Promising us VICTORY over the BROTHERHOOD

Morning Victory for Mu

Wish Morning Victory for Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

from: “Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”


“Did not relinquish our dignity in order to Nstrdjaha”:


The Full truth in a Nutshell —watch !


Program issue of homeland – Episode III


Zintan ghost-page official:

Infiltration attempt Brigades militia, one of Misratah
al-Hachan inside the area, where it was sending 20
Military vehicle to attack and control;

Obviously it changed to a suicide
Where the convoy was destroyed completely,

and the escape of some Cars in the deadliest ambush.

is initially Mndhu Battalion Fire Brigades militia,

one of Misratah Burn completely.

And there are still very large developments and serious.


BROTHERHOOD: Money can buy all things !

Abdul-Hakim Belhadj, terrorist LIFG, gives 4 million to “clean-up” his image “!!


The Brotherhood seems to have the same strategy as OBAMA and NATO had in 2011:

IF you lie (and repeat the lie) enough times, the world will believe it…

They believe that this is how they will stay in power, despite the truth: that they have lost TRIPOLI and BENGHAZI….

and soon, they will be pushed totally out of LIBYA.

THE BROTHERHOOD TRIPOLI GOVERNMENT opposed to the TOBRUK “House of Representatives”

“ZERO HOUR” on FB, posts from


Samira Ferjany* was a nurse in a hospital Buslam..osubht active member of the Chamber of rebels Albetza.aleom Secretary of Social Affairs in the “Vichy” puppet GNC government under Mamoud Jabril.
In the “House” elections, Abu Salim Samira al-Farajani had the most breaches of security, and the House REJECTED HER. Under the Brotherhood, she again holds “the office of Social Affairs”.

سميرة الفرجاني

توثيق بعض التجاوزات بمراكز انتخاب مجلس النواب

كشفت المترشحة عن دائرة بوسليم سميرة الفرجاني، عن حدوث بعض التجاوزات في عدد من مراكز الاقتراع التابعة لانتخابات مجلس النواب. وقالت الفرجاني إن أكثر الخروقات


Government confidence vote and that Omar al-Hassi has already chosen his Government:
Omar al-Hassi: Prime Minister 
Khalifa Ghwell: first vice premier
Isaitr Mohammed Albergthe: According to vice premier
Yusuf al-Zaidi: Third Deputy Prime Minister
Mohammed Ghiryani: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kulaib Emhemed: Minister of Justice
Abdulsalam el-Menhafa: Minister of finance
Mchaouallah Rebberaqa: Minister of oil and Gas
Suad Al-Kkla: Minister for martyrs
Just Anibh: Minister of education and scientific research Supreme
Makari Ibrahim: Minister of education
*Samira Ferjany: Minister of Social Affairs
Mohammed Hassenha: the Minister of labour
Tenghila Ali: Minister of tourism
Ali Hun: Minister of information
Isa Younis: Minister of culture, …
Mujambarat Isa Aublessoumk: Religious Affairs Minister
Sulaiman Ojaili: the Minister of economy
Key al-Faqih: Minister of industry
Supreme Councils
A higher Council for defense led temporarily headed by first deputy premier
Board of Governors for the Interior temporarily chaired by Second Deputy Prime Minister
Consiglio Superiore della Sanità temporarily driven by the third Deputy Prime Minister
And each Council is composed of representatives of the four regions (East-MF-Grb-South)

to give birth as soon as possible “to a ‘stability’ in the country”!! (hah!)

.الثلاثاء ، 02-09-2014 – 16:00
طرابلس 2 سبتمبر 2014 ( وال )- قدم السيد ” عمر الحاسي ” المكلف من قبل المؤتمر الوطني بتشكيل حكومة انقاذ ظهر اليوم الثلاثاء تشكيلته الوزارية للمؤتمر . وذكرت مصادر بالمؤتمر لوكالة الانباء الليبية أن التشكيلة التي قدمها ” الحاسي ” تضم ( 19 ) حقيبة وزارية. وحسب المصادر فإن هذه الحكومة تضم ثلاثة نواب وهم ” خليفة الغويل ” و ” محمد البرغتي ” و ” يوسف الزايدي ” . وتضم الحكومة ( 16 ) وزيرا وهم ” مصطفى القليب ” (وزارة العدل) ، و ” محمد الغيراني ” (وزارة الخارجية) و” عادل اعنيبة ” (وزارة التعليم العالي ) و” ابراهيم مكاري ” ( وزارة التربية ) و ” سميرة الفرجاني ” (وزارة الشؤون الاجتماعية ) و ” عبدالسلام المنفي ” (وزارة المالية ) و ” علي الهوني ” ( وزارة الإعلام ) ،و ” محمد بالخير ” ( وزارة العمل) و” مبروك علي ” ( وزارة السياحة ) و ” يونس عيسى ” ( وزارة الثقافة ) و ” سعاد تيكلي ” (وزارة الشهداء ) و” محمد عيسى ” ( وزارة الأوقاف ) ، و” سليمان العجيلي ” ( وزارة الإقتصاد ) و ” مفتاح الفقي ” ( وزارة الصناعة ) و ” ماشاء الله الزوي ” ( وزارة النفط ) . ووزارة (الدفاع – الداخلية – الصحة) – ( رئاسة ونواب الحكومة ) . …( وال )…

Wool News Source

The MSM, the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Qatar and Sudan, recognise this MB horror as the “legitimate” government of Libya !!!! Their “legal” army is the MB Armor-Shields of Libya—out-right criminal terrorists.

As opposed to this, are “the Military Council of the tribes and cities”, the new Libyan Army under Abdul Razak Nazawry, The Zintan Brigades (QaaQa, Lightning & 32nd Civil Enhanced), The “Dignity” National Army under Khalifa Hftar, with the Special Forces “Thunderbolt” under Col ‘Nice’ Bouchmaidth, The Cyrenaica ‘Gently’ Defense Force under Ibrahim al-Jdharan, The Libyan Airforce out of TOBRUK, and ofcourse, the “People’s Defence Force of the Great Arab Jamahiriya” —(most of whom recognise, the “House of Representatives”, now at TOBRUK, as the legitimate “state”). The “House of Representatives” in Tobruk,  is recognised by Egypt, the Maugreb Confederation, Russia and the UNO.

Picture of Abdullah ‘bending’ Thani in South Libya with southern tribes and the military. He is the temporary pick of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES in TOBRUK for “PM” ..






Terrorists “DAASH” OFFICIALLY ARRIVES in TRIPOLI, invited by the re-couped “GNC” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “government”:

The Brigades operation, for “QaaQa, Lightning, & civil 32 Enhanced”, reports:

Good Aalepien arrived, Daash in Tripoli ...

After the amendment was to make sure that the image is not in front of the National Oil Corporation, and I wish you could tell us who Aref place …


These terrorists get in, while normal Libyan citizens are stranded in airports around the world !


abduction of Journaliste Tunisien Laminar, in city of Tripoli by unknown:





Urgent Khotna in Rishvana.
Please discernible Alhaddr the corner of a convoy heading to the river via Rishvana.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Hope of honest and wise-angled corner that Icolo word has reached climax and implemented patience was sending a message warning that we are able to transform the city corner into a ghost town and the ruins and Atnso refinery corner and power plant heroes brave Istron in this day glory and honor to boast about all the free ..

The saga of pride and glory real written honorable who did not liked it any way their tragic ..

They insist without hesitation to achieve the victory which will type history ..

hope and anticipation in the free and dignified life or honor certificate and attain paradise promised by God ..

I hope Publishing broadest O I reached.

PICTURE: MB Firas Dadoush, aka Abu Obeida Hamid and gang fighting in TRIPOLI CORNER:


Yow! the biggest defeat of the MB militias and Abu Obeida Shield of Western Mhoa at the clay mil

and stinking corpses Azakmt noses.
A tribute to the men of clay boys and ignorance al-Djaadeh all tribes.* (see video at: RISHVANA, below)

Rishvana Brigades killed MB armor-shields yesterday.

Here is a list of the MB, now deceased
1 Usta Mohammad Mansour from the corner axis .. 27
2 Abdul Rahman al-Zletunai nicknamed Papi newborn angular field commander “of the angle axis Maya

The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana
07 septembre
The cemetery Rishvana, terrorists

The killing of a senior leader Abdul Rahman al-Zletunai from the corner, which granted the rank of colonel, despite his escape from Libya since the first Eighties to Saudi Arabia and then Allthak to the base in 1989 with the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Awad al-Zawawi to Afghanistan and fought with al-Qaeda and then went to Britain and discernible sex to live until 2011, and returned to lead the brigade tanks to shield Western leaders called him every day terrorism, including the terrorist Sami al-Saadi and Bashir al-Faqih Musrati leading Jemaah Islamiah fighter in Libya

(Libby and Rishvana)

3 Abdel Moneim Btar of Nalut axis hunter ..
4 Sabri Souissi from Nalut axis hunter ..
5 .. Osman Badr corner of Front mil

and 11 of them did not we (“ZERO HOUR” FB) get the names …. # Libya






BROTHERHOOD KIDNAPS some of our MILITARY Personell !!!

The names of our military personnel who were kidnapped this morning in

the mouth of the gate Melgh b # Tarhounah by MB militias shield Aloeschy:

Rahim injectables fishing – Prime Arafa
Ayad Mohammed Faraj
Hamid Nouri al-Salem
Ali Mohamed Ferjany
Mohammed Amer – officer row
Hamza Ghezewi





Shields led militias called “Gnjoh Alkkla and Naji Guenida” incur losses in the mechanisms

and the number of people killed and injured by the tribal forces …


هذه بقاياهم :
الساعه 7 اليوم بعد كف اليوم وهروب جديان جنزور من ضربات رجال ورشفانه .
#النجيلة الساعة 7 تماماً يعني قبل ساعتين هذا ماتبقي من عصابات مجرم الحرب الارهابى ناجى قنيدى وغنيوه الككلي

Lire la vidéo0:23
“Zero hour” on FB, gives us a video showing what
Their remains of this:
7 pm the day after the palm of the day and escape MB Jidyan of Janzour and his men who lay strikes upon Rishvana.
# Turf at 7 means exactly two hours before the remaining of this guerrilla war criminal, and terrorist, Nagy Guenida, who worked with Giani Gneoh Akkla (alias al-Mahdi al-Haratine).

(*see TRIPOLI / CORNER above)


MB Shields led militias called “Gnjoh Alkkla and Naji Guenida” incur losses in the mechanisms

and the number of people killed and injured by the tribal forces …

Yow! the biggest defeat of the MB militias and Abu Obeida Shield of Western Mhoa clay mil

and stinking corpses Azakmt noses.
A tribute to the men of clay boys and ignorance al-Djaadeh all tribes.







The Brigades operation, for “QaaQa, Lightning, & civil 32 Enhanced”,


The pronouncement came out, and openly incites the city the City of Zintan!

people who have any information concerning this….

Aizodna has been omitted from the “House”, because he was put on the wanted list, !!!

“be gone, will, over your destiny, o al-Roibdah of …you will not transgress your destiny, our Dear al-Droidp …

عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني 32

هذا النكرة خرج ويحرض علانية على مدينة الزنتان المجاهدة ، بالله ياجماعة اللي عنده اي معلومات عليه ايزودنا بيها لأنه تم وضعه على قائمة المطلوبين ،،، إخسأ فلن تعدوا قدرك ايها الرويبضة …





Inventory Sabri Souissi from Nalut was killed yesterday at the center of the turf Borcvana fighting with MB terrorist militias.

(Missing home and abroad Mouloud)







“Zero hour” on FB, reports:

Where to Libya ……!

Attempted kidnapping girls from the Department of Internal Girls affiliated with the

University of Sabha by criminal gangs, but were repulsed by some of the young people …. # to Abba




Deport 290 illegal immigrants in the city of al-Qtron, where witnessing Libya border crossing southern movement

of migrants Bbesb the fragile security situation on the borders with the countries of the African Sahel .


 picture of Tabou soldiers in al-Qtron, Sahba suburb:






“Process volcano – led by the National Army”, comments:

Will we see # Misurata and Knayanha Atalaao demonstrations against the Sudanese interference

in Libyan affairs and as a violation of state sovereignty?

SUDAN’s support for the LIBYAN Brotherhood / ‘DAWN LIBYA’, deepens !!

Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi), Hftar forces spokesman, says that there are external intelligence services provide

support and arms to MB militias in Abba.

Report says local to foreign aircraft that disappeared in the city of Abba is now located in the State of # Sudan

where there are armed groups which transferred the aircraft to a state Madkorh.


on 19 July, Sudanese aircaft landed at Mitigua Airport laden with munitions and almost a thousand mercenary soldiers.

The Sudanese also, sold to MISURATA a fleet of light aircraft, just prior to the invasion of TRIPOLI.

Two days ago they were prevented from sending a load of heavy munitions to MITIGUA, when the plane landed at Heathen Airport of Kufra for refueling.


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