Mu will renew TRIPOLI

“Volcano – led by the national army operation”, says:

Phoenix rise up .. !!


 el-SAADI GADDAFI, Knight happy Asmari resistant:

فارس سعيدة الاسمري مقاوم



Mu sketch

This video is for the so-called Brotherhood “REBELS”, or ….

oh and ‘the Ministry of Culture God, and yes agent (SATAN) in you


Our marvelous steadfast Green in the ‘Bab al-Azizia’ received by Khdugh Sabri.
Happening in Libya but.

إنفلات أمني



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, proclaims:

Dawn comes from the east and from the west army crawls complete coordination between
Chiefs of Staff of the Army of Libya
Room eastern region operations
Room Western Region Operations
Room Operations Central Region
Room southern region operations
All connected lines and coordination in a very precise.”

“No climbers our midst Oki lived Libya uniform.”
(people Mass/ Jamahiriya: NO ‘ELITE’)

“Good morning everyone and sorry if there was a nuisance to one.

In the name of God and we became King of God and praise God.

We ask God to reconcile land and air forces in this day.”

Tribute to Saraya 21 corner Alvena Aalno to join the Libyan army operations in the western region and clear the area.

(# Of Eyea)

Colonel Idriss material, says:

“There is room in the western region of the Libyan army … We welcome Baandmam Brigades and the military in the corner area to the military operations.”

Libya 24 channel:

intervention of Colonel Idriss material, commander of military operations in the Western region.

The arrival of the two types of weapon Haddat arming by the Libyan army for the first time and Hua in service.

 Libyan airforce copter equipped w Laser missiles:




Ass Hassi government calls on RAT Joseph ‘carved’ (ill-fated) chiselled (previously designated as their ‘Chief of Staff’)

حكومة الحمار الحاسي تستدعي يوسف المنحوس )المنقوش( سابقا وتعينه رئيس أركان

Joseph ‘carved’ ornately, rat commander:

Each of watching this video contributes to the publication because it is too dangerous

The most dangerous thing I heard today !


Khaled M-Rihan Barazi

من أخطر ما سمعت اليوم ……

Militias Misurata withdraw its arsenal out of MITIGUA and Gharyan and Tiob them
(running fast) to MISURATA and news delivery Gharyan forces tribes



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar”; REPORTING ! 00:00

All officers and members of the Liberal brave soldiers of the Revolutionary Committees comrades and Ibnahm and grandchildren and university students and women’s revolutionary formations and legions and all our people:

Prepare yourselves from this moment prepared from the moment of justice

from heretics and traitors ….. you knowing Aahlha nation attack.

Alpine in the bombing in Tripoli pilot Chadha Haajh over Tripoli.

la vidéo de Libyan Knight.

Tribal Liberation Army prepared me Tripoli ….

Tribal Liberation Army prepared me Tripoli avec commander


فارس الليبي‎ avec ‎نور القائد‎ 

جيش القبائل مستعد لي تحرير طرابلس …..

Both offline brighter now …

The joyful news Bntzar
Adgz Lake God writes the biggest.

(Management Page # and Rishvana_alan)

Roma Libya Atbikun on occupied air base by extremists and intelligence to reproductive and Nassau destroy Tripoli and its airport and state property and safes fuel and its government and its people in massacres.

“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, prays:

“God Save the citizens in Tripoli beloved, from evil and ungodly affliction, Night and day, and raise the banner of the nation, and sovereignty of the country in the middle,

and destroy the insurgents and extremists and the Kharijites era.”

اللهم احفظ الموطنين فى طرابلس الحبيبة من شر الفجار ومن فتنة اليل والنهار وارفع راية الوطن وسيادة البلاد فى وسطها واهلاك المتمردين والمتطرفين وخوارج العصر .
Oh Dieu sauver le jour et la bannière plus haute de la patrie et de la souveraineté du pays au milieu des citoyens à Tripoli de l’impie, le mal de l’allèle de la fitna et détruire les rebelles et les extrémistes et les extérieurs de l’époque.

Card overthrew the pilot is GOD is …. Nessa Kabtn Alrochn is GOD is open
Jabu is in the news card, O God, is God ……. Doa air cooler is GOD
Of floor with mesh Hatkdr May the eyes.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان
بطاقة طاحت من طيارة هى ياالله هى …. نسا الكبتن الروشن مفتوح هى ياالله هى

فى نبأ جابو بطاقة هى يا الله هى ……. انشاء الله غدواء الجو برودة هى ياالله هى


مع النيأ مش حاتقدر تغمد عينيك



Pictures of the Targeting of Mitigua base for the second time shortly before this time targeting aspiring spokesman own deterrent force ..

‘Volcano – led by the national army operation’, tells us: International sources:

Militia ‘cart’ go to bed for the night in nudity. !

 MITIGUA  base and its environs with their weapons out of fear of aerial bombardment

might target their positions at any moment.

Anbaraulhm b Btanin and butterflies forbidden to run by blind gets in Ekozh.

Allayh Hakki O Jeroshi !


Long bombardment stores weapons and ammunition came from Sudan

and Turkey to the Kharijites and ‘supporters of evil’

and also the bombing of training plane was preparing to attack the Army.

New missions of intense heart Uqba base “Wattayah” for warplanes targeted Mitigua.

Places targeted by the Air Force in Mitigua:

Surveillance and monitoring tower
Al-Dkhirh store
Military College of weapons al-Tqilh

Follow ……..


Mitiga hospital by the civilian people, doctors and nursing Mutvin Foreign
Clinics Are they enrolled in the terrorism list.


Trageted al-Jafarah



Green Fashloum colored sky with fireworks to celebrate the strikes Libyan army shortly

Violent resistance by the people of Fashloum and Dahra and Dahmani Angle,  in front of the so-calledgangs Dawn Libya’.

Abdo Nasser, writes sincerely:


I am a resident of Fashloum and the person who runs ‘Andharb’ with ‘Libyan fighter nicknamed Abu Scorpion’.

And Hedda person required by ‘Youth Fashloum’, because the shot hit the ‘youth Fashloum in demonstrations in support of the Majlis al-Nuwaab. And the youth is just Abuaqrb between life and death in the hospital at Abu Salim …

And now a mercenary tracking forces deterrent force and ‘Youth Fashloom’ yghezo in al-Atdad.

Oh God, done by paid militias and battalion al-Akhwanih.

Prayer for the youth.

Abdo Nasser:
اني من سكان فشلوم والشخص اللي انضرب يشتغل مع الليبية المقاتلة ملقب ابو عقرب
وهدا الشخص مطلوب من قبل شباب فشلوم لان ضرب بالرصاص علي شباب فشلوم في مظاهرات مؤيدة للبرلمان
وتوا ابوعقرب بين الحياة والموت في مستشفى ابوسليم
والان تجمع لقوات مرتزقة تتبع قوة الردع وشباب فشلوم يجهزو في العتداد
اللهم انصرنا علي الميليشيات المأجورة والكتائب الاخوانية
الدعاء للشباب

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:
Forces ‘Dawn Libya’ is trying to break into the # Fashloum and young citizens destroy

strongly supported deterrence and battalions Mitigua.

God’s blessings and save the youth Fashloum.


Clashes inside Fashloum /  Dahmani angle / Dahra:
In front of al-Waddan Hotel Ben Achour Victory Road

It is the heart of the exclusive event now
The death of a Ben Achour population and called Balakrb hand young Ben Achour Club shooting hand comrades University Dahra.

God is great God is great …..

Allah is the greatest !  Fashloum Mahrarh.

Pray for the youth of Fashloum and Dahra and Dahmani supporters of the State.

The arrival of a number of young Jerhh Fashloum to 6 youth.

# Enlarge

News of raids in Dahmani and Fashloum of stresses.

Fashloum shortly before the clash of arms al-Tqilh:

The UN mission was decided to evacuate the remainder of

the mission in the city of Tripoli today.

PICTURE: SRSG Martin during a meeting with local military and civilian councils of Brotherhood ‘revolutionaries’ in the city of Zawarah west of Tripoli


What defines a ‘MB battalion Knights Janzour’ enter the headquarters of the ‘Imamate Institute’ and rhetoric and arrest someone on staff and Rishvana and the other angular (DAHMANI ANGLE).

Shooting dense sounds and explosions in several parts of the capital Tripoli.



Allah Akbar targeting a militia gate of MB shields Libya in Tripoli al-Kraimih area


Targeting a militia gate sponsor Libya in Tripoli al-Kraimih area.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, posts

Shahid dignity Snguets you, Belkacem ..


Belkacem Saeed Ahmed apical / corner .aharhh employee at the

Institute of Imamate and rhetoric Janzour
Born in 1968, Married with three sons
Killed this morning Wednesday, 11/26/2014 at the hands of the ‘MB Knights battalion Janzour’ and under the supervision of Director of the Institute (Saleh Baroni) on the back of ‘support for the process of dignity’ and charged to the director of the Institute of “corruption and bullying Brotherhood militias” !!!


Violent clashes in the area al-Dahra. 



Clashes inside corner of the city between the “supporters of the Majlis al-Nuaab”,

The attack on the headquarters of Abu Obeida by youth corner.

and the illegitimate self-styled ‘Dawn Libya’ who are with the ‘Libyan Fighting Group’ (LFG under Abdul-Hakim Belhadj).

“Horrified Arbena blamed Arbena”

MISURATA BROTHERHOOD Militias threatened corner.

Night crawling on the corner ….

Excommunicating gangs called “Abu Obeida angular”.

The release of the kidnapped daughter of the child, “Salah Zahaf.”

Free corner now Iedkon Farouq Battalion of the terrorist Abu Obeida al-Daash.

Complete withdrawal of troops Roma Libya southern corner of the far


Clashes in the coastal road between the corner Melcaat Zuwarah and Melcaat corner

inside corner clashes area of 14.5 …
And the descent of some young street
Pearls weapons and scary situation Jaddaa now.

‘Corner disease hospital’ to receive cases …

Now the Air Force bombed sites in central Tripoli and group ‘Dawn Libya’ respond to 14.5




1:14 operations room of the General Staff of Western forces in the region

de Zenguetna Zenguetna


Western region
Militias corner losses axis Hlgodh day 12 tank and a number of armed cars

and a large number of the dead and wounded; and the withdrawal of a number of militias from Zuwarah and divisions among the ranks of the militia battle.
There is a large and congestion in the corner on the city of Misrata militias to battle without getting them involved the provision of support them …

(# Operations al-Jeic National)



Hunt Iaaaaaaatric edit Zuwarah released kicking off the process of nts …

News about the displacement of a large number of families outside the city of Zuwarah Mottaghien to “Tunisia”.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar military aviation bombed camp in Zuwarah region follow me Melcaat Roma Libya …

Airforce bombs Dawn Libya and MB Shields and al-Qaeda in Zuwarah:


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting Last conditions

Tariq Aghannay

Latest news situation Field # Base al-Outih:

Full control of the Libyan army on al-Qaeda and its environs and then bombed a convoy of militia ‘Dawn Libya’, estimated 20 vehicles tried to sneak into the gas station

and engaged the Army with the remaining of them before they fled.

Conducting tails defeat behind them and tried ‘militias bombing al-Qaeda’ and are stationed on the gas-line leading to the ‘Mellitah gas complex’ to avoid the bombing of our military aviation;

but brave soldiers deal with them strictly, and without compromise.

God is great and thankfully God save Libya and its army heroes.


Melcaat of Misurata escape to Misurata and tactful remnants ‘Dawn Libya’

to ithe western region Michttin.

God is great God is great …..




‘Zero hour’ on FB reporting:

Haaaam …
al-Qrbula area by road from al-Roajeh
al-Qarbula to raise Tarhouna. There, at a farm inside home
Hiding; and Big Sur high fenced over the wires this topic.

Farm was to Saad al-Falah now to be stationed 160 to him ..


Round-Up of NEWS:


‘And now Rishvana’, relays:

The ‘chief of staff’ appointed ‘Colonel Bashir successful’ as the fourth brigade
Pedestrian all officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers to join immediately Brigade
Fourth Infantry.

To all the inhabitants of the western region of Libya to move away to the concentration of gangs sites ‘Dawn Libya’ whereabouts and thank you because you will be targeted.

Announces ‘Joint Operations Forces tribal forces and popular room backing him’ for the start of aerial sweep of Ras Worthy, heading west to Tripoli to the east and Gharyan south to regions and cities and Rishvana north and it will target all the locations where the gathering mechanisms Roma gangs Brotherhood and their armor . Wherefore, is not entitled to any citizen to file a complaint or Matdharrt compensation (if his property by the gangs armed with him hiding him). We are asking everyone to stay away from the killers of the Libyan people.

“And now Rishvana”, reports:

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar prepared me entry Sabratha and Ras worth after the arrival of 200 cars ….

# Ham_jadda: military movements but forces, “Dawn  Libya” in the western region ….

clarification confirmed the details shortly after … the agency world news

(# The Rishvana_alan)


Shane sounded in the beautiful.




Ambulances Mobeih in the coastal road in the direction of Surman …

(# The Rishvana_alan)

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, on FB:

Incoming message across:

“We are native of Surman and Ajeelat. We, who are of population those two regions, refusing to so-called ‘Conference of shame’ and the so-called ‘Roma Libya’… We welcome Pauhaddat of staff of the Libyan Army, and denounce the possibility of ‘Roma Libya’ within our ranks…

and Allah is the greatest.”


New flights for the Air Force and the bombing sites so-called MB shield in beautiful East and offers a clash of ground troops in the vicinity of the region, and the site of the bombing of the so-called ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in the vicinity of Ajeelat.

Chtbakat violent now in Ajeelat between affiliated ‘Libyan army at Ajeelat’ and the  gangs who follow ‘Dawn Libya’.

Allah is the greatest.

and Rd_alan: No health news and rumors published sites and supportive pages forces what is known as the “Dawn Libya” on access to military convoys for the city of Ajeelat evening started, and here denies agency home news this news Naked for health

and make sure that Ajeelat City does not contain any semblance of weapons and things are very normal in the city center, once again confirmed the existence of a Libyan army military force utmost south of the city (Desert Road), came to secure the road from the city to Outih and to counter any attack on the Wattayah air base.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar military aviation bombed a convoy Melcaat continuing

to Sabratha Southeast Ajeelat ...

flight warplanes coastal road Ajeelat – Sabratha, here’s the Libyan air force planes

bombed Moaf MB militia “Dawn Libya” Ptleil and another location near the area.

Phone call now one of the Libyan army soldiers in the western region confirmed the news of control on the desert road to the Agency, and added that “this is the most important strategic point in Ajeelat, and not need access to areas of tranquility.


Let’s not militarily important and we do not want the price of the destruction of the population, and is currently a military line connected from Wattayah Air Force Base to the desert road south Ajeelat, and cohesion with the incident army troops south of Surman city, from the West Side and East there are forces and in this way will be besieged MB militia Western Shield Bsberath

Coefficient exact Mogda at al-Taweelah in Ajeelat in three shipments Maboeh Dkhirh hope of the Air Force to deal with them.)

He also stressed the soldier who have reservations on anonymity (at a later date will be mentioned the name) and Hua of the population of the city of # Ajeelat that the aim of these moves Hua control of the west of Tripoli areas completely and re-scenario the eastern region, where it is the supporting areas of the Army and the People’s babysitter will increase the determination and strength of the army until Ttamn incomplete road to Tripoli. “

Desert Road:

Desert Road shortly before ‘Ajeelat tribal forces’

.Ajeelat, western DESERT ROAD heading to RAS WORTHY.


 Warplanes of the Armed Forces of the Libyan bombing sites

in the south of the city of Ajeelat balqrb of desert road.



New flights for Air Force attack targeted a group of them follow the Ansar al-Sharia in the

desert road between Sabratha to Ajeelat.




After the Air Force bombed strongholds of ‘al-Qaeda in Sabratha’ Tqaibdhm

massive loss of mechanisms and killed 7 of the terrorists.
The ‘MB militants Dawn Libya’ bombed indiscriminately at

Zawahy airbase Wattayah than Lada to kill
12 camels and camel this topic back to its owner, Brother Saleh Olivine,

from the city of Ajeelat.


Libyan air force bombed sites for Brotherhood militias “dawn Libya” in # Sabratha located (80km) west of the capital Tripoli #

Sabratha hospital death toll to 10 of Wattiyah front and a large number of wounded .. According to
Rumour has captured 14 of the ‘MB Western Shield’ there. One of the dead named Hassan Nutria

and wounded Lance Dabbashi and Htale.
There are serious blackout in the Sabratha Hospital now, asking for blood donations.


(Ahmed Akrout)

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar military aviation bombed a convoy follow me Melcaat Roma in Sabratha Libya ….

Libyan military planes bombed this morning, Tuesday, sites for the presence of MISURATA’s “Western Shield” forces # Tallil forest park, which is located in the far western suburbs of the city.


And the reporter, “agency home news” in Ajeelat neighboring reported to Sabratha as warplanes flew at a high level on exactly eight o’clock in the morning on the northern outskirts of the city, and after two hours of specific flight heard the sound of four explosions with overflights and then launch the anti-aviation and medium weapons , likely that these evil forces are trying to overthrow military aircraft.

In the same context, the agency correspondent reported that Mndhu almost moments have come from the city of Sabratha BROTHERHOOD MISURATA “Western Shield” forces to go to the area # long, which lies east of  Beautiful City, and now you close roads dirt Psoatr, With the proliferation of armed vehicles carrying heavy weapons and medium .


and former camp buds in Sabratha, which Taatmrkzfah gang self-styled “Ansar al-Sharia”.

The bombing is based radio Bsberath Camp buds on Sea Beach with the knowledge that al-Mqji were inside the buds camp.

Air Force bombed “Tallil forest” in the city of Sabratha, where Brotherhood militia troops are stationed who were preparing for their force attack on the base Wattayah.


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:


The families of 14 of what is called the ‘Dawn Libya’ (Animation Janzour) when they attempt
Progress toward Wattayah base and destroy the convoy in which they were to fly.

Repel an attack composed of 120 cars on Wattayah area and killed 10 terrorists and burn 3 mechanics and many sheep Menhawasr, about 15 of them;

and by al-Ahdaúaat more militants of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia.
Praise God Sabratha Calendar.

Unfortunately, There are two martyrs of the brave Army. We ask God to accept them and Barahmh Eskinhm vast paradises.

God is great God is great …..

# Ham_jadda: Agency talk about what is happening from the advances of the Libyan Army South axes of Western cities (Surman and Ajaylat and corner) and the news channel and the National Committees of the Muslim Brotherhood FALSELY says has been “# fully liberate” WATTAYAH BASE!


# Aalar al-Aalami is distinctive word, LIARS !, that describes these channels.


There is no truth to the news channel reported that yapping about Wattayah base and emphasize that it was not exposed to any attack ..

Yesterday Ihtflo rebels in Tripoli and Janzur and corner tried unsuccesfully to grip on the base Wattiyah.

Flyer Wayne meaning of Talaat

News anticipation of a possible attack on the base as possible, especially since there are news about the rally in the coastal and mountainous areas for this purpose ..

We affirm that the Libyan National Army forces at the ready to repel any attack and respond to it strongly.

God Save the Libyan army and proud.
(Jamal al-Kafali)

Military sources also reported that the Libyan Army as scattered all desert roads Tadaa base Wattayah

from Mrs. Mubarak/ Desert Road, which is located far south of the city of # Ajeelat

and several secondary roads in the western suburbs of Beautiful City ground forces,

and the source denied news dominated BROTHERHOOD militias “dawn Libya “on the air base, stressing that the bombing of the long Mitigua and Sabratha. it comes from a military aircraft took off from this base, and also added,” that the Libyan Air Force will continue to bombard the Brotherhood militia positions in the western region,

and the bombing of sites # Dra Gharbah today came in response to the equipment for the bombing airbase Manasat several rocket-type lobster # “.


Image: Clarification to place the aerial bombardment, and to places of concentration of the National Army.

(# Khas al-Outn)

Very urgent news control by Roma Libya forces Wattayah terrorist attacks on the base in the news channel is intended to control communication for people who have contacts Wattayah base. Please do not contact Nude story is about health. Publishing and generalization.

#عاجل جدا .. خبر السيطرة من قبل قوات غجر ليبيا الأرهابية على قاعدة الوطية في قناة النبأ المقصود منه مراقبة الاتصال للاشخاص الذين لهم اتصالات بقاعدة الوطية . الرجاء عدم الاتصال فالخبر عـــــــــــــــاري عن الصحة . للنشـــــــــر والتعميـــم .

This Wattayah base shortly before the Libyan army under control.

God save Libya and its people and its army.

Became Satro on the base Wattayah

(Volcano – led by the national army operation)

BAD FOOD / WATER / unsanitary conditions:

And cases of diarrhea infect our brave !

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi:

Libyan air force bombed a gathering of the mechanisms of terrorists # Bsberath

and liver terrorists heavy losses in the mechanisms and gear.

(Volcano – led by the national army operation)



renewed air strikes on sites militia ‘DAWN Libya’ in Zarir area south of  Beautiful City ..




Champions Zintan: long have you been the ‘protectors of Libya’ !

Reinforcements from Zintan graduated up to the coastline

and the soles of the mountain, and the mountain heights.

The decision of the Libyan government unzip Mountain West University #

administration back to the place to pray in the city of Zintan ,,,,, Allahu Akbar!



clashes pediculus surroundings Azizia city south of the capital Tripoli

and the displacement of a number of residents Mounzqh.

Voices Shooting dense in Azizia and surrounding areas and continuous

explosions and did not stop,

and sources indicate the occurrence of armed Astbakat the southern hub of the city.
(# Takidat al-Outn)

Source: DC operations room



 Making a Green Victory Possible.

And now Rishvana

All young and my father Rishvana carry weapons him back now

and immediately to the Rishvana strongly nts and start moving ..

Call of the Champions and Rishvana de Zenguetna Zenguetna

And Rishvaaaaaaaaaaaaaana Ptkhc means Ptkhc CORNER me and emancipation …..

(# The Rishvana_alan)



Targeting militias belonging to shield Libya Ninth Gate road in Kerkozh Borcvana area.

God is great, God is great, the Special Task Force in the process of blowing up the gate Kerkozh Borcvana area ...

And now Rishvana, comments:

God is great and the Rjaaaaaal Rishvana Infdon process quality in Kerkozh area …

Nebo biggest greet me young and Rishvana ..

(# The Rishvana_alan)





Spokesman Rashid Rashid (HATTHA ANTE)

The field of engineering, à Brigade helped Muammar Gaddafi battalion
A étudié à Military College
Auparavant: Gamal Abdel Nasser High Military
Habite à Tripoli
De Zliten, b 01 MARCH 1970





Please civilian population of Misrata, Libya: move away from the airport, the port and the armed al-Melcaat sites.
الرجاء من سكان موطنى ليبيا فى مصراتة ﻷبتعاد من المطار والميناء ومواقع الملشيات المسلحة .

Spokesman Rashid Rashid Happy Farm:



Fox Zintan, reports:

Iasalam ,,,,,,
RATS Brotherhood Misurata Announces ‘General’s horn crawl’ to the city of Zintan companions.

MISURATA is preparing major military movements, and is being recruited by them all of Misurata’s able-bodied in numbers, equipment, in order to enter the city of Zintan stronghold companions, “the bad guys” as described by the evil ‘Brotherhood Misrata militias’,

and no later than next Friday, for full-time to fight “the Libyan army” in Benghazi.

Spokesman for the LIBYAN TRIBES & CITIES, Rashid Rashid, says in response:

“You mean to attack our military who are fighting on the outskirts and Rishvana and the Western Mountain. They are the sons of the National  honest Tribal peoples, including children of Zintan.”

“Who wants to do Shi Lei Thank God for Aantzer and Ajamilh”

 “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar”, makes this supplicatory prayer:

Da’aaaaaaaaa O our people and our people to Sheikh civil mark al-Chuirv ask God to undo his captivity and the families of all captured, O Lord

O hear every sound. Hey all former Foote. Loya Casey bones and Mnscherha after death .asalk Basmaúk bones largest inventory Webmasters greatest name which is not seen by one of the creatures, O clement, O by creating a known never-ending never known him Faraj countless number captured him and the families of all the oppressed Muslims, O Lord of the Worlds

Oh God, oh you do not see eye nor Tkhalth surmises not dub Allowasvon not change accidents and ages. Ya know Mthaqil mountains and the sea and the greatest pints and shone it night and day. Ya know the number of Qatar rain and paper trees. And went into his sky sky and ground land and mountains in their Aaraa nor sailor in the bottom that tells you who worshiped you blackness of the night and the sound of water and the rustle of the trees you that my life is preserved Noah from drowning,

revealed harm for Ayoub, Moussa echoed to his mother and spent the bad and indecency for Joseph, and you who cracked Sea for Moses and his followers. And you who made the fire on Ibrahim coolness and peace, and you who spent the hearts of Pharaoh’s magicians to faith in the prophethood of Moses. Hey Shafiq Hey buddy, my Galle narrow O Moulay Strait, saved him from all distress.

and shortness not afford what you can not endure the savior of shipwrecked and Manji Alhlky and Gillies all strange and Anis every single and ashes all Mstgat Faraj his hour no patience his dream is no God but you are not Kmthelk thing you over all things.

Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lord
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الدعاااااااااء يا أهلنا وناسنا للشيخ العلامة المدني الشويرف نسأل الله أن يفك أسره وأسر كل المأسورين يا رب

يا سامع كل صوت . يا سابق كل فوت . ويا كاسي العظام ومنشرها بعد الموت .اسألك باسمائك العظام واسمك الأعظم الأكبر المخزون المكنون الذي لا يطلعّ عليه أحد من المخلوقين يا حليماً بخلقه يا ذا المعروف الذي لا ينقطع معروفه أبداً ولا يحصى له عددا ًفرّج عنه أسره وأسر كافة المسلمين المظلومين يا رب العالمين

اللهم يا من لا تراه العيون ولا تخالطه الظنون ولا يصفه الواصفون ولا تغيره الحوادث والدهور . يا من يعلم مثاقيل الجبال ومكاييل البحار وما أعظم واشرق عليه الليل والنهار . يا من يعلم عدد قطر الأمطار وورق الأشجار . ولا توارى عنه سماء سماءً ولا أرض أرضاً ولا جبال ما في وعرها ولا بحار ما في قعرها أنت الذي سجد لك سواد الليل ودوي الماء وحفيف الشجر أنت الذي نجيت نوحاً من الغرق وكشفت الضر عن ايوب ورددت موسى إلى أمه وصرفت السوء والفحشاء عن يوسف وأنت الذي فلقت البحر لموسى وشيعته . وأنت الذي جعلت النار على ابراهيم برداً وسلاماً , وأنت الذي صرفت قلوب سحره فرعون إلى الإيمان بنبوة موسى . يا شفيق يا رفيق يا جالي الضيق يا مولاي المضيق , خلصه من كل كرب وضيق ولا تحمله ما لا يطيق أنت منقذ الغرقى ومنجي الهلكى وجليس كل غريب وأنيس كل وحيد ومغيث كل مستغيث فرجّ عنه الساعة فلا صبر له حلمك لا إله إلا أنت ليس كمثلك شيء وأنت على كل شيء قدير

يااااااااااااااااااا رب











see SAM bin HUMAID, SALAH BADI, and Mohammed ‘BOCA’ ORAIBI, get whammed by Hftar and al-Jdharan, with Col. Bouchmaidth looking-on !!:

la vidéo de إنفلات أمني.

إنفلات أمني
في الصميم

إنفلات أمني


إنفلات أمني‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo : ‎إنفلات أمني‎.

في الصميم



Experiencing the city of Sirte yesterday and its suburbs since the acute shortage of cooking gas cylinders ..oumrakz distribution and sale of gas in Sirte since the all closed yesterday after running out of cylinders.





Statement of the Council of Majlis al-Nuwaab regarding the

Libyan ungodly terror groups
de Zenguetna Zenguetna

Good Guy
The first meeting of the ‘Committee of the Majlis al-Nuwaab of the most
important education policies’, included in al-Ajtme in an interview with Attorney
D.Saad al-Mirmy (Chairman of the Committee)


Each battalion ready ‘Jawevy Saraya army units’ to Al-Otham

and the storming of the eye passing Walker, who is the terrorists.

[Green Mountain]

 Brigadier # Faragh Barasa, commander of the Army Green Mountain:







Important Sabha
Log arms of the city of Sabha tracking rats Aial
Suleiman coming from MISURATA.
The gathering of Misrati in Geber School.
The gathering of rats Aial Solomon in the birth of architecture
And the local police station and the popular former security …




4:30 on ‘channel France 24’ says Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has never interfere in Libya

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