A Blessing and Hope for the New Year 2015




(‘Brigade al-Mgarhh a scapegoat for the country’), posts:

Hey assigned in Arbatash ….
Aakecash did not ….
Single Ghabash ….
Who are you from Ahdash assigned …. ….
Assigned Mrbuha Aaam ….
And say the days ….
Nakba Ardjahm arrows ….
Elly their absence much exactly ….
And where Agchash …. and Zaidha state bastards ….. assigned ….
Say assigned land with you …. …. except you who bust years after Hiak ….
Trust in Allah willing, your Lord ….
Leszek gauze …. heroine fifth year Tash ….
Assigned ….
Assigned Aaam division ….
With Altroyn with demolition ….
With Alchtim with Darkening ….
With dispersion with Altkhmam ….
Balash and pocket ….
Good Elly Argith Madjah ….
Assigned …
Allah willing, in 2015 the best year for you and your loved ones all Arab faithful…

(Our Commander)

توكل يا عام اربعطاش ….
ولم اقشاش ….
وحيد غباش ….
اللي حالك من عام احداش …. توكل ….
توكل مربوحه ياعام ….
وقل ايام ….
النكبه وارجعهم الازلام ….
اللي غيبتهم موش تمام ….
وفيها إغشاش …. وزايدها دولة الاوباش ….. توكل ….
توكل برا قل معاك …. اللي سواك …. اعطب الاعوام بعد هضاك ….
توكل بإذن الله مولاك ….
يجيك بشاش …. بطلة عام الخامس طاش ….
توكل ….
توكل ياعام التقسيم ….
مع التروين مع التهديم ….
مع التشتيم مع التظليم ….
مع التشتيت مع التخميم ….
وجيب بلاش ….
الخير اللي ارجيته ماجاش ….
توكل …
ان شاء الله سنة 2015 سنة خير عليك وعلي كل أحبابك يارب.فداء#القائد


‘Black Libyan Resistance’, writes:
“New Year overlooking us by you, me peace and love,

and as long as you are in good health and wellness, Leader.

And what our principle and Lena.

We are staying at the time of the men until the green flag fluttering again

Oh God, make this country safe reassuring … .

Allah save the country and the people … Amen.

 Ajaned Libya, writes:

I often say, ‘our actions depend on our way to read the story’. If you read the story in the direction of those who claim to be the “masters of the world”, then your judgment will be oriented in the direction of what they tell you.

This is why, for example, some Africans, feeding with CNN, France 24 and Radio-Canada, still treat Muammar al-Qathafi, “terrorist”, “crazy”, “dictator” and whatever. Few Africans really know the story of this man, one of the largest, not to say the greatest political leader, that the world has known.

For example, how many Africans know that al-Qathafi’s Libya invested more in Africa than all the Western financial institutions (IMF, WB, Paris Club, etc.) together?

How many Congolese know that one of the reasons that led to the dismissal of the young Qadhafi to Sebha (in Fezzan) school is that it called a huge demonstration to protest against the assassination of Patrice Lumumba?

For example, how many Africans know that if the African State have stood at the entrance of the ‘Africom’ on the continent, it is because whenever the USA offered large sums of money to accept the ‘Africom’, al-Qathafi offered twice to dissuade them?
Why was al-Qathafi much opposed to the entry of Africom on the continent?

As noted in that regard the Cameroonians, this behavior of ‘the Guide of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, was linked to the history of his country. Under King Idriss, (the puppet of the Anglo-saxons), the Kingdom of Libya was hosting several bases military American and British, including the base English El Adem, near Tobruk, and the basis of Wheelus Field near Tripoli, where stayed fifteen thousand agents technical, civilian and U.S. military. These States in an etat─ bases─ were used to supply the Israeli weapons, ammunition and food during ‘the War of Six Days’─ that’s not counting the decisive contribution of Libyan oil which enabled the tanks of Moshé Dayan to inflict an irreparable defeat to Arab States.

Nasser, the ‘Idol’ of al-Qathafi, even wanted to commit suicide. The younger Muammar kept a bad memory of this event; and it is for this reason that he would close these bases, once he and his Revolution succeed. –

Je le dis souvent : nos actions dépendent de notre manière à lire l’Histoire. Si vous lisez l’histoire dans le sens de ceux qui prétendent être les « maîtres du monde », alors votre jugement sera orienté dans le sens de ce qu’ils vous racontent. Voilà pourquoi, par exemple, certains Africains, s’alimentant auprès de CNN, France 24 ou Radio-Canada, traitent encore aujourd’hui Mouammar El Kadhafi, de « terroriste », de « fou », de « dictateur » et que sais-je encore.

Peu d’Africains connaissent réellement l’Histoire de cet homme, l’un des plus grands, pour ne pas dire le plus grand leader politique, que le monde ait connu. Combien d’Africains savent, par exemple, que la Libye de Kadhafi a plus investi en Afrique que toutes les institutions financières occidentales (FMI, BM, Club de Paris, etc.) réunies?

Combien de Congolais savent que l’une des raisons ayant mené au renvoi du jeune Kadhafi de l’École secondaire de Sebha (au Fezzan) est qu’il organisât une immense manifestation pour protester contre l’assassinat de Patrice Lumumba? Combien d’Africains savent, par exemple, que si les État africains ont résisté à l’entrée de l’Africom sur le continent, c’est parce qu’à chaque fois que les USA leur offraient des fortes sommes d’argent pour qu’ils acceptent l’Africom, Kadhafi offrait le double pour les en dissuader?

Pourquoi Kadhafi était-il autant opposé à l’entrée d’Africom sur le continent? Comme on l’a relevé en ce qui concerne les Camerounais, ce comportement du Guide de la Jamahiriya arabe libyenne, était lié à l’histoire de son pays. Sous le roi Idriss, le pantin des Anglo-saxons, le royaume de Libye hébergeait plusieurs bases militaires américaines et britanniques, notamment la base anglaise d’El Adem, près de Tobrouk, et la base de Wheelus Field près de Tripoli, où séjournaient quinze mille agents techniques, civils et militaires américains.

Ces bases─ des états dans un état─ ont servi au ravitaillement des Israéliens, en armes, en munitions et en vivres durant la guerre de six jours─ c’est sans compter l’apport déterminant du pétrole libyen qui permit aux tanks de Moshé Dayan d’infliger une irrémédiable défaite aux États arabes.

Nasser, « l’idole » de Kadhafi, a même voulu se suicider. Le jeune Mouammar gardera un mauvais souvenir de cet événement; et c’est pour cette raison qu’il fermerait ces bases une fois que lui et sa révolution réussissent.


Feeding electricity grid system crashes as a result of the industrial river but Chtbakat.


Please take caution and from this site
Main Site of ‘Libya telecom company’

(We declare them spying for MISURATA Brotherhood)

Brotherhood PROPAGANDA:

Zionists channel (the island) to promote media Militias ‘Roma Libya’

says the remains of the ‘so-called Army of the tribes’ !!!!


New Year reunion Anlmoa … in the land of the Great Nltamoa ….

Tell Ameyeeyeaan “steadfastness and fight”.

Steadfastness and fight; so, we will have that reunion, as Mu promises, in Green Square:



Customers Jermana Allaotunai Conference (GNC) to announce the withdrawal of

confidence from the ambassadors sneaks in France and Egypt and the UAE and

Germany and Gamah arabh.

Tripoli and the descent al-Tbroora:

Temperature is now in Tripoli 8 • c
God Be in Aoun both looking for the subsistence of his children in this cold.

Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014:

Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014. 3 Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014. 2 Port of TRIPOLI, bad weather 31 DEC. 2014


Strong winds and rain simple and snow on the city of Tripoli and its environs.


Tripoli safety and security:
Burglary lawyer Faisal car small area of Damascus neighborhood

by force of arms Hyundai Azera.

Hassi Batat Libyan embassies due to Tripoli.


The fall of a palm tree near the safety Andalus neighborhood bank

this morning as a result of the wind power cars.

fall of a tree in al-ANDULAS near Bank


Now back clashes in south axis angle of al-Taravin strong knock me all the weapons .. ..

Aaallahm support us pray O are free Libya honest ..

my brethren Banasr.




‘Zero hour’ on FB, says:

Kabylia Army Auadkm and Abashrkm say to you
Hedda glory day and we live hours Victory
Now we edit the land of thorns and Rishvana to Istrdadha of militias destroyed and then proceed from the Land and Rishvana steadfast. The liberation of Tripoli usurped
It will be the start of Rishvana and then our Tripoli goal !
But pray Aahlha


Heavy fighting in the area now of Bir al-Ghanum.






The closure of the ports of the corner, and Mellita, because of bad weather
National Oil Corporation announced the closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita petroleum, according to «Reuters», on Wednesday, due to bad weather, through which the northwest Libya area; it reached wind speeds in some areas, according to the interests of the Libyan Meteorology to 80 kilometers per hour.
As snow fell on the western mountain heights, in addition to heavy rains accompanied by a cold in most of the region.

The closure of the ports of the corner and Mellitah oilfields in the west of the country to shut the bad weather, nor shall oil ports are currently closed due to supplies from the fields stopped, and the longer the port corner is the main port in the country to import fuel.

la photo de ‎نحبك يا ليبيا الحبيبة‎.




Mellita Gas & Oil at ZUWARAH:

The closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita because of bad weather
National Oil Corporation announced the closure of the ports of the corner and Mellita petroleum, according to «Reuters», on Wednesday, due to bad weather, through which the northwest Libya area; it reached wind speeds in some areas, according to the interests of the Libyan Meteorology to 80 kilometers per hour.
As snow fell on the western mountain heights, in addition to heavy rains accompanied by a cold in most of the region.
Activating the work of 12 military zones, and move the 14 BROTHERHOOD RAT military battalions.



Violent clashes are now heavy artillery gun near the base Wattayah.

Libya near the al-Ash area. Urgent Libyan Air Force will bomb

military camp and strategic targets in al-ASH.

(picture of one of our jet fighters at WATTAYA BASE.)


Libyan Army forces managed by noon on New Year’s Day, to extend full control over the area al-Ash following violent clashes lasted over two consecutive days against militias ‘Roma Libya’, during which many fell dead and wounded from both sides.


Camp in al-ASH:

Army captures 5 members of the militia ‘Roma Libya’ area al-Ash.

In addition to the flock of 4 cars by Force.

Libyan Army reinforcements arrive and capture

the number of members of the ‘Roma Libya’ militias and armed

vehicles confiscated 4 axis Al-Ash.

EVIL Taser tribes (5 members of the militia ‘Roma Libya’) in al-Ash area,

two of them in good condition and two conscripts,

who for some, are a Ctaya addition to the four armed vehicles convescated.

EVIL TASER TRIBE rat camp in al-ASH.




Violent clashes between Libyan Army and ‘Roma Libya’ gangs,

south of the city of Ajeelat, 


and in the area of Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City.

Libyan army forces recaptured “4” armed cars from the militia called “rebels Tripoli” (an affiliate of “Dawn Libya“). The impact of the attack came upon the Kano battalion stationed south of Beautiful City.

Libyan Army now controls the area south of Beautiful City.





Snow White covers throughout the city of Tarhouna beloved:



Some monuments are exposed in the city of Bani Walid, Libya,

including the village (Old al-Rozkh) for assault and vandalism by unknown.




Release :
1 – Ali Saleh Aboutrika
2 – Abdul Salam Mohammed Znagher
3 – Ali Abubakar Sa’ad Abubakar.

Injustice of prisons and jails within ‘dark Air Force Academy Misurata’.

Praise be to God for their safety and Wishing the rest of the prisoners.

 Abduction (Omar pilgrims) Deputy Director of the Libyan

Foreign Bank in Misrata from Turkey.




Spokesman what is known as the Chamber of Sidra operations called Ali al-Hacebarh,

death toll from the militias of Misrata yesterday arrived Tuesday to 74 dead and 100 wounded.


Libyan airforce Warplanes over the city of Sirte, Allan area.

Dr. release (Ahmed Issa bin fitness al-Ovlje) by his captors after an absence of 52 days.

The bombing of the home of Tariq Mohammed al-Sakr,

one of the employees of the Furjan tribes under

Ibrahim al-Jdharan’s ‘Battalion 136 Infantry Galt’. (Without human damage.)



Room called ‘Sidra operations’ has messaged that is required

to get out of the people from Bin Jawad immediately.

Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the city Bin Jawad.

Libyan airforce Warplanes destroyed a convoy belonging

to the armed Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ at Bin Jawad.



million for the rehabilitation of Sidra tanks.


Norman Ben Othman honestly has reformed; and Dr. Billah held steadfast and brave to protect Libya and her natural wealth at BREGA:

وقد أصلحت نورمان بن عثمان بصراحة؛ وعقد الدكتور المهتدي بالله الصامد والشجاع لحماية ليبيا وثروتها الطبيعية في البريقة:


Elders and tribal elders Sirte Area Council raises «tribes of Sirte peace initiative»

to stop the fighting in the oil Crescent area.

Thanks to the rain, snow and tracked efforts honorable men home

fully extinguished the flames Port Sidra oil.

Firefighters of the oil companies, are celebrating the control of the oil tank fires in Sidra.

Elders and tribal elders Sirte Area Council has proposed handing all ports and oil sites to the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and considered the first official and final on oil wealth to all Libyans.

Problem is, the RAT BROTHERHOOD has siezed the ‘National Oil Corporation’, and it no longer belongs “to the people”, as the elders so-say.

The RAT BROTHERHOOD (TRIPOLI ‘govenment’) placed their own man, Mashallah Zawi, as chairman of the once ‘nationally-owned’ NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION (NOC),. They are challenging the internationally recognised ‘government’ of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni (based now in CASABLANCA / al-BAYDA).

So, I ask, who in their right mind will turn the keys over to NOC. That would be exactly like giving LIBYA totally over to criminal MISURATA...who are presently control the CENTRAL BANK of LIBYA…..which is precisely what MISURATA wants (and their corrupt elders have openly asked for) the Oil Crescent to be turned-over to MISURATA in full !




Power outages on the cities of Ajdabiya and Brega from the 4:00 pm to
date…Continued power outages from the city of Ajdabiya for a second day in a row.



Today found four bodies dumped dead beside the river area company of ‘Dai spring’ 

and amongst the bodies was a former military man, from the Libyan army, called Nasser Rashidi.

God and yes, the agent (SATAN).






Abduction (Abdullah Abdul Ghani Gaddafi) from the city of Sabha yesterday, residents of the project was stopped by ‘militias Suleiman children’; and wanted to unpack his car did not pass it to them and they beat him and now is reserved when militias Suleiman children.


Séa Following the shooting, and a clash between two gunmen in the neighborhood of Mahdia Sabha, has four students injured in a school bus, as the bus was passing, during armed clashes, where was also injured, the bus driver,

and note that one of the gunmen al-Mstpkin al-Ahtman was of the tribe, and the other was from the tribe al-Qoaúd.


French Defence Minister, “Jean-Yves Odrian” Libya become a haven for terrorist and the international community to move, saying that the solution should be as far as possible, to be found by the Libyans themselves ..

French troops in the north of Mali discovered through modern techniques, military vehicles and weapons and ammunition buried in the sands of the desert and the Bnbashha and take them out and detonate it on the spot.
Intelligence … confirms that these weapons and cars, mostly from Libya and have been smuggled or grab them and trafficking across by the Tuareg militias of financial terrorist leaders (Ahmed Ansari), and that that can roam freely between the borders of Libya, Mali, Chad.

This is the dirty game after what made Libya ruin thanks Jardan,

come to occupy in the name of fighting terrorism.

Something good and positive:
The arrest of 53 mercenaries entered Libya through the Sudanese border.

  • Generally, the French are with CHAD soldiers, who are also AGAINST GREEN LIBYA !

SLY FOX CORRUPT Nigerian president, calls for France’s rapid intervention in Libya,

‘to save them’ (SOUNDS LIKE 2011 ?) 

from ‘terrorist’ groups…

(“Oh, my master absence?, says ‘Black Libyan Resistance’)




Last week, the French were in (FEZZAN) / MURZUQ, with Chad troops.

Mourzouq est une oasis et une ville située au sud-ouest de la Libye. Cet important nœud de communications est le chef-lieu du district de Mourzouq et la deuxième agglomération en importance de la région du Fezzan.


First National Tabou Festival in Murzuq:

The Castle and an old mosque in Murzuq by Ben de Graaf Bierbrauwer:






French Defense Minister has visited the base under construction in ‘Madama’

(in northern Niger), extremely near the border with Libya.



Captain Egyptian fishermen lost contact with 200 Egyptian fishermen stranded in Libya for four days.




Palestinian artist Mahmoud Said (representative of the role of Khalid ibn al-Walid) in the protection of God.

He died at dawn yesterday, the Palestinian representative Mahmoud Said after struggle with the disease who did not give him a long time, and prayed on his body this afternoon in Khashoggi mosque in Beirut, to be buried in the “Palestine Martyrs” cemetery – Shatila.

Distinguish happy voice throaty and famous role Khalid ibn al-Walid in the movie “The Message”, and had been presented during his successful work of the series, movies film, most notably the series “Knight and Highlands” with the artist Samira Tawfiq, and the series “Secret strange” with Rashid mark, and the movie “deer “, and the work of a successful play, as a play” Clown “by Mohamed Maghout.

Mahmoud Said, was born in the Palestinian city of Jaffa in 1941, and moved in the age of seven, to live with his mother in the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon, while his brothers were struggling in the “Salvation Army” in defense of Palestine.

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