Juma on the Birth /Death of the Prophet (PBUH)


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi on an early Pilgrimage to Haaj and touching 

the Stone of Kabaltullah:

(SENUSSI is behind him)

Mu'ammar on Pilgrimage to Haaj and touching Umrah


The black-stone (or, also known as “the Stone of Kabaltullah”):


It is located in the southeast corner of the Kaaba , which is located in the centre of the al-Haram mosque in Makkah (MECCA) in Saudi Arabia.
It is an Islamic relic, dating according to Muslim tradition, from the time of Adam and Eve. It fell from the sky to tell Adam and Eve where to build an altar. It has often been described as a meteorite. Muslims believe that the stone was originally pure and sparkling white but she became black because of the human sins.
The altar of Adam and stone reportedly then disappeared during the flood of Noah. According to Tabari (Ta’ ta’rikh, I, 193-194), the Kaaba, yet located in a low background, escapes the flood (Sura LIV – Cor. VI, 6) as well as the sunken black stone: the construction and the black stone are “heard in heaven”. Ibrahim would have then found it on the original site of the altar of Adam during a revelation from the Archangel Gabriel. Ibrahim then ordered his son Ismaël, who was an ancestor of Muhammad, to build a new temple, the Kaaba, to accommodate the stone.
It was placed intact into the wall of the Kaaba by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 605, five years before his first revelation.
The red-haired Egyptian, al-Hakim al’Ubaidi broke it into several fragments, that since have been cemented in a silver frame using silver nails, set into the flank of the Kaaba.
Its appearance is that of a black rock with reddish hues of about 30 cm in diameter whose surface has been polished by the hands of millions of pilgrims.
In imitation of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), people try to reproduce the kiss which the stone received on the part of Muhammad (PBUH). If they can not reach it, pilgrims must then settle to reach right out to the Stone on their seven rotations around the Kaaba.


“Each year, you are safe and happy holiday. I wish you to be Dima good health,

and I wish you happiness Dear Friends.”

 On what I saw the wickedness and Sakh and villainy but God I Marit dirtier and
most despicable and Onzl of slaves Nato..aksm God despite that Israel and the
United States, Britain and France Hakra and Anmal but not like Hadhum..ekproa
for Manl..hovoa Obaid NATO How Akrbua on the presence of foreign ground forces
in Lands Libya
And tells Jbnaha Baltkir
Post and Expose Jermana..ma
science I Arefhm Rihthm Talat for Aalm..any who had to say about Muammar
dictatorial changed directed look after Chave criminality Obaid NATO.

أشراف الجماهيرية العظمي
على ما شفت حقارة و وساخة ونذالة بس والله عمري ماريت اوسخ واحقر وانذل من عبيد الناتو..اقسم بالله بالرغم ان اسرائيل وامريكا وبريطانيا وفرنسا حقراء وانذال بس مش زي هاذوم..يكبروا للمحتل..شوفوا عبيد الناتو كيف يكربوا على وجود القوات البريه الأجنبية في اراضي ليبيا
ويقولك جبناها بالتكير
انشروا وافضحوا الجرذان..مع العلم انا عارفهم ريحتهم طلعت للعالم..حتى اللي كان يقول عن معمر ديكتاتوري تغيرت وجهت نظره بعد ما شاف اجرام عبيد الناتو


Juma’s blessing on the free and Hraar Conqueror:

Blessed Juma on the birth of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) celebrated

on 26 DECEMBER 2014, by the Lunar Caledar.


Picture of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi praying on the Prophets (PBUH) birth in Benghazi:


Those golden Gen. Khamis Gaddafi does not know


لمن لا يعرف الجنرال الذهبي خميس القذافي

Mu and Khamis at same age


al-Fateh al Sisi:

Sisi performs umrah President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi performing the 'umrah' at the Haaj in Saudi Arabia, 2 President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi performing the 'umrah' at the Haaj in Saudi Arabia

In his year of study at the U.S. Army War College in 2006, al-Sisi produced a research paper or brief thesis on his views of Islam and the state. In that paper, al-Sisi declares,


“There is hope for democracy in the Middle East over the long term; however, it may not be a model that follows a Western Template” (sic).

Mu and Sisi

By that, al-Sisi makes plain, he means that Middle Eastern democracy must be based not on secularism, but on Islam, just like the ‘Direct Democracy’ advocated by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi with the “Third Universal Theory” and the Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights (12 June 1988).

Sisi is very impressed with the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ model of Islamic-Democracy. It works...

Egypt’s Strong Man Against Zionism
By Brother Nathanael Kapner

28 January 2014 ©
HE’S SMART, QUIET, LOVED BY HIS PEOPLE… AND an emerging threat to the Zionist program of international Jewry.
With the vast majority of Egyptians approving a new constitution last week, the outcome will surely result in General al-Sisi becoming Egypt’s next popularly-elected president.

A military-backed government is vigorously supported by the Egyptians who applaud the military’s ‘no-choice’ deposing of Morsi last July following mass protests over his rule.

“He’s Egypt’s deGaulle!” proclaims the country’s prime minister, underscoring the people’s hailing al-Sisi as a “saviour” who delivered them from the Muslim Brotherhood.

And in the euphoria of al-Sisi’s presidential prospects Egypt’s stock market is soaring.

The “quiet” al-Sisi—who plays his cards very close to his chest—had some very pointed words for Zionist puppet Obama last August who censored the general for toppling Morsi:

“You turned your back on the Egyptians and they won’t forget that. Now you want to continue turning your back on us?” View Entire Story Here.

This undisguised rebuke against Jewmerica’s Obama foreshadows an anti-Zionist posture by an emerging Egypt in the affairs of the Middle East with the VERY popular al-Sisi at its head.

The backlash against al-Sisi is now in full swing.

It’s called, “The New Sisiphobia,” where just like his Jew masters, Obama ignores the plight of Coptic Christians—(and all Christians worldwide)—but caters to radical Islam, a destabilizing force that furthers Jewry’s agenda of divide and conquer.

Led by by Jew-owned Time Magazine and the UAE’s The National, al-Sisi is belittled as a “new pharaoh” and “unfit” to rule.

But Egypt’s “new pharaoh” is hailed as the “Eagle of the Arabs” in the tradition of Saladin.

The “Eagle of the Arabs” is loved by both Muslims and Christians in Egypt. A devout Muslim himself, yet in pursuing a secular government wherein all minorities are insulated from persecution, al-Sisi has vowed to protect Egyptian Christians.

And strongman al-Sisi with pan-Arabic underpinnings and a recently inked military deal with Russia is making Jewry very nervous indeed.

‘Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s top general, has stern words for the United States.’
03 AUG. 2013 11:00 AM

“You Turned Your Back on the Egyptians”
Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s top general, has stern words for the United States.
By Lally Weymouth:

Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is in ‘power’ in Egypt—but what does he want to do with it?

Photo by Amr Dalsh/Reuters

CAIRO—The following are excerpts from Lally Weymouth’s interview with Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s defense minister, armed forces commander, and deputy prime minister. Excerpts:

Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi: The dilemma between the former president and the people originated from [the Muslim Brotherhood’s] concept of the state, the ideology that they adopted for building a country which is based on restoring the Islamic religious empire.
That’s what made [former President Mohammed Morsi] not a president for all Egyptians, but a president representing his followers and supporters.

Lally Weymouth: When did that become obvious to you?

Sisi: It was obvious on the first day—the day of his inauguration. He started with offending the judiciary and not giving them the appropriate treatment. The Brotherhood experience in ruling a country was very modest—if not absent.
[The army] dealt with the president with all due respect for a president chosen by the Egyptians.

Weymouth: So you were giving the president advice on Ethiopia and the Sinai, for example, and he was ignoring you?

Sisi: We were very keen and predetermined on his success. If we wanted to oppose or not allow them to come to rule Egypt, we would have done things with the elections, as elections used to be rigged in the past. Unfortunately, the former president picked fights with almost all the state institutions. When a president is having conflict with all of these state institutions, the chance of success for such a president is very meager. On the other hand, on his part, the president was trying to call in supporters from religious groups.

Weymouth: From where?

Sisi: They have an international presence in more than 60 countries in the world—the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. The idea that gathers them together is not nationalism, it’s not patriotism, it is not a sense of a country—it is only an ideology that is totally related to the concept of the organization.

Weymouth: The U.S. is very concerned about the sit-ins at Rabaa and Nahdet [two squares in Cairo where the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ has staged sit-ins].

Sisi: We really wonder: Where is the role of the United States and the European Union and all of the other international forces that are interested in the security, safety, and well-being of Egypt? Are the values of freedom and democracy exclusively exercised in your countries but other countries do not have the right to exercise the same values and enjoy the same environment? Have you seen the scores of millions of Egyptians calling for change in Tahrir? What is your response to that?
You left the Egyptians, you turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won’t forget that. Now you want to continue turning your backs on Egyptians? The U.S. interest and the popular will of the Egyptians don’t have to conflict. We always asked the U.S. officials to provide advice to the former president to overcome his problems.

Weymouth: What did the U.S. do?

Sisi: The result is very obvious. Where is the economic support to Egypt from the U.S.? Even throughout the year when the former president was in office—where was the U.S. support to help the country restore its economy and overcome its dire needs?

Sisi: I want to say that the most important achievement in my life is to overcome this circumstance, [to ensure] that we live peacefully, to go on with our road map and to be able to conduct the coming elections without shedding one drop of Egyptian blood.

Sisi: You just can’t believe that there are people who don’t aspire for authority.

Is that you?

Sisi: Yes. It’s the hopes of the people that is ours. And when the people love you—this is the most important thing for me.
The pains and suffering of the people are too many. A lot of people don’t know about the suffering. I am the most aware of the size of the problems in Egypt. That is why I am asking: Where is your support?

Weymouth: Did you feel there would be civil strife if the army didn’t intervene?

Sisi: I expected if we didn’t intervene, it would have turned into a civil war. Four months before he left, I told Morsi the same thing.
What I want you to know and I want the American reader also to know is that this is a free people who rebelled against an unjust political rule, and this free people needs your support.

Weymouth: Aren’t the Americans warning the interim government against any further civil strife or bloodshed?

Sisi: The U.S. administration has a lot leverage and influence with the Muslim Brotherhood and I’d really like the U.S. administration to use this leverage with them to resolve the conflict.
Whoever will clean these squares or resolve these sit-ins will not be the military. There is a civil police and they are assigned to these duties. On the 26th of [July], more than 30 million people went out onto the streets to give me support. These people are waiting for me to do something.

Weymouth: How can you assure the U.S. that you don’t want the military to rule Egypt—that the army wants to go back to its barracks?

Sisi: Mark my words and take me very seriously: The Egyptian military is different from other militaries around the world.

Weymouth: Do you really want to have civilian rule here?

Sisi: Yes, absolutely.

 Wednesday, 23 July 2014
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s decline of President Obama’s invitation to

attend a summit next week in Washington D.C. is the most recent skirmish in U.S.-Egypt relations.
Sisi will not be attending the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.


In 1952, the widespread corruption, led a group of so-called Free Officers to overthrow Egypt’s last king, the feckless Farouk,

and to declare a republic the next year.  It gained massive popularity and created a mythic heroColonel Gamal Abdel-Nasser, the movement’s charismatic leader, himself initially a mystery—and to whom al-Sisi is often compared today.

al-Sisi has begun to flirt with Russia‘s Vladamir Putin, and is known to have neither much affection for the U.S., or patience with Obama’s pro-MB policy.


Sisi and Putin

“Egypt will not be ruled by the MB—which threatens not only the world’s oldest nation, but us all–thanks to this enigmatic character from the heart of Old Cairo: General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.” (QUOTE from Raymond Stock)

People armed forces Starham history in letters of gold …

Congratulations to the martyrs of the Blessed Lord Doém and released all the missing and prisoners of war and heal the wounded and the return of all displaced close to the homeland.

قوات الشعب المسلح سطرهم التاريخ بحروف من ذهب …هنيئآ للشهداء وطوبى لدويهم وربي يفرج على المفقودين وعن جميع الاسرى ويشفي جميع الجرحى و بعودة المهجرين قريبآ الى ارض الوطن
* مناضل العروبة *




Ans Meftah
Malovernm_manmh_jadda / definite piece of information 100%
‘Roma Libya’ forces have identified all the figures Libyana and have the ability to identify a goal and even if the phone is closed and the system of science French.

It Muftrz tribal army forces out of the machine code, or riding in it unless necessary only :::

حمزه ابوخنجر.

Ans Meftah
‫#‏معلومه_مهمه_جداًًً‬ /معلومه اكيدة 100%
قوات غجر ليبيا قد حددت كل ارقام ليبيانا ولها القدره على تحديد اى هدف و حتى ان كان الهاتف مغلق و للعلم هذه المنظومه فرنسيه
المفترظ من قوات جيش القبائل اخراج الشفره من الجهاز ولا يركبها فيه الا للضروره فقط:::





Ooooonaba uncertain after that warplanes had bombed the offender

Akkla Gianni Gneoh (alias el-Mahdi Haratine) camp in Abu Salim.
Assures us of the news by region.



Weapons were impounded at the al-Fateh  University of Tripoli from our Conqueror.


Tripoli, the capital’s hospitals are sending a message to so-called Governor

of the Central Bank of Libya, on bankruptcy and they are not responsible

for what happens.



Clashes between army forces and ‘Roma Libya’ at the center of the corner.


Continued power outages most of the areas in Tripoli.





Killing all of (Mahmoud Hadi Guidara) and (Khalifa Bacouche) and injuries to
(Muhannad Zaki Haron) and (Abdel Fattah al-Shaibani) in clashes on

12/25/2014 at Bir al-Ghanum



Today cited two brothers of the tribe and Rishvana favor of sons
_1 Mohamed
Ibrahim grippy
_2 Abdul Hadi Ibrahim grippy
Stationed axis Bear sheep
south corner
We ask God to have mercy on them and Aghafrlhm Eskinhm and rest
in peace …





Zliten on the Prophet’s (PBUH) Birth 26 DEC 2014:

 unfortunately, Fireworks explosion replace lead to the fall of the three-storey building

on the ‘My family’ and residents Jamal Fathi Ben bright.



MisRATa typical


To them $$$ = POWER
Council of State # Tl_abeb (council of ‘elders and sages and wise’ Misurata

Demands of the ‘Elders and the oil sheikhs’of MISURATA, that the Crescent residents hand

over the fields and harbors peacefully bulls to and for Misurata.

sound of anti-aircraft fire north of Misurata

Two people at a hospital in Misrata:

General exchange of fire between rival militias outside the hospital.





 As a reminder of what was said by Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi:

of Libya before the fall of the abyss:
Lord FAFSA family compelling Brotherhood.

‘Zero hour’, on FB:

When speaking of Dr. Saif al-Islam, Ali Halhi and Qallkm Iaajuan we tribes and clans and Hadi and God only test, and that the oil will burn and Mafeesh Histvid him fairly and Hantqatlo every city Hder spirit state instead Mnbuge hundreds dead Snbuge hundreds of thousands dead

and I do not Anlqo gas and Abenzinh people migrate from Libya because This only strengthened the Libyan oil and destroy ..

and now people she came to this plot intended to bring down the Libya project and the rise of Libya of tomorrow, even if Achtfattm with him

and I did what Bdltamoh ’17 February’ XXX day my son and what did you do Botunkm ..! Which traitors and lie some ..

and Bdltamoh project Free Libya ..

which reap outcome now ..

which was sponsored by a Qatari complete lie about al-Gaddafi, despite the mistakes that were located Asalo yourselves, Yamen laughed upon you the name of freedom where human rights and NATO and the UN Security Council, and the Arab League channel Jawarh Arab, and every of piled into your home in al-2011.

Where are they now ?, and why they moved the time ..

just for the sake of God, for the sake of ..! ..

You Masagtoh system, Wake you shot down the prestige of the state and country, and the wealth of its bounties ..

42 years Ehna Hilanha Ali Arkabna and ready to submit to eliminate ,,

Are you willing to be held accountable for only 4 years ..!

Congratulations to you freedom to the West and freedom of interference NATO.

Commander and Dr. Saif and Shahid Billah Golden Khamis and General Team Abu Bakr Younis and the martyrs of the army and the Libyan people Sancefhm history because they refused to sell their home sooner or later, and days Pena forcibly traitors, many of whom have sold Aotunhm laughing and Itagamzon and a message last each sneaks tell them. As uttered by the Leader and think about the good ..

Where the fathers and grand ..!.

.. As uttered by Dr Saif al-Islam in February 2011 .. remember this speech choise ..!

لما تكلم الدكتور سيف الاسلام علي هالشي وقاللكم يااخوان نحن قبائل وعشائر وهادي والله الا فتنه وان النفط سيحرق ومفيش حد حيستفيد منه وحنتقاتلو وكل مدينه حدير روحها دوله وبدل منبكي علي مئات القتلي سنبكي علي مئات الالاف من القتلي وان مش حتلقو غاز ولابنزينه والناس ستهاجر من ليبيا لان هذا النفط قوت الليبين الوحيد وسيدمر.. والان الناس افاقت لهذه المؤامره التي المراد منها اسقاط مشروع ليبيا ونهضه ليبيا الغد حتي وان اختلفتم معه ولاكن بماذا بدلتموه اليوم يابني فبراير اللعينه وماذا فعلتم بوطنكم ..! والذي خونه وكذبه البعض .. وبدلتموه بمشروع ليبيا الحره .. التي تحصدون نتيجتها الان .. والتي كانت برعايه قطريه كامله واكذوبة كتائب القذافي رغم الاخطاء التي كانت واقعه اسألو انفسكم يامن ضحكوا عليكم بأسم الحريه اين حقوق الانسان والنيتو ومجلس الامن والجامعه العربيه وقناه الجويره والعربيه وكل من تكالب علي وطنكم في الـ2011 اين هم الأن ولماذا تحركوا وقتها فقط .. لمصلحة من بالله لمصلحة من ..! .. انتم ماسقطوش نظام افيقـوا انتم اسقطوا دوله وهيبة دوله وخيرات وثروات دوله ..42 سنه احنا شايلينها علي ارقابنا ومستعدين للتقديم للقضاء ,, هل انتم مستعدين للمحاسبه علي 4 سنوات فقط ..! مبروك عليكم حريه الغرب وحريه تدخل لحلف الاطلسي والقائد والدكتور سيف والشهيد المعتصم بالله والجنرال الذهبي خميس والفريق ابوبكر يونس وشهداء الجيش والشعب الليبي سينصفهم التاريخ لأنهم رفضوا بيع وطنهم عاجلا او اجلا والأيام بينا غصبا عن الخونه الذبن باعوا اوطنهم وهم يضحكون ويتغامزون ورساله اخيره لكل الخونه اقول لهم كما قالها القائد وفكروا فيها جيدا .. اين كان ابأئكم واجدادكم ..!. .. وكما قالها الدكتور سيف الاسلام في فبراير 2011 .. تـــذكروا الكـــلام هـذا كــويــس ..!

The fire spread to the tank No. 3 in the port of Sidra:

Sidra Oil Tank last burning 26 DEC. 2014



Image student kidnapped (Hana Ali adequate) from school.
Lord attribute it to the safety of her family.

Girl grabs Natdr for Decker her name and her family from the University of Sirte

yesterday and so far does not have information about them.

 Sirte University announces the continuation of the study naturally and Sunday 12/28/2014 is on a normal university, and that the ongoing examinations by tables set of colleges, Wi-stop or postpone the exams will be announced by the official channels of the University.
University Registrar General Management


 Libyan airforce Warplanes targeted bulldozers loaded with ammunition

and weapons were destined to the shores of the Bin Jawad coming from Misurata.

Escape Melcaat Misurata on the outskirts of Bin Jawad





DAASH sets fire to LADIES perfume shops:


The bombing of perfume shop next to the clinic orchards in the city of Ajdabiya:

see figure of an angel as fire (L’ange de feu), v



Violent clashes behind the advantages Mall (pasta factory) between

the Hftar Army forces and Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA).

Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in Benghazi.


Shewaikhat and aspiring street market on behalf of ‘hashish’ (drugs) in Benghazi:

Shewaikhat and aspiring street market, destruction by DAASH:

Are untrue to the news of control militias Dawn Libya on

the ‘Thunderbolt Special Forces headquarters of the 204 battalion of tanks’

in Benghazi and promotes rumors ..

One in 17 February Towers
al-Aguib street in the center of Benghazi

Fawzi al-Rubaie, the terrorist leader of the al-Qaeda threatens the people of Benghazi

with slaughter and cut Alras and house demolitions.



Intensification of fighting in the center of alSabri.

Terrorist (Yahya Almqsba), one of the leaders of the  Tnzim al-Hadh
(ANSAR al-SHARIA) in al-Sabri was killed.


Fierce battles and the war in the streets shortly before al-Sabri and  Souk al-Ihut.



Intensification of fighting in the center of  Laithi.

Laithi clashes in the area (by the river) and in the side streets to al-Madiat Island Hijaz Street.

This has elements Melcaat of Daash fired several mortar shells at some residential areas.

We apologize for the ugliness of the pictures
Youth housing area they find a lump on the head were slaughtered

and separated his head from his body by organization Melcaat of  Daash

Laithi at a crossroads in the city of Benghazi in the morning.



Daash organize elements in the city of Derna will distribute

the Egyptian workers in the Islamic Cards arteriolar Ahdo including Islam ..

important yesterday their faces and Qalolhm either

Tbaaawa Yemeni Prince nor Trohawwa to Egypt.

عناصر تنظيم ‫#‏داعش‬ في مدينة ‫#‏درنْةْ‬ يوزعون على العمالة المصرية في كروتْ اسلاميةْ يـ شرينْي يهدو فيهمْ للاسلامْ .. المُهِمْ أمـٍس جوهمْ و قالولهمْ اِمــا تبايعوا الاميــر اليمنْي ولا تروحوا لمصــر

* مناضل العروبة *


Shortly before the exit DAASH convoy consisting of 16 armed vehicles from the

city Derna led by the so-called (Salem Barrani) and the terrorist (Salem Derby)
convoy passed by the largest single area in the direction of Ras al-Hilal.


Marine Base Tobruk

Libyan marine base is holding the ship at sea coming from Turkey and destination port of Misurata, which is ‘holding 450’ and the container will be inspected within Tobruk Naval Base.






Exposed the ancient citadel in the city of Ubari (in the south of Libya)

to the mass grave Ntgah.

clashes circle there.


Aircraft called ‘Osttalaa’ of the French, penetrate the atmosphere of the south of Libya.





Aiith militia force in one of the gates leading to Sabha, combing and searching.

citizens please caution.


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