Removing Sauraman’s men from the Shire…


 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi First and foremost–


Mu dual picture


 Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is the heart and lungs of LIBYA:


Mu headstrong

Dr. Hamza Thami emphasises again, that Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is NOT DECEASED !

Call Libya .. d / Hamza Thami .. Hdersh – hour conviction .. 01/06/2015
Call Libya .. d / Hamza Thami .. Hdersh hour mind you obtained your demands .. but what do you foolishly Ibqeetm (believe in) is the death (FAKE) of Muammar al-Qathafi 06/01/2015 !!


The head of the LIBYAN ARMY Staff, Abdel Razak Nadzouri

authorized the pounding any ship approaching

Libyan ports without coordinating with Libyan Army first.

 New National Army Logo


Ibrahim al-Jdharan  and his GALT Oil Guards:

Guard Oil insignia


Thunderbolt insignia 1


Thunderbolt Special Forces of the Libyan Army:

The Popular Defense Force of the Great Jamahiriya PDF

new Army of united combined forces:

ربي يرحم الشهداء ويفك أسر الأبطال وينصر المقاومة


al-Aqid adris mada:

in the coming period will be targeted and hit all the gates of ” Dawn Libya”,

where there is blocked access to all public roads traveled by,

and there will be no complacency with them.

(Official Site – Maj. Imad Trabelsi)

and who cares what al-Jazeera or the UNO say !

Progress of the Libyan army forces in all axes, and the entry of

a vertical fighter jets on the line.

‘Brigade al-Mgarhh a scapegoat for the country’, reports:
Air Force commander gives instructions to enter the vertical Combat Aviation in Western Jebbeh to deal with individuals and mechanisms of terrorist militias, hiding from the air force jet.

Mataraf under the chairmanship of the Staff of General Hftar,

threatens publicly, for the first time, to shoot down any aircraft from  

Sudan or Turkey, in the event they enter Libyan airspace.


Sudanese army: Libyan warning to drop any Sudanese military plane does not mean anything to us
The Sudanese army said that the Libyan warning to drop any Sudanese military aircraft entering the field of Libya air does not mean anything to him, not to cross the Sudanese warplanes atmosphere Libya, beside that it is internationally known, and does not need to warn.

He warned of the forces of the Air Force is also known as the ‘process of dignity’, Sudan state of any attempt to introduce a plane for them, either in civilian or military, to the Libyan airspace, also threatened to publicly shoot down any aircraft penetrating Libyan airspace.

The Sudanese army spokesman, Sawarmi Khaled Saad said that “warning for the Sudanese army does not mean anything, because it was originally not penetrate the Libyan airspace Btiranh war, as any country in the world has the right to deal with any military aviation penetrate airspace without her permission, without threat or Warning. “

He added: “I doubt that this decision, a formal decision has been made by hand with a body corporate in Libya, this decision lacks precision….If we accept the warning about military aviation, what about the civil aviation standards and subject to international agreements and protocols governing the network with precision in all the world.”

This threat coincides with the decision of the Ministry of the Interior‘s government to discourage, prevent the entry of Syrians, Sudanese and Palestinians from entering the Libyan territory, because of fears of infiltration of fighters and their involvement in military operations.

Sudan rejects ‘The Ministry of the Interior’ of the Council of the ‘Majis al-Nuwaab’ (and that Sudan recognises the ‘decision of the Constitutional Court’ that TOBRUK is illegal government and that only the ‘Brotherhood Tripoli Allaotunai Conference of the GNC’ remains as the true legal ‘interim government’), on Monday, balks and laughs directly at the decree prohibiting the Syrian, Palestinian and Sudanese nationality holders from entering the Libyan territory.

(News Agency of solidarity’)



Source familiar with the institution of goods supply strategic stock of

flour and other essential commodities is close to zero
This statement comes amid a severe shortage of supply goods areas
Western, Eastern and Southern, threatening higher prices immediately

after the entry into force of its supply on the market today.

Trial ‘Libyan’ troops in Britain on charges of sexual assault:

Trial yesterday of a Libyan ‘soldier’ (NOT THE NEW LIBYAN ARMY. THIS WAS the RAT ARMY of the so-called ‘GOVERNMENT OF THE BROTHERHOOD ALLLAOTUNAI GNC’ set-up in TRIPOLI from MISURATA)

on charges of sexual assault on three women in Cambridge. According to the site «ITV» Monday the British, the Libyan ‘soldier’ (GS 18 years), was part of a group of so-called ‘soldiers’ receive training in «Basingborn» military base in «Cambridgeshire», when the alleged assaults occurred.

The group was returned to MITIGUA BASE. (They were not authorised by the TOBRUK/CASABLANCA ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab; nor under the command of Abdul-Razak Nazdawi.)

هذه ليستالجيش الليبي الجديد. كان هذاالجيش الفئرانلإنشاء ما يسمى ‘حكومة ‘GNC’ الللاوتوناي جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في طرابلس من مصراتة.

وقد عاد الفريق إلىقاعدة معيتيقة. (أنهم غير مرخص له من قبل طبرق/الدار البيضاء‘المجلس al-نواب؛ ولا تحت قيادة عبد الرزاقنازداوي.)

British security authorities claim the arrest of Libyan ‘Abdul Rauf al-Shatti warming’

of the population of the city of CORNER.






Tunisia calls for ‘Libyans’ to stop political action on its territory.





Open three major axes towards the CORNER, after the arrival of support

from ‘the Operating Room to the Western Region of Rishvana”.

 Libyan army troops at the gates of “the village of Nasser” south of City CORNER.

 Death toll rises to 45 gangs of Roma at the center of  Hlgodh,

and the Village of Nasser and the region under control.

 Our troops advancing B. al-Tjah CORNER 3-axis and crushed all
Stood in the way of.

 Violent clashes in the southern corner with a big offer to tribal forces.

Found the body of a Tunisian citizen in front of the so-called Supreme Mahmkh 

where he was shot.


British Ambassador “Michael Aaron” on his own account “Twitter”

lying allegations Government Daash al-Mottagsorh visit to Tripoli

on a British military delegation to Libya,

stressing the absence of any official contact with them !!!

Telecom network outages of ‘Orbit’ within the CORNER and al-Jbl Gharba.


‘Black Libyn resistance’, comments:

Just a reminder:

The new project

Tripoli International Airport disease Execution Project 2010, which accommodates

20 million passengers a year. Was supposed to have the project completed in 2014

and has now 70 gate travel. But the plight of February’ was the reason for

delaying this project and now completely destroyed.






Libyan airforce Warplanes targeted site of the CORNER Brotherhood militias at

south Gjrlibia area in Hlgodh.


 General Omar Tntosh freed from prison, into an arena of struggle:

‘Brigade Almgarhh a scapegoat for the country’, reports on the
Libyan tribes and cities Council:
In a step toward a comprehensive national reconciliation and the protection of national unity, where the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ and the Presidency of the General Staff to respond to the demands and repeated calls from the tribes and cities Libyan Council to issue a general amnesty to officers and non-commissioned officers, soldiers and politicians were drafting a general amnesty and precede unzip the families of some of the officers and non-commissioned officers, including General Omar Tntosh.

The release of General Omar Tntosh one home men who were unjustly

jailed military in prisons for more than three years.

the release of General Omar Tntosh from a Zintan prison,
on 16 juil. 2014 – Zintan announced the release of all

political prisoners captured with Saif al-Islam, (more until further notice).

General Omar Tntosh at liberty !
الزنتان أعلنت الإفراج عن جميع السجناء السياسيين اعتقل مع سيف الإسلام،

And Aqaba each Liberal Lord







The death of the citizen ‘Ayman Zeidan Makhlouf’ at the portal Suenyh in Ajeelat,

by elements of Misurata criminal gangs ‘Dawn Libya’.


Agency correspondent home news: the end of  “Fjar Libya” Dreams terrorist militia in control of the ‘base Akbh bin Naf air’, as they advanced yesterday, the Libyan National Army forces fighting hubs south of the city of Ajeelat, and repel the attack with full force. “Dawn  Libya, “10 kilometers north al-Zerar, where advanced yesterday Libyan ground forces and seized control of the region ‘om Hoichh’ and is expected to continue the process of progress.

In the same context, the Libyan Airforce warplanes for “Slah jaw al-Libya”

bombing yesterday south Suenah and Akrabieah.

Nqla an guenah al-Outn Ilonaba:
Libyan Army forces clash with militants ‘Roma Libya’ at Zarh Arafh area for several hours,

after yesterday’s progress and control of the entire Am Hoichh area south-west of the city of Ajeelat.


Taúrat hrbeh amodah:
The Libyan Army has entered into a new battle in the Western Region. 

‘Brigade Almgarhh a scapegoat for the country’, says
“Now there is the ‘vertical plane’ over the axis angle.”



Heavy fighting in the area south of the city of Bin Namah by  Ajeelat.



A security alert in the city of Sabratha and inspection gates in more than one area and the return of a large number of young people Sabratha who were fighting with the militia so-called “Roma Libya” at the center of Wattayah.

Withdrawal Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ from Akrabieah to an area in  Beautiful City and into Zuwarah.

Gates inspection carried out by the militia ‘Roma Libya’

near the Mellitah Complex West of Sabratha, in Zuwarah.


The Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the eastern region of Mahmudiya,

‘Roma Libya’ sites near the city of Surman.







In this morning killed Arafat fishing’ and his father and brother, and also a baby who would have been be born with them along with the doctor of ‘Hospital Tarhouna Year’, by cliques following the ‘Fajr Libya’ Brotherhood supporters of Salah Mirghani and ‘al-Mthmthelh Sons in Kane’.

Picture: Salah Mirghani with Libyan Mafia leader named ‘Hytham Beet al-mal al-Musrati’

On the evening of that day were killed brother and nephew fishing from Olad tarhun by Farrukh Grand Cane (the sons of dogs Misurata) to become the number 6 people who were killed at the hands of insidious dogs Misurata Farrukh Kane.

Verily, Allah and to Him we shall return
Suffice is yes, the agent (SATAN).

‘Fajr Libya’ or any ‘BROTHERHOOD’: They are all the same Evil:




 City of Five recorded the first cases of bird flu,

according to a medical source confirmed the hospital five.





 We received Oooooooonaba that Libyan Airforce warplanes had targeted

sites al-Melcaat terrorists in the city of Misurata

and initial reports indicate that there are number of deaths.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed the former ‘Air Force Academy’

(renamed by MISURATA. as the “WAR COUNCIL headquarters”) of Misurata.

But,  The city of Misurata has just accessed their ‘air-missile defense system’, and will now knock-out any overflying Libyan airforce warplanes !!!

3 Libyan Airforce fighter jets over the city of Misurata militias are subjected

to anti-aircraft targeting from the ground without effect.

They have also kidnapped 10 Egyptian workers at  the gate stopper.

People of Egyptian fishermen detained in Libya by MISURATA troops,

demanding the return of their children:

For a car bomb explosion in the vicinity of al-Qirtabah market,
Mquaobh Lacy in Misurata.


The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya announced on Saturday, 02 MARCH 2012 that it formed a political party in Libya after six decades in the shadows of being outlawed under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

The WAHABI-BROTHERHOOD group declared the creation of the ‘Justice and Development Party’ in the absence of laws laying out a formal process for the establishment of political parties.

'Muslim' Brotherhood in control of Libya

The Brotherhood’s spokesman, Mohamed Gaair, said the group has representation in more than 18 cities across the country, and that more than 1,400 members attended Friday’s meeting in Tripoli to declare the formation of the political party.

They chose as party leader Mohamed Sowan, a native of the city of Misrata, which saw some of the worst fighting in the CIA-/NATO led war that brought down the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ .

Sowan worked as a hotel manager and was a political prisoner under the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ for eight years until 2006.

Gaair said that the Brotherhood has had a presence in Libya since 1949, but that many of its leaders were jailed under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA or exiled.

Several prominent former rebel leaders fighting to oust the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ were associated with the movement, and now comprise the (so-called) ‘transitional government’.

PICTURE: Obama backing Mohammad Sawan and Libya’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

OBAMA leads the Brotherhood:





The return of service from Orbit telecommunications in the eastern cities.


Daash terrorist organization states that the city of Sirte  will be an Islamic

emirate during the week, such as what happened in the city of Derna.

The  Brotherhood Misurata militias to liquidate (kill) three: Massoud Mahtot Warfali and Saqr key Warfali Rahman and Abu Bakr Aznad Warfali in the city of Sirte  near the sparkling or broom.

Body Found all of Massoud Mahtot Warfali Rahman and Abdul Rahman Saqr Warfali and Abubakar Aznad key Aqnonh Warfali near the sparkling or broom east valley me in Sirte after being liquidated by the organization aspiring Islamic state and Islam is innocent of them.

8 kidnapped youth 7 of them Lamamra tribe and people from the tribe of Ma’dan from the metropolitan area of ​​Sirte by one of the Brotherhood militias of Misurata in response to the disappearance of two of their ingredients.

The names of young people kidnapped by the militias of Misurata
1 Belaid Mohamed Saad Al-Amari
2 Joseph Hasnawi Ammari
3 Salem Imran Abdul Salam Al-Amari
4 Imran Abdul Salam Al-Amari
5 Ali Mohammed Salem Al-Amari
6 Salem Mohammed Salem Al-Amari
7 Walid al-Amari Ambah
8 Ramadan Ambah Ammari
9 happy Almaadana lamp.

Found an unidentified body against the Scouts in the neighborhood No. 1 on the sea.

Aviation Aharbaiqam of the Libyan Airforce, are pounding a farm

where are stationed militias ‘Roma Libya’ back in Sirte.


Libyan air force continued to target militants “DAWN LIBYA” sites

in the vicinity of  Bin Jawad area. New forces of Tabu tribes join the Army Front in Bin Jawad.

Libyan Airforce warplanes bombed a convoy belonging to

Bin Jawad.


Shi understand what the Nakba Gahaar.
Reopening Abraq Airport after lock for two hours today.

Abraq airlines Airport announces stop receiving and departure flights starting tomorrow.



The Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) have kidnapped

two young supporters of the ‘process dignity’ of the population of the area Hawari:

1) Poker key,


2) Abdul Hakim Poker.


Violent clashes in several areas, including the Triv al-Nehr,

Laithi, al-Sabri, and Souk al-Ihut. War in the streets tonight of

both Souk_al-Ihut and in al-Sabri.

 What is called “Shera rebels Benghazi” Council  (now part of the DAASH organisation) seeded within terrorist groups, to announce the death of the terrorist, ‘Hamza Ghiryani’, from the town of Gharyan, after the clashes in the area of housing.



Daash officially declares themselves rulers in Libya !!

Declared a “state regulation,” the same official in Libya, revealing the expansion of its operations in the country, and publish photographs of what he said was carried out by elements of operations against the Libyan army in Laithi area, which is their last stronghold in the city of Benghazi.

Daash terrorist organization adopts a single sniper soldiers

in a process against the Libyan Army’s Hftar’s ‘Dignity’.



Libyan Army’s Hftar forces pounded places where there are 

stationed snipers of the Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA)

Melcaat in al-Sabri Bmadfieh area of heavy al-Hauser.

Lines for fuel stations in Benghazi:

exchange of Propane cylanders:





Akila Salah Issa, ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ (deputy Speaker Chairman of the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’),

condemns the statement singled out by ‘Libya’s international channel’

(run by the Allaotunai GNC) attacking Paris.




LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed terrorist gangs sites in al-Jufra Air Base

al- Jufra  before the Libyan Airforce bombing targeted a weapons

and ammunition stocks and also the base airstrip.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE bombing, which targeted al-Jufra airport tower.

(map shows places of present conflicts with Brotherhood

and Kharijite Militias in Libya.)

Major attack now at ‘the gate of scholars-jurists-sub al-Jufra’ by a large force of ‘DAWN LIBYA’;

and alert coming in for Portal Suknh in the South near Barak Chat’ai.





The detention of 200 trucks near Ubari asked 30 thousand dinars ransom
Media Ahmed Sharif reported that a group of armed tribes of the «Tabu» had detained a convoy of 200 trucks, loaded with food and goods, in ‘al-Qaarat’ area (9 km) from the city of ‘Ubari’ (southwest Libya).

Sharif added that the battalion elements demanded a ransom of thousand dinars, of which about 150 dinars per truck.
He said Tuesday that the drivers are present in the open 5 days ago, in difficult conditions due to the low temperatures, he said, adding that they are appealing to the government to intervene to release them, and securing their march down to the ‘City of Languages’.

Sharif said that the people of ‘Languages’ ​​suffer from food shortages, and drew numerous requests to the government in order to provide for their needs with these supplied trucks.

Arrested on a charge of al-Dkhaúr were destined to terrorist groups in the city of Ubari, was al-Dkhaúr hidden in the center of the food truck within the so-called peace convoy 3 suspicious, was arrested the truck driver and two escorts and Gary al-Tgqik them.
Quantity of ammunition:
800 Dkhirh Klashmakov Rifles
400 ammunition Of The Box
500 ammunition box 12.5 “Dushka”
500 ammunition rounds for rifles 14.5



An armed Brotherhood militia robbery on a German site abb company oasis area

A Brotherhood militia armed group on Tuesday, robbed the German company

actually abb site oasis area power plant soft bed.

A source from the administrators bed station’s “news
agency solidarity” that the Brotherhood gunmen who robbed the past two days on the
concentration of the German company “ABB” camp and take over the number

2, trailers “office containers” and some office furniture.

News agency
Solidarity – Gallo – special




The real Saif al-Islam was not in Libya:

Saif never had his fingers chopped-off ! He had Ukranian nurses who healed him and unglued his 3 fingers which were fused together after he misfired a gun in summer of 2011. He never had gangreen.

SAIF had a real trial previously in DEC. 2011, where the Zintani cleared him totally of any wrong doing on his part. They protected him fully…He was no ‘prisoner’.

Saif was smuggled out of Zintan in March 2012, by the Jamahiriya resistance ‘PDF’, and stayed with Saadi.
He later was sent away by Mu’ammar, to Cyprus, in June of 2012, when there was that fighting at the Airport in Tripoli with the Tarhouna..

Saif has since come back to Libya to help fight the Wahabi.
Even Colonel Ajami said he was not in prison.

(The picture you see here, is from the summer of 2012, while he was in Cyprus.)


the real Saif al-Islam not in Libya





French President ordering the action French aircraft

carrier Charles de Gaulle to the Mediterranean.



France refrains from delivery of the new ‘Airbus 330 aircraft’ to the

Brotherhood Allaotunai Conference of the GNC ‘Government’ (residing in Tripoli) of ‘Fjar Libya’.

MAKING ‘MUSLIMS’ look bad, by the actions of miltant WAHABI (spawned by ZIONISTS) :

Fatwa condemns attack against the cartoons of the Messenger newspaper and demanding that the French media does not stick to the charge of being perpetrated by ‘Muslims ‘ (BUT RATHER IT BEING AN ACT OF DERANGED CRIMINAL WAHABI/ BROTHERHOOD)..

Around the headquarters of the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” process
After the symbolic recognition of the French parliament of a Palestinian state, the Zionist lobby move the toy made whistle-blower for the bombing of the headquarters of the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” which in the period of the publication of cartoons of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Objectives: 1 – pitting French public opinion against Arabs and Muslims.
2 – the stigmatization of the Palestinian resistance to terrorism and then

minimizing the support of the French people for the Palestinians in their

legitimate right to resist the occupier.
I think that the defendant or defendants will be of Palestinian origin, or at most of Arab descent Eastern to complete the scene
(* Militant Arabism *)

Video of the attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo French in Paris


French media said little since the identification of the perpetrators of the armed attack on Wednesday 07 January 2015 the headquarters of the newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”.

They are three people aged 18, 32 and 34 years, including two brothers of Algerian origin, and born in Paris and carrying French nationality, according to site ‘’.

One of the brothers was sentenced in 2008 on charges of belonging to an Iraqi cell in Paris, while Gary identify the third person.

Hurts to close by the Church by US police to New York to coincide

with this car explosion in front of a church in Paris! .

0:30 al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi predicted exposure of France for terrorism

as a result of their work at the beginning of the face of the invasion of Libya.

de Zenguetna





Oooooooooonaba for the death of the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud,

the center and the ambiguity of concerns about his health.

Guardian D-Afrique

Saudi Arabia. Royal SUCCESSION: King Abdullah would be about to abdicate

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, 91 years old, […] is seriously ill and on the point to abdicateaccording to Debkafile sources. He allegedly handed over the reins of the Government of the largest exporting nation of hydrocarbons to two successors.

Aware of his failing health, Abdullah worked these past years to the Organization ofits succession to preserve the stability of the Kingdom. He placed his half-brother, Prince Salman, 78 years, as successor to the throne. However, since the latter issuspected to be suffering from dementia, the 70-year-old prince Muqirin will beresponsible for governing the Kingdom in practice.

The announcement of the abdication has probably been delayed by princely strife, generating a political crisis that the sick King endeavoured to defuse.

Coinciding with the news of the impending regime change, three Saudi borderguards, including general Odah al-Balawi, commanding the northern border guards,were killed Monday, January 05, by fighters of the Islamic State, two of them wearingbelts of explosives, who tried to enter the realm. The attackers, apparently wellinformed on the movements of the general, he laid an ambush. Four fighters werekilled in the clash, two were killed by exploding.

This incident underlines one of the dangers facing the oil Kingdom, the Islamic Stateand the advantage conferred on him by his local intelligences.

According to sources of Golf, the King would be in a critical condition and would suffer from cancer of the lungs. Two American specialists were sent on-site to treat him.

In March 2014, he had arranged the promotion of prince Muqirin in third position in the order of succession to the throne instead of the candidate of rival factions
Earlier, in may 2013, he had promoted his son Muteb bin Abdullah, 62, to theimportant post of Minister of the National Guard. The King has also blocked access tothe power of the son of prince Salman, prince Mohammad, to the position of Deputy Defence Minister, that would have constituted a springboard when his father would have access to the throne.

Last March, during a visit by president Obama, the King’s failing health had beenconfirmed by a photo showing it connected to a breathing assistance by a pipesystem oxygen. In subsequent publications of the photograph, the oxygen tube hadbeen erased […]

Source: Debkafile






condemns the ‘Libyan air force’,
as the ‘Libyan Airforce’ targeted an oil tanker near Derna which resulted in two crew members and one Greek killed and another Romanian.

Ghali their blood and the blood of Libyans are worthless in Yankee/Western eyes (who support the evil Brotherhood).

 Romanian Foreign Ministry calls based Libyan charge d’affaires in Bucharest,

following the killing of a Romanian sailor in the bombing,

which targeted an oil tanker near the coast tuber /DERNA.




Brotherhood Erdogan condemns the conduct air strikes in Libya

and demands that the United Nations takes a firm stand against the Libyan Airforce !!





Tribes of southern Libya refusal to open the border for security reasons.




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