And the Libyan Saga continues

Mu African Union 'president'
Mu w white Roses


Re 130 service officer for the military headed by Major General “Khalifa Hftar”, The Brig. “Saqr Jeroshi” according to a decision issued by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Abdul-Razak Nazdawi, “in favor of the Majlis al-Nuwaab.

Libyan Air Force enhances his abilities with 4 new modern “Sukhoï T-50 ” aircraft ,

to be used by the armed forces in the fight against terrorism.


All United for a GREEN LIBYA:





The interior minister Omar al-Sanka, issued a ban on entry of Palestinian citizenship,

Sudanese and Syrian, to the Libyan territories; in order to keep-out potential terrorists.

Libyan authorities arrested an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terrorist elements involved in the car bombing incident at the head of the Libyan government's meeting with the President of the United Nations Mission


Libyan authorities have arrested one of the Egyptians, on suspicion of involvement in the car bombing incident, the city of Cyrene in northeastern Libya, meeting in Casablanca, with the Pm head of the Majlis al-Nuwaab, Abdullah al-Thani, and the President of the United Nations Mission in Libya, Bernardino Leon.

The transfer site 24 Emirati from Libyan sources that the Egyptian detainee, linked to extremist groups in the tuber, which is considered the main stronghold of the militant groups in the country, pointing out that preliminary investigations showed that he belongs in the foundation of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization, and loyal for so-called process of dawn for Libya, by armed militias from Misrata and its allies from the militants, to take control of the Libyan capital Tripoli, since the month of July (last July).

The Libyan Interior Ministry, has been considered in Bayat, released today, that Shahat bombings tried to block UN efforts to bring peace to Libya confirmed, that this work will not discourage them from continuing their efforts in the fight against terrorism and supporting the President of the United Nations Mission efforts.

Two blasts went off car bombs near the security of the town of Shahat Directorate (CASABLANCA), where the temporary headquarters of the Government of the crease, causing material damage and serious injury to 13 people, most of whom were able to later leave the hospital after receiving first aid Besbth, according to the ‘Ministry of Health Jamahiriya’.

Tthe Libyan interior minister Omar al-Sanka, said that the detainees involved in the bombings of Cyrene, they have a direct link with terrorist groups in the tuber, and their goal obstruction of the government, saying that the blasts were a message addressed to the Libyan Ministry of the Interior.

But Abdullah al-Thani Libyan Prime Minister, hinted yesterday implicitly accusing forces ‘Dawn Libya’, involvement in this incident, and said: “There are parties expressed openly about her opinion, that the United Nations envoy Bernardino Leon undesirable, these parties is that you want to undermine the negotiations path and track the path of dialogue and sit at the table reunion and unify the efforts of the Libyans. “


The Brotherhood forces of ‘Dawn Libya’ (now called ‘Sunrise’), has called for a boycott of the current visit of Lyon, to Libya and considered in a statement distributed by that person is not desirable at all.


report of Ahram Online , Thursday, 09 Oct 2014:

Libyan minister Omar Al-Sanky held talks with his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Ibrahim on Thursday in which both leaders agreed that Cairo would train Libya’s security forces to help fight “terrorism,” al-Ahram’s Arabic News website reported.

al-Sanky – who’s in Cairo along with a high-ranking Libyan delegation for talks with Egyptian officials – said they seek to “train Libyan forces and boost their efficiency, as well as exchange information to combat terrorism.”

Libya has been engulfed by insurgencies since the since the 2011 CIA-led toppling of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, with interim authorities fighting WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD-led militias that have seized the capital Tripoli and named a rival government. 

The Egyptian official emphasised the necessity to cement cooperation with Egypt’s neighbour to bolster border security and control to curb arms trafficking across the shared frontier.

He was quoted by Al-Ahram as saying that Egypt welcomes Libya’s request for training.

Both leaders stressed the need for trading intelligence on militants who have found haven in border areas to carry out “terrorist” operations.

Libya’s interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni already met on Wednesday with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and his Egyptian counterpart Ibrahem Mahlab where he said he would seek Egypt’s training for Libyan military and police.

Egypt has expressed alarm over a possible spillover of violence engulfing neighbouring Libya and the border-crossing of militants into its lands.

More than 20 military border guards were killed by militants in July near the frontier with Libya, heightening anxiety over threats coming from Wahabi fighters along the border.

Egyptian officials say Wahabi fighters in Libya  have forged ties with insurgents at home (EGYPT) who have stepped up attacks on police and troops following the 2013 popular ouster of Wahabi Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.

DAASH passage:

DAASH passage, 2 DAASH passage, 1

‘Black Libyan resistance’, reports and comments:

Go to the mercy of God (Imad Hoychen), a former media in direct Libyan session

and programs of mass radio program.
I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.
(Mndil Arabism)




Libyan-Tunisian border

Mahor Ras Jedir:
Confiscated 19 cars belonging to the armed gangs ‘Roma Libya’

in Hamraia marshy area.

 Libyan Air Force targeted sites belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’ 

who were near the Ras Jedir border gate. 

Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the large convoy belonging to

the militia ‘Roma Libya’, near public security gate at Ras Jedir.






 fighting to regain TRIPOLI:


Still power outages and interruptions online in most parts of Tripoli. 

Almost complete blackout on the capital and its suburbs, for almost a week.

The Ministry burned and vandalized the power station.


Libyan airforce Warplanes fly over Mitigua.

When he saw the lead in launching now in Mitigua.

Libyan airforce Warplanes looped Ali Ameitbakh now-
Violent explosion inside the base of Mitigua air-flights.

The quality of the process carried out by the ‘Special police forces’ (Thunderbolt) of the Libyan army in the city of Tripoli to the “air-Base Mitigua” , where they damaged two type “MiG 23”, of the ‘Brotherhood militia’s who were in ‘control’ of the capital since the ‘repair’ period, 

and the accurate bombing by the Libyan Airforce, after information had been processed.

Our men, were given, by a command of the Libyan army forces, to do so; and have successfully infiltrated the ‘Mitigua air-base’ and made damage to the aircraft, so they are no longer airworthy, ever.

 Two injured in Mitigua Air-base airport after targeting al Qaeda airport by Libyan Army Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt’ group.

Nqla an guenah Libya atah:

Saqr Jeroshi destroyed two Brotherhood MiGs

this evening at ‘Hadh(EVIL) Mitigua’.

destroying 2 MIG-23 aircraft at MITIGUA AIRBASE by LIBYAN AIRFORCE:

destroying 2 MIG-23 aircraft MITIGUA airbase by LIBYAN AIRFORCE


Of the page Mail
Post of free Ali Hamroush:

to be honest, most of the importance of honest Page called ‘Misurata against the

This Morning, there was a Brotherhood rat meeting in
MITIGUA.The meeting was attended by 60 people from the fighter and ‘shields’ and
‘Ansar al-Sharia’.
The meeting was chaired by Bernard Levy and the
Ambassador of Qatar, Qatari officer rank of lieutenant.

It was also
attended by a total of al-Mutmr ousted Kawan and Shater and Nuri Abu Bushmin ,
Salah Badi and rebels pizza room Sadak Gharyiani. The condition of Levy and the
Ambassador of Qatar, strategy is to murder and more murder of military personnel
at the gates, even to the bombing of the Gates.

They will Shoot down
civilian aircraft, and then say that it was Libyan airforce doings. They said
they will hold the responsibility onto ‘dignity’ forces. They said that they
will burn more of the capabilities of the state and loot money from banks
‘under the spoils of the infidels’, and make more kidnappings, and
assassinations in Derna, Benghazi and Sirte, Tripoli and Sabha. They will blow
up booby-trapped cars in the goals of the State and the police station and

Please talk downright Publishing wider.

من بريد الصفحة
#مشاركة من الحرAli Hamroush
للامانة منقول للاهمية القصوى من صفحة شرفاء مصراته ضد مليشياتها.
اجتماع صباح اليوم في امعيتيقه
حضر الاجتماع 60 شخص من المقاتله ومن الدروع وانصار الشريعه
وترأس الاجتماع برنالد ليفني وسفير قطر وضابط قطري برتبه فريق
حضر مجموعه من الموتمر المخلوع كعوان والشاطر وبوسهمين وبادي ومن غرفة ثوار البيتزا الغرياني شرط عليهم ليفني وسفير قطر قتل واغتيال المزيد من افراد الجيش بالبوابات ولو بالتفجير
اسقاط طائرات مدنيه وقالو لهم سوف نحمل المسئوليه للكرامه عبر اعلامنا حرق المزيد من مقدرات الدوله عليكم بنهب الاموال من البنوك تحت بند غنائم من الكفار المزيد من الخطف والاغتيالات في درنه وبنغازي وسرت وطرابلس وسبها تفجير سيارات مفخخه في اهداف لدوله ومركز الشرطه والجيش
كلام اكيد ويرجى النشر علي اوسع نطاق

Armed clashes in the eastern gate of the air base in MITIGUA:


 The lock Tajoura now through youth Fashloum seeking fusion with the young Tajoura.

Voices lead and shooting in dense in Tajourah and combustion car there.

Burn 3 cars in the door of Tajourah; and blocking roads after the

killing of ‘Abdel Hakim Ali Melcaat deterrence’ working as hands

for the terrorist Abdul Rauf ‘hater’.

 Tajourah fighting 04 JANUARY 2015
ABDUL RAOUF ‘hater’ carte:

cleaned-up version of Abdul Raouf 'hater' carte


Lock the door Bridge Tajourah by Melcaat of Mitigua alert and heavy militia Nawasi.


Image of ‘Hakim’ from Fashloum, who was killed by ‘Roma Libya’ gangs.

Tripoli by the rail, now:


Large Libyan Army tribes and support troops have served in a well Shoaib southern corner were killed 5 people from Abu Obeida angular militias, including the offender and the offender Codikhh Ahmed, Mohammed plight, and 9 wounded were taken to the educational angle Hospital.

Strong battles and kill large numbers of ‘Roma Libya’ militias in southern  end of CORNER and some of these dead ‘Roma Libya’ militias from the city of CORNER,  today are:
1. Abdel Mawla Shanab
2-Mohammed plight
3-Ahmed Codihh

The arrival of a number of dead and wounded to ‘hospital corner’ educational.

Libya in the heart of the case of extreme tension and anger and tension in the streets of Tripoli: –
Libyan citizens their children Ansaboa yesterday Pmaiseme line and waved –iatrvon now in a hospital street corner that there is arranged at night and planned –oho were imported serious things were not known in the Libyan society is a serious games are sold in front of everyone’s eyes:
eye -oualemqsod so -ho impairment of youth, children and reached so far, more than 400 cases alone, of young men to ‘hospital street corner’.
There are about 180 case of amputation of the hands and the feet and fingers –
There are other cases in other medical in green hospital:

The names of his wound Gardan corner today they
1_ Salam Arab Aalghemoda
2_ Tamer Moroccan
3_ Abubakar Cioh
4_ Mutassim Bohanina
5_ Ahmad Masood hawkish

Heavy deployment of armed vehicles and gates trace militias ‘Roma Libya’

at the entrances and exits of Tripoli.






Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi

City of Zintan allow the passage of food and humanitarian Al-Igathat across the city to the mountain in the western cities that were in the day. You close the road on ambulances and intercepting citizens to must identity.
thus, the ZINTANI are a tribute to the heroes of men and black Libyan army.



Hlgodh south axis angle front today.


Heavy deployment of Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ and across the Rishvana.

Now with the development of their sand berms.

 We received Ooooonaba uncertain after that terrorist militias in Rishvana area

began to withdraw and especially from Azizia.


Killing  the criminals 1 (Abdel Mawla Bochenb), and,

2, the offender (Ahmed Ezz Eddin Codikhh), at the center of  Bir Ghanum.

The victory comes only from God and thankfully
Libyan Army simplifies the entire control of the quarries after a dispute among the Brotherhood militias and gangs corner and the Misurata militias, and all the criminals retreat from the front crushers entirely !!



The abduction of three citizens on the road to the river

between Punjam and they al-Chuirv:
1_Boubacr Aznad
2_ Massoud Mahtot
3_ Falcon Erhim key.


Western Region announcement 05 JANUARY 2014




Libyan Air Force bombed sites for the concentration of militias ‘Roma Libya’

in Akrabieah Industrial area, south of Beautiful City. Photos aerial bombardment on the area south of  Akrabieah industrial area. The pilot and turn or become a game of cat and mouse:


Clashes in the city of AJEELAT between the Brotherhood militias and the people. Many people were killed in the center of Ajeelat, adding to a growing death toll.


Libyan airforce Warplanes overflew the city skylines of Beautiful City and Ajeelat.

Clashes between Libyan Army tribal forces and ‘Roma Libya’ in the

southern region called ‘Shuyesheh’ B. Ajeelat.

 Libyan Army Tribal forces and support forces south of Ajeelat, make great strides of progress.



Three armed vehicles belonging to the terrorist Misurata militias, stormed a small house on Friday evening 02/01/2015, and abducted a woman, Nada Ali fetus, at the age of 31 years old, from the city, living at twenty five street with her mother and sister. …

and went out with her into an unknown place.

anyone finding information, please contact this number

ثلاثه سيارات مسلحة تتبع لمليشيات مصراته الارهابية تقوم بإقتحام منزل مساء يوم الجمعة 2-1-2015 وتقوم بخطف فتاة عن عمر 31 سنة من مدينة الخمس من شارع عشرين وتذهب بها الى مكان مجهول على من يجدها الاتصال برقم 0925987884 اسمها
ندى علي الجنين ،،و للعلم الفتاة تقيم مع امها واختها الصغيرة



Clashes between Libyan Army, and militias ‘Roma Libya’ in al-Ash area.

 Dead and wounded in the ranks of the terrorist gangs positioned in the vicinity al-Ash,

 and their withdrawal from some sites, under Army artillery strikes.


Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed trace militias ‘Roma Libya’ at their Zuwarah sites.





 Killing at least two of rats of  Zliten shortly before the battles of  Al-Mntqh Gharbah...
Gone to To hell !


The image attached shows the two months that Zliten (by force) has become part of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and has chosen the Legend of collectivist and sons Solomon…
O dearest Islam and Muslims and humiliate polytheism and polytheists !!

Happening now in Zliten: – Graffiti removal,

which salutes them to the organization called me (Daash)

written on the mosque cemetery Bazh.

note that it had been written yesterday (on the prophet’s, PBUH, birthday);

and that the WAHABI have been bombing the

Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Fadil sir brown Faitouri mosque and graveyard,

since August 2012, after Sir Commander attended 23 August 2012 ceremonies.








Statement of the ‘Supreme Council of the Conference of the

Libyan tribes and cities’, number (7), issued on 04 JANUARY 2015

(from their meeting on Sunday that was at 10 AM.)






Video aerial bombardment on the city of Misurata

Anti-aircraft heard in most parts of the city of Misrata now.

The Libyan airforce warplanes targeted a jet fuel tanks

and special workshop industrial armouring armed

automotive manufacturer of iron and steel,  as well

as the bombing of Air Force Academy near the airport .

Rounds reconnaissance carried out by “the Libyan air force” over

the city of Misurata (precisely the airport and Air Force Academy).

Libyan army says that Misurata port is used for terrorist purposes

The Libyan army announced on Saturday, adopted the ongoing aerial bombardment of Misurata’s Maritime Port,  claiming it is being used for “terrorist activity.”

In a special statement over the phone, said Col. Mohammed el-Hassy (Hijazi) :

“We repeated more than once that if it became clear that Misurata’s Maritime Port is dangerous, we will bomb it. The Air Force will bomb the port, because of its use in the transfer of weapons and ammunition and terrorist elements; so, Saturday, we were forced to hit the harbor.”

Col. el-Hassy (Hijazi) can not yet estimate the size of the losses caused by the bombing of the Port. The Army spokesman threatened constantly to hit on the port and airport of Misurata if it continued to be used in “terrorist purposes”.

Misurata after being bombing their fuel tanks 04 JANUARY 2015:

 the bombing of fuel tanks that feed the city of Misratah
Channel correspondent Great Jamahiriya Central Region confirms that the aerial bombardment targeted some fuel tanks …


Chaos in Misurata hospital and Ndaet blood donation now broadcast on the radio

and the primary outcome of the bombing of Misrata 5 dead and 10 wounded.

City of MISURATA al-Mokhttafh:
A major security alert at the entrances to the city

and searched at home and abroad and from the city.

Turkish Airlines announces stop flights to Libya temporarily. (They were not supposed to be flying there anyway. There was a block on the airports.)



Daash terrorist organization mandate of Cyrenaica published pictures of what they called ‘a hunt apostates in the immobilization of the recession succession’, and on their road was killed Mechili. (Bernard Levy’s ‘rebels’ have  brought ‘Militia DAASH’ to Libya.)




Continued drinking tap-water interruption of most areas of Sirte

because of the bombing by Misurata terrorist gangs of the 

water line between Sirte and Bin Jawad.

The disappearance of the citizen, “Mohammed Grira Mari Warfali” in Sirte for a few days now,

under mysterious circumstances…

His body found (Mohammed Marei Grira Warfali) today in an area of ​​17 km shot dead after he was kidnapped two days ago.

The kidnapping of an Iraqi doctor working in the ‘College of Human Medicine’,

claims (Faleh Bureau) and two of his sons in the city of Sirte.

Libyan airforce Warplanes targeted concentration of

militias ‘Roma Libya’ portal sites fifty-west city of Sirte.


 The deaths of many of the elements of the terrorist organization Daash,

by the Libyan airforce bombing, near ‘gate 50 of Sirte’.

Libyan airforce Warplanes overflew the sky over the city of Sirte.


 Libyan airforce warplanes bombed again Bin Jawad.

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ is to withdraw from Bin Jawad to the city of Sirte.


One of the spoils of the day of the front Melcaat Misurata in Bin Jawad …

Bin Jawad depopulated after the exodus of the people from Misurata,

including fear of criminal gangs holed up in the region.







Mohammed al-Jtalaoy, from Misurata, one of the children who were thrown

by abstract Salah Badi, was killed today in the battle at Port  Sidra.



Military Prosecutor Dean corner, Masoud rubab Arhomh:

Abduction of Brigadier Massoud Arhomh (of the Ministry of Defense interim),

from his residence at the Thuraya Hotel in Casablanca.

He is the Libyan government’s military prosecutor.

The death of a Libyan family in CASABLANCA, after suffocating carbon

monoxide poisoning, resulting from the use of electricity in the motor home.



General Electric Company announces amortization in the  Benghazi and the eastern region.


Libyan Army Hftar forces bombed sites Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA)

of tanks and al-Hauser in the al-Sabri area.


Clashes with small arms and medium-sized area Laithi.
Two bodies were found unknowns identity behind al-Botas Street in Laithi. 

Statement of the “DAASH Benghazi Council” (FORMERLY ‘the Shura Council of Benghazi’):




Kidnapping citizen Ayad Bouchtoh, in TUBER this morning.




LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes targeted a ship bound for the port of Derna.






Arju akhadd al-Ehith o al-Hdhir:
al-Jufra to Sirte by way of Dan, a gate for Melcaat  Daash mtoagdh in horse al-Khoms.









Was kidnapped yesterday (Ayman Adel Hamid Youssef), a Syrian citizenship

at the age of 47-year-old resident Gardah area by ‘Roma Libya’.

 Military preparedness of French troops on the southern Libyan border

and Ooooooooonaba Execution say about the start of military

operations could begin in the coming days.



Misurata terrorist gangs cut subsidies for Melcaat Mercenary supporters

of their fugitive terrorist right of Azawad and from Mali, to leave them to their fate on their own.

(MALI MERCENARIES for Brotherhood Melcaat of Libya.)

Mali mercenaries




Libya and an emergency meeting of the Arab League about the latest developments in Libya.

Gamah arabh Ajtmaa tari speech …


University of shame (‘Arab League’) will meet tomorrow in an emergency

session at al-Qahirahib. Khasos situation in Libya after they betrayed

Libya and Gdhirtha 2011 (siding with the crusading ‘West’).

Sources trumpet international channel:

otherwise Algerian Arabic in the corridors of the Arab League, because of the recent opposition to the issuance of a decision of arming and supporting the Arab al-Jeic al-Libya forces (enabling the military takeover of the east and west).
agency Al-Onabaallibah

An emergency meeting of the Arab League about the latest developments in Libya .alahd, 04/01/2015 – 14:00 Cairo 04 January 2015 (and) –

The Arab League held an emergency meeting at the level of delegates on Monday to discuss the developments of the situation in Libya. And Deputy Secretary General of the League Ahmed Ben Helli said in a statement to reporters that the meeting “will be devoted to discuss the serious developments in Libya and the escalation of violence and terrorist acts that are no longer limited to the targeting of citizens Aoualemqamin but also affected the vital economic facilities.”

He added that the secretary-general of the Arab League, Nabil will be presented during the meeting, “a report on the latest developments in Libya and the efforts by the Special Envoy to the country’s Nasser Al-Kidwa” .rabott fixed

وكالة الأنباء الليبية – وال – اجتماع طارئ للجامعة العربية حول تطورات الاوضاع في ليبيا .

وكالة الأنباء الليبية (وال)





United Nations postponed the dialogue between the parties to the conflict in session Libya indefinitely.

6:46 Ahmed howitzer blood Gadaf-a-Dam:


‘UN lame dialogue must involve home and abroad to contain the crisis’:





‘Boko Haram’ criminal gangs Nigerian pro-terrorist organization

of ‘Daash’ controlled, on a military base on the shores of Lake Chad.

The Barkane Force is to leave Chad, as Paris needs them elsewhere.








Citizen of the State of Bahrain called ‘Sami Mehri’ killed ‘Nadine Abu Ras’, a Libyan (residing in the Province Wales in Britain) whom he met A. al-Mthm online. The police found the body of Nadine in a hotel room in which the accused Sami Mehri resided. He escaped via Heathrow to Bahrain, and then to Tanzania.


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