Clear victories upon VICTORY !

 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi Contemplating about all his labours and the blood of the Martyrs:


 When Mu’ammar al-Qathafi made the Concordance with ITALY; now ITALY has come to TOBRUK….

Mu lectures in Rome 1



“God united ranks of the Libyan people and the O Mark this country safe.”




(General Staff of the Libyan army)





Zero hour, reports:


Tripoli 13 October 2014

M called the Ministry of Health, supervisors monitoring, and rapid response teams at the National Center for Disease Control, and the directors of hospitals, clinics, public and private ports, to pay attention and take caution and lift the state of preparedness of the risk of an outbreak of Ebola killer.

The most dangerous Manager monitoring and rapid response of the Ministry of Health, Dr. “Hussein Guelleh” – in mainstream writing received by the Libyan news agency a copy of it on Monday – the National Centre for Disease raising the level of preparedness in hospitals and private clinics, public and ports, on the emergence of any suspected case of infection of Ebola, and Report Management Monitoring to take the necessary actions. He called \ “Guelleh \” in circulation, monitoring moderators and citizens, Vigilance of the symptoms of this disease,

and not to deal with African immigrants and their direct mixing. He also pointed out the circular, the precautions to be taken when suspected in any case, and that by isolating the patient and wear gloves and masks and medical coats own, and dealing with the patient very carefully and tools, as well as medical instruments contaminated fluids the patient, and while dealing with the body, both in the washing and shrouding cautiously as well as \ “Burial Security \”.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization had declared in the latest statistics have for Ebola killer during a session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10 Oct., New York, said the number of injured reached (8000 cases), while the number of deaths to the (3800) in a number of countries around the world.

It is noteworthy that the symptoms of the deadly Ebola disease, appear when human fever, headache and pain of joints and muscles, as well as vomiting and bloody diarrhea, and bleeding from all body orifices, including the eyes and the hair follicles. #


“Zero hour”, on FB, reporting:

# Libya: Hackers infiltrate the accounts of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood on Facebook and Twitter
13 10 2014
Rusaifa news: Agencies –

Hackers broke Libyans seemingly to be supporters of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi (the vast majority of Libyans), the official page of the MB ‘Party for Justice and Developmen’t, the political arm of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

The page disappeared from Facebook party, while the party on account showed straining, that the hackers were able to penetrate the page completely.

Silence letter
According to a tweet to calculate the Brotherhood party on tensing “We are men not Nred days of shame, penetrating Page Party Akhawan; Muammar is here and in our hearts, and for the poor, which became addicted to Shad page.”

And committed to responsible party and the rest of the thread belong to him, in a number of Libyan cities, silence, and did not comment on this breakthrough, which is the first of its kind, for the BROTHERHOOD party and the account page on the official BROTHERHOOD highlighted sites on the social networking pages on the Internet.

Popular low
The Brotherhood’s popularity has declined and their political party in Libya, over the three years that followed the overthrow of the regime of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in 2011, with the assistance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The murderous and evil WAHABI Brotherhood has lost all influence traditional in the previous parliament, known as the General National Congress, led them to reject the acceptance of the authority to take over the House of Representatives, as a Parliament iin deference was ‘elected’ by the Libyans.

And launched the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the former puppet NATO so-called ‘Government’ of National Salvation, headed by Omar Hassi that do not have any international recognition, but armed militias loyal to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and fall under the so-called troop processes of “the Dawn of Libya” and “Lion”, dominated by force of arms into taking over the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa, reports:

Extremists are at the end of their film:

Order: special international | senior source have reservations strongly to disclose his identity to confirm the death of the Emir of the international organization of “ANSAR al-Sharia” affiliated with al-Qaeda named Mohammed al-Zahawi slaughtered with knives at the hands of the elements ???

Battalion of the forearm Daash and for refusing to provide a pledge of al-Baghdadi and his insistence on continuing oath of allegiance to al-Zahawi.

The source added that the international Zahawi night killed yesterday inside his headquarters near the area when Abuatunai
Swept nearly 40 component of the battalion forearm al-Daash delegates, mostly from Iraq and Syria.

To establish a caliphate in Libya and not based Imaloh Zbhoh and long knives, our source confirms that killed al-Zahawi and
He and Ali ‘hardness’ Salabi, affiliated with Ansar al-Sharia, confirmed yesterday that their leader has been injured that they wanted to deny that this is the matter.
They show Zahawi in history and sound and image to refute his death for certain.

WisSam bin Humaid and Ali ‘hardness’ Salabi are in pow-wow in Turkey again.
Salah Badi is reportedly in Thailand.
Mohammed Boca Oraibi Mqtulan: his fate is unknown.


Brotherhood rat still lives !

Supposed and announced Khanb killing of MB militia leader ‘field Fares paste’ in the clashes,

has been proven untrue: false news that he had been captured and filtered.




Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

_ God is great God is great

The bombing by Libyan military operations of mechanism 25 belonging to the gangs of ‘Dawn LIBYA’ Association


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:
This is what remains of the ‘Roma Libya’ in al-Jafarah:

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Recent developments today:

Cleanse the pockets of the mountain from the terrorist gangs in the rebel mountain.

Stationing units of the Libyan army in the ASEAN region near the sites gangs Daab in Gharyan.

Implementation of the Libyan army ordered by the people of the castle after the dialogue and limited duration.

Authority to reform the Libyan army and the Shura Council Basenthan Ikmona the return of families Kklh after clearing the area of the terrorist gangs.

Made in Azizia axis and disinfect places from gangs to terrorist.

Progress of the Libyan army in the axis of the bottom of the mountain from the Valley District and Abuscabh.

God is great God is great …..

Long live the homeland !




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

15 October is the end to terrorism

 Mu smiling in his tent, 2

Supporters will not be insidious and Afghan and Amsria Brothers and

Apeixtan to Atouansh not follow Qaeda nor ….. etc.

Oh Allah, make this country safe!


Process volcano – led by the National Army:
The Countdown has BEGUN

al-Rjaae interact with the publications page Balajaab out and pray in a comment to the heroes of the national army.

Barak beach (CHAT’AI) with the “15 October  uprising”…
Hraair # Tajoura is on time.

Hraair corner at the time.

Men # Ain Zara at the time.
Men # Ben Ashour at the time.

Men # al-Fornaj at the time.

Hraaair # Fashloum in the appointment.

First images that we receive from the Liberal youth Tripoli area specifically about the uprising # Fashloum October 15th.

Men # Got_al-Shall in the deadline.
Men # al-Drebe at the time.



Men # Zliten in the appointment.
Men  of the City of Five is at the time.

Men # Rahibat at the time.

Due to the large number of incoming messages you have not been able to cover news on the Libyan arena ..

Libya: This publication is dedicated to Hto complements the images labeled areas pro uprising 15 October 2014.

Thank you for supporting us.

Hraair # Tarhouna at the time.


Hraair # Phoenix at the time.

Hraair # Khlav at the time.

Men # Khlav at the time.




Men # AIN ZARA at the time.

Men # Mansoura in the appointment.

Hraair # Street_abam at the time.

Hraair # Khalh al-Faragan at the time.







Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

The operations Ge western region under the chairmanship of the General Staff of the army in the western region of Quebec and any body other than the chief of staff of the Libyan army, Vahma body out of power.

Peace be upon you


Interlink Power Systems 2 TM2500+G4 Gas Turbine Units in the Western Region of Libya



Statement of Operations Room of the Libyan army in the Western Region:





 Of the General Staff of the Libyan army in the Western Region

Colonel Idris ‘material’ Mohammed Madi:

All residents of the mountain and western areas of Libya to cooperate fully with units presidency of General Staff of the Army Walibi and all areas that cooperate with “the dawn of Libya” for terrorism will be delivered of these individuals, as well as their weapons,

and, we will expel all rebels al-Vena, who cause the breakdown of security in the region.

and because we did not use # Air Force everywhere, we ask everyone’s full cooperation; and the reply will be suffused, as all the terrorists in any area be gone.



Statement of Colonel Idress Mohammed Madi, 07  SEPT. 2014

and he has been true to his word…

The main Libyan:

Material: battles for the Libyan army, Abu shaybah and other


reported by Salem Al-Obeidi | Saturday 11 October 2014, 7: 10 PM

(أرشيفية) (photo: )

He ordered the military operations room in the Western region Colonel Idriss Mohammed Abdul material for «the Center gate» the Libyan army attacked on Saturday, several sites and stationed forces ‘Dawn Libya’.

Col. ‘material’ said, that the Libyan army entered in clashes directly with the ‘dawn of Libya’, Abu shaybah, and other sites in order to deter militants and pushing them to return to their towns, to leave the main road for everyone, adding that there will be an extensive military operations, and any military action will be targeted by any group.


And, Col ‘material’ found the culprits  responsible for targeting by bomb, the Wadi tamarisk Bridge, on the road between the towns of Aalut and Azizia  from the troops of MB “Dawn Libya”, adding that their actions (LIBYA DAWN) have been targeting the country’s infrastructure.

The Abu region is similar to the quarries where skirmishes and battles have occured.

The General staff had issued a decision to set up military operations in the Western region, based in camp well Bir Sheep and is headed by Col. Idriss Mohammed Abdul ‘material’.


الصفحة الرئيسيةليبيا

مادي: معارك للجيش الليبي بمنطقة أبو شيبة ومحاور أخرى
بنغازي – بوابة الوسط، سالم العبيدي | السبت 11 أكتوبر 2014, 7:10 PM

أكد آمر غرفة العمليات العسكرية في المنطقة الغربية العقيد إدريس محمد مادي عبدالرحمن لـ«بوابة الوسط» أن الجيش الليبي هاجم، اليوم السبت، عدة مواقع ومحاور تتمركز بها قوات فجر ليبيا.

وقال مادي إنَّ الجيش الليبي دخل في اشتباكات مُباشرة مع قوات فجر ليبيا بمنطقة أبو شيبة، ومواقع أخرى لردع المُسلحين ودفعهم للعودة إلى مُدنهم، حتى يتركوا الطريق العام للجميع، موضحًا أنه ستكون هُناك عمليات عسكرية واسعة، وسيتم استهداف أي تحرك عسكري من قبل أي مجموعة.

وحمّل مادي مسؤولية استهداف جسر وادي الأثل على الطريق الرابط بين مدينتي نالوت والعزيزية بسيارة مفخخة، لقوات فجر ليبيا، موضحًا أن هذا العمل يستهدف البنية التحتية للبلاد.

يذكر أن منطقة أبو شبية ومنطقة الكسارات تشهد مُناوشات ومعارك بين الحين والآخر.

ويُشار إلى أن رئاسة الأركان كانت أصدرت قرارًا يقضي بتشكيل غرفة عمليات عسكرية في المنطقة الغربية، يكون مقرّها معسكر بئر الغنم و يترأسها العقيد إدريس محمد مادي عبدالرحمن.

Statement of 09 OCT 2014:

07 SEPTEMBER 2014:

Created Western Operations Room of the Libyan army, led by Brigadier Fayalmntqh ...
resolution of the Libyan chief of staff, Abdul Razak Nazawra No. (7) the establishment of a Western Operations room of the Libyan army, led by Brigadier Fayalmntqh ‘adores material’





Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

This list of the martyrs of the tribe Tarhouna in the battles of the last battle for the Airport through Rishvana to crushers
Today …

(In the name of God the Merciful)

Think not of those who were killed for the sake of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord)
God willing Tarhunah martyrs in the battle of the glory and splendor of the Muslim Brotherhood against the militias Day
14 September 2014 to the present day …

– Martyr Khaled Mhaour al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Abu Bakr al-Mzoga al-Tarhuni
– Martyr F al-Mzoga al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Khaled Abuaaúhh al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Matouk Buzada al-Tarhuni
– Shahid Murad Ferjany al-Tarhuni
– Shahid Akram Ferjany al-Tarhuni
– Shahid Ashraf Ferjany al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Mohamed Ragab al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Khalil Musa al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Haj Ali Said al-Tarhuni
– Shahid Hamid al-Mzoga al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Mohammed Aekola al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Hisham al-Abana al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Marwan Ali al-Tarhuni
– Shahid Ayub Ferjany al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Khalil Musa Ferjany al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Mohamed Ragab al-Tarhuni
– Martyr Saad Ferjany al-Tarhuni


“God accept our martyrs Barahmh to this day and Escanhm vast paradises”

_ Libyan Army)




Darwish Zliten puts these days green flag on his shoulder and walk around the city center ..



“Zero hour”, on FB, reporting:

MISURATA Central Hospital declares state of emergency
Libya’s future – and the agencies announced MISURATA Central Hospital, on Sunday, the state of emergency in all divisions. Where the hospital received during the Saturday and Sunday more than 30 cases of some areas of the mountain, and Kklh Gharyan and also cases of conversion from some hospitals in the capital, Tripoli.

A doctor at the hospital surgery Akram Kulaioan that some critical cases received by the hospital has been converted into some private clinics within the city and others are still receiving treatment in the hospital.








Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Violent clashes in the village of Nasser south corner and offers me a great forces of Libyan army.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Was ambushed in the southern corner Mtlt Hlgodh killing 8 Melcaat Interface Language and destroying a tank and a car 23

From the heart of the event
A state of fear and horror inside the corner and voices clashes and provide military forces.

Vr injury Nasser Almoktov Amoirbe, deputy ordered the military council corner.

“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists” a partagé la vidéo de corner with the army and police against terrorist militias Brotherhood Shields of Misurata.
// Video // instructions General Command of the Army for the Libyan on Oct. 15 ..
(Decisiveness Fulbright grants from inside cities and not from outside)

1-Do not allow children to go out to the streets.
2-not drive a car unless you’re part of the uprising.
3-not to put barriers and roadblocks hinder the movement of the mechanisms of the Libyan army in progress
4-Ali young people secure their areas and streets and homes.
5-lack of concentration over the places and high-rise buildings in order to preserve their lives.
General Instruction hope circular and publishing.

// فيديو // تعليمات القيادة العامة للجيش الليبي عن يوم 15 اكتوبر ..
(الحسم يبداء من داخل المدن وليس من خارجها)
1-عدم السماح للأطفال بالخروج للشوارع .
2-عدم قيادة السيارة الا اذا كنت من ضمن الأنتفاضة.
3-عدم وضع الحواجز والسواتر الترابية تعيق حركة أليات الجيش الليبي في التقدم
4-علي الشباب تأمين شوارعهم ومناطقهم وبيوتهم .
5-عدم التمركز فوق الأماكن والمباني العالية حفاظا علي حياتهم .
التعليمات عامة نرجو التعميم والنشر .

Lire la vidéo


(ONE GOOD, DECENT ARMY for ALL LIBYANS..There are no ‘factions’. The recruits have been trained in Zintan.)

ARMY BEGS CO-OPERATION from all God-fearing Libyan citizenry

“Zintan Brigade Qaqaa”, posts important announcement and clarification:

The official spokesman of the Libyan army, because what is happening is to secure the back of all the departments and the army and purge pockets of terrorist gangs in the mountain and will be officially announcement liberalization process Tripoli

And to all the citizens in the Western Region that the Libyan Army is not just ‘tribal’ but Ajhoy must ALL areas of co-operation with the Libyan Army; and purge their areas of extremist gangs, and help the Army when entering any area.

And to all the members of the CORNERs to adhere to the orders of the leaders of the field.




Tang al-Salib al-Salah ‘unveiled’, released

The release of “circular al-Salib /al-Thleeb” of the “Media channel of the CAPITOL” al-Fbrairih Director,

who was kidnapped earlier.

“معاد الثليب


Air Force bombed a site of “Dawn Libya” in Janzour.

 A powerful explosion in one of the militias in Janzour sites and news about aerial bombardment.

The attack on the drug stores in the Tripoli Medical Center before ‘Dawn Libya militias’ grounds

that the establishment of field hospitals in front Valley neighborhood and Gharyan.


The withdrawal of militias shields Brotherhood of Bridge-Zahra









Ugana under the control of Libyan army



Violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium enterprises in the region

of  Azizia near the camp of the Fourth Brigade.

 the Libyan army controls the headquarters of the Fourth Brigade al-AZIZIA..

All young people and help Rishvana forces progressing now within the

city of Azizia on three axes …

Army Libyan tribes Mujahid progresses through to a depth of 3-axis Azizia.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Such a waste extremist gangs dawn Libya and provide military and Walibi Boislna axis in the bottom of the mountain to Azizia.


Allah is the greatest.


News of full control of the city of Azizia is still true in several axes;

BUT, in Bir Sheep there were still several mechanisms of ‘Roma Libya’.




Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Gizzard full Gharyan report says that more than half of the # Gharyan against ‘gangs dawn Libya’

and supports the authorities of the State in the House of Representatives and the Libyan army”

(# Gharyan)

The displacement of a large number of families of Gharyan, fearing clashes after trapping Gharyan by aspiring army forces and the flight number of the terrorist gangs.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:


Unfortunately, the storage containers, ammunition and weapons for the Brotherhood Militias are in the Gharyan Hospital, and the Brotherhood is using civilians as human shields !

And our response because:

Wilt yesterday to a group of area denominators Baggreyan clashed

with a gang just Daab extremist in Gharyan.

Was erected howitzers Baatgah sites for terrorist gangs in Gharyan.

We ask God to pay archery and saves citizens in Gharyan.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Gharyan residents Arvod  of the so-called “Dawn Libya”, and ask Melcaat Regional Misurata extremists in Gharyan, to leave Erdon war in Gharyan, and say you just Adaab Barahil.

Members of the Libyan army Bamntqh your fingers to kill two of the gang ‘LIBYA dawn” ambush in Libya:

1_ of Misrata
1_ of Gharyan





“The spread of the Libyan army in the village of Kklh and secure the area and help residents”.

A picture of a family member of the ‘Roma Libya’ militias, Kklh



Zintan brigade Qaqaa
A message from the Inbox:


“I am from the city of Kklh.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa a partagé la vidéo de Mohammed Garag breeds – a researcher for the truth.

The report entry Kklh mountain village by the regular troops
The report of Kklh

A failed attempt by some MB battalions Shield Central and militias Roma to retrieve Kklh forces aspiring Libyan army has been remnants of the Roma heavy losses in lives and equipment.

التقرير عن دخول قرية ككلة الجبلية من قبل القوات النظامية

التقرير من ككلة …

مشاهدة طيبة ..

— à ‎ككله‎.

Lire la vidéo

Show good .. – à Kklh.

Aaibtal Libyan army Aaboisl Zintan. We thank you for cleansing the area Kklh of gangs ‘Roma Libya’s cutthroat A.Gneoh (MAHDI HARATINE) and Salah Badi and all the leaders of the Brotherhood and the Mufti Sadiq (GHARYIANI) terrorist.

Allah is the greatest.”

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Social Committee and the Shura Council in Zintan make up the committee and pray for the people of the city of Kklh to return and receive their homes and have been offered the army and the evacuation of the city after the expulsion of the gangs “for the dawn of Libya” ..
Thank you for Social Committee and the Shura Council Bmedinta Zintan on these efforts that you have made for the sake of the dignity of the homeland and citizens ..

Tribute to all the citizens

the brothers arrived al-Vena them

is the presidency of Staff and has been for a response from

# Nalut and Jadu and denominators # # Gharyan.

(From the General Staff of the Army of the Libyan Western Region)

Zintan brigade Qaqaa a partagé la photo de national army operations.
A photo showing the locations clashes today

# Amilit-al-Jeic-al-Outna


Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi:

Colonel # Ahmd_al-Msmara
Libyan army battles leading 3-axis:
1 Azizia
2 Bir Sheep
3 Gharyan.

He says that the real battle has not started yet.

(Process volcano – led by the national army)

“Zintan Brigade Qaqaa”, comments:

“For members of the ambitions of young people in the solicitation of the Mountain West undergarment named ‘Libya dawn’

And Dean and Chairman of the Board is controlled by groups outside the law!

History will curse them in the destruction of the homeland

Nrahm these spoilers will not warheads from evil.”

Silks Zintan
Allah Akbar Aaouachin


Eat it plain ambush mesh group Abu servants in Bir Sheep come forward

and they are free Tihohm in the hole and the hospital ..

jam pleasures far corner was destroyed two tanks of the matter Praise God ..



“Gateway Africa News” has learned that the elders and notables of the city of Jadu in Western Nafusa mountain are lobbying for a  mediation in order to stop the fighting of the City of Misrata, (which is leading the MB process of “Dawn Libya”)  which is being intent  upon destroying  the city Zintan (who are working with Libyan army and give legitimacy to the TOBRUK House of Representatives) …


Sources informed that Misurata made three utterly ridiculous conditions to stop the fighting

1) Zintan must deliver 720 specific Zintani heroes of the sons of Zintan, over to the Brotherhood militia of Misrata, plus and including all members of the Brigades Qaqaa, Lightning and 32nd Civil Enhanced;

2)and to give them the delivery of arms medium and heavy, which have forces of Zintan of the Libyan army

3) as well as the delivery of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi arrested three years ago.

The sources added that the mad MB Misrata notables confirmed that there is no solution to the crisis without realizing these three conditions, which observers considered impossible conditions, only for purpose of insulting Zintan, and for the Brotherhood to gain ruling power over all LIBYA... and to announce that the Libyan tribal forces are to be subject as outlaws !!!




Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Guetah sunrise exposed film on the Algerian Jihad Zintan under the name of

“Zintan rebellion and rejection”.


Continued al-Ocaúqy to know its content

On channel # al-Chroq_al-Dzaúria

The frequency

On the moon Nilesat

Pictures showing Libyan Army training in Zintan:

no racial or tribal barriers, all accepted healthy recruits (except members of the Brotherhood and extremist groups):

Trained to fight the Brotherhood and Kharijites:




Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists
Statement of Major General Khalifa Hfter .qaúd process of dignity in the statement delivered by my father said:

1..bdina in forming the nucleus of our military, the Libyan National

2..kna reason to unite our military Libyan

3 … despite all the efforts of what turned things around will not achieve our goals after

4. ..qguat army is now ready to enter the city of Benghazi and edit all of the Kharijites and Takfiris

5 liberate Benghazi important point to liberate all parts of Libya.

6..markh liberation of Benghazi has become a matter of time not more than

7 …. Immediately after the military operations in Benghazi, all the soldiers will return to barracks

8..markh dignity is considered another military action in the military, Li

9 … we have gained the trust of countries facing terrorism.



Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists

Congratulations to the young people of ‘dignity channel’, just dissolved (by BROTHERHOOD RATS),

But because of the great God, we re-opened on a new frequency in CASABLANACA

Urgent for publication on the broadest:

Channel # Libya National launch is now the city of Casablanca on

frequency 11353 /

27500 / vertical …

as the first channel of the Libyan state.

Hold Alrmot and look them Toaaaaaa.

O Allah Akbar CASABLANCA dignity and Jihad.

Now CASABLANCA is always the forerunner

Allah is the greatest



Benghazi Youth against KHARIJITES:

Process volcano – led by the national army

Clashes between young people from the area near Benghazi # Souk al-Haddikh with a cell # to Tnzim_al-Hadh

after the youth attacked the neighborhood of this cell taken from a hotel near affection and her nest.


(# Buadr_antfadh_15_oktopr)

“Zero hour”, reporting:

Control of the police and 21 battalion and youth of Benghazi on 80% of the city.
The spread of dense special forces Thunderbolt, inside the city; and raising slogans against the ‘Roma Matvolh gangs in Libya’, and particularly in Rishvana.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

General Command of the Libyan army

About the uprising of 15 October and the  youth of Benghazi

1_ ask all young people and residents of Benghazi to secure their areas and streets and locked in front of the Kharijites

2_ forming groups of young people each region to secure the area and not to allow outsiders on the mechanics of shooting Army

3_ to all youth Benghazi unarmed unnecessary home

4_ attention when you use the weapon can not happen until the error and hit some

5_ not to stand in the main streets

6_ facilitate the movement of pedestrians and cars cars for ambulance

7_ to prevent children from going out even violate the operations

8_ on all the residents of Benghazi to buy basic necessities and a commitment to stay in the house for days retention process as possible.

9_ not to retaliate against the leaders of the Kharijites and leave the army to deal with them and arrested

Libyan army cleanse Benghazi area


_ Libyan army

All youth are required to Benghazi every street is a lock and secure way street from entering the Kharijites

Not to stand in the streets Home

Do not let the children go out to that end operations.

Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists:شباب-طرابلس-معا-شباب-بنغازي-يوم-15-ضد-الخوارج-والارهابيين/1491327521135698?ref=tn_tnm&fref=nf

Huge columns of the Libyan army to go because Benghazi.

Zintan Brigade Qaqaa:

Management awareness and guidance of the Libyan Army is distributing leaflets in the nation’s capital, and in Benghazi where they are directing operations for the youth.

(Libyan Army)

youth recruits in Benghazi:

Zintan brigade Qaqaa, reports:

now the Libyan army is fully prepared to cleanse the city of Benghazi, as well as the capital of the nation.

 Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists

Message from the Special Forces Thunderbolt:
Section will not let you down ..
Section will not forget our comrades who have gone before us to the mercy of their Lord, with his permission ..
Section will not forget the cries of the bereaved mothers ..
Section will not forget Abra orphaned children ..
Section O Libya will not Nkzlk ..
Uttered by Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh loud cry “either to live or die with dignity
Dignity “..
If tomorrow to sight a close.


Violent clashes in regions of Sidi Faraj and Boatni between Special Forces Thunderbolt and Wahabi militia Ansar al-Sharia:

Libyan air force carried out several raids on positions of Ansar al-Sharia in the city of Benghazi.


Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Day Tomorrow will flutter above the national banner back to Benghazi and devices for security and state institutions to Benghazi to be liberated from extremism and terrorism, “the end of the Kharijites”


Allah is the greatest







Daash in Libya threatens to invade Egypt and has formed an alliance with MB Erdogen’s Turkey

Daash organisation threatens to invade Egypt, with the help of their supportering organisation members in the Libyan city of Derna … according to Abu Bakr.

«Mujahideen in Libya in anticipation and ready, do not despair Guys Egypt», said Mahfoud J, one of the members of the organization Daash IS.

Said Abu Bakr Mahfoud J, a member of the organizing Daash, that members of the organization in the city of Derna Libya, 300 kilometers from Egypt, and the face of «saved», through a jihadi sites, message to supporters of «Daash» saying: «Mujahideen in Libya in anticipation and ready, Guys do not despair Egypt, Stgbr feet dust Jihad ».

He added: «inevitable destiny to be the destruction of Egypt’s rulers of Morocco, which includes the countries of Libya, Mali, Morocco and others. Libya was in a dark tunnel of chaos », pointing out that many of the groups in Libya disbanded and pledged allegiance to the Caliph in the country’s west and east to the south, and came book him to remain supporters and migrants in Libya and not out of it, and take the focus and center for assembling the jihadists in the world.

He attacked Mahfouz, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader, because of his policy in Yemen and Syria, and not declaring jihad direct there, causing the fall of the two countries to the hands of the Houthis (who are vehemently against and fighting the WAHABI ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) in Sanaa, Yemen, and the continuation of «Bashar» until this moment in Syria, calling for the mujahideen to support the idea of an Islamic Emirate in all countries to counter what he described as a scheme targeting Brotherhood affiliated ‘Muslims’.

He explained that the West realized the seriousness of this situation, which paves the way for the unity of the nation in succession and one, Fagin mad and alliance with the tyrants of the region, and realized all that this newborn (Daash) will pull the rug from under their feet in a few years, so shall all jihadist movements and Islamic countries to comply with this Indeed, who does not have the option not to swear allegiance to «Al-Baghdadi».

He warned Abu Hamza Al-Baghdadi, one of the members of the «Daash», of the existence of a plot to overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying: «keenness of the international coalition, which aims to organize an Islamic state, in coordination with Iran and Germany, al-Maadetyn to Turkey, to arm the Kurds, indicating the existence of a scheme aimed against Erdogan (of the MB) evidenced French support for the Kurds, claiming Paris for a campaign to open a file to condemn the massacre of the Armenians of Turkey, as well as support the Gulf, which caused a drop in the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt ».

The «Baghdadi» in an article via a jihadi / WAHABI websites: «All of this indicates that the next Western target will be dropped Erdogan and re-Turkey into a secular former rulers Gulf and NATO’s International spent all that money, and painted all those plans in order to overthrow the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt , and certainly are willing to do what is most of the money in order to return Turkey to the secular, and the Kurds will be the spearhead in the coming war against Turkey, and will be besieged by the Kurds, and worry about their security, and Ajbrunha to deduct from their land part of the Kurds ».

He continued: «Turkey will not be able to withstand the attack, which will be exposed to him, despite all the submissions from concessions, so swearing International arming the Kurds today is not to repel the Islamic State only, but to threaten Turkey, a larger goal for the alliance, and any weakness in the entity of the Islamic State currently , will give the Kurds the power of moral as well as military power, and the surplus power, which will consist with the Kurds will directed towards Turkey, to begin phase divided ».

Baghdadi called for «Erdogan» to form a full alliance with al Daash, even if secretly, to abort the scheme to arm and strengthen fork Kurds, otherwise it will kill Boukngerhm which bordered them now Turkish President stupidly large, as described, and the face of the international coalition, which plans to weaken the Islamic countries in the region are not in Iraq and the Levant only.

Turkey has witnessed the past few days the outbreak of demonstrations in Kurdish demanding the International Community to please, militarily, to save the city Kobanî Kurdish from the hands of «Daash» (who is supported by the MB Erdogen government),

and thus, once again has turned the demonstrations into violent clashes between Turkish government police and the demonstrators (supporters of the city Kobanî) and resulted in a number of deaths in the ranks of the demonstrators.






Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

be weary of snakes in the grass.

Italian delegation is visiting the House of Representatives in Tobruk.

Up this morning, Tuesday, 10/14/2014 AD envoy delegation from the Italian government and the ambassador Giuseppe Maria Buccino Grimaldi from Italy now in Libya went the House of Representatives, in an official visit.

They are expected to arrive shortly to the headquarters of the sessions of the Council of Representatives with Dar es Salaam city of Tobruk.





Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Chairman of the General Staff of the Army receives an invitation from the French solarise to come to France. (Remember that François Hollande resigned last week.)

and our Chairman has arrived safely last evening to the French capital of Versailles in Paris.


Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dayry with American Foreign Minister George John Kerry in Paris

PICTURE: M’ammar al-Qathafi at Versailles 07 DEC. 2007:

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