The World Needs the 3rd Universal Theory now (more than ever prior)


see the little demon Smalgam behind Mu’ammar


 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, by Zintani Tripoli supporter:


watch and even see our Adil Naji !

1:54 donation from brother al-Tarhouny Chamber of God and

Muammar and Libya, but Tobruk

de Zenguetna Zenguetna

Zenguetna Zenguetna 3: 05

Commander Mu’ammar al-Qathafi says:

“Be prepared”

CNN interview with  Ahmed howitzer blood




Praise Allah !


BASTARDS at the “House of Representatives” somehow got their RAT VOICES TOGETHER and promise to prosecute Moussa al-Ibrahim !!!

Urgent …. House team confirms that Moussa Ibrahim required by the RATS in Libya since 2011; and he will be prosecuted by the security authorities and will provide so-called “justice” !!!!!! …. #


IHMED TRABELSI calls Moussa Ibrahim honest and innocent….

There are still many RATS hanging around….They may not be BROTHERHOOD; but they are still RATS, who need their heads cleaned ! Some of the deputies at the House of Tobruk prove this is true.

IS ‘MP ‘deputy’ Dr. Abu-bakar camel ‘ one of those who made the decision AGAINST Dr. Moussa IBRAHIM ???
and did MP deputy Arrows Sergiwa help make the declaration against Moussa Ibrahim too?

These are just 2 of the Jardan at the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ that need purging!

Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano

The phenomenon is a crime on the Libyan pages …

no kids on Facebook from ages 13 and Maovouk to see pictures so ugly little impact on their psychology

and cause them to harm us and the future of our society ..bnt street corner-




Our sources for DAASH Aiguo from Syria and Iraq to Turkey and from Turkey to Misratah

and Meyboh Aiguo Aiguo columns in cars Specials








Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Trouble maker Chino religious or political Sifth (SADAK GHARYIANI) meets with infidels, as usual.

Antichrist was barred from entering Britain.







Eachoy eluted Unknown zero hour in Tripoli.



There is a big surprise will come from the corner of the city, and the next few days will bring a change in the history of Libya

تنسيق شباب طريق السور مع عمليه البركان

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:

And sites to which the objectives of the bombing by the Air Force last night:

1) Gathering of Dkhirh continued to dawn Libya store in a brick factory for

the manufacture of stone in the Association

Libyan air force targeted Dkhaúr store belonging to the MB militia, “the dawn of Libya”

within the factory wage in the way of the Association of Southeast # Tripoli.

(Operation Dignity – led by the National Army)

Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Libyan news agency


_2 Was a group of tanks will be moved to the dawn of Libya Baggreyan.


_3 Dawn Libya sites and ANSAR al-SHARIA  in the way of the CORNER.


هناك مفاجأة كبيرة ستأتي من مدينة الزاوية و الأيام القليلة القادمة ستحمل تغيير في تاريخ ليبيا


Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar

The timing of the battles varies situation on the ground … 1-11 ….
Motionless media goal and purpose is to thwart the researchers may have

‘dignity based uprising in Yum 30-10’ or the like … or any another subject?
This, of course, if the military did not move us … presumably …
Knowing that I am not a military but Aakadimi …

but I Hakagueta Libya lost in 4 years of oppression and injustice,

and we have become philosophers Owalkh if it does not soon become historians.



Warned of the gate ....

militias in the area Shaal pressures they inspect the phones and the search for identity kidnapping.

Gates in several areas in Tripoli and spread to Gsorh armor and carried the arrests of officers

and non-commissioned officers of the military.
Beware O are free




Now revolves around the clashes ‘door bin Ghashir area’ near the road, because of the fence,

killing one person near the ‘Union Club’.




TARHOUNA citizen kidnapped in TRIPOLI:
Been kidnapped ‘Hassan Dou favor Tarhuni’, original day 23-10moavq Thursday at flowers neighborhood

my Tripoli and Dalk after objected way an armed group composed of four people Iatllona car Hyundai black Alon of non metal plates

and a dark full me did not hear curse anything from share kidnapped Please from Anyone who knows him any information related to the following numbers 0926779190 or 0922785013



“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”, reports:
Process quality in Sawani against «terrorist ‘Dawn Libya’»

Witnesses from Sawani area reported that the quality of the process carried out by the youth of the capital, on Sunday night to Monday, in Sawani southwest of Tripoli, against MB forces «Dawn Libya», during which they were able to burn the car and destroy the gate region.
It was also – as the transfer of witnesses – an exchange of fire al-Kremiah adjacent to the Sawani area, which front-line forces «Dawn Libya» forced to retreat from the bridge Zahra Borcvana to Sawani and Creamy on the outskirts of the capital.

The witnesses said that a convoy of armed vehicles and rocket launchers belonging to the forces “Dawn Libya” reached western and southern areas of the capital where they concentrate.

Greet me edit booklet. Which are parts of the wall and through the street corner and Ben Achour and Fashloum.

Come and booklet counter Avrdha Tfal few but for the many greetings home. Born turbidity. Through the fence.



God and the largest on the men Gurji.


I heard the shooting, but the news is now Moked *** process quality inside Abu Salim

were shooting at the headquarters of the criminal Gneoh Alkkla (alias MAHDI HARATINE)




Shooting now hear voices in Salah al-Din area near the Yarmouk camp:






Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”, reports:

Adoro this to him Barbarians Libya
Declaration of a state of emergency with air traffic controllers in Malta and Italy. Do not be fooled and think these are Maltese or Italian aircraft.

‘ROMA LIBYA’ is using the L39 training planes, training L19 (used by terrorist groups of ‘ROMA Libya’) to hit the Western NAFUSA Mountains, in terrorist operations, and is worth mentioning that this second time that the state of emergency declared on the pattern of 11 September flying from Mitigua and Misurata.



The City of GHARYAN


Gharyan prisoners who were part of the gang of ‘fair’ Daab:



Now in confrontations Association and KKLH (al-KWASSA) Invite Libyan army.


Severe Injury to the field RAT MB commander of «Libya rebels operations room» Osama Belhadj, ‘ROMA LIBYA, native of GHARYAN‘:

Announced «Libya MB rebels operations room» in a statement on Monday evening «injury field commander Osama Hadi Belhaj» of their ‘ROMA LIBYA’ forces.

She explained that Belhadj «one of the leaders in Gharyan» now resides Department of intensive care Mitiga Hospital in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the so-called WAHABI ‘pilgrim’ to the Brotherhood’s Mitigua Hospital in the capital Tripoli two days before the transfer, and that after he was injured in the clashes in the vicinity of the city of KKLH (al-Kwassa).



Libyan army in the western region advanced in all axes and thankfully were destroyed

Dbabhfa Association axis tracking group’ Daab’ Gharyan and burned completely.

PICTURE: one of the MB LIBYAN SHIELD-armor, (their 4th militia) that was killed in the fighting



Renewed clashes in KKLH (al-Kwassa), and calls for their army victory.


T72 tank was Gnmha day yesterday in Ras Alaf





The EU delegation, led by envoy “Natalie Abu Strova” meets in ZINTAN city, the
Deputies of the city of Zintan, who are deputies in the House of Representatives (TOBRUK)
(# # Akhar_alabar Libya)

Martyrs of Zintan, in the battle to liberate the village of Bir Hlgozh and Honey and the village of Nasser of the corner
1-  Mahmoud Mohamed burned.
2_hisham Ahmed Hussein bin birthday.
3_abdahamid Mohammed latency.
4_rmazi Mhammed Mansour Alcavali.
5_mamed Abu Bakr al-Azhari.
6_ Mohammed Mustafa latency.
7_mahmod Green Salim Ali.
8_ Mohammed Mustafa creamed.
9_faris Ali Abdullah birthday.
10_abdalrav Albahir Anakash.
The number of martyrs from the city of 4 # al-Rajaban Mujahid
The number 21 wounded Zanati them to amputate my case Jrahin of al-Rajaban ...
Allah Yazawah we just slashing gasoline and gas Is reward for good other than good,

but we do not Ntgdy not beg and who dislike Dirōh but God Hatqad in Aozhuhecm !!

Media Omar Matouk

The government discussed at a meeting today, Mr. Dean book municipality Zintan on the adoption of an airstrip to be a Zintan airports approved for indoor and outdoor trips and decided to approve the adoption of an airport for domestic flights and flights ambulance and emergency and urgent cases.



J news Ivergm any progress for the military and their families left behind Champions and sacrificed their lives for the sake of God and the homeland and then wound amputees and shed their blood for the good in the land of Libya.
Vlhma not Tnsuhm of supplication that Taatrahmoa them and invites them to heal
# Mamed al-Rajabana




young ‘Roma Libya’ gangs used the land-surface missiles on al-Rajaban, but will not Thbto Hmtna.

‘Operations Room’ statement:


غرفة عمليات ثوار الرجبان




Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano, comments:

To our people in all regions and Rishvana
God willing, in the near future Siltm reunion and on our land.
The authorization of the Almighty will taste the bitterness of oppression and Svrq God assembled.
Who stole furniture, mattresses, which they stole, they stole blankets,

and even clothes that will not protect them stolen from something cold this winter.


The remnants of MISURATA are sitting in Rishvana. 

Non Moked && Allahu Akbar
20 families have been deluded Bay of Abu Obeida angular militias in the south and Rishvana ….


Room and operations Rishvana:
Allah Akbar ..
Quality process hit MB ‘Dawn Libya’ militias, in the Army targeting nearby the al-Zahra Bridge.

“Operation Dignity – led by the National Army”, reports

A group of young people in the quality of the process, by targeting MB militias belonging to the gate, “the dawn of Libya”,

under the bridge # Zahra, by a hail of bullets and shells of RPG.

The Wahabi were bombed who were stationed at Bakoazv Arbeja.
(# Mamed al-Rajabana)










Libyan army storming finish Tripoli arrangements
al-Atnen 27 October 2014

Tripoli rebounds:
A senior military source said that arrangements to enter the Libyan capital of Tripoli is over; and now it is imminent to release it from the ‘Dawn Libya’ MB militias militant,

while search in favor of the wife of the president-elect of the House with the ‘United Nations envoy to Libya, Bernandino Leon’ on Monday,

the latest developments in the dialogue between the members of the ‘House of Representatives’ present and boycotters, while up Khartoum today, Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah bending in a visit to Sudan last days, during which he is holding joint talks with Sudanese MB President Omar al-Bashir.

The military source said that upon the areas KKLH Association vital ports and the western mountain tightened its control, by the Army.

On the other hand, the people of Sawani area reported that the quality process carried out by the youth of the capital Sunday night southwest of the capital / Monday, during which they were able to burn the car and destroy the gate area,

and there was an exchange of fire area al-Kremiah adjacent to Swanee, what front-line militia “DAWN Libya” was forced to retreat from the Bridge Zahra Borcvana, to Sawani and creamy inside the capital.

Meanwhile, a Libyan military source confirmed that the potential weakness of the army is preventing the bombing of the main camps of the forces (the dawn of Libya) stationed in the city of Misrata.

The source confirmed in a press statement that the launching of any air strikes now would be impossible due to the ‘weakness’ of the potential of the Libyan air force, especially that the distance from the airport (Benina) which isunder the control of the General Staff, to the city of Misrata, is about 750 km. (TOBUK is even quite further away; and the only other alernative would be to use the Western airbase of
WATTAYAH in the Nafusa Mountains.

He stressed that the army leadership “is considering the possibility of starting the dismantling of the air defense system obtained by the Misrata from FRANCE and ISRAEL.الجيش-الليبي-ينهي-ترتيبات-اقتحام-طرابلس

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:
Just came Moussa Ibrahim honest man …

allegedly was seen Saif.

Ali speaks of their community group and Vzaiham Aasedkoh … !!!!

توا طلع موسي ابراهيم انسان صادق … زعما كان يطلع سيف ويتكلم علي جماعتهم وفضايحهم ايصدقوه …!!!!

Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcanoتنسيق-شباب-طريق-السور-مع-عمليه-البركان/392117734275904


WARNING–Important, please take heed: PLEASE OBEY ARMY ORDERS !

Important and urgent military operations room of the Western Region

asking not taking action tomorrow or after even announce to you and

hope you need to stay in your places of security need ;

please comply with the instructions in order to preserve the success of Liberation.


Instructions for civilian and non-Army personel:

Al-Khas_al-Saakh forces and umbrellas
· >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
# Circulating
Citizens living brothers within the scope of the need to abide by the clashes following:
* Stay away from windows and windows to be falling pieces of glass scattered by shelling with heavy weapons.
* Do not take to the streets so as not to harm or who are under Targulwn rampant in marking the work of the National Army.
* Lack of presence in the room directly overlooking the street, and presence as much as possible in the interior rooms away from the street.
* Close the main doors of your homes tightly to prevent terrorists from raiding your homes and take you to them as human shields, “God forbid.”
* Leave the premises when the clashes provide the first opportunity to leave the safe.
* Cooperation of members of the national army if control over your region residents not to crowd on their vehicles and their personnel to prevent terrorists from al-Ngll you and implement any suicide operation, “God forbid.”
* Inform the members of the National Army when control over your region for any walker or move to the terrorists inside.

القوات الخاصه_الصاعقة والمظلات
على الاخوة المواطنين القاطنين في نطاق الاشتباكات ضرورة التقيد بالاتي :
* الابتعاد عن الشبابيك والنوافذ لتوخي تساقط قطع الزجاج المتناثر جراء القصف بالاسلحة الثقيلة .
* عدم النزول الى الشوارع كي لا تتعرضون للأذى ولا تعرقلون عمل الجيش الوطني المنتشر في أحياءكم .
* عدم التواجد في الغرف المطلة على الشارع مباشرة , والتواجد قدر المستطاع في الغرف الداخلية البعيدة عن الشارع .
* إغلاق الابواب الرئيسية لبيوتكم بإحكام لمنع الارهابيين من مداهمة بيوتكم وأخذكم دروعاً بشرية لهم ” لا قدر الله ” .
* مغادرة أماكن الاشتباكات عند توفر أول فرصة آمنة للمغادرة .
* التعاون من أفراد الجيش الوطني حال سيطرتهم على مناطقكم المقيمين بها بعدم التجمهر على ألياتهم وافرادهم لمنع الارهابيين من التغلل بينكم وتنفيذ اي عملية انتحارية ” لا قدر الله ” .
* إبلاغ أفراد الجيش الوطني عند سيطرته على مناطقكم عن أي وكر او تحرك للارهابيين داخلها .

Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano:

God and the largest Tripoli with movable army of Tripoli event page.

There is news is very happy to be tomorrow, God willing Nscherhaa.

Lanta areas to support the process of dignity is Khtafk.

Violent clashes in “Hlgodh” on the outskirts of the city of corner.


هناك مفاجأة كبيرة ستأتي من مدينة الزاوية و الأيام القليلة القادمة ستحمل تغيير في تاريخ ليبيا

Army photo in the village of South Hlgodh corner .. today in response to the channel yapping.


صور الجيش في قرية شلغودة جنوب الزاوية اليوم .. ردا علي قناة النبح.



Brigade Qaqaa for the news of the day and the best fronts okay …

to confirm Hovoa corner hospitals – Gharyan – Tripoli

and just know how things are going who has much in relation to these hospitals and make sure …
Some observations: for more than 5 days, there are no casualties in the ranks of the Libyan army,

but some minor injuries that do not remember, and only just …
Libyan army has not used force after


Heroes of the Libyan National Army stationed axis # crushers … ordered the army operations:










Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar:

Maysma targeting ‘the headquarters of the fight against crime’ in a barrage of Zliten Mdath
Lead by a few






Misurata sees in ZINTAN, that it is an integral part of Libya, which has risen against the tyranny of dictatorship.

Today .. when “MB militias ‘dawn-LIBYA’ ” graduated from Misrata Libya to destroy and wreak havoc, and publishes terrorism everywhere, all the Libyans are asking this question: Who leads Misurata? Is it so the people of Misrata, facts contained Libyans and their solidarity with their brothers and sisters?
Is kidnappeing by Kharijites  paid by Misrath..You should isolate yourselves, if you are honorable people of Misrata, and left carrying sentences including the Kharijites do Misurata and Misurata people what they want?
The people of Misrata to answer these questions that worry pal Libyans.
(# Mamed al-Rajabana)

la photo de Misurata steadfastness”.

illegal and immoral Women trafficking, very un-Muslim:

Statement Tmana women who withdraw from Misurata by Libyan traffickers symptoms
And who holds a full denial of the story of rape in Misurata, and that the operation was trading

honorably women to reach Misurata Authority
It is not strange to this scum of the human beings that are trading privilege of women to gain access to power ..
Hacmtwa whole Pena for Alstalh Aaan Abu power and money .. do not we trade Bashrva ..
Jake Day Aasalm Juha and Aafortah and Aalraeid and other dogs Is Money.




The event Rishvana Libya, gives geetings to Cyrenaica:

Of elders and youth and Hrarir, and hot Rishvana.
may the peace of our people in Cyrenaica and Benghazi (in particular Rbaah Dayih)

be in your ‘east of the country’, and in my Rishvana, in the ‘west of the country’.

The warmth of a peaceful countryside.
Rishvana and will not abandon Cyrenaica.





Did not remain in the city of Benghazi, but this topic areas twenty – Beirut – Almajory – Salmani – Sidi Ahcene – housing – Hawari – in Benghazi during the week will pervade safe and secure and free from Kharijites al-Aharbin.

Hftar Ali Duckh in the heart of Benghazi fights Khuraji (KHARIJITES).

Battalion 21 Thunderbolt Knights Mujahid late Salah Bohlaiqah Istron history now

in the historical epic for the liberation of the last strongholds of terrorists in Benghazi:


Peace be upon you
With God’s help the city of Benghazi, now 80% under the control of the National Army last week, God willing, and liberate our beloved Benghazi of terrorists and Mnsourin by the help of God and the Council first Mtthrr beloved Benghazi, House of Representatives will be in their original position due to Benghazi for meetings. There is such an agreed constitutional declaration.


Army infantry battalion of 148 near the cement factory:






“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”
National Army enters the area to the east and Milkfish grappling with terrorist elements within the streets of the region.

-achtbakat Intermittent areas of youth and al-DAASH in Ubaida head and twenty Street.

-tmrkz Mjoah Bakoazv RBG at the crossroads of Noran Hotel tried to target the stationing National Army Bmuftriq, Garden Market.

-Flying Vertical patrolling combing the area for Milkfish.

-trahib Great reception from the people in the streets of the eastern Milkfish and Buildings Arab market after the entry of the army to the region.

Ntql to the mercy of God, Akram Abdul Aziz Tagouris Marines, and is one of the residents Biar
In clashes today in Milkfish.

The army combed the streets of milkfish.




A Brotherhood shell landed shortly before the Quiche region #
Thank God, no human damage.
Resort to God and yes, the agent.


The strength of the Thunderbolt 21 battalion in Quiche # Benghazi area:


Libyan army denies the arrival of troops from the dawn of Libya to Benghazi
Tuesday 28 October 2014
Tripoli Africa Gateway News

Denied, spokesman for the General Chiefs of Staff of the Libyan army, Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform, the arrival of any forces belonging to the so-called process of ‘Dawn Libya’ to the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, to join the MB WAHABI terrorist groups, (which is locked in since the middle of this month in battle) to create an offensive, with the last remaining in the city against the forces of the Libyan Army.

Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform, in contrast to the negative statements on “French site 24”, is saying that the Libyan Army forces are on their way to declaring the liberation of Benghazi, from the grip of the Wahabi, pointing out that most of the areas and neighborhoods in the city are actually backed by the locals, who are being commanded with the Libyan Army.

“The army’s violent clashes on the first Sunday against the remnants of the WAHABI-terrorist groups, who since were entrenched in the old neighborhood Laithi southeast of Benghazi.”

Laithi is the neighborhood known as “Tora Bora Benghazi”, in that is became the stronghold of the leaders of the WAHABI Ansar al-Sharia, as well as the so-called “Shura Council rebels in Benghazi”, which includes a mix of foreign KHARIJITE fighters and other WAHABI groups.
The MB Shura Council of Benghazi leads Ansar al-Sharia

Cuneiform explained that the Army, which began in a broad campaign to hunt down the remnants of the WAHABI, may announce by the end of this week, the fall of the WAHABI in Benghazi, by fully defeating the terrorists, in preparation for the start of the return of normal life back to the city (which is the second of the major Libyan cities and the birthplace of the uprising that erupted in 2011 against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, by instigation of the American-CIA, with the help of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform remarks, come in response to propaganda springing from “the Information Office of the process of the ‘Dawn Libya’ “, concerning the arrival of their troops which they call “the dawn of Libya 2 of the city of Benghazi”, their pointing out that arrangements were under way to catch up with additional WAHABI troops.

Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform said, that the WAHABI ‘office’s statement’ via their official page on the social networking “Facebook” site:

“that Our Forces do not enter Benghazi to advocate for the tribe, group or party, but to advocate the elimination of WAHABI-rebels into Benghazi, who wish to accomplish their warped-regional plan to divide Libya and proclaim an Islamic Caliphate.”

Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform claimed that some of the leaders of the “Dawn Libya” or other WAHABI-individuals, in successfully disguising themselves, have declared to have entered into Libya, even blowing themselves up, for fear or shame that accuses and reveals them to be puppets of the West (USA, UNO, FRANCE) or the East (QATAR /TURKEY/SUDAN).الجيش-الليبي-ينفي-وصول-قوات-من-فجر-ليبيا-إلى-بنغازي



(Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform, speaks)

Colonel Ahmed Bouzid cuneiform (SHAVEN):






“The event Rishvana Libya”, summerises events today in BENGHAZI:

Today the army advanced on some axes and thankfully:

In addition, the bolt forces officer said the army repulsed an attack yesterday morning by a group belonging to the Ansar al-Sharia camp on February 17, “Security Directorate.”
He reported that the army is now engaged in battles in the neighborhoods of al-Sabri and Al-Ithamh adjacent.


Al-Daash, the most dangerous terrorists,are now in the area of al-Sabri.

Violent clashes now in al-Sabri 23 and Dannatt Larbi Ji:


– Advanced detachment of special forces launched from al-Talhah tank, which seized him yesterday in the direction of al-Hawari reconnaissance mission.

-achtbakat Violent signed today between the University of Benghazi in Thunderbolt “21” and the DAASH (IS)

Battalion 204 tanks progressing through P ((El-Safsfah)) after clashes between them and the DAASH (IS)
– Random bombardment by al-DAASH of the spacious neighborhoods and al-Foahat and Hawari and Tablino.

National -al-Jeic enters Milkfish Street area and the center of people’s pharmacy welcome from residents of the area.

National -al-Jeic confiscated weapons and explosives were hidden inside the home of the terrorist leader Jalal Makhzoom.

slah Libyan Airforce bombed targets, in each of Boatni and Hawari and Garyounes.



Media Omar Matouk:

3 destroyed tanks belonging to the Kharijites Hleyona on the river and the surrounding area of ​​the Association.

Element of Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi killed his brother because of his membership of the Libyan army

27 October 2014
Benghazi Africa Gate

Security source confirmed on Monday that one of the members of the forces of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in Benghazi had killed his brother, who belongs to the ‘Libyan National Army’, who is currently clearing the city of Benghazi regions of the WAHABI extremist terrorist groups including ‘Ansar al-Sharia groups’ classified by the Council of the Libyan Parliament and the Libyan government temporary, as one of the terrorist armed groups forces needing eradication.

Witnesses said the victim had tried to enter into the area where there are members of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ with numbers of followers of the WAHABI ISLAMIC fighter groups. His intent was to persuade his brother to surrender to the Libyan National Army; but he was killed by his brother.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Benghazi, since for now nearly two weeks, have seen violent clashes with medium and heavy weapons between the Libyan National Army troops, and Wahabi-gunmen belonging to ‘Ansar al-Sharia’. The Libyan National Army has re-gained control over most of the areas of the city.عنصر-من-أنصار-الشريعة-يقتل-شقيقه-في-بنغازي-بسبب-انتمائه-للجيش-الليبي

The God and to Him we return rush unfortunate news of the martyrdom of you submitted

(Lance Ali immigrant) Natdr for publishing the pictures

because Tfhmha is no god but Allah …
Invite him mercy.

The last words of this topic martyr Lance on his own account:

Martyr Faraj Abannona cited today and Hua one battalion of 204 personnel Adeolh mercy forgive him and Arahmh.

Munitions found by the Army, belonging to ANSAR al-SHARIA in BENGHAZI:

The spread of military forces in the # 20 Street  and Street ‘Beauty’ now in Benghazi.
God Cbrrrrrrrrrr

Benghazi is now a thorough cleansing of terrorism Barre and Joey.



Army entering the land of Sharif, Benghazi


Fawzi al-Rubaie, offender, thrown Balqazv now
Ras A. Obeidh liberated today, God willing ..


Libyan MP Arrows Sergiwa lied to EU delegation:

The real story for its MP deputy Arrows Sergiwa:
She told the EU delegation that dignity is not followed and that the rebels and the ‘Dawn Libya are not terrorists and we crammed in a corner and zipped us and we agree ‘to move Parliament to Jufrah’. However gave them veto power, and the west and south OK said Hedda speak to the envoy of the European Union
and the MP Isa Al Oraibi addressing her and refuted all her the claims …
Focused on blocking third ..mtalb group and the reason for the launch of stray lion process
# Of   Ntflhawwa
(Mahmoud Masrati)

Did MP deputy Arrows Sergiwa help make the declaration against Moussa Ibrahim?

FALSE! her denial is FALSE:

Moved from page logic in a special correspondent us with the Member of “house” for Benghazi, Arrows Sergiwa denies what has been transmitted in statements; and, says she did not authorize anything, and that she is not with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and is against terrorism in Benghazi;  and  she is with the army and police ..makdh on its adherence to the unity of the Libyan soil and the legitimacy of the Council Representatives .. She also denied the news to resign, and called on everyone to investigate the accuracy of the publication of the news ..
(Page original logic ಠ_ಠ your faaace)

I hope the people of Benghazi Report:
Adel al-Rubaie whacked shape Hey Mitt unconscious from the blow in Parken car park

and just Toussaint color Blue Barcurbe the old broken Etbi aids
# Onscherowoowoowoowoowoowoo


Hamad Abdul Wanees Bohqmh, summerises today events in Benghazi:
News until 2 pm
1-violent clashes taking place in the vicinity of the University of Benghazi (GARYOUNIS) between the Battalion # 204 tanks and the remnants of terrorist groups

2-axis in fierce clashes # Garyounes (by sea) at the tourist village specifically between the corner and the Martyrs Brigade terrorist groups

3-mortar rounds indiscriminately into areas Buhedama # & # & # Ha_hhadae_zawiyeh Gardens (formerly the Conqueror) &

# al-Majora which led to the fall of the number of wounded and dead not to mention the physical damage.


7 people killed after being hit by a mortar shell at a mourning tent in the city of Benghazi.
# # Akhar_alabar Libya.

dead and wounded in a mortar shell at a mourning tent in the area controlled

by the al-Majora Satrhaljeic Benghazi.


Martyrs shell consolation al-Majora
Benghazi Medical confirms the arrival of the funeral seven dead, they are:
1 Moroccan Faraj Mohammed Salem
2 Adel Ramadan Bazaar
3 Embarak Ali Embarak
4 Salem Al-Falah
5 Khaled Youssef al-Sharif
6 Moroccan Mohammed Faraj
7 Erhim favor.


4-sporadic clashes in several areas of Benghazi, the center of progress and the spread of the

national army forces in the city

5-as spokesman for the General Staff said in a statement to Agence center # The army conducted a raid wide areas Ros_oobeidh # $ #

# al-Majora operations, Street ashran-lakhraj weapons, and ubiquitous in the homes of the leaders

and some elements of the terrorist groups ammunition.

6-air force strikes the face of some of the places where terrorist groups
Oh shot thrown.
Oh hurry to heal their wounded !

Oh God accepts martyrs bestow mercy.
Oh hurry its victory on wrongdoing folk.

Thank you for listening
(Without Hmyat)


photo de Zahra channel on Facebook
Disgraceful Achievements of the MISURATA community in Libya.
Garyounis University burned.
Allahu Akbar

the so-called “Blessed revolution” !


PICTURES of Killed “DAASH” members in Benghazi:

(le statut de Nizar el-Annabi)

One lDaash Daash
a mourning the killing of his title from his grandfather Mutairi Arabia.

Benghazi in recent battles against terrorism

# And An_dleilk_bah ^^

Benghazi Medical Hospital:




Break warrior over a bridge at ‘Have-built’.



Staal Baahd fire near a hospital to evacuate homes:





Raed Mohammed el-Hassy (al-Hijazy) to walk around in the area before Buhedama Vleil
Tkpearerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ياهوووووووووووووووووووووووو

Greeting members of the ‘battalion’s 21 Thunderbolt’ (sons of murdered hero Colonel Salah Golden Bohlaiqah):

Salah Ali Bohlaiqah was affiliated with the tribe al-Qmadfah (al-Qmazfah of SIRTE, like Mu’ammar al-Qathafi).

Thunderbolt insignia 1








Chairman of the House of Representatives in favor of the wife of the head of delegation replaces professor

Mhammed negotiator Ali Shuaib suspicious ‘MP Dr Abu-bakar camel ‘ National and content
(# Mamed al-Rajabana).


‘MP  ‘deputy’ Dr. Abu-bakar camel ‘ one of those who made the decision AGAINST Dr. Moussa IBRAHIM ???

There are still many RATS hanging around….They may not be BROTHERHOOD; but they are still RATS, who need their heads cleaned ! Some of the deputies at the House of Tobruk prove this is true.


Misratah province walslviion, and attends al-Qathafi’s ‘new revolution’ in the first meeting of the Libyan-House

of Tobruk at new quarters in Garyounes, Benghazi:

Russian Ambassador in Tobruk:








Hovoa channel Cyrenaica now ….

field commander of the Tabu thanks and praises tribe al-Qmazfah’s Qadhadhfa Brigades

and exposes the children of Solomon.






Amr Adib:

Brotherhood failures in Tunisia;
the West is unhappy concerning the Brotherhood’s defeat in Tunisia.

al-Atnen 27 October 2014
Africa News Portal – rebounds

Media student Amr Adib creates a voting bloc within the next parliament, such as Tunis Appeal party, and calls for ‘democracy’ in the country, pointing out that Tunisia took a lesson from the Egyptian Parliament, and by autism in the Tunisian parliament in the coming period, will support the Egyptian state.

“The writer,” through “the Cairo Programme today,” broadcast on the satellite “Today,” that the West is unhappy in the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Tunisian Parliament elections, saying ” ‘unfortunately’, the Brotherhood experiment has failed everywhere”, pointing out that if you leave the scene of religious currents in alliance within the next Parliament, problems will occur in Egypt and will not expire.

The author explained, that Rashid Ghannouchi, the “Renaissance movement” MB Tunisian leader, is one of whom received the shock of the new Tunisian parliament, saying, “What Tkhaddosh them because of the shock Elly de Khaddoha.”

Rashid Ghannouchi (futally) exclaimed, that ‘the next Egyptian Parliament will represent all groups, including the Islamic National Party and the Brotherhood currents’. (HAH, HAH, really ???)


‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s Rashid Ghannouchi, hands-linked ‘puppet’ of the USA and France, is the head of Tunisia’s Ennahda party. In this photo, he spent Tuesday on Capitol Hill (USA) as a guest of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the USA:







‘Muslim’ Brotherhood operative ousted from LIBYAN EMBASSY in NIGER:

Essam al-Qreis after what has been expelled from the Libyan embassy in Niger by order of the Libyan state and knead after investigations revealed that from the beginning of the events which the hands of the hands make the dark

and he will be brought to trial in his right ordination of major criminal cases of theft embassy spying and providing support for many gangs. These issues are only some raised against him. After he came out in one of the channels belonging to the Brothers or aspiring TV al-Mtaslim descriptor Niger government and the police and the armed groups that they ousted.



SPARTING with the enemy—

Support the Libyan-Sudanese relations.
Arrived on Monday 10/27/2014 m head of the interim Libyan government, Mr. Abdullah al-Thani and his accompanying delegation to the Sudanese capital Khartoum on an official visit to the Republic of Sudan at the invitation of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who was at the head of Future Khartoum International Airport, also participated in the ceremony reception members of the Sudanese government and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Khartoum and the Ambassador and staff of the Libyan embassy in Sudan and the military attaché and Libyan ambassadors of Arab countries accredited in Khartoum.

And will be discussed during this visit to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to include all fields in addition to issues of common concern.
This, Mr. President is accompanied by a delegation of foreign ministers gentlemen, labor and social affairs, the economy and the President of the General Authority for Culture and Media

Why such a warm greeting to the leader of a country which supplies arms, feed and supports the

Brotherhood and the militants fighting against his Libyan Army ?

 more pictures and videos at:

Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah bending, says that neighborly countries will be holding a “Libya Conference” in Khartoum, Sedan, next month, which will lay the foundation stone for a dialogue between the Libyan parties (HAH !)
[# # Akhar_alabar Libya]

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