Determination for Power by Evil WAHABI

Muammar, the Leader, the IMAM, the Mahdi


# Aaaaaaaaagel

Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Libyan army operations room of the western region and the horn declares emergency for the entire forces of the Libyan National Army.

Men at a time of adversity Hays and loves home and sacrificed and still Aydha Ali his mind ..

(# Al-Rajaban)

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

الرجال في وقت الشدائد اتبان و من إيحب الوطن و ضحي ومازال ايضحي علي خاطره..



Khweldi Hamidi team:


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Bouteflika has summoned the leadership of the army, and said to the French “Algeria refuses to open its airspace in the Western war on Libya”

Summoned President Bouteflika, the first on Friday, members of the Supreme National Council for security, for an extraordinary meeting on two points, the first is expected war in Libya, which Stjudha Western countries asked Algeria facilities for logistical and air corridors open, while the second theme is the extent of cooperation that must be provided by Algeria’s war Cosmic against al “Daash.”

President Bouteflika faces and with decision makers in Algeria, a major difficulty in justifying any decision to cooperate with the Western military campaign in Libya, because the rationale for providing facilities for logistical and open atmosphere is not present in the case of Libya.

Our source said that an official transfer to a large Algerian French officials, in the words of President Bouteflika, short message content “that Algeria can not justify the provision of military facilities for any military air campaign in Libya to its people.” He said our source that in the case of Mali was a decision may be justified, few months ago about the military operation French serval, terrorists kidnapped from Mali 7 Algerian diplomats and executed one of them, also carried out three major terrorist operations launched the whole of the territory of Azawad, and targeted Rabouni camp in Tindouf and the headquarters of the leaders of the gendarmerie In Tamanrasset, Orڤlh,

but in the case of Libya, the only justification is the control of reflections jihadist WAHABI/Salafist groups on Libya. Our source added that the heads of the main branches of the army and the leadership of the Directorate of queries and security, were invited to attend the meeting may be held on Sunday, with President Bouteflika, to make the final decision.

And learned Algeria, according to our source, that the leadership of the army and the French armed forces began in preparation for the new military operations in Libya, in partnership with the American forces.

The senior security source said that military operations will target this time destroying more than 800 targets in Libya, are battalions Salafist jihadist camps and training centers and arms depots, and methods of supply. The aim of the air strikes to expel the jihadist Salafist groups from Libya’s major cities and away from the vital centers, and airports and ports, and oil fields.

Not least the number of aircraft that will participate in military operations in Libya for 100, in addition to the drones and commando battalions and helicopters, warships, missiles and missile-equipped mobile, and being prepared for military intervention in Libya in Paris and Washington.


France and the United States are preparing for the war on terrorism in Libya

Algerian newspaper: Paris and Washington at the gates of a military intervention against Libyan WAHABI jihadists during a period not exceeding 3 months…

Algeria Algerian security source confirmed a Sunday start of the countdown to war in Libya is coordinating between France and the United States, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.

The source was commenting on the great attention given to the visit of the French Joint Chiefs of staff Chairman Gen. Pierre dovili to Algeria which Algeria’s Deputy Defense Minister, met with the team leader, is valid in addition to the four generals and colonels of the Algerian military leaders and civilian personalities, that it goes beyond the routine meeting but discussed details of the upcoming war in Libya.

Newspaper “the news” closeup of the Algerian army on an unnamed source because he is not authorized to declare to the press, saying that the visit kinetic Chief of French Algeria, means that political leaders in both Algeria and Paris reached a political agreement on the Declaration of war, and the military will discuss the technical details of this agreement means that the military campaign in Libya is an issue of days or weeks.

The newspaper said the source starting security critical points to estimate that the war on terror in Libya is imminent, the first is the lack of a major weapons deal under negotiation now, the second is the timing of the visit.

The same sources indicate that a similar meeting was two months ago, the French military intervention in the North of Mali. An Algerian security source said that details of the military operation would be discussed among senior leaders of French and Algerian militaries.

His importance lies not in the visiting Chief of the French armed forces, but also in the composition of the delegation accompanying the first General in the French army, noting that the agenda includes discussion of precise details on the military operations will not succeed without the help of an Algerian.

Algerian security source revealed that Western military intervention in Libya will occur within weeks or a period not exceeding 3 months.

He noted that Western military intervention in Libya is prepared more than a month ago, and France and the United States negotiated the us unilaterally with Tunisia Algeria and Egypt, adding that “France and the United States” motherlands “in Libya during a period of not more than 3 months in the case of further deterioration of the situation.”

The French and American troops awaiting the end of the reconnaissance carried out several weeks ago to Libya using several means, including satellites and eavesdropping and spy planes and unmanned drones.

The security source added that plans are being prepared to intervene in Libya will include 3 stages: the first is to prevent jihadist Salafist groups in Libyan cities to connect with each other, by destroying transportation and communication networks, (WHAT ABOUT THE GOOD CITIZRY? ARE THEY TO BE LEFT WITHOUT COMMUNICATIONS and TRANSPORTATION?)

 and the second stage is targeting major camps of Salafist groups in Tripoli and tuber, Benghazi, Misrata, then target the leaders in the Salafist jihadist groups.

He said that Algeria had become aware of the intervention schemes being prepared against jihadist Salafist groups in Libya.

Dovili repeat visit to Algeria before the war in Mali

And as far as the war in Libya will be more expensive than war in northern Mali and the first war that led to the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime, because there are no local allies who are capable of defeating the WAHABI jihadist Salafist groups, which estimates that its more than 900,000 fighters.

The same source said that any military intervention in Libya will need cooperation from Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, the Western countries informed the three neighboring countries to intervene, for the cooperation and facilities.

The military operation might continue for months to support the local Libyan troops are on the ground, similar to the scenario of the Taliban when they raided the Northern Alliance air raids, but no forces on earth except in specific cases, when it comes to arrest or filter a leading Libyan jihadist Salafist groups.

MY COMMENT:  There is good probabilty that this will be a false front, and that the good Zintani and Rishvana forces will be targeted by the Yanks; so that there will be an Islamic Caliphate throughout North Africa. Nowhere in the article or reports does it even mention the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ! Boudeflicka is 100% right.

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Ahmed howitzer  blood of Libyans Bash Ali walks to speak on our behalf in Algeria and Bacon meeting on 23.09.2014
against sociology Bacon Abdul Hakim Belhadj, the Lord of the Kaaba Hazelh



French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian for # Skaa_uz_arabiyh: sees new forms of terrorism in Libya, from some of the groups that they (FRANCE) provided financial assistance to within Libya.

Remember FRANCE helped the “defenses of MISURATA” and help build the MISURATA MILITARY; and gave to them state of the art devices, showing them how to operate them etc. as well as Tanks and planes…set-up their air defense system.

170 TANKS sold to MISURATA by FRANCE, NOV. 2013

Jean-Yves Odrian: (QUOTE)

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian for # Skaa_uz_arabiyh:

I do not have to share in the debate on Libya with neighboring countries and the United Nations to ‘help’ Libya.

French helicopters were sold to MISURATA too:



Operations room Zintan: 

“One of the main causes of the destruction of Libya .. Brotherhood al-Khian

BROTHERHOOD, w SALAH BADI, in session of Allaotunai Conference, GNC

أحدي أهم أسباب خراب ليبيا.. الاخوان الخيان



MB RAT Major Jadallah al-Obeidi:
“Naaddoura officer was bound, to Khalifa Hfter forces, and will not be satisfied by My Libyan army officers,”

and Jadallah al-Obeidi filed an appeal against their decision to de-rank him.

PICTURE OF MB RAT Major Jadallah al-Obeidi with his terrorist MB SHIELDS of LIBYA.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-ASMAR:


Green light for # Egypt’s limited military intervention in # Libya

Military Police

Sources confirmed to media that warplanes Egyptian bombing armed convoy coming from Sudan to Libya,

the sources pointed out the media that a convoy of cars numbering twenty car carrying ammunition and personnel, crossed the border triangle of Egyptian-Sudanese towards Libya, and charged them with warnings to stop,

what was their only shooting towards aircraft, and aircraft responded immediately convoy were destroyed including the ammo.




An ‘all-around’ outlook and expectations of what is occurring and probably will occur in LIBYA (PERHAPS:::)

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Cetkmala series of expectations about the current events in Libya today, and we say to God al-tclan and reconcile him ….

-nry Flames and clouds of smoke covering the refinery corner.

-nry New wave of displacement towards Tunisia and specifically from the corner and Aharhh and steady and Surman and Sabratha and Zuwarah.

-ozma Fuel and electricity and a lack of food materials are sweeping some cities.

-nry The coastal road to the top of mil worth amid the darkness.

-cetkon Tripoli pool of blood and a real graveyard for different varieties of darkness.

-lszlna Repeat the real war will begin when you see the people of Tajoura and Friday Market displaced.

-stsamad And Rishvana or victory is from God.

-aljnob Will witness the bloody battles and that was deferred and Misurata common dead after dead.

As we have said previously -sazar term Army tribes in eastern Libya and tribes Barquaouih says her against terrorism.

-hzac Floor light hit some areas will be mentioned briefly Social The sites.

-rgm All the phenomena of the current division but that Libya would stand in front of conspiracies.

-zaor Strange phenomenon on one of the Libyan shores and many wonder.

-mn Making militia terror and destruction for destruction will return soon and we still see Libyans Say Thank Algeria.

-Hfter and Zintan waging a war of attrition against ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, MB ‘Shields’, ‘dawn Libya’

-What Wrote on the leaderboard in the path of deep Jnhm is the fact that unknown to many people.

-hadth Assassination of Libyan and shake the conscience of the world is watching no more.

-stakhtfa During the coming period, lots and lots of faces media and political and military catastrophe calculated on February Valad countdown will start from tonight.

-lszlna Say Saif al-Islam ‘prisoner freewheeling’: and Osiloa Aisha Gaddafi, it has a tiding.

-sterdd Name Khamis Gaddafi again in the media, and this divide Lord of the heavens and the Earth, sure.

-anchar Register contains the scandal of what is called the House of Representatives.

-manma Of names you have seen or conferences or parliaments or governments, do not worry about it estimated the Libya be governed by the Supreme Military Council and below it to their demise.



 الدباشي .. غجر ليبيا أسواة من القذافي و كل هذا برعاية مفتي ليبيا..


Operations room Zintan

Dabbashi.. Roma aswah of Libya Qaddafi
And all this with patronage of Libya. Mufti (HAH !)



PICTURE: Osman Meliqith, hero, leader of QaaQa Brigades


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News

URGENT: National Commission for Human Rights confirms storming its headquarters in the capital Tripoli area al-Fornaj by “militias dawn Libya” and steal and tamper with the contents of the private offices and staff theft, electronic archive al-Khash-bashk-kawi and issues of citizens and affected.


Libya: Spiraling Militia Attacks ARE War Crimes.
Protect Civilians; End Looting, Burnings, Arbitrary Arrests


Libyan ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD WAHABI militia forces battled for control of Tripoli and surrounding areas. They have engaged in attacks on civilians and civilian property that in some cases amount to war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today. The militias have seized people and looted, burned, and otherwise destroyed property.

Thousands of residents fled their homes during five weeks of fighting between the Libya Dawn Alliance, led by militias from the coastal city of Misrata. Human Rights Watch has documented a series of attacks by “Libya Dawn forces” on civilians and civilian property since they took control of Tripoli, including its civilian airport, on 24 August 2014.

Since Libya Dawn got the upper hand in Tripoli, its forces have committed further violations, including against journalists, government officials, and ordinary civilians suspected of supporting or sympathizing with the “Zintan/ RISHVANA”-led alliance, which is aligned with the “Libya Dignity operation”. Libya Dignity is the name of a military campaign in eastern Libya by former Libyan army general Khalifa Hftar to fight Islamist militias under the Islamic Shura Council including Ansar al-Sharia.

The Libya Dawn actions Human Rights Watch documented include an attack on the private Alassema TV station on 23/24 August, in which fighters forced the station off the air, set the director’s home on fire, and seized three employees, who are still missing. The homes and property of other people associated with Alassema TV have also been targeted, as has the home of journalist Hussam al-Wheishi.

According to the Libyan government, Libya Dawn militia forces attacked the home of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni on 25 August, forcing out his family, looting the house, and setting it ablaze. On 27 August, the Tobruk government said, “criminal gangs” had burned down the home of acting Transportation Minister Abdel gader al-Zintani.

In other cases, the BROTHERHOOD militias targeted people from Zintan and supporters of Libya Dignity, as well as people whom the Misrata militias forcibly displaced from the town of Tawergha following the 2011 conflict because of the Tawerghans’ alleged support for Muammar Gaddafi.

On the State Holiday of al-Fatah ’69, a 01 September 2014 report by the “Crisis Committee of Zintan’s municipal council”, said that the Tripoli homes of at least 80 families from Zintan had been “attacked and looted,” and that 80 men from Zintan had been detained, kidnapped, or were missing.

On 30 August, armed men from the Libya Shield Forces, a militia belonging to the Libya Dawn coalition, attacked a camp for displaced Tawerghans in Tripoli, killing one man and injuring several people. The militia groups, as well as the Libyan government, should take urgent steps to stop abuses against Tawerghans, some 40,000 of whom have been forcibly displaced, Human Rights Watch said.

Abdelmoez Banoon, a Tripoli-based activist, has been missing since militiamen apparently linked to Libya Dawn seized him in front of his home, on 25 July.

The Tripoli local council reported on August 25 that at least 12,600 families were displaced due to the violence. Officials of Tawergha’s Tripoli-based council said on August 29 that a majority of the 1,000 families in three makeshift camps in Tripoli for people displaced from Tawergha had left the camps amid deteriorating conditions and fear of revenge attacks. A September 4 report by the UN states that 100,000 people had been internally displaced by the recent violence in Libya and a further 150,000, including migrants, had left the country.

All parties to the conflict in Libya are required to abide by the laws of war. Certain serious violations of the laws of war, when committed with criminal intent, are war crimes. Those who commit, order, assist, or have command responsibility for war crimes are subject to prosecution by domestic courts or the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has jurisdiction over war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide committed in Libya since February 15, 2011, under United Nations Security Council resolution 1970.

In a July 25, 2014 statement, the ICC prosecutor warned that her office “will not hesitate to investigate and prosecute those who commit crimes under the Court’s jurisdiction in Libya irrespective of their official status or affiliation.” However, the ICC prosecutor has yet to open a new investigation despite ongoing violations in Libya that may amount to crimes against humanity or war crimes.

On August 27, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2174 (2014) broadening the existing international sanctions on Libya to include people who engage in or support acts that “threaten the peace, stability or security of Libya, or obstruct or undermine the successful completion of its political transition.” Such acts include “planning, directing, or committing, acts that violate applicable international human rights law or international humanitarian law, or acts that constitute human rights abuses.”

In its resolution 2174, the Security Council also recalled its 2011 decision to refer the situation in Libya to the ICC and reaffirmed the importance of holding accountable those persons responsible for serious crimes, including those involved in attacks targeting civilians.

“Those responsible for abuses or who turn a blind eye to them risk possible sanctions and international prosecution for war crimes,” Whitson said.

Legal Framework
Under the Rome Statute of the ICC, applicable war crimes in a non-international armed conflict, such as the conflict in western Libya, include: targeting individual civilians or the civilian population; murder and cruel treatment of non-combatants; and pillage and destroying or seizing the property of an adversary except when strictly required by military necessity.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, the applicability of international humanitarian law to a conflict situation that involves non-state parties is determined by two key factors: the intensity of the conflict and the level of organization and command control of the non-state party. To be recognized as a party to a non-international conflict, an armed group should have “minimum degree of organization and discipline – enough to enable them to respect international humanitarian law.” The organization should be “capable, on the one hand, of planning and carrying out sustained and concerted military operations, and on the other, of imposing discipline in the name of a de facto authority.”

In the Libya situation, and specifically in the conflict situation in western Libya, parties to the conflict have been engaged in protracted intense fighting since 13 July 2014. The armed conflict in western Libya is still ongoing in the area of RISHVANA (Warshafana), on the western outskirts of Tripoli. Warring factions include both supposedly former Allaotunai Conf. /GNC state actors – the FORMER MB Libyan government with their MB SHIELD militias as non-state actors. The militias involved all appear to be organized and subject to hierarchical discipline.

TheMILITARY COUNCIL of the LIBYAN TRIBES & CITIES (basicly, a Zintan/RISHVANA/ TRIBAL alliance) consists of several Security Brigades that worked in many Tripoli areas, and most notably at the Tripoli International Airport. They have always been, even in the Great Jamahiriya, the major Security Force of the nation.

TheZinatani Brigades secured also, The LIBYAN ISLAMIC CALL SOCIETY (later known as the Islamic Da’wa compound), the Commercial and National Banks, and several military camps, including one in the Swani area in Tripoli. The BRIGADES that originate from Zintan – the Airport Security Katiba, the Sawaeq Katiba and Qaaqaa Katiba, were led by Othman Melqith, Al-Madani Katiba, Katibat Barq al-Nasr, Ehmed Trabelsi, and Gamal Abel. They have received full support from the Western Libyan Tribes, in particular, among others, from the Warshafana tribe, based in Tripoli’s western outskirts.

Together, they are aligned with the “Libya Dignity military campaign” that former General Khalifa Hftar began in May in eastern Libya to “eradicate terrorism.” Libya Dignity backs the government under Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani, currently based out of TOBRUK, in eastern Libya. The Dignity alliance in eastern Libya includes Libyan army officers, the Libyan Air Force, commanded by Saqr al-Jarroushi, and the army special forces, THUNDERBOLT (under Col. ‘Nice Bouchmaidh—whose house was also burnt down by WAHABI), those known as Saiqa, commanded by Wanis Abu Khamda, and the ‘Gently’ Defense Force of Cyrenaica (under Ibrahim Jdharan, who brother was mercilessly killed by Ansar al-Sharia just a few months ago).

In eastern Libya, Libya Dignity is fighting an “Islamist militia Alliance”, consisting of the Islamic Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, including forces from the ‘MB Libya Shield Katibas’ led by WisSam Bin Hameid, Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi led by Mohamed al-Zahawi, 17 February Brigade, Katibat Rafallah al-Sahati; Ansar al-Sharia in Derna led by Sufian Bin Qmo, Islamic Shura Youth Council in Derna, and the Islamic Army in Derna….amongst other WAHABI/ KHARJITES.

Accounts of Attacks

Alassema TV
Fawziya Balaazi, executive director of the privately owned Alassema TV in Tripoli, told Human Rights Watch that the TV station was attacked twice, on 23 / 24 August ,by a group of militias under Libya Dawn, who had earlier accused the station of bias to Libya Dignity. Balaazi, who assessed the damage a few hours after the first attack on the station, at around 3 a.m. on 23 August, said it had caused extensive damage to the principal control room, which had “melted,” and the technical department containing cameras and other equipment, which were mostly damaged or stolen. The second attack was on the afternoon of 24 August.

Balaazi said the Libya Dawn attackers seized three station employees: Hussam Mirae, an IT technician; Saad Zagloub, in charge of montage; and Tareq al-Drissi, a graphics department worker. She said they are still missing.

Balaazi, who spoke to Human Rights Watch after leaving Libya, said she fled the country because of a threat against her life shortly before the second attack. She said she had received a phone call from an unidentified person who threatened to hang her publicly to “teach others who refused to apologize a lesson.” She said she was afraid to return to Libya:

My name is now associated with Alassema and someone posted my phone number and address all over the social media. I had to leave as I was afraid I would be arrested or even killed. I am a woman and I am afraid to be caught by militias. You know what they can do to girls if they catch them.

Jomaa Alosta, the owner of Alassema, told Human Rights Watch that militiamen aligned with Libya Dawn had attacked his home and the home of his brother, Hassan Ali Alosta, in Tripoli’s Gurji area early on August 25. He said that militiamen carrying heavy weapons beat the family’s housekeeper, fired shots in the house, broke into a safe, and took personal documents and photographs.

Alosta, who is now living abroad with his family, said that unidentified militiamen had broken into and looted two farms belonging to him and his brother during the battle for control of the airport. He also said that Libya Dawn militias had on August 25 raided a company his brother owned because of its connection to Alassema TV, seizing his nephew, Wissam Hassan Alosta, and an Alassema employee, Mohamed al-Hadnawi. He said that both are still missing.

Hussam el-Din al-Tayeb, a journalist for Alassema TV from Misrata, told Human Rights Watch that on August 24, during the final stages of the battle for control of Tripoli airport, militiamen looted and set fire to his house on Crown Prince Street. Al-Tayeb, who had left Libya 12 days earlier after receiving death threats from people who accused him of biased reporting against Libya Dawn, said relatives had visited his ruined home once the fighting ended. He told Human Rights Watch that his family had repeatedly urged him to quit his job at Alassema TV because they felt it was exposing them to danger.

Other Attacks
Human Rights Watch has also documented attacks on three houses belonging to the same family on or near Crown Prince Street. The family, who asked not to be named, had left the houses after fighting for control of the airport began on July 13 because of danger from gunfire by rival militias. They could not check on the houses until after Libya Dawn gained control of Tripoli on 24 August.

A family member who later gained access to the area reported that the house on Crown Prince Street had suffered extensive damage, with possessions stolen or smashed, and two cars burned. The family member said the family had no known political affiliation or profile. The two other houses belonging to the family in the same area also suffered extensive damage, the family reported.

Human Rights Watch spoke to 12 Tripoli residents who had left their homes in fear of revenge attacks and are now taking refuge in Egypt, Malta, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. They include activists, journalists, and ordinary citizens.

One man , who came originally from Zintan but has lived in Tripoli for many years, told Human Rights Watch that he and his family of 20 people had fled their home in the Gurji area of Tripoli when the “BROTHERHOOD Libya Dawn” gained control of the city because they feared revenge attacks by the militia:

Neighbors who’ve known my family for years defended us when militias from Libya Dawn came around asking for people from Zintan. They protected our property and wouldn’t let anyone harm it. Neighbors also helped to get my cousin out just in time before militias from Libya Dawn came to her house. She fled unscathed, and the militias merely fired some shots at the house and then left.

Attack on the Tawergha Camp
Since the end of the 2011 conflict, Human Rights Watch has documented repeated attacks, mostly by militias from Misrata, on people displaced from Tawergha living in makeshift camps in Tripoli and elsewhere. Militias from Misrata have prevented some 40,000 former Tawergha residents from returning to their homes as a form of collective punishment for crimes some Tawerghans allegedly committed against people from Misrata during the 2011 uprising and conflict. Militias from Misrata have also arbitrarily arrested and harassed displaced Tawerghans, with impunity. The widespread and systematic nature of this ongoing forced displacement amounts to a crime against humanity.

A majority of around 1,000 displaced families from Tawergha who were living in three camps in Tripoli – al-Fallah, airport road, and Naval Academy camps – have left these camps since the fighting between Libya Dawn and Libya Dignity forces began in July 2014, apparently because they feared attacks by militias from Misrata.

Members of the Tawergha local council told Human Rights Watch that militiamen had seized 22 Tawerghan civilian men between mid-July and August 30 as they fled. The council members said the militias had released seven of the men but most of the others, seized by militias in the Zawiyah area, are held in Jedayyem Prison and elsewhere around Zawiyah. Council members said militiamen shot another civilian man from Tawergha, Omran al-Zlitni, a resident of Abu Salim area of Tripoli, as he fled from approaching militias from Misrata, wounding him in the shoulder. An Abu Salim militia then detained al-Zlitni and transferred him to Misrata.

Members of the Tawergha local council and Tawerghan activists told Human Rights Watch that in the early morning of August 30, armed men affiliated with the Libya Shield Forces for the Western Region, part of the Libya Dawn alliance, attacked al-Fallah camp for displaced Tawerghans in Tripoli. According to the Tawergha representatives, the militia drove into the virtually empty camp with heavy weapons mounted on pick-up trucks and opened fire indiscriminately, wounding three residents.

The Tawerghans said the militia then seized six men, including one of those injured, and took them to their base in al-Yarmouk military camp in Salaheddin area in Tripoli. Members of the Tawergha community later negotiated the release of five of them but the wounded man, Irheel Abdelsalam, died while in custody.

The EVIL is all the sanctioned work of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

MONTHS AGO, Sheik Youssef el-Qaradawi, called for all WAHABI forces from all over the world, to join forces and go to TRIPOLI, under the Command of Abdul Hakim Belhadj, and take-over TRIPOLI as an Islamic Caliphate.

This is never mentioned in the MSM…and almost NEVER is there a direct outright reference to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood…the Mother and ringleader of all the WAHABI groups (which are simply the “offspring” of the Bana WAHABI ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood).






Operations room Zintan

‘bending’ accuses Qatar of sending weapons through the airport Mitigua for “LIBYA DAWN” BROTHERHOOD.

The head of the interim government, Abdullah ‘bending’, said on Sunday:

«The Qatar sent three military planes loaded with arms and ammunition to the airport Mitiga», under the control of armed formations loyal to the process of «dawn Libya».

He bending in an interview with Channel «Sky News»:

«If things continue to intervene in the internal affairs of Libya, we will have to raise the ceiling and cut ties completely (with Qatar). Any state intervening into the affairs of Libya, we do not need ».






Indiscriminate shelling on the area now al-Nujila

512168 FARM: A farm in the al-Nujila (hectare and half wooded) KARKAR


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News
Crimes dawn Libya and the MB Western-led militias shield Abu Obeida killing of animals

and family dogs within the area Tuibih # Borcvana:

Being God and yes, the agent

Nizar Elannabi, reporting:

# Amlah_khtaf_abina_nakua

After one of my contacts concerned family Nakua assured me that someone was breaking into their house by gangs affiliated “militias Libya dawn”, with  6 cars all carrying 14.5.

And kidnapped Hamza and Omar Karim Nakua Nakua …
Science Officer Dr. Omar Mission New York

Jaúo group after the withdrawal of ((mobile power)) as one Wenta Nakua relatives and were

Bejhoa of monsters to comb but the neighbors prevented them ..,

And I do not just process known Alash but the biggest prospect on Identity.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

Sawani Al-kraimih turf and hear the voice of Rishvana fly over these areas now.


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:
Aerial Bombing corner local channel lags Qguadf and wounding wayward

spring Abussnana aka Spring Municipality in front Kerkozh Today

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Shortly before the clashes inside corner, specifically in the area
Delh ..oagafl some dirt streets …. The situation is very engorged
Oh **** VERY smite evil-doers Baalzalim.



Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

# Received some now

Severe congestion at petrol stations in the western region after striking oil tank at the refinery corner










Kerkozh axis of the globe and was captured 25 of the MB shields terrorist

Picture of the WAHABI laying siege on RISHVANA:







Operations room Zintan

# Aaaaaaagel

Aerial bombardment on the military sites belonging to the militia in the city of Gharyan.

Another raid targeted a camp al-Tamna in Gharyan ..


15 septembre
Video of the bombing of the camp’s eighth (shield Libya) to just Daab in Gharyan

# Amilit_aljeic_aloutna

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:

al-Jeroshi adopts the bombardment of the city of MB # shields terrorists in Gharyan and information that

the aircraft that took off from an airstrip and bombed Gharyan, was manned by Zintani.

Image from inside the MB headquarters of Gharyan shield


# Sfiq

Stores in Gharyan of Grad rockets, were used to bomb civilians in Tripoli and Rishvana.


Norman bin Othman:

Warning / until now has not been proven to do any planes bombed the area west of Gharyan Heisha.

Contrary to what promoted by Al Jazeera .. shall alarm which is being plotted in secret.


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News
And Rishvana, reports:

Reported the occurrence of an important figure from the MB “dawn of Libya militias” in the grip of a brigade and Rishvana during his procession towards the coasts.


Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News a partagé lestatut de room operations and Rishvana.

Previous publication which revealed pictures of the martyrs and Rishvana mm before the criminal Abu Obeida Vdhan everyone she pictures for those who were arrested in the ambush today and what only a few moments

and we will bring you pictures from inside the hospital and on the precious fishing will be announced at the time, and you Aattabrona Nkdbo Lin Qufu your eyes.



Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News


Fireworks decorate the sky globe now


Agency Seven drums News:

The continuation of military operations and provide forces brigade and Rishvana military and army forces

and the tribes of the Libyan army in all axes fighting the MB enemy and inflict heavy losses in lives and materiel.

Agency Seven drums News:

Story MARTYR defender of the homeland

This person named Hassan war sweeping officer in the Libyan army colonel stood against NATO in 2011, and his father was the official of the central support period of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, displaced in Tunisia did not see his father imprisoned under house arrest in the Middle of 2011.

When started the predominance of terrorism in the Middle militias, he answered the call of the nation and the army to join the Libyan army and participated in the battles at the airport and never advocated suicide, alongside fighters Qaqaa and lightning and Zintan.

Recently participated in the battles to defend the land and the supply and Rishvana, was killed there with the other tribes of the sons of supporters in September

Shahat was buried in the middle of crowds of worshipers in Rishvana.

Are we Snsp youth favorites and half of the algae they are defending us and our land and our people now?



Operations room Zintan

# Qtaa_llahaat

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, his defense team and watched by international organizations sequencing and sequence all the great and small, and would in the International Criminal Court has a resident representative to follow his treatment humane being, and a fair trial, not a sham ..

Zintan thankfully is an integral part of the Libyan people; and our religion and our culture does not allow us make torture or hide the news of his “death”; and, we know the FALSE rumors broadcast by the Brothers now, and at this particular time: what is and what its goal of malicious intent behind it ..

In order to know why this strange hostility of Xanthan and Maigdmh sons of this tribe, in a small number of large positions in the homeland, and how it did not satisfy the homeland, and chose to sell on the employment of national and foreign receivables sale ..

And Saif Al-Ayesh contains secrets of the Brotherhood, and combats them with all he has; and we cleared the walk in.

غرفة عمليات الزنتان


سيف الإسلام القذافي له فريق دفاع يتابعه و منظمات دولية تتابعه و تتابع كل كبيرة و صغيرة في شأنه و محكمة الجنايات الدولية لديها مندوب مقيم لمتابعة أنه يعامل بمعاملة إنسانية وأن محاكمته عادلة وليست صورية..

الزنتان الحمد لله جزء لا يتجزأ من الشعب الليبي وديننا و عاداتنا لا تسمح لنا بتعذيبه أو إخفاء خبر مقتله و نعلم الإشاعات التي يبثها الأخوان الأن و في هذا التوقيت بالذات ماهو هدفها و ماهي النية الخبيثة من ورائها..

ولكي تعرفوا لماذا هذا العداء الغريب للزنتان ومايقدمه أبناء هذه القبيلة الصغيرة في عددها الكبيرة في مواقفها للوطن و كيف لم ترضي ببيع الوطن وأختارت الوطنية علي العمالة للأجنبي وبيع الذمم..

وسيف حي و عايش و أسرار الاخوان و المقاتلة كلهم عنده و وصلتنا و برا امشوا..



diirty MISURATA:

Operations room Zintan:

# Aaaaaaaaaajl

Militias Misurata abandon their camps for fear of weapons of aerial bombardment ..

(# al-Rashchchh)

 picture: Misrata-brigade-fighters average age 14 years:













Has the dismissal of the MB governor of Libya’s central BANK

decision of the “House of Representatives”

(unfortunately, MISURATA and TRIPOLI’s MB Mafia are ignoring this)



Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Interior Altonsph today announced the arrest of a dangerous terrorist Tunisian

required for justice coming from LIBYA.

picture of Tunisian border guards:





Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar
This is what his committee on February 17 damned Libya

Airport Amman, Jordan:
Any Libyan aircraft stands 5 kilometers away from the entrance to the parlors and aircraft from other countries

until it is inspected by sniffer dogs



“The Rape of Lady Liberty”

WILL THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS ??????????????????????

Operations room Zintan
(WHO is the UNO listening to? Today testimony of the terrorists, who claim being the ‘victims’ and supposedly the ‘DAWN LIBYA’ are “revolutionary heroes” cleaning up Libya from the “scum of Gaddafi” !!)

Libya Dawn began its military campaign in July in response to what it alleged was a “coup” by General Hftar against Libya’s official institutions. It began the campaign by attacking positions of the Zintan-led militias in Tripoli that are aligned with Dignity.

“Libya Dawn” is an alliance of MB militias from Misrata, Gharyan, the corner, Zliten, Janzour Knights, Gneoh Akkla (al-Mahdi Haratine), Raouf ‘hater’ militias, from as far as Jadu in the Nafusa Mountain chain, and other areas, including ‘some’ ( YOU MEAN MAJORITY KHARIJITE / WAHABI) Islamist militias. They include the Regular Army ‘Libya Shield Forces for the Western Region’, Katibat al-Sweihli, and Katibat Halbous, all Misrata militias, led by a former lawmaker Salah Badi and Ali SALABI (‘hardness’); the Katibat Fursan Janzour and Islamist-leaning factions from Tripoli, including forces under the former Deputy Defense Minister Khalid al-Sharif, and a militia in the ABU SALIM neighborhood led by Abdel ghani al-Kikli Akkla Gneoh (MAHDI al-HARATINE);

a militia in Mitigua military base and Katibat al-Nawasi, led by Abdelra’ouf Karra (RAOUF ‘hater); members of the Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room, led by Shaaban Hadiyyah ABU al-Obeidi Hamid; and forces from the towns of Khoms, Massallata, Gharyan, Zawiya, Sebratha, Nalut, and Jadu, and includes Members of Libya’s former legislature, the General National Congressm, as Mohammed Kilani and even Nuri Abu SAHMAYN (BUSEMAIN / BUSHMIN) , which backs Libya Dawn, who nominated Omar al-Hassi as prime minister on 25 August 2014, as a rival to the “current government and House of Representatives”, whom they oppose as an “illegal usurption of their power”, all in preparation for the rule of their COMMANDER, Abdel-Hakim Belhadj (America’s “darling” and best friend to John McCain).

Security Council meeting on Libya at the Arab event ..

Everything he said Mbaut UN and exactly select from terrorists and from who commit crimes against humanity in Rishvana now.

  • Their “hero”, the sadistic SALAH BADI:

UN envoy in Libya # Leon: everybody informed the Security Council’s commitment to hold accountable both be responsible for the continuation of the armed conflict or violations of human rights

and international humanitarian law !

(CANNOT RISHVANA DEFEND HERSELF with good, clean and trustworthy LIBYA TRIBAL allies ?)

Agency of the seven drums of news Agency Seven drums News:مندوب-ليبيا-بالأمم-المتحدة-المفتي-الغرياني-ينصب-المشانق

 The Permanent Delegate to the United Nations of LIBYA , Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi, accused the UN Security Council to “blocking ” the arming of the National Army, and left Libya in a weak position in front of “terrorist groups” armed. This came in a speech on Monday, in front of the members of the UN Security Council in a special meeting to discuss the situation in his country, according to Anatolia correspondent.


He said that the sanctions committee of the Security Council, and the problem under resolution 197, “impede arming the Libyan army, and leave it in a weak position in front of the armed terrorist groups and outlaw.”

He stressed the Libyan ambassador Ali “urgent need” to facilitate the access of the Libyan army weapons, and said that the current procedures in the sanctions committee, said that “groups get the arms and on a regular basis from at least two (not Asmanma) are used in airports controlled, and private airports Misrata (west) and Vintage MITIGUA  in Tripoli. “

Regarding the role of the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya, said Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi “was supposed to change the role of the mission, according to new priorities, that is the duty of the mission now is to stand by the elected “House of Representatives” and the government emanating from it, and assist them in the implementation of what Atakmanh of decisions, especially regarding the cessation of fighting between armed groups and protect civilians, and disarm all armed groups, and the integration of its members in the state institutions. “

He stressed that the House of Representatives and the government represent “the legitimate authority in Libya, and any equality between them and the armed groups – both “dawn Libya” or other KHARIJITE al-Jamaat- by Mission (Onsmill), is a breach of the guidelines for the mission’s mandate, and the undermining of the political process in the country, and a violation of Council resolution Security number in 2174, and encouraged the continuation of fighting between siblings in order to obtain illegal material gains. “

Libyan envoy also stressed that his government “will not negotiate with the armed groups to any political demands,” calling on the Member States of the Council to accelerate assistance to the Libyan people and support the National Army. (HFTAR and NAZAWRY)

He continued, saying, “Who wants to help Libya, he should do it now, not after it is too late.”

He also launched a Libyan delegate in the United Nations lashed out at the head of the Supreme Council for “Fatwa Ghiryani sincere in his country”, and accused of supporting armed groups in Libya, and incitement against the legitimate authorities.

“I have returned gallows, to the fields of the cities to terrorize citizens, under the supervision of Mr. Mufti and abetting, and filled the prisons of armed groups, the detainees on the identity, without any judicial proceedings, were closed all the media pro-legitimate authority in the country, and the displacement of employees , and returned all the way practices more violent and more broadly, under the supervision of Mr. Mufti SADAK GHARYIANI of Libya and inciting, “according to Anatolia correspondent.

Mahmoud Masrati:
There is no truth to the news that talk about the burning of the house of Mr. Ibrahim Dabbashi ...
al-Dabbashi present.

FALSE REPORT (probably meant to scare the ambassador):


Looting and burning home Ibrahim Dabbashi representative of Libya to the United Nations in Sabratha # Mn_qubl militias terrorist Omar Mukhtar Al-Mdhuna’s gang and the “dawn of Libya” terrorists.

There was no immediate comment from the Mufti of Libya or the forces, “the dawn of Libya” on those “charges”. (@ this REPORTER: whose side are you on?)

Abizaid and delegate to Libya, saying “there is no indication that these practices will stop in the capital and its suburbs, under the control of ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD armed groups, the so-called ‘dawn of Libya’, and the absence of state authority, and the continuation of the bombing of the tribe and Rishvana (a suburb of Tripoli) with heavy weapons, by armed groups from MB Misrata of  The corner. “





The Daily Telegraph:–Britain will limit the activities of the ‘Muslim’

Brotherhood (HAH!)

Last updated: Monday, 15 September  2014, 03: 18 GMT

Cameron requested a review on brotherhood

“Britain will impose restrictions on the activities of the brothers in London”, and an exclusive interview with the Qatari Foreign Minister on the financing of the Organization of the Islamic State and the difficulties surrounding the participation of Arab countries in raids aimed at the Organization of the Islamic State “is one of the most important topics covered in the British press.

And we read in the Daily Telegraph report of international affairs reporter at the newspaper daimin makaliroi entitled “Britain will impose restrictions on the activities of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in London.” The reporter said that Britain will impose restrictions on institutions linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain and will prevent the leaders from moving to London after high-level British diplomat expressed concern about a brotherhood of extremists in the Middle East.

The correspondent added that British Prime Minister David Cameron appointed John Jenkins, the British Ambassador in Saudi Arabia to conduct a comprehensive review on the brotherhood after his Government is under pressure to curb the activities of the community in London.

Britain will not prohibit the brotherhood

A British diplomat

Diplomat of a foreign newspaper that “Britain will not prohibit the brotherhood,” adding “there are some things you can do instead of banning it.”

The report writer that will impose restrictions on the political activities of the community in Britain, including information and promotional institutions.

After isolating the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, many leaders of the brotherhood arrest if returned to Egypt, the Egyptian Government is wary of transferring activities to London and established offices in the British capital.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s Ambassador to Britain, warned Ashraf El-khouly, from the “seriousness” of the Group’s ideology, in addition to the financial links with British groups “.

Peter fear that using community based in London to be the starting point for activities in countries that restrict their activities.

Symbolic significance

Saudi fears that finish off the “daash” will strengthen Iran and its allies to strengthen Iran and its allies, or “agents” in Baghdad and Damascus

And we read in the guardian report of Middle East Editor Ian Black about the difficulties surrounding the participation of Arab countries in raids aimed at organizing a “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria.

The report began by noting that “the participation of Arab countries in the u.s.-led raids have symbolic importance in dispelling the impression that other American war in the Middle East.”

But Black said that although Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar has hundreds of advanced fighter jets, but the GCC has almost no experience in joint action.

Although Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have hundreds of advanced fighter jets, but the GCC has almost no experience in joint action

Middle East Editor at the guardian, Ian Black

The difficulties began to appear, such as refusal of Turkey to allow the use of its bases to launch air strikes.

The editor said that both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ‘ fear that finish off the “daash” will strengthen Iran and its allies or its agents in Baghdad and Damascus. “

The two countries are both worried about whether US President Barack Obama will continue in the job until the end, in the light of the position of the Syrian war and doing nothing “after Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons”. (BULL,  BASHAR ASSAD DID NOT USE CHEMICAL WEAPONS!!! LIE!!!)

Exclusive interview


Attiya denied his country’s support for the victory or the Organization of the Islamic State

Financial Times newspaper published an exclusive interview conducted by Simon Kerr with Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Khalid Al-Attiyah. During the interview, Al-Attiya denied allegations of financing national figures of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant “daash”.

And invited States to support moderate opposition Arabic in Syria “, adding” we support and train them and help them to restore their country. “

Attiyah stressed that “it is not too late to support the opposition and the regime to the negotiating table.”

Attiyah said during the interview that “in time of all the world’s attention to the bloody activities of the Organization of the Islamic State, I invite them to give similar attention to the regime’s role in the mass murder of the Syrian civil war.”

Terrorism not only by beheading, with it’s something very ugly but also throwing explosive barrels on children and women

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Khalid Al-Attiyah

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, stressed that “terrorism is not only cutting heads, with it’s grotesque, but also throwing explosive barrels on children and women,” adding “we have to be clear and not out on the right track.”

He concluded that “Qatar has not dealt with the Organization of the State, the Islamic Front for the victory but with the Syrian free militia sham of Syrians have tasted two of the casualties during the fighting for an Islamic State”.

Kerry says Qatar faces criticism for weak the support of citizens for extremist groups, including “the victory” in Syria.

He noted that US officials believe that Qatar and Kuwait are responsible for the financing of terrorist groups, but al Attiyah responded to the accusation by saying that Washington did not submit any evidence to prove its charges, “adding” there is no truth to these allegations at all. “


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