The Majlis in TOBRUK has its day

Mu 330


Have a GREAT JUMA…and do not forget Our Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who, through Allah, has revealed and given us so very much…

Bless him and our wonderful soldiers who risked (and some gave) their lives, to clean-up Libya (“Zenga, Zenga”…).
Mu’ammar was, and is, always RIGHT.

 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is very Special;
and we must pray for the Success, TRIUMPH and Victory of Mu’ammar and his PDF Army, tomorrow in TRIPOLI, 01 NOVEMBER 2014.


 “ZERO HOUR” on FB, posts:

Times and difficult days are terrible and Znaih on 02/17/2011 at the country Libyans
Libya was illegally entered. Arguments and legal and international agreements Ochtrko

And Ahtmo humanity and advertising to complete
Colonial crusade against Islam and Arabs in particular,

and Libya’s driving popular Democracy-revolutionary symbols (GREEN BOOK / FLAG) were the first targeted, because the Jamahiriya and ITS UNUSAL STAND, which fought Colonialism in all its political methods.

Did not defeat the moment and this testimony, of British Prime-Minister Tony Blair who with flags,

Mu w BLAIR 25 MARCH 2004

told the media that Muammar al-Qathafi did not present anything during 25 MARCH 2004 policy details.

Even for this reason cited hagmo us in 2011 with the barbarians and mad and their strong, they failed to believe was dropping the Libyan leadership

And Libya, upsetting people, askad, and was breaking the social fabric in order to ultimise the potential of the nation and its bounty.

And also drop the Libyan citizen brave great magilla worldwide…

And his past Administration was not strange; and in the present they knew of the Libyan people, their descriptions and character and graeth;

World Asagad Libya and corrupting its people and to destroy the social fabric Astolo on the nation’s resources or wealth
And also bring down the Libyan citizen tall  (such a “big brave world Musharraf) and his past,

and it is not strange at present they know who are the Libyan people Bosaf; and his character and Gerith Aelovesah… and the same, when this is what they did, and Aariqlhm Angeho to spend with these black men to Libya, from the past until now, accomplished something unusual, and did’t know ‘the impossible’.

War on Libya was catastrophic, and unprecedented in human history. Everything of all classes, of ruin and corruption of obsequious even down a corrupt on Earth hashakm, and dkoha my frustrated war levels of war and destruction, and where planted terrorist colonies, and Kono district installed a ‘puppet government’ and entered into more policy and kshavo than the world ever before accomplished about their canine tooth !

My frustration is justified, in that these ‘others’ were deliberately, immoral.
It is not personal, then astmero in the affected months and years passed (until God revealed their masks before the

People) and broad llagma that Libya reigns over NATO and her collaborators.


Italo and including the demro and people bent and anharvo of God openly in front of people; and here’s now the people waking-up.

And Libya Announces smashing mirarha upon the  injustice wrought upon her, and oppression.

Libya is now united and says in her speech “we will not genuflect to the tails of NATO, who are the enemies of God.

We will have mercy on the affect of it. We, with the Popular Resistance my totals and will win.  

I’m with my PRC totals and will sanitise those who are against God;  and will recover the blood of the taer martyrs and return the right of displaced persons, and edit those who sashark Sun right on the oppressed,

and continue my complete Libyan Revolution. My true  revolution which will put onthe  festivals of commemoration of our legendary Libyan, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.


Come meet us, on 01 November 2014; and come on showing that the Great Jamahiriya is preserved in me and all sensible Libyans, who are moving in the right path and will not betray the covenant,

 …and on this day, we will lead a dissolute life.

The volcano PDF (The PEOPLE’s DEFENSE FORCE, under Mu’ammar al-Qathafi).


The great uprising day

and may Allah grant us victory.

God is above kid aggressor.


مرة الأيام الصعبه و رهيبه و ذنيئه من يوم 17/2/2011 على بلاد الليبيين
ليبيا دخلوها بحجج غير شرعيه و قانوني و أخترقو الاتفاقات الدوليه
و حطمو الانسانيه و اعلان على اكمال
المستعمره الصليبيه ضد الاسلام و العرب بالأخص و كانت ليبيا و رموز القياده الثوريه الشعبيه هم اول هدف لأن الدوله وحيده التي حاربة
الاستعمار بجميع الأساليب السياسيه
ولم تهزم لحظه و هذه بشهادة الوزير البريطاني طوني بلير قالها ع الأعلام بأن معمر قذافي لم يخصر اي شي في تفاصيل السياسه
حتى استشهد لهذا السبب هاجمو علينا في سنة2011 بهمج و جنون و ما لديهم من قوى فاشله كان يؤمنون بهدف اسقاط القياده الليبيه
العالميه و اسقاد ليبيا بأفساد شعبها و تحطيم نسيجهم الاجتماعي لكي يستولو على مقدرات الوطن او خيراته
و ايضا اسقاط المواطن الليبي الشامخ الشجاع الكبير في العالم
و صاحب ماضي مشرف و ليس غريب عليه في حاضر هم يعرفون
من هو الشعب الليبي بأوصافه و شخصيته و جرئته و بذات عند الفزعه هم هذا ما يعرقلهم و لم ينجحو في قضاء ع هؤلاء الأسود رجال ليبيا من الماضي حتى الان ولم يمسكو شيئ معتاد ع ليبيين لأن الليبين يصنعون في اشياء غريبه و لا يعرفون المستحيل

الحرب على ليبيا كانت فاجعه و لم يشهدها التاريخ الأنساني كانت من جميع اصناف الخراب و فساد من اكبر دنئ حتى اسفل فاسد على وجه الأرض حشاكم و دكوها بي احبط حرب في مستويات الحروب و كونو فيها مستعمرات ارهابيه و حكومه عميله و دخلو في سياسه اكبر منهم و كشفو للعالم عن انيابهم بي تلك السياسه المحبطه الغير مدروسه ولا أخلاقيه ولا شخصيه و بعدها استمرو في هذه السياسه المنكوبه اشهر و سنين حتى ربي كشف عن اقنعتهم امام الشعب و وضح للأجمع ان ليبيا يحكمونا اذيال الناتو و اعوانه

عطلو البلاد وما فيها و دمرو العباد وما ليها و انحرفو عن شرع الله بشكل مكشوف امام الناس و هاهي ليبيا بشعبها تستيقظ و تعلن عن تحطيم ميرارها و غبنها و قهرها الأن ليبيا اتحدت و قالت كلمتها لن اركع لذيول الناتو اعداء الله ولن ارحم من تطاول عليه فأنا مع المقاومه الشعبية بي مجاميعها و سأنتصر بحق الله و استرد تأئر الشهداء و ارجع حق المهجرين و أحرر المعتقلين و سأشرق شمس الحق ع مظلومين و سنستمر بي اكمال ثورة الليبيين ثورة الفاتح و سأضع تذكاره للأسطوره الليبيه معمر القذافي حان موعدنا و حان وقتنى سنكون يوم 1/11/2014 في طريق الحق سائرون و عهدا لن نخون و في هذا اليوم سنفجر البركان الشعبي

يوم الانتفاضه الكبرى و ربي ينصرنا
الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

ساعة الصفر

Researcher Libby: Libyan army and honorable liberate the country from terrorists, insurgents
Dialogue with the researcher in strategic affairs and the risks surrounding Arab Professor Ramadan on the latest developments of the situation in Libya.

PDF FORCES in the Quaries

readying for Saturday:

Pray, and It will happen !




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شباب ورشفانة الصمود على الفيس بوك

News about the arrest of the offender Salah BADI

(Aukd news)

عندما يحكم المجرمين تكون هكذا الصورة
صلاح زبادي والحرب الأهلية










The arrival of 12 people today to a hospital corner of the ‘militia of the Abu Obaida angular Roma Libya militias

and terrorist chaos’ in the hospital, and the fire in the yard of the hospital.


Today was stepping in front corner of the Roma gangs and dogs Abu Obeida, where more than 25, including four Mkhanb field,

led by Omar Azaaloc Assistant who buried, in the frozen strawberries, the killer Mohammed Kilani.
The second week and look for males in the CORNER.

Killing 17 and injuring 30 of the Brotherhood militia of South Shields

at their headquarters. 

Brotherhood Misurata Militias shields accidentally activate the gate leading to their arrest in the corner of the city identity.


We should point out the existing gate Shakshuk down on the coastline that they searched the car and pulling the fuel?
Without people walking in the same or will be shooting them and strongly !!!!!!








“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”
gives us the results of the “Battles of the Western Region”:

Libyan army VS Misurata militias who go with militias Nawasi and Belhadj and Aharati and terrorist Abu Obeida.

Clashes forces chief of staff in the letter T # corner and the fall of the quadrennial kill from dawn until now Libya:

1. Ahmed Salman.
2. Abdarahman Romaih
3. oled
4. uabduluahd Syrian Mohammed bin Saleh Asaabh
5. Rahim Ahmed Ramadan al-Achkm.

Congratulations Tahir puerperal today in front.


–PICTURE: the terrorist (deceased) Abu Obeida’s militias

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”:

“Mercy on the martyrs in Benghazi and the Western Region battles

We ask God’s mercy and forgiveness for them

‘I will not forget you.’ “



3 belonging to destroy the militia, “the dawn of Libya,” Ali Hleyona the river and the surrounding region, APA tank.

بقايا عجر ليبيا اليوم في محور الرابطة يدكون امام ضربات الجيش او زيدو صدقو قناة النبح.

Young army hero Aqaibdhm:

A set of mechanisms and tank weapons and is the sum of the spoils for the day yesterday in the axis of gangs Association.



Remnants of  Brotherhood militias shields

محور بوشيبة هربو لغريان وخلو البازين يا خسارة ما تعبو وطيبو الحرائر

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 Gr remnants of Libya today in front of the axis of the Association Iedkon military strikes or Zeido Sedko channel yapping.

(BELOW) The remnants of the axis of tie:






“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

Recent developments on the scene al-Midnyh progress militias from Misurata and Gharyan in the axis of the Association to try to open the way for WAHABI-extremists and criminal gangs at the top of Mount KKLH (al-KWASSA).

The area north of the city to leave Roma online Kikla them out without a weapon in a safe corridor for the city and the castle, is no truth to this.

The blockade is complete and was only stopping Roma supply of arms and ammunition, and for this reason have not been there Roma. To sweep of the door of mercy is not an option for them anymore ..

Blessings received ..

PICTURE: Look-out Asqa in Kikla

These were repulsed al-Melcaat and destroying 3 tanks and Tkebedhm losses in lives and mechanisms;

 PICTURE: Logo for the ‘MB Martyrs Brigade WAHABI RAT MILITIA of Kikla

But the character that axis or aspiring ‘Bamhor Ansar al-Sharia’ of Sabratha, and Saraya Abu Obeida Angular, provide the Libyan army, in this axis, and the decline al-Melcaat Mitigua Hlgodh.

The ‘axis crushers’ eluted concentration at the sites; and axes did not provide any orders Taúty

 Kikla was called in the old Klklh to the large number of people in the vernacular language derived from al-Klcal, meaning: a chest in everything which is released. This is within the Nafusa mountains after the passage of time …

a village near the front line in the Jebel Nafusa, Kikla appears deserted at first glance, but there within are homes of women and children, amongst WAHABI hiding (aerial view):

Kklh al-Amorien.olad Omar:

Palace /Castle al-Mzaúdh, at Kikla

(where the WAHABI were hiding):

Allah is great !  God is great …..


 first happened yesterday al-Thelata, Rullish problem of the LIBYAN ARMY forces between the town of Gharyan,

which lies on the west about 30 km, and the town of Kikla, located about 150 kilometers southwest of the capital Tripoli following the town Rullish:

 Ambulance for the BROTHERHOOD of KIKLH:

  Airs Kikla Spring 2014 / Hleyona stunning mountainous nature of the Amorites with flag of ‘independence’

“Zintan room operations”, tells us how the Army is eating.
(our food):
After al-Asban and couscous and Bazin, enters the field of a new type of oven El-Zimzakh bread crumbs

and Rabbi Pizza Hahahahahahahaha


“Brigade Qaqaa civil Lightning 2 operations”, writes:

Of course in the first was a speech Elly Aketbo where p meals prompt to their fighters and Idaolhm victory and Arfo in morale decadent, but after Malqohm Ahrbu and devoid even in Mclthm speech Elly p Alojbaat prompt Army hehehehe seemed mean Bedouins with certainty that the army Baiqra speech Hahaha Aawallah Roma Libya

Justice Mohammed ………………..




Violent clashes in Azizia axis and offers a large tribal forces and progress in the axis through the corner,

despite the intensity of the bombing of the Kharijites on the army

and untrue news that benefit the military to enter al-Zahra.

Violent clashes are now far from the axis of Azizia and Zayat

al-Zawah al-Jnobih

Violent clashes near the village of Nasser. temperatures in the region exactly “al-Dkhalah” Roma Libya feared side of the farms in the mosque and people came up and strike Balthagal direction represented Thursday evergreen market and the direction of al-Azizia.



لحظة دخول قوات الجيش الليبي لمنطقة #الحميضه وسط أستقبال وفرحة عارمة لأهالي المنطقة #بنغازي .


Clashes between West # Azizia Libyan army and MB  militias, “the dawn of Libya.”

“Zero hour” on FB, reports:

Now the heaviest fighting in every village of Al-Azizia and Nasser and the withdrawal of militias Roma Libya from terrorist Azizia center and pinned down in ‘Koshera farms’ and the ‘market near the junction’....

evacuation Korbh al-Ugana.

Oh Allah, that your victory and promised !




 Libyan army forces in the axis Iboshibh:



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reports:

‘Fair’ Daab’s group has been banned from Gharyan.

Gharyan and Hashh folks, are very honorable:
The Army Enrollment Advisor Group says that a large group of young people

from Gharyan have joined the Army.





Volcano – a process led by the National Army

# Gharb al-Libya
Military men stationed in front within  Ada al-Ehi.

رجآل الجيش المرابطين في جبهة ‫#‏وادي_الحي‬ .



MB Faitouri leader Omar killed in Gjrlibia;  and Associate Kilani in clashes BIR AYAD today.


Quality of the operation against the BROTHERHOOD  militia stationed under the bridge Zahra has been targeting the gate Bagoazv RPG and machine guns and injuries were directly and the withdrawal of combat units to safe places.

Quality process hit BROTHERHOOD ‘Roma militias’ in Libya, killed at  al-Zahra Bridge (where an unknown number were killed and wounded).

They were bombed stationing them Bakoazv Arbeja.

A report issued by the Council of Schori and sages and Rishvana revealed that BROTHERHOOD armed operations perpetrated against the civilian population in and Rishvana revealed deterioration of the humanitarian situation and the collapse of the health sector and the state of paralysis in the provision of health services to citizens as a result of the bombing and the siege and the war carried out by the BROTHERHOOD armed formations on the people and residents of the area and Rishvana.

According to a report that the military operations have caused poor security situation resulting from the actions of the MB armed groups that surrounded and swept the region in the region, and is the statistics and indicators of tangible reality quotient disastrous, according to Helms in the report.


A military source :: declares that he has been training young people and without their knowledge so Rishvana.
So, if he says he noted that in Rishvana there was a war or two every year
He added that 50% of young people and Rishvana Asubho field commanders and that 70% of the
Youth and Rishvana knows how to deal with weapons and those of more people.

Leadership on the streets of war as evidenced by the young people and in all Rishvana.
al-Jbahat and specifically mentioning the front Benghazi ..


And the land of thorns Rishvana:

Our reached 9,000 and ask God more and ask God to help us in the transfer of the right story

and ask God to Ahakz Libya from all evil and saves Rishvana brings us back to our land and all peace.





# News

The most important thing came in the words of Colonel Idriss material ….

// ordered room Libyan army operations in the Western Region on the audio channel Zintan.

Colonel said that the army losses in battles of today there are no zero for any losses incurred while Army militia heavy losses in lives and materiel

And also alerted the Col. material, on all Libyans legitimacy of thinking with the world and with those who communicate with those who coordinates of ((recognized))

And also stressed that the capacity of the presidency of the General Staff and equipment every day on the rise
Supported by the world of the Libyan army

Secondly, the renunciation of all regions of the rumors that the army wants to break into some areas and Owoo …. But if the army was forced to piece and there will be advance warning Liberation Army goal of the capital and the piece will be, God willing,

Said Colonel material, that planes used by the Brotherhood militias to try to bombard Zintan area or some military gatherings, are training aircraft* from an old model called ((template)),

and its goals are not accurate at all and said Colonel that this topic Brotherhood Misurata militias crossed all red lines; and the response will be harsh and strongly.

Wi-base off of which aircraft which Tzodt where fuel is a legitimate aim of the Libyan army, and also to the presidency of the General Staff has all the information so that the names of technicians who tested the aircraft.

(# Amilit al-Jeic al-Libya)

PICTURE *: Airforce Academy in Misurata





“Sons, Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Asmar”, make a plea:

Aaaaaaaaaajl for publication and Circular: –

Call the National Commission for Human Rights on the humanitarian situation of the prisoners remaining

(who were not already executed) of the military quietly Misurata prison ..

National Human Rights Commission directed the call is very urgent in which international human rights organizations and the United Nations and the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya and the Office of Human Rights in the mission appeals to immediately intervene to save the lives of the remaining prisoners detained in the Air Force Academy prison Misrata,

lifting from harm them; and the investigation into the alleged crimes those responsible for these prisons, including:
“Abu Bakr Zabti,
Salem al-Faqih,
Hamad Manath

That amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

| National Human Rights Commission reported in its appeal to a speedy process of systematic

torture in prison Misurata Air Force Academy, which has caused serious cases, including the
“Khalil al-Faraj bin Zliten,
Kamal Said-Tripoli,
Waleed Khoja-Gurji Tripoli,
Mohammed Najib puppy-corner,
Abdullah Adwebi-Zliten,
Mohammed Adwebi-Zliten,
Nasser Al-Dehom Zliten,
Hamza Aldhadih-Zliten,
Mohammed fixed-Tawergha of Thoargae,
Salem worthy,
Bashir Juma,
Salah Bozakrh,
Abdulkarim al-Tair,
Moroccan key
And other medium
Hamza Khashram,
Bahlul-Gurji Tripoli,
Akram al-Dada-Tripoli,
Issa al-Ghadamsy,
Ismail Lafi .

Also referred to the transfer, “Mr. Nasser,” and with him fifty prisoners were tortured, to solitary confinement,

after the brutal torture they suffered.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

عاااااااااجل للنشـــــــــر والتعميم :-

نداء اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الانسان بشان الوضع الانساني لسجناء سجن السكت العسكري بمصراته ..

اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان تتوجه بنداء عاجل جدا تناشد فيها المنظمات الدولية المعنية بحقوق الإنسان ومنظمة الأمم المتحدة وبعثة الأمم المتحدة للدعم في ليبيا ومكتب حقوق الإنسان في البعثة بالتدخل العاجل لإنقاذ أرواح ماتبقى من سجناء المعتقلين في سجن الكلية الجوية مصراتة، ورفع الأذى عنهم والتحقيق في الجرائم المنسوبة للمسؤولين عن هذه السجون، ومنهم
“ابوبكر الظابطي،
سالم الفقيه،
حمد مانيطه”
التي ترقى إلى جرائم ضد الإنسانية وجرائم حرب
| أفادت اللجنة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان في ندائها العاجل إلى حدوث عملية تعذيب ممنهج في سجن الكلية الجوية بمصراتة، الذي تسبب في حالات خطيرة ومنها
“فرج بن خليل-زليتن،
كمال سعيد-طرابلس،
وليد الخوجة-قرجي طرابلس،
محمد نجيب الجرو-الزاوية،
عبدالله الدويبي-زليتن،
محمد الدويبي-زليتن،
ناصر ديهوم-زليتن،
حمزة الدحيديح-زليتن،
محمد ثابت-تاورغاء،
سالم جديرة،
بشير جمعة،
صلاح بوزكرة،
عبدالكريم التير،
مفتاح المغربي”
، وأخرى متوسطة
“حمزة خشرم،
البهلول-قرجي طرابلس،
اكرم الدادي-طرابلس،
عيسى الغدامسي،
إسماعيل اللافي”
، كما أشارت إلى نقل “ناصر السيد” ومعه خمسون سجينا تم تعذيبهم ، إلى زنزانات إنفرادية بعد التعذيب الوحشي الذي تعرضوا له


Sheikh of Misratah right pronunciation actually Vhar Libya

 On the issue of rape valuable Misurata
-ganh Of the Transitional Council and is a member Mustafa Abdul Jalil
-othakik Of great men of Misurata in Libya and Thaorgae
-ml_khas Result of the investigation
-aaterv Misurata notables to raise the issue of rape and amplified
Kahn is intended to mobilize the youth of the revolution and the war
-olkn Established in the case of all the people of Misurata dyes


بخصوص قضية الاغتصابات قي مصراته
-لجنة من المجلس الانتقالي وعضو فيها مصطفى عبد الجليل
-وتحقيق كبير من رجالات ليبيا في مصراته وتاورغا
-ملخص نتيجة التحقيق
-اعترف اعيان مصراته ان اثارة قضية الاغتصاب وتضخيمها
-كان المقصود منه حشد الشباب للثورة والحرب
-ولكن القضية ترسخت في ادهان جميع اهل مصراته

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Gate city of Sirte are now available in the road leading to the area between Abohadi

and this gate operates with fully auto inspection, we hope the Liberal discernible precaution and steep.



A suicide bombing targeting a guard gate facilities east Ajdabiya city.


2) Today:

Arrest of Egyptian nationality driving a car bomb was on his way to target the western city of Ajdabiya camp.

 3) Arrest the named Walid Aalghemati, who is a prominent leader of the organization of “Ansar al-Sharia”,

with his wife and his sons, at gate Ajlideh, in east Ajdabiya.



Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Image expressive worker hygiene at the ‘University of Omar al-Mukhtar’ in CASABLANCA.

We have a great virtue and your reward is great Andallah remove the harm from the road.

A suicide attack aimed at a point east of the city of CASABLANCA, in Pigeon (the desert road gate Mechili)

lead to the death of the soldier Mohammed al-Zarkon.





Army over a new military reinforcements to  Benghazi, and because control has become

all the entrances and exits of the city.

“Volcano – a process led by the National Army”:

# Summary

The arrival of Battalion 148 Infantry, led by Colonel # Bozverh to Benghazi and pinned down B. al-Qguarhh, and

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Libyan army convoys enter the city of Benghazi, now # of all axes and heavily all kinds of weapons

National Army forces came from the east and areas # Special Forces “Thunderbolt” of  Benghazi intervention now under the command of Colonel nice Bouchmadh, and a very large convoy of an estimated 250 cars have successfully entered Benghazi on 3-axis.
Source: ‘Qusay cabled’

Changed the name “Qatar neighborhood” to the neighborhood, “Tawfiq bin Saud” by the people of the region.

Colonel “Nice” Bouchmadh arrives in Benghazi and sends reinforcements from the ‘Thunderbolt forces’ to tighten the field to control the of the city, and forces of the army up to the heart of the city and roll into their neighborhoods.

Home and stun demanding citizens B. al-Mkthot their homes and stay away from places clashes. The military spokesman talking about # ‘zero hour’ and spokesman for the General Staff Colonel “Ahmed cuneiform” calls for Arab and international local media channels for the transfer of the fact that the control of the military forces on the city of Benghazi #; and Benghazi calling for demonstrations for a Juma decisive victory.

‘Zero hour’ has come to resolve in the city of Benghazi.



Laithi when the pasta factory testifies # streets with arms and heavy war between youth, and

al-Lecioansar evil under the loss of many of the shells.

Masked guards in Benghazi’s Laithe district


“ZERO HOUR” on FB, reports:
Misama now in Benghazi.

a few clashes come as a result of the entry of three of Hftar forces into ‘Ben Younes axes, going to ‘the new Milkfish latex of the people’ of these areas al-Aptdaad. They are ready for tidying up. They tell the people to not go out into the streets as of yet (to avoid injury shot from remaining snipers).


Blood parents battalion  “loyal to process dignity” are burning a number of houses elements of the organization« Ansar al-Sharia » Milkfish area in the city of Benghazi.


Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Look to wrinkle his face every line of these wrinkles simulates a history of struggle and the struggle for the nation and # al-Massh al-Askarah this hero is Colonel # “key Hqlov” the military commander of the largest hubs in the region Have Built # combatant may God protect him and patronized the brave men of our army.

Major Mohammed al-Hassy (al-Hijazi) fighting in the streets of a Benghazi.

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army, salutes:

“Health Health O el-Hassy (Hijazi) “

Operation Dignity – led by the National Army

Major Mohammed el-Hassy near the island of colors in Benghazi.:


Allah is the greatest triumphs # Benghazi.



Operation Dignity – led by the National Army
# Massadr_askarah:

Army troops in full control of the street and the regions of twenty al-Majora.

Parents and there is a great delight.


“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”:

Special Forces Thunderbolt inside the main camp in Boatni now
# Akram Bouchmadh, son of Colonel Nice Bouchmadh from inside the school was born ‘Cheetah Stun’.






“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”, says:

Haley Tobruk, who shot down the statue of the Green Book and code their message to all the people of Tripoli ?…

We will not be divided. The Brotherhood and their followers are the traitors.


Tobruk today  in mass demonstrations in support of the army in Benghazi and to support the process of dignity

and legitimacy of the MAJLIS and the renunciation of terrorism and the Kharijites.



“Operation Dignity – led by the National Army”, reports:

Libyan army in Tobruk # targeting the two cars were trying to infiltrate the city and the smuggling of weapons

and al-Dkhaúr after not responding to orders army to stop #. 2 MB carloads of explosives between CASABLANCA and Tobruk, has been blown-up on 29 OCT. 2014 by the Libyan Army.




“Youth through the fence coordination process with the volcano”:

Chairman of the MAJLIS (House of Representatives) will meet a delegation from Zintan

Mr. Speaker adviser met “in favor of Akila Saleh Issa” on Thursday at the headquarters of the Office of the Interim Board of the city of Tobruk, a delegation from Zintan tribe.

During this meeting, they discussed the situation in the western region and ways to resolve disputes arising where, as well as support the legitimate institutions of the army and police in their efforts to spread security and law enforcement.

The new delegation during this meeting to confirm the legitimacy of the people of Zintan with the MAJLIS (the House of Representatives /Majlis al-Nuwaab ) and the government and their adherence to pop the MAJLIS out as the sole voice of the Libyan people, (who were chosen through the ballot box in free and fair elections) testifies to the integrity of the whole world ..
M-p / Tobruk, 30 October 2014 AD

تنسيق شباب طريق السور مع عمليه البركان

رئيس مجلس النواب يلتقي وفدا من الزنتان
التقى السيد رئيس مجلس النواب المستشار “عقيله صالح عيسى” اليوم الخميس بمقر ديوان المجلس المؤقت بمدينة طبرق وفدا من قبيلة الزنتان.
وتم خلال هذا اللقاء مناقشة الأوضاع في المنطقة الغربية وسبل حل الخلافات الناشئة فيها ، وكذلك دعم المؤسسات الشرعية من الجيش والشرطة في جهودهم لنشر الأمن وإنفاذ القوانين.
وجدد الوفد خلال هذا اللقاء تأكيد أهالي الزنتان شرعية مجلس النواب والحكومة المنبثقة منه وتمسكهم بها كممثل وحيد للشعب الليبي الذي اختارهم عبر صناديق الاقتراع في انتخابات حرة ونزيهة يشهد العالم كله على نزاهتها ..
م-ع/ طبرق 30 اكتوبر 2014م


 Invitation of the Chairperson of the Majlis al-Nuwaab (President of the House of Representatives) to guard

oil facilities director crescent oil Mr. Ibrahim Jdharan debate in the Arab sat on the latest situation and

developments in the arena and to the security situation in the region.

Ibrahim al-JDHARAN with Reyes, ‘wife’ of Majlis deputies (Leader of the HOUSE “COUNCIL OF DEPUTIES” at TOBRUK)


Local Consultative al-KUFRA Group (SOUTH EAST LIBYA) and affirm their support for the Majlis al-Nuwaab  are calling for the Electoral Commission to expedite the completion of setting a date for the election of deputy members of the city council

He called the two chambers in a statement Osdrah last Tuesday after a joint meeting Tdarsa the situation in the city and the need to complete the elections for the city, asking the Electoral Commission to expedite the setting a date for the completion of the election of deputies of the city in the Majlis al-Nuwaab  as well as the election of the deputy members of the Municipal Council of the city, asserting that the Kufra city on the readiness of fully to elect their deputies in the Council.

The statement noted philanthropists of the work accomplished by the sons of the city and the stability of the common understanding between the various components of society in the city contributes to building a state of law and institutions that have looked all Libyans.

It is noteworthy that al-KUFRA city has not been able to elect their deputy members of the Majlis al-Nuwaab for  technical and security reasons, the date fixed for the election of the Council, has been able to leaders and members of the local council and their Council of Elders and the Shura Council to overcome all difficulties and obstacles M-p / Tobruk, 30 October 2014 AD





The ‘Young tuber of Islam’, Caliphate state under the regulation of ‘DAASH’:

“The Young tuber of Islam”

and forearm ‘battalion’ will announce next Friday formally pledge of homage to state regulation “Daash” !!
Mandate of the tuber ,, call # # General and all.

Hawks atmosphere in the sky tuber O shot thrown,

Swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi Mafsh Xi Brani.


Targeting the arena in which the so-called rally where “Shura youth of Islam” to sell it in the city of al-Baghdadi,

“tuber”, improvised explosive device by one of the city’s residents yesterday ..




News Center Libyan Council of Deputies
29 octobre 2014 · Modifié
Chairman of the Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaab, in favor of  Akila and Saleh Issa visiting Ubari to oversee the Magistrate between tribes Tuareg and Tabou.

Visited on Wednesday 29/10/2014 Majlis’ deputy Speaker Mr. Saleh Issa, accompanied Akila second MP Dr. Hamid Houmt and together with a delegation of elders and chieftains of Eastern and Western region, the city of Ubari Libyan south;

and met upon arrival was at the forefront of Mstqublém elders and dignitaries of the tribe of the Tuareg, headed by Mr. “Boubacar Feki” where he had planned to hold a reconciliatory meeting between the tribes Tuareg and Toubou. As a result of the security situation unstable has not been able Tabu delegation to attend on the date and time specified.

Established tribe Tuareg reception for Mr. Chancellor, “Akila  Saleh,” Issa, Deputy Speaker of the Majlis, and members traveling with him and a delegation sheikhs and dignitaries;

and assured him, they are with the legitimate from the moment of the election of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, because it is a democratic body must not be compromised,

and they expressed their satisfaction with the presence of deputies of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, as their leader and his deputy, the second remade his recognition of being the voice on behalf of Libya,

considering that the Council of the Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaabt is the only compliant to the Libyan people, he said:

– “Boubacar Feki” ! We and Tabu are brothers; but this sedition, God willing, will expire and we are still working to withstand this sedition and which was injected into the blood of brothers.

The ‘party’ also met earlier with the elders and wise men from the East region and South, and Kuna commission crisis existed; but,  violated the truce which  did not last.

As we renew, welcoming dialogue and reconciliation with our brothers in the homeland, “Tabu”, and also that our demand for the construction of Libya, as we are not the people of war.

Always we have our hands outstretched for reunion and reconciliation; and also want to join up for the legislative and the executive side of the image transfer situation that ails the Ubari area and sons Ubari and south zone.

It is expected that efforts will continue in order to meet the two tribes, where the Chairperson of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, expressed the importance of reconciliation, especially between the Tuareg and Tabou tribes (who together will constitute civilized coexistence)  together embodying the depth of Libya values.

(Media Management Council)

And the land of thorns Rishvana

Tuareg admit that the MAJLIS (House of Representatives) is the sole voice for Libya in a harsh blow to Misurata in the south, after the “Majlis al-Nuwaab” that Zno Tuareg heroes will have tails like several tribes in the south.

مركز أخبار مجلس النوَّاب الليبي‎ a ajouté 4 nouvelles photos.

29 octobre, 17:00 ·

رئيس مجلس النواب الليبي عقيلة صالح يزور أوباري للإشراف على الصلح بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو

زار اليوم الأربعاء 29-10-2014 رئيس مجلس النواب السيد عقيلة صالح بصحبة النائب الثاني د. حميد حومة وبمعية وفد من أعيان ومشايخ المنطقة الشرقية والغربية ، مدينة أوباري بالجنوب الليبي والتقى وعند وصولهم كان في مقدمة مستقبليهم شيوخ ووجهاء قبيلة الطوارق وعلى رأسهم السيد ” بوبكر الفقي ” حيث كان مزمع عقد اجتماع تصالحي بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو ونتيجة للأوضاع الأمنية الغير مستقرة لم يتمكن وفد قبيلة التبو من الحضور في الموعد والزمان المحددين.
أقامت قبيلة الطوارق حفل استقبال للسيد المستشار “عقيلة صالح ” رئيس مجلس النواب و الأعضاء المرافقين له ووفد المشايخ و الأعيان وأكدوا له ، أنهم مع الشرعية منذ لحظة انتخاب البرلمان لأنه جسم ديمقراطي لا يجب التفريط فيه ، وابدوا ارتياحهم لوجود البرلمان ممثلا في رئيسه ونائبه الثاني مجدد له الاعتراف بالتمثيل نيابة عن ليبيا معتبرين ان مجلس النواب الليبي هو الممتثل الوحيد للشعب الليبي كما قال :- “بوبكر الفقي” نحن و التبو أخوة ولكن هذه فتنه بإذن الله سوف تنتهي ولازلنا نعمل من اجل ان تقف هذه الفتنه و ان تحقن دماء الأخوة من الطرفين ، كما اجتمعنا سابقاً مع المشايخ و الحكماء من المنطقة الشرقية و الجنوبية، وكونا لجنه أزمة وكانت موجودة ولكن خرقت الهدنة ولم تستمر ، كما نجدد الترحيب بالحوار و المصالحة مع أخوتنا في الوطن “التبو” وكما ان مطلبنا بناء ليبيا ، ونحن لسنا أهل حرب نحن دائماً أيدينا ممدودة للم الشمل و المصالحة ،وكما أيضاً نريد ان يصل صوتنا للجهة التشريعية و التنفيذية لنقل صورة الوضع الذي تعانيه منطقه أوباري و أبناء منطقة أوباري والجنوب .
ومن المنتظر ان تستمر المساعي من اجل لقاء الطرفيين حيث أعرب السيد رئيس البرلمان على أهمية المصالحة خصوصا بين قبيلتي الطوارق والتبو الذين يشكلان معا قيم التعايش والعمق الحضاري لليبيا .

إدارة الإعلام بالمجلس

Sheikh “Abu Bakr al-Faqih Akdzn” Sheikh Tuareg Libyan south in a handshake with the Chairperson (President) of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, Mr. “Akila Saleh Issa,” during a meeting with elders Tuareg in Ubari area on Wednesday, was Sheikh “Akdzn” emphasized in this meeting to support the Tuareg Libyans are strong for the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (House of Representatives); and standing with legitimacy, represented in this council as the sole legitimacy for Libya ..




News Center Libyan Majlis al-Nuwaab:

Heathens people affirm their commitment to the legitimacy of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, and call to set a date for the election of their deputies to the council

Assured the people of the city of Kufra their adherence to the Majlis al-Nuwaab as legitimate single to Libya, and demanded in a statement they issued to them after they organized a march in the city on Friday, the Electoral Commission to expedite setting a date for the completion of the election of members of the Municipal Council and deputies of the city in theMajlis al-Nuwaab ..

Parents and systems in the city after prayers yesterday afternoon Friday, 31/10/2014 m, in front of the wreckage of Kufra District Court, a popular gathering to join the march to demand Sharia in Libya represented in the Majlis al-Nuwaab and the government emanating from it ..

And issued a gathering of all segments and the components of the city after the march walked around the streets a statement calling on the completion of the elections for the city and the rest of the school represented in Majlis al-Nuwaab of the Libyan cities.

He stressed parents in their statement their support for the call made by the local council and ‘the Council of Elders and the Shura Council in Heathens city’ two days ago, and started asking the Electoral Commission to expedite the setting a date for the start of the completion of the Municipal Council and the  deputies of  Heathens to be within the Majlis al-Nuwaab that have been deferred in earlier elections.

He stressed parents during their march in favor of the army and police Libyans in confronting terrorist groups in all parts of Libya, and their efforts to restore stability and security in all parts of the country; and renewed their condemnation and denunciation of severe crimes of assassinations in the country behind them expiatory terrorist groups ..
M-p /  Tobruk

01 November 2014 AD


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