The Great Jamahiriya, the only Nation on Earth that recognised Allah as Supreme above all.








Sons of Sheikh Abdel Salam Al-Asmar:
And tomorrow lnadarh to close in. ..

Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Promise me all what is happening on the ground thoughtful and soon will be joys in every inch of Libya ^

__ ^ vacate all Xi Mastour

Yudi today’s military leaders have confirmed

Dmapg Icodo Army global strategic plans with great Taatmhae gangs al-Khorregeh

Point system: no one will say after the victory of military leaders with

experts from abroad Askaran Raho national and national Mafeesh importer ^ __ ^

Currently traitors and cowards Ertjvona to know us that the silence in which it entered the army,

because, it is the so-called “calm before the storm”.

It seems that it will be a storm of roaches.

To Elvis Bokyin:

you do not know the secrets of the movements and the army and the high politics
Rishvana entry and after a sacrifice and killed 14 field commander for clients including Mohammed Kelani

From mouth with Facebook and homeland Mahsalh any interest you!

We are not a news channel for the dissemination of news

Libyan army does not serve Basamt person imposes Raiih and Ashirh on army

The Land and Rishvana because the cemetery will make it to prostitution to Kharijites Vena enough of the sophisticated methods to Duay security can not be disclosed by the will to make this land their graveyard

Manner howitzers, tanks and Grad is not the style of L She ….. our policy on the level of high-level homeland we can move in the 24 hours of the withdrawal of Tripoli but Valenterc bread baker and not build everything correctly on a national level

The great God, God willing, I Ashahadanasr between my eyes

I appreciate Nvsikm of Altaabh to situations to not leave Tguetk high in God and secondly Bakiedat army and Allah is the greatest ^^


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Operations room Zintan

Sorry,  We must stop you from publishing any news about the Libyan Army, after this decision, no information  will be published.

Herein is the official statements of the main operations room of the Western Region.

The reason for not publishing in this page [ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa] is the decision of the Army Staff.

But good things and praise God.



NATO‘s attack on Libya was not to protect civilians, but to destroy the country were able to destabilize Western influence.”

Javier Couso Barome
Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament


In 2011, in LIBYA, A group of British diplomats, reported to have included special forces soldiers, was humiliatingly captured near Benghazi during an attempt to make contact with “rebel” Islamist-WAHABI-forces.

Since then, special forces operations appear to have been more productive, involving personnel from Britain, France, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, according to media reports.

“Rebel”-Wahabi units in Tripoli were secretly armed so they could rise up and help take the capital, while British agents infiltrated the city to deploy radio equipment to help target NATO air strikes.

France sent dozens of military advisers to organise and train the rebels. France also delivered arms to the rebels that had been supplied by Qatar.

Reuters correspondents in the field report having seen apparent evidence of foreign special forces on the ground, although their activities were never made clear. Rebels, whose accounts could not be confirmed, also spoke of assistance from CIA agents.

While details have emerged of what special forces had done earlier in the conflict — assistance with weapons and tactics, acting as forward air controllers for NATO bombers and providing weapons to rebel forces in the Western Mountains — it was not clear what they might be doing now.

“People who know are not going to say and people who say obviously don’t know,” Heisbourg said.

According to data from Tripoli, the serious losses suffered here, by a group of British special forces, on 23 August 2011, 11:50

“,” Alexander Grigoriev ]

According to a source close to the government, last night in Tripoli, killing several people from the British Special superelitnogo Special Air Service (SAS). Explorer group of local residents taken prisoner and will be prosecuted.

“Special anti-sabotage team, which is part of the 32nd brigade of special purpose forces and engaged in mopping up Libya’s Tripoli from the rebels after the battle he managed to keep alive a native of the capital. According to the testimony of the detainee, he was conductor of the commando Special Air Service (SAS) of 17 persons. According to his testimony, only the team leader was fundamentally Anglo-Saxons, while the other fighters – Arabs. He had a task to a group, avoiding ambushes and roadblocks government forces and the police, the center of Tripoli. For this he promised to pay about three hundred dollars, “- said” “on Skype from Tripoli source in government circles Libya.

He also said that the commandos were ambushed by special units of Libyan troops. “Several people were killed, many injured. Pick up dead, the British retreated. The persecution was carried out. At this point, the conductor and was captured, “- he stressed.

Answering the question “” about the fate of the conductor, the source said that “as soon as conditions permit in the city, the detainee will be given by the court.”

“This will be an open trial, it will be able to attend the foreign media to secure his testimony” – assured the government source.

Confirm or deny this information officially or from independent sources, we can not. However, “” it became known that this morning with a military base in Italy, on which the NATO planes, flew to an unknown military transport aircraft. For his service and were not allowed to download the Italian military. And cordon operation conducted by the military and the U.S. Air Force of Great Britain.

British military expert Peter Beynchli believes that the evacuation is carried out so dead soldiers special forces of the two countries. In a conversation with “” he suggested that “it is likely that soon in Afghanistan or Pakistan would be a” Taliban attack, “during which” die “several tens of NATO troops. Their bodies will be evacuated back home and solemnly buried in military cemeteries. Place of death would mean Afghanistan. “


no conscience on this fellow Michael Vickers….

He could care less how many people and innocents would die under his planning…

nor give a wit as to the enormous destruction and disruption of lives, children and families.




Video: From Detainee Interrogation Abdullah Mansour _ 22-09-2014

فيديو ل أعترفات المعتقل عبد الله منصور

Video: interrogation of the detainee Abdullah Mansour

2014-09-23 1:15

Al–video News: interrogation of the detainee Abdullah Mansour

123ContactForm Logo


Official Hamza
يعلمكم الدكتور حمزة التهامي بانه قد تم افتتاح الموقع الرسمي الخاص بي
وانه سيتم استقبال كل رسائلكم مجانا
واخر ااخبار الثورين الاحرار
وتحية الي احرار الجماهيرية والقبائل المجاهدة العظيمة


البريد الالكتروني
كلمة المرور


 BROTHERHOOD FOUND and killed Mu’ammar’s horse !






ALL PLANNED and fully exercised by the YANKS:

“ZERO HOUR” on FB, reveals:

Michael Vickers … Commander in Chief of Daash (ISIS)..

Not Takhareef nor astrology nor beaten in a fantasy world and do not read the palm of faith or mad conspiracy as some people think … it’s the truth that everyone should know ..michael Vickers .. Yes it is the leader and the engine to regulate Daash all the terrorist organizations in the Middle East and the third party in the revolutions of the “Arab Spring” and as I call it decadence of the Arab revolutions.

Michael Vickers, star of the American administration now call him “Mike Gangster,” a wise child to Zibgenao Brzezinski coma and a gray one addressed by the Arab writers in his book, “Brzezinski head of the snake,” which was released two years ago in Dar Arab book.

It is the most important engineers supervisors Program Central Intelligence Agency for the breeding and training and arming extremist movements .. which doubled its presence since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan .. and the award-winning CIA to accomplish the most prominent strategic plan and implementation of the largest covert operation of the “CIA”. They use the fighters in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet troops?

Where he was a former member of the Special Operations forces, which he remained 13 years, from 1973 to 1986, during which he toured several Bmsarh including the Middle East and Asia and then remained away from work in government departments for a period of twenty years in academic studies and work to get his doctorate.

When he was summoned Bush Brzezinski at the end of 2006 at Camp David to plan for the exit of the American army from Iraq sent in the request for Vickers, who plan the withdrawal of the army and to retain a total of him working under his supervision to date and the formation of secret cells of extremists, Arabs and foreigners and then was appointed in 2007, Chief Operating Officer Private and terrorism on the third floor in the Pentagon and the beginning of planning for the establishment of underground armies of foreigners and Arabs to work under his leadership.

On 29 September 2010, before the revolutions of the so-called “Arab Spring” has Obama appointing him as “assistant secretary of Defense for special operations, intelligence”, and after its success in 2011 was appointed “undersecretary of defense for intelligence”,

and this manual is useful for Michael Vickers commander and planned for each terrorist operations in the Middle East

so as not to dwell upon you, I will write, that God willing, in the future an article contains the complete details about the man; and some of the secrets-led operations in the Middle East and the world and how the man elected to lead “Daash” in the region.

Picked by Barack Obama as the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) on 29 September 2010, …

That’s Michael Vickers, a longtime Special Forces and CIA guy.

Psycho Master of War, and creator of ME turmoil, “OPERATION CYCLONE”, Michael Vickers

Michael Vickers‘ theory in practice of “irregular warfare,”means, By creating the many separate armies of Islam, the CIA has deviously and brilliantly given the Middle east to the United States of America.

Process volcano – led by the national army

,Men National Army  to arrest terrorists “al-Mahdi paste” (MAHDI al-HARATINE / GHIANI GNEOH AKKLA)

    and “beauty Asitosh” illusion of # MB militias Shield of Western  “beauty Asitosh” (CTOH) illusion of # MB militias Shield of Western has been killed.
and more criminals who did not leave give the trees, or humans, but it Marceau and their crimes..

رجال الجيش الوطني تقبض علي الإرهابيين “المهدي عجينة” و “جمال اسطوش” وهم من #ميليشيات درع الغربية ومن أكثر المجرمين اللذين لم يتركو لا الشجر ولا البشر الا ومارسو عليه جرائمهم .



The killing of so-called “beauty Ctoh” one corner of the instigators of the bombing and the families of Rishvana.






Reliable sources from within MISURATA for assassinations and arrests are free to tribes Tarhouna in cooperation with the lack of well-known families of Tkfferin loyalty, especially to Misurata They are known by name.

Ali and youth Tarhouna clean the city from these Acharadm and not give them a chance to Econooa dagger in the back of each free, especially in the event of ignition front to fight with the Kharijites he did not loyal to them, but their approach to excommunicating,

And this is expected and a foregone conclusion, especially after she was unable for adopting the position and the consensus in the war and Rishvana and try everyone attract Assad sleeper to line up on their side of the certainty that the real power lies in the youth Tarhouna.

my father gave sacrifices in all previous battles after the occupation of the capital and individually, and remains in fear al-Doaash It is followed by Greaves some of us from within the priorities of criminality Misuratans especially after the fall of fronts, which opened with cities and other tribes and enable them to break up the power of this topic tribes, regions, and singling out.
(# 09 Thar_tarhouna)





Hear the sound of an explosion in the vicinity of the city shake Tripoli


Process volcano – led by the national army

Violent clashes spin now at the center of the turf with a secret # Al-Qaida affiliate !

“Brigade and military Rishvana” against militias Ktibah Knights “Brotherhood” ‘ and mobile power

“لواء ورشفانة العسكري” ضد
مليشيات كتيبية الفرسان “الاخوانية”
و القوة المتحركة


Armed robbery at the Bank of Trade and Development Agency “gardens”
Ended with stealing money. Without causing any human damage …



Mehdi paste killed in front Rishvana. Leader MB ‘Militia corner’:



Unidentified aircraft bombed the city corner.


Operations room Zintan

Men neighborhoods west of Tripoli and Abu Salim and fully Gurgi and Andalusia and

Mansoura district and center of the country ..


This is your time guys and the fateful day your battle to expel the bastards and support of the

Libyan army and the police ..

Allah is the greatest guys

Operations room Zintan:

Army spokesman Walibi, Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) says:

“we approached our appointment in our fight for the liberation of the capital Tripoli from the Kharijites and terrorist organizations.”




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

AMERICA is behind ROMA LIBYA Group:
Key to the crisis in the base of “navigation”, which is known as “Ba Mitigua”, because

that moves the customer and Roma under the supervision of the management of Americans.



Operations room Zintan


MISURATA clashes against the people of Fashloum.

Ali Fashloum attack by gangs of “Roma Libya” and Pthmt they ousted ..

Fashloum mollified by MISURATA for your reference


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

^ __ ^ Occurred in a trap

This period will Chahdona army Walibi.

How simplifies the control of the land to the Libyan everyone knows will soon be hidden.

Chahdona will be hidden, especially after all the papers Exposure treacherous areas because

of the ease of dealing with the situation.

Roma Libya Game OVER.





Camp Owaidat stands beside the Lighthouse in Qsr bin Ghashir.

The Road near the lighthouse company Alkahraaba  is in Flames.

Camp Owaidat … infested by BROTHERHOOD Misrata Shields and Kharijites, is in the lighthouse area of Qasr Ben Ghashir next to The Equestrian school.
It has been bombed by the forces of Zintan / RISHVANA and the LIBYAN TRIBES with the airforce of the NATIONAL ARMY.





Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reporting:

Best decision that could Taatkhaddh withdrawing forces from Rishvana, is al-Dhab to Zintan and a cushion there, behind the lines, and wait Machristdt in the coming days.
There are data indicating that the parties to the international and domestic want to weaken the military power of the tribes that refuse dictates, and Xanthan enable control of the power.

UAE supported the NATO-Masri.
We have to wait and viewing only, you Sptdkhal Hedda NATO furnace battle, and to stop the progress of Libya Mughal forces, or we will see a split Al-Jowaily and his followers?

Addition to the exodus of combat brigades (Qaqaa-lightning-and others) to the camps Cefavis and Tataouine?




“Operations room Zintan”:

Zintan and Rishvana and Aiverguena was death ..

And we are in the field and heads Amarien against them and against the Brotherhood and Gsorh and against those who wanted to sell Libya and ruled by force ..

True our children are being killed every day at the hands of Brotherhood, Jews and traitors; but Libya was a lost homeland and the homeland we have any pension gain in life ..

You footmen .. Nod with men and resisted, and if a word or Support the wounded or say the right word ..

And fateful stage is no place for a traitor and Laggard.


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar, reports of Great Victories:

Now …. Champions tribes and a brigade and Rishvana huddled on the shields in each region they entered in and Rishvana ...

and news about the fall of the kill in large numbers in the Brotherhood Shields armor now, and the sheep of the mechanics and hardware …..

(Zahra in Azizia operations room and the popular forces.)



“Zero hour”, reporting:

Army forces entered the town of Azizia Now fully.

# Anaba_tan_altakid
The withdrawal of forces of “Roma Libya” from clashes in al-Azizia and monsters in the sixtieth by “Bir Sheep” after the revelation of a large force tracking presidency of Staff Abdul Razzaq Nazawra, gave orders for the attack this morning.

Operations room Zintan:

My brothers site that publishes:

Gharyan Brotherhood militia killed 150 of the army in “Bir sheep” in the news and placebo and mock battle lies not only in the imagination of the author ..

Anyone Kadira estimated Aaokdlkm he Masarch any battle in the final, sheep WELL ..

(# Aharb_alaalamih_ghabah)

“Process volcano – led by the national army”


speaks about a “strange ‘army’ “:

Come the first lie ‘150’
Second lie ‘mercenaries’            ??????????????????

Then dark-skinned mesh .. well-being and human beings ..

wondering how Hadhu Libyan Xena uniforms and patriotic people and their hearts with the country bankrupt ..

Lipo Iderioha racist and they said they are “mercenaries” ..

(# Of N_tflho)


Salem Ahmad Fatima Hamroush:
Check us this morning that the news of the site in the future Libya, regarding the attack on the “camp of Bir Sheep” at

dawn this morning 09/22/2014, free of health. We made sure this directly from the leadership of  “Lightning


  Fajar Libya BROTHERHOOD militias attached pictures client Sowaihili in Ramadan
Downtown area Azariya major areas Rishvana after seizing them:



“Zero hour”, reports:

Libya MB militias shield terrorists dug-up the graves of the victims who were buried in the tomb

of the newly cherished area and steadfast Rishvana.
Being God and yes, the agent in rats.



Operations room Zintan:

Army spokesman for the Libyan tribes .. Professor 

Khaled Abu Ramadan el-Dean Buamad shortly before the Fox News Channel ..

ask all medical organizations and medical elements immediately go to the outskirts of Zahra Nchal

bodies Janzur and MB shields and “Dawn Libya” .. and the piece after falling in ambushes arbitrator ..

Nsaboha them are free and Rishvana withstand .. also addressed the Hola seducer their mothers ..

advise their children not to go to the graveyard for themselves ..

and .. I swear by the end of the intervention, and Rishvana them that will not bury the bodies of any Hola

fooled them even if they dumped a hundred years remained with the land …

the land of thorns and said Athar it rot in this Alentlh corpses.



Hedda remaining of the dogs and NATO mercenaries at the center of today’s # Kerkozh



“The leadership of the National Army”, reporting:

There is no truth to the news published by the channel news “Brotherhood” on the entry area # al-Zahra and control them and but is the process of missile strikes carried out by the BROTHERHOOD Shields “militia” to try to enter after the destruction, but al-Zahra of the largest cities

# and Rishvana and fortified and under the control of the forces of Libyan tribes and the army National,

and clashes are still continuing in Kerkozh and Al.lh and Abossrh axis.


Poor humanitarian situation in the region and # Rishvana where suffering from power outages and shortages of food

and medical supplies and milk for children, as a result of the siege and indiscriminate bombardment imposed

by BROTHERHOOD militias shield Libya.



Operations room Zintan

# Aaaaaaaajl

Were defeated Shields Brotherhood followed Misurata of Madinat al-Zahra and currently

clashes in the region of the globe.


al-ZAHRA HOSPITAL is no more…

Operations room Zintan

# Aaaaaaagel

al-Zahra Hospital has been burned-down completely, at the hands of BROTHERHOOD terrorist gangs.


Process volcano – led by the national army

Provide forces brigade and # Rishvana in front Kerkozh and defeat the militias “shields” to the area Abusrh # corner, while the militias bombed neighboring regions missiles “Grad” and defender al-Hauser.


at one time, when there was the Great Jamahiriya, al-Zahra produced world-wide famously distribued WATER, (crystal clear and healthy)—unbelievable, as now there is a severe lack of any drinking water—OOOOOOOOOOOO dear NATO, there is so much you ruined and destroyed !

Alzahra Water





Zero hour:

Forces “Roma Libya” give a deadline for Xanthan and an estimated 5 days during which delivery all wanted, including Osama Al-Juweili, and Mukhtar Fernana Green, Ibrahim civil, Saif al-Islam, and Imed Trabelsi, (amongst others), with the delivery of all kinds of heavy weapons !!!

In the case of the deadline will be storming the city of ZINTAN by the 4 axes of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s armor Shield Militias.


The men who the Wahabi are demanding are my special heroes as well. Something must be done to stop this “REIGN of Terror” by the BROTHERHOOD...

Please, everyone out there who is of good nature, please pray for ZINTAN and these marvelous heroes.

ALLAH BE WITH Ihmed Trabelsi (shown in picture below):


ALLAH BE WITH Muktar Fernana Andar Green:


 ALLAH BE WITH Osama Salah Juweili:


ALLAH BE WITH Muhammad al-Madani, ‘Ibrahim civil’:


Saif al-Islam:


“Roma Libya” are paid, financed, trained and armed by the USA. Something must be done to stop Barack Obama,

or whatever is his name. Without him, none of this could be possibly happening—none of it !





“Zero hour”:
Preparing for the Brotherhood attack upon ZINTAN
# Urgent
Brigade and Rishvana announce the withdrawal of the military zone and ordered me

Rishvana of the Chief of General Staff to the area of ​​Zintan.




“Dawn Libya” Prepares A Enter 48 Hours Third Phase Operation Dawn Invade Libya al-Zintan … demilitarized zones aimed at the Removal Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi 23-09-2014

Operations room Zintan

# Aaaaaaaaaajl

The targeting and destruction of a group of rocket launchers, in the area Hlgodh, belonging to terrorist Abu Obeida, by the Libyan secret belonging to the military council of Zintan.


Libya BROTHERHOOD militias shield terrorist stormed the area and # Rishvana,

and acts of theft, looting, pillaging and burning of civilian homes.

News under confirmation

Page was hacked room brigade and Rishvana by some hacker belonging to the BROTHERHOOD militia,

the so-called “dawn Libya”.








Ali has shooting two people in front of the front gate of the University Challenge
Which led to the death of one person and the other in Intensive Care.
The Dead of the tribe al-Qmazfah # deaf and the other did not recognize him and

# Knythelsafrani illusion of Ansar al-evil.



 killed Colonel Younis’ son Alvesa forbid, in housing area, in a hail of bullets



The assassination of the so-called Balnasht Ali Misrati, while leaving dawn prayers from the mosque area al-Shebna. Benghazi, Libya

باﻟﻨﺎﺷﻂ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﻤﺼﺮﺍﺗﻲ،

The new Ambassador of Libya to the video of the Kingdom of Morocco, bowing to the King of …

Abu Bakr Al-misrati.. Libya’s new Ambassador in the Kingdom of Morocco presented his credentials to the monarch kneeling, triggering his behavior upset and angered many WAHABI-Islamists.






Operations room Zintan

(# Khtir_jadda)

Constitutional Court under the threat of gangs Roma Libya now and leaks that tomorrow

or the day after tomorrow will be issued against the rule of the House of Representatives under threat, of course ..

Cabinet reshuffle is:
Prime Minister: Abdullah bending
Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs: Mehdi Hassan felt key.
Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs: Abdul Salam al-Badri.
Deputy Prime Minister for the bodies: Abdarahman Tahir al-Aharh.


Sovereign ministries:
1 Ministry of Justice: Imran carp Grira
2 Interior Ministry: Omar al-Sanka
3 Ministry of Defense: vacant.
4 Ministry of Finance and Planning: Kamal Hassi.
Other ministries ::
1 Ministry of Health: Satisfaction explained.
2 Ministry of Education (basic and higher): Fathi Abdel-Hamid Magbari.
3 and the Ministry of Local Government: Mohamed Farouk Abdel-Salam
4 Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: Masood Ahmed SPI sound.
5 Ministry of Economy and Industry: Mounir Ali era.







9 dead so far in a car ammunition camp Bossfah of arming southern white.





Stop the clashes in the Ubari and signs of reconciliation between the Tuareg and Tabou tribes-

 Zintan‘s Muktar Andar Green making peace in South Libya:



Squatting in the city # Gallo blocked the field Abu baby # oil and prevent aircraft from takeoff to # Tripoli.



“Zero hour”, on FB, reporting
Members found the police station in Sabha yesterday Monday 09/22/2014 the body of a person was found dead shot dead handcuffed Degradable wearing a shirt gray half-sleeve and pants Blue and Bmainth found traces of penetrating gunshot wounds his back and no laceration bones back saluting found in the Wadi Anr behind the camp, 85 were transferred to Hospital Sabha medical and presented to the general practitioner and said that he is dead since the month or month and a half have been saved fridge Mercy Hospital Sabha Medical was searched pockets Bntlonh we did not find any paper Taatpt identity was presented the record to the public prosecutor and ordered the display this topic Aljtah the coroner to determine the cause of his death identified
WHDH pictures of the deceased


I am God and to him we shall return.



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