Mu serious


Billah kisses the hand of his father Mu

Dr. Billah kisses the hand of his father, Mu’ammar at Sirte airfield.

 Billah at a wargun:

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami ..

FRAPER shame bared to all, in front of the Libyan 12/27/2014

نداء ليبيا .. د/ حمزة التهامي .. فبرابر العار تعرت أمام جميع الليبيين 27-12-2014


Innocence of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. Publishing USGA range

 Banner of splendor and dignity:





 The Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals to drop out

under the pretext of prisoners from jails on 19/2/2011 and considered Harbin.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB, reposts:


Important and dangerous …. destructive force Philadelphia for sale !!!!!!
The US government is seeking with the parties held liable for the Libyan Government of shame in Libya for sarees at the top of the red brigades (valid devastating Philadelphia) .. and at this time is not surprising that it is sold at the time of treason became the currency popular today and the National displayed in the market to the highest bidder. .
And those who do not know this story are applicable:
Story sari .. !!
The United States sent in July 1801 a fleet of war fleet of destroyers known instances in my name Ledge «Preezadnt» and «Philadelphia», each with four and forty guns Travgahma warships two and thirty cannon .. The US president to issue orders to the fleet in the Mediterranean to impose siege the port of Tripoli in 1803 and the bombing of the city of Tripoli with guns.

On 31 October 1803 Libyan navy managed to capture of the frigate (destroyer) Philadelphia, sailed by sailors Libyans to the port of Tripoli and carrying 308 sailors Americans surrendered all and led by its commander, Captain Bainbridge Bainbridge ..

and when the Americans inability to recover the ship slipped her and they blasting them Even booty do not become in the hands of the Libyans. Philadelphia ship accident has been a powerful incentive to the United States to establish a strong interest in ‘freedom of speech’ taken Tripoli anthem echoed her soldiers every morning (“…to the shores of TRIPOLI”)..

And this war was called a war four years, and the reason for this war that the Libyan Navy at that time was controlled on the Mediterranean and in the attacking third of cities under her Kskulaih and Genoa and other Italian cities and French while she was staying excellent relations with other cities and was Kvenesea those of others cities subject Libyan forces attacking them

and change them to be asked for help from America and what happened happened, and all of this was during the reign of the Ottoman Empire ….

And still valid devastating Philadelphia exist above the castle red brigades in Tripoli until this day.
How we greats and was Ikhava world … !!

atop of the Red Castle in Tripoli, is Mast of the Yankee Clipper ‘Philadelphia’

هام وخطير …. سارية المدمرة فيلادلفيا للبيع !!!!!!
تسعى الحكومة الامريكية مع أطراف مسؤوله ليبية من حكومة العار بليبيا للحصول على الساري الموجود اعلى السرايا الحمراء ( سارية المدمرة فيلادلفيا ) .. و في هذا الوقت ليس مستغرباً أن يباع فى زمن أصبحت الخيانة هي العملة الرائجة اليوم و الوطنية معروضه في السوق لمن يدفع أكثر ..
و لمن لا يعرف قصة الساري هذه هي :
قصة الساري ..!!

أرسلت الولايات المتحدة في يوليو 1801 أسطولا حربيا مكونا من مدمرتين معروفتين باسمي وليدج «بريزيدنت» و «فيلادلفيا»، كل منهما مزودة بأربعة و أربعين مدفعا ترافقهما سفينتان حربيتان بأثنين و ثلاثين مدفعا .. قام الرئيس الامريكي بإصدار الاوامر إلى اسطوله في البحر المتوسط بفرض الحصار على ميناء طرابلس عام 1803 و قصف مدينة طرابلس بالمدافع .
في 31 أكتوبر 1803 تمكنت البحرية الليبية من اسر الفرقاطة (المدمرة) فيلادلفيا وأبحر بها البحارة الليبيون إلى ميناء طرابلس و على متنها 308 بحارة اميركيين استسلموا جميعا و على رأسهم قائدها الكابتن بينبريدج Bainbridge .. و عندما عجز الأمريكيون عن استرداد هذه السفينة تسللوا إليها وقاموا بنسفها حتى لا تصبح غنيمة في أيدي الليبيين . وقد شكل حادث السفينة فيلادلفيا حافزا قويا للولايات المتحدة للاهتمام بتأسيس بحرية قوية اتخذت كلمة طرابلس نشيدا لها يردده جنودها صباح كل يوم..
و سميت هذه الحرب بحرب السنوات الأربعة و سبب هذه الحرب أن القوات البحرية الليبية في ذلك الوقت كانت تسيطر على البحر المتوسط و تهاجم في المدن الغير خاضعة لها كصقلية و جنوا و مدن أخرى ايطالية و فرنسية بينما كانت تقيم علاقات ممتازة مع مدن أخرى كفينيسيا و كانت تلك المدن الغير خاضعة لهم تهاجمها القوات الليبية و تغير عليها الى أن طلبت المساعدة من أمريكا و حصل ما حصل و كل هذا كان في عهد الدولة العثمانية ….
و لازالت سارية المدمرة فيلادلفيا موجودة فوق قلعة السرايا الحمراء بطرابلس حتى يومنا هذا .
كم كنا عظماء و كان يخافنا العالم …!!

Italian Foreign Minister: If any solution in Libya is required, military intervention

to resolve the crisis will not happen.

Salah Badi: If the West intervenes in Libya, we will resolve formations.

‘Dawn Libya’ will fight the West along with al-Qaida and Daash,

who are truly present in Libya.


One shiny belongs to the family of Salah Badi:
He vows to enter Tobruk and hang a picture

Abdul Rahman Sowaihailli of MB MISURATAI

and say the war is now beginning to express.


Children under the plight of terrorist gangs of the ’17 February’:



Taemez (British newspaper): The time has come to Obama’s intervention in Libya:





reopening of Tripoli Airport by the AMIR OF QATAR, 28 DEC. 2014

After the destruction of a swarm king of the Libyan state aircraft is estimated at two billion dollars, at Tripoli airport by ‘Roma Libya’

represented Jews in Misratah and softening in cooperation with the fighters

and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ..

Cherkh al-Ajnhh belongs to the terrorist Abdul Hakim Belhaj

The Amir of Qatar announces the opening and began flights to and from Libya.

This section Atafrjo I wish him and the group Qaswarah Icolo what Fish Daash in Tripoli

still Zeido

Aiduhm God to begin cutting Dickey Tripoli

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

هذا المقطع ياريت يتفرجو عليه جماعة قسورة ويقولو ما فيش داعش في طرابلس ومازال زيدو ايدوهم والله لما يبدا قطع الروؤس بطرابلس


Power outages in the criminal courtroom Tripoli during

the trial of some of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya elements session.
Lord FAFSA their families is an urgent order.


Ambulance aircraft did not stop today and yesterday.

 Alert for terrorist gangs Mitigua base and deployment of anti-aircraft vehicles around the base.


Was told by the sound of shooting and explosions in Janzour and the OS.






Hftar Brigade and Colonel Idriss material is ‘Room Western Region Operations’, now.

In a short while, we will touch with Captain Ayad explaining events in the recent Western Region.

Process volcano – led by the national army:

the arrival of vertical planes (helicopters)  to participate in the battles

against the Kharijites and the terrorists in the western region.

Libyan airforce helicopter fleet


 Strong clashes now saffron South Region of Ajeelat.


‘Roma Libya operations room’ asking the Brotherhood leaders of the axes,

to enter the Wattayah airbase and resolve the battle within 48 hours !!!





 UNO mission condemns attacks on Misrata !!! urges
Take courageous steps to stop the violence …. !!!!!



 did to TRIPOLI, RISHVANA, AJEELAT, BEAUTIFUL CITY, etc.etc.etc..???.)

The moment of the bombing sites in the city Masrath 28/12/2014


Immediately after the aerial bombardment of the city of Misrata,

Leon Bernardino, rat named UN envoy to Libya, heads to Istanbul, Turkey Airport.

Guenah al-Lenbh:
Fall 15 aggressor aircraft in the sky of Misrata 0.10 aircraft including Egyptian

and 5 United Arab Emirates, according to the official of the Air Defense authorization.
(Do not know the image Ffucob not subject in the Afghan hashish)

 Targeted the airport and the Air Force Academy Misurata and warplanes still fly over the sky of the city with anti-aircraft hearing voices that are trying to target the planes.

If you recall, The Libyan Army and Tobruk government asked the people in the  to-be targted areas to leave, for their safety:

To the citizens of the darlings in the city of Misrata to please move away from armed gangs and rebel positions.

Report need to be competent authorities if found Dkhaúr stored near you.
All citizens must prevent armed groups from the storage of arms and al-Dkhirh in markets, _ _ schools and places of private homes and farms.
Alerts If you live anywhere near a military gathering. Leave (at once, please) the windows open.
Cooperating with my brother citizen army reflects the patriotism and love for your country.
(Libyan Army)


Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi

Asks all civilians in Misrata lack of presence or approach of military sites the city is,

they are a legitimate target for the Libyan army and air force.
I hope publishing on a larger scale to keep them safe.
Misurata gangs Coriaria prevented the people of the targeted areas,

of displacement by ‘Brotherhood militias force of arms’.

Clashes between militias of Misrata and the people who reject the transfer of weapons and stored inside the houses and farms and killing of young, Following the clashes.

Injuries indirect and could not have been incurred by Libyan airforce warplanes

on adjacent sites near the ‘iron and steel factory’ of Misurata.

Menkowoowoowowol The militias Masrath targeted civilian homes

adjacent to MISURATA airport to stick the crime onto

Libyan Army aviation leaders !!!!
Renew strikes warplanes on Misurata port .

ALSO aerial bombardment on the militia in the city of Hittin,  Misurata.

Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi:

Air Force change targets in Misurata, to include al-Klah Jawah.

Libyan Air Force targets included Misurata Air Base and

Camp Air Force Academy (known now, by Misuratans, as the ‘WAR COLLEGE’)

in the city this morning …

and the plane, which had the mission, returned to base safely.

(The Turkish warplanes were totally averted.)

Military College in Misurata bombed:

Killed a field commander in ‘the militia Jerusalem Qadisiyah’ Inventory,

Ahmed Thuhayba, in the bombardment of the Air Force Academy today:

New Air Force raids on guerrilla positions and rebels in Misrata.

Of a Liberal “eyewitness” within the city of Misratah,

the Airforce’s Warplanes targeted in the initial hit the airport,

but the bombing was on the tarmac only,

and there was no material damage (does not remember any),

and the second air strike was targeted the ‘College Square’,

near the site of the  “iron and steel factory” and there is no damage to remember.

 ‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs us:

Did you know that the support center for the armed groups and extremist groups in Libya is Misrata?

All military targets inside Misrata under surveillance and was taken it coordinates so that Christauloa transfer other places such as schools and civilian places; and will be followed by the school or the plant manager or director of any director Civilian Mússh responsible for storing Dkhirh or weapon or terrorist elements of Daoacho to nationals.

This, hopefully, will prevent such acts; and, will be bombed and only damages and losses incurred from approved all placed inside Civilian places.

Renewed bombing by Libyan airforce warplanes of

sites of the terrorist gangs by the airport and the port of Misurata.

Air Force Academy (WAR COLLEGE, as Misratans call it ):
holes in the wall of Tl_abeb (MISURATA), after air strikes:


Landing of passengers (terrorists)  on board a Turkish Flyer

supposed to proceed from Istanbul to Misurata after

LIBYAN AIRFORCE warplanes bombed the MISURATA airport.

Ondhar Ondhar pages Misrata, said flight that hit Misrata: 

F16 Mesh Air Hftar 0_o chills Aahabibty and salvation.

Misurata to reach them and to move the fire bombed two ordinary people.

Jardan Masrath describe the demonstrations as a form of jihad:




After what Rto Kikla This is a message to all who stand with Misrata militias
What Aarafo but their city sales means they have a quarter of a penny:

From our sources
Has yesterday on 27/12/2014 negotiations between Misurata gangs and ‘sheikhs tribe Lamamra’ on the abduction of two elements belonging to gangs Misurata in the metropolitan area, and notables metropolitan demanding disclosure of the killers of the soldier, “Massoud Juma Al-Amari,”

my father was kidnapped in metropolitan found Jtth in the area of ​​17 west of Sirte, then every incident .. and Misurata gangs threaten and vow to punish collectively the tribe.


Wrench cell ..
I asked my age restriction …….
A likeable you …….. Tiger
 enthralled summit glories …
FCS him …….. Tatmr
 called Fjrk Villains
Worshiped …….. Lilac cliques
And hanged. Endowed your palm trees
…… Greco eat fruit
And expels Gabk .. Alasad
.. Wear your crown. Reds
Shouted families … oh boy
Let the cuffs …. Umrah
… Let the bars taboo
And seeks ….. including the Moon
… In the HIPC throats
And under your tongue …. embers
Zirk …. in Mhgerna
Pouring on the ears ….
Vtqzva … Quarries
And puffing all of landfill …..

May Allah free him and all our prisoners ..
Song of Asaad al-Orac
وجع الزنزانة ..
سألت القيد ……. يا عمرُ
أ منك …….. يُكبّل النمرُ
آ تأسر … قمة الأمجاد
منهُ السفحَ …….. تؤتمرُ
آ يطلق فجرُك الأوغاد
يعبد …….. ليلكَ الزُمرُ
و يشنق . نَخلُكَ الأفذاذ
يأكل …… غِرّكَ الثمرُ
و يطرد غابك .. الآساد
تُلبس .. تاجك . الحُمرُ
فصاح الأسر … يا ولدِ
دع الأصفاد …. تعتمرُ
دع … القضبان مُحرمةً
و يسعى ….. بينها القمرُ
لهيبك … في حناجرنا
و تحت …. لسانك الجمرُ
زئيرك …. في مُهجِرنا
على الأسماع …. ينهمرُ
فتقذفنا … محاجرنا
و يُنفث كل من ….. طُمرُ
فك الله أسره و كل أسرانا..
كلمات #اسعد_الوراق
* مناضل العروبة

Bmlishea leadership Misrata Inventory, Mohsen Akhuedm


asked an advisory opinion from what he described as Palmhaúkh

to allow him to ‘kill all of those who support the dignity process

(so that he could end the Kano civilians).







Libya militias Roma renewed shelling on the port of Sidra !!!

Just Misurata
Sidra events today ..
DLF Qowooa Btaiarat (MIG and helicopters) were martyred

soon I think all three of Misrata raids ..
Very very very intense us.

 UN condemns attack on Crescent oil
(Oil have the most expensive of the bloodshed in Libya)



vidéo de ‎شركة الواحة حقل الظهرة Waha Oil Company Dahra Field‎.

فيديو من داخل مجمع خزانات ميناء السدرة النفطي:
والا يحتاج لدليل حتى هو!!!

ابن الجنوب الصامد

The fire extinguishing oil tanks in 4 out of 7 in the Port of Sidra.

Akerrou size al-Karth that brought us where Melcaat Misurata
al-Tair spears those who did not realize the magnitude of the

disaster that now occur port of Sidra:

The number of tanks in the port of Sidra: 18 reservoirs
Number of reservoirs filled: 15 reservoirs
Each tank capacity: million barrels
Per tank and the costs of the price of its inception: to less than half a million dollars for each tank, facilities and Mnzawmath
The current oil price of a barrel
The value of the existing oil tanks filled: 15 million barrels hit 60 = nine hundred million dollars …..
Reservoirs same value: million.

The length of time needed to build new reservoirs in the same previous capacities:

at least a year from the date of this day, if the war stopped today.
Deprive the country from the sale of this quantity of oil for the entire year.
The value of the missing amounts throughout the year: 365 X amount could be pumped daily from the port of Sidra X station hit the price of a barrel = 365X 400000 X 60 = 8,760,000,000
That any amounts lost all Libyans throughout the year will be: approximately billion
Direct losses and the total will be only approximately billion ….

In addition, Masaada him from the effects of environmental disasters and disease ….
Is there Maistojb this ….
Is there Meiberr this?

Is this after finding al-Mrgevon Meiberron by this heinous crime? …….

I invite my brothers to publish these numbers to know the Libyans who is the real enemy?

Who is destroying their country and for the benefit of?

اقرو حجم الكارته التي ادخلتنا فيها ملشيات مصراته

الرماح التيــــــــــــــــــــــــر
لمن لم يدرك حجم الكارثة التي تحدث الآن بميناء السدرة:
عدد الخزانات في ميناء السدرة: 18 خزانا
عدد الخزانات الممتلئة: 15 خزانا
سعة كل خزان : مليون برميل
سعر الخزان الواحد وتكاليف إنشائه: لاتقل عن نصف مليون دولار لكل خزان ومرافقه ومنظوماته
سعر النفط الحالي : 60 دولار للبرميل
قيمة النفط الموجود بالخزانات الممتلئه: 15 مليون برميل ضرب 60 = تسع مائة مليون دولار …..
قيمة الخزانات نفسها: 10 مليون دولار.
المدة الزمنية اللازمة لبناء خزانات جديدة بنفس السعات السابقة: على الأقل سنة من تاريخ هذا اليوم إذا توقفت الحرب اليوم
ستحرم البلاد من بيع هذه الكمية من النفط لمدة سنة كاملة .
قيمة المبالغ المفقودة طيلة السنة: 365 X الكمية الممكن ضخها يوميا من محطة ميناء السدرة X ضرب سعر البرميل =365X 400000 X 60 = 8,760,000,000
اي ان المبالغ الضائعة عن الليبيين لطيلة سنة ستكون : مايقارب من 9 مليار دولار
وأجمالي الخسائر المباشرة فقط سيكون مايقارب من 10 مليار دولار….
يضاف الى ذلك ماسيؤدي اليه ذلك من تأثيرات وكوارث بيئية وامراض …. فهل هناك مايستوجب هذا …. وهل هناك مايبرر هذا؟ وهل بعد هذا يجد المرجفون مايبررون به هذه الجريمة النكراء ؟ ……. ادعوكم اخوتي الى نشر هذه الأرقام ليعلم الليبيون من هو عدوهم الحقيقي ؟ من الذي يدمر بلادهم ولمصلحة من ؟


al-Mdjaok field commander for the seventh band
Ihaspu Msheethm oil fields picnic:

Criminals burn

The men turn off their

A tribute to the men of the civil defense and struggling to put out the fires, oil tanks.

God bless them yes there is a difference between those who destroys It,

and those who help to build.

 Extinguish 4 tanks of 7 whole tracked efforts Resume civil defense Sidra area

and do not need the West.
Thank civil defense Libyan ... God ask you to safety.





 Aerial bombardment on the steam plant.

Youth tribe Furjan than 30 area west of Sirte

set fire to the headquarters of the gate and housing for station Sirte steam.


Group of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ storm Pool Halls

and Acadqo Sirte building and expel the staff and seizes it.

Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) occupies hall and Akedoqgua

and want to expel Modfaha Hall headquarters them.

Minutes after the occupation of Aoukadouko halls, by Brotherhood 

spoilers on the ground (In the city of Sirte), they have turned them

into what you will see in these pictures.

PICTURE: occupation of Aoukadouko halls, by Brotherhood Militias from MISURATA

 Militias  Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) using ground-store hall and Acadouko

to store weapons and ammunition.

Sirte’s Aoukadouko halls now occupied by MISURATA Brotherhood militia:

the terrorists who seized the hall and Kadouko today.


The spread of militias Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) into the halls complex and Acadouko:

Ooooooonaba is uncertain after the injury invitee (Omar Hassi) yesterday to visit him

in the city of Sirte after the bombing on a convoy escort of his. Wounding named Omar Hassi seriously injured in the air strike on a convoy on Sunday evening in Sirte
He is now in intensive care, one of the clinics Istanbul.

Omar Hassi, leader of the gang pack

The arrival of the dead and wounded from the militia Meimsy “Roma Libya”

to the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte and transferred to Misurata after being targeted

by Libyan airforce warplanes area Bin Jawad.

 The arrival of 5 cases of militias Roma Libya to the Ibn Sina hospital in the city of Sirte.

3 wounded, 2 dead.

Ambulance plane landing at the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte

wounded laden Roma Libya gangs of Front of  Bin Jawad.




Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ Coriaria Campoa,

the industrial area, near the river in Bin Jawad.

Killed seven members of the employees of the militia ‘Roma Libya’,

including, Dr. Abdul-aziz Acinus from the city of Misrata,

killed in air strikes south of the big break in Bin Jawad.

More than 14 cadaver gangs terrorist bombing of MISURATI in Bin Jawad in

one location. A hushed from ‘sunrise militia’ leaders to the people concerning their Dead.

Prime Athadthoar Misrata lifter al-Djaaba at Bin Jawad Front:


Smoke safes that catch fire reached Brega, and after showering,

but found that the Airport was contaminated impact on buildings,

and cars…

and crude oil containments are categorized by many of the

carcenogen-materials and toxic elements.



The ‘Red Valley Chamber of operations’ gave militias ‘Roma Libya’ 72 hours to pull out before targeting the fuel tanks in the city of Misrata, and bombing them just like the reservoirs in Tripoli and Sidra, and between this and that is the destruction of the capabilities of the Libyan people.

 al-BIAR (BYER):

I am God and to Him we shall return
Was found on the citizen (Imad Hamad Ali Bouras Warfali) dead

in Biar mention that he was kidnapped on Thursday 23_12_2014




Libyan airforce Warplanes in the sky over Ajdabiya.


Terrorist (Mahmoud Ghwell) and spy for  Zahawi of DAASH and confidant of his,

was killed today by Libyan Army forces under Hftar.

The killing of the terrorist, Salem Faitouri Azaw of the ‘Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA):

Violent clashes between Hftar forces and ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ in areas al-Sabri and Laithi.

ONCE al-SABRI had a beautiful meeting Hall for the Basic People’s Congresses.

Now everything in al-Sabri is rubble.






Jardan Misurata Istnjdon (join) the DAASH Olahabiy organization in the city of Derna.

جردان مصراطة يستنجدون بتنظيم ‫#‏داعش‬ ألاهابي في مدينة درنة


Announced that the Mujahideen Shura Council of tuber called control

of the gate Valley Bodhak, and defeat the Libyan Army to the south region.



Medical Director of Tobruk confirms the death of a woman suspected to be infected by unknown virus Director of Tobruk Medical Center Faraj SMN said, on Sunday, and the death of a woman at the age of 65 years and a fourth case is suspected that she had the same virus is not known.

SMN added that the lady was complaining of heart disease, but the rays showed some inflammation in the lung, pointing out that this lady relationship with the patient about the existing Department of isolation and doubted that it carries the same disease.

Director of the Center confirmed that the patient is still currently Department of isolation after the Egyptian government refused to receive him after he knew that it carries a dangerous virus.

SMN explained that today will be a sample of the patient is sent to Tunisia to see the disease, which is suspected of having bird flu.

Referred to the city of Tobruk, witnessed the death of three people the past two days as a result of injury unknown virus suspected of being a “bird flu” virus.

National Center for Disease Control held an emergency meeting after the emergence of cases of infection (H1N1) National Center for Disease Control held an emergency meeting after the emergence of cases of the virus (H1N1)
122 Show Monday 29 December 2014 last update: Monday 29 December 2014 – 8:15 AM
Rusaifa news -akdt technical committee to follow up pandemics National Center for Disease Control an emergency meeting at the headquarters of the Center on Sunday, during which they study the current situation with regard to the emergence of cases of severe pneumonia, was found registration number (10) cases of acute her pneumonia same common symptoms which ” cough – fever – phlegm accompanied by blood – acute respiratory failure, “died, including 5 cases were as follows: –

Tripoli Medical Center ((two cases of Moatntan pregnant women in their thirties and one of them ‘proved experimentally infected’ with H1N1 and Asalta subsurface artificial respiration superior care – the third case of the young man in his forties is still in the intensive care waiting for lab results – the fourth case of a young man in his thirties died and proven results lab, was diagnosed with flu type A – A fifth case of a young man in the thirties still receiving treatment in the intensive care unit and in waiting for the results Alhaleil – sixth case for citizenship holder of the same symptoms have been converted from the Tripoli Medical Center to Asabieh Hospital and died at the hospital))

Cases city of Tobruk ((registered 4 cases with the same symptoms of whom died three patients, two of them brothers aged 28 and 40 years died, and did not sample taken of them – the second case, Feb died in Egypt and there is no sufficient information about the patient and the fourth case, it is a laboratory technician is still under care.

Through the presentation of these cases, the Committee emphasizes that the current situation does not constitute an outbreak in accordance with current data and began to communicate with the hospitals to be prepared for any emergency.

المركز الوطني لمكافحة الامراض يعقد أجتماعاً طارئاً بعد ظهور حالات أصابة بفيروس (H1N1)

أخر تحديث : Monday 29 December 2014 – 8:15 AM

المركز الوطني لمكافحة الامراض يعقد أجتماعاً طارئاً بعد ظهور حالات أصابة بفيروس (H1N1)
الرصيفة الأخبارية -عقدت اللجنة الفنية لمتابعة الجوائح بالمركز الوطني لمكافحة الامراض إجتماعاً طارئاً بمقر المركز يوم الاحد، تم خلاله دراسة الوضع الحالي فيما يخص ظهور حالات التهاب رئوي حاد حيث تبين تسجيل عدد (( 10 )) حالات بالالتهاب الرئوي الحاد لها نفس الاعراض المشتركة وهي ” سعال – حرارة – بلغم مصحوب بدم – فشل حاد في الجهاز التنفسي ” توفيت منها 5 حالات وكانت على النحو التالي :-

مركز طرابلس الطبي (( حالتان لمواطنتان حوامل في الثلاثينات من العمر واحدة منهم أثبتت معملياً اصابتها بفيروس H1N1 ولازالتا التحت التنفس الاصطناعي بالعناية الفائقة – الحالة الثالثة لشاب في الاربعينات لازال في العناية الفائقة في انتظار نتائج المعمل – الحالة الرابعة لشاب في الثلاثينات من العمر توفى وأثبت نتائج المعمل على أنه مصاب بأنفلونزا نوع أ – A الحالة الخامسة لشاب في الثلاثينات لايزال يتلقى العلاج في العناية الفائقة وفي انتظار نتائج الحاليل – الحالة السادسة لمواطنة حامل تحمل نفس الاعراض تم تحويلها من مركز طرابلس الطبي الى مستشفى اسبيعة وتوفيت بالمستشفى ))

حالات مدينة طبرق (( سجلت 4 حالات بنفس الأعراض توفى منهم 3 مرضى أثنان منهم أشقاء أعمارهم 28 و 40 عاماً توفيا ولم تؤخذ منهما عينة – الحالة الثانية شب توفى في مصر ولاتوجد معلومات كافية عن المريض أما الحالة الرابعة فهي لفني مختبرات لايزال تحت العناية

ومن خلال عرض هذه الحالات تؤكد اللجنة بأن الوضع الحالي لايشكل وباءاً وفق المعطيات الحالية وباشرت في التواصل مع المستشفيات للاستعداد لأي طارئ .


 Salem Hassi Prime Astbart Roma Libya turns himself in to the authorities of the Libyan TOBRUK:




News talking about the assassination of Colonel “Mohamed Ghaly Altariqy”

charge to a municipal guards Ubari,

by a sniper bullet in front of his house; and thought that the reason for his assassination Tsrhath against supporters of the right militias affiliated to the ‘Dawn Libya’ group.حياتك-تهمنا-الحرس-البلدي-بالجنوب




We received Ooooooanaba that French troops with some Chadian forces penetrated more than 100 kilometers and took control of the paint Murzuq Asahrao.



A failed attempt to steal the Commercial Bank branch Barak today
Permission from a staff in Commercial Bank Barak Branch said
we four o’clock this morning Contact us one of the guards told us there are voices cracking within the Treasury

and I can not output for fear of shooting random and from then contact

has been coordinating with all staff bank Messaging and attendance were contacted

by so-called Directorate for Security and clash occurred machine gun.

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