My brothers, do not forget to read the Cave Recommended for the Muslim to recite Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, said the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: (Read from the Cave on Friday lit a light between the two Fridays) And begins to read the time on the right of legitimate starting today from entering Sobh on Friday to sunset.


Libya: Dr. Moussa Ibrahim speaks
During a historic event last Monday at the Committee Rooms Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, dr. Moussa Ibrahim, the main media spokesperson of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya at the time of the NATO aggression in 2011, spoke publicly in English for the first time after the so-called fall of Tripoli. Dr. Ibrahim, who is still wanted by the NATO powers for committing the “crime” of eloquently defending the truth about the imperialist war on Libya to the international press, joined the event called “Libya: NATO’s untold story” via video link.

By Linda Housman


“This is a political and moral appeal to each and every one of you”, Dr. Ibrahim started his speech. “I address your hearts and minds.”
“We are Green Libyans, we support Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, and we make a peaceful initiative to reclaim our country from al-Qaeda and NATO’s gangs, he said.

The illegal war on Libya was a full blown media war, Dr. Ibrahim stressed. Throughout the conflict, the racist lie of Black African ‘mercenaries’ was used to demonize the Jamahiriya. “But not a single African soldier was captured during eight months of war.” Meanwhile NATO’s rebel terrorists were eager to pose with darker skinned Libyans whom they forced to eat the green flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Other media lies included the “10,000 peaceful protesters who were killed by al-Qathafi’s forces”, which was the basis of UNSC Resolution 1970 and 1973 and of U.S. President Obama’s hypocritical statement that “if we had waited one more day, Benghazi, a city nearly the size of Charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.” However, dr. Ibrahim emphasized, “even [former chairman of the NATO-rebels’ National Transitional Council] Mustafa Abdul Jalil admitted that only eight protesters were killed before the NATO intervention, not 10,000.”

“We asked the West for a fact finding mission to prove the media lies. They had money for this war, but apparently not for a fact finding mission.”

“Libya was the main member of the African Union and the main power behind Arab unity“, dr. Ibrahim said. “The West knew al-Qathafi would not slow down his efforts to unite Africa and the Arab world. France even asked Libya to stop a project for a united African currency, calling it “destabilizing”. Now their ultimate goal is to split up Libya in three parts, so that they can totally control these geographically and politically weak regions.”

In a quick reference to last week’s terrorist attacks in France, dr. Ibrahim said he read several Arabic-language reports saying that the Paris terrorists, who last summer returned from Syria, may have visited Libya and may have received training in Libya, which certainly could be the case as many foreign fighters left Libya for Syria during mid-2012.

Dr. Ibrahim ended his address by pointing out that there are currently two million Libyans, meaning one third of the population, living in exile, often under appalling conditions. “But we are not just crying over Libya. We have the tools to solve this crisis, based on national dialogue in which all Libyans are included. I cannot claim this is going smoothly, but I believe that Green Libya will prevail.”

In October 2012, dr. Ibrahim refuted reports of the Libyan prime minister’s media office on his capture in Libya by saying in an audio message that he is not even in the country. He said those reports were an attempt to distract people from the Libyan regime’s crimes in the city of Bani Walid. Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mustafa Abushagur, subsequently apologized on Twitter for reporting the news of dr. Ibrahim‘s capture. Ibrahims younger brother, 25-year-old Hassan, however was assassinated by a British Apache gunship in Zawiya during the third week of August 2011.

The “Libya: NATO’s untold story” event was hosted by journalist, broadcaster and political analyst Hafsa Kara-Mustapha.
A video of the event will be available on YouTube on the Tricontinental channel soon.


Greetings to:
And Brega
Ras iHilal
‘For cabled’
‘He was appointed a passing’
And Salloum
And Ras Lanuf
Ben Jawad
And Qaminis
And Bani Walid
The Tawergha
And Misurata
And Zliten
And City of Five
And Tarhouna
‘Palace option’
And Msallata
And sweeping
And al-Jufra
And Tajoura
And Tripoli
And Azizia
And corner
And Sabratha
And Surman
And Alaahilat
And Beautiful City
And al-Gush
And Rkdalin
And Ifrane
And xanthan
Um Jersan
And the apparent
And Kikla
And Araban
And sister
To Ahtman
The layer
And al-Zarqan
The drawer
The Sukna
And Chiaan
Barak beach (CHAT’AI)
And people
And Bir al-Ghanam
And Bokmash
El Houamed
And Rahibat
And led to the term
Valley neighborhood
Qasr al-Haj
Great Tripoli and center

# # For all for all
لواء القعقاع الزنتان

تحياتى إلى :

راس إهلال
وعين مارة
وراس لانوف
وبن جواد
و قمينس
و بنى وليد
وقصر خيار
و الجفرة
و تاجوراء
و طرابلس
و العزيزية
و الزاوية
و الغسة
ام الجرسان
و الظاهر
و لعربان
و الزرقان
و الصيعان
براك الشاطئ
و بئر الغنم
و بوكماش
و ادى ﻷجال
وادى الحى
قصر الحاج
طرابلس الكبرى ولمركز




Congratulations to you and topple special imaging plane Bagjr
The victory is near.
السلام عليكم
صباح الخير نأسف على ﻷنقطاع بسبب ﻷنشغال فى المحور
smile كيف حال الجميع
ومبروك عليكم تطيح طائرة التصوير الخاصة باغجر
والنصر قريب .

Frustrated and complete collapse of those who are in the ranks of the Brotherhood militias after the fall of ‘Roma Libya’:
14 dead, including 3 of the battalion at the center of Lhalboss Misuratan at Wattaya, and 7 from the city of Sabratha, and 4 of the militia terrorist Abu Obeida angular, Jnobal-zawih at the center of a large number of wounded.


‘LIBYAN’ VISAS & Passports are through MISURATA RAT BROTHERHOOD ‘government’ accessable only:

Arefanha has equip the diplomatic passports to escape

at any moment Brozk people Ghalban.


Passports Musrati director Brigadier General Mohammed al-Tamimi
The main system for visas answer based Misurata meaning any visa traced branches of passports to embassies Libyan abroad must be introduced the system and sent to Misurata and are not refer visas embassies Libyan abroad.

and any embassy that does not follow “the ‘government’ of Savation” of Omar Hassi are separated system from Misurata, as an embassy Jordan, Amman, Italy Rome, Egypt Cairo, Malta Valletta,
And Algeria and many other Libyan embassies that the existing state of the parliament Aaatarfah.

(REMEMBER THAT ON FRIDAY, the Omar Hassi ‘government pledges their allegiance to the DAASH organisation, in a mosque in SIRTE***🙂

Shown here (BELOW) the ‘ceremony at CITY OF FIVE; the same will be at SIRTE for the TRIPOLI Leaders of the ‘Government of Salvation led by Omar Hassi and the LIBYAN ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, on FRIDAY:

PICTURE ABOVE‘Tnzim al-Hadh’ (ANSAR al-SHARIA) and ‘Roma Libya’, in a mosque meeting in the Tarapsoazar, with OMAR HASSI.

(BELOW) is pictured, The ‘Government of Savation’ s Interior minister:


BRITAIN recognises neither The TRIPOLI HASSI —nor the TOBRUK ‘MAJLIS al-NUWAAB’—‘governments’…

‘European Union’ Parliament calls for immediate launch private and the freezing of assets, sanctions, and a travel ban on those who are responsible for human rights violations, and armed violence In Libya.



Crossing traffic light to and from Tunisia,

and the exchange has gone up from 100 Libyan dinars, now to 109 dinars !!



TRIPOLI ‘mayor’ el-Mahdi Haratine (AKKLA GNEOH), at a dinner for SARKOZY:




As false a concentration of militias from Misurata in the ‘Spring Valley’ area.

Cars of the black color of the boat (Toyota Poh) …

and a group of black Toyota Camry type also …

WHDH group mostly from Misurata but backed by other mercenary nationalities (KHARIJITES), including Syrians

preparing to steal all the banks in the capital Tripoli.

And dangerous جدااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا
Militias Musraath Daaakhl capital Taraaabuls (TRIPOLI), are preparing to steal all A. al-Massarv Daaakhl in the capital.
There with them are Jnsiaat of 
Syria and number three Qataris and by far Aalmusdr Etwajdo in the valley A. al-Rabie- 

WHDH militia have to Boaat to Unhaaa Black Tiotaa to Bwaaa Alon Black have number 10 Boaat to Unhaa Black and a group of Camry Toyota Camry for Unhaa Black.




Corner criminal gangs declare a state of the horn at the southern entrance of the city.

Violent clashes far south corner with the withdrawal of militias ‘Roma Libya’.

Severe congestion and early skirmish in the coastal road involving

gangs Brotherhood-Borcvana of Misurata and Jardan of the corner.

Militias of the ‘corner’ placed earthen-mounds onto the road bridge

which enters into the ‘foliage hand market’.

The militias corner Bthhid in gate inmates to repel an attack by the Misurata militias

who are now arrayed in the bridge 27;

and the attack on the prison Godaúm, after ‘militias corner’ refusal family

who are delivered in prison, including Team-Mahdi

and the Arab Colonel Omar al-Eghanqa. Rally of Misurata militias at Bridge Zahara. They attacked Aly.sjn Godaúm ‘CORNER militias’ which are the brave officers of the Armed people, including the ‘Mahdi Arab exist’, by orders of Misurata Brotherhood.

Ania clashes between Melcaat Misratah and corner on
Omar delivery al-Eghanqa and Arab al-Mahdi of the symbols of the Great Jamahiriya  to be transferred to the city of Misurata. (Amr_al-Eghanqa and Colonel Amahdi arab from the prison Godaúm).

Misurata Brotherhood militias cut the ammunition supplies of the militias of the corner.

 Clashes by militias from Brotherhood Misurata gangs at the corner near Godaúm prison and mentioned that an armed group belonging to the Melcaat Misurata came for the purpose of kidnapping Brigade (Omar Aleghanqa) and Colonel (Mahdi Arab) Godaúm from prison.

Oh God, make guile in Nharham.

(Allah save all the family)

Intensive movement of ambulances, hospital corner.

50 cars from Melcaat Brotherhood Misrata now entering al-Hachan area, preparing
To attack the corner. al-Melcaat clashes between rivals at the southern corner.
Nsil God to destroy the oppressor
B. al-Zalm.



MITIGUA in front of the prison, which under terrorist control of Raouf ‘hater’

and terrorist Abdul Hakim BelHadj, and where treats Libyans are very insulting.
(I ask God to give patience, to every mother awaiting for her son.)

in front of MITIGUA PRISON, 3 in front of MITIGUA PRISON, 2 in front of MITIGUA PRISON, 1



The Mitigua ‘Meeting (of RATS)’ results:

Been approved for sale to the so-called ‘organized Islamic state in Libya’,

will be held next ***Friday, at the ‘Rabat mosque’ in Sirte,

all of ‘The Government of Salvation’/ ‘DAWN LIBYA’,

giving their allegiance to the terrorist organisation of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi‘s ‘DAASH’.

There is a heavy deployment at the gates of the Misurata militias in the capital of Tripoli and its environs.
Please caution Iaahrar of the following places,

“in front of the camp, and rocket artillery brigade, and 32, and in front of the college.”

‘Militias Brotherhood Mitigua’ lead a campaign of arrests,

in areas Got al-Shall,  the old Muslim Qarter, and the ‘tourist district Janzour’.


Plateau al-Hrkalhillh Badri school
armed vehicles (from the boat building), led by a group of beards (KHARIJITES), and slippers ACCESSORIES Dkhalo Director and the teaching staff,  were terrorised

after a scare-threat forced them to separate males from the females, as in the same beginnings of Derna, Benghazi and Sirte.

Shani, do you think In ’17 February’ ? O who followed those of ’17 February’ !!

Faceless force stormed the campus at the University of the corner

and into the arena and they separate the students for the students by force of arms on Thursday:


Bearded masked armed group that broke cafe al-Ariqalh side
Gazelle field, this afternoon.


News of clashes inside the Abu Salim.

a traffic policeman from Tripoli, who is a member of the battalion

belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ of Misurata, shot himself in the foot

Because of his arrest being on account of his car having tinted glass.





Violent clashes now South West Honey Bear (BIR HONEY)  near the Tripoli City corner.

Armed clashes between LIBYAN ARMY forces, and militias ‘Roma Libya’

in the axis and the axis of the quarries, Azizia, and Hlgodh.


The arrival of a large number of militias of ‘Roma Libya’ killed, to hospital CORNER, as a result of the clashes at the southern corner, in the center of ‘Hlgodh’; and again there is chaos inside the hospital CORNER.”





 Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed militia Roma terror

in the valley called ‘al-Heera’ of B. al-Azizia. 

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed a camp in the area south of Herh Azizia …

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed the camp, which is once

again being occupied by ‘Roma Libya’ militias in south of al-Azizia.

(The Brotherhood Militias are like escrement: They never stop coming !.)


Malta rejects new line of Ghadames company to fly through into Mitigua;

and is considering opening a line with Abraq in CASABLANCA (al-BYER).

(MALTESE AIRLINES ‘Air MALTA’ flying into LIBYA, will be through Abraq Airport, and Not through Ghadames.)


Algerian army arrest of the dangerous terrorist “Ali
Ismail “on the Libyan border.





Death Allowatun (Nibras Abdul Karim war) and his mother, and his sister, and his comrades, in the explosion of a horrible place of fireworks, which has led to the collapse of part of the building adjacent, into ‘the Street of the Palm’ in  Ajeelat.

Allah forgive them and be merciful.


The arrest of Recep Naqqar, the head of the ‘military council of Zaltan’,

by BROTHERHOOD Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’.



Meeting of the leaders of  ‘Fajr Misurata Libya’ now in Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City, responding to the statement, which was broadcast on the news channel, of a  ceasefire.

‘Brigade and military Rishvana’, reports:
Withdrawal of a large number of terrorist militias from al-Ghr of the Junction,

at  Akrabieah, the day after differences among them:

(a red, cars pull off from  Zuwarah).

Clashes between Libyan Army forces and militias Roma Libya,

in  Akrabieah (Industrial) area, south of  Beautiful City.

 Armed clashes between Libyan Army  forces and militias ‘Roma Libya‘, south
of Beautiful City. 


Ashbacaat very violent inter-tribal forces and militias Roma Libya

in the southwest of the city of Ajeelat ..

Taiaria clashes in the area south of the city of  Ajeelat , resulted in 7
Dead and several wounded.

Killed seven members of Brotherhood Sabratha militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’,

as a result of the clashes in the area of Taiaria, south of the city of Ajaeelat.
and they are:
1 -Ibrahim Mohammad Omar Dabbashi
2 -Ans Abu al-Qasim Hadi Dabbashi
3 -Mamed Khaled Faitouri Dabbashi
4 -Ahmd Fathi Omar serious

5 -Mamed Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Dabbashi
6 -Mustafa Abdul Majid term
7 -Osman Salem Alhmisa.



Violent clashes at ‘Suenah WAM area Shuyesheh’, southwest of Ajeelat.


Violent clashes South of Ajeelat, at Mando, early morning with all kinds of weapons.


Intensive movement of ambulances.

Ooooonaba talking about the targeting of ‘the Gate star and crescent’

(controlled by ‘ANSAR al-SHARIA’) in Sabratha

area with thermal rockets, which have killed and injured

approximately 16 people in Kano gate.

The fall of 7 people dead and nine wounded after targeting an armed group

belonging to the militia Roma Libya terrorist one of the entrances to the city.

Decline of ‘Brotherhood militias Sabratha’ beyond

Radio al-Oetem after fierce battles east of Ajeelat.



Image from within the ‘Higher Institute’ of the city al-Racdalin,

describes the concentration of armed vehicles belonging to the battalion

and two-dimensional channel Hurricane yapping

looked unto the ‘Libyan army bombarded civilian’ places.



Clashes near the base Wattaya, and news about the fall of seven dead, and four wounded.





Sinking boat carries 75 illegal immigrants near the shores of Zliten.


picture of QARA BOLLE incident a few months back:




rebuilding Libya, one step at a time:

(General Khamis in BANI WALID 2013, rebulding the rail system)


 Communications Libyana service interruption again !

Return service communications Libyana and orbit of the city of Bani Walid,

after interval of 24 hours result of a technical malfunction.


Key certificate ..
You have opened the locks …..
Your actions may Medhat ..
Your olives and leaves
Mimic the night .. may Ntan
Risk .. nobility Ongmeh
And the moon from my hand was injured ..
Confabulation glory constellation ..
Sand wad .. may swam
Your ruins … Taathada
In the land behind slaughtered …
Their tails .. Taatmada
And all inferior butt …
Vzlm .. and Oqrihm
That the land had flattened ..
And the clouds. Ago
And that our dogs barked …
And the grave … sermon
By chilling ….. have rejoiced
And that the convoys of martyrs ..
Each trade …. I gained
The free … and that is gone
Spirit remains … what has been
Martyr. Alnaqrat Warfali key ..

Chiaan tribe of Bani Walid and the grandson of the struggling Nabi Boulkheir and uncle of martyr Abdul Rauf behind the God of peace and Aghannaa martyr martyr convoy reunion ..

Glory to the martyrs and shame of traitors ..

God bless our martyrs in every inch of your land A. al-Libya.

‘Free Song’ by  Asaad al-Orac

Out mass demonstrations in the city of Bani Walid:
victory of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.




Referral of 65 champions of the Libyan Armed Forces, stuffed inside Misurata prisons,

to whom they called ‘the Prosecutor General’.

Allah, unpack your family, my home Champions !

Oooooooonaba uncertain after all aerial bombardment of the city of Misurata.

The Libyan airforce warplanes bombed the ‘war operations room’ (in the old airforce academy building) belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’.

‘Satellite channel Zintan’, reports:
From inside the city of Misurata and the occurrence of problems within the

city, also have been targeted the soap factory Bakoazv RPG,

which led to it being completely burned.


The Organization “Daash” has slaughtered four soldiers from the militias “third force”

in Misurata and seized their cars in “Khcom Horse”.

Among the dead zone was “Ahmed Issa,” one of the main leaders of the ‘militias third force’.







Anti-aircraft hear voices heavily in the city of Sirte.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes continued to target the ‘Roma Libya’ militia stationed

site on a farm (formerly of captive hero, “Mansour Daou”)

on the outskirts of the city of Sirte.

The Rat who called himself ‘the President of the local council of the city of Sirte’ 

has survived an assassination attempt.

Columns of ambulances coming into the area of Sirte.

The people of Sirte ‘Crarakhadd’, please use caution, as ambulances have been known

to carry men and weaponry instead of  wounded.

Daash terrorist organization announces Friday after prayers, at the Rabat mosque in Sirte, everyone will make allegiance to what they call the faithful Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the Principality of Sirte. (All of TRIPOLI’s Brotherhood leaders and “govenment of Salvation” will be attending.)

PICTURE (ABOVE): Rabat mosque in Sirte.

BELOW (The Ceremony): (this is taken from CITY OF FIVE)


 Aerial bombardment targeted sites for ‘Roma Libya’ militias in

the vicinity of each area and region Bin Jawad in the backlands of Sirte.

Libyan airforce Warplanes targeting the whereabouts of ‘Roma militias’ in District of Bin Jawad.


Start maintenance of the Port Sidra tanks.


This morning the Libyan Airforce warplanes targeted a convoy of Brotherhood militia

in Sunrise Basin slip in their attempt to seize the oil fields.


Targeting the gas line at the Port of Benghazi:

Was arrested on terror, ‘Nice Ferjany Bushoal,

one of the employees of the‘Tnzim al-Hadh’ (ANSAR al-SHARIA).


‘Walid Ataiwah’ was killed near a school in Sanaa Martyr Street N° 20.

He was the brother of “in the name Ataiwah” (Prince of organizing Daash),

and had a long history within the illegal drug-trade.

Benghazi Medical Center


Suffer a mortuary refrigerator Benghazi Medical Center polluted due to the accumulation of a large Pkatrella unidentified bodies for long periods inside the morgue;

putting the health of hospital staff at risk.

The presence of 71 unidentified bodies and three human heads unknown as well, and some human remains, found inside the mortuaries of the hospital, including mobile refrigerators, since a period ranging from two months to six months without taking appropriate action, and the lack of detection of DNA in the city samples and the lack of legal action by the competent authorities in order to bury the bodies in the fastest time.

Source Benghazi Medical Center confirmed that communicate with the attorney general, on worsening health status and the issuance of foul odors from the place, which resulted in bacterial contamination, as well as the exposure of workers to some health problems, which hit Tabeptan infections conjunctivitis (Conjunctivitis), and injured technician laboratory infections skin and other art, because of the decomposing bodies.

Red Crescent transferred the DNA samples of 71 unidentified bodies to Tripoli,

due to the lack of detection of DNA samples found at Benghazi.


Kharijites artillery shells and heavy in al-Sabri.

Renewed clashes between the Libyan Army troops of Hftar,

and the Brotherhood Melcaat Nnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) 

in the regions of al-Sabri and Laithi.

Mujahdat marriage Atoaden youth Benghazi doom and destruction:

Mujahdat marriage Atoaden youth Benghazi doom and destruction

Interior Minister al-Sanka, tours the streets of Benghazi:

Life returning to normal in the markets:



Aviation vertical above the city of Benghazi:





Very violent clashes between the “terrorist Daash” and militias from Misurata in the mountains,

and in the way-road from  Dan ( al-Jufra) to Sirte.

and the occurrence of many dead and wounded.


(God will smite the oppressors, and of the Liberal, he will take them out from their Oppressors unharmed.)

And Salol dead Misurata militias to criminal ‘Sukna Hospital’ as a result of clashes

with them and the organization Melcaat  Daash terrorists against

at the  ‘agricultural project Allod South Punjam’.

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed the air base Paljfrh, and smoke billowed.

 News about the big rally for ‘Roma Libya’ militias at al-Jufra base.

Pictures of some members of militias from Misurata inside the ‘air base at al-Jufra’

after its occupation by force-bound oil fields yesterday afternoon.






The bed factory which creates the ‘Man-made River System’ pipelines, was robbed by armed gunmen who stole  equipment and vehicles, estimated to be worth in billions of dinars.

The manufacturing plant was broken into, by force of arms. The factory is located at the bed area, near the site of the torch and Mahzh gaseous bed, and is approximately 140 km from the city of Gallo (Galleaux) adjacent to Heathens.




Sign suspended today in some areas of the city of Sabha:

The death of “Joseph Mhus Slimani” two months ago after suffering a gunshot

wound in the city of Sabha and was taken for treatment in Turkey.






Egypt pause for the Christian Copts people kidnapped and slaughtered

in Libya by organization of DAASH el-Arhabiy.

 Hearts locked in Allah and worth, progressing family channel mass deepest condolences and sympathy to the deceased home my father and his death Minieh (Brigade “Masood Abdul Hafeez”), one of the leaders of the armed people forces and one men home my parents pay for the nation was satisfied that occupies land by customers and traitors.

Moved to the mercy of Allah, Massoud Abdel Hafiz Gaddafi
After a long illness at hospitals in Egypt.

Oh Agvrlh and Arahmh and soul rest Jnatk.




Do you comprehend this GIBBERISH ????








Further to Manscherna Sabaka..aly of living on al-Ooham..otaatba News ..

Omen forgetting or trying to Etjahl..
o that Isttalv or flirts enemies Alams..
tan many al-Msmyat..
mn jar which is the output of al-Inkbh..

aly Army was born from the womb of al-Khiana..
aly transmits and brags Air Force and many of al-Oquaouil..

ohnak flirts Dialogue With Mn..
ma bring devastation and destruction under the bloodshed slogans and logos to Mazlk of bright, seemingly oblivious to all the martyrs and the blood al-Sabakh..

Omen live on Khamis Army and hordes Kna..

okanam workers has come whenever he wants them ..

Khalash al-Clam..
eugd homeland Partyan..
admour home and bring him Anoall..
omantj colonialism in all of the names of all of the outputs of this calamity are they the body and one can not Tdzeth Both the Hadda..

vhm planning and plotting and disputing in Bedhm..
oantm are not in their dictionary for the security and the security of a long Garib..

oajb to understand this Ezha..
any though they are different today litigants in Mabinhm …
the second party …
are the owners of the right set forth ..

ohna firmly Omorkm, and unite your ranks and Kelmtkm..

otkthev Jhodgkm..
ouklb all the balances on the ground and in the al-Midan..
oaalan do duty in you before Zahrkm..
wala to Athelmoa that you be reckoned Tantspon al-Eh ..

Even though you have Zlk..
flan as it Taatmnon..
ocetkonon citizens but of class Althanih..
oana write here, as I said Sabaka..

las desire Ketabh..
oanma tell you Alhakikhalta ignored Bad..
vmn willing, is not it Fmaalih Both of doing your duty as God Asttaath..

flaagar Mabakom until they change Maponevshm ….

Regards …

(Ahmd Mowolaa)
الحاقا لمانشرنا سابقا..على من يعيش على الآوهام..وتتبع الاخبار ..ومن يتناسى أو يحاول أن يتجاهل..أو أن يستطلف أو يغازل أعداء الامس..تحت العديد من المسميات..من البرطمان الذي هو مخرجات النكبة..الى جيش ولد من رحم الخيانة..الى من ينقل ويتفاخر بسلاح الجو والكثير من الأقاويل..وهناك من يغازل للحوار ومع من..مع من جلب الخراب والدمار تحت شعارات حقن الدماء والى ماذلك من الشعارات البراقة متناسيا كل الشهداء والدماء السابقة..ومن يعيش على جيش خميس وجحافل كنة..وكانهم عمال عنده يأتي بهم متى يشاء..#خلاصة_الكلام..يوجد بالوطن طرفان..طرف..دمر الوطن وجلب الآستعمار بجميع انواعه..ومانتج عنه من مسميات هي كلها مخرجات هذه النكبة وهم جسم واحد لايمكن تجزيته كلا على حدا..فهم يخططون ويدبرون ويحاورون في بعضهم..وأنتم لستم في قاموسهم لامن بعيد ولامن قريب..ويجب أن تفهموا هذا جيدا..حتى وان كانوا اليوم مختلفين متخاصمين في مابينهم…الطرف الثاني…هم اصحاب الحق المبين..وهنا أقول..وباختصار..عليكم بحزم أموركم وتوحيد صفوفكم وكلمتكم..وتكثيف جهودكم..وقلب كل الموازين وعلى أرض الواقع وفي الميدان..وأعلان القيام بالواجب في داخلكم قبل ظاهركم..والا لاتحلموا بأن يكون لكم وطنا تنتسبون أليه..وحتى وأن كان لكم ذلك..فلن يكون كما تتمنون..وستكونون فيه مواطنون ولكن من الدرجة الثانية..وأنا هنا أكتب كما قلت سابقا..ليس رغبة في الكتابة..وأنما أقول لكم الحقيقةالتي يتجاهلها البعض..فمن شاء غير ذلك فماعليه ألا القيام بالواجب وكلا حسب استطاعته..فلايغير الله مابقوم حتى يغيروا مابأنفسهم….مع تحياتي…#أحمد__موولاي

(PICTURE) Mu’ammar al-Qathafi when he made a visit to OMEN:




MALAYASIA world’s Lagest airport, burns !

Moments before the disaster:
Declares Libyan Arab Airlines for a flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malayasia (destined to all travelers heading to al-Bobh No. 8).
……….. God largest airport burns
× _ × !!






‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

Is NATO to bomb LIBYA once again !!
(History repeats itself quickly)
They found themselves once again need for NATO to bomb militias !!

Palmyra relentlessly in Tripoli, Benghazi and kill civilians, from the extreme place in Libya’s (so-called) ‘parliamen’t, which narrowed by Libya space in excess of one million seven hundred square kilometers to issue its decision at the request for military intervention by the ‘United Nations’ ‘to protect civilians’, has been met,

but Are conditions are still favorable for the intervention of NATO, after the absence of the ‘man’ who was presented to them as ‘the enemy’ ….and THEY stole and froze all Libyan funds, and lacked of clarity of the Wahabi-militias in Libya,...
until the decision of the so-called ‘parliament’, which demanded foreign intervention; and decided, on the very same day, for the solution of military formations, without specifying what they were.

I believe that NATO should not intervene militarily in Libya. It is not their perogative to send armed forces on every called-order, whenever people endanger. NATO has its calculations and interests, which are not clear in this particular period, (not to mention that Russia will object to the decision of the military authorization of new under Chapter VII), and America is not ready to provide concessions to Russia as in Ukraine and Syria, against the passage of the resolution on military intervention in Libya.

And, the US said it over and over again, that if the problem is purely Libyan, it must be resolved through dialogue…

and this in the science of US policy means that America will support whoever is the victor, on the ground, no matter what their positions, even if they are the Wahabi Brotherhood militias; or, conversely, the dishonest tribal groups.

Of course, we do not care: In every scene of which NATO asked for days, we would not welcomeNATO even in the worst possible conditions; and our battle Snkhudha Bakbaúlna is honest, without any foreign agendas.

The existence of Zintan being with us on the battlefield, is proof of this. We will not use anyone, as Muammar al-Qathafi knows, by which our rights would be taken; and we will not ask and Harbak to yesterday (which cannot Rafik be in our fight for the future), neither Parliament, nor any ‘resolutions’, nor NATO raids. We have to defend Libya (our homeland) from evil, invaders, and nothing else.

After that every incident.
To Asal azv al-Rsas mstmra …..




Ankara Mayor Gökçek: Mossad is behind Paris attacks

Ankara Mayor Gökçek: Mossad is behind Paris attacks

Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek. (Photo: DHA)

12 January 12, 2015, Monday/ 14:01:39/


Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek has alleged that last week’s deadly attacks on a French satirical magazine and a kosher supermarket in Paris that left 17 people dead are the result of France expressing support for Palestine, and that Israeli intelligence is behind the attacks, the semi-official Anadolu news agency reported.

According to a report from Anadolu circulating in the Turkish media, Gökçek attended the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Gölbaşı youth branch fourth ordinary district congress on Sunday and mentioned the terrorist attacks in France. He said Israel was annoyed with the lower house of French parliament for voting for the recognition of a Palestinian state and with France’s vote in favor of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution calling for the same recognition.

“Israel certainly doesn’t want this sentiment to expand in Europe. That’s why it is certain that Mossad is behind these kinds of incidents. Mossad enflames Islamophobia by causing such incidents,” Gökçek said.

He claimed that after the Paris attacks, around 50 mosques and some Muslim individuals had been targeted but such incidents were not reported on by the international media.

“Palestine being recognized as a state is why these [attacks] have taken place,” he concluded.

The Paris attacks, in which journalists and policemen were among those killed, began with a shooting at the satirical Charlie Hebdo newspaper on 07 Jan., and ended with people being taken hostage at a kosher supermarket on Jan. 9. The four victims killed in the supermarket attack were all Jews.


State Sponsored Terrorism: Who Was Behind the Charlie Hebdo Paris Attacks? Michel Chossudovsky

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Bonnie Faulkner

Global Research, 18 January 2015


Click to Play:

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* * *

Amply documented, the French Republic under the helm of president Francois Hollande is supporting as well as funding Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

“The forbidden truth” which the French public should address is that their government together with the US, NATO and Israel –while waging a self-proclaimed “Global War on Terrorism”– routinely provide covert support to the same terrorist entities which are the object of their “humanitarian wars” and “counter-terrorism operations”.

While the French media in chorus point to the jihadist threat to “Freedom of Expression”, not a single French media has had the courage of raising the broader issue of State sponsorship of terrorism and the insidious role of the French government and its intelligence apparatus in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated entities not only in the Middle East and Africa but also in France.

In a bitter irony, the campaign following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has not contributed to sustaining ”Freedom of Expression”. In fact quite the opposite. It has contributed to a new wave of media censorship.

There is a gruesome political agenda behind these attacks which must be the object of public debate. Who are the terrorists? Those who commit terrorist acts or those who control and finance the terrorists?

The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the “Kosher Grocery Store”: Israel’s Mossad “to the Rescue”? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, January 09, 2015

Commissaire Helric Fredou: “The Forgotten Policeman”

Fredou was part of the official investigation. His passing –while participating in the Charlie Hebdo investigation– has barely been acknowledged. His death in Limoges, South-West France is shrouded in mystery. He allegedly committed suicide within hours of a police debriefing and the preparation of his police report.

His body was found at 1am on Thursday morning with a bullet in his head. He allegedly committed suicide.

Fredou’s funeral was held privately in Limoges on the same day (Tuesday) as that of the other three policemen.

The official story is that he was depressed and had suffered from a burnout following a meeting with relatives of one of the victims. There are no details as to who these relatives are and where they are living, in the region of Limoges (Haute Vienne) or in Paris (400 km. from Limoges).

What the reports fail to mention is that the Kouali brothers had spent their high-school years in the Limoges region and that Commissaire Ferou’s police investigation was in all probability related to gathering information within the region on the Kouali brothers including their whereabouts.

”An autopsy was performed at the University Hospital of Limoges, “confirming the suicide” . The French media decided or was instructed not to cover the incident.

Commissaire Ferou committed suicide in his workplace, in his office at the police station.

Did he commit suicide? Was he incited to commit suicide?

Or was he an “honest Cop” executed on orders of France’s judicial police?

Has his report been released?

These are issues for France’s journalists to address. It’s called investigative reporting. Or is it outright media censorship? (Michel Chossudovsky, Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout, Global Research, January 11, 2014)

Charlie Hebdo: Mystery Surrounding Death of French Policemen By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, 15 January  2015

The Role of Mossad

In addition to the Israeli SWAT team, Prime minister Netanyahu “has ordered Mossad to provide French officials for all the assistance they need in tackling the ongoing terror situation in and around Paris” (Daily Telegraph, emphasis added). What this suggests is that Mossad agents would be operating on French soil in partnership with France’s Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure formerly known as Le Deuxième Bureau.

According to Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu, (09 January)

“[the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Paris kosher grocery store] are a microcosm of of a greater battle against jihadists …

This is a global struggle. Bringing to justice the Paris murderers is just the beginning…

And all of them seek to destroy our freedoms and to impose on all of us a violent, medieval tyranny. They might have different names, but all of them are driven by the same hatred and blood-thirsty fanaticism.”

They bomb churches in Iraq; they slaughter tourists in Bali; they rocket civilians from Gaza; and strive to build nuclear weapons in Iran…we have to fight these enemies of our common civilization” (quoted in Times of Israel, January 9, 2015)

What the Times of Israel report fails to mention is that Netanyahu has been actively supporting Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Nusrah terrorists out of the occupied Golan heights. While coming to France’s rescue, Netanyahu does not deny his government’s support of the jihadists in Syria. The IDF top brass has acknowledged that “global jihad elements inside Syria” are supported by Israel:

Netanyahu toured the Golan Heights with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz.

At a lookout point overlooking the Syrian border, OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan briefed Netanyahu on the presence of global jihad elements inside Syria, as well as on the work being done to fortify the Israeli-Syrian border fence. (Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2014)

Inline images 1Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Shakes Hand with an Al Qaeda Terrorist. Is the wounded terrorist an Israeli intelligence asset?

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon next to a wounded mercenary, Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights’ border with Syria, 18 February 2014″ (ibid, emphasis added)

Ironically, the State of Israel is collaborating with the French authorities in the Charlie Hebdo counterterrorism operation, while also supporting the two main terrorist entities in Syria: the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Nusrah.

While there is no evidence of Mossad presence prior to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, it should be noted that France and Israel have a longstanding bilateral relationship in military and intelligence affairs. The fact that the Israeli government announced its intention to dispatch Mossad officials to Paris might suggest that Israeli intelligence officials were in Paris at an earlier date, prior to the January 9 official announcement by PM Netanyahu.

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