The Big Victory is yet to Come

RATS are still calling Our Supreme Commander Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, “a TYRANT” !!!

Salah Salah, comments today:



“I heard from Tripoli Ma’lec Auld Habboo Aallippin yourselves and God and God Qato Mazg Nhspoh

tyrant Muammar limp legs

and feet of you and God.  I am one of the biggest Tawar Fashloum and God Anadm Ali Torre Khaltna

costume Jews.”

Tarek Enbia, posts:
“Valiant tribes of Lee’s army and God says Muammar tttttttttoowoo or
من بواسل جيش قبائل لى يقول الله ومعمرطططططططططووووو او من


And the land of thorns Rishvana:

“Each year, you are okay and that, God willing, this year of good over all Libyans.”


Statement of the General Conference of Youth Libyan tribes and cities about the uprising on 11/01/2014


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

God’s mercy on the martyrs of the righteous, who shed their blood for the day yesterday in battles

with rogue Kharijites:

3 from the corner City

2 of the city of Zintan

Zintan room operations:

1 and one martyr of Gharyan


Martyr, God willing, Abdul Rahim Ghiryani ..

Quote today with Libyan army, was fighting the Kharijites and

the terrorist and the terrorist Abu Obaida Omar Mukhtar. He did not take tribal skunk

and choose only the homeland of Libya ..

God’s mercy on you, O lion of Gharyan, Libya

(Operations room of Zintan rebels)

(Armed Forces of the Libyan army)

Zintan room operations:

“We will give the martyr after martyr and to die for our country and win the nation ..

Overcome the blood of our martyrs and the tears of our mothers and sisters and widows ..

Overcome the displaced women and Libya who Zlmn in Weird lonesome do not have to come for them ..

We will win without a homeland do not have anything in this life.”








Demanding that Tunisian Minister Ghannouchi  stop interfering «naked» in # Libya.

The head of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement, Rached Ghannouchi, meddling and intervention in Libyan affairs, has been described as “treachery”. The movement of the Tunisian Renaissance led by Rachid Ghannouchi, has issued a statement condemning the “use of arms in Libya to express their opinion or political position, describing the current situation in Libya, the coup attempt on the legitimacy” .. claim the need to inject the Libyan bloodshed and to provide the terms of calm, stability and immediate initiation of a national dialogue brings together the parties, without exclusion and lead to a comprehensive national reconciliation.

Saturday «on the occasion of the constant interference of Ghannouchi in Libya affairs without an invitation or permission of the Libyan government or the Libyan Parliament, I ask the Tunisian government and the institutions of the Tunisian state generally; governmental and non-governmental, to ask themselves:

What would be your response in the event of what he had some Libyan officials, to intervene in this form blatant in Tunisian affairs? ». “We respect neighborly relations and respect the will of the Tunisian people, and we reject any party that exploits these good relations to promote propaganda serve a party or a special interest at the expense of the two peoples.”

News # Tunisia!




Summer Sunny, reporting:
Ras worth and Trustees crossing and flew Zorh not under international Satrh Libyan ..

controls the two cliques of human trafficking, alcohol and gasoline in very large quantities to Malta …..

all members of this band were in prison tightly Jnaih longitudinal …

this band is not loyalty her to Libya and flagged al-Amaziga and …



Steadfast Steadfast Libyan army
Together for a strong Libyan army

Posted date is very obviously wrong..This had to be posted past July 2014 for General Nazourawi replacing

the evil MB Jaddallah, and both ZINTAN and Gen. Hftar are honored–which the MB RAT GNC ARMY hated

and put warrants out for their arrest.




Army units and supporting young army Padakhl beloved corner preparing for docking with the

units next to the pillars of the axis of the letter T and Hlgodh.


Commander of the field to the corner cliques.
Atman flame in al-Vaaiqa care to some extent now, and Hua in critical condition:

Allah is the greatest.

The killing of dozens of ANSAR al-SHARIA al-Mtkhaddan # Sabratha area beloved

Walker them at the center of the corner has been dealing with them.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa

From the operating room ..

Youth movements # Tripoli and start all his area and approached the hour pounce
# 10 Kellow corner and enter the army
Calls across Laselky militia Gsorh Abu servants ambulance and losses do not count and you can be sure of the people
Angle Batsalatkm
Complete control areas and Kikla # # # Association and quarries and cut all roads to support the militias
Ubiquitous in the mountain

Bir Sheep 14 armed car Martyrs Battalion # corner and Tkebedhm heavy losses
# Hlgodh under control
T-under complete control
There is news, we will announce it after another, to give the presidency Chiefs ear Booze.

“Zintan room operations”, reporting

Today battles ..

Today Paws group Hslohm Roma Libya in protected and T-junction corner

and through the Association and crushers Oh you praise.

Operations room of Zintan rebels:

14 dead from gang and ‘fair’ Daab and  Gneoh (MAHDI HARATINE)  fleeing into the arms

of the axis Mzrath Association visited ..

23 dead from Abu Obeida gangs and Kilani Almrdom ‘day of their young seducer’ corner of the city

at the center of the village of Honey Beer Hlgodh Nasser ..

Roma Libya forces after Hlbouch yesterday in the way of the corner who Rahu,

in which more than 18 people dead and 40 wounded; and Khosrow battalion headquarters complete

Anjnoa And aspirations plane Agricultural and Rkpo where drums explosive and Bedouins Armo…

6 martyrs of the Libyan army3 from the corner 2 of Zintan and martyr of Gharyan ..


Your prayers for the Army is now engaged in the fiercest battles
And end at the corner Kelmo Hospital Mitigua is not just Icololkm Shani aid Allahu Akbar thankfully.

LIBYA ROMA ran and left even their sandals:


room operations Zintan rebels:

This conversation with one of the members of the previous conference and honorable Anziedkm of the House of Poetry …

The arrival of two Qatari TRANSPORTS, huge Shipping now Mitigua airport carrying ammunition and weapons ..

“Zintan room operations”, reporting:

Where Dhyat Ali MISURATA just landed from Qatar.. ??

فيه دحيات علي مزراطة توا نزلوا .. من ايأكد ؟؟

2 Qatari air transports land at MITIGUA carrying ammo and heavy weaponry:

“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”:
For you, O God, and Khositm Jews Libya Misurata mean steep then caution today or rather just before

opening the gate in the area and they al-Kremiah Bastiagaf youth

and searched and searched their personal inspection ..
Have you reached that you abjection to Tatdo Ali personal property.
God Qubgm prep section Mafltm pride, even if we will not forget after a while.
Please circular.
# To D_al-Cdoh.


“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”
Of course, as usual interrupted Internet service to most of the mountain areas and deliberately

PICTURE: MISURATA destroys the Internet

Thus, if Hua fuel, cooking gas and supply of medicines and salaries of ordinary citizens
The problem is most people Aicolo corner Alach Jay army has launched a corner where ????
To Okintu and Qveto front Haala bands that want to enter the war to the center of your city, believe me impossible Touselkm war in your country …
The problem affected Hua simple citizen who does not have in this war is elegant and beautiful just as everyone knows that the army has a stockpile enough long-term continuous war will not affect the fuel interruption, and so will be designed to liberate the corner refinery and secured and yesterday there was a significant progress towards the refinery and are only instabilmente days only …



Recur in the robbery Janzour today ,,, then robbery at a car in front of Naseeruddin Optical Institute

in the same place and the same gang and MB group Knights nobody listened …..
Auto burglary gangs began graduated from New question lies Hnaaaaa






Progress of the army on the central to west Ogana Azizia area Juman.




 # Operations | very excellent offer today to the axis of the Libyan army forces # Gharyan city after violent clashes

with the extremist militias that were trying to progress this morning-

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, tells us:

“Praise God Boislna album written in terms epics and you release the Association, “the bottom of Gharyan

progress in the region and the axis of the corner and the Kharijites are  inflicted with heavy losses in lives and materiel.”




High morale and high and bombing today proved that the militia stationed randomly

within the city # KKLH (al-Kwassa) on the verge of total collapse.

Libyan armed forces operations – Western Brigade |

 Saturday / 25.aktopr – Mohammed Garag breeds, reports:

Decline forces chief of staff half Kilwa meters from the last incursion into the mountain village Kklh (al-Kwassa) last night to change the offensive Strategies in battle, where one of the field commanders in the Hub reported that the front there Akhaddt more time than it should because the support was constant and is the region supplying fighters and ammunition on the length of the period in which where was the attack, has been cut off and the supply from the bottom of the mountain but the ammunition and weapons are still up from the castle area along minor roads.

Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists:

Narrowed them down to the ground and headed to aerial bombardment
The morning dedicated training aircraft at the airport trying to bombard Zintan

But, thank God, did not hit the target this is due to it without radar plane
Or also called the military vocabulary (blind plane)
Then I headed east to KKLH (al-KWASSA) even bombed the National Army

But as usual, thank God, this plane did not hit the target:
It hit a power plant and when it was answered fled southwards
Summary News: – (tried Ktaúbhm and guns and alliances what Nfosh, persecuted in the mountain and on the basis of it Arab war and Amazigh Radwa Manfosh,

landed Kikla in Tajin

In the first on the basis of support in Misrata and Gharyan and Tripoli, and the castle and Gado mobile power Radwa what Nfosh, it is important just Sabwa, KKLH (al-Kawassa), The castle,

and Gharyan to their fate and Ansahbu camp Salahuddin)
(# Analyzes)


Also this morning hit sites Forces Staff of the aerial bombardment in KKLH (al-Kwassa) by plane area dropped explosive drums, nor details of the explosive type, or the type of aircraft, and detailed information about the existence of material losses and there is no human losses.


“Zintan room operations”, posts

The effects of the bombing on the area surrounding the runway of Zintan Airport; and to confirm,

that it is too far on the runway ..

آثار القصف علي المنطقة المحيطة بمهبط الزنتان و لتأكيد أنه بعيد جدا علي المهبط..

تصوير محمد درديرة

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

In the same context, the airstrip civilian Zintan am today, subjected to aerial bombardment [also Beramil explosive]
There were no reports of damage or injuries at this time.
# Bages an al-Hakikh
(Mohammed Garag breeds)

(Portray Muhammad Drderh)

Drag planting and pilot a plane and squint Raeid .. al-Tsalfik just Hovoa Hey guys.



After the publication of the picture in the previous thread …

# Tarabuls_al-Haddt
E: Khoi God bless you with the deployment of image and God have mercy on the boy and the boy have

boarded Khatuwenh Cavalry Regiment in al-Riviath Talegoh and tortured Poor whole Hedda p risked it

and Rishvanaورشفانه-العظيمة-Great-Wrishvana/330227510489701 and Rishvana Alazimh–Great-Wrishvana / 330227510489701



The second part of the massacre and took immobilization Budzirh youth and killed at

Sam bin Humaid headquarters by an hour before entering the halfway only God and yes, the agent.

الجزء الثاني من مجزره استيقاف بودزيره واخذ الشباب وقتلهم في مقر وسام بن حميد قبل دخول الجبش بساعه فقط حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

Lire la vidéo






Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists:

Finally. . . .

Air Force chief of staff announces columns Roma Libya targets in Misratah airport and port project and stores. . . .

allah Biggest

Misurata airstrips and Mitiga Airbase and Zuwarah

Will be a targets for us

# Grfah al-Amilit |

Libyan Air Force vows transgressing Misurata militias and extremist Balshak dens of corruption within the central city of MISURATA, after they failed bombing attempt airstrip al-Zintan and obstruct the National Army which crushed the remaining remnants of the militia in # KKLH (al-Kwassa) bombing them and also attempt ended in failure.

Today,  Roma Libya militias have used warplanes to bomb Libyan military forces and our men in KKLH (al-Kwassa).

They have also been trying to bombard Zintan aviation airport, and Thank God was not damaged,

They used to fly yesterday. The evil were defeated in the fighting axes ...

Here and after confirmation that the port of Misurata receives arms and ammunition external financing.*

Chiefs of Staff will announce that he will be targeting all the weapons stores in Misurata #
Tflho will not stop the advance of the Libyan Armed Forces and will be Ttherkm O Khawaj era ….

Libyan air force headquarters declares “dawn Libya” in Misrata military targets
Saturday 25 October 2014
Africa Gateway News
Announced that the military operations in the Western Region Libyan room, in her circulating on Saturday, and the port and airport of what is known as “dawn Libya” from the city of Misrata, as military targets.

 Air Force aircraft housings, will perform Bakcefha on Libyan warplanes, for air raids on the pool forces Dawn Libya; particularly will target their ammunition stores south of the village of Zintan.

Meanwhile, military sources reported that the army has achieved field advancement through the axis of “front head Allf and Ugana”.

*: MISURATA receives shipment by sea of WMD from TURKEY:


بالصور .. براميل متفجرة و عبوات ناسفة تصل الي مصراتة بحرا



From identical sources learned Libya international channel that shipments of explosive barrels and improvised explosive devices and bombs arrived via ship believed to be coming from Turkey through one of the eastern European countries to the port of Misrata and had been discharged in a headquarters of the militia in the site is located on the sea north-west of the city.
According to sources, the charge is an approximately 100 barrels of explosive used in the aerial bombardment or by placing it on a truck bomb in addition to a number of bombs, an estimated 70 bomb aerial bombardment and a number of ground-air missiles.
According to the pictures, which he slipped one Misurata militia leaders threatened his opponents to settle their cities and their headquarters flattened the shipment has arrived and been stored at dawn on Oct. 20,

and some of them have been temporaraly buried in the dirt in the militia headquarters, located on the shore of the sea

علمت قناة ليبيا الدولية من مصادر متطابقة بأن شحنات من البراميل المتفجرة و العبوات الناسفة و القنابل وصلت عبر سفينة يعتقد بأنها قادمة من تركيا عبر احدي دول اوروبا الشرقية الي ميناء مصراتة و قد تم تفريغها في أحد مقار المليشيات في موقع يقع علي البحر شمال غرب المدينة .

و بحسب المصادر فأن الشحنة هي عبارة عن حوالي  100 برميل متفجر يستخدم في القصف الجوي او بوضعه علي شاحنة مفخخة  بالاضافة الي عدد من القنابل يقدر بـ 70 قنبلة للقصف الجوي و عدد من صواريخ أرض جو .

و بحسب الصور التي قام بتسريبها احد قادة مليشيات مصراتة مهددا خصومه بتسوية مدنهم و مقارهم بالارض فأن الشحنة قد وصلت و تم تخزينها فجر يوم 20 اكتوبر الماضي و دفن بعض منها في التراب في مقر المليشيا الواقعة علي شاطئ البحر

التصنيف: الاخبار, ليبيا

Pictures .. explosive barrels and improvised explosive devices up to Misrata by sea
I learned from several sources Libya international channel, that shipments of explosive barrels

and improvised explosive devices and bombs is …









Important information

The information that you Miarafhaash Hellbhh area Kikla was Kharijites Ejehzoo Fahaa bash be the emirate Mtahm In the West, along the lines of the tuber

and the reason for their choice of Kikla: because there are difficult mountainous terrain and the presence of the ancient caves Fahaaa Fahaa Baidaa (al-BAYDA).

actual picture of some of those KHARIJITES:

Present Kharijites now re-occupy those ancient caves:
These are they, whom Mu’ammar al-Qathafi called “the wildmen of the Caves”.

Aviation and control of the region’s leaders means under their heads, but thankfully the army entering the ruined Kikla.

Many of the plans for the matter and in some Khcchehem …………

(Justice Mohammed)

A. Congratulations to the residents of Kikla and to all the inhabitants of the mountain to smell and to all Libyans,

we did not Nkhaddlkm and maintain the stability of the homeland.

The Victorious Blessed Forces of the Green Mountain…

Brigadier # Faragh Barasa, commander of the Army Green Mountain progresses toward Benghazi

and in control of the entire east coast.


Praise God Kikla been safer to thwart their plan in Kikla ……

and God’s mercy on the martyrs of Abrar (al-BRYER)


شباب طرابلس معا شباب بنغازي يوم 15 ضد الخوارج والارهابيين‎ a partagé la vidéo de Nizar Elannabi.

 la vidéo de Nizar Elannabi.

Libyan army in an urgent appeal. He has done for the night guardians and elders

الجيش الليبي في نداء عاجل قام به الليلة لاولياء الامر و شيوخ القبائل


The General Staff of the Libyan army: declares curfew in Benghazi from 19:00 to 7:00

and, “Placed checkpoints at the entrances and exits of Benghazi to prevent the infiltration of extremists into it.


A raid on the terrorists Peace Walker neighborhood. Moment trampling


ليبيا الثورة‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

مداهمة لوكر للأرهابيين بحي السلام . لحظة الدعس


Celebrations of the people of Benghazi over a group of special forces, accompanied by Colonel Nice Bouchmadeh.

احتفالات اهالي بنغازي بمرور مجموعة للقوات الخاصة برفقة العقيد ونيس بوخماده .

Lire la vidéo

Blood parents battalion Al-Majora area ..
The burning of the house of leading ANSAR al-Sharia, Abdullah called Bozekaya.




la vidéo de Colonel Ashraf Mayar of the Salafi Command, terrifying Kharijites.
# Now
National Army troops from inside the area in front of Benghazi al-Sabri Center
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar thankfully.

la vidéo de ‎اشرف الميار السلفي مرعب الخوارج‎.

قوات الجيش الوطني من داخل بنغـازي منطقة الصـابري امام المركز

الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد

PICTURED HERE with General Jeroshi and General Hftar is Col. Ashraf al-Miar (of the Salafi), who is terrifying the Kharijites.

For those who may be confused, THERE ARE “good” ‘SALAFI’ leading and in the LIBYAN NATIONAL ARMY ! Many of their religious leaders have been assasinated by the KHARIJITES & BROTHERHOOD.
“Chiaan with dignity and army”, explains

Salafi note
Not Kaltkvera

Salafi not Kaltkvera
But brought together some of the manifestations

The bulk of the gaze:
{Ovendjal Muslim criminals
How do you judge Malcolm}.


✅ Salafi

Believed that the Muslims were weak but it is because of their sins and the greatest polytheism. So whose only concern is to call for the unification of the Prophet and follow ..


Believed that the Muslims were weak but it is because the rulers shed so Ikvrunhm and whose only concern is their fight and dislodge them from power ..

✅ Salafi

The security agents
The Army Bro Muslims
Calls them well and guidance ..


The security agents and army
Kfar apostates from the religion of Islam ..

✅ Salafi

Noor on his face, always
Smiling and delivers on the
Knew and did not know ..


His eyes in the darkness, always frown
Do not hasten peace and if delivered
He pointed with his head ..

✅ Salafi

If your event you hear it said
God told the Prophet said advances
Inveterate good ..


If your event you hear him
Said bin Laden, al-Zawahri said ..

✅ Salafi

If he wants to call people wrought
For unification and its divisions and then gave him a book or tapes in doctrine
For senior scholars unswerving ..


If you wanted to invite people for jihad wrought then gave him the tapes of songs and exercises in the mountains of Afghanistan and bombings in Iraq ..

?????? We ask of God
Safety and wellness ??????


(The word predecessor differentiate between Salafists
The creator and this feature …)

❃ We do not collect people we
Invite them to approach advances ❃

Shaykh mark
Dr. sober parent /

Saleh bin Fawzan Al Fawzan
– God save –

الصيعان مع الكرامة والجيش

إنــتــبــه السّـلـفـي
لـيــس كـالـتـكـفـيـري

لـيـس السلفـي كـالتكفيـري
إنمـا تجمعهـم بعـض المظاهـر

قـال جــلَّ فــي عُـــلاه :
{ أفنجعـل المسلميـن كالمجرميـن
مالكـم كيـف تحكـمـون }.


✅ الــســلــفـــي

يعتقـد أن ضعـف المسلميـن إنمـا هـو بسبـب ذنوبهـم وأعظمهـا الشـرك بالله لـذا همـه الوحيـد هـو الدعـوة للتوحيـد وإتبـاع الرسـول ..


يعتقـد أن ضعـف المسلميـن إنمـا هـو بسبـب تسلـط الحكـام لـذا يكفرونهـم وهمـه الوحيـد قتالهـم وإزاحتهـم مـن الحكـم ..

✅ الــسـلــفـــي

يعتـبر أعـوان الأمـن
والجيـش إخوانـه مسلميـن
يدعـو لهـم بالخيـر والهدايـة ..


يعتـبر أعـوان الأمـن والجيـش
كفـار مرتديـن عـن ديـن الإسـلام ..

✅ الــســلــفـــي

علـى وجهـه نـور ، دائمـا
يبتسـم ويسلـم علـى مـن
عـرف ومن لـم يعـرف ..


فـي عينيـه ظلمـة ، دائمـا عبـوس
لا يبـادر بالسـلام وإذا سلمـت
عليـه أشـار برأسـه ..

✅ الـسـلـفــي

إذا حدثـك تسمـع منـه قـال
الله قـال الرسـول قـال الـسـلـف
الـصـالـح الـراسـخـيـن ..


إذا حدثـك تسمـع منـه
قـال بـن لادن قـال الظواهـري ..

✅ الــســلــفـــي

إذا أراد أن يدعـو شخصـا يحدثـه
عـن التوحيـد وأقسامـه ثـم أعطـاه كتابـا أو أشرطـة فـي العقيـدة
لكبـار أهـل العلـم الراسخِـيـن ..


إذا أراد أن يدعـو شخصـا يحدثـه عـن الجهـاد ثـم أعطـاه أشرطـة فيهـا أناشيـد وتدريبـات فـي جبـال أفغانستـان وتفجيـرات فـي العـراق ..

نـسـأل مـن الـلــه
الــسـلامـة والـعـافـيـة


( لفظة سلفي تفرق بين السلفيين
والمبتدعة و هذه ميزة … )

❃ ونحن لا نجمع الناس نحن
ندعوهم لمنهج السلف ❃

لفضيلـة الشيـخ العلامـة
الوالـد الدكتــور الـوقـور/

صـالـح بـن فـوُزان آل فـوُزان
– حـفـظـهُ الـلـه تـعـالـى –



The Libyan army marks-out Turkish mercenary Bnchal Jtaat snipers on rooftops of Camp February 17



Violent clashes between army troops and MB terrorist militias within  20  Street and Beirut # Benghazi


“Great Rishvana / Great Wrishvana”, comments:

“Terrorism in the # # Libya and Tunisia and Egypt #, and Sea Shepherd compartment in pigs # Qatar grandsons! al-Amehdod and their evil support for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and terrorism!

Who are you ?”

al-Sadek al-Gharyiani Mufti of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, calls for Libyans to horn in Benghazi,

groups and individuals to support their Brotherhood ‘revolution’ and the victory for (a twisted form-of) Islam;

and says that what  is happening in Benghazi,  the army has not done so to the Jews, he claimed!!

(Ohh, the WAHABI are being ‘persecuted’ and ‘exterminated’; and this is a form of ‘genocide’—according to Gharyiani !!)


25/10/2014 The first day will take off from the airport trip HAVE-Built without passengers

in preparation for the Re-opening of the airport




“Youth Tripoli together youth Benghazi on 15 against the Kharijites and terrorists”, reports:
Benghazi today
Preparing for the reception of the “House of Representative” leaving TOBRUK  to hold meetings

at their new Garyounes headquarters;

and processing Benina Airport to greet them, O Benghazi.


dean of the University of Benghazi, the new study will begin in the university on 11.11.2014

and will be secured by the army is Tkpeyeearerrrr >>>









And the land of thorns Rishvana, reports:

Explode oil wells in the leg 10 of the company’s oil operations Harouj oases south of the city area Awjila due to close for a long time.

According to preliminary information, the explosion behind a gas leak and oil pollution and environmental surroundings station. Reported that a private security firm and Safety Section Harouj declared a state of alert to address the situation as soon as possible sources.




Self-styled third force regional affiliate of Misurata # Badem extremists in the Ubari and on top of the “chosen Balmokhtar” group and the Bafan Brotherhood between the Tuareg and Toubou.

In January 2014, Libyans began to fight against a Western-backed ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “puppet government” with ties to Al-Qaeda; and charged that Qatar was paying Sudanese pilots to bomb their positions in the South. The Libya Herald newspaper reported that a large contingent of al-Qathafi-led fighters were scattered near Ajeelat in the Mountainous West; and they also tried to aid other al-Qathafi-loyalists in Sabha (in the South). On 24 January, nine ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Shield-armor militia were killed, and 27 injured, near Tripoli, in clashes with pro-Great Jamahiriya loyalists. The report claimed that the events were part of a co-ordinated movement.

General Hftar’s anti-Islamist coalition in May, accused the UN of being biased in favour of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. On 18 May 2014, the GNC hotel building was reported to have been stormed by troops loyal to General Khalifa Hftar, reportedly including the Zintan Brigades and Rishvana.

In respose to a insane Jihad call from ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader al-Qaradawi (and more locally, by Sadak Gharyiani) for all Islamic-Wahabi to join Commander Belhadj in Tripoli, and in-state the Islamic-Caliphate over Tripoli, in July, forces loyal to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, led initially by Salah Badi, calling themselves “Dawn Libya”, attacked sites all over Tripoli, and in particular, the Tripoli International Airport. Their militias and gangs blew destruction all over Tripoli. Their terror and chaos was immense; and they finally they took over the airport, after making a false cease-fire treaty-agreement (given to the Zintani Airport Security Forces and the Tobruk “House”), which was immediately broken.

Muhammad Sawan, the President of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood connected ‘Justice and Construction Party’, declared that the military operations occurring around Tripoli’s airport were a legitimate !
The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice & Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, has conceded that collaboration with Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance may be inevitable if his party is not to be relegated to opposing the “House of Representatives” (presently in Tobruk).
Asked if he still believed the Justice & Construction party could form a government without the NFA, Sawan told the Libya Herald earlier today that “theoretically it’s possible, but we are not looking to do that in practice… It is a tight race for us in the south,” added Sawan, a former political prisoner and member of Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood, which launched the party.

12 September, |17:41| ‪#‎UBARI‬
Strange movements, found in the guilt of MISURATA . They sent to UBARI, 40 vehicles of weapons. An agent followed the vehicles of the Misrati. There were meetings clandestine with the Sons of Solomon in a hotel for more than two months; and the Misurata / Brotherhood is providing them (the Sons of Solomon) with arms waldkhaer, by trucks of wetlagat, carrying fruit and vegetables! And it is continuing! The Brotherhood, through the Sons of Solomon, plan to control the oil fields.
The leader of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, Bashir Al-Katabi, says that it appears that the two major political blocs—the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Justice and Construction Party and Mahmoud Jibril’s National Forces Alliance (NFA)—agreed to merge. Given the fragmented, multi-polarity that characterizes Libyan politics today, however, the proposed solution collapsed after its rejection by, most notably, the al-Wafa Islamist bloc led by Abdulwahab al-Qaid (al-Qaeda client).

Never before have Mohammed Sawan and Mamoud Jibril, who commanded the two largest political groupings under the puppet GNC, have worked so thoroughly. Jabril will joyfully employ a more cohesive NFA that works with the Brotherhood and Islamists, for the sake of the Zionista, USA and the UNO.

Brotherhood leaders leave Qatar for Libya: report
GCC panel preparing plan to be implemented by Doha before envoys are reinstated
Gulf News Report
Published: 16:05 April 25, 2014 Gulf News

Dubai: Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders reportedly deported by Qatar have arrived in Libya, a London-based daily said.
The leaders have landed at Mitigua international airport (in the Libyan capital over three days, Libyan political, military and security sources told Al Arab newspaper).
They were ferried away to unidentified places in cars waiting at the Mitigua airport (located around 11km west of Tripoli) and dominated by an armed MB Islamist groups, the sources added.
Qatar’s meddling in their domestic affairs and its backing of the Islamist movement:
The GCC wants Qatar not to allow religious preachers to use mosques or media to attack other GCC countries and to cancel all forums by organisations seen by the GCC as having links with terrorism.
They also insist that Qatar must shut down research centres directed by Saudi nationals who had been given the Qatari citizenship.

Now, in OCTOBER, MISURATA militias created a convoy of 120 armed cars, manned by the MISURATA MB armored Shield miliias and the children of Solomon; and they are now preparing also, to fly into the oil fields, taking the fields from the control of the Tabu (at base Tmanhunt).
(Jamal al-Kafali, reporting)


Obama backing Mohammad Sawan and Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Obama has given billions (THIS IS NOT A FIGURE OF SPEECH, BUT A REALITY) in support of the Brotherhood.

al-Qaradawi called for all world ISLAMIC-WAHABI forces to converge and fight in TRIPOLI under the Command of Abdul-Hakim Belhadj, to incorporate Tripoli as an Islamic Caliphate:


Evil, one-eyed SADAK GHARYIANI: called for support of WAHABI FORCES in Tripoli and Benghazi, and against the “House” in Tobruk…


140 MISURATA MB armor-shields CONVOY heads South:

Gigi Ben Achour:
Good Morning Post Aadinm God there came a convoy of 150 cars Misratah where various weapons and al-Atadat out on the basis of Misurata to follow in the south of Largo circumvent Circular Publishing Aadinm likelihood Whitrbu Libyan army from behind Largo Publishing

Belhadj, supposedly Emir of the Islamic Caliphate of the (whole) SAHEL and North Africa.






“Great Wrishvana”, reports from

al-Matsamh Allah Muhammad: 

al-Gahoyen ..
The term frequency with the beginnings of what BROTHERHOOD RATS called “the dawn of Libya” Oksorh ..

I have noticed his presence in many of the writings of the likes of symbols Ghaida Touati, Wissam bin Humaid,

Ali SALABI and all Ali pages belonging to Misurata ..

The make-floor Oalmustlh know Maalmqsod from behind ..

Profile is intended only analytical Balgahoyen here not only Zintan ..

(picture of al-Altieri, head military of ZINTAN, a prome example of a fair/ light-brown-skinned Caucasian of the Nafusa.)

but all the Arab tribes which returns inherent in the lineage to the semi-al-Dzerh-arabh and to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) proportions …

Most members of these tribes is characterized by skin that often Bosamarar Maatmal to light brown.

al-Mqsod here is Apadhhma sex ethnicity Arab Muslim from all Onhlibia

.otms Arab and Islamic identity ..

and bring the white race mixed with many of the most appropriate non-Arab misplaced;

and if they can not exterminate all of that sex ..
it will be their plan to control and governance Ali al-Gahoyen (as they call us) and invincible and enslaved and robbed all their property and bounties their country ..

Dear Vontbhoa al-Gaholln ..
And which of them I am of the conspiracy hatched against us and against the size ..

Arabism and existence.

المعتصمة بالله محمد
القهويين ..
مصطلح تردد مع بدايات مايسمي فجر ليبيا أوقسورة .. وقد لاحظت وجوده في العديد من كتابات رموزهم أمثال غيداء التواتي ووسام بن حميد وصفحات تخص أل مصراته ..
المتمعن في الكلمة أوالمصطلح سيعرف ماالمقصود من وراءها ..
فحسب تحليلي الشخصي المقصود بالقهويين هنا ليس الزنتان فقط.. بل كل القبائل العربية الأصيلة والتي ترجع في نسبها إلي شبه الجزيرةالعربية وإلي نسب الرسول محمد عليه السلام … فأغلب هذه القبائل يتميز أفرادها بأسمرار البشرة التي غالباً ماتميل إلي اللون البني الفاتح .المقصود هنا هو إبادةهذا الجنس أوالعرق العربي المسلم من كل أنحاءليبيا .وطمس الهوية العربية والأسلامية .. وإحلال الجنس الأبيض المختلط بالعديد من الأنسب الغير عربية محله وإذا لم يتمكنوا من إبادة كل ذلك الجنس .. فسيكون مخططهم السيطرة والحكم علي القهويين كما يطلقون علينا وقهرهم وأستعبادهم وسلب كل خيراتهم وخيرات بلادهم ..
فأنتبهوا إيها القهويون ..
والذي أنا منهم من حجم المؤامرة التي تحاك ضدنا .. وضد عروبتنا ووجودنا


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