Mu drawing by Ahmed Deep

(sketch by Ahmed Deep)


‘Black Libyan resistance’


Iajmap ’17-February’ Lech Qltoa claim

That the Libyan army is mostly al-Qathafi ‘Ktaib’:

You just your mind Mataraf that the Libyan army, which has strength of more than 100 thousand, is composed of children of all regions and cities and villages in Libya. And distributed to those areas, according to the location and specialty. All are graduates of the academies, colleges and high schools and military schools.

You just Mataraf your mind that you have a brother or a father or a cousin or a cousin or neighbor within the Libyan army, in one of the formations. And nothing to do with Muammar al-Qathafi‘s ‘blood’.

They not only belong to him; but have a Covenant of Allegiance with him and to Libya: He being the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

You just your mind Mataraf, that the Libyan army institution has its own laws, and controls and Trkietha, traditions and sessions and Trutpetha and specialties.

You just Mataraf your mind that all of these were Saheron to protect Libya, and its beaches, and its airspace and borders. And they confronted the French colonialism in Chad. And stood up to the American aggression on Tripoli, and Sirte and Benghazi; and shot down American planes. And participated in the ‘October war’ with the Egyptian army. And participated with the resistance in Palestine, and Lebanon. And fought and cleansed the Libyan cities of al-Qaeda and the risk of terrorism in the nineties.

Just you with your mind Mataraf that our ground forces and naval forces and air forces and air defense guards, deter and artillery, tanks and engineering field support and e-support chemical and military police, supply and management, and training and technical affairs and rotation of armed border guards and guard oil installations, and the Coast Guard, and research and development centers, and direct revolutionary military and intelligence and Staff College.

Is all of this just to protect the person of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (as in Western propaganda)? Or (as in reality), for the protection of the country of Libya?

Is it possible that al-Qathafi’s protection requires all those numbers and disciplines, departments, agencies and colleges?

Why not say that Ktaib al-Qathafi participated in the October War?
Why Ktaib al-Qathafi did not say ‘painted line and dropped the death of American aircraft and faced’ ?
Why Ktaib Gaddafi did not say supported with training, weapons and fighting the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance and liberation movements all over the world?

Why was not Ktaib al-Qathafi Libya less protected from the threat of terrorism and extremism?
Why was the name of the Libyan Army became suddenly by ‘February 2011’, his name Ktaib al-Qathafi?
The day after they discovered the plot, and the fact that the control of al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Daash on Libya.

Did you feel you are absent and deluded and Amadhok you because you believed leaks island nominate ‘Ktaib’ al-Qathafi and destroyed so strong an army, who was watching on your security and protection for decades?

Was Tgeru statelet like Qatar or the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, or even Italy or America come close without the permission of the territorial waters or exceed the Libyan airspace or the movement of weapons and fighters to support terrorism in public over the heads of government and parliament?

Aanbug not your conscience today Pennekrank and Gehodk sacrifices for each national, national and global business and provided by the Libyan army cadres strong for decades?

Who was on the right which unleashing them (so-called ‘rebels’) and were part of a conspiracy NATO and Al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and Qatar. Mother of unleashing them (‘Ktaib’ Gaddafi) and were part of a row resisting NATO and al-Qaeda plot, Qatar and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood?

Is it only the pangs of conscience Amobah, perhaps the health of the mind, and memory Mufqoh stalled for work, since February setback, and the Nakba and the conspiracy and sedition and apostasy …

(Militant Arabism)
أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة


ياجماعة فبراير ليش قلتوا على الجيش الليبي بأنه ( كتايب القذافي )
توا أنت بعقلك ماتعرف أن الجيش الليبي الذي قوامه أكثر من 100 ألف متكون من أبناء كل مناطق ومدن وقرى ليبيا . وموزع على تلك المناطق حسب المكان والتخصص . وكلهم خريجي الأكاديميات والكليات والثانويات والمدراس العسكرية .
توا أنت بعقلك ماتعرف أن عندك أخ أو أب أو أبن عم أو أبن خال أو جار ضمن هذا الجيش الليبي وفي إحدى تشكيلاته . وليس لهم علاقة بمعمر القذافي لا بالدم ولا بالإنتماء إلا كونه القائد الأعلى للقوات المسلحة .
توا أنت بعقلك ماتعرف أن الجيش الليبي مؤسسة ليها قوانينها وضوابطها وترقياتها وتقاليدها ودوراتها وتراتبيتها وتخصصاتها .
توا أنت بعقلك ماتعرف أن كل هؤلاء كانوا ساهرون على حماية ليبيا وشواطئها وأجوائها وحدودها . وتصدوا للإستعمار الفرنسي في تشاد . وتصدوا للعدوان الأمريكي على طرابلس وسرت وبنغازي وأسقطوا الطائرات الأمريكية . وشاركوا في حرب أكتوبر مع الجيش المصري . وشاركوا مع المقاومة في فلسطين ولبنان . وقاتلوا وطهروا المدن الليبية من خطر القاعدة والإرهاب في التسعينيات .
توا أنت بعقلك ماتعرف أن عندنا قوات برية وقوات بحرية وقوات جوية ودفاع جوي وحرس وردع ومدفعية ودبابات وهندسة ميدان ودعم ألكتروني ودعم كيماوي وشرطة عسكرية وإمداد وإدارة وتدريب وشئون فنية ومناوبة مسلحة وحرس حدود وحرس منشأت نفطية وحرس سواحل ومراكز البحوث والتطوير وتوجيه ثوري وإستخبارات عسكرية وكلية أركان .
هل كل ذلك كان لحماية شخص القذافي ؟ أم لحماية بلد ليبيا ؟
هل حماية القذافي تتطلب كل تلك الأعداد والتخصصات والإدارات والهيئات والكليات ؟
لماذا لم تقل أن كتايب القذافي شاركت في حرب أكتوبر ؟
لماذا لم تقل كتايب القذافي رسمت خط الموت وواجهت وأسقطت الطائرات الأمريكية ؟
لماذا لم تقل كتايب القذافي دعمت بالتدريب والسلاح والقتال المقاومة الفلسطينية واللبنانية وحركات التحرر في العالم ؟
لماذا لم تقل كتايب القذافي حمت ليبيا من خطر الإرهاب والتطرف ؟
لماذا كان إسمه الجيش الليبي وأصبح فجأة في فبراير 2011 إسمه كتايب القذافي ؟
اليوم بعد أن أكتشفت حقيقة المؤامرة وسيطرة القاعدة وداعش والإخوان على ليبيا . ألم تشعر بأنك كنت مغيب ومخدوع ومضحوك عليك لأنك صدقت تسريبات الجزيرة بتسمية كتايب القذافي ودمرت ذلك الجيش القوي الذي كان ساهرا على أمنك وحمايتك طيلة عقود ؟
هل كانت تجروء دويلة مثل قطر أو الإمارات أو السودان أو حتى إيطاليا أو أمريكا أن تقترب دون إذن من المياه الإقليمية أو تتعدي الأجواء الليبية أو تنقل السلاح والمقاتلين لدعم الإرهاب علنا من فوق رؤوس حكومتها وبرلمانها ؟
ألا يؤنبك ضميرك اليوم بنكرانك وجحودك لكل التضحيات والأعمال الوطنية والقومية والعالمية التي قدمها كوادر الجيش الليبي القوي طيلة عقود ؟
من كان على حق الذي أطلقتم عليهم ( ثوار ) وكانوا ضمن مؤامرة الناتو والقاعدة والإخوان وقطر . أم من أطلقتم عليهم ( كتايب القذافي ) وكانوا ضمن صف مقاومة مؤامرة الناتو والقاعدة وقطر والإخوان ؟
هي وخزات فقط لعلها تصحي الضمائر المغبية والذاكرة المفقوة والعقل المتوقف عن العمل منذ فبراير النكسة والنكبة والمؤامرة والفتنة والردة …

* مناضل العروبة *

Mu honored


“We Nations have the right to live worthily above the earth and under the sun, and we are willing to fight and die and perish, if we cannot live under this situation, and Jrbuna ….”

(Of UNO speech leader Muammar al-Qathafi, on 23 SEPT. 2009)





Daash terrorist organization issued a circular for all fighters in all offices: in the countries

of the world not to use any hardware or portable computers which contain any “GPS” service.

and prevent the use of all products from the company “APPLE”, to avoid monitoring and tracking,

and says that anyone doing contrary, is subject to willing himself to death.

Both gone To Hell and good riddance !

(Son of the South Steadfast…)

Ooooonaba uncertain after the death of the son of inventory Salah Badi,

the militia leader of al-Halboss.






The arrest of a number of Libyans Dkhalo in Tunisian territory illegally:

Tunisian special security forces and Forces from Tunisia’s National Guard, stand guard:





Voices shooting 14.5 Ghargharesh road near the bridge workers.



Sudanese Military cargo plane carrying arms, men and WMD,

landed at dawn today at the MITIGUA AIRPORT and

began to fully discharging its cargo at the base,

without anyone interferring with their evil mission.



Tripoli Medical Center announces the deficit in the budget shown

an inability in the payment of salaries.







5 dead from militias ‘Roma Libya’ now in clashes in Beautiful City.

Voices anti-Aviation Gunnery is heard in Beautiful City.

Militia ‘Roma Libya’ clashed with Army tribal forces near the city hospital ‘al-Jamilfa’, after a failed attempt by Melcaat militia to shoot down a Libyan Airforce warplane through their anti-aircraft on the ground. Libyan Air-force Warplanes bombed two sites for ‘Roma Libya’ militia, east of Beautiful City.

Martyr, God willing, ‘Rami Azwair’, known also as ‘Rami al-Mhvhv’,

one  of the heroes of the Western Region, was murdered at the time of ‘prayer Morocco’

next to a beautiful hospital.

God forgive him and Arahmh.

(Militant Arabism)


Beautiful City of Libya, is south of the city of Zuwarah and west of the city of Sabratha, away from the capital Tripoli, 100 kilometres to the West. With a population of over 120,000 people.

Beautiful City (Gemayel) is the largest city in the popular places in terms of area and population.
A mixture of tribes more ancient tribes al-Noaul with tribes of Savat Ahamidat and Shin and Chiaan and Rabaua al-Geledat sons and their own tribes Amoosaan and al-Akecashth of ‘Racdalin’ and child Khalifa and Ras Atiya.

The region is famous especially agriculture and months, according to the report of olive grapes, figs, almonds and Palm. There are also a number of small factories and cooperatives industrial factory iron formation.

Beautiful City has a number of different educational establishments including a reknowned school, specializing in primary and secondary higher Institutes of health The public-school of health is at the ‘University of the corner’, which was created when the horizontal expansion of higher education came with the Great Jamahiriya movement in Libya. It is also a beautiful public hospital of the city, as well as the Centre for the rehabilitation of disabled persons.

A special school in this city, is the ‘Jerusalem School of basic education’, which has been proven exceptionally honorable, deserving to be one of the best of all the Libyan schools. This city and has taken an obvious interest in education. From contests observed, students in Beautiful City, are the fore-most from all of the competitions organized, with a popularity level given of five points, (which includes all the surrounding districts of Beautiful City: Zuwarah-Sabratha-Ajaylat-Racdalin-Zaltan City).

As for young people it is Center of hostels that has good relations with a number of hostels in the region and within the Arab world. There are number two regiments of the Boy Scouts and Guides, all very nice and along with that of Manshiya of the South in Sabha, is full of history. They have been recognized at the local and regional levels, and have been given award ‘keys by the locals.

Beautiful city and is one of the most important cities in the Western region in terms of trade and shopping.

This city may have noticed a significant change in terms of beauty where many new roads and the creation of parks engineered funded by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi have been in the process.


Arms and Light clashes between the people of the city of Sabratha and ‘Dawn Libya’ militias.
Inside City news about the fall of the wounded and dead from both sides.



A convoy of armed militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’, arrived at Long Island.




‘Roma Libya’ gangs were slowed by the people of Racdalin. 

The ‘Roma Libya’ ravaged the city for hours,

and upon leaving for the day, we witnessed a

large number of families displaced from the town.

‘Tkthristi’ withdrawal of ‘Roma Libya’. They headed for Sirte and Barak Chat’ai, on call.


Created a convoy of 40 armed vehicles passing from the coastal road Surman,

belonging to criminal gangs Misurata, heading west to Sabratha.

hand written on them:   ‘Ktibh dinmo’.

‘Black Libyan resistance’:

Rats find al-Qathafi t-shirts in Western Region !

“Roma Libya” gangs claim they found these
‘love al-Qathafi’  (GADDAFI SNIPER) at sites in the Western Front

after the withdrawal of the tribal army.
{And plots and plotted God and God the Best of Planners} the
great truth of God.
(Militant Arabism)







SICKIES at Misurata say, (God forbid), “Saw ‘Prophet Jacob’

inside the mosque and promised victory zoom revolution..”

(What they saw was a Jinn of SATAN)

God Hovoa charlatans Misurata

Shufu Shen said they saw in the vision of the prophet of God of Jacob

in the mosque and said zoom revolution will win !!
These are in a demonstration today
Fourth Altaah Joe these actions Brotherhood



‘Black Libyan resistance’, posts:

 Baklm al-Vars al-LIBYA

Regardless of the strong presence of our argument in the state list of its army and its legitimacy to nip any strife or chaos. But the rally armed force of all the cities of the East and gangs backed by Al-Qaeda terrorists and their way westward from Benghazi through Bajaddabaa and head noses and Bin Jawad and down the valley of the Red south of Sirte. While the time did not say any one of the lost and the hypocrites that this column was intending
(Survey of Sirte or Tripoli survey)

While an armed convoy of Legitimate Amy Armed Forces and part of the State of legitimacy, might turn respond that the convoy which Otbutt facts today that it is composed of a majority of extremist terrorists, and some of the fugitives from the prison, and some al-Amadhok them. And purge them as those areas were cleared corner of the same terrorists. Those misguided and hypocrites and liars out to promote that the convoy was intending (survey Benghazi)

We may find justification for some of those events, and under the influence of the media pumping unprecedented and sisters of the island’s ratification of those contradictions and lies. But after more than three years, it has been revealed that the island (so-called ‘Tripoli’ government’) and al-Qaradawi and al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and all the conspiracy classes NGED any justification,  for any one repeat those lies as facts can only be a fool or crazy or client.

Why did not wipe the frame corner that got the same chaos and the same clique of corrupt and criminal extremist? It has been cleared and restored her normal life and opened schools and people returned to their work and opened shops.

Why the convoy did not wipe all those areas that experienced by ridding it of the cities of Bin Jawad and Brega and Ras noses and Ajdabiya trip? It has been cleared and restored her safety and normalcy and open banks and gave aid to the people.

We have compelling arguments and evidence sufficient and that Snhajjkm them before God. Foodwa of your minds and attributed all Gyekm and enough naivety and stupidity and hatred and lies will be calculated from ‘God knows who’ difficult in this world, before the Hereafter.

.osttardekm souls who have come to save you than Taeshunh day of horror and terror Vothmtamohm unjustly Jelbtm Jews and Christians to kill them and grown up on Jtthm. Otherwise Vantzeroa
(Survey of God to you and take you take a competent Aziz)

(Militant Arabism)


بغض النظر عن حجتنا القوية في وجود دولة قائمة بجيشها وشرعيتها لوأد أي فتنة أو فوضى . لكن تحشيد قوة مسلحة من كل مدن الشرق ومدعومة بعصابات القاعدة الإرهابيين وتوجههم غربا من بنغازي مرورا بإجدابيا ورأس الأنوف وبن جواد وصولا للوادي الأحمر جنوب سرت . بينما لم يقل حينها أي أحد من الضالين والمنافقين بأن هذا الرتل كان قاصدا
( مسح سرت أو مسح طرابلس )
بينما رتل مسلح من القوات المسلحة الشرعية والتابعه لدولة شرعية أتجه لرد ذلك الرتل الذي أتبثت الحقائق اليوم أنه متكون من أغلبية متطرفة إرهابية وبعض من المجرمين الهاربين من السجون وبعض المضحوك عليهم . وتطهير تلك المناطق منهم كما تم تطهير الزاوية من نفس الإرهابيين . خرج أولئك الضالين والمنافقين والكاذبين للترويج بأن الرتل كان قاصدا ( مسح بنغازي )

قد نجد المبرر للبعض في تلك الأحداث وتحت تأثير الضخ الإعلامي الغير مسبوق من الجزيرة وأخواتها بتصديق تلك المتناقضات والأكاذيب . لكن بعد أكثر من ثلاث سنين أنكشفت فيها الجزيرة والقرضاوي والقاعدة والإخوان وكل فصول المؤامرة لانجد أي مبرر لأي أحد يكرر تلك الأكاذيب على إنها حقائق إلا أن يكون معتوه أو مجنون أو عميل .
لماذا لم يمسح الرتل الزاوية التي حصلت فيها نفس الفوضى ومن نفس الزمرة الفاسدة المتطرفة والمجرمة ؟ بل تم تطهيرها وأعاد لها الحياة الطبيعية وفتحت المدارس وعاد الناس الى أعمالهم وفتحت المحال التجارية .
لماذا لم يمسح الرتل كل تلك المناطق التي مر بها في رحلة تطهيره للمدن من بن جواد والبريقة ورأس الأنوف وإجدابيا ؟ بل تم تطهيرها وأعاد لها الأمان والحياة الطبيعية وفتح المصارف وقدم المعونات للأهالي .
لدينا من الحجج الدامغة والأدلة الكافية والتي سنحاججكم بها أمام الله . فعودوا لعقولكم وأرجعوا عن غيكم وكفى سذاجة وغباء وحقد وأكاذيب سيكون حسابها من الله عسيرا في الدنيا قبل الآخرة .وستطاردكم أرواح الذين قدموا لإنقاذكم مما تعيشونه اليوم من رعب وإرهاب فأتهمتموهم ظلما وجلبتم يهودا ونصارى لقتلهم وكبرتم على جثتهم . وإلا فأنتظروا
( مسح الله لكم وأخذكم أخذ عزيز مقتدر )

* مناضل العروبة *



Diffusion of vehicles belonging to the armed militias in Misurata

extending from the front of the complex trusts, all the way into the Ibn Sina hospital.


Was killed, Masoud Ammari, a former soldier in the Libyan city

of Benghazi’s military population. He bore signs of profound torture;

and was found today in the back-woods area.

We also mentions, that he was kidnapped from his ranch days earlier,

in the metropolitan area, east of Sirte.

“I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.”


The arrival of two battalions of the area of Abu Hadi Island. One is from Sabha (of those who follow Brotherhood Melcaat Solomon), and the other, from among the children of Jufrah, very strong, consisting of 50 cars armed, led by Brotherhood Armor-Shields  members who, naturally support Misurata.


Aerial bombardment on the mechanisms of armed militias belonging

to the Roma Libya behind agricultural project south of  Bin Jawad.

25 people dead and wounding 8 as a result of the bombing of 

sites for ‘Roma Libya’ militias in  Bin Jawad.


Columns of Our Army Tabou heading for Sidra to counter attack Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’.



This now is what has become of the once marvelous ‘University Garyounes’ at Benghazi:




Killing terrorists Mahmoud tikka and Abussvian Aaza,

of the Melcaat  Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA).

Have noted a filament booby-trapping their feet under them.


Hftar forces shell artillery al-Thaglah places of  concentration

of Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) in al-Sabri district.

Queues for propane gas cylinder-bottles in the city of Benghazi:

Fall of mortars at a mosque hit by DAASH, during sunset prayers in Benghazi:


Militias ”Tnzim al-Hadh’ (ANSAR al-SHARIA), graduated from Afattaúh area,

towards the Aan Marhllmch-arkh in al-Achaabakat circle there.

One good thing:


The Office of the calculation of the Tzim Daash terrorists Saturday evening,

shut down all shops selling tobacco in the city.

DAASH cigarette burning:





Misurata militias transporting tanks from al-Jufrah camp pleasant Suknh:






The arrival of thousands of rat Brotherhood troops of ‘Dawn Libya’

at the city Barak Chat’ai now ….


Images of a convoy of militia Roma Libya, at the gate Qira beach

(seems that the aerial barbardments by the Libyan airforce, did not even phase them):

and news about their attitude to the new BARAC airbase:


Prevailence of Green youth at Barak Chat’ai:




Drdnal obar:
Scout targeting hotels of Sabha Bakoadf “RPG” during
‘Mayors meeting in the western and southern region’.


Convoy consists of 30 armed vehicles belonging to the militia of Misurata terrorist

battalions, out in the direction of Knight Road to Tripoli.



Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, says:

“The blood of the Arab peoples in the neck Qaradawi.


Al Saud is Baaslah between Egypt and Qatar and put Atfiqih countries

and Qatar apologize for its opposition to the presidency of Sisi.

It is important for the ‘brothers Talaao Baranja’. (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood).

PICTURE: Countries united against the Brotherhood:

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