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Posted on “ZINTAN BRIGADE QaaQa” from an active good soldier:

The information I receive, and beyond, is the feast of victory;

and the brave will rupture all Ojnan to terrorize.

and I am the first participant in the solder processes

Soldier # 001


Mu victorious


Progress of the Libyan army in the Design of some security reasons stated prevents sites

Valiant pray for your army

# And Haddh_almalomat

 (preparing for Victory):



the vanguards of the national armed forces




Confirmed the PIO’s # militias, “the dawn of Libya” in a statement to them through their page on the official

social networking site “Facebook” because they refuse to # dialogue, and cling to b # military solution.


Operations room Zintan
Will not Tfltoa of punishment ..

Hola terrorists followed the Jewish Brotherhood militias from Misrata # Medinh_al-Kuhms they participated in the process of burning and bombing of the airport in Tripoli, District Capitol, and at the instigation of the criminal # Gamal-parvad:



Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

repeated PLEA:

al-Veus general warning to the page not to publish any military movements or any preparations for the Libyan army! I am not aware of anything Post!

But avatar warning al-Chukoh we receive from management operations.

Ruba and reconciles all ground units and air and marine.

 The victory is near Jaddaa……

شكوة عامة وتحذير لصفحة بعدم نشر اى تحركات عسكرية أو اى إستعدادات للجيش الليبي ! للعلم انا لم انشر اى شى !! بس تحذير والشكوة تصلنا من إدارة العمليات .

وربى يوفق كل الوحدات البرية والجوية و البحرية

والنصر قريب جداا






Men zone # 4 al-Eneuvliyn arresting MB militia gunmen of Misurata and holding their cars because of the attempt to control the headquarters of the local council and men al-Eneuvliyn region blocking the streets ..
God neighborhood men




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

“The voice of the street”, by Imed Trabelsi:

Today and tomorrow we go out in the pages and channels Misrata and gangs ‘Roma Libya’, says:

“Tripoli safer
Tripoli has the shops open
There Bakeries
Citizen can get out of the street
And ways to open.”

Aashlaaftyh you’ve degeneration and you stupid political and intellectual!

Do let us know, until the day, Tgot “Muammar al-Qathafi” was no security?  there was bread and we can go out to the street Magdad. BUT, after the “February” demands that Libya is dat sovereignty.

and to dismantle all restrictions, since July there has been nothing but tyranny;

and tyranny and terrorism.

Arai did not Onzl of Misurata and dogs who hear Nbaham each period!

What is this stupidity of this class reached for judging iron and fire!

‘Roma Libya’ in the dust-bin of history.


صوت الشارع الطرابلسى :

اليوم وغدا تخرج علينا فى صفحات وقنوات مصراتة وعصابات غجر ليبيا وتقول

طرابلس أمنا
طرابلس يوجد بها محلات مفتوحة
يوجد مخابز
المواطن يستطيع الخروج لشارع
وطرق مفتوحة

ياشلافطية أنتم قمت ﻷنحطاط وقمت الغباء السياسي و الفكرى !

هل تعلمونا حتى ايام الطغوت “معمرالقذافى ” كان يوجد أمن كان يوجد خبز ونستطيع الخروج لشارع ماجديد بعد “فبراير” المطالب أن تكون ليبيا هى دات السيادة و أن تفكك كل قيود الجبروت والطغيان و ﻷرهاب

لم أراى أنذل من مصراتة وكلابها الذى نسمع نباحهم كل فترة !

ماهذا الغباء لهذه الدرجة وصلت من أجل حكمنا بالحديد والنار !!

غجر ليبيا فى مزبلة التاريخ

Abu Moataz Hassi, writes:
Now clashes and moves in Iboshibh and Herh and Ras Allf, crushers and military control of the situation and “MB Roma gangs” bombed randomly and of course this is evidence of their weakness they are in significant decline.


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

We are ON The road to Tripoli ...


Urgent Event assassination attempt of a citizen Imad birthday al-Tarhouna residents Gharghour;

and has led him to his death immediately in the same place,
in front of a house belonging to a fair Mouldi aka spark

and exposure even Hua serious injuries transfer down to the sanatorium oil and is currently in intensive care with the launch of their lead from CHEVROLET Mosmh black car and fled,

and doubts about the process of Revenge of the militia, which was in the area of ​​Gharghour, and expelled them with a peaceful demonstration in Nofber past.

and doubts revolve around them for roaming frequent car Mosmh in Gharghour. This incident was this morning at 11:30 am on Wednesday, 01/10/2014


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

The best of God Almighty up shortly before the vehicle BMB and 3 mechanics Behm was 14.5 caliber machine guns

Gnhm of gangs just

(Adeab Gheriani)










Valiant provides the Libyan army to the outskirts of the city of Al-Azizia and order

came from the chief of staff of the army, while Batuagaf to make an order.

(# # Information Unit)


Clashes strong South Azizia area required or for centuries now:

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Libyan army operations room – Western Region

Operations room Zintan

Libyan army operations room – Western Region

al-Achaabakat now within the area of ​​Umm al-Azizia in the centuries between the Libyan army and MB terrorist gangs.

Now clashes between the army and militias, “the dawn of Libya” in the vicinity.

of the camp or the centuries inside Azizia

and the army was

preparing to control the camp.

Now al-Achaabakat inside # Azizia in the area or the centuries between the Libyan army and the MB  militias, “the dawn of Libya.”

And units of the national army is now up to # clashes area to support troops in the region and the remarkable progress of the army P axis # Azizia towards Tripoli.

RAS ALIF (Corner & crossroads):

Violent clashes between army troops and MB militias:” the dawn of Libya” “b

# Ras Allf corner and crossroads.

Brotherhood Militias at a flux:




29 SEPTEMBER 2014:

“The better you that Tantvadwa on this topic from Aouselkm to war on behalf of the party they are traitors these ‘Brotherhood’.

Hedda Party Azkhal Misurata to go to war on his behalf because he is there ordination of many party leaders ‘Brotherhood’ sneaks City of Misurata:
And, Misurata involved in this topic Fortt war flags misleading the rest of the cities of the truth

and become a Friday Market area  Balohaah Alcadba Faqalo lie to them that Zintan want to attack you, and who attaches Gteke On that night, the night of dialogue, they said, and I quote:

‘Abdul Raouf hater does not want to deliver the airport Mitiga must Nahjm it together and get it out by force, but I am my father replied I told them that we want to attack on Abdel Raouf hater Nicoloha in the face will not Ngdrh treachery and you Tdhbwa to Abdalroov Tcolo Pinhjmoa on Zintan and then Tcolo of Xanthan Pinhjmoa on Abdalroov hater Hedda hand market Friday.

The Alash Khst in the misguided war
Amazigh: Why Dkhalo this topic in the war; because, they said, ‘they are from Zintan and stood against Constitutionalizing Amazigh language and stood against Amendment 30 decision in the Constitutional Declaration’,

Janzour entered in this topic because the war was to buy some Damm (DRUGS) but lost young people with no income by
WHDH war in which they have no part nor a camel, but the battalion commanders accepted the money, and brought in their youth in the war.

Nook sandwiched in the war because their leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the rest of the young fighter Vaqahmo this topic in the war in which they have no part nor sentences Qadathm beneficiaries, but only because their heads out of the country and the youth died died. I do not have a problem.

Sons of Solomon Dkhalo this topic in terms of war
Because they have problems with Tabu; and Misratah stood with the sons of Solomon.

The Tabu respect Zintan and Xi Ikdrunhm not the right word, but of course, by nature of Zintan in the right order and that the SEA Saagafoa with Suleiman and Misurata process Fjrlibia.

Kklh stood with the dawn of Libya because Zintan prevented them from entering in the previous Asabah.

Gharyan stood with the dawn of Libya the same thing for Tmaha in power and because Zintan prevented from entering Asabah in the previous period.

In addition to Abdul Hakim Belhaj official supporter of this topic process and destroy the social fabric. And Khaled al-Sharif and the ‘hardness’.

To Ahoudoa that all murders and assassination and destruction of all Qadathm City. Misratah and some criminals in the prisons of religion Kano Kadhafi, who fought for them, Li Saif Gaddafi to get them out of prison !

As the ordination of Misurata against what is happening now, and all areas Dkrt, there is against what is happening; but not helpless, as I uttered Lee Solomon al-Fortah:

‘we are afraid to Misurata Aktar you and ownership in 2012 and actually had Rto Misrata and placed them in Karth not Khurj think of them may be easy; but Wada and Agafo professedly against them in front of the world and expelled them, or handing them over to justice.’

There ordination of the things that stood out without bloodshed, but the ungodly, but Abu bloodshed Libyans.

Next time will recount the story of reconciliation between Rishvana market Friday al-Mtemtlh in Mr. Khalid Abuamad of Rishvana and Mr. Hashim ‘humans’ from the Friday Market; and there was harmony between the big parties will Asrdha later.

Regret very untidy, because the speech in detail, but will be in the loop for nearby Baden God.

InshaAllah, and make the people of the Lord, in part because there is a chance Dahabia Li familiar things from war to peace and reconciliation,

but a condition that does not have warlords (who are now in the picture), in any form,  and Hbda to be in the hands of justice, Li soon.

It was narrated from a psychological war against the Khawarij. Duty will not retract them. How then announced in the day that the Lord ÔÇÁÇááĺ Ifkina Suhm and taken it Eachdhm Aziz competent ?

It is also on the whole that the review itself, before it is too late, and that stands pause Ezz homeland.

and no one else Fahda opportunity may avoid civil war, long-term; and that percentage varied 85% (but pray and step back and reflect on the nation). Just might fall this topic ratio to be to 0%

Hedda time is tight and very, very please to remedy what is happening with all speed.”


ابراهيم المدني:

الأحسن لكم ان تنتفضوا على من اوصلكم الى هده الحرب نيابة عنه وهم حزب الاخوان الخونه
هدا الحزب اذخل مصراته لتخوض الحرب نيابة عنه لانه هناك الكتير من قادة حزب الاخوان الخونه من مدينه مصراته
ومصراته تورطت فى هده الحرب فورطت باقى المدن بأعلامهم المضلل للحقيقة وغدت منطقة سوق الجمعه بالأشاعة الكادبه فقالو لهم ان الزنتان تريد الهجوم عليكم وغدوهم بالإحقاد وفى تلك الليلة ليلة الحوار قالو بالحرف الواحد
ان عبد الرؤوف كاره لا يريد تسليم مطار معيتيقة ويجب ان نهجم عليه معا ونخرجه بالقوة ولكن انا الدى رد عليهم قلت لهم ان كنا نريد الهجوم على عبد الرؤوف كاره نقولوها فى وجهه لن نغدره غدر وأنتم تدهبوا الى عبدالرووف تقولو بنهجموا على الزنتان وبعدها تقولو للزنتان بنهجموا على عبدالرووف كاره هدا من ناحية سوق الجمعه
وعلاش خشت فى الحرب المضللة
الأمازيغ لماذا دخلو فى هده الحرب قالو لان الزنتان هى من وقفت ضد دسترة اللغة الامازيغيه ووقفت ضد تعديل قرار 30 فى الإعلان الدستوري
جنزور دخلت فى هده الحرب لان تم شراء بعض الدمم ولكن ضاع الشباب فيما لا دخل لهم به
وهده الحرب لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل الا قادة الكتائب قبلوا بالمال وادخلوا شبابهم فى الحرب
الزوايه أقحمت فى الحرب لان قياداتهم من الاخوان والمقاتله فاقحمو باقى الشباب فى هده الحرب التى لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل ولكن قاداتهم مستفيدين فقط لان رؤوسهم خارج الوطن والشباب مات مات مش مشكلة عندهم
اولاد سليمان دخلو هده الحرب من ناحيه
لان لديهم مشاكل مع التبو ومصراته وقفت مع اولاد سليمان
والتبو يحترمون الزنتان ويقدرونهم لا لشى الا كلمة الحق التى قالتها الزنتان فى حقهم فطبيعة الامر ان ولااد سليمان سيقفوا مع مصراته وعمليه فجرليبيا
ككلة وقفت مع فجر ليبيا لان الزنتان منعتهم من دخول الاصابعه فى السابق
وغريان وقفت مع فجر ليبيا نفس الشى لطمعها فى السلطة ولان الزنتان منعتها من دخول الاصابعه فى فترة سابقة
بالاضافة لعبد الحكيم بالحاج الداعم الرسمى لهده العمليه وتدمير النسيج الاجتماعي. وخالد الشريف وعلى الصلابى
لاحضوا ان كل جرائم القتل والاغتيال والتدمير كل قاداتهم من مدينه مصراته وبعض المجرمين الدين كانو فى سجون القدافى الذي حارب من اجلهم سيف القدافى لى إخراجهم من السجن
كما ان الكتير من مصراته ضد ما يحدث الان وكل المناطق التى دكرت هناك من هو ضد ما يحدث ولكن لا حول لهم ولا قوة كما انى قلتها لى سليمان الفورتيه اننا نخاف على مصراته اكتر منك ومن امتالك فى سنة 2012 وفعلا قد ورطو مصراته ووضعوها فى كارته لا اعتقد الخورج منها قد يكون سهلا الا ادا وقفو ضدهم علانيه امام العالم وطردوهم او تسليمهم الى العدالة
وهناك الكتير من الامور التى وقفت عليها دون سفك للدماء ولكن الفجار ابو الا سفك دماء الليبيين
فى المرة القادمة سوف اسرد قصة المصالحة بين ورشفانه وسوق الجمعه المتمتله فى السيد خالد ابوعميد من ورشفانه والسيد هاشم بشر من سوق الجمعه وكان هناك وفاق كبير بين الطرفين سوف اسردها لاحقا
أتأسف جداً لان الكلام غير مرتب بالتفصيل ولكن سوف يكون فى حلقة عن قريب بادن الله
وان شاءالله ربك يلم الشعب لبعضه لان هناك فرصة دهبيه لى لملمة الامور من حرب الى سلم ووفاق ولكن شرط ان لا يكون قادة الحرب الموجودين الان فى الصورة بأى شكل من الأشكال وحبدا ان يكونوا فى يد العدالة لى اقرب وقت
فعن نفسى الحرب ضد الخوارج واجبه لن أتراجع عنها فأنى أعلنها فى النهار وان شاءالله ربك يفكنا سوهم وياخدهم أخد عزيز مقتدر
كما انه على الكل ان يراجع نفسه قبل فوات الأوان وان يقف وقفة عز للوطن دون سواه فهده الفرصة قد تجنب حرب اهليه طويلة المدى والتى نسبتها تفاوتت 85 % ولكن بالدعاء والتراجع والتفكير فى الوطن فقط قد تتراجع هده النسبة لتكون الى 0%
وهدا الوقت ضيق جداً جداً فأرجو تدارك ما يحدث بكل سرعة


Explaining the Meeting between some elders of Zintan and

Misrata in Sabratha, by al-Fateh ’69:

Make no mistake these people who are a couple of 100 people are a partial tribe of the Zintan and are NOT with the other part of the Tribes of Zintan who have Saif al Islam Qaddafi.

The western media, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Sharaia, LIFG or as they are called now Daash and Libya Dawn(shits) are using the face book and Twitter social media so that they can misinform the public and all Libyans who have sworn allegiance with the Honorable Tribes its distasteful to try to destroy the image or the conquests of the Honorable Tribes.

This meeting that took place in Sabratha the so-called elders of Zintan are Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar Sharaia very extreme which suits of course the above mentioned terrorist groups together with the USA Deborah Jones ambassador.  (According to the media center the meeting done in Sabratha included  partial elders of Zintan and Misrata who tried to sponsor an initiative of the Municipal Council the leaders of the rebels Sabratha boat house Tallil, in an attempt to heal the rift between the two cities.)

Here are the photos taken by Ruseifa news:


As you can see from the photo they do look like the Takfirs we know


Wahabis, extremists you name it, its shown in this picture.


When the Jalabia is shorter it means you are a Wahabi, beards which are not taken care (bushy, uncut etc) are extremists

al Zintan General Hospital in Libya
posted by butalak N.
Several CGI’s were produced to support and present a concept architectural project

for a hospital in Libya.
The images had to show the building in a sunny and green environment.

Architecture: Shafik Alsbei
Modeling: Shafik Alsbei, Ivan Kunchev
Visualizations: Ivan Kunchev


ZINTAN under major threat by dirty MISURATA:

KHARIJITES working with the MB will cut the GMMR sources to the ZINTAN mountain

Misrata rejects truce and cease-fire in its war with the Zintan ..

…….. and threats to cut off the water resources for the city of Zintan ….

PICTURE:  Jabal Nafusa vista Zintan wheelertweets

Brotherhood militias will attempt to damage a power generator and the electric pumps on the town’s main water well, and the pumps used for the water well. Zintan has many water wells; but the MB Shields will burn the water wells with petroleum, and this will also kill sheep.”

 How will prevent fuel and spare electrical connections to the city !! ?

many houses in Zintan have been destroyed by Brotherhood Shield militias and KHARIJITES:

al-Muammrah Empire (Empire that the sun never sets)

Saif al-Islam and Zintan

 27 SEPTEMBER 2014

Saif al-Islam has succeeded in communicating to the language of dialogue and understanding together his brothers in Zintan Aodzm he is now capable of directing their strength in the correct form


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

According to the plan as “coordinator of the operating room” before,

you see will move and extensive operations in the next few days.


(# # Information Unit)




Brave of the Libyan army Ikmona Bamtardh

remnants of the gang just Daab in Abuscabh project is located in the northwest of Gharyan

and Iqmon the arrest of three individuals, weapons and vehicles.

Air Force bombed and led Heera northwest Gheryan

# And Haddh_almalomat








UN SPONSORED WESTERN INTERFERING TERRORIST NATIONS And MB CONFERENCE on “the future of Libya” (HA! Who are they to ‘control’ LIBYA’s ‘future’ ???)

Roma Libya fail politically Bazhrb overwhelmingly from all over the world and the countries of the region and even the United Nations!

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

غجر ليبيا تفشل سياسيا باظربات ساحقة من كل العالم ودول ﻷقليم وﻷمم المتحدة !

GHARYIANI makes another satanic Fatwa at the Ghadames Conference against the House

Dialogue session Ghadames cut Bamr of sincere Gharyiani the name of a house for a fatwa

Where the order was issued from Gharyiani Bagta sincere dialogue from the dawn of the party made a statement not only a military solution against the House of Representatives and the Libyan army, although the dialogue with the House of Representatives is haram.

The House of Representatives is set before us says we dialogue with the terrorist groups to justify in front of the international community and to detect and resolve the problem of the rift with unarmed!

We say from this point on every Libyan army stand with Aalaba and starting to battlefields of the Canal and not far only place to end the crisis and eliminate them.

PICTURE: ‘Muslim’ Brothers, Ghannoushi with Libyan NATO Mufti Sheikh Sadek Al Gharyiani





24 SEPTEMBER 2014:

MARTYRED: 180 NATIONAL ARMY soldiers under the command of Kalifa Hftar, were killed by ANSAR al-SHARIA and other KHARIJUTES.

Sources said that 10 of those killed were from al-Zintan and most of the others were from South Libya tribes of Tabu and Tauriga.

PICTURE: sad report given to Hftar



Assassination this morning, “Mohammad al-Zlaoa” families


The assassination of the retired officer, “Taher Abdullah Sadat” Hawari area






Process volcano – led by the national army

The so-called # Dar_al-Avta_al-Libah (so-called ‘Mufti’ SADAK GHARYIANI) deprive dialogue with the “House of Representatives” and says that he is not religiously permissible and in reference to atone, the Council calls for # pervertion of the fundamentals of religion and the homeland.
RDO him and Ogahro # Alex-royen











Grad rocket landed near a hospital Sabha:





The killing of excommunicating terrorist hack “Abed Abokr Almiasa Slimani” ordered “gang al-Lafarouk” Sulaymaniyah Bsabha of the militia armor as a result of the attack that today’s leaders with tanks on some neighborhoods Mansheya Bsabha which inhabited the tribe al-Qmazfah, radicle mentioning that heretic terrorist Abed Abu Bakr participated He and his militia Sulaymaniyah in the attack on Tripoli airport last month with gangs and Almzarat Almtajunin


Shelling by tanks in the neighborhood of the city of Sabha Mansheya and killing citizens, “Ali Khuytr Gaddafi” at his home after a shell landed him | killing both, “Shaaban Abdel Qader satisfaction” and “Khaled Abdulsalam Aballah profiteers” in the city of Sabha Manshiyeh quarter as a result of the ongoing clashes in the city.**

Aaaaaaagel before Achoy ,,,,,,
The death of the young man (Nafi lamp Sanusi Qahsa) ,,,
The impact of indiscriminate shooting area Mansheya, RBI fit al-Haaaal and Khalaaaaaas

Now .aaaaaaagel ,,,,,
The death of Brother (Mohammed Masood Iboualemgayer Warfali) ,,,,
Impact Sagowot mortar shell on his home area Mansheya ,,,,,
No Howol no power but from God Almighty.


The killing of the so-called “Abed Almiasa” Farouk battalion commander of the militia # Misrata in violent clashes witnessed Manshiyeh quarter in # Sabha.

Allah is the greatest over the aggressor, Kid
Inventory great worshiper killed in Zraab Mansheya steadfastness and bent Rosanna slug ,,,
Withstand withstand forward Qmazvh oh oh Znabil iron,


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

. God and yes agent.

.qcef Affects the civilian neighborhoods of the tribe and Al-Qmazvh Orvlh and destruction of property for reasons of race and ideological forces of militia from the tribe of the children of Solomon who follow the leadership of the Brotherhood Misurata.


Convoy militias Brotherhood Shield armor up to Tmanhunt base south of Libya


# Sepah:

Burning and destroying the homes of both:
1 home Majeed Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
2 Emhemed Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
3 Shaibani Mohammed Shaibani Gaddafi
4 Ibrahim Amer Emhemed Gaddafi
5-Sharif Abdul Wahid Baba

Gangs dead sons of Solomon unjust criminal:

**1. Abubakar Hamad milkfish
2. excommunicating Abed Abu Bakr Slimani, commander Mlisheh Altcfhirien terrorists
3.atahir Abraham Wolf Slimani
4.haban Abdul Qadir Satisfaction


And the wounding of both:
1.mamed Abdul Salam Achtaywi milkfish
2..altkvera Massoud serious Slimani, one warlord militias children of Solomon





and another is heading to the city of Ubari to control the oil fields




List of  some names which the NATO puppet GNC convescated  property

and all material wealth of:


funds and property of the people and their number 330 and offer some of these names and companies
(((((((((((Of course not limited to))))))))))))

1. Muammar al-Qathafi Mohammad bomniar
2. Khamis Muammar Qaddafi,
3. sword of the Arabs Muammar Gaddafi
4. Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi
5. Daniel Muammar Gaddafi (Moutassem Billah Gaddafi)
6. Al Saadi Gaddafi
7. Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi
8. Mohammed mu’ammar al-Gaddafi
9. Aisha Gaddafi
10. Hana ‘ Muammar Qaddafi
11. Safia Mohammed Farkash
12. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al-Gaddafi
13. Pregny Khalifa abrini
14 ehtewish
15. Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour al-Gaddafi
16. Ahmed Kilani kadhafi
17. Ibrahim alhavian
18. asabia to asabia
19. Abu Bakr Mansuri carp
20. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Uwaydat
21. Nikki Ministerial
22. Idris Abdullah Gaith
23. Ahmed Ramadan alasibei
24. Ahmad Mahmoudi
25. Department of revolutionary orientation
26. Ibrahim a. Ibrahim
27. Ibrahim Abdel Rahman find
28. Ibrahim aboukhozam Al-hasnawi lamp
29. Dr. Ibrahim to this confession
30. Abu Bakar Taib NET exile
31. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim al-Gaddafi
32. Ismail alkarami
33. Ahmed Khalifa Al-Gaddafi
34. Ahmed Mohamed Sayed-blood
35. hopes Abdullah Nuri yolk
36. Ibrahim Bakkar
37. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Fiqh
38. Zeid Omar Dorda
39. Ahmed Adel carp lamp
40. Mohammed Touhami Ahmed Khaled
41. Al-Baghdadi Ali al-mahmudi
42. good net-exile
43. Al zinati Asena
44. senussi Solomon Ministerial
45. Mohamed Gaddafi carp
46. Mahdi mbiresh key
47. Hadi Tahir Emberesh
48. TOUATI Mahdi Mansour al-Gaddafi
49. Carp Ibrahim shaban Al-Megrahi
50. Mejdoub Gaddafi
51. al-Tahir Al-Hadi aljuhaimy
52. Al-ajili abrini
53. El Arab
54. alhiblwa Nasr al-Gaddafi
55. the rural mount.
Some companies:
1. immortal home contracting & investment contribution
2. the company and EMC Consulting international,
3. Africa for trade and investment,
4. future advertising, print and broadcast,
5. company Ecevit for artistic production and media,
6. Babel company shipping agencies contribute,
7. company Marilyn land transport co., Ltd.,
8. a challenge of building and construction,
9. a development administrative centres,
10. a facilities previously.






CONFERENCE with Libyan parties:

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, asks on FB:

Who are you ?
Occur in the last two days .. someone named Flint ..ola know of Flint is this .. because we are in the era of nobodies ..

Commenting, on the conference, which Algeria is seeking to contract for Libyans .. in order to heal the Sdahm ..

Flint said this .. “they Ailtqon with supporters of al-Qathafi ..

walven he likes that designated favorites ..”

I say it from you? Who accept to meet people or to Atqubloa …

It is said that the Libyans Aqublonkm .. or accept meeting you ..

I’ve received dozens of letters from Libyan Liberal ..ihdhironna meeting of traitors ..
and .. and follow the NATO mercenaries Jewish Bernard Levy Afa..

oaattabron meet with them for free to insult. And homeland ..

but .. the blood of martyrs and the date of the meeting, it was ..oan respect for Algeria revolution giant ..

and noble position of Libya and Libyans ..vmn Aassoan until you authorize meet or Ateltaki..otakd thou and clique.

Will not Thenoa homeland .. and for those Liberal Garawa NATO eight months .. you lookout ..ln Atrkkm Mstgarin..tal time or palace …

the solution is on the table. Or via MISURATA ...

30 / 9/2014
D. al-Akecat

من انتم
تحدث في اليومين الماضيين .. شخص يدعى صوان ..ولا ادري من هو صوان هذا .. اذ نحن في عصر النكرات.. معلقا على المؤتمر الذي تسعى الجزائر لعقده لليبيين .. من اجل رأب صدعهم ..
قال صوان هذا .. انهم لايلتقون مع انصار القذافي ..والذين يحلو له ان يسميهم الازلام ..
فاقول له من انتم ؟ الذين تقبلوا بلقاء الناس او لاتقبلوا …
ومن قال ان الليبيين يقبلونكم .. او يقبلون اللقاء بكم ..
لقد وصلتني عشرات الرسائل من الليبيين الاحرار ..يحذروننا من اللقاء بالخونه .. واتباع الناتو .. ومرتزقة اليهودي برنار ليفي..ويعتبرون اللقاء بهم اهانة للاحرار . وللوطن .. ولدماء الشهداء .. وللتاريخ ..وان تم اللقاء فهو احترام لثورة الجزائر العملاقه .. وموقفها النبيل من ليبيا والليبيين ..فمن انت ياصوان حتى تصرح تلتقي او لاتلتقي..وتأكد انك انت وزمرتك . لن تهنأوا بالوطن .. والاحرار للذين قارعوا الناتو ثمانية اشهر .. لكم بالمرصاد ..لن يتركوكم مستقرين..طال الزمن او قصر …تم الحل على الطاولة . او عبر الماسورات …
————————————————-30 / 9 / 2014

د القشاط



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