This is the reason for Wahabi hating leader of Muammar al-Qathafi,

and that’s what the media tried to hide.
Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is a direct decendent of Fatima

He has the right to be IMAM.

Only if someone has this ancestry, can one be a leader.



May Juma prayers bring all decent families together
in the love of Allah, and obedience to the loving words of

His Holy Prophet, Mohammed (PBUH):

Lion of the Desert Knight‘, ADDRESSING those of the “17 GEHARR “:



“…do not bet you with the honorable sons of the martyrs and grandchildren and their families and the sons of the great nation … Libya state their security and safety and full throttle and pride but this Iban popular revolution blessed Revolution not NATO dreaded revolution …

On your approach and your mind by moving

(Lion of the Desert Knight)”
. لذلك ﻻ رهان لكم مع الشرفاء ابناء الشهداء واحفادهم واهاليهم وابناء الوطن الكبير …فليبيا دولة بأمنها وأمانها وعزها وعزتها لكن هذا ايبان ثورة الفاتح الثورة الشعبية المباركة ﻻ ثورة الناتو اللعين …

(على نهجك وفكرك سائرون بقلم أسد الصحراء فارس )


Lt. Gen. Hadi key Ojaili passed away the inevitable morning after suffering a long illness

in prisons of Brotherhood militias. Guilt is standing in the face of NATO.
Oh accepted bestow mercy and forgiveness. And insert roomy Jnatk

(Militant Arabism)

Apaché helicopter firing

Soon operating , our recently purchased Apache Russian Helicopter gun-warships.

Support for the page are free O ..أبنآء-ليبيا-المهجّرين-في-الخآرج

Displaced brothers and their right to return home immediately

Sons of Libya displaced abroad
Home for all and everyone







Newspaper “Sunrise Tunisian”:

Washington and Paris are on standby to intervene in Libya,
waiting for the green light from Algeria (to permit them use of their airbases):

HOPEFULLY, ALGERIA still signs ‘RED’ !


Leaders of the ‘Roma Melcaat Libya’ (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) have requested secret talks with the ‘Arab League’.

Sadak Gharyiani, nutball NATO Brotherhood sheikh

Monitoring the presence of warship English dock in Coral Harbour

in addition to a team of British Special Forces,

using one adjacent to the port area buildings as a room operations

in coordination with the militias Roma Libyan terrorists,

comes to coincide with Britain’s attempts desperate viscous officers 

from what they call them by the ‘national army’ (BROTHERHOOD RATS)

[in the lists of terrorism].

(* Militant Arabism *)

Union of European Bariash France issued a decision:
Badem armed forces of the Libyan army

and ‘the Majlis al-Nuwaab’ officially.


Libya – Diplomats: EU may impose sanctions on Tripoli



Meeting to Benefit the BROTHERHOOD and Omar al-Hassi:
Spanish idiots recognise Omar al-Hassi

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, reporting:

The defense ministers of the countries of southern Europe 5/5 meeting in

Spain Bahoudor and participation of the Libyan TRIPOLI ‘GOVERNMENT’, 

to discuss the situation.

Sure Representative for Libya’s legitimate government Memcich mind far

Expected ‘Clown Hassi government Atrkd’ with ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ related Beah.

(04 déc. 2014 – GNC appointed PM Omar al-Hassi received its first diplomatic visit .)

PICTURE: Lybian self proclaimed pro-Wahabi prime minister Omar al-Hassi (L) shakes hands with Saleh al-Makzom the deputy president of the ‘General National Congress’.

Omar Matouk, reporting:

Dean of the Post and one of the pro cities (very) for (Dawn  Libya) now resides in the (TRIPOLI) Parliament (arrows Allaotunai Conference of the General Congress) Btabriq! Trying to get himself and his hometown of (trouble) As well as the always Sadil did not taste the sweetness of love home Greedy Vmnavq Vmatturt Vmnavq forth! In what seems to be the first arrivals in the marathon (Dave Hait Jerbh aspiration).


Zintan brigade Qaqaa a partagé la vidéo de Zintan TV channel.

Prisoners taken by 'Dawn Libya', love Mu and Green Book, unfailingly
Shows the brutalised captured prisoners love Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the Green Book !

Exclusive ethics rebels so-called ‘Dawn Libya’ … and the good treatment of prisoners !!
… and fabrication of charges ….. Hedda who before the camera …..

let alone Palli became dimensions … We know that the liquidation of Shim villains …

We have in these positions Achardma filter before …

for the youth of Zintan … and Tabou …..

camera images one photographer “Saraya rebels” ‘Dawn Libya’ … and goodness Jay !

Ban on all airlines from entering Libya, to the domain of ‘European air’ navigation,

airports motivated  by Safety.


ﺣﻈﺮ ﺟﻤﻴﻊ ﺷﺮﻛﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻄﻴﺮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺪﺧﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﻤﺠﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﻤﻼﺣﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﻮﻳﺔ ﺍﻷﻭﺭﻭﺑﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻄﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﻟﺪﻭﺍﻓﻊ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻣﺔ




General Electric Company Libya confirms that the country

is experiencing electricity crisis

of up to 550 MW are caused by a lack of natural gas volumes.

electric shut-down



LIBYAN ARMY and Tribal forces approaching from the head of Igdir crossing within 5 kilometers, to control the violent clashes there.

(picture showing Brotherhood Roma Libya melcaat vehicle at Ras Jedir):

One of al-Ahraaar ….
Aaaaagel and important …
News that Brotherhood Misrata militias have uploaded 40 cars heavily laden

and packed with Ba al-Aslaha al-Tqilh heading to the top of Ras Jedir …

the only discernible Hrar caution and steep.

After you get to stop gangs dawn Libya at the center of the head of Igdir,

Tstgat launches and whistles to alert across channels.

Military reinforcements and intense security in the border region between

Libya and Tunisia as well as the concentration of a large number of ambulances.





February lost 90% of the plight of the city of Tripoli neighborhoods without electricity

since the wee hours early morning yesterday.

Not provide many of the bread bakeries Tripoli because of the lack of flour.

Gas Station and the light and the bread and Mazaaaaal good Jaaaaaaa Aalepien

(“Knight and Men”)

Ali gasoline lines in Mahzh fuel, Dahmani Angle,Tripoli.

12/11/2014 Airport Road camp for the displaced residents of Tawergha.
Some families camp houses after heavy rain last night God and yes agent (SATAN).


A secret meeting of the terrorist elements of ‘Tnzim al-Hadh’ and ‘Roma Libya’

in a mosque in the Tarapsoazar, which included the inventory Omar Hassi (dressed in full military garb).

Video clip secret shoot Bkamrh secret inventory (Omar Hassi) Member LIFG during a meeting with a group of terrorists in a mosque in Tripoli as Hassi appear in this section and is plotting to kill the (ZINTAN) QaaQa BRIGADE‘s leader,  Othman Abdal.d al-Meliqth,


and named Mahmoud Jabril; and say that they were the most dangerous figures in on the scene in terms of the ability to thwart the project these Wahabi.


Video leaked to the age of Hassi community Baansar law and agree

with them Baeidm army presence in Libya.

Allah that their boss Hassi Mnlomusc youth to fight with ‘Dawn Libya’ !


At four in the morning almost been blown lighthouse Jaafari and
Koranic school in three grenades East Sawani area led to the destruction of
mankind and not damaged








Mdahirh to NATO rebels and the Zionist follow Bernard Levy in Green Square in Tripoli condemn the aerial bombardment on the cities that are stationed out ‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ terrorists ..

Ordered them not strange Hjerdan edema no conscience when NATO bombed the Libyan people infidel

who support him, Kano dancing and singing until they were called infidels aircraft,

God forbid birds al-Obabil



Shortly before a military convoy belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’ passes regions

coming from the west coast town of Zuwarah, heading for the city CORNER.


Video of the terrorist gangs corner and they abduct young people

and elders to isolate and put the green book in their hands by force

and force them to imaging with him …
Was found with a video of the Jardan corner who was arrested

by tribal forces on the Western Front for Ajeelat.
God and yes agent (SATAN) in you, O .. follow the Zionist Bernald Levy.


The death of the citizen, “Ali Ibrahim al-Ajil Warfali” after being fired

by a bullet in the head when he came out of
A mosque area Tajourah, upon  Friday prayers.



To the owner of the stolen Ahafrit Hunya known thief !




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’ makes a plea

Please ‘channel Zintan al-Vzaih’,

stop airing ‘Brotherhood videos al-Melcaat’ by the corruption now

occupying RISHVANA (by the evil within Tripoli).

Limit has arrived …..
What is this What is this I did not expect Xi such fraud theft

in the heart of the corruption of the day

….. And the angle that you think people with a sincere and mind and religion !!


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

“We ask God to guide our brothers of the Amazigh and leave doctrine al-Abdy.

This doctrine must follow them to the Holy Qu’ran of the Prophet, and followed advances.”


Army and Tribal forces on the outskirts of the city of Gharyan

LIBYAN ARMY forces between the town of Gharyan and KLKLH

Asbi’a open the way for the forces of tribal elders after the unresponsiveness of Gharyan to deliver the city to the Libyan Army and tribal forces. Brotherhood militias are holding the city of Gharyan hostage now . We are asking them now to negotiate a surrender or there will be an invasion by the Army.

(* Militant Arabism *)

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

Our troops advancing Baatgah Gharyan and his fingers are organized

into the Libyan army operations and great joy in the city.

And, God willing, Mnsourin.

To my friends in Gharyan,

Abashroo Batharir of gangs God largest rebel forces

on the outskirts of Gharyan.

Armed Forces of the Libyan army support and strength.

“Bedouins” south ……. “to his fingers,” west …… and “Rishvana north ….. serialized Mountains” in the east about Gharyan, tell unavoidable unavoidable ‘rebel Kharijites’.

‘Roma Libya’ militias have made live inspection and gates points at Gharyan city center

as a result of the blockade imposed by tribal forces on the city of three axes since last night Thursday.

Will not say such as BADI in Kikla; and accused me of Gharyan told the accused me ….

but we must unpack care about the city from the grip of gangs chaotic.



38 theft of a project al-Zaraei 501 fishermen in the area and Rishvana

by ‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ mechanism.


Zionist revolutionaries of Bernard Levy, enemy of Islam, blow up a mosque in al-Manara Jaafari, Rishvana by explosives and messing with some historical Bmaalmh, and then they steal from each other contents of monetary value….

not those precious articles of historical or religious value.


Akhttaf (kidnapped) young man (Saif al-Islam Mokhtar Agayloshi) 16 years,

from the tenant in their home area easy and  Rishvana, by Militia ‘Roma Libya’.

It is noteworthy that the people Rullish displaced and displaced

from their homes for more than 3 years.
We ask God to him safety and Lord Ardo Salem for his family.

(* Militant Arabism *)




Citizen (Hamad al-Zoam) had been kidnapped since the period of the city of al-Zahra by militias descendants Aahatin of the CORNER Kanu,  who wanted to steal his car. He decomposed body was found in a farm.

Portrait of the late (Ahmed al-Zoam) after what I ate dogs part of it

who was kidnapped some time ago from the city of al-Zahra by militias of the CORNER.

God, and yes, the agent (SATAN).


 (Militant Arabism)

Oh Agvrlh and Arahmh and soul rest Jnatk.



 (Now what can look sicker than this animal torturer,’Abdalroav Alqlala’ ???):


    The knowledge of the identity of a gang who tortured Kano camels

    Inventory, ‘Abdalroav Alqlala’, of the population of the need for street

    beside the torch school in the CORNER.

    ‘Roma Libya’ gangs, and good treatment of animals before combing, let alone human !


la vidéo de ‎قناة الزنتان الفضائية‎. 

the Zintan TV channel ……

حصري اخلاقيات ثوار ما يسمى بفجر ليبيا … ومعاملتهم الحسنة للحيوا

حصري اخلاقيات ثوار ما يسمى بفجر ليبيا … ومعاملتهم الحسنة للحيوانات … قبل تمشيطها ….. فما بالك الانسان ….. الصور بكاميرا مصور احد سرايا ثوار فجر ليبيا … والخير جاي

يعاد ان شاء الله على قناة الزنتان الفضائية ……

Lire la vidéo


Another crime gangs Roma descendants Aahatin around the corner. After the torture of camels and torture of human beings and stolen and burned public and private property in Rishvana.

(Militant Arabism)

Image Gardan one corner of the Melcaat Roma Libya, who was filming a camel freshen himself from the Green Book gives  Belkoh to fabricate charges for the children and their families in order to be Rishvana pretext Cronies
{Not God’s curse on the oppressors}





LIBYAN AIR-FORCE Warplanes bombed sites for ‘Roma Libya’ Melcaat,

in the West Zone of Zuwarah-

Air Force bombed the organization ‘Dawn Libya’ sites in Zuwarah.

Jacqui al-Khla aa al-Zuwarah



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, tells us:
At the center of Sabratha and al-Ash, a few days ago, has been arrested

in the ranks of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ fighters from Tunisia and Syria.


“17 February” until your claim ‘rebels’ are !!

Big losses in the ranks of the ‘Roma Libya Melcaat’  as a result of the clashes at Jnob, SABRATHA. They have 4 dead, including inventory (Ayman Mabrouk little)

and 11 wounded as the control of the tribal forces on public security gate

at Abu kmac area.

Battles now strong in  South Sabratha.


“News hugging the sky”

Declaration Asbi’a city enroll Bakb homeland defense the whole town

and the announcement of his fingers City urges the legitimacy of the Majlis al-Nuwaab 

of the armed forces and urges the Libyan Jbash and its arms and materiel and youth under the act.

Battalion 121 Infantry statement declares to join in the Libyan army operations.

God is great God is great ……..

Army and tribal forces in the city of Asbi’a:
Image of the Libyan army forces in the city for the day after the announcement of Asbi’a Andoaúha under the chairmanship of the army in the western region.
Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi:

Battalion 121 in the city of Asbi’a declares in a statement that joining

the military operation carried out by the Libyan army in Libya against terrorist gangs.

Burning tracking mechanisms which regulate the ‘Dawn Libya Bagcef’

of our Air Force when Abokmash. Air strikes on gatherings gangs “the dawn of Libya” at A-Bokmash and the Libyan air force planes intensified reconnaissance operations in the region.


Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed a gathering of ‘Roma Libya’ Melcaat,

in the region of A-Bokmash.

Air Force raids on Walker organization ‘Dawn Libya’ in A-Bokmash.





Shortly before the closure of the road leading to the nursery Arboretum at Baan Zarh

and set fire to the road to protest the kidnapping of a person.





Mohammed al-Zletne:

al-Kha Taathatal rain on the city of Zliten
Oh Faraj Krbena pleased God commanded us to hurry us victory:



dirty MISURTA:

In the case of the horn in Misrata, the Misrata Council asks Misrata forces fighting with the ‘Dawn of Libya’ to stop and return to Misrata; and news about sending Mahawih military groups Musratih to Sirte and Heisha of wild prey and the Libyan Air Force.

Things 10 10
In all axes and self-sustaining security forces your Army in constant progress,

has been left with only lying, but what you hear..

Bertl convoy Jay Walker. In fact militias cities trapped in Misurata,

ambush them and brought them to our troops a Hearty meal.

God save our military forces.

(Ahmed Akrout)







Withdrawal of the Brotherhood gang ‘Hurricane Misratan’ from Sabratha and Ajeelat,

and they go to Sirte.

Disagreement between the militias’ “Supporters of evil” (ANSAR al-SHARIA) in Sirte,

and the newly arriving militias from Misurata, because of their control

over some vital institutions in the city.

Misurata militias supplied militias stationed in the neighborhood No.
(1) a group of armed vehicles carrying heavy and medium weapons.





For the Libyan Army company, which contracted with Algerian TABOU, for enhancing Libya’s BORDER-Guard centrist facilities, Algeria sent sent a special envoy to Col. Ibrahim al-Jdharan (to provide military support), having met with the Cyrenaican Gently Army troops (officially part of the LIBYAN ARMY under TOBRUK jurisdiction), south of the Red Valley. ..


Message from one of the Liberal workers in Ras Lanuf airport to ‘Fajar Libya’


Fighter planes and vertical Squadron in readiness to bomb sites in Sirte and Misrata:


“Ras Lanuf Air Force Base military units.”

Ras Lanuf air base processing today and tomorrow Yamtmurden

Dear ungodly Kharijites Night and day.




The assassination of three elements belonging to the 149 Infantry Battalion shot dead

while on patrol them in Tobruk, east of the island west of the city of Ajdabiya.

The names of the deceased elements of the ‘THUNDERBOLT
infantry battalion 149′, who were murdered on the road to Tobruk. They
1-Mutassim cabled
2-Hamad exile
3-Saad able Poh


‘Black Libyan resistance’:

# Mainstream
According to what we got via e-
Name ..Buthaina Hussein Mohammed 10 years old
Mother ..bbah name … and the name of her grandmother Fatima
She has three brothers … Dalal and Hassan A.
Accommodation Tripoli School sunrise beauty Street
True story of this little girl at the beginning of air strikes on the capital Tripoli was Buthaina child in school in the first grade any 6 years old came out of school and did not find the bus. They go out into the house and found a woman by her words on the Egyptian name … Er … the color of her eyes Green and yellow hair and took the child with her to the airport.

Buthainah and paid a sum of money to someone at the airport and my niece said she was going to Casablanca omitted ..

Brought by the woman to Casablanca and told her that her mother and father were there; and stayed with that woman more than a year and then was exploited Buthaina begging in the street and tormented.

After a year out Buthainah and sat in front of architecture from ten o’clock to Xyh evening where one police came and took her to the shelter.

Then came the master of the City Dome and took Buthaina this seven months ago from today’s date and Buthaina talked to the woman about what happened to her in detail ..

Mona lady who adopted Buthaina publish its image may find family or I have asked one of them recognize what …

Please Publishing
And from find any contact information to 0917651076 or 0911440457
Publishing and circular wider
And who has a piece of information is estimated continues to private or phone numbers
Lord attribute it to the safety of her family.

(* Militant Arabism *)


حسب ما وصلنا عبر البريد
الاسم ..بثينه حسين محمد العمر 10 سنوات
اسم الام ..صباح …واسم جدتها فاطمه
لديها ثلاث اشقاء …دلال وحسن وايه
السكن طرابلس مدرسه الشروق شارع جمال
قصه واقعية لهذه الطفلة عند بداية الضربات الجويه على العاصمة طرابلس كان الطفلة بثينه فى المدرسة فى الصف الاول اى عمرها 6 سنوات خرجت من مدرستها ولم تجد الحافلة التى تذهب بها الى البيت فوجدت امراه على حسب كلامها مصريه اسمها …ايه …لون عيناها اخضر وشعرها اصفر واخذت الطفلة بثينة معها الى المطار ودفعت مبلغ من المال الى احد ما فى المطار وقالت انها ابنة اختى ذاهبة بيها الى مدينة البيضاء ..
جائت بها تلك المراة الى مدينة البيضاء وقالت لها ان امك وابيك هنا ومكثت مع تلك المراة اكثر من سنه وكان تستغل بثينه فى التسول فى الشارع وتعذبها وبعد سنه خرجت بثينة وجلست امام العماره من الساعه العاشره صباحا الى العاشىه مساء حيث جاء احد افراد الشرطه واخذها الى الملجأ
ثم جائت سيده من مدينه القبة واخذت بثينه وهذا قبل سبعه اشهر من تاريخ اليوم وتحدثت بثينه الى تلك المراة عن ما حدث معها بالتفصيل ..
لقد طلبت منى السيده التى تبنت بثينه بنشر صورتها ربما تجد اهلها او يتعرف عليها احد ما …الرجاء النشر
وعلى من يعثر على اى معلومات الاتصال بـ 0917651076 او 0911440457
للنشر والتعميم علي أوسع نطاق
واللي عنده معلومة يقدر يتواصل علي الخاص او ارقام الهواتف
ربي يردها لآهلها سالمة

* مناضل العروبة *




Alert ..
Benghazi is composed of nearly 32 areas
28 area under the control of the army and 4 areas under the control of the Kharijites.

Areas under military control are: –

Sidi Khalifa. Budzirh. Alkwyfah. Neighborhood peace. Shebna. Boatni.

The head of his servants. 20 Street.
Milkfish. Corner neighborhood. Buhedama. Gardens. Mr. Hussein.

The pond. Housing. Dollar neighborhood.
Families are. Land guard. Ahoiesha. Geleanp. Tablino. Pleasant.

Blon. Zaytuna. Venice .alkic Street. Dubai Street, al-Majora.


Areas under the control of the Kharijites -:


Pisces market.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

As Okhbernakm previously, starting from the day, there will be a

comprehensive attack on terrorism in recent nests within Benghazi on all axes …

And finally been completed finalize plans and complete equipment,

soldiers and mechanisms and ammunition ..

Kharijites are in their last moments.

Allah save Libya and its people and its armed forces.


Champions al-Mtfhrat Benghazi .. dismantle a bag of explosives
Island Gardens .. Benghazi

Killing one soldier and wounding four in clashes in Benghazi today

We ask God accepted Barahmh cured Jerhh.

This is one of the achievements ‘the revolution al-Melcaat Brotherhood terrorists’

gave to the Libyan people.




Congratulations to you ‘Hawari hospital’ was Blcaml control

and escape ‘Ansar al-Sharia’.


al-SABRI–a Hftar supporter’s head:


Violent clashes in el-Safsfah project in Benghazi.

qubl few
And near the Directorate car loaded with ammunition belonging

to the Tnzim al-Hadhbalqrb cows project targeting.


Allan violent clashes heavy weapons in  Triv al-Nehr.

Sporadic clashes in the far west of the center of Benghazi from the sea.


The killing of the terrorist (Ali Abd al-Qadir al-Obeidi),

A former prisoner at Abu Salim prison in clashes yesterday Region of Laithi.


Benghazi Medical Center received the body of
Abdul Hamid Salim Awaijer Faitouri, and bearing signs of torture

recalls that late has been kidnapped four days ago from Qnfodh area.

Abdul did not follow any military hand.





Sources presence of 1,000 Daash in tuber

And Hntn Paris and ask Green loss from Algeria to enter

through the atmosphere to the Algerian-Libyan border.

‘Battle of Derna‘:

Air Force shortly before the bombing site to organization of Daash inside the tuber.

Air Force targeted sites to regulate  Daash in eastern Libya.

Daash terrorist organization in  TUBER gives owners of barber shops in the city,

only until Monday 15 December 2014,

to work in the profession of barber. !! (no more haircuts and shaves !!)

Daash terrorist organization announced the establishment

of the so-called “Mujahideen Shura Council of tuber”.

The Board has included artillery and heavy weapons,

a military parade Gap city streets until after the Maghrib prayer.

“Review on Parade” of  Daash terrorist organization after the establishment

of the so-called “Mujahideen Shura Council tuber”: SALEM DERBY


(* Militant Arabism *)

DAASH’s Salem Derby Ommer-Militia ‘Abu Salim Martyrs cast’,

announcement speech so-called ‘Mujahideen Shura Council and the rebels tuber’.

The first statement of the Council of the so-called ‘Mujahideen Shura Council tuber’ and its suburbs in the city of Derna # ..
Science are the same organization, “supporters of evil” (ANSAR al-SHARIA)

in Kano in Benghazi (known as the Shura Counccil of Benghazi).


LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed site of organization Daash terrorist in the city of Derna.

new leader in vi of MOHAMMED al-ZAHAWI:

Oooooonaba uncertain after that the employees of the Tnzim al-Hadh fugitives from Benghazi to Derna DAASH nicknamed ‘Abu Abdullah al-Libi’, as successor to the terrorist Mohammed Al-Zahawi, who has disappeared from sight ?

(* Militant Arabism *)



ammo reserve in al-Jufra

From near the camp of Sukna
Still Misrata militia movement mechanisms Jufrah to Misrata.
Most of what is now transferred Rabash and scrap.
(* Militant Arabism)









Libyan Red Crescent convoy of humanitarian aid goes to the cities (GATT – Ubari) south of Libya due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation of the clashes taking place in the cities of Languages ​​and Ubari, two months ago after entering the Touareg financial state to control the delirious cities, to form a region named ‘Azawad’.

(“Knight and Men”)



Power outages most of the areas in the city of Sabha.

Hdidlostoanat gas shortage in Sabha private and public because of the south

reduce the city’s share of the main warehouse which is

controlled by terrorist militias of Misrata.





Algeria closes pathways air in front of the Libyan civil aircraft
New embargo on Libya thanks Jardan (RATS)







Egypt closed its airspace to all Libyan aviation.

07 December  2014, Sunday/ 11:27:00/ TODAY’S ZAMAN WITH AP / ANKARA

Egypt impose restrictions on travel to Turkey and Libya.

Travelers Egyptian males who ranged in age between 18 and 40 years old and willing to travel to Turkey or Libya, they first must obtain prior permission to travel from the Department of Passport and Citizenship, at the “the Ministry of Interior” in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities have started to impose a ban on their citizens’ travel to Turkey without a special permit in order to prevent recruitment to the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Egyptian airport officials said the new ban applies to all Egyptians between the ages of 18 and 40 who want to travel to Turkey.

Egyptians in the affected age range need to apply for security clearance in Cairo before their departure to Turkey. According to the Egyptian authorities, over 200 people have been barred in only one day, the AP reported on Saturday.

Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesman Hany Abdel-Latif said the new measure was an effort to prevent Egyptian citizens from traveling through Turkey to join WAHABI groups in Syria and Libya. According to the estimates of Egyptian security officials, hundreds of Egyptians are fighting alongside militants in Syria and Iraq.

IS / DAASH WAHABI took control of large parts of Iraq and Syria this past year, making swift advances in the region.

Turkey is one of the coalition partners but is often criticized for its lack of enthusiasm to contribute more. Turkish officials (WHO HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO SUPPLYING IS / DAASH) ‘publicly’ complain that there is no comprehensive strategy to defeat IS /DAASH, and insist on removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from ‘power’ (UGH, the Syrian people love and want ASSAD), as part of ‘eliminating the threat’ stemming from IS /DAASH. (NOW HOW IS OUSTING ASSAD going to rid IS /DAASH ??) This sounds just like BARACK OBAMA !!

Turkey has been accused of turning a blind eye to the foreign fighters coming from various countries and using Turkish territory to cross into Iraq and Syria to join the IS /DAASH WAHABIIS. A high-level European Union delegation will be arriving in Turkey this week to push the country to do more to prevent the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria.

Turkey and Egypt have been at odds since the summer of 2013, following the ousting of Mohammed Morsi- a member of the WAHABI ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Turkey’s relationship with Egypt has been derailed due to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s open support for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, which is considered a terrorist organization by Egypt.

President Erdoğan has been taking every chance to criticize the former military leader and current president of the country, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The dispute started with Erdoğan’s furious remarks targeting Egypt’s ousting Morsi in July 2013.

After having reciprocally expelled ambassadors with Egypt in November of last year due to then-Prime Minister Erdoğan’s harsh criticism towards Sisi’s leadeship in the North African country, Turkish Foreign Ministry officials tried to mend ties with Egypt recently through a meeting in New York on the sidelines of a United Nations summit in October.

But the planned meeting between the Turkish foreign minister and his Egyptian counterpart was canceled by the Egyptian side after Erdoğan’s highly critical remarks about Egyptian President el-Sisi at the UN General Assembly.

(Sisi is NO military dictator as the west makes him; and neither was Mu’ammar….and neither performed a “coup” as Erdogen and Obama keep saying !! These were true REVOLUTIONS of the People, and BY the people, not the ‘military’–as The West and Erdogen keep repeating !!!)

Egyptian sources confirm the escape of six boats of Egyptian fishermen, who were detained in the Egyptian city of ‘Visitors’, by ‘Brotherhood Melcaat of MISURATA’.

Sources have added, that four of these boats have arrived safely in Egypt, with two still at sea.

(* Militant Arabism *)

The Egyptian fishermen were legally (with full permits), fishing off the LIBYAN COASTAL BORDER AREA.

The arrival of boats from Visitors to the island of Djerba, carrying the families of Visitors.



“Black Libyan resistance”, reporting:



Revealed the security forces in Cairo, puzzle found dead housewife
(Libyan nationality), lying ninety Street in New Cairo, investigation indicated that behind the crime was committed Tabeben Beauty and anesthesia and two others.
Investigations showed that the victim called ‘Mercy Jibril  Ibrahim al-Tarhuni’

 (36 years), and they went to the doctor Beauty hospital for plastic surgery.

According to his cosmetic doctor, a fellow anesthesiologist numb the victim and then went out of the hospital, and added that he was surprised to infect a sharp fall in circulation, was agreed with the nurse and the receptionist to take a corpse Sahara.
Arrested the accused, the prosecution and ordered an autopsy to show the cause of death, as requested investigations detective and the victim’s family to call them.
Colonel Hassan Veor inspector Investigation New Cairo, received a communication stating finding the body of an unidentified female North Street ninety, and ordered Brigadier Abdulaziz Khadr Chief of Detectives sector east of Cairo, the formation of a team of detectives to unravel the mysteries of the incident.
It emerged from the investigation and inspection, that the body of a woman in the fourth decade of life lying on her face and the parallel cut wounds to the chest and abdomen, buttocks, and show her name was called ‘mercy Jibril Ibrahim’ (of Libyan nationality – 36 years), formerly an ‘Amazon’-Angel Guard for Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. 

Lament for mercy martyr Ibrahim Jibril (Tarhouna Qaed)
(LISTEN TO WHAT MU’AMMAR HAS TO SAY ABOUT HER.) stoned Atraonyh, the fulfillment of the commander.

Investigations revealed that behind the crime was committed, “Magdi. T.”
(35-year-old – a doctor and owner of Beauty Center), “Ala. M.” (32-year-old – anesthetist), “Hassan. Ps” (26-year-old – receiving) and “purity. GS employees.”
(35-year-old – a nurse).

The issuance of the authorization of the public prosecutor and adjust the defendants, Facing confessed to the incident and added that the victim attended the center referred to perform plastic surgery, and after the second anesthesia have departed from the center and then was hit by a sharp fall in blood circulation which led to her death,

Fastaan first Baii and the fourth to help get rid of the body.
The investigation showed that the defendants took the body inside the car first, then threw her in the desert, and the minutes of liberation by the investigating prosecutor.

I am God and to Him we shall return

(* Militant Arabism *)






Netanyahu to visit wounded DAASH / IS personsel,
who were being treated in hospitals in Israel.




The Brotherhood pig, stll has not left Jordan, as he was asked more than a week ago !!

(for indecent behavior and following WAHABI)…

al-Mofh al-Ardnah al-Hashimah:
ask the ambassador Jardan of the Tripoli Brotherhood, named Mamed Agheirani

and the members of the Libyan mission of pro-‘Roma Libya’ Brotherhood to leave the kingdom immediately !!




Tunisian media sources: the arrival of many boats there Padakhlha

come from families of Zuwarah up to the island of Djerba.

God willing, you will find we are used when the city had been cleared of rebels and



26 JULY 2012:
‘Muslim’ Brotherhood burns thousands of copies of the Holy Qu’ran on the grounds of ‘the Libyan Qathafi line’ (and so-called Ministry of Awqaf silent).

Burn thousands of copies of the Holy Qu’ran on the grounds of the Libyan Qathafi line and so-called Ministry of Awqaf silent

Source: News sidewalk, and published by: Dr. Commander
publication in 26/07/2012

Burn as many copies of the Holy Qu’ran under the pretext of the so-called line-Qathafi Libyan Ministry of Religious Endowments and the Mufti of Libya silent

According to the center Massadermn Libyan news circulated widely among the Libyans for the groups to withdraw Libyan anonymous copies of the Holy Qu’ran called the (Qur’an Jamahiriya) and is burned on the pretext that these copies copied therein these Holy Qu’ran, there is a line of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, the Libyan Living-martyr … According to the same sources also said that there are groups collect these copies of the Holy Qu’ran from some mosques in the capital Tripoli in preparation for burning ….

Where religious leaders of sedition from the burning of the Holy Qu’ran …???
or waiting for Bernard Henry Levy … To write to them copies of the ‘Koran’ to bless the new …??

  • After destroying the millions of beautiful editions of the HOLY QURAN printed by the “World Islamic Call Society” (institutionised by Muammar al-Qathafi), The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, NATO and CIA have released a version of the “Quran” completely distorted: it’s a shame the distribution of 156,000 copies of the first edition of the Koran Libya full of perversion of the word of God Almighty Surat verse 56 floors, replaced by what word “permanent” in verse the word “guide.”

    We are not surprised by these actions of the people who killed their brothers under the microscope to NATO aircraft unfaithful


And the mosques of God do not let anyone with Allah…

وَأَنَّ الْمَسَاجِدَ لِلَّهِ فَلَا تَدْعُوا مَعَ اللَّهِ أَحَدًا

* مناضل العروبة *


Bending Government: Malta officially beloved rely Secretary has a new ambassador presented his credentials to the Secretary
Foreign Minister George Vella, to Libya.

Many of us know George Vella here on FB, as a al-Jamahiriya supporter.

Congradulations George, and hope you can do some good now between Libya and Malta


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi had a close relationship  with Malta throughout the 42 years since the al-Fateh Revolution..

George Borg Olivier’s government was among the first to recognise the  new Libyan Arab Republic after the colonel’s ‘Revolution of Light’, which dethroned King Idris  in 1969.

Since then al-Qathafi had meetings with every Maltese prime minister and  was particularly close to Dom Mintoff and Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici.


al-Qathafi first came to Castille, Malta in November 1973.

He was here in 1974  when he opened the Libyan Arab Cultural Institute in Valletta,

and at the  time made the first of a number of visits to the dockyard.

Malta’s first President, the late Sir Anthony Mamo (right) and

Muammar al-Qathafi during a visit to Malta in 1976:

 He visited Malta again in 1976, 1978, 1979, 1982 and 1984 but never  came to Malta after the PN was elected to government in 1987, despite  promises to do so.

A Friendship and Cooperation Treaty was signed during his last visit  to Malta in 1984.

It included a protocol on security which was abrogated  by the PN government after it took office.

 At one time al-Qathafi described the Maltese as ‘blood brothers’ of the  Libyans. In 1976 he attended an MLP rally and met the Labour Cabinet. He  was the guest at a Labour Party mass meeting in 1978, when he also  visited Gozo.

Relations waned for some time in 1981  when he sent a submarine and a  gunboat to stop an Italian oil rig from drilling for oil for Malta in  disputed waters.

al-Qathafi gave Dom Mintoff the cash he needed to be in a strong  position to negotiate the closure of the British military base and was  the only foreign head of state to visit Malta for the actual closure of  31 March 1979.

On a previous visit, in 1978, he laid the foundation stone of the  mosque in Corradino. The surrounding garden is called ‘Gaddafi Garden’.

As relations flourished, several Libyan joint ventures opened in  Malta, as well as a Libyan college. Libya also gave the Maltese armed  forces helicopters and patrol boats. A military unit was stationed here  for some some to assist the AFM, and operated a large Super Frelon  helicopter from the AFM base.

Prime Minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici gave al-Qathafi advance warning in  1986 when US President Ronald Reagan sent bombers to bomb his compound  in Tripoli after blaming Libyan agents for bombing a Berlin disco  frequented by American servicemen.

The Libyan leader was decorated with Gieh Ir-Republika in 1976 in a  ceremony boycotted by the PN. But a Nationalist government in 2004 made  him honorary companion of the National Order of Merit.

Last year, Libya awarded Mr Mintoff  the ‘al-Qathafi Prize for Human Rights.
 Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi was the last foreign leader to visit  al-Qathafi in his tent in Libya,

just days before the Libyan CIA-led uprising  which started on ’17 February 2011′ (The day of Israel’s declared Independence in 1947).

(OPTIO:…The aftermath of all this won’t play out like it did in Egypt, where the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood was pulling all the strings. If you want my professional opinion on the matter….

The uprising in Libya isn’t as “wholly Wahabi” as it was in Egypt. I’d put the split at about 60/40. The 60% being the hardcore, AQ types. Which is going to cause a continuance of fighting,…)

Col. Muammar al-Qathafi seen with President Sir Anthony Mamo during

his visit to Malta in 1976

Colonel al-Qathafi’s next visit

Col. Muammar al-Qathafi seen with President Sir Anthony Mamo during his visit to Malta in 1976

On August 13, a few weeks before Libya’s National Day on Thursday, it was announced that Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, had accepted an invitation to visit the Island again after a lapse of 21 years.

The invitation was made by President Fenech Adami when he was still prime minister, and was renewed in writing by his successor, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, during his visit to Libya last October.

This news has not only revived interest in this political figure and rekindled the importance of Libyan-Maltese relations in those who have these relations at heart, but has also brought to the fore the need to continually cement our relations with our neighbouring country, for obvious reasons.

This was confirmed by Maltese reaction to news of the visit. Both Government and Opposition have reacted favourably. Foreign Minister Michael Frendo has referred to it as a significant confirmation of the strong relations between the two countries, especially considering Colonel al-Qathafi’s reluctance to travel. He considers it as very positive, ensuring that our relations are kept at a multi-lateral level, as well as confirming the deep, ongoing dynamic relationship.

MLP foreign affairs spokesman Leo Brincat said his party welcomed Colonel al-Qathafi’s decision to visit Malta, since this could serve to improve bilateral relations.

To say the least, the proposed visit is both portentous and significant, keeping in mind the close relations that Libya and Malta have had for the past 36 years, which at times went through certain difficulties but never waned, and the figure of a personality who has been at the head of his country’s development since 1969.

It was exactly 36 years ago, on 01 September 1969, that we in Malta – and for that matter the rest of the world – heard of Muammar al-Qathafi for the first time. News agencies all over the world were blaring the news that there was a revolution against the monarchy had taken place in the North African country.

It was a bloodless Revolution, and there were no casualties. At that time, besides Italian nationals who had remained in Libya after Italian troops had returned home at the end of the Italian occupation following their defeat in World War II, there were also a British military base and an American military air base in Libya. These bases were closed down soon after the 01 September al-Fateh Revolution.

The Revolution overthrew King Idris and the Senussi monarchy, and a republic was declared. The entire operation was led by a young army officer, a lieutenant by the name of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Later during the day, his voice was heard for the first time over Libyan radio declaring: “As of now, Libya shall be free and sovereign. A republic under the name of the Libyan Arab Republic…

“No oppressed or deceived or wronged, no master and no slave, but free brothers in a society over which God willing shall flutter the banner of brotherhood and equality… And thus shall we build a glory, revive a heritage and avenge a wounded dignity.”

From that day on the personality of the Libyan leader grew in stature. Under his guidance Libya was put back on the world map and the country developed. Revenue from the oil wells, which were nationalised, was used for housing, education, infrastructure, agriculture and industry. And the country thrived.

Then in 1977 Colonel al-Qathafi handed over the administration of the country directly to the Libyan people. Creating a new form to administer a country, the Authority of the People, Colonel al-Qathafi was the first world leader to let his people govern themselves. It is to Colonel al-Qathafi’s and the Libyan people’s credit that this system has survived.

Malta, Libya’s next-door neighbour, saw the ingenuity of the new Libyan leader and was one of the first countries to recognise the new administration. The two countries developed a very close relationship. Colonel al-Qathafi came to Malta in 1974 and opened the Libyan Arab Cultural Institute in Valletta.

He visited Malta again in 1976, 1978 and 1979. Then the problem of the Median Line cropped up, and relations between the two countries suffered a setback. But the strong friendship between the two countries survived this crisis.

In 1982 the Libyan leader again made a stopover in Malta after visiting Austria and relations were no longer strained. Agreements were signed and Malta thrived on the collaboration extended by Libya. The Libyan leader again visited Malta in 1984.

Since then 21 years have passed. Malta is now a member of the European Union and Libya has updated and changed its foreign policy. The bond struck in 1969 between the two neighbouring countries is still strong. It is a co-operation that was not built on convenience but based on the fact that Malta and Libya really wanted to help each other for their mutual benefit.

And in fact Malta, along with Italy, pressed the EU to lift the embargo imposed on Libya in 1986, since Libya would thus be able to buy new equipment to beef up its border controls against illegal migration, which was becoming a great problem for Libya and Malta, Italy and other European countries.

Last October the EU foreign ministers, meeting in Luxembourg, decided to remove the sanctions against Libya, including the arms embargo. It was the first time that the EU was committing itself with Malta’s neighbour. And during the same Council in Luxembourg, Dr Frendo emphasised the need for Libya to be integrated in the Barcelona process and the EU’s Euro-Med policy.

Through such moves and others, as it has done in its decades-long relations with Libya, Malta has shown that whenever the moment comes and Libya needed its support, Malta was always there. And only recently, Libya made extensive use of Malta’s friendship during the difficult times of the international embargo. Libya knows that it can count on this support and friendship.

Now new issues have cropped up. There are issues due to new phases in policy and mainly administrative ones, like the visa issue. There is also the issue of the new fishing zone announced by Libya, which now covers areas that had been used by Maltese fishermen for years. But above all there is the issue of illegal immigration, which now has grown into one of huge proportions.

Talks on all these issues have taken place between the two countries and efforts are in hand to try to find the right solutions. One can be sure that these issues will be discussed when the Libyan leader next arrives in Malta. And as Dr Saad El Shelmani, the newly appointed Libyan Ambassador to Malta, was quoted as saying: “This visit is being considered as a very important one. The fact that Colonel al-Qathafi is coming to Malta will be proof of how strong the relations between the two countries are.

“Besides, when the two leaders meet, they can bring up several themes and find solutions for them. This visit will surely serve to strengthen the ties between the two countries even further.”


13th December, 2014


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