to attract

admirers and entertainment, or perhaps for shading the media ….

there is no news or any statement of any military action begun or will begin in Tripoli to the moment.

FALSE PROPAGANDA of the BROTHERHOOD and the WEST affiliated with them, will not admit that the NATIONAL ARMY /AIRFORCE are strong and CAPABLE of, and have almost, wipeing-out the WAHABI over-running LIBYA

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Officer Libby reveals the secret of “unknown aircraft” which bombed Tripoli
05 Sep 2014

TRIPOLI gate Africa News:

Accused the official spokesman of the Libyan National Army in Benghazi in eastern Libya, Major Mohammad el-Hassy (Hejazi), the extremists by promoting false claims about the involvement of Egypt and the UAE, to launch any strikes on several military sites belonging to extremist groups, either in Benghazi or Tripoli, the Libyan capital.
el-Hassy (Hijazi) said the site “24,” the UAE, in exclusive statements over the phone from his headquarters in Benghazi, which is the capital of the Libyan revolution and the stronghold of the rebels: The extremists who are losing the battle daily confrontations against the forces of our national army, are now crammed into one corner and a final, this Afberkon these false allegations not unfounded.

He added: “What Arjrnh of lies about the participation of Egyptian or UAE aircraft in the war on terrorism in Libya, are just lies and propaganda campaign to discredit the positive attitudes of the UAE and Egyptian leaderships.”

el-Hassy (Hijazi) in contrast to the planes that Chen raids on terrorists and extremists and Baljuj, what he called, “a Libyan aircraft are piloted and Libyans, but refused to disclose any details attached to this aircraft.”

He said: “These things military refrain from going into it, but what the terrorists is cheap propaganda and media war and propaganda failed to cover the losses that have been successful in our brave troops attached to Besvovhm.”

el-Hassy explained, that the military operations launched by the National Army forces managed over the last two days of the killing of more than 200 members of the terrorist and extremist groups in the city of Benghazi.

PICTURE shows 4 of the Major Commanders:
1) Maj. Gen. Abdel Razek Nadouri


and, to his right arm, General Khalifa Hftar

not seen in the picture, to the right of Hftar, is General Nice Bouchmaidth of the THUNDERBOLT Special Forces.




“Echo Country”: 1700 militia controls the fate of Libya
01 Sept. 2014

Cairo – Africa news portal
(1700 militia controls the fate of Libya)
Website “Echo Country”, the Egyptian newspaper, reports on Sunday, stating:

According to a report published by the site toss Arabia mail, Libya is straining today under the grip of a variety of more than 1700 armed WAHABI militia. Presently, Libya is at the mercy of 1700 armed militias, all serving the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and her WAHABI offspring (under various named affiliations, including al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia, and LIFG).

MB Shield Libya
The most important of these forces, is to MB “shield Libya”, an alliance militia group from the coastal cities of the east and west of the city of Tripoli, specifically the corner of the city in the west and the city of Misrata in the east. The General National Congress “ended his tenure” was conveyed to shield Libya in August / August to Tripoli to enhance security. Has been entrusted with the task of leading these VIOLENT blod-thirty battalions MB shield national army of the National ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Yusuf chiselled: who found himself in control of armies or two armed groups both formal and informal. The shield includes four national teams distributed across Libya, east and west, middle and south, which reflects the regional power bases of the Revolutionary Brigades in the area of Misrata, where 7,000 were merged revolutionary fighters in the central band of these forces.

The same forces of Misurata, which attacked Zintan and positioned relatively in the city of Tripoli and wreaked havoc burned and destroyed and killed

because of the identity and arrests of the sons of the Arab tribes and the dark-skinned people of Tawergha and the Tuareg and Toubou, formed in November 2011, where he was recording 236 battalion of the Federation of rebels Misrata, a number close to 40 thousand member. Estimates indicate that the strength of the Brotherhood battalions consisting of 41% of students and 38% of private sector workers and 11% of public sector workers and 8% of professionals such as doctors and the proportion of the unemployed 2%.

Militias foreign agendas
And have militias and brigades of Misurata lot of military hardware which make them superior to military force to the Tripoli government publishes its military arsenal in areas located on the outskirts of the city of Misurata, and attributed to the events of the region, “Gharghour” a Massacre in Tripoli, which killed dozens of dead and woundedin November 2013.

These battalions armed responsible for a large number of human rights violations. As was the defeat of Zintan surprise and unexpected victory was also “the dawn of Libya” sudden and unexpected. Where confirms Tunisian security expert observer of the Libyan affair that the victory was the result of the support and the arrival of fighters out of the Moorish fighters Daash to strengthen the ranks of the fighters of Misurata. He added that some of the leaders of the Wahabi-Islamic militia went to Turkey and Qatar about three weeks ago, including Abdul Hakim and Ali hardness and Abdul Wahab Kaid, to complete the deal sophisticated weapons shipped by air to necessity.

It was also agreed, about bringing fighters to Libya to strengthen the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood fighters to avoid losing the battle above the ground after losing the election.

The 700 fighters arrived by steamboat laid in the port of Misurata, along with a number of Qatari aircraft, which landed Airport Misrata fighters mobility.
Brotherhood and cloak-al-Qaeda.

As for al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia and LIFG, they are all just labels misleading public opinion and the Libyan citizen because they all operate under the auspices of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Military analysts and confirms that their supplies and weapons new and evolving Gnmoha of chief of staff of the army under the name of Armor. In fact, the former Joint Chiefs of Staff under Col. Abdul Salam al-Salheen Jad-Allah-al-Obaidi, were totally within the grip of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and directed them to the charge of involvement in all the assassinations and kidnappings against the Libyans and foreigners in Libya.

Says one of the military:
“Brotherhood are lords smuggling of drugs and weapons to Mali, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, with the help of Sudan, Turkey and Qatar and their huge financial resources come mostly what he did get as Chiefs of Staff of the state budget, as well as funds for Armor and wills of iron and steel plant Bmasratp. This goes without mentioning the Brotherhood’s support of some extremists in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria, working with Libya.

وترزح ليبيا اليوم تحت قبضة 1700 مليشيا مسلحة متنوعة أغلبها في خدمة الإخوان والجماعات متطرفة والقاعدة.
درع ليبيا
وأهم هذه القوات هو درع ليبيا، وهو تحالف مجموعة ميليشيات من مدن ساحلية من شرق وغرب مدينة طرابلس وتحديدا من مدينة الزاوية في الغرب ومدينة مصراته في الشرق. وكان المؤتمر الوطني العام “المنتهي ولايته” قام بنقل درع ليبيا في أغسطس/آب إلى طرابلس لتعزيز الأمن. وقد أسندت هذه الكتائب مهمة قيادة الدرع الوطني لعقيد الجيش الوطني الإخواني يوسف المنقوش، الذي وجد نفسه يتحكم في جيشين أو جماعتين مسلحتين رسمية وغير رسمية. ويضم الدرع الوطني أربع فرق موزعة على أنحاء ليبيا شرقًا وغربًا ووسطًا وجنوبًا، وهو ما يعكس قواعد السلطة الإقليمية للكتائب الثورية في منطقة مصراتة، حيث تم دمج 7.000 مقاتل ثوري في الفرقة المركزية لهذه القوات. فقوات مصراتة التي هاجمت الزنتان وتمركزت نسبيا في مدينة طرابلس وعاثت فيها فسادا حرقا وتدميرا وقتلا بسبب الهوية واعتقالات لأبناء القبائل العربية وذوي البشرة السمراء من أهل تاورغاء والطوارق والتبو، تكونت في نوفمبر 2011، حيث تم تسجيل 236 كتيبة في اتحاد ثوار مصراتة، بعدد يقارب 40 ألف منتسب. وتشير التقديرات إلى أن قوة الكتائب تتكون من 41% من الطلبة و38% من عمال القطاع الخاص و11% من عمال القطاع العام و8% من المهنيين المتخصصين مثل الأطباء وتبلغ نسبة العاطلين 2%.
مليشيات بأجندات خارجية
وتملك ميليشيات وكتائب مصراته الكثير من العتاد العسكري الأمر الذي جعلها تتفوق على القوة العسكرية لحكومة طرابلس وتنشر ترسانتها العسكرية في مناطق واقعة على مشارف مدينة مصراته، وينسب إليها أحداث منطقة “غرغور” في طرابلس والتي أسفرت عن سقوط العشرات من القتلى والجرحى. وهذه الكتائب المسلحة مسؤولة عن عدد كبير من انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان. وكما كانت هزيمة الزنتان مفاجأة وغير متوقعة كان أيضا انتصار فجر ليبيا مفاجئا وغير متوقع . حيث يؤكد خبير أمني تونسي متابع للشأن الليبي أن الانتصار كان نتيجة الدعم ووصول مقاتلين من أصل مغاربي من مقاتلي داعش لتعزيز صفوف مقاتلي مصراتة. وأضاف أن بعض قيادات المليشيات الإسلامية توجهوا إلى تركيا وقطر
قبل حوالي ثلاثة أسابيع، منهم عبد الحكيم وعلي الصلابي وعبد الوهاب قايد لإتمام صفقة أسلحة متطورة تشحن جوا لضرورتها. وكان الاتفاق أيضا، حول جلب مقاتلين إلى ليبيا لتعزيز مقاتلي الإخوان لتجنب خسارة المعركة فوق الأرض بعد خسارة الانتخابات. وقد وصل 700 مقاتل عن طريق باخرة أرست في ميناء مصراتة إلى جانب عدد من الطائرات القطرية التي حطت بمطار مصراتة تنقل مقاتلين.
الإخوان بعباءة القاعدة
أما القاعدة وأنصار الشريعة والجماعة الليبية المقاتلة، فجميعها مجرد تسميات مضلّلة للرأي العام وللمواطن الليبي لأنها تعمل تحت رعاية الإخوان. ويؤكد محللون عسكريون، أن امداداتهم وأسلحتهم الجديدة والمتطورة غنموها من رئاسة أركان الجيش تحت مسمى الدروع. وواقع الأمر أن رئاسة الأركان في قبضة الإخوان، وتوجه لهم تهمة الضلوع في كل عمليات الاغتيال والخطف ضد الليبيين والأجانب في ليبيا. ويقول أحد العسكريين: “الإخوان هم أباطرة تهريب المخدرات والأسلحة إلى مالي والجزائر وتونس ومصر، بمساعدة السودان وتركيا وقطر ولهم موارد مالية ضخمة تتأتى في الأغلب مما تحصل عليه رئاسة الأركان من ميزانية الدولة، وكذلك الأموال المخصصة للدروع وإرادات مصنع الحديد والصلب بمصراته، هذا دون أن نهمل دعم الإخوان لبعض المتطرفين في تونس ومصر والجزائر


Agency Seven drums News

Brotherhood Militias, “the dawn of Libya” ‘stored weapons in anticipation of foreign intervention
04 Sept. 2014


Tripoli newspapers **
Said the newspaper “Arabs” in the London edition on Friday that the Brotherhood militias, “the dawn of Libya” is preparing for a long battle against any possible international intervention; and in anticipation of the formation of a national coalition combining the Hftar “Wallabi”-forces (which includes al-Jdharan of Cyrenaica and the Thunderbolt Special Forces), the Major Army under Nazawra,  and “the Libyan tribes/cities”, to resist the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s control of the capital Tripoli.

Sources told about the violent exercises taking place in the region and around the stopper involving various WAHABI-Islamic militias (the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, her offspring militant groups, Kharijites, and a group of Misrata), and that is the arrest of young Libyans who are between the ages of twenty and forty, and caught up in the camps.

The sources pointed out that these same WAHABI-Islamic militias, have stores of intensive weapons in the mountain west; and they are rallying hundreds of volunteers from non-Libyans in the area of ​​Kufra as well. They are equipping dozens of car bombs in Benghazi and Derna.

She noted that the evacuation of some of the sites are open from heavy weapons such as base Mitigua in Tripoli, and the city of Misrata, to avoid targeted in air strikes carried out by the Libyan National Army, led by Major General Khalifa Hftar.

The commander of the Air Force’s “Operation Dignity”, Saqr Jeroshi confirmed on Wednesday, that his forces are preparing to carry out a series of attacks on the sites of armed militias in the vicinity of the city of Tripoli, expecting that the attacks are more effective under the command of Major General Khalifa Hftar and Colonel Abdul Razak Nazawra (Chief of Staff).

He added that the clashes in the vicinity of the airport-base “HAVE- built (east)  in BENGHAZI, yielded just two days killed more than 130 component of the Shura Council of the rebel forces in Benghazi militia affiliated to al Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia.

Libya is going through difficult circumstances, as the political situation has become more volatile in this period; and the presence of the deputies in the Council of Tobruk, and a Brotherhood’s National Conference ( supported by NATO) in Tripoli, as each have formed crisis “governments”….

Following the Libyan army, led by the Hftar forces (with the “Thunderbolt”, and the ” ‘gently’ Defence Force of Cyrenaica”), Brigades 32nd Civil Enhanced, Lightning and Qaqaa (coordinated by the tribe Zintan), and Rishvana (with Various Western and Southern Libyan Tribes) in allegiance to the “House of Representatives” newly elected and based in  Tobruk,


the “MB Shields of Libya” and “Ansar al-Sharia” and “the dawn of Libya” with the fighters Misurata militias (stationed in the Friday market, in the corner, also in Gharyan, Zliten and as far westas Nalut, who Track the “MB National Congress-outgoing”; and who live by the Brotherhood in all their activities, from Tripoli.

And added to these two poles al-Mtnavrin, there is a third force, the “Council of the Libyan tribes”, which has the legitimacy and wide, as well as the majority of officers and soldiers of the armed forces and security agencies, who have prior sworn their allegiance.

The council warned in their recent statements, for the Wahabi- Islamic militants to stop targeting their sons in Tripoli, and stop their  policy of scorched earth, (as has also their sons been attacked by the militia “Ansar al-Sharia”, which dominates the sensitive sites in eastern Libya).

The Council, in its most recent statements, is strongly shown to be closer to the position of the National Army, led by Major General Hftar (who is also, most definitely, backed by especially the honorable eastern tribes).

Experts have warned in regard to the Libyan crisis will be seeing  other on-going chapters to the Libyan conflict, in light of the continued Qatar and Turkey and Sudan providing the militia weapons, as well as facilitating the process of bringing militant fighters from Syria towards Libya.

The operation represented “the Dignity of Libya”, initiated by Major General Khalifa Hftar since mid-May this year, is a major blow to the Brotherhood’s attempts to control  Libya through the assistance of the Turks (and their Kharijite mercenaries), and their inauguration of persons belonging to the BROTHERHOOD.



Eulogy for Dr. Billah


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

as stated last week, and now again:

Stop flights telegraphed – Dubai and Tripoli – Dubai UAE authorities after failure to receive any aircraft coming from Libya …
And Egyptian authorities had prevented earlier receiving any aircraft arriving from Libya to Cairo airport and confined only to the Alexandria airport …
And also prevented the Tunisian authorities receiving any aircraft from airports and Mitiga Misurata and Sirte ..
Moroccan authorities and also to refrain from receiving the planes coming from Libya and also the Maltese authorities refrained from receiving any taller plane from Libya ..
Operating now will be limited to Alexandria and Amman and Khartoum and Tripoli and Istanbul from the likes of telegraphed in addition to Tunisia.






Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Monitoring the movements of MB military convoys to militias, “the dawn of Libya”

coming from the Friday Market and Mitigua via the Shat-bound Janzour.

Clashes in the capital Tripoli area Janzour now and plume





Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:



Urgent now …….
Forces Maya tribes in the corner, and tamping Kharijites Ngnm them mechanics and grab the group in the hospital Maya



News about the arrest of the field commander of the MB militia ‘Dawn Libya’ Branch corner,

Daou newborn angular, and another group with the impact of incarceration in a dispensary in Maya.



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Warning Haaaaaaaaaam
# Abu Salim area and its environs

Gneoh militias and militias “dawn Libya”:

Mayormat for Eksriyn regulars and gates and cars entering the track Gneoh populated areas and they stop random citizens in the streets and searching for smart phones and Facebook messages and Aloecat programs and social networking fully …

Generalizable …..

Militias distributing weapons and change their positions to Abu Salim and Forest victory at home to Barki hand car market “through the thorns” and Bouchaalh near the mosque at the end of the project! Fear of the unknown.

BELOW PICTURE is the leader of the “AKKLA GHIANI GNEOH MILITIA”, alias Mahdi al-Haratine..whom Ali Magrief made Governor of Tripoli, after policing ABU SALIM…Murderer, kidnapper, terrorist and mother-killer, he is wanted by many States as well as the International Community. He, like Abdul Hakim Belhadj, led and trained many militants in Syria, Iraq and other parts of Asia as well; and had dubious workings in Ireland, embezzeling lots of money.


car thieves…

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya


This image passed unnoticed by the media, a family portrait and the chief of a large age was stealing his car in the heart of the capital Tripoli and in Green Square in particular and his family remained in the street in the humanitarian situation for those who have a great sense.

Ignoring this image from the media controlled by the Brotherhood and Altkfferin not because it occurred in the heart of the capital controlled by the militias, but now this is the Sheikh and Rishvana named Ashour towards a tribe of one of the tribes of the children of war and Rishvana.

If This event occurred in the area and Rishvana and someone who is not and Rishvana, they will write an urgent in most of the media and you will hear screaming and insulting and cursing and demanding issued a decision similar to the decision of No. 7 and will mobilize human rights organizations and it comes even to the UN Security Council, and starts Albbgwat and tobacco in squawks and media Brotherhood led to where Mairead.

But since the theft occurred in the heart of the capital safe and got to the Sheikh and Rishvana, It is for this cover on the subject…

and because he deserves.

(Al- O RISHVAN Zlam)


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

A witness of its people from the killing of innocents by those who in the turf when God Nansabhm Martyrs
As long and Ayman Rhouma and their families




Been monitoring a large number of trucks, tanks, missiles, locusts and civil defense trucks

and ambulances belonging to the terrorist militias b Bab bin Ghashir, Forest victory.







Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Our Heroes of Rishvana, who ordered today in Battle, the killing of the MB tanks of the Western Armor-Shield

under Brotherhood’s Abdul-rahman al-Zletunai.

I received some now.


Process volcano – led by the National Army

Abdul-rahman al-Zletunai, who ordered a brigade of tanks of the MB Shield # Central Maya (TRIPOLI, CORNER), was killed in a battle yesterday. He was one of the criminals who led the “RESOLUTION 7″ raid upon Bani Walid .. WHDH’s war in Bani Walid ..

The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
07 septembre
The cemetery Rishvana, terrorists

The killing of a senior leader Abdul Rahman al-Zletunai from the corner, which granted the rank of colonel, despite his escape from Libya since the first Eighties to Saudi Arabia and then Allthak to the base in 1989 with the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Awad al-Zawawi to Afghanistan and fought with al-Qaeda and then went to Britain and discernible sex to live until 2011, and returned to lead the brigade tanks to shield Western leaders called him every day terrorism, including the terrorist Sami al-Saadi and Bashir al-Faqih Musrati leading Jemaah Islamiah fighter in Libya

(Libby and Rishvana)



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Media blackout on the bombing of civilians, and our people in Rishvana.

Indiscriminate shelling continuously since about a month ago, and every day increases

the indiscriminate shelling by the dogs of hell Kharijites foreign criminal gangs and terrorist al-Joanih.

Agency Seven drums News

Battle in Libya and Rishvana

What you should know are free Libya honorable sons of the battle and is Rishvana interval on Libya returns home either victory or defeat for his fall with Libya in solving terrorism long decades.

Tribes that have chosen Azizia for holding meetings and issuing statements binding on the implementation of what was agreed upon word for word, and must be equipped with legions of combat youth every tribe and sent immediately to the Rishvana the battlefield.

We will not accept the justification that the youth of each tribal fighting in Rishvana are individual or groups Vhola Liberals ready to fight any battle for the benefit of Libya even if it is above the surface of the moon, not waiting for one call them; because they know to be the “Battle imposed on you.

Then your duty” to this presence on the battlefield is not due only to their conviction and courage and no guidance tribes that belong to them.

Dear tribes and Libyan cities it’s a shame that inherited that leave and Rishvana locked in a battle of freedom to Libya alone, let you all justifications conference tribes and Libyan cities now at stake is either required each tribe sending hordes fighter them to Rishvana or ends forever.

We want convoys heading to Rishvana and either wants to discuss the rationale, and displays will not hear him, and will not have a significant day with us, after this time the weapon: and go democracy and freedom of opinion to hell.

Now rockets fall on different parts of the Rishvana:


Agency Seven drums News
#Command _ General _ army _ Libya

Reassure the Libyan people that the free-Sharif military personnel ready to repel any attack on the area and Rishvana and terrified them and make them fear of the army shelling civilians. Your army will not be subject Akhaddlkm will not tolerate ruthless Baauo of Libyan territory

We ask you to caution and to pray for the army and Ant-zero surprises

# (Libya and # Tunna_ and Rishvana Aranna)

Renewed fall of the shells on the Maya and Kerkozh the globe and Alhachan # and Rishvana.




Clashes between youths from Zintan (who Eskino in Aghannaama Bevern) and Amazigh at Fort Ifrane.






Hospital Bani Walid year

Resulted in a traffic accident Friday evening at about seven o’clock in the evening accidentally Valley dinars to the injury of ten people, from sexual Avriqihadt to the death of three people and wounding seven others, three of them seriously injured, including three women and wounding two people of the nationality of a Libyan in the car.

the interview there by a man and a woman case Women very critical ,,, admitted to all of the hospital and taken all the measures necessary for them.

In contrast, here the failure of a very large device ambulance services which Aitba administratively hospital where there are situations requiring converted to specialized centers.

rejected Mr. device manager to provide ambulances to transport the injured despite the availability of the number seven Car Bsaúiqiha, knowing that this is not the first time that came the rejection of requests for transport and conversion of the device before the ambulance.

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

But Ba brown and Adsearh:

Toyota Double Kabana a white windshields fully opaque based Balrmih on the car the young man ((Adam Hamad Goel))

and gunshot wounds near Altanueh industrial

and now is the attention given to hospital Bani Walid year

we ask Allah safety Baalchmay Adam ..

There is no power but from God.






Nazim called Tayyari in resort safety Misrata




Central Bank of Libya denies in a statement the bank to cancel the signatures of General National Congress ..

(CENTRAL BANK unit …where all the money is deposited…is in MISURATA !)














Warplanes of the Libyan air force bombed a bulldozer carrying ammunition off the area Ptolemais

were bombed gathering mechanisms Kharijites near the area of ​​the stopper and injury directly.
“North West”
# Amilit_al-Jeic_al-Outna

Since the bombing of two hours was gathering mechanisms Kharijites near the area of ​​the stopper
And direct injury.
“North West”


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Our brothers in the gate …. Barss Buhedama ….. Martyrs Battalion corner Bohlaiqah ..

al-Rjae discernible caution and not to assemble at the auto inspection in al-Astaiagafat ...
One of those arrested in the battle for unity airport car bombs have been processed within the Benghazi Execution cemetery operations and arrested him told us three places mentioned above are likely to target ..

al-Rjae deployment when the vehicle inspection and someone just searched around, and not assembly.


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

# Situation on the ground today Friday 5 th. 9. M. 2014. Benghazi
Violent clashes today in areas al-Miahth Benina Airport and combat zones in the city of Benghazi Douhy
And bombarded by our troops by al-Hauser and aircraft stationed at some sites

by the armed terrorist groups resulted in these battles today
Martyrdom of three soldiers from the Libyan army and they
Soldier in front of Mukhtar Mohamed ..
Soldier .. Ibrahim Salem inclination
Key carp soldier ..
We ask Allah to comprehension of the martyrs
Now the situation is excellent and Field airport under the control of the Libyan army …




The assassination of Colonel aviator “Salah Fakhiri” Today in # Derna



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

Member of Parliament for al-Rajaban:

270 home was burned in Tripoli 00 losses in Tripoli is estimated at 30 billion in addition to burning jet fleet 00

almost 29 trying to stop the fighting and reconciliation have been rejected from the group blew Libya 00.

Member of Parliament was shooting at her son’s 00 other member was the kidnapping of his father’s 00 four others

were attacked and burned 00 homes. This lion is 00 and these are al-Qaeda.








Sudan deepening his involvement in Libya to support the guerrilla military brotherhood

The Libyan army reveals the involvement of Government in new operations in support of the guerrillas of the Moslem brotherhood, and adjust the Sudanese plane loaded with military equipment at the airport in Kufra.

Arab Assembly Gasmi [posted on 06/09/2014, number: 9671, r (1)]


The hard-line MB militia lead Libya into the unknown, says SAQR al-Jeroushi

Tunisia-Brig. Gen. Saqr al-jaroushi was the air force’s major general Khalifa hufter forces who leads the “dignity” of Libya

described as “devilish”, by his involving Sudan personnel and arms, and money in Qatar, aimed at enabling the Brotherhood

and allied militias of satisfaction from controlling the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya.

The warning comes at a time when winning reports implicating Sudan in the Libyan crisis following the disclosure of a secret

visit by Nouri Abu Bushmin, and two Libyan national Congress of outgoing pro-Western Brotherhood to Khartoum, a Sudanese

cargo plane seized carrying a shipment of arms and munitions in Kufra airport, South-eastern Libya.

picture: Nuri Bushmin arrows, former so-called Commander of the Armed Forces (MB LIBYAN ‘ARMOR SHIELDS’)

& president of the Allaotunai Conference of the GNC puppet NATO Libyan Government (now DEFUNCT):


He said (Al-Jaroushi) in a telephone with “Arab” from the Libyan city of Benghazi, the planned approached the final stages,

where the Brotherhood has stepped up its moves to support the militias of armed personnel and materiel from Sudan

benefiting from close ties with the Sudanese Government, which he described as “excellent” his brother.

He confirmed information to the MB dvsn. of the Libyan army stating that

“the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood from Kufra Ahmad Azwai the tribal relations in Sudan that is to bring in arms and personnel from Sudan to Kufra in cars and trucks.”

The transfer of arms and people from Sudan to Libya in the past has taken a remarkable development, the monitoring of aircraft in the skies over the Sahara, coming from Sudan, in an effort to bring down the city of Benghazi which flowed so currently hundreds of infidels from Misrata and tubers in an effort to control it.”

Brigadier al-Jeroushi: spotted hundreds of Sudanese support for expiatory Misrata

Dean’s corner said Saqr al-Jaroushi in this context to adjust the arms shipment aboard a Sudanese in the Kufra airport

in southeastern Libya, saying that this is a serious indicator requiring all Libyan national action needed to address it.

Media reports revealed Tuesday that Sudanese aircraft of type Antonov 74 “demanded refueling from Kufra airport located

some 1,800 kilometers southeast of Tripoli, where she was allowed to drop to subject to inspection at the airport in the city,

found inside a shipment of arms and munitions.

It was reported that preliminary information showed the plane was on its way to Tripoli’s Mitigua airport-controlled militia

“dawn of Libya” of the Brotherhood, which means that a shipment of arms and munitions were on board from the armed

militias of satisfaction.

Sudanese authorities have scrambled to deny that the plane was heading to the airport “Mitigua” to unload its cargo in

the militias, of the Brotherhood controlled the capital Tripoli after the coup the electoral legitimacy.

But it seems that the Sudanese Government‘s efforts to cover up his involvement in the Libyan crisis did not withstand

the unfolding realities about this role is described in Libya as “suspicious”, which in turn reports to confirm the winning

lineup along with militias Khartoum satisfaction which is preparing to open a major battle for control of the city of Benghazi

in eastern Libya.

According to intelligence, the shipment of military arms and ammunitions seized at the airport in Kufra, in the context

of the plan of the brotherhood of supporting armed militias preparations for a sweeping attack on Benghazi.

It was decided to send the shipment after his secret visit to Sudan by Nuri Abu Bushmin two arrows, the outgoing leader

who carried out the earlier coup the electoral legitimacy for the Brotherhood.

Brigadier corner Saqr al-jaroushi for “Arab” health information, “said Libya’s dignity” forces “a certain data in their possession

that the Brotherhood got money from Qatar, so she promised a reward of 30,000 dinars for each upcoming battle in atoning

for dropping “Airport Have-Built” in Benghazi.”

He was sure that General Abdul Razaq nadouri, “Army Chief will address these and destroy them, and that the dignity of

Libya “led by Khalifa Hftar, which managed to close some border with Sudan carrying arms and ammunition, which operate

in harmony and harmony.”

(LAST MONTH, SUDAN SENT, ‘as a gift’, a fleet of light aircraft, excellent for bombing missions, to MISURATA.

They also have shipped into Libya, thousands of mercenary soldiers ready to fight for the Brotherhood.)


Two days ago they were prevented from sending a load of heavy munitions to MITIGUA AIRPORT (controlled by the Brotherhood in TRIPOLI), when the plane landed at Heathen Airport of Kufra for refueling.







Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

Algeria and Libya received documentation about the proliferation of militias on the border
05 Sept 2014
Algeria -sahv
Revealed Algerian security sources the newspaper «statement» UAE that the security forces managed to thwart a terrorist plot large, it was al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb executed Ashahalhada of September and aims to strike simultaneously facilities large and sensitive in the Algerian capital and in Tunisia, in Algeria delivered the Libyan authorities photographs and maps as well as information relating to the spread of the Libyan armed militias along the border between the two countries.

The sources said that «Based on the confessions of some of the militants who were arrested recently, identified the security interests of the list of points sensitive that it was anticipated a targeted by terrorist groups to carry out operations which is the capital, primarily, and some of the areas that fall within the scope of the border in addition to Tunisia, which has been immediately communicated the scheme to take the necessary measures.

Arrest 9 people

The sources added in a telephone interview with «statement» was «the arrest of a group of nine people from different nationalities, including what was described as« Coordinator with terrorist groups in Tunisia », who told security authorities the existence of the scheme itself was a target installations in Tunisia on the same day ».

She said «confessions of detainees confirmed that the scheme, which was the target of the two countries came in retaliation for intensified security coordination between Algeria and Tunisia in Mount Alhaanbe border and cracking down on militants who wanted to through this process trying to draw attention to lift the siege from them».

Algeria was agreed in July with Tunisia to intensify security cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism against the background of armed assault that killed 15 soldiers Tunisian, where I got the leadership of the pillars of the Algerian army to the approval of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to launch two military operations on the border Algerian Tunisian , with the participation of at least 8 thousand Algerian military and 6 thousand Tunisian military.

7 items

The source explained that the leaders of the two armies agreed to launch a series of military operations in the border areas of concurrent parallel with the implementation of the 7 items within the long-term security plan, to eliminate the terrorist groups. Under the security plan on preventive measures to clamp down on those groups on the border, and the other related to the activity of intelligence and information gathering, and the activation of the security and military operations against these groups.

On the other hand the Libyan government handed over Algeria photographs and maps as well as information relating to the spread of the Libyan armed militias along the border between the two countries. While ensuring the protection of the southern border of Libya to avoid any security tension in the region, especially with the possibility for al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb heavy weapons from the militias.

Seeks Algeria and the Sahel and the neighborhood to the formation of NATO and the bloc security in order to confront the terrorist threat common stand Lakeside impervious to the threats in the region against the backdrop of the expansion of al Qaeda activity benefit from the internal problems that gripped entity state and strength, Add to this to enable them to sheep armories in Libya, and transported to the rest of the Sahel countries against the other and use its security.


The Wahabi are on a streak of mass slaughter and terror:




Tunisian authorities confiscated the amount of 10 million euros in the truck was on its way to Libya through the Libyan-

Tunisian border.





Foreign Relations Committee in Yankee Congress hold a hearing next week on the security situation in # Libya


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