PICTURE: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi 01 SEPT. 1979


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, April 1986 reviewing all things in his mind:

Mu smiling w white headress

Operations room Zintan
Oh my goodness becomes .. Sabahak Noor Mesh Normal

Morning joy for my children .. and my grandparents on the morning of Mercy

You live in the here and the best .. what connects Vic Normal

(Operations room Zintan)

Yan intifada – 1- 11- 2014
Statement intifada – 1- 11- 2014 ,,,, of channel mass.

Direct broadcast room leader / Muammar al-Qathafi.

القذافي .

Mu on Pal-Talk

بـث مـباشر لغرفة القائد / معمر القذافي في البالتوك

مناسبه عيد الفاتح ( 44 ) تم بحمدالله افتتاح غرفه القائد (…

PALTOOK.BLOGSPOT.NL Follow us. – Arabization https: …

Live room leader / Muammar Gaddafi in Paltalk
The occasion of Eid Al Fateh (44) was Bhamdallah opening rooms commander (…

Official Page – leading Imed Trabelsi

Dawn tomorrow, God willing, will be a historic day.

(Process volcano – led by the national army)

الصفحه الرسمية – الرائد عماد الطرابلسي
فجر غداً بإذن الله سيكون يـوم تـاريخي .

عملية البركان – بقيادة الجيش الوطني

Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

.bbah Morning glory and high morale morning near Victory with Allah’s help them all … forward.

.صباح المجد وصباح الروح المعنوية العالية صباح النصر القريب بعون الله ..الى الامام

Abdo Lehman, informs us:

Known Anchallah Day tomorrow 24/10 declaration of liberation.

“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, reports:

Forces lion and Fjrlibia terrorist Tvidalmalomat it Stanthal clothes and slogans of our national army troops will be stationed in some of the important sites in the capital and its suburbs, and, for example, but not limited to the headquarters of the goodness of religion and support for the purpose of confronting

the army charged battle of liberation of Tripoli.

Kmatvad information that terrorist groups brought from Syria under the supervision of the terrorist al-Mahdi Al-Harati (HARATINE / alias AKKLA GIANNI GNEOH)

and stationed at the headquarters of the Military College for Girls, and then deported to the corner and Sabratha.

قوات قسوره وفجرليبيا الارهابية تفيدالمعلومات انها ستنتحل ملابس وشعارات مايسمى بقوات الجيش الوطني وستتمركز في بعض المواقع الهامه في العاصمه وضواحيها وعلي سبيل المثال لا الحصر مقر الدعم بصلاح الدين وذلك لغرض مواجهة قوات الجيش المكلفه بمعركة تحرير طرابلس . كماتفيد المعلومات بان مجموعات ارهابيه جلبت من سوريا باشراف الارهابي المهدي ا

لحراتي وتمركزوا بمقر الكليه العسكريه للبنات ثم رحلوا الي الزاويه وصبراته.



pro Hamidi, posts

Gateway center:

Hftar requests residents of Benghazi to postpone a celebration of the victory of the army of joy, for fear innocent citizens may yet be targeted.

Major General Khalifa Hfter appealed to Libyan residents of Al-Salam neighborhood in Benghazi, not to crowd or show appearances of welcoming the army, now after his success in the control of several neighborhoods in Benghazi, citing that the assembly may pose a threat to civilians and the military together.

Said Hftar, via his page on the social networking site Facebook, “The crowd is a danger to you and the army because the people of the Fire Istglu simplest opportunities for Neil us” .

ohar Brigade Hftar, that “while with a crowd, extremists can easily sneak in civilian clothes, and attack the army, or carry out suicide attacks within a central assembly; and the army and can not respond for fear of endangeringcivilian life, according to the description. “

Khalifa Hfter asks Libyans to postpone the vulva until after the full liberalization, because the war still on-going.



Brigadier General Massoud Arhomh, from al-Rajaban, is defense minister in the new Libyan government:


Non-payment of salary to ABSENTEE or former employees of the Army, in September

Libya Gate center | Thursday, 23 October 2014,
A military source confirmed the high-level Special Forces «Thunderbolt» for «Gateway center»,

the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a decision, not to exchange salary September, to employees of the Libyan Army absentee and dropouts from work.

The source said that this decision came after a disclaimer was issued earlier in the formal statement of Special Forces «Thunderbolt», to stop the salaries of officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of absentees and dropouts and is enrolled in the service. (SOLDIERS without official leave-of-absense)






The Brotherhood and WAHABI groups have no right to call themselves “Muslim” !!!

The event Rishvana Libya, comments:

‘Lighthouse’ *site of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, “explains” what happened yesterday in Benghazi

and the Libyan army describes Palanq-labeyen say that the stars of heaven nearest them from entering Benghazi ...
And ended by saying Glory to the martyrs and February remain !!!!.
How Brotherhood allows for themselves, as to call the Libyan army, a coup, and still calls the ‘House of Representatives’ illegitimate. What about the ‘forces Dawn Libya’ and ‘the Government of Hassi’ are not they a ‘coup’ which has been described as terrorists, by the “House” ?

Brotherhood in Libya and on their page reveal their true colors and declare explicitly standing with the terrorists and extremist groups who do not hoist the flag of the State and put the black flag at their headquarters. ..

The Brotherhood says “we give the glory of the martyrs for foreign suicide bombers who blow up Libyans and Igtalonhen in operations”. [Certainly, these are despicable and cowardly] ..

The Brotherhood stands with “ANSAR al-SHARIA” and brag about it as the ‘February Revolution’ remain a description used by al Qaeda and obscurantist Daash for their project.

After reading what was written by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, their page yesterday evening shows to everyone that the Brotherhood began Ekshron for the teeth and treachery and betrayal of the Libyans and their so-called “revolution”; and declare their rejection of the draft law and state institutions ..

We call on the ‘House of Representatives’, to Bhoudr (BAN) this group, which supports and glorifies terrorists; and not to deal with them, or even dialogue with them, as they are without doubt, a terrorist group.

And on ‘the age of al-Qoira’ their chief of media and culture, and the image of the distribution of a copy* of what was published on page Brotherhood, should be on the ambassadors of the five, the EU and the UN representative in Libya. (BUT THEY STILL SUPPORT and FUND the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD!)


“The event Rishvana Libya”, comments:

Did you know that the killing of companion Osman bin Affan may God bless him and cut off his head and knocked his gut was screaming “Allahu Akbar”, and he says Ali Osman infidel Although Osman may Allah be pleased with him of the promised Paradise?

Did you know that the killing of companion Ali bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him kneeling in the dawn prayers at a mosque in Kufra was screaming, and says during stabbed to Ali “Allah Akbar”, and he would say to the unbeliever despite the fact that Ali may Allah be pleased with him, a cousin of the Messenger of Allah and his brother?

Did you know that the killing of Hussein, may Allah be pleased with him, the grandson of the Messenger of Allah, and his head was cut Fayalhasin sees an infidel? It’s no wonder those of the Kharijites that amends the police or the army or kill women and children …. and how do they have killed the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him ..

They Kharijites infidels, described by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, as “the dogs the people of Hell “and their grandchildren in this age-Qaeda, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood bankrupt, Daash, Front victory, and the rest of the groups expiatory … kill the people of Islam and leave the people … idols, from mischief in the land, .., God is a big relief from their wickedness and cut Qrnhm.






Operations room Zintan


Dr. Billah is running for the Tunisian presidency in the upcoming elections,

Yes, Mutassim Gaddafi !!!

He has been running up until now, many of the projects and investments Gaddafi family abroad in cooperation with his brother Mohammed.

المعتصم القذافي

يترشح لرئاستها في الإنتخابات القادمة, المعتصم القذافي الليبية و من يدير إلي الأن العديد من مشاريع و إستثمارات عائلة القذافي في الخارج بالتعاون مع محمد

Slam_riahi → is al-Qathafi’s son Moutassim alive in Tunisia ?????









Night al-Bareh was ambushed convoy continued MB Shield western region bin Shuaib corner …

The killing of the terrorist “Ayman Buamoud” Abu Salim prison inmate
The first suspect in the assassination of Colonel # Ahmd al-Bergthe

Director # Acharth al-Askarah



Ain Zahra votes heavy weapons and “possible” aerial bombardment.


From Aokdlna?



Chiaan with dignity and army, informs us, that:

Colonel Abujeelh al-Hbashy is jailed at the rat prison on the plateau in Tripoli and his health is bad.

TRIPOLI PLATEAU Military training Camp, now converted into a prison by RATS, operated by al-Qaeda Khaled Sharif:









“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:
City Zuwarah: City Active geographical features and is considered a tourist area because of its proximity Huzeirh “scalp” and overlooking the sea and is a transit point and the land border with Tunisia sister.

Rksus Gypsy gang (‘LIBYA ROMA’) and Libya “Misrata” was manipulation on this tendon area to HCA Badsaús and implicate many of the characters and the slaves whom money and power to Angerarha outside the authority of the state.

Libyan Army on guard
PICTURE: the spread of units of the Libyan army to secure the area of the GMMR dam at al-Kwassa)

The Libyan army to maintain the stability of the nation and sovereignty of the work of the service in an atmosphere of general national Mhakza, to return Zuwarah and Bokmash Ajaddairaly to the head of state’s authority; and the disarmament of the armed al-Mjoat, and composition of military checkpoints, and remove their joke general Jeddalah of their so-named ‘army’, thereby will be cleaned on the area of land and sea.

That the people of Zuwarah Omazaa BJP to be Tanhamaih state authorities and apparent Zuwarah

operate under the authority of the state and the elimination of the black bug (DAASH) infesting where the focal length.

God save the homeland.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:
The quality of the process for the Libyan army to the gate of the “Roma Libya” on the island of Surman.



Roma gangs with Libya came from camps Sabratha

and arrest a terrorist group in Sabratha and the confiscation of their vehicles and arms, removing  them,

without any losses.


Allah is the greatest, and thank God.



arrested three Syrian Wahabi fighting in the city of Kklh


Operations room Zintan

Allah is the greatest

Today has control of the dam and visited the valley between reality and Kklh Association and the pictures show

the spread of units of the Libyan army to secure the area and cut off any supplies Ali gangs in Kklh from Roma to Ibiatd.




And the land of thorns Rishvana:





Urgent for publication and circular …
There followed a convoy of troops Roma Libya and precisely follow MISURATA heading from

the slot to the stadium by side Azizia westward and it seems they are seeking
To circumvent the Libyan army.
I hope al-Thder and reported immediately.

  “And the land of thorns Rishvana”, gives us a summery:

Under control Kklh entirely ..kbd army today many of the losses in the forces of Libya they LIBYA ROMA 43 people dead and about 60 wounded.

Association and crushers and Abuscah all under the control of the Libyan army and the army stationed in the spread following instructions:

For the well axis Bir Sheep and Mtlt T, which connects the corner of the mountain was controlled by the army and now is about 10 kilometers on the corner.

It was causing a lot of damage done and the news about the killing of a leader of the terrorist group, Abu Ubaida* angular named ‘Osman flames’, after being hit

and confiscated some weapons and vehicles.


Militias’ just Daab’ room pizza branch Gharyan because became besieged from all directions were cut off supplies to this topic militias and there is news about the delivery of the city peacefully after probe implicating the so-called ‘fair Daab’

fair DAAB of the Militias

in the process of poverty Libya, especially after he give up the alliance of evil (Misurata) and left her alone and retreat to Tripoli and specifically to Salah-ud-Din, camps and residents of this topic areas you see Pam sights that cars Misurata to Tripoli began to disembark and leave the follow on their own.
(Today Summary)




Khal al-Zintani, says:

Soon ..

Operation Dignity 2 to liberate the city of Misrata ..

honest Misrata against militias (of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood).


Aqaba port of Misrata and iron and steel plant






Brigadier # Faragh Barasa: commander of the Army Green Mountain progresses toward Benghazi and in control of the entire east coast. And is equipped to storm Benghazi in coordination with the General Command of the Army.


بالفيديو .. يمنيين و سعوديين و جزائريين بنشدون لتنظيم القاعدة في القوارشة

بالدليل القاطع ، نشرت الصفحة الرسمية لمؤسسة الراية الاعلامية التابعة لتنظيم انصار الشريعة الارهابي مقطع فيديو لعناصر من تنظيم القاعدة و هم ينشدون اناشيد لتنظيم القاعدة و داعش بلهجة خليجية غير ليبية ..

التصنيف: ليبيا

“The event Rishvana Libya”, reports:

Cuneiform: Battles Benghazi revealed the involvement of foreign countries
Thursday, 23 October  2014
Benghazi – Africa news portal
A spokesman for the Libyan Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colonel Ahmed cuneiform, on Thursday, the military operations carried out by the Libyan army in the city of Benghazi prove the involvement of foreign elements from several Arab countries and non-Arab (unnamed) in fighting inside Libya.

oadhav cuneiform in his intervention with satellite , “Sky News Arabia,” that there are camps in Sirte and other areas to train foreign elements who are smuggled across the Mediterranean Sea, as well as open borders to fight against the Libyan army.

Says,The cuneiform:

“Prince Daash in Benghazi irritates public opinion to accept the idea of joining foreign fighters in their ranks. We have several detainees in the eastern region and many of them are dead, many of whom are not fluent in the Arabic language at all, but the terrorist organizations take advantage of them in booby-trapping using vehicles or blasting in places General.

“He said Colonel that terrorist elements gained access to places important in the state,” may have been seized army weapons, in the eastern region there are about 4 warehouses for ammunition, and in the western region as well, and since the (so-called) ‘February 17 revolution’ benefited these organizations to introduce weapons. “المسماري-معارك-بنغازي-كشفت-تورّط-دول-أجنبية





A salute to the nation’s capital Benghazi “educated Dayih” from the heart of Zintan.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa, in appreciation, says:

“We thank all the inhabitants of Benghazi.
Benghazi youth from all cooperation with the Libyan army thanks to all of you lived Benghazi safe stable and prosperous.”

Libyan Army and Tanks convoy:


Battalion “204” tank of Libyan army deployed in the streets of Benghazi #.

el-Hassy (Hijazi) in the center of Benghazi today and ordered a battalion of 204 tanks Mahdi al-Bergthe
Look how the army Aato security to people and Afaraho Wayne Aischofohm Balabas military RBI keeps them.


Heard on the morning of Friday, the city of Benghazi loud sounds violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium-heard echo throughout al-Medina.

onql sources as civil as saying that the clashes taking place in the western suburbs of the city of Benghazi, and made it clear that what is happening is the exchange of fire with heavy weapons and medium  battalions «204» tanks TOGETHER with  «21 Thunderbolt» Committees of the national army,  against the “MB Martyrs corner armed groups belonging to what is called the MB  ‘Shura Council of the rebels’ in Benghazi”.

Libyan army controls the gate Rulrich west of Benghazi
Thursday, 23 October 2014

Benghazi – Africa news portal

Succeeded Forces Battalion 204 tanks, the Army’s Libyan national (BATALLION ‘Mahdi al-Bergthe’), in control Thursday evening at the gate of Rulrhh west of the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, as confirmed by military sources.

She said the same sources that Lt. Munir Saaiti It follows the booklet 204 tanks martyred during clashes, between the elements of the battalion and armed groups Tpta to Ansar al-Sharia forces succeeded Mahzawr.hma and the Libyan National Army, which is leading a military operation against terrorist groups in Benghazi, east of the country, of control on Thursday and, following violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium enterprises, the area al-Kwyfah.

And military sources said that troops operating in the meantime on combing the area al-Kwyfah, as warplanes launched Libyan raids on sites belonging to the elements of the “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi, as the army seized on the mechanisms of belonging to the group in the city, and comes after hours of entry columns of the Libyan army to al-Salam neighborhood in Benghazi, and he approached more than access to the center al-Medinh.الجيش-الليبي-يسيطر-على-بوابة-القواريش-غربي-بنغازي

Our Army rejoicing and giving thanks to Allah:

Operation Dignity – led by the national army

I arrived to the city of Benghazi bookseller “Boumtara cabled” from Ajdabiya to participate with troops left where confidential tanks this evening from the city of Ajdabiya.

National Army troops roll into town # Benghazi.

Libyan Muslim army in Benghazi, The Armed Forces of the Libyan army.

Moment forces entered the Libyan army in the neighborhood of peace (al-SALAM) # Benghazi.

Tunisian suicide bomber blows himself up in Benghazi.



Libyan air force intensifies Talath air and covering the process of combing the army to al-Kwyfah area 

and the coastal road.

The units of the Libyan army combing Farms # al-Kwyvh.

After combing the area al-Kwyfah, the Army demolished the entire
home of the terrorist Akhawargi: WisSam Bin Hamaid, who was taken,


as being a hub for terrorist operations and assembly of arms.

Colonel # Nice Bouchmadh and inspects the progress of the operations within the city of Benghazi # al-Kwyfah

at the gate of the direction by Ibohadi.


The event Rishvana Libya

Libyan army controls the area Alkwyfah Benghazi
Thursday, 23 October  2014
Benghazi – Africa news portal

Forces succeeded Libyan National Army, which is leading a military operation against terrorist groups in Benghazi, east of the country, control and Thursday following violent clashes with heavy weapons and medium enterprises, the area al-Kwyfah.

And according to the space, “Sky News Arabia”, citing military sources, said the army forces operating in the meantime on combing the area Al-Kwyfah, while pictures showed circulation activists on social networking sites, commander of the Thunderbolt SS Colonel Nice Bouchmadh with some members of his forces in Benghazi on Thursday morning.

For his part, warplanes launched Libyan raids on sites belonging to the elements of the “Ansar al-Sharia” in Benghazi, as the army seized on the mechanisms of belonging to the group in the city, and comes after hours from entering the columns of the Libyan army to al-Salam neighborhood in Benghazi, and he approached more than access to city ​​center.

The forces and the Libyan army, had succeeded on Wednesday to control the region “Have-built”, where the airport is located Benghazi, and fully secured, and so on after the battles with the militants who belong to the MB “Shura Council of the rebels in Benghazi.”الجيش-الليبي-يسيطر-على-منطقة-الكويفية-ببنغازي


Clashes weapons-average perimeter so-called Camp # February 17. 

Camp February 17 in the grip of the Libyan army.

 Camp 17 demolished, in Benghazi.






Libyan military establishment.
Youth Al-Majora gave the Kharijites a harsh lesson, and licked their youth to the ground Msh..valthia, Benghazi.

شباب الماجوري يعلمون الخوارج درس قاسي ويمسح بهم الارض مسح..فالتحيه الي شباب بنغازي.

Lire la vidéo



Army forces entering the area of ​​Sidi Younes now.


Army forces to enter the area of ​​land Zwaoh # Benghazi after defeating groups Tnzim_al-Hadahibkiedh #

# Ahmad al-Aqila member of the group who has been storming his house used as a store of weapons and ammunition

and withdrew the effect that he and his region.


National Army controls
Security Directorate Benghazi:


Too violent clashes # # # now in the area Bouchiba.







Chiaan army with dignity and a partagé la photo de echoes of a Libyan.

-vred Shura Council of the youth of Islam in the tuber of new laws including those related to the study and education system
-vred Veil on girls in primary school and the veil from the age of 13 years on all students
-alghae Material English language
-alghae Mathematics
vred Quotas be customized in a week for lessons Belkaha members of Ansar al-Sharia

and the Shura Council of the youth of Islam.
Hey poured with the army in Benghazi before it’s too late …

They want to spoil Libya and Afghanistan attached.








de “Conference tribes and Libyan cities”

Council statement “tribes and Libyan cities”:

In the name of God the Merciful

Continued tribal council and the Libyan cities and communicate with the parties to the conflict in the city of Ubari between the Tuareg and Tabu tribes to try to heal the rift

and inject the blood of the two sides and urged them to accept each other and get away from the agendas own that serve some political forces which seek to destabilize the south, to serve their personal interests, and not the interests of the country

and it ‘The tribal council’ calls on all parties to a serious dialogue for peaceful coexistence and taking into account Libya’s future political and social.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

(Supreme Council for the tribes and the Libyan cities)



Created a convoy of 120 cars of armed MISURATA and the children of Solomon

is now preparing to fly to the oil fields to control it from the Tabu at base Tmanhunt.
(Jamal al-Kafali, reporting)






Syrian nationality was killed in a road association was found in his computer maps of the region

and the coordinates of the mortar.

and Praise God and thanks Boislna been killed this ultra intruder.










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