Missing Blood

a portrait of Mu

Muammar armed


In February 1996, the LFIG, with the British MI 6, tried to assasinate Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, at a ralley.

Here are the photos and the evidence.

LIBYA ABOSIRAJ ALLEEBI ليبيا ابوسراج الليبي

 Mu rally in 1996, when LIFG and Brits tried to assassinate him

الأحد، 4 أبريل، 2010 SUNDAY 04 APRIL 2010

الجماعة الاسلامية الليبية المقاتلة في سطور

The LIFG, released from Prison, by Saif-al-Islam:



And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Claaaaaaaaaaaam … Arabs.
Hallucinations Libby ..
Saturday 2014.09.27
And Rene Snonk!
Qubmala brief time in which he called on the satellite channels Recep bin Gazans had to say
Nehna state tourist is win in February h Nkhaloa Libya tourist destination in the world and we have raised our sea and our desert .. Libya hashish (drug trafficing) become rich is what Nanegwa oil! Oil will become a secondary source of income!

Bahbah sir nearby oil until it Nstgnoa or rather Bistgny us! Al-Jdharan uncle of good and Alksorh of good and of good Alhvatrh Talth! The Lahu Libyans are Evrashwa Beramil gasoline footnote on the roads!

And Dayrin Qirdalat grill on the tar! Still waging?
You still seen wearing one hat fronds and Aocherlk linking Flus! Or Libby Dyer Brad Shahi frowned p Almarcpeda and sells in Kues Tai and Dha cooked!

The Libyans have become the most important in Aogroa al-Ehiash tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
to each other and become cities after expelling the inhabitants were incubator and migration has become counterproductive from the cities to the countryside!

Each one sat speculate in the seventh grandfather of any tribe and housed in Amianath and Yuli Lewin buried his grandfather’s life! Bhbhawwa hammered! The Lahu pilgrims Qadna Nchanoa including shipping and Drnalhm tents and swam at airports instead of waiting rooms still Naguibolhm booster DJ and assume argument Balzcar! Raho and still gains Matalaach all !!!! Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatahirh your blessings!

Forgive me (Nhlos) Khokm words Arabs

ورفلة الشرفاء ضد ذيول مزراطه

…كلاااااااااااام عرب.
هلوسات ليبي ..
السبت 2014.09.27
وريني سنونك !!!
زمان فيه قبمالي يطلع على الفضائيات سماه رجب بن غزي كان يقول
نحنا دولة سياحية غير تنتصر فبراير ح نخلوا ليبيا قبلة سياحية في العالم عندنا أثار وعندنا بحر وعندنا صحراء.. ليبيا ح تصبح غنية من غير ما نحتاجوا النفط !! النفط سيصبح مصدر دخل ثانوي !!
بحبح يا سيدي حتى النفط قريب نستغنوا عليه او بالأحرى بيستغنى علينا !! عمك الجضران من جيهة والقساورة من جيهة والحفاترة من جيهة تالته !! واهو الليبيين أصبحوا يفرشوا ببراميل البنزينة على حاشية الطرق !!
ودايرين قرديلات شواء على القطران !!!شن مازال ؟؟
مازال يطلع عليك واحد لابس طاقية سعف ويأشرلك بربطة فلوس !! او ليبي داير براد شاهي معبس ع المرشبيدي ويبيع في كُويس تاي ودحي مطبوخ !!
واهم الليبين أصبحوا يأجروا في الحياش لبعضهم وأصبحت المدن طاردة للسكان بعد كانت حاضنة وأصبحت الهجرة عكسية من المدن للأرياف !!
وكل واحد قعد يتفكر في جده السابع من أي قبيلة ويضم في اميعناته ويولي لوين مدفون حياة جده !! بحبحوا دقوا !! واهو الحجاج قعدنا نشحنوا فيهم شحن ودرنالهم خيم وسبح في المطارات بدل صالات الانتظار مازال نجيبولهم منشطة دي جي وتولي حجة بالزكار !! وراهو مازال المكتسبات ماطلعتش كلها !!!! بركاتك يااااااااااااااااااطاهرة !!
وسامحوني (نهلوس ) خوكم كلام عرب

a few months ago: Egypt’s anti-narcotics authority on Monday announced it had seized 22 tonnes of hashish from a ship off the Mediterranean coast between Egyptian and Libyan …a few days later, a bust was made at CITY of 5 authorities—But apparently, this is but a spec of the imports/exports. In Benghazi there was a huge shipment refused before making Port, and this disturbed the Brotherhood ganglords who normally operated the Port…There ensued a huge ensuing battle at the Port, and about 17 Officers were  killed in the action.


Corrupt and lover craving Nuri Bushmin, leave New York in ihis direction back to Libya after officials refused

to meet him in the U.N. Assembly, and allow him to enter the headquarters of the Assembly.

This is your level Iabhaúm world became even Aatik ghost in your faces.

God curse you and your origin cursed corrupt Aaozhuh scandals.






Vote in street clashes cedi.



And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Prof. Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk (carp):
أ.د. صالح ابراهيم المبروك

Liberated Tripoli, the last stronghold of the brutal burning houses and Rishvana steadfast.

Navigate the pages of social networking mercenaries Mongols from the CORNER, and Misrata and follow-Qaeda and Daash and clients NATO and mercenaries remnants of minority Turkish and European.

They re series of what he has done Mongols in Baghdad; and, practiced by the fascist Italians in Libya, and scorched earth policy in Algeria,

but, the result is the liberation of the Libyan people of Italian colonialism Lula that enables the enemies of recruitment Mustafa Abdul Jalil and Shalgam and pots and Aalghematy and other customers young and concluded a alliance between them

and the savages Islamists to re-colonize Libya again in 2011.

liberated Algeria and defeated France and liberated Baghdad that enables customers to the likes of Chalabi and Allawi delivered on a platter of Dahab to America and the Iranians.

Today, burned houses and Rishvana of monsters Misurata and their stooges in the CORNER and Mkhbrehm in Janzour; but to understand Hola monsters: that Tripoli had been liberated by burning houses and Rishvanalan tribe and Rchgana which exceeds the population of half a million, have 80% of Trlals

and Atoqunha of Thelat views may become editor in the hands of Black and Rchgana and Andal Misurata. They can not stay long to advocate Diolhm in Taraals; and Rishvana will find clients the CORNER and Janzour themselves in trouble and at the mercy of the Champions seven Atabol

just as found Andal Misurata themselves in trouble when they entered Bani Walid fled under cover of Al-Talam just as united them in 1920 when they left Jtaat client Sowaihili and hundreds remnants of the Turks Taklhaaldiab.

We have lost homes in and Rishvana martyrs and righteous, but we liberated Tripoli and Libyans can celebrate and Aihznoa they incline.

أ.د. صالح ابراهيم المبروك
تحررت طرابلس اخر معقل للمتوحشين بحرق بيوت ورشفانة الصامدة.
تنقل صفحات التواصل اﻻجتماعى مرتزقة المغول من الزاوية ومصراتة واتباع القاعدة وداعش وعمﻻء الناتو ومرتزقة بقايا اﻻقليات التركية واﻻوربية وهم يعيدون مسلسل مافعله المغول ببغداد وما مارسه الفاشست الايطاليين فى ليبيا وسياسة اﻻرض المحروقة فى الجزائر ولكن النتيجة هى تحرر الشعب الليبى من اﻻستعمار اﻻيطالى لوﻻ ان تمكن اﻻعداء من تجنيد مصطفى عبدالجليل وشلقم وقدور والقماطى وغيرهم من العمﻻء الصغار وابرموا حلفا بينهم وبين المتوحشين اﻻسﻻميين ليعاد استعمار ليبيا من جديد فى 2011 وتحررت الجزائر وهزمت فرنسا وتحررت بغداد الى ان تمكن العمﻻء من امثال شلبى وعﻻوى من تسليمها على طبق من دهب ﻻمريكا واﻻيرانيين.
واليوم تحرق بيوت ورشفانة من وحوش مصراته وعمﻻئهم فى الزاوية ومخبريهم فى جنزور ولكن ليفهم هوﻻء الوحوش ان طرابلس قد تحررت بحرق بيوت ورشفانةﻻن قبيلة ورشغانة التى يفوق سكانها نصف مليون يملكون 80% من طرليلس ويطوقونها من ثﻻت جهات قد اصبحت محررة فى يد اسود ورشغانة وان اندال مصراتة لن يستطيعوا البقاء طويﻻ لمناصرة ديولهم فى طرايلس وورشفانة وسوف يجد عمﻻء الزاوية وجنزور انفسهم فى ورطة وتحت رحمة ابطال السبع اطبول تماما مثلما وجد اندال مصراته انفسهم فى ورطه عندما دخلوا بنى وليد فهربوا تحت جنح الطﻻم تماما كما حدت لهم عام 1920 عندما تركوا جتت العميل السويحلى ومئات من بقايا اﻻتراك تاكلهاالدئاب.
لقد خسرنا بيوت فى ورشفانة وشهداء ابرار ولكننا حررنا طرابلس وعلى الليبيين ان يحتفلوا وﻻيحزنوا وهم اﻻعلون.

Picture Above: Dr. Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, (carp)

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

How was Aasenthan
2001 Rahmlkm birds Alobabil Today Ôäć your claim
God Tagine What Khaskm him Aasenthan
Treason difficult
Gento Libya and Gento and Gdrtoa Baakhutkm in tribes
Now Ahsdon Mazrat hands
And liberated Libya from the Brotherhood Without birds Al-Obabil




And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

Attack, which occurred shortly before the street corner is that Brotherhood Militia Tiger MISURATA

corrupt stormed the house of the girl

and took her from inside the house, which led to clashes with the emotion and the region’s youth.



And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath

And our response now
Brigade Saadawi participated in the destruction of District huts and burning homes after they were brought into the process of Fajar Libya.

Now the magic turned against the magician Raouf ‘hater’ and forces from Misurata attack on the headquarters of a brigade Saadawi has been brought under control and is now shooting area Fashloum

We have said from the first this topic gangs are not safe here. You just pawns have Thmilo Magnet hands.

Picture: ‘hater’ s forces on Omar Mucktar Street


Delivery Director, Office Libyan authorities today

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi turned himself in on 20 NOVEMBER 2012 ?

No, This is not Mu’ammar…It is his secretary who posed as Mu’ammar for many years—supposedly, 42 years (since November 1969).

Signs online-agencies-2012-11-21 08: 51: 13
Libyan media sources said the Libyan armed group agreed to extradite Ahmed Ramadan al-Asibei, Director Office of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who has been delivered to the (RAT) Libyan authorities on Wednesday, 20 NOV. 2012.

According to the sources, the arrangements in the capital Tripoli to receive al-Asibei, completing the move Panel to investigate years al-Qathafi‘s 42 years of al-Asibei-with former intelligence chief Abdallah Senussi. a black box for al-Qathafi. (Ramadan was officially made Mu’ammar’s “Secretary”, in October 1990.)

al-Asibei joined the list of detainees in the State with the Senussi and external security chief earlier Abu Zaid Dorda, Mustafa al-Kharroubi Rafik al-Gaddafi.

تسليم مدير مكتب القذافي للسلطات اليوم
علامات أونلاين – وكالات – 2012-11-21 08:51:13
قالت مصادر إعلامية ليبية أن جماعة مسلحة ليبية وافقت على تسليم أحمد رمضان الأصيبعي مدير مكتب معمر القذافي المعتقل لديها إلى السلطات الليبية اليوم الأربعاء.
وبحسب المصادر فإن ترتيبات كبيرة في العاصمة طرابلس تجري لاستلام الأصيبعي، لتكتمل بهذه الخطوة حلقة التحقيق في سنوات حكم القذافي الـ42 عاما، إذ يعد الأصيبعي -مع رئيس المخابرات السابق عبد الله السنوسي- بمثابة الصندوق الأسود للقذافي.
وسينضم الأصيبعي إلى قائمة الموقوفين لدى الدولة مع السنوسي ورئيس جهاز الأمن الخارجي سابقا أبو زيد دوردة ومصطفى الخروبي رفيق القذافي.


Director, Office Libyan authorities receive al-Qathafi‘s  Cinzia al-Asibei.

A Libyan militant group Wednesday approved on 21 November 2012 to hand over the  Chief of Mu’ammar al-Qathhafi,  Cinzia al-Asibei who currently have to the Libyan authorities.

And the Libyan media reported Wednesday 21 November 2o12, that there are arrangements in the Libyan capital of Tripoli to receive al-Asibei to complete the steps of the investigation carried out by the Libyan authorities about Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

And Yatbr al-Asibei, the former head of Libyan intelligence, Abdullah Sanussi, a “black box”  for the military intelligence behind Mu’ammar al- Qathafi, it would join the list of detainees in al-Asibei State Libyan with Senussi, former external security chief Abu Zaid Dorda, Mustafa Al-Kharroubi Rafik Al-Gaddafi.

The Director of the Office of information-the secrets of al-Qathafi‘s station, the organizer of the former relations with international and Arabic intelligence and all forms-Libyan relations.

And is expected to start investigation interrogation of al-Asibei in many cases, including the secrets of al-Qathhafi and Libyan funds files, and arms deals, and all missing files through-out the Great Jamahiriya.

Coincided with the receipt and handed over the new MB Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani reins of the judiciary,

Salah al-Mirghani

at a time when it is looking forward to the start of the trials of Libyans Gaddafi agents.

And was al-Asibei days ago, revealed the names of persons (pre-dominantly MUSA KUSA, who fell into a brawl with Mussa Sadr), who are believed to be behind the disappearance of Imam Mussa Sadr, founder of the Shiite AMAL movement in Lebanon, which was last seen in Libya on 31 August 1978.

Our conversation Wednesday, 21 November  2012.


Ahmed Ramadan  al-Asibei was executed yesterday, 27 SEPTEMBER 2014, by the Brotherhood police under Khaled Sharif.:

And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath
Martyrdom captive … Ahmed Ramadan al-Osabaa personal secretary to Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, the hero (Pen Commander) since September 1969 …
He was arrested by the militia # # Gado after the occupation of Tripoli, where he remained in custody until his execution … When we think of God as a martyr
And unto God and to him we shall return.
God bless all honest home … and inspired us all the patience and fortitude to parting honorable sons every day.



“When one speaks concerning (the termination of) Ahmed Ramadan, it must be understood that any other party without justification turning Execution instruction will not be accepted.”
{It is still playing the lead musician constant}

= عندما يتكلم احمد رمضان فيجب ان يفهم الطرف الاخر ان اي مبررات تحول دون تنفيد التعليمات لن تكون مقبولة
ولا زال عزف الرصاص مستمرآ { الموسيقار }

 Libya Cinzia al-Haji Ahmed (Ben)  Ramadan (Romhane) Asabaa of Issam Abu Akecichth al-Qathafi.


 (Muammar al-Qathafi admits that Ahmed is his twin brother from his mother ??? 07 SEPT. 2011)

The ambulance video circulating (falsely attributed to Mu’ammar for 20 OCT. 2011),

was Ahmed Ramadan on 06 SEPT. 2011,

when authorities of the hospital claim Ramadan tried to commit Suicide:

Revolutionaries Gadu arrest Ahmed Ramadan, Director of al-Qathafi. on 15 SEPT. 2011, as he was recouperating in the hospital,

after an allegedly failed “suicide” attempt.

Ahmed Ramadan Al Khadra revolutionaries presentation with special attention .
He got the news of Tripoli’s Envoy Jamal laribi pictures exclusive from revolutionaries Gadu who arrested al-Qathafi’s Office Director,

Ramadan _ called by al-Qathafi _ the SE,


Ahmed Ramadan al-Asibei, 3 Ahmed Ramadan al-Asibei, 2 Ahmed Ramadan al-Asibei, 1






“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, reports

News about the movement of the so-called Brotherhood militias donkeys Gjrlibia progress towards Ghadames airport

and the border region between Libya and Algeria.












Abdulrahman Sowaihili “of the right of Jews to return to Libya.”



 And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath:

This is what they have brought to you the sons of the sons of the Sacred Jewish MISURATI Iaahl Tripoli
This Mainzeroa him to daughters
And Zdwa Atabjulhm couscous Aahrarir Tajoura and market and seek Zdwa silent on these al-Ancksharien Sons of the Sacred.





26 سرت المحتله SIRTE OCCUPIED

سرت المحتله

Lieux publics · 609 J’aime

Photo de ‎سرت المحتله‎.
سرت المحتله


“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, reporting:

Where is the tribal council of the extermination process tribe al-Qmazfah

(al-Qathafi’s tribe, as well as the tribe of Mohammed Hassan).

 They spread as far south as Sabha (see SABHA, below*),

and east as far as Ajdabiya.






Targeting a police station Ztun Tiz by an improvised explosive device material damage to the building

and burning several cars inside the center.

Armed clashes between the middle-gun forces of the national army and Brotherhood militia

led by Fajar Libya Adel_daab Association.








Al-Qmazvh Sabha -We here

Nag Alqmazvh Sabha -We here
Tribe Al-Qmazvh epics written in terms of history Vavtakr you from this tribe


نجع القذاذفه سبها -نحن هنا

*: Communauté (see SIRTE above)

Photo de ‎نجع القذاذفه سبها -نحن هنا‎.
نجع القذاذفه سبها -نحن هنا


Tgyev inventory corrupt Abed Abu Bakr al-Miasa battalion commander

of donkeys trace MB Shield Grime and abjection and al-Ersalh city of Sabha
Hell to abide therein with God’s help
And Aqaba to the rest of the beasts Jardan

Wounding house of Khalifa Bunoarh Gaddafi tank shell by MB militias Jardan sons Solomon Almkhanb

flew closed .oadt to destroy the fire and thank God there are no casualties family are heading for the exit before the injury.


 Log MB militias Jardan sons Solomon muggers Avrokh Sacred flew closed house citizen Mohammad Majid al-Shaibani Alkhtry,

and burned him, and Hrko cars, and Ivrgo House, is aware of the house where the girls and their Mother were left therein.

“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, reporting:

Will you continue with the silence of silence as you did with the land of thorns and Rishvana or what you are doing
Suleiman militias children are terribly random bombardment and burning, looting and killing on the identity Sabha in a few hours ago and so far we have not heard a word, and did not observe move ya Council tribes dishonest.

Or are you just a cover for the crimes of traitors ?
Was now convinced that the so-called Council of the tribes, but what is the point of another to destroy the honorable ?


Stan Sabha
Are now bombing Ramla mosque of Ibn Taymiyyah, in the neighborhood of Qadisiya Mansheya tanks and mortars by MB gangs Jardan sons Solomon

Sracan jerky and cans of tuna and Arzak people and dogs Ziol Misurata ..


“And honorable Rafla against tails Mzrath”, tells us:

# Drdnal_aajl_sabha
Mansheya clashes in the city of Sabha resulted in the deaths of three:

“Eshtewi bin Nile Gaddafi” | “Issa Abdul Salam Aljtalawi” | “Abubakar Ahmed Iborimh

Sabhastan, reports:

A mortar shell fell on a house student Ibrahim Wolf led to his death on the spot.

Clashes with heavy weapons shortly before

We told you of your lunch Boukok Saatashy
But for those who live by calling
There comes the role of Yakbaúl unavoidable that
This result Tkhadlkm.

Sabhastan, reports:

Inventory injury corrupt Massoud Gedo Slimani field commander of the battalion Gradn Criterion ..



The list of  al-Jamahiriya  prisoners, taken by the transitional GNC NATO “government” some living and some already deceased (as some have been assainated in Benghazi by Brotherhood hired snipers):

 (Please remember, where they say “criminals”, is not proven nor were these people ever “tried” in a court of law !)

1. Ibrahim Abu Corral (the revolutionary committees to visitors)

2. Ibrahim mesaieed majdoub al-Gaddafi (brother of Mohammed Majzoub, revolutionary committees)

3. Ibrahim alhavian (Colonel Security Coordinator Office contact the revolutionary courts achieved with youth may 84)

4. Ibrahim follicular Coordinator Office security tools in alnwail

5. Ibrahim zurbi (Revolutionary Committees Prairie official revolutionary action)

6. Ibrahim almoshm, Dean of Homeland Security Director

7. Ibrahim Abdel Rahman find (General People’s Conference secretariat of the General People’s Congress)

8. Ibrahim said Sudanese (Revolutionary Committees of Homeland Security)

9. Ibrahim BOKZAM (Revolutionary Committees Liaison Office)

10. Ibrahim Aly Ibrahim height (the revolutionary committees oil Sirte)

11. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al-Gaddafi (Office Captain information Affairs of the General People’s Congress of the people’s committees)

12. Ibrahim Abdel Salam al-Gaddafi (Coordinator of the educational institutions of the Liaison Office of the revolutionary committees)

13. Ibrahim Mohammed of the UNLA (terrorist revolutionary committees was involved in the assassination of Ahmed aborkiah (London))

14. Ibrahim Masoud Naeli external security provider wanted in France a cousin Mohammed Naeli

15. abrini-(Revolutionary Committees Sabha)

16. Abu shaev the sodomy (terrorist was involved in the assassination of Fortas and angular (Athens))

17 ehtewish (committees of the revolutionary events of April 7, Inspector General of the housing and environment)

18. Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour al-Gaddafi Fakih revolution Assistant Secretary of the General People’s Congress is famous for dark

19. Ahmad father flew him (external security)

20. Ahmed Kilani kadhafi (Revolutionary Committees repressive terrorist Brother Ali Kilani 9

21. Ahmed Maltese (the revolutionary committees to visitors)

22. Ahmed mahgoub (Colonel commissions Benghazi)

23. Ahmed alnoisari (Revolutionary Committees events April 7)

24. Marcel alasibei (Colonel Gaddafi’s pen, Secretary of the Director of the information Office of Commander)

25. Claudia revolutionary committees Friday market an oppressive authoritarian education

26. Ahmed knoun (committees and Dan)

27. Ahmad Al Hosni krishin seller (Revolutionary Committee)

28. Karima (five revolutionary committees)

29. Ahmad Muhammad Sharif alsoini (revolutionary assassination of Sheikh albosty Al-Andalus district people’s Congress)

30. Ahmed Mohamed Bashir judge (the revolutionary committees media Revolucionaria)

31. Ahmed Mohammed al-Gaddafi’s blood (Special guards Battalion Chief money laundering investments relations)

32. ahanish qata’ni told Abdel Atti (Revolutionary Committees of Tobruk)

33. Idris Oubida (Revolutionary Committees Sabha return from Chad oppressive-terrorist)

34. Idris Muammar seller (Revolutionary Committees Sabha)

35. Ismail Abu Corral (the revolutionary committees to visitors)

36. Ismail alkarami (Colonel Homeland Security Department information Liaison Office arrested Sheikh albosty)

37. Ismail Pascale (Revolutionary Committees visitors)

38. emherb Abdul Hamid emherb (Revolutionary Committee)

39. M’Hamed akhmirh (Revolutionary Committees visitors)

40. Embarek shamekh (Revolutionary Committees secretariat of the General People’s Committee secretariat of transportation planning)

41. amraga Mohammed alazerf (committees of Ameria)

42. the foreigner forms kadhafi (private guards battalion of the security battalions (tarabli)

43. Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi (revolutionary committees an Assistant Secretary of the General People’s Committee)

44. Ahmed Al Bahlul ghariani (educational ideological tajoura)

45. Al Bahlul key santhi (tried assaulting the martyr aldenali 82)

46. Khaled seller (military intelligence made with young may 84 senior security officials currently)

47. TOUATI, Mehdi mnsoralkozavi (homeland security information Office leader)

48. Sanna Khalifa Omar (the revolutionary committees to visitors)

49. the sudden Ahmed Abdel Rahman al-Gaddafi (Revolutionary Committees Surt)

50. the sudden alzarouk the sudden (revolutionary committees included green)

51. senussi Ministerial (Homeland Security terrorist was involved in the kidnapping of Benghazi, Mansour al-kekhia)

52. Al-sanussi Al-senussi (Revolutionary Committees Sabha)

53. sharief tarhouni revolutionary courts Benghazi

54. Shibani lamp alnkrat revolutionary committees

55. little Mohamed Hamouda Abdel Nabi committees gharyan

56. the good net-exile social security popular communication Office of Tobruk is a terrorist

57. Waqar Masood seller revolutionary committees

Ahmed Ashour-homeland security-member of the revolutionary committees and who is involved in the investigation of almottaglin not

58. a terrorist involved in carp gammoudi assassination Yusuf kherbish (Rome)

59. the CARP allovea revolutionary committees

60. Carp Ibrahim shaban Al-Megrahi Colonel bgharian military garrison command of the security battalions

61. Carp Khalifa cadastral socialist revolutionary committees

62. the CARP on the terrorist assassination of Mahmoud nafe’a controversy in Britain

63. to Magzoub Gaddafi Office of information’s General command

64. Elmarghani Juma of the revolutionary committees of the revolutionary mass newspaper media

65. Mahdi Abu 4lyf Fihri revolutionary committees Liaison Office of ideological education camps

66. Mehdi Al-alwani revolutionary committees group alzadmah (formerly)

67. Mahdi Abu Dinah revolutionary committees of Homeland Security

68. Mahdi Muhammad Emberesh Bureau Bonn revolutionary media made with shuaibi University lecturer currently

69. Pacific super system in city of zliten repressive terrorist thefts bribes

70. the security battalion, Colonel Gaddafi hamali Sabha

71. azoul senussi boshkikh contact the revolutionary committees of Tripoli

72. Simona alvesatoi Colonel kadhafi nafusa tool

73. condemned the terrorist revolutionary committees of Tobruk

74. see MIDA revolutionary committees to attack the Palace mosque was involved in the assassination of Mahdavi (Yun)

75. Bashir Saleh almazoughi, the revolutionary committees of Tripoli

76. Jaber Mohammed a terrorist involved in the Sassi zaghdoud murder victim Yusuf kherbish, Rome

77. jazia happy ahabiirh nun revolutionary revolutionary committees in Western mountain

78. the beauty of ahanish revolutionary committees Friday market

79. Gamal Mabrouk Ali Amer revolutionary committees of the revolutionary media

80. Juma Buick revolutionary committees Tripoli was involved in the crime of execution victim cabar, University of Tripoli

81. a revolutionary committees Sabha alkhasi Dou mansheya

82. Juma Salim revolutionary committees Spain 86

83. Juma safety camp April 7, Benghazi

84. Juma swissi revolutionary committees, former Ambassador (Yemen and Mauritania) social leadership in gharyan

85. Gomaa Abdel-Aziz Mikael repressive terrorist bribees tool in the Meadow

86. pretty dughman nun executed eshwihdi concerned in the bodies of the martyrs

87. the Special Adviser umbara kadhafi aide Musa KUSA

88. Nauman revolutionary committees at the University of Benghazi

89. by boussefi, Member of the Chamber of citizens, torture a terrorist repressive security Sabha

90. good scavenger Hassi Colonel Tripoli terrorist events of agricultural enterprises may security brigades

91. Hasan alodaoi revolutionary committees meadow

92. Hassan Saleh Awad Dan revolutionary committees Gallo

93. Hosni louhichi sincere revolutionary committees corner terrorist Amin a popular control currently

94. Hussain al-Ghazali’s revolutionary committees

95. Hussain Al-Megrahi revolutionary committees military intelligence

96. Hussein Mohammed Al-Sharif terrorist revolutionary people’s Congress bemrzk

97. Hussein Mohammed Mahmoud glacier revolutionary committees of ideological education

98. Hamdan Boussora kadhafi your guard

99. Hamouda Salem father help almhroa the revolutionary committees of the people’s committees bzlitan

100. Khaled khouildi Hamidi embezzlement headed the charity expected to marry Aisha

101. behind the God of Poker revolutionary Sabha committees

102. Khalifa ahanish aldrbashi Gaddafi Colonel Bab Al-aziziya private security security brigades

103. fiber bin Cafu girdle terrorist nalut

104. Khalifa War Office people’s revolutionary committees

105. Khairi Al Khaled Al-Gaddafi’s son-in-law (former) military police Colonel (recently died)

106. charity Saad Adel nun accompanied kadhafi travels

107. sophisticated Mustafa alshahibi revolutionary committees son-in-law Ahmed Adel revolutionary guard

108. Al-nazzal Ben revolutionary committees El biar hang out late noueiri

109. Rajab Bouzid Sultan Al-Gaddafi Colonel written by private guards Brigade deterrence Benghazi

110. Rajab Abdel Nabi Uwaydat revolutionary committees meadow

111. Rajab, wife of system tools in the camp or order slaves soumanou repressive broker

112. Rajab bodbos key revolutionary committees landscape revolutionary thought secretariat of the information and guidance of the revolutionary

113. Radwan layer Hasnaoui revolutionary committees Sabha

114. Ramadan Ibrahim Abdel Salam of the revolutionary committees

115. Ramadan Bashir – the revolutionary committees, Faculty of agriculture.

116. Ramadan emherb truongxv revolutionary committees simmering white cities

117. Ramadan penitent they cannot re-become men world popular Office bbern

118. Ramadan Daman revolutionary, Member of the Secretariat already

119. bright alberte-nun of kadhafi’s revolutionary special relationships

120. Zaidan basher’s revolutionary committees official revolutionary action group (MARG)

121. the revolutionary committees, Zidane manna rezgui

122. Salem Murari revolutionary committees of the five wetrhonh

123. Salem rubab personal close to Gaddafi

124. Salem terrorist involved in Tung bound to assassinating Abdul-Hamid bakoush in Egypt

125. Salim alroimi, Yerevan, Armenia. thug wabofrah Ain Zara prison responsible for torture (prison)

126. pain zanaty revolutionary committees Benghazi

127. Salem carp starter in popular Prairie terrorist bossy people

128. Salem almshay revolutionary committees involved in the crime of execution victims, civil penalties and cabar

129. Salim Omar Ben security officer retired terrorist implicated in the kidnapping of Mansour al-kekhia

130. Salim Ibrahim Bin Amir revolutionary committees of the Revolutionary Guard Benghazi

131. Salem Khalifa revolutionary committees tuber

132. Salim Ramadan aldkam sarman revolutionary committees

133. a terrorist revolutionary committees Nbus Salem Benghazi

134. Salem Abdul Kabir revolutionary committees Merzak waobari

135. Salem Al Riziq key terrorist Al Mahmud nafei

136. Saad yellow people’s Committee qaminis a terrorist kidnapping of Mansour al-kekhia

137. counting Aljowaily internal security operations room repressive terrorist zliten

138. d-DIN bin Amer revolutionary committees commissions of inquiry (80 events) Benghazi system students Union

139. Saad Hamid Mahmoud al-Gaddafi’s revolutionary committees

140. Sa’d Masud Saad al-Gaddafi Colonel private guards a terrorist revolutionary committees

141. happy alnaeli revolutionary committees University of garyounis bribees

142. Saeed Rashid Al-Megrahi his Jutes external security 1980s Corporation electrons now

142. Sa’id Ramadan Al-tarhouni terrorist was involved in the assassination of Joseph kherbish (Rome)

143. by Gerry alshahibi revolutionary committees Benghazi

144. said Omar Souleymane revolutionary committees nalut

145. happy oreibi Hafiana of Wahhabism revolutionary committees they cannot re-become men world France formerly

146. happy Uwaydat rocket battalion, Colonel Qaddafi’s private guard oil services company Manager

147. Solomon OGRE revolutionary committees Benghazi

148. Suleiman Sasi Shahoumi, Foreign Affairs of the General People’s Congress

149. sound revolutionary committees Benghazi Hamuda

150. Salwa Fathi bin Amer the revolutionary committees of the revolutionary guards, revolutionary media

151. master-blood kadhafi kadhafi tools during the 1970s and 1980s

152. thanks allovea Al Hasni external security Bani Walid Khalifa group ahanish

153. my police Colonel frial Varna

154. the benefit albundo a terrorist involved in terrorist operations abroad

155. the sleepy terrorist involved in the assassination of Mohammed’s five-year (Rome)

156. Saleh Ibrahim Adel terrorist revolutionary committees carp Academy of graduate studies, Tripoli

157. in favour of young trials may fever 84 Benghazi

158. Saleh Al Rajhi student mass Guard Bureau of the revolutionary committees

159. Saleh Rajab riani Homeland Security Director

160. Saleh Rajab Al-mismari General Secretariat of Justice clerk

161. Saleh Husein revolutionary committees Benghazi terrorist

162. the terrorist kadhafi brother-in-law mourning Farkash

163. Hawk Abdella Midoun Abubakar internal security section, the military body set alzadmah

164. hawks Bo minyar nun revolutionary terrorist authoritarian families in the city of Sebha

165. Salah bin Amer revolutionary committees Benghazi

166. Dou departure seller revolutionary committees

167. Dou lamp seller revolutionary committees

168. Gibraltar, Moroccan revolutionary committees Benghazi

169. Aref Al-nazzal Ben commissions althorbh El biar hang martyr noueiri

170. high Jacob truongxv nun revolutionary executed commissions for eshwihdi

171. Amer revolutionary committees Benghazi’s departure

172. Abdul Basit’s Revolutionary Committees act

173. Abdel Hakim Al-Attia alhenshiri of the mass expulsion from Britain guard revolutionary committees

174. Abdel Hakim Mohamed ghariani Tripoli committees

175. Abdelhamid El hakami events April 7 Foreign Liaison Bureau in Paris

176. Abdelhamid alkmishi revolutionary committees assassination of Sheikh albosty Group torture Tripoli

177. Abd al-Hamid ibn Musa revolutionary committees Benghazi

178. Ammar Abdel Hamid, the revolutionary committees of the General People’s Congress

179. Abdel Rahman Al-Saadi Gaddafi, the revolutionary committees

180. Abdelrahman Abbar people’s Committee of a terrorist hijacking Benghazi Mansour kekhia

181. Abdul Rahim alhiblo kadhafi repressive authoritarian revolutionary committees

182. Abdul Rahim lvers revolutionary committees Green Mountain

183. Abdel Razik alsosaa truongxv revolutionary committees, revolutionary courts executed Sadeq eshwihdi

184. Abdel Salam abukaila Al-Megrahi Colonel military revolutionary committees liberation movements

185. Abdel Salam Pascale revolutionary committees with

186. Abdel Salam Abdel Malik Al-tarhouni revolutionary committees yafran

187. ‘ Abdul Salam Mohammed Gaddafi Colonel special guard General command

188. abdelati Al oraibi revolutionary committees Benghazi

189. ‘ Abdul ‘ Aziz Abu rzibeh Congress visitors

190. Abdulaziz Rashid revolutionary committees Benghazi

191. Abdel Fattah al-shewirf, the revolutionary committees yafran

192. Abdelkader Baghdadi revolutionary students Union commissions system fired on students 84 terrorist

193. Abdelkader elhodairi revolutionary committees Director Akhdar

194. ‘ Abdul Qader Al-zwai revolutionary committees Benghazi

195. Bushra Abdel-Qader, Director of security for the box jrddeas meadow

196. Abdul-Karim Farhat white homeland security chasing Muslim youth

197. the special guard, Abdullah Al-tarhouni Tripoli

198. Abdullah sanussi Al-Megrahi a mass military intelligence security Adeel Gaddafi

199. Abdallah small revolutionary committees Benghazi

200. Abdallah Taher Al-fazani revolutionary committees of Faculty of Arts University of garyounis

201. Abdullah allovea Zubaydah communications officer of the revolutionary committees

202. Abdulla hamali revolutionary committees Benghazi

203. Abdullah hsaeralkzavi revolutionary committees

204. Abdallah Ashur al Mansouri of kadhafi in a terrorist with a hypocrite

205. Abdallah Othman’s revolutionary committees radio and television studies Green Book

206. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Baghdadi revolutionary students Union the Libyan News Agency

207. Abdullah Mahmoud Hijazi military intelligence Colonel, Eastern military region

208. Abdullah Mansour, former Revolutionary Guard external security (Director) revolutionary media (offline)

209. Abdel Latif Altair revolutionary committees

210. Abdullatif Hussein Al-Fiqh of the revolutionary committees

211. Abdel Mawla uttered in the revolutionary committees of Tripoli

212. Abdel Nasser Al-Zentani cell of the revolutionary committees of ideological education

213. Abdel Nasser ombiya a terrorist was involved in the assassination of martyr Mohammed quinquennial (Rome)

214. Abdul Hadi Abdul Salam’s nephew’s revolutionary committees, Director of the Department of Homeland Security

215. Abdel Hadi Ayad Captain homeland security turf dealer mkhzerat

216. Abdulhadi Muhammad Gaddafi kdaraoi Nigerian origin Moses a terrorist

217. AW aboulvnshh Captain internal security men arrested 95

218. AW alshalmani internal security apparatus against heresy hunt Muslim youth meadow

219. Othman Al-manaawi elhodairi executions April 7 faculty Coordinator of the revolutionary committees (oil)

220. Osman Ministerial Colonel General internal security investigations of Benghazi

221. Vytautas alhenshiri from the Tajura passport internal security of Tripoli

222. Azzam Ahmed assassination teams

223. wife of Omar Karim terrorist revolutionary committees was involved in the assassination of Ahmed aborkiah (London)

224. the Abu sbesi prison Colonel

225. the arhab qathafi known as revolutionary committees Benghazi terrorism camps April 7

226. the Abu Bakr alkhdori revolutionary committees of the security battalion (Prairie) popular Prairie repressive terrorist

227. Stephanie Sager revolutionary committees

228. on alfazaa the revolutionary committees sarman

229. the terrorist involved in Tim fitouri assassination of Ahmed aborkiah (London)

230. Kayla eltagoury terrorist revolutionary committees assassination of Sheikh albosty

231. the small revolutionary courts

232. the Tahar Hamza revolutionary committees Tripoli

233. the Deputy Colonel Adel Ahmed Al kharoubi military courts kadhafi tool (Bani Walid)

234. on Neville the revolutionary committees of the revolutionary media radio

235. the massive terrorist revolutionary committees disgrace zliten

236. on almgab security aldakhi kadhafi’s brother-in-law Chase white Muslim youth

237. the CARP charafeddine Colonel assignments in Africa terrorist weapons smuggling, money laundering

238. the revolutionary committees tajoura Naeli

239. Hadi Saleh Homeland Security Committee member revolutionary corner angle

240. the birth of bogazet almadani revolutionary committees secretariat of culture and information and guidance

241. on Thu mamralkozavi bossy big bribees repressive

242. the wind of the Liaison Office of the revolutionary committees

243. the terrorist ghazalvath Manager Jay engineering construction

244. the revolutionary committees, to the Americans of the repressive terrorist

245. on my PLAM terrorist special forces involved in the assassination of kherbish (Rome)

246. on Abdullah Ashour terrorist revolutionary committees Tripoli

247. on a terror Knight revolutionary committees 80 was expelled from the Palace mosque, Cyprus 86

248. Ali Mohammed popular revolutionary media offices yellow terror

249. on the horse’s poetic Morsi DIY kadhafi the Prairie they cannot re-become men mother

250. ant alakori Colonel General internal security investigations of Benghazi

251. amarabed Hamid ahatiosh revolutionary committees the Justice Secretary to corner the Palace mosque

252. Ammar Mabrouk Al-ajili spectrum Homeland Security Public Security Bureau secretariat of tourism

253. amrahanish-revolutionary committees of popular African terrorist offices

254. Omar truongxv of the revolutionary committees garyounis University (Faculty of Economics) they cannot re-become men revolutionary League

255. the age of carp aboshaalh revolutionary committees of the revolutionary media

256. Omar a terrorist assassination gammoudi carp Joseph kherbish in Italy

257. Omar Lafi famous age of luggage trolleys Member room security Sabha repressive

258. the Sudanese revolutionary committees divine age April 7 murder of the foreigner in Cyprus of smuggling arms to Africa

259. Omar Hassouna, Chairman of the municipal guard of misratah bribees morally corrupt daredevil

260. Omar koidralorfli internal security system tools known

261. Omar Hamad truongxv’s revolutionary committees, Benghazi

262. Omar fresh tender of the revolutionary committees corner

263. Omar Mohamed Gaddafi’s revolutionary committees Conference the people forms the Liaison Office Deputy majdoub

264. the age of Nice truongxv internal security investigation with the detainees Prairie (84 86 90)

265. Fraxinus Sudanese said executions may 84 Benghazi

266. Imran boukraa seller revolutionary committees official power company currently

267. offset seller revolutionary committees Benghazi

268. Ayad Al-arbash revolutionary committees ajaylat

269. Ayad mratam terror Tripoli

270. Issa şibot revolutionary committees nalut

271. Issa Umesh revolutionary committees Benghazi

272. Fatima almkormd monk close to Gaddafi

273. Fathi fats from kadhafi to visitors

274. Fathi Al-tarhouni revolutionary committees the status colors of the art recruiting corruption to prostitution

275. Fathi andishe revolutionary committees tuber

276. the birth of a terrorist assassination of Fathi Al-tarhouni Gabriel aldenali (Bonn) in Germany

277. Fathiya Al-alshaafa nun revolutionary military police member of revolutionary court 87

Fathiya Al-Mahmoudi, a member of the revolutionary committees-Al Fateh University 1980

278. Farhat bin darvesh revolutionary committees Benghazi

279. Farhat Muhammad Siddiq alnaeli Homeland Security Department of the military Commission process in Africa

280. Faraj Al-huwaidi of system tools in zliten Institute trainers morally corrupt

281. Faraj abughalia investigation and control room operations

282. Faraj almhabrsh zliten commissions

283. Fawzi Al-almroki Islamic Youth Office Prairie arrests 1990s

284. Fawzi Mahdi homeland security turf already security box official duck arrests 95

285. Fawzi birthday boarkob popular revolutionary committees offices rotten relations

286. Fauzia Bashir krayem nun revolutionary committees writer slut Inspector (culture)

287. a spouse for spouse of a terrorist a terrorist kadhafi Sabha broker bossy people

288. Lutfi Al Askar repressive terrorist blew up houses of martyrs may (nalut) kill alshtiti (Athens)

289.-divine alkhasi the revolutionary committees

290. Muhammad a terrorist involved in a controversy over the assassination of the martyr Mahmoud nafe’a (Rome)

291. Mohamed stomping a detainee in Italy (to the bombing) filter body

292. Mohamed alzauib revolutionary committees University of garyounis

293. Mohammad Rifai, a terrorist involved in the attempt to assassinate alkritli (Boone)

294. alberte revolutionary committees guard popular Prairie repressive authoritarian

295. Mohammad Al-Saadawi revolutionary committees Ghadames

296. Alvin white homeland security arrests Muslim youth 86

297. Mohamed Troug physical liquidation Office gravedigger graves of martyrs

298. Mohammad AYEB revolutionary committees

299. Ray’s friends Association recruiting girls for corruption and prostitution

300. Mohamed e. elforjani fortress revolutionary media revolutionary committees

301. Mohamed alklili, one of the criminals camp April 7, Benghazi

302. Mohammed allafi ghariani terrorist physical liquidation of the Liaison Office of the revolutionary committees

303. Dicer revolutionary committees

304. Mohamed Al Majzoub al-Gaddafi mesaieed by revolutionary committees liaison office close to Gaddafi

305. Mohammad Bashir catch the revolutionary committees, Faculty of false terrorist legal bossy zliten

306. Mohammed Issa AMR terrorist revolutionary committees with

307. Mohamed bomtari hang revolutionary committees martyrs Benghazi

308. Mohammad Hassan elbarghati revolutionary committees Benghazi

309. Mohammed Hussein Gaddafi’s revolutionary committees moorings of Gadhafi in Sebha

310. Mohammed Khweiter revolutionary committees Sabha return from Chad repressive authoritarian

311. Mohammad Rafi Drissi repressive revolutionary committees terrorist prosecution of Muslim youth

312. Mohammed Suliman Abu Salim Tripoli revolutionary committees bouzidi

313. Mohammed Saleh Mansour revolutionary committees Benghazi

314. Mohammed Abdelsalam Gadhafi’s revolutionary oil sector committees

315. Mohamed Abdel Salam Al-ammari revolutionary committees zliten

316. Mohammad Abdullah azbidh revolutionary committees terrorist Liaison Office

317. Mohamed Ali altaorghi revolutionary committees

318. Mohamed Al-misrati leading internal security police Colonel secretariat of Justice Secretariat of security and justice

319. Hamad alnaeli criminal and deadly military operations internationally wanted liberation movements

320. Mohamed Zidan civil alboeshi the events of the University and a mosque Palace assassination hovav

321. Mohamed Ali Amar mental revolutionary committees

322. Muhammad a terrorist was involved in the assassination of Ghanem Mahmoud nafe’a (London)

323. Mohammed Faraj almazoughi committees Friday market

324. Mohamed Fadil alkhazami terrorist was involved in the assassination of Abdullah alkhazami

325. the nation’s revolutionary committees University of Garyounis

326. Muhammad Milad black revolutionary committees of the revolutionary events of April 7 information

327. Mahmud Idris revolutionary committees and Dan

328. Mahmoud 000other revolutionary committees University of garyounis

329. Mahmoud fadeel revolutionary committees University of garyounis

330. Mahmoud alshvshh the Special Guard (formerly alzadmah group) hit the Saudi Foreign Minister

331. Hamoud Hamid lines the revolutionary committees Benghazi

332. Mahmoud Taher Hamza revolutionary committees of the African company

333. mkhtarali thermal sniper they cannot re-become men world total oil external security au

334. Messaoud alzgharat alasibei tools in Western region

335. Massoud abdelhafiz al-Gaddafi Colonel southern military command of the security battalions (Sebha)

336. Messaoud nsaralrkei revolutionary committees agzabia

337. lamp aroussi revolutionary committees took part in the prosecution of youths and repressive rafla

338. lamp seller revolutionary committees of international terrorism investigation committees Bureau of Burma

339. the hyperbolic terrorist leaders Mustafa revolutionary committees Burns hospital

340. Mustafa Omar Khalifa internal security operations room subsidiary yafran

341. Mustafa Mohammed Ibrahim Al-bushari revolutionary committees Benghazi

342. Mu’awiyah said international terrorism is a repressive authoritarian movements in rags

343. matouq Mohamed matooq (maitik) the revolutionary committees, an Assistant Secretary of the General People’s Committee

344. the hyperbolic key revolutionary committees Benghazi

345. Jovica Masood revolutionary committees of education alakaedbh took part in the London bombings (84)

Alshut road key homeland security member of the revolutionary committees

346. the key revolutionary committees education faith MP3

347. key Poker the revolutionary committees events of 7 April assassination attempt shows the Secretariat of Justice of Benghazi

348. key Zubaydah external security group alzadmah already participated in the execution of a Yamen

349. Saad aldelio al-Gaddafi key revolutionary committees Sabha mansheya

350. key lamp seller revolutionary committees

351. the sudden revolutionary committees manna

352. Mansour al-Mahdi bozeraa revolutionary Sabha committees

353. Mansour Rashid revolutionary courts, the revolutionary committees

354. Mansour Dou’s special guard battalion Sabha

355. Mousa kousa eltagoury they cannot re-become men world Lockerbie deal or external security. Dr. u.

Moses little, Member of the revolutionary committees a terrorist mission management already

356. the birth of idiosyncratic seller revolutionary committees of the Liaison Office of the revolutionary committees

357. Miloud mhadhebi commented revolutionary committees law professor forged a great lecturer in universities

358. Milad Faraj broad revolutionary committees cattle company

359. the birth of Daman submitted by head of heresy (youth hunt Islamic)

360. the birth of Sultan is a leading revolutionary committees Liaison Office

361. the birth of maatouk’s revolutionary committees student recruiting girls morally corrupt

362. = Miloud Zayed doctor revolutionary committees with

363. Naji Mohammed kridan revolutionary committees of the revolutionary media

364. Nasser ombiya a terrorist physical liquidation

365. a terrorist assassination of Nasser abhur Naji bohoet agriculture marketing co.

366. Nasser Saber Abdel Rahman homeland security turf arrests 95

367. Nasir Ashur external security operations with the IRA (Cyprus, Malta)

368. NASR Mabrouk riani internal security to combat heresy massacre terrorist Abu Salim Al-Andalus

369. Najib Aujali terrorist revolutionary committees Ajdabiya Awjila execution fanoosh attached to the body

370. Najib TLEBA seller five revolutionary committees

371. Naima ghariani revolutionary courts

372. Naima drunken revolutionary committees

373. Naima subeihi revolutionary committees

373. Naima Moroccan – member of the Revolutionary Tribunal-monk

374. Nuri religion Zoghbia terrorist Friday market

375. Nuri revolutionary committees adequately Benghazi

376. the revolutionary committees to subaihi Noria, a member of the people’s Court

377. Hani Al tohamy Khaled seller revolutionary committees

378. Hoda Fathy bin Amer monk revolutionary committees revolutionary courts executed Sadeq eshwihdi

379. Yousef a terrorist carried out terrorist operations asnin

380. Yusuf Shakir alarnao’oti Secretary detective double agent mentality is trivial in rags

381. Yusuf enjoy anal external security

382. Joseph Elmessallati wheda physically involved in assassination of Arif (Rome)

383. Yusuf Ismail, Colonel, Director of the Office of Homeland Security turf city arrests of 1990s

384. Yousef ‘ Abdul Salam Mohammed, a terrorist was involved in the assassination of Mahmoud Al-NAFI (London)

385. Joseph star front office Benghazi, the official in Egypt was involved in the kidnapping of Mansour al-kekhia

386. Yusuf Najmuddin Mohamed customary homeland security terror bombings abroad

387. Yussef Shuaib a terrorist martyr, noush dig during the Revolutionary Guard hanging Ajdabiya.



a Tibetan pleas for medical assistance for eye surgery of his sister:

E-mail: amhemd_212@hotmail.com
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Date Send complaint:
Saturday 20th of November 2010 04:31:47 AM
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Saturday 20th of November 2010 04:31:47 AM
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