The Grip of the talons of DAASH digging deeper wounds



In Islam, a Muslim has to fight just to defend himself and his people when they are attacked. Muslim state is forbidden from attacking the other or to start war. Briefly God said in the Quran: “And fight in the cause of God those who are fighting you, and do not transgress the limits. Truly, God loves not the transgressors: [2: 190] “whoever transgresses against you, you transgress likewise against him”.[2:194]

In their jurisprudence, the CORRUPT WAHABI make the Holy Qu’ran just one resource among their other human resources, and twist the Quranic meanings to match their demands. Moreover, they consider their jurisprudence a holy one, and for it they refused the democracy claming that democracy is against the rule of God!

In Islam, the Quran is the only resource of Islamic jurisprudence which is so simple and flexible that it could be applied any time. In this holy Jurisprudence, it is forbidden to accuse any peaceful man to be infidel or idol worshipper, and the only reason to kill a human being is when he kills some one, or when he is a soldier among army attacking your peaceful country. It is also prohibited to commit suicide through aggression and injustice.[4: 29-30]

FOR THE CORRUPT WAHABI, it is easy for them to kill any one if they accuse him to be [kafer] or [Moshrik] means infidel. For them, even a woman not wearing a veil, is permissable to kill! Women who do not fully obey their husbands, or who are educated, drive…or who question their dictorial commands—Accordingly, ‘every one of them should be killed’. (Eeeooooow!!)

They hold, as TOTAL LAW, EXTRANEOUS BOOKS, other than the HOLY QU’RAN:
Wahabi have special codes and terminology.

For Example:

Sunna in the Quran and Arabic language means the law of God and His way in dealing with people.
For them, Sunna means [the Hadath] or the sayings ‘attributed’ to the prophet Mohammed.

In the Holy Qu’ran, the only saying that a Muslim should believe in, is the saying of God found in the Holy Qu’ran. (THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT Mu’ammar al-Qathafi taught and preached.)

But, to the WAHABI, they believe in ‘all the saying they “ascribed” to the prophet Mohammed.’

In dealing with each others, Muslim in the Holy Qu’ran is any peaceful one regardless of his faith,
and Mushrik [idol worshipper] or Kafer [infidel] is any one who attacks the peaceful people and commits crime threatening the human life, or persecutes the others in the field of religion.

For the Wahabi, they are only the real Muslims while others are not.

The word Salaf -as a noun means ancestor – is mentioned in the Holy Qu’ran only one time in the Quranic stories about the pharaoh of Moses. God made that pharaoh and his elders as a [Salaf] for all the misguided people after them [ 43: 56] also [28: 41-42] It is not good meaning in the Quranic context.

So they add the word [Saleh] means the Righteous, so they say [Al Salaf al Saleh] means the righteous ancestor. It is also against Islam, because it is forbidden to praise your self or others by righteousness, because it is up to God alone.[53: 32][4: 49-50].

They describe themselves as [Ahl Al Sunna WA Al Jama’ah], means they are the majority of Muslims.

According to the Quran, it is only God who knows the innermost of people, in the realm of religion; and, only a few of peoples are really guided, while the majority of the mankind is misguided.

Wahabi show no mercy or regret….

“He who explodes himself, killing innocent people (as well as himself) looses this life, and the (life) hereafter (as well).”
(Dr. Ahmed Mansour)

Do not be mislead by the WAHABI, who managed to convince some that it is martyrdom, in the cause of God, to explode oneself and kill innocent people.
To them all, I address the following Quranic truths:

1. We can only fight those who fight us and by the same means (Chapter 2-The Heifer 190-194)

2. Is killing peaceful visitors permittable in any human ruling? It is not except in the ruling of the Najd Desert, the birthplace of Wahhabite extremism and previously to it the Kormoti extremism and in other practices of the peasants of Najd in the Middle Ages who used to raid the caravans of pilgrims, killing them and stealing their goods.

3. A person who commits suicide is doomed to hell for eternity because he takes his own life. God says: “You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you. Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, we will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for GOD to do.”(Chapter 4-Women 29-30). Let alone if he kills other innocent people along with himself! In fact he only means to take the lives of these other innocent people by killing himself.
Somebody might wonder: But he is sacrificing himself and others for a noble political cause? To this I say noble causes have noble means. This is Quranic basis.
Islam is free of their doings.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in agreement:


Mu in France DECEMBER of 2007

(MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI in Versailles, France, 05 DEC. 2007)

The Victorious Hero of the People:


“Black Libyan resistance”, says:

Each evening, the Liberal victory steadfast brighter

(“Knight and Men“)

 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi quoting Omar Muctar:

Mu victorious hero of the people

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: Horseback by the Sea

“Musician” writes:

“The real dark in Libya is not a power failure, this kind of dark day by the sponsor; rather,

the absence of Muammar al-Qathafi is the darkness which sits day and night.”




Soon on Nilesat

‘Libyan tribes and cities Military Council’ will announce the formation of a ‘governing body of the people’, to rescue Libya’ from the hands of ‘militias and terrorists Brotherhood’;

and asks all of the components of the Libyan people al-Atvav, about this ‘governing body of people’, to save the remains of the Libya Great Jamahiriya.

مجلس القبائل والمدن الليبيه سيعلن عن تشكيل حكومة انقاذ ليبيا من ايدي المليشيات والاخوان الارهابيين ويطلب من كافة مكونات الشعب الليبي الاتفاف حول هذه الحكومه لانقاذ ماتبقي من ليبيا


“Noah” By Aisha Stacey:
(© 2008
Published on 14 Apr 2008 – Last modified on 31 Oct 2010

The Beginning of idolatry and the call of Noah.
By Aisha Stacey

The Quran and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, teach us that Prophet Noah was a beacon of hope among the descendants of Adam in an era where sin and lawlessness had overtaken the people.

Mankind had been one community believing in the Oneness of God, but confusion and deviation had crept in. Noah was a calm, patient man who called his people to return to the worship of the One True God. He was an exceptional speaker, enjoining those around him to leave the worship of idols, and to hear his warning of a terrible punishment for those who venerated idols and statues.

“And indeed We sent Noah to his people and he said O my people! Worship God! You have no other god but Him.” (Quran 23:23)

Noah narrated stories about the mysteries of life and the wonders of the universe. He described how the day, which gives sunlight and activity, followed the night that gives coolness and rest. He spoke of God, the Divine Creator Who owned heaven and earth, and he pointed out the wideness and beauty of the earth. Noah explained that the creation of the world was for the well being of mankind; but that man also had an obligation to understand this and direct his worship to God, not false deities. When Noah began to speak of the punishment that awaited idolaters, his people became resentful and angry.[1]

How Idolatry Began

Prophet Muhammad informed us that there were ten generations between Prophets Adam and Noah.[2] We know that this was a very large period of time, as Noah himself lived over a century, and people before lived even longer.

In those years, between Adam and Noah there were generations of people that remembered the laws taught by Adam and worshipped God correctly. The years passed and the people forgot; at times, the righteous men amongst them reminded the people of their obligations to God. As time continued to move on, the righteous men began to die, and Satan came whispering to the people who had looked up to them, putting thoughts into their minds in his sly, cunning way.

Satan inspired the good people to make statues of the righteous men. In this way, Satan said, they would remember the righteous people and thus remember to worship God. The good people built statues in their meeting places and their homes, and Satan left them alone until everyone had forgotten the reason the statues existed. Many years later, the devious Satan appeared amongst the people again, this time suggesting that they worship the idols directly.

An authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad sums up the beginning of idolatry in the following way. Ibn Abbass, a close companion of the Prophet Muhammad said:

“The names (of the idols) formerly belonged to some pious men of the people of Noah, and when they died Satan inspired their people to prepare and place idols at the places where they used to sit, and to call those idols by their names. The people did so, but the idols were not worshipped till those people (who initiated them) had died and the origin of the idols had become obscure, whereupon people began worshipping them.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Noah’s Call

The word Prophet (Nabi in Arabic) is derived from the word Naba, meaning news. Revelation is given by God and, in turn, the Prophet spreads the news amongst his people. A Messenger, on the other hand, is sent with a specific mission, usually to convey a new ordainment from God. Every Messenger is a Prophet, but every Prophet is not a Messenger.[3] Since this was mankind’s first deviation from the correct worship of God as taught by Prophet Adam, God, in his infinite Kindness and Mercy, fulfilled His promise to Adam to send messengers as guidance for mankind. God sent Noah, the first of His Messengers.[4] Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet Muhammad said:

“On the day of Judgement, the people will come to Noah and say ‘Oh Noah, you are the first of the Messengers sent to earth, and God called you a thankful slave.’”(Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

Worshipping anything other than God has grave consequences, the least of which is a lack of freedom; for Satan enslaves man, destroys his mind and renders him unable to distinguish between right and wrong. When Noah warned his people of the torment that awaited them if they did not give up their idolatry, his warning fell mostly on deaf ears. Noah explained Satan’s deceit, but his people turned away and refused to listen. Noah warned them day and night; he announced his message in public and he spoke quietly to people privately; yet all, but a few, denied his words. Noah cried out to God.

“He said: ‘O my Lord! Verily, I have called my people night and day (secretly and openly to accept the doctrine of Islamic Monotheism), but all my calling added nothing but to their flight from the truth. Verily! Every time I called unto them that You might forgive them, they thrust their fingers into their ears, covered themselves up with their garments, and persisted (in their refusal), and magnified themselves in pride.” (Quran 71:5-7)

Those who responded to Noah’s call were the weakest and poorest of his people; the leaders and those with power responded arrogantly and rejected the call. They said:

“Verily we see you in plain error” (Quran 7:60)

Noah continued to appeal to his people, day after day and year after year. For 950 years he endured their taunts and mockery.

[1] Based on the work of Al Imam ibn Katheer, The Stories of the Prophets.
[2] Saheeh MuhammadAl-Bukhari.
[3] Al Ashqar, U. (2003). The Messengers and the Messages. Islamic Creed Series. International Islamic Publishing House: Riyadh.
[4] Al Ashqar, U. (2003). Belief in Allah. Islamic Creed Series. International Islamic Publishing House: Riyadh.
The Story of Noah (part 2 of 3): Noah Builds the Ark

Description: Noah’s people reject his call, and a commandment to build an Ark.
By Aisha Stacey

Noah continued to appeal to his people and they became divided into two groups. His words spoke to the heart of the weak, poor, and oppressed, but the wealthy influential people distrusted those words and could think only of the possible erosion of their power and status. A war of words began between Noah and the disbelievers. They accused Noah of being nothing but any other human, of being nothing special. Noah agreed with this observation and said that, indeed, he was only a human being, but one who brought a clear warning. And God, the Almighty told us:

“Indeed We sent Noah to his people (he said): ‘I have come to you as a plain Warner that you worship none but God, surely, I fear for you the torment of a painful Day.’ The chiefs of the disbelievers among his people said: ‘We see you but a man like ourselves, nor do we see any follow you but the meanest among us and they too followed you without thinking. And we do not see in you any merit above us in fact we think you are liars.’” (Quran 11:25-27)

Noah explained to his rebellious people that they would receive benefits by turning to God and begging His forgiveness. He (God) would bestow rain on them, as well as children and wealth, He would grant them bounteous gardens and flowing rivers. However, the disbelievers rebuffed his words; they felt secure in their arrogance and pride.

The Conflict Intensified

Those against Noah and his call began to bargain with him. They told him, that these two diverse groups, the meek and poor and the rich and powerful, could not exist together in the same faith. Although continuously taunted and bullied by the disbelievers, Noah reacted in a kind gentle manner. He explained that he would never turn away the humble and weak believers who had heeded his call. These people, he would inform them, were the guests of God. Noah appealed to his people. He tried to reason with them and make them see the reality of their situation. Without personal gain and with a humble but heavy heart Noah refuted their arguments.

“O my people! I ask of you no wealth for it; my reward is from none but God. I am not going to drive away those who have believed. Surely, they are going to meet their Lord, but I see that you are a people that are ignorant. O my people! Who will help me against God if I drove them away? Will you not then give a thought? And I do not say to you that the Treasures of God are (only) with me or that I know the unseen, nor do I say I am an angel; and I do not say that God will not bestow any good on those whom your eyes look down upon. God knows what is in their inner selves (in regard to Belief). In that case, I would indeed be among the unjust.” (Quran 11:29-31)

The disagreements continued until the disbelievers had run out of arguments. They mocked Noah and the believers, but Noah continued to deliver his message. Finally, he could bear no more and turned to God with heartfelt supplication. Noah did not run out of patience; he remained a patient, kind and gentle man. But he had come to realise that the disbelievers would do nothing but spread corruption and disbelief throughout the land. They would mislead and corrupt the believers and deliver a legacy of disbelief to their children. Noah prayed to God. He said:

“My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers on the earth. If you leave them, they will mislead Your slaves and they will beget none but wicked disbelievers.” (Quran 71:27)

So God accepted Noah’s prayer.

The Ark

God instructed Noah to build the ark and passed judgement on the disbelievers in the form of a flood.

“And construct the ship under Our Eyes and with Our Inspiration and address Me not on behalf of those who did wrong; they are surely to be drowned.” (Quran11:37)

Noah chose a place outside the city and far away from the sea to build his ark. The disbelievers mocked and laughed, making comments about the ship’s location, far from any water source. The disbelievers had no comprehension of the power and magnificence of God, so they could not understand why Noah would build a ship, on the top of a hill, far away from the ocean. They called him crazy and laughed out loud. The ship began to take shape and when it was finished, Noah patiently waited for the command from God.

“Until when Our Command came and the lowlands gushed forth, overflowing, We said: ‘Load it with two of each kind of animal (male and female), and embark your family, except against whom the Word has already gone forth, and those who believe.’ And none believed him except a few.” (Quran 11:40)

When the water started to gush from the earth and fall from the sky, God instructed Noah to enter the ark with his family and the believers. God also commanded Noah to take a pair (male and female) of every animal, bird and insect with him. The disbelievers watched him incredulously, asking what he intended to do with all the animals.

Noah’s wife did not join him, for she had never believed in the message that Noah had been preaching; nor did his oldest son, who preferred to flee to a high mountain. The scholars of Islam hold different opinions about the number of people on the ark, but the highest estimate is 80. As the believers and animals entered the ark, the water gushed from every crack in the earth, and the rain fell from the sky in quantities never seen before. Hour after hour the water levels rose, and the seas and rivers invaded the land.

The Story of Noah (part 3 of 3): The Flood

Description: The Ark comes to rest and Noah’s people are utterly destroyed.
By Aisha Stacey

The believers entered the ark in the name of God, just as Muslims today begin everything they do, in the name of God.

“Embark therein; in the Name of God will be its course and its anchorage. Surely, my Lord is Oft Forgiving, most Merciful. So it sailed with them amidst waves like mountains…” (Quran 11:41)

Noah had built the ark according to God’s instructions, from planks and nails, and it kept the believers safe from the deluge of rain and from the water gushing out of the earth. Then the earth’s interior moved in unusual ways, and the bottom of the oceans rose in sudden bursts causing waves to flood the earth. These waves, as big as mountains, submerged everything; they lifted up the ark, making it appear as fragile as a matchbox tossed in the ocean. This construction, made of wood, became a ship of safety and security, for its passengers had true belief and trust in God.

From his secure place on the ark, Noah could see one of his sons overwhelmed by the water. Noah cried out to his son, imploring him to come aboard the ark and to leave the non-believers to their fate. The son, however, was thinking in terms of this world, and not with heartfelt trust in God. He replied that he would take himself to a mountain, never imagining that waves could swallow a mountain. Noah pleaded with his son saying “nothing can save you on this day except the mercy of God”. The son refused, and he drowned.

“And Noah called out to his son, who had separated himself (apart), ‘O my son! Embark with us and be not with the disbelievers.’ The son replied, ‘I will betake myself to a mountain; it will save me from the water.’ Noah said: ‘This day there is no saviour from the Decree of God except him on whom He has mercy.’ And a wave came in between them so he (the son) was among the drowned.” (Quran 11:42-43)

The Flood Ends

“‘O Earth! Swallow up your water, and O sky! Withhold (your rain).’ The water was diminished (made to subside) and the Decree (of God) was fulfilled (the destruction of the people of Noah). And it (the ship) rested on Mount Judi, and it was said: ‘Away with the people who are wrongdoing.’” (Quran 11:44)

Unlike Christian and Jewish traditions Islam, does not mention Noah sending a bird (neither a dove nor raven) to search for dry land. Rather, at God’s command, the rain stopped and the water ceased to gush from all the cracks in the earth. Calm returned and the sun began to shine. The flood had cleansed the earth of idolatry and disbelievers. Not a single person who had disbelieved in God remained on the earth. The earth swallowed up the water and the ark rested upon Mt. Judi (what is believed to be in present day Turkey).

Noah was a Prophet and leader of men, but he was also a father. He turned to God with sadness and cried,

“O my Lord! Verily my son is of my family! And certainly your promise is true and you are the Most Just of the judges.” (Quran 11:45)

Noah remembered that God had promised to save his family. Noah did not doubt the word or promises of God, but he wanted to understand. Thus God taught Noah a lesson.

As human beings we use words to mean certain things, but God can often give them new, more comprehensive meanings. For instance, the word prayer originally meant making supplication to God, but Islam came and gave it new meaning – it became the ritual prayer preformed five times a day. When we use the word family, we think of blood ties and relationships, and Noah was imploring God that his son was of his family. God told Noah that his son was definitely not part of his family because he was unrighteous. True family are the righteous believers in God.

“He said: ‘Oh Noah! Surely, he is not of your family; verily, his work is unrighteous, so ask not of Me that of which you have no knowledge! I admonish you, lest you be one of the ignorants.’” (Quran 11:46)

Noah understood. He said;

“O my Lord! I seek refuge with You from asking from You that of which I have no knowledge. And unless You forgive me and have Mercy on me, I would indeed be one of the losers.” (Quran 11:47)

Noah released the animals, the birds and the insects and they scattered over the earth. Noah and his family (the believers) disembarked, whereupon Noah touched his head to the ground in prostration. At this point the Quran and the narrations of Prophet Muhammad leave the story of Noah. We do not know how his affairs with his people continued, nor do we know what happened to his family. All we can ascertain is that on his death bed Noah drew his sons close to him and called on them to worship One God: The Creator and Sustianer of the Universe.

Prophet Muhammad said:

“When the death of the Messenger of God, Noah, approached, he admonished his sons: ‘Indeed I would give you far reaching advice, commanding you to do two things, and warning you against doing two things as well. I charge you to believe that there is no god but God and that if the seven heavens and the seven earths were put on one side of a scale and the words “there is no god but God” were put on the other, the latter would outweigh the former. I warn you against associating partners with God and against pride.” (Sahih al Bukhari)

Most of Noah’s people rejected his message, but the message survives in the hearts and minds of Muslims to this day. The comforting words, and the hopes of salvation Noah conveyed to his sons while on his death bed, remain part of a Muslim’s belief and confirm his attitude towards God. For the Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, also told us that God undertakes a covenant with the believers: If we do not worship other gods beside God, then He will not refuse us heaven.

Muslim’s review:

Hesham Hassaballa, 02 April 2014 at 8:51 pm

“In the Name of God: the Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

I waited for the film “Noah” to come out with much anticipation, but also with mixed feelings. I really wanted to see it, but I am very sensitive to portrayals of Prophets on stage and on screen, because these are very sacred, special people. I do not like when these holy men are portrayed in any negative manner. Despite these misgivings, I did see the film, and I must say that, I was quite disappointed….

In the movie, there were some angels that had pity on Adam and Eve after they were expelled form the Garden and went down to earth to help them. As a punishment, they were cursed by God and became these stone monsters called “The Watchers.” I mean the whole ark and its construction was a manifestation of God’s mercy. The film, however, gives you an image of a cruel and vindictive deity, and I did not appreciate that at all.

Moreover, Noah in the film came off as a self-hating, homicidal maniac who was doing God’s bidding. God told him to kill his newborn granddaughters? Really? And when he could not bring himself to do it – out of pure love – he feels like he has failed God, and ‘he takes to drinking’ !!! This is why I am nervous about Prophets being depicted on film and on stage. The true Noah was nothing like the man portrayed in this film. Not one iota.

Yes, I was truly disappointed by this film. And the sad thing is: there was no reason to radically alter the actual story of Noah for this movie. In the real story – at least in Islamic tradition – there is a battle between good and evil, intrigue, conflict, betrayal, hope, courage, and survival against all odds. What more could a Hollywood movie want?”


One of their dogs NATO seducer


al-Qathafi did NOT bring mercenaries.
The mercenaries were brought-in by two al-Tkvererean (HiSAM) Osama bin Humaid,

and Sadak Gharyiani.

Sam bin Humaid, 3

A witness from her family ,, Abogheib:

al-Qathafi did not bring-in mercenaries; that was all a purposeful lie.

Takfirist HiSAM bin Humaid and Sadak Gharyiani

GHARYIANI and his little demon companions which infest him

were the two who traveled and who brought-in the mercenaries.

and al-Qathafi did not abandon any Libyan family. …


Brotherhood criminals in Libya
Cry homeland, criminals Brotherhood in Libya – exclusively – above 0.18 ,,,

Afta heads in Libya, is this Islam? ? ? . Arabization. . .

Official Page – Major Imed Trabelsi:

Vulva soon, God willing

Calls for their brothers in the Libyan army in the east and the west.

# Onna_lmentsron
God willing,

Nuri Ferjany, on FB, asks:

“I hope that does not fall Alakhzae second time and Tantbho of betrayals within you, as in the withdrawal from the airport on the pretext handed over to the forces of the Interior Is it possible withdrawal before delivery Akhatpk and you are a military officer and know the procedures Will you passed or there is pressure from the traitors forces you to withdraw before the artificial delivery.”



targeting of the Security Council resolution,

which is also a warning to all those who cooperate with DAASH/Ansar al-Sharia in Libya.

Security Council puts the organization “Ansar al Sharia” on list of terrorist organisations. Its members as well are included on the list of persons banned from travel and al-Mtalobien to justice. The resolution, which went into effect imposes a freeze on the “Ansar al-Sharia” funds and a ban on the supply of arms to also impose an international travel ban on its elements.

This is a clear message! And eluted what Hevcoa thing.

We are victorious, God willing.





The good Libyan Army:

Cancel the rat ‘Conference Allaotunai’ regarding referral of the Libyan army

officers forcibly to retire.

The decision of the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab, is that the  22 are officers in the right;

no one cannot force these officers to “retire”.





Attention ,,
The news is certain in Mieh Mieh

Will cliques criminality Daash rats tails raped the country to implement the death penalty upon a large

group of young volunteers from the mujahid ((volunteers)) who teamed row right in defense of the land and the offer ,,

Their fault they’re guilty of honest men to stand in the face of the infidel Crusader alliance

and minions rats from customers traitors ,,

We ask God Almighty to accept them as martyrs, and to God and to Him we return.

And consolation mixed military salute to their relatives and Ruba Asbarham God willing ,,

These heroes will be the beacon guiding Champions Mujahideen after them in the way of the

progress of al-Nzal generation after generation until victory is achieved with the help of God ,,

And Allah is the greatest victim over Kidd and God for the good of Mazlomy supporter ,,

ساعة الصفر

تنبية ,,
والخبر مؤكد مية في المية
ستقوم عصبات الاجرام اذناب داعش جرذان بلاد المغتصبات بتنفيذ حكم الاعدام فى مجموعة كبيرة من الشباب المجاهد من المتطوعين (( متطوعين )) الذين انظم لصف الحق دفاعا عن الارض والعرض ,,
ذنبهم انهم رجال شرفاء تهمتهم الوقوف فى وجة الحلف الصليبي الكافر واذنابهم الجرذان من الخونة العملاء ,,
نسال الله العلى القدير ان يتقبلهم من الشهداء وان لله وان الية راجعون
وتعزية ممزوجة بالتحية العسكرية لذويهم وربى يصبرهم ان شاء الله ,,
هؤلاء الابطال سيكونون نبراس يهتدى بة الابطال المجاهدين من بعدهم لسير فى طريق النظال جيل بعد جيل حتى يتحقق النصر بعون الله ,,
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدى والله للمظلومى خير مؤيد ,,

Libya had to ‘import’ gasoline because of the spark field stoppage.



And Rdna_al-An ma ala:

Close Airports in Mitigua. Tripoli and Misratah.

Misratah and marine ports and Sirte and Zuwarah.

All their military forces have been sent to siege of ZINTAN !





Army tribal leaders threaten Brotherhood Misurata gangs of open hubs
In the neighboring cities of the capital of Tripoli.

in the case they did not come out of the capital Tripoli,

explaining one of the tribal leaders of the Army,

for the approaching hour of history and end the series “17 Gahaar”.



News out of the ‘car armed MB Misurata’ on its way to Tripoli and from there to the “Gharyan Brotherhood militia”,  to support ‘Roma Libya’ for fear of opening new front with tribal forces.

Warcraft (sold to the good Libyan army from Russia) roamed the skies of Tripoli.



Tripoli WAHABI MB militia ‘government’ shut down airspace and threatening to target

any plane enters the airspace which is not controlled by their militias ..

and Tobruk government condemns and calls for the intervention of the International Community

to STOP the RAT WAHABI ‘government’ of Tripoli.



Brotherhood MISURATA Air war-machines are at a low level hovering above OS areas and Janzour !

Brotherhood Rats stop traffic and deploy their copters


Libyan airforce warplanes flying over the skies of Tajourah.



Hospital # corner confirms
The arrival of 3 dead and 6 wounded.

The effects of the bombing of the Air Force today in bin Shuaib area west corner:

Inventory killed (Mohammed Tromba) belonging to the MB militia corner al-Tkvria

today in battles at  Bir Aghannm.


a member of Melcaat expiatory corner in today’s battles ..:

Killing field inventory (Abdel Raouf Abu bayonet),

a member of Melcaat expiatory corner in today’s battles ..

Injury Inventory # Smir_kins of Melcaat Roma Libya calculated on the corner:


Murder of a woman inside her car area al-Andalus district of the capital Tripoli,

shot her dead that we did not know its name or affiliation ……..

al-Daash they fired on a Libyan woman driving in al-Andalus neighborhood in

Tripoli and died instantly.
There is no power but from God.

DAASH is trying to enforce the law where no woman is permitted to drive

(as in Saudi Arabia !!)

Kharijites began killing women in Tripoli.

“Black Libyan resistance”, comments on FB:

Thousands of young people in the movement of the island in 2011 under the false pretext that a Libyan girl had been raped. And took up arms to fight. And thousands of men and women moved to the North Benghazi Court Square and tears Zbgahm and sparks are flying under the pretext of supporting the eyes of Eman al-Obeidi. And demanded the fall of the regime and the departure of his leadership and kaafir.

Today kills girl in the age of flowers in front of people in broad daylight. And all her fault: they drive a car and not wearing a veil. It was not the first he accepted hundreds or even thousands. Those liars did not carry arms for supporting it. It did not cry in front of thousands of women Alkazbat court yard. Thousands of liars and not demanding al-Kazbat drop in ‘February’ and expiation. Those liars who Sdawa our heads fronts and tournaments delusional and did not show the true revolutionaries.

Every day, every incident and every position and prove that you are liars and hypocrites and rogue traders. No graduation faith. Tencdoa not freedom. Did not look ahead to democracy. Istvzakm did not honor. Not taking action and national. But the underlying hatred in your hearts. Personal and regional interests. And employment and treason static yourselves.

Heck you Mantm Bashrfa. What you Botunaian. You are right, and the owners and ‘Ansar’ religion.

And A. mercy on this girl. And at the mercy of a thousand was the protector and supporter of women Libya. And mercy for a thousand young people who fought for this plot even call evil crows and birds of darkness houses Libyans and their wives and their sanctities.

Remember, O al-Fberaeriaat women. How was preserved and protected women graduated and shop and travel and study and work, but was Koshertih oversees the law. And defends the rights of the people as a lawyer and judge. And bear arms officer in the field and pilot in the air.

And how it reached Halkn day after February between black prisoners behind bars Tazbn. And Mkhtova violate Oaradkn in broad daylight. And because of the murdered or otherwise. And commodity trading and selling pigs to the island and its correspondents. The fear and بغيره . وسلعة للتجارة والبيع لخنازير الجزيرة ومراسليها . والخوف والرعب والموت يلاحق خطواتكن حتى داخل بيوتكن …

terror and death haunt Khtuatcn even inside your homes …



ألاف الشباب في 2011 حركتهم الجزيرة بحجة أن فتاة ليبية تعرضت للإغتصاب . وحملوا السلاح للقتال . وألاف النساء والرجال تحركوا لساحة محكمة شمال بنغازي والدموع تسبقهم والشرر يتطاير من عيونهم بحجة نصرة إيمان العبيدي . وطالبوا بإسقاط النظام ورحيل قيادته وتكفيره .
اليوم تقتل فتاة في عمر الزهور أمام الناس وفي وضح النهار . وكل ذنبها أنها تقود سيارة وغير محجبة . ولم تكن الأولى فقبلها المئات بل الألاف . ولم يحمل أولئك الكاذبين السلاح لنصرتها . ولم تبكي عليها ألاف النساء الكاذبات أمام ساحة المحكمة . ولم يطالب ألاف الكاذبين والكاذبات بإسقاط فبراير وتكفيرها . ولم يظهر أولئك الكاذبين الذين صدعوا رؤسنا بالجبهات والبطولات الوهمية والثوار الحقيقيين .
كل يوم وكل حادثة وكل موقف تثبت أنكم كاذبين ومخادعين ومنافقين وتجار . لم تخرجكم إيمان . ولم تنشدوا الحرية . ولم تتطلعوا لديمقراطية . ولم يستفزكم شرف . ولم تحرككم وطنية . لكنه الحقد الكامن في قلوبكم . والمصالح الشخصية والجهوية . والعمالة والخيانة الساكنة ذواتكم .
تبا لكم ماأنتم بشرفاء . وما أنتم بوطنيين . وما أنتم بأصحاب حق ولاأنصار دين .
وألف رحمة على هذه الفتاة . وألف رحمة على من كان حاميا وناصرا لنساء ليبيا . وألف رحمة للشباب الذين قاتلوا هذه المؤامرة حتى لاتصل غربان الشر وطيور الظلام لبيوت الليبيين ونسائهم وحرماتهم .
وتذكروا أيها النساء الفبرايريات . كيف كانت المرأة مصانة ومحمية تخرج وتتسوق وتسافر وتدرس وتعمل بل كانت تشرف على القانون كشرطية . وتدافع على حقوق الناس كمحامية وقاضية . وتحمل السلاح ضابطة في الميدان وطيارة في الجو .
وكيف وصل إليه حالكن اليوم بعد فبراير الأسود بين سجينات وراء القضبان تعذبن . ومخطوفات تنتهك أعراضكن في وضح النهار . ومقتولات بسبب أو


* مناضل العروبة *

[* * Militant Arabism]


Toll rises assassinations today in the neighborhood of al-Andalus
And in the same manner and to the three cases are:
1 – Sarah Albrani

2 – Mutassim Chaouch

The assassination of a citizen “Mutassim Chaouch” vendor in the music shop
To God and we return to the mechanism

3 – Ali Qgrob

The assassination of the young man (Ali Qgrob) shot by gunmen in a dark car

in the Andalus district in Tripoli, killing him and fled to Adhu.


A fourth case of a girl: her body was found dumped near the coast and through the

radio claims (na 25 years) and has been filtered by a bullet in the head.

Now catch random processes by Roma militias in Tripoli, Libya Duraibi Muslim Quarter:


Now catch random processes by Roma militias in Tripoli, Libya Duraibi Muslim Quarter.


Shooting in the path of the fence between two people and injuring one people with gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital.

A gang of three youths from Tripoli, along with the girl who robbed a taxi

(after a ride with them) and stolen by force of arms, most recently.

The owner of a taxi did not willingly give-up to them ; so one gave him

an affliction by a bullet from a pistol…

and a Turkish driver guest is still in hospital too. Both are instable condition.

al-Fateh University:

# Tarabuls_mahtlh
Unidentified gunmen driving a dark car kidnapped citizen
(Ahmed Ali Salem Al Hammadi, 37 years old) last night one guard members of the university

system of the University of the Conqueror.

Shooting in the path of the fence between two people and injuring one people

with gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital.




Found dead in her car, a political activist,  near the Hall of the People:


# Nqla an guenah atah:
The killing of a security guard in front of the headquarters of a UN # al-Bive area west of Tripoli.

He was shot by unidentified gunmen, who fired from a car traveling in the dark and a barrage of bullets and Adhu fled.







Thursday 11/20/2014 was opened a bakery in the broker-Zahra area

The bakery had been closed for fear of an active explosive device.

( download the image today, but a friend of mine from Zahra said “at lunch will send the picture to you.”)



Tribal forces Ngnm tank cars and 7 and 9 capture of Roma Libya militias

area # Hlgodh.


Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed sites Melcaat Fajar Libya in Hlgodh.

Libyan airforce Air strikes are now at Bir sheepwell and Hlgodh.


Of Oa Rishvana al-Askary:

Number 2 was destroyed tanks and Grad platform and 4 cars armed missiles in ‘Hlgodh area’ as a result of the bombing of the Air Force to centralize places Fajar Libya militias and terrorists.

Our sources indicate the initial killing 6 people and some serious injuries in the ranks of these militias and terrorists.




Ooooooooonaba for warplanes bombed Ali gatherings Melcaat Fajar Libya based

in Bir al-Ghanam area and large losses.







The formation of a room air operations base Wet weather, based on an agreement with the Nazawra corner and air defense; and will be transported MiG fighter planes and helicopters, set to hit militants “Dawn Libya”, which are stationed on the outskirts of Zintan area.

Libyan Army aircraft are processing at air-base al-Wattayah, Wet weather and news,

for readiness to bomb sites belonging to ‘Roma Libya’ militias, in all areas

(but particularly in Rishvana).

Warplanes to follow the Libyan military operations over the sky and

Rishvana and Sabratha and angle

to determine the militias Roma Libya gathering sites.


Warplanes fly over the western mountain sky
‘ROMA LIBYA’ is using the L39 training planes, training L19


Approximately 200 military vehicles belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ gangs, gathered in the

Hamada area near the town of Zintan.


Abu Obeida terrorist militias seized a Red Crescent convoy carrying medical supplies and baby milk and vaccinations, which was on its way to the cities of Zintan and  al-Rajaban western mountain.


Ambulances descend from Gharyan dramatically toward the capital Tripoli.






Tnzim Daash control the University of Sirte:




Qatari plane landing yesterday evening Sirte airport heavily loaded-down with ammo, WMD and supplies for the so-called ‘militias Roma Libya’, which controls the airport.

(I AM STILL ASKING, why are these supply planes being permitted to land, when the LIBYAN good Army airforce out of TOBRUK, has the ability to wipe these criminals out of the air ??????)


Mnicol an guenah al-Drdnal
The detention of a ship carrying the flag of Qatar in the  Brega oil port facilities

by guards device East Branch.


Pictures Country vessel detained by what is called your oil facilities in Brega Guard:

Some of the protesters in “Brega” holding the tanker was loaded ammonia

from the port due to the adjournment of the Qatari flag.





Ali found bags of explosive near Liberty School this morning has been

dismantled by the engineering team.




Return new orbit network of the city of Benghazi # after more than a week-long outage.

Now most of the power outages on the logic of Benghazi:



Ignitions ‘Sabri Unity Bank branch’ by the fall of the shells as a result

of the ongoing clashes in the region.

Armed clashes in Triv al-Nehr and heavy artillery shelling, fierce battles

in the # Sabri district in area Laithi.

Heavy shelling and tanks, on the area al-Sabri .

Random mortar shelling 8 housing area Kdaúv coming off cast.


The killing of the terrorist (Omar precordial) a member of the terrorist

organization Daash, killed in clashes al-Sabri, a resident of # Buhedama.



Today Friday morning 00’8 clock …. 21 – 11-2014.
Today the forces of battalion frogmen b al-Qdt to dredge al-Aa owner named Mohammed Ghani prestige and led ..

The arrest of a ‘bulldozer’ (by frogmen), which was coming from state _tl abeb (Misurata),

and was destined to al-Sabri area.
It is now under the custody and crew under investigation.

Coming off Qnfodh and carrying ammunition and heading towards the area called al-Sabri, orders # Bouhjar’s Brigade Ruff God al-Shata ..

Its task was evacuated criminal gangs of the armor and  Tnzim al-Hadh and provide them with munitions.

(* * Militant Arabism)


Artillery shelling of a convoy belonging to the Ansar al-Sharia in the river through the

city of Benghazi, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries.

 river QVEMA:

Persons who have been killed in the street after the fall of the river Qvema them are:

“Just Amgeor al-Akora”
“Ayad Ekrayem al-Abbar”
“Ibrahim al-Abbar Ekrayem”

I am God and to Him we return.

(* * Militant Arabism)

Advantages of complex shopping mall in Benghazi #
Gone are the metal Dubai is still not ya Gardan

مجمع مزايا مول للتسوق في ‫#‏بنغازي‬
ولت متل دبي ولا ما زال يا جردان

*مناضل العروبة *

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

(* Militant Arabism *)


Since little has launched Kharijites (Lion) within a farm in the Chitwan B. al-Qguarhh,

and Assad this afternoon near the ‘battalion 17 Gahaar’.


Make sure the news of the arrest of excommunicating terrorist “Abdullah Bozekaya” who seized a farm team of the martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, was arrested by the youth Buhedama.

Cleanup carried garbage from the streets of Benghazi carrying out youth scouts,

since Hftar forces control most of the regions of Benghazi.


Benghazi Sharif Street


Found the body of a young man with his throat cut in the area was

al-Majora Mokhttov two days ago.




Fire at the Health Institute at # Blon result of the ongoing fighting there.

Mortars and artillery shelling of an area and the land market whale Blon now ..



The fierce clashes in the area now revolve Laithi in several axes.


Tnzim al-Hadh burns the house

of the deceased’s family of late Salah Bohlaiqah

(beloved former commander of Sirte):
(Col. Salah Bohlaiqah was murdered last year in a FAKE AUTO ACCIDENT)

The Battalion 21 Thunderbolt Knights, are named after Mujahid late Salah Bohlaiqah Istron:

Bohlaiqah’s son was kidnapped a while back:

3 brothers were killed in a family of al-Abbar through the day,

due to a mortar shell at their house.






Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed sites in Tnzim al-Hadh in the TUBER.



Ham ergy al-Nscher:

Statement to the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (House of Representatives):









Report on the mentally sick woman whom Hillary Clinton sheltered in the USA

after she falsely called “rape”…and made all Western headlines:

Rmz_jerdan 19/11/2014
Inventory arrested Iman al-Obeidi for the fourth time in two years in the city of Boulder, Colorado,


and this time the charge anesthetic drug opium is forbidden in the United States of America.



Russia declares its commitment to the fight against terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and Libya:






Maltese government refuses to grant entry stamp for “a large delegation of ‘Fajar Libya’ ”

and ordered them to immediately refer (go back) to their country.


a MB fighting member of ‘Fajar LIBYA’:


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