MSM has made a Confused World

 On this holy Juma, pray for Libya and Our Commander: 

It might mean the salvation of this world….

This is our Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

Sabah free yakhoti victories

ثباح الانتصارات ياخوتي الاحرار

Mu Sabah free yakhoti victories video image

al-Haji Abdullah Abdulaziz al-Ziana from Yemen, addresses a letter to the Libyan people.

hope for Green Libya:

“Say Amen .. Great back and turn Algaaben .. why lose hope ?
Brighter Allah .. and say Amen.”

(“Knight and Men”)

4:01 Hayya al-Mmermadeh ..

poem splendor of the most fabulous beloved dr. Hamza Thami performance ..
de bebo graph


Dr Hamza Thami's 'Call Libya' program

Àhmad Bađen, comments:
“Hit-everything clear, and obliterated the austerity and

phenomena to Khan once again Fiona Francis reliable.”

اصاب – كل شيئ واضح , و مزال ظواهر التقشف والي خان مرة معش يعول عليه

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami ..

hope and Army with the tribes .. 22/01/2015

The Libyan Tribes with the LIBYAN ARMY and the ‘tenderly’ forces of Ibrahim al-Jdharan (RED VALLEY & THE OIL GUARD INSTALLATIONS SERVICES), the Zintan former Brigades, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s PDF, and Hftar’s ‘dignity’...

They are all united in Libya, to rid Libya of the WAHABI / BROTHERHOOD

and their gangs of KHARIJITES….

and they are all subordinate to General Abdel Razek Nazdarwi:

the General Staff Chief of all Operations. It is considered now ONE LIBYAN ARMY.

A number of cities and tribes Libyan, announce their withdrawal from the ‘Supreme Council of the tribes’..and they are demanding the re-structuring of the formation of the ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities’.

Sheikhs and notables tribes Ajeelat announce their withdrawal

from ‘the Supreme Council of The Libyan tribes and cities’.

Sheikhs and notables ‘Tribe of Ma’dan’, and the sheikhs and notables of the ‘Tribe Khuwailed’ at Zaltan, announce their withdrawal from the ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities’.

Sheikhs and notables tribes of Tarhouna announce their withdrawal from the ‘Supreme Council of  The Libyan tribes and cities’.

Replies from the Liberal:
Read the reasons for withdrawals from the ‘Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and Cities’:

Deviation of the Council for the purpose and goal, which was established for him, where he had specific targets on 05/05/2011.
But recently began to exploit the name of the Council, including the use of the tribal name with the Libyan Army, during the “Airport War”, when the Zintan Brigades fought the Tripoli-MISURATA Brotherhood Militias, and was forced into a ‘treaty’ which was immediately broken by the Brotherhood Militias, who not only took the Airport from the Libyan Army, but all of TRIPOLI (setting-up their own Brotherhood controlled ‘government’).

Zintan is recognising ‘The Tribal Council’; and In another statement, the Council endorsed Hftar’s forces who joined the Libyan Army, and called JSK to
join him, and all the other forces who do NOT endorse NATO or the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

This is contrary to what was established by ‘the tribes and cities Council’ (who stand only for a GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) apart from the Military Council of the Tribes and Cities (who endorse the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ government at Tobruk and Casablanca under Abdullah Thani bending).

So many of the ‘Libyan tribes and cities’ (predominently with BANI WALID, first of the ‘LEAVING’), have decided to withdraw from it; and they, then to form another entity (the ‘Supreme Military Council of the tribes and Rishvana’
led by General Omar Tntosh), to achieve the goals which were deviated by the Board path.





 Disagreement between the ‘organization DAASH’ (the Islamic state) and “Al Qaeda” in Libya on the recent postponement of allegiance to Baghdadi, and warns of a sheikhs “state” of clashes between the two, as what has occured in Syria and Iraq ..

(Oh God, your family, unjust oppressors and got us out of them unharmed.)

The Libyan military intelligence:

suspicious movements of strange packages on the Central Bank of Libya’s headquarters in Tripoli
I learned from the news agency of ‘the Libyan Army, sources of military intelligence’, that
‘Libya, on Thursday, was spotted suspicious movements of Wahabi-style groups hovering around the Central Bank of Libya’s headquarters in Tripoli;

and they have been monitored by continuous monitoring.

Noted the same sources, that this information, which is monitored by the elements deployed in the capital, comes at a time when feelings of fear increase with Libyans, on the remainder of their wealth and their money, and their assets ,especially what is still present in the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ in Tripoli, of a strategic stockpile of different currencies, bonds and bank gold bullion and precious silver .

Libyan intelligence sources said the fear that the organization “Daash” has been robbing on this stock, as happened in the Iraqi city of Mosul, when the armed groups of this organization robbed banks and looted the city’s funds and balances, to finance terrorist operations at home and abroad.

We stressed that, what is happening today in Libya, is not far from where it sees militias ‘Dawn Libya’ and armed gangs and militias Wahabi, are all allied in hijacking commercial banks.

and, they have looted funds that represent salaries and balances of citizens (as in the recent robberies at the ‘Republic Bank’ subsidiary in the Street “Alsreem” market on Tuesday,

and also, as happened by the robbery on the banks of the city of Sirte, which looted of all of its assets.
(“Knight and Men”)



Far from politics ..
Henw message Atouselha who loves to dirty Miss Libya hehehehe
Science forbidden insult and allows Blstm ..

Even supporters of ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ and ‘Roma Libya’ are Msmouhlkm Blmcharkh Nebo

with the largest number insults, and who has al-Akaont pleasures

Aderlha Munchen in the Post .. Antalegowoo ..

بعيد عن السياسة ..
شنو الرسالة اللي اتحب اتوصلها للوسخة ملكة جمال ليبيا ههههه
للعلم ممنوع السب ويسمح بلشتم .. حتى مؤيدين الانصار والغجر مسموحلكم بلمشاركة نبو اكبر عدد شتيمة واللي عنده الاكاونت متاعها
يديرلها منشن في البوست .. انطلقوووو ..


Chairman of the Federation Libyan Mills:

“The flour crisis will now be resolved only after the payment of imports accumulated debts from 12 months ago.”








Congestion and queuing for hours to reach more than 22 hours a deplorable condition of the passengers and the sick and the exchange rate this morning by price shops Ben Ghardane 100 LD 101 Tunisian dinars.





Fierce fighting south corner WWDC Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ B. al-Hauser.

The withdrawal of some of the militias of  ‘Dawn Libya’ from Tripoli; 

but, they continuously provide for their armed forces in western Libya.


May Tendmon Day Ainf remorse’, writes:

Over 150 mechanism in the Ain Zara /Biar area on the outskirts of Tripoli by Sticrat tribal army. They follow with the MISURATA FORCES and seem to attract people and sleeper cells, but will not be returned
On the idea of ​​tribal forces Mesh Fadah for Sticrat to Mldqanhm
Please keep in mind Juta.

Self-styled battalion Saadawi previously returned to their previous work,

and to the first headquarters on the ‘island of orbit’ and street corner and Ain Zara and Bolyatem

but under the new definition of ‘Roma Libya’s name:

and the name was changed to the ‘battalion martyr Hamza’ … !!!


Found an unidentified body has filtered shot in the head and
The face and in the rest of the body, in the Tajoura area.


Child abduction

Siraj son of the pilot ‘Abdullah Hashad’, outside his home Friday Market area;

and the required two million dinars exchange for his release.



Sources talking about the occurrence of torture largely within

the ‘Plateau College Prison Air’ by Misurata; and the wounding

of three prisoners causing internal bleeding from the impact of this torture.


Professor disappearance in orthopedic surgery and physical therapy,

Oqnacio Skravli, two days after entering Tripoli through the city of Misurata.

The Italian doctor has entered the country at the invitation of sanatorium,

to “meet” a special area “farmer” the military market hand

in front of the clinic after he left to make a phone call.

Targeting based UN B. al-Eneuvliyn, and injuring one of the guards

(who was taken to a hospital).

Akhttaf named Akram Abu Ras, an official so-called ‘legal affairs’ at the

Ministry of Health at the hands of unidentified gunmen in the capital Tripoli.



Shooting dense near the Bab al-Aziziya Island:






Hospital CORNER, receives 3 dead from the front of Bir al-Ghanum.



The establishment of the ‘Supreme Military Council of the tribes and Rishvana’
Led by General Omar Tntosh. the progress of the LIBYAN ARMY southwest

of the center of the corner, led by Maj. Gen. Al-Azizia Amr Tntosh. 

 Militias ‘Roma Libya’ are now assaulting Ali who are returning to 

Rishvana in the Tine region, including ‘Tuibih’ families.


Access Aiith group of fighters to the headquarters of Brigade 

Amr_tntosh military preparations to enter al-Azizia.




Libyan Airlines launches new flight route between Tobruk and Zintan;

and their  first going flight, is today:

Video of the landing of an aircraft type ‘Airbus A320’ at Zintan Airport.


Arrived to hospital of Zintan shortly before, 13 bodies of members belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’ and believed to be members of the City of Misurata, where Dart today fierce battles in which The Libyan Army targeted militias of ‘Roma Libya’ mechanisms, including a BMB vehicle. In each vehicle, the occupants were killed.





 Strong battles waged by the LIBYAN ARMY, south of the city of Surman.

Battles strong now south of the city of Surman.

 Significant progress of the LIBYAN ARMY, in south of the centers

of Ajeelat and Beautiful City.


Killed Inventory ‘Taher Khalifa Hamouda’, at the center of Wattaya,

who was a component of militias ‘Roma Libya’.


Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ seized last night, several schools. and turned them into their ‘military headquarters’. They set-up snipers over the rooftops, in an attempt to move the battle inside the city, after the losses they had received in the desert areas, and their inability to advance to Wattaya Air-Base.


Violent clashes west of Ajeelat.

Violent clashes in all axes fighting south of Ajeelat (to Abba),  between

the Libyan Army, and militias ‘Roma Libya’.

The unfortunate  displacement of some residents of the Suenyh area, as a result of these clashes.

The LIBYAN ARMY dominates the sites which formerly were under the control

of the ‘Roma Melcaat Libya’, southwest of Ajeelat.

Photos of al-Melcaat convoy that was bombed in the Suenah / Ajeelat axis:



strong battles in Zlana, south of Ajeelat.


Complete control of the 'camp Shuyesheh' outside of AJEELAT, by the LIBYAN ARMY, 4 Complete control of the 'camp Shuyesheh' outside of AJEELAT, by the LIBYAN ARMY, 3 complete control of the 'camp Shuyesheh' outside of AJEELAT, by the LIBYAN ARMY, 2

Photos show the complete control of the camp or Shuyesheh by the LIBYAN ARMY.

The killing of five members of the militia ‘Roma Libya’ at the hands of the LIBYAN ARMY, south of the city of Ajeelat.

Aerial bombardment targeted continued on Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ at Ajeelat,

within the center of a convoy, and killed 13 inventory.

LIBYAN ARMY forces are focused Misurata militia ambush south axis Ajeelat; and destroy 4 mechanics and kill 30 people from Misurata ‘Roma Libya’ militias (and dozens injured).

Remnants of militias ‘Roma Libya’ to this day in the

‘girl’s head and Suenah’ Friday on 23 _ 01 _ 2015


Heretic killed the terrorist nicknamed ‘the Black Psova field commander’

at the center of Sabratha . Inventory injury (Ali al-Kuadera), one of the militia leaders of ‘Western Armor Brotherhood Shields’ in the center of Sabratha.

5 deaths from the city of Misurata in today’s battles in the Western Region.
Two of the names of the dead from Misurata:
_1 Mohammed al-Hebele
_2 Taher Hamoudi





Statement  of the ‘Social Council of the tribes Warfalla’

about the so-called ‘call for dialogue at Geneva Post’.



News of clashes inside the city of Misurata on the back of a

brawl between Sowaihilli and other militias.

The death of the citizen (Isa M’hamed al-Rajabana) under torture

at the hands of criminal gangs Misurata after being arrested on his way to Tunisia

and transferred to the Air Force Academy in Misurata, as a ‘detainee’.




Hospital evacuation announce his reception for 600 deaths of soldiers

since the descent of the Libyan army in Benghazi ..

They are different from the turf and Biar and Barss, Casablanca and

Tobruk, Benghazi and other cities and villages, cities.




Older snapshot of DAASH in the city of Sirte, regulating traffic
(God, all Manchuv all shapes Mantrahmk you, O our leader)

The death of Dr. Ismail bin Ismail , the Ibn Sina Hospital Director
Following a traffic accident in the 60 area west of the city of Sirte

while returning from the city of Misurata.


 The killing of Ali Mabrouk Abushofah Ferjany after being absolutely fired-upon by DAASH

assailants near the bin negligence Sirte collector; and arrived a little while ago to the

hospital and died in the emergency room.

That God and him Rjon.

The arrival of the body of both the Colonel Sanusi Kaaabh and Mustafa al-Sharif

to the Ibn Sina hospital, were found shot dead by DAASH assassins on Dubai Street.

They were both on the notorious DAASH ‘hit-list’, published a while back.

The assassination of the Director of Security Directorate of Sirte

by the terrorist organization Daash.



Violent clashes are now in the front of Port Sidra;

and there is violent bombardment by ‘Roma Libya’.

Militia ‘DAWN LIBYA’ sent three Grad rockets yesterday at 5 pm,

in an attempted by them to target the Port of Sidra; 

and,  at 11 o’clock at night, near the bombed oil storage tanks, with about 6 other missiles.

Thankfully there is little injuries.
(To D Brgah @
‘Rouge Valley directly’)

‘Rouge Valley directly’:
Historical moments Astrha Cyrenaica Champions far in front of Sidra:


Militias ‘Roma Libya’ have fired 3 long-range missiles which crashed

in an isolated place  called Belkrb in Ras Lanauf.




Libyan Airforce Warplanes have bombarded

militias ‘Roma Libya’- “Sunrise” gatherings

in the city of Srtoduahaha, near Bin Jawad.


Ibrahim al-Jdharan greeted by Zintan elders, as they  visit and give their support to

the soldiers stationed at the Crescent Oil.


Majabrh tribe sent in support of the Army and Guard Oil Installations

in front of Sidra.
(‘Rouge Valley’ directly)

Exchange process took place for seven held by the parties to the conflict in the oil region

Crescent mediated by a number of tribal elders and the Libyan Red Crescent Society.



a visit to some sites stationed at Valley Rouge:

Even in the most difficult circumstances remain the most important prayer of everything!

Mn al-Khtoot al-Amamah
(‘Rouge Valley directly’)


Oqaila Gate:

Arrested on a charge of corrupt cigarettes and number 3 container was

on its way from Sabha to Ajdabiya was arrested in Oqaila gate.

Thanks to Guard Oil Installations.


DAASH in CASABLANCA: _ a statement establishing the so-called

” ‘white’ revolutionaries of the Shura Council”.

 Daash Terrorist group announced the formation of what it called 

‘Cil_chore_thoar_awhita’ .



In light of the ‘catastrophe of 17 February’
Propane cylinder sold in Casablanca for 100 dinars after it was at 2.5 dinars under the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ !



The arrival of the body of the terrorist named (Mohammed Al-Zahawi) ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ Emir,

evil in Benghazi, coming from Turkey sponsor of terrorism in Libya:

The killing of the terrorist (Salah sandstone),

one of the leaders of the Tnzim_alhadh /ANSAR al-SHARIA) in Benghazi.

 Melcaat Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARAIA) doing a great looting of homes

and combing all the houses in the areas controlling it by them and Hawari, Rulrhh, and Garyounes.

Snipers of Tnzim al-Hadh (ANSAR al-SHARIA) were caught on al-Botas Street.



Found an unidentified body in the area Shebna Bbghaza.

God and yes agent (SATAN).

Artillery DAASH nests inside  al-Sabri area
The clashes in ‘the project El-Safsfah‘.


 Hftar’s Libyan Army forces, fight under the legitimate TOBRUK temporary government (MAJIS al-NUWAAB), and have legally siezed the Benghazi Branch of the Central Bank of Libya.

USA, and the NYTIMES is against this. They side with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ‘government’ in TRIPOLI (an arm of MISURATA). Their report sides with the BROTHERHOOD HASSI (GOVERNMENT OF SALVATION in TRIPOLI / MISURATA). They call the ‘DAWN LIBYA’ and ‘ROMA LIBYA’ terrorist forces “PRO-GOVERNMENT FORCES” !!
and insist on calling Hftar a ‘rogue’ General when he is under the subordination of the Chief of Staff General Abdel Razak Nazdarwi.

The Libyan Tribes with the LIBYAN ARMY and the ‘tenderly’ forces of Ibrahim al-Jdharan(RED VALLEY & THE OIL GUARD INSTALLATIONS SERVICES), the Zintan former Brigades, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s PDF, and Hftar’s ‘dignity’…
They are all united in Libya, to rid Libya of the WAHABI / BROTHERHOOD and their gangs of KHARIJITES….
and they are all subordinate to General Abdel Razek Nazdarwi:
the General Staff Chief of all Operations. It is considered now ONE LIBYAN ARMY.

The USA and the NY TIMES (their propaganda sheet for the public) want the Brotherhood to retain control of the BANK, as they have been illegally sending 90% of all the state funds to MISURATA CENTRAL BANK under a fictitious bank account. This is how they have been funding their War and paying their KHARIJITE terrorists.


Hftar’s Libyan Army forces control BLON area and heavy artillery shelling and missiles

with the continued war in the streets of al-Sabri area.

 Smoke billowed from one of the houses following clashes within the mosque of Hijaz Street.


The arrival of the body of a refrigerator to a hospital bed in 1200 unidentified:

Image of the dead terrorist Slah al-Erji
(to Hell)



The MAJLIS al-NUWAAB in TOBRUK and CASABLANCA asks the Audit Bureau,

to review all Turkish and Qatari contracts in Libya.


The assassination of three soldiers shortly before the road south of the city of  ‘el-Ezzeiat Mechili dome’.
They are:
1_ friend Abdullah Saleh Aderich, near the city of Maple City Abraq
2_ Saad Faraj poetic, City Dome
3_ Abdullah Boubacar Messaoud, near the city of Maple Abraq.

I am God and to Him we return, we ask God to accept them rest in peace.


Of the “Islamic State” seizes “good” mosque “Mghar” district and expelled him

“a selected university.” The focus of the imam of a pro-regulation.






The kidnapping of six people by Misurata gangs in al-Jufra.

 Reports Bthhid battalion obstacle Ibn Nafi area Apunjam approximately 70 armed vehicles and that the attack on the Daash project Allod, who downloaded is abducting members of the citizens of al-Jufra with Militia Misurata.







Dogs Fire Amksudain Mesh Galo (GALLEAUX) demonstrations haram.


I turn to the mercy of God, one of the men al-Qadhadhfa Tribe ….
It Emhemed Daou,

father of hero Brigadier Ibrahim Emhemed
Ado ..(and who is the brother of captive hero ‘Mansour light’),

from the effects of a stroke this morning, in the city of Sabha.

Lord have mercy and Aghafrlh.
(“Knight and Men”)
ﺑﻘﻠﻮﺏ ﻣﺆﻣﻨﺔ ﻭﺑﻘﻀﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭ ﻗﺪﺭﻩ ﺃﻧﺘﻘﻞ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺭﺣﻤﺔ
ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﺣﺪ ﺭﺟﺎﻝ ﻗﺒﻴﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﺫﻓﺔ ….
ﻭﻫﻮ ﺍﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺿﻮ ﻭﺍﻟﺪ ﺍﻟﺒﻄﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﻴﺪ ﺇﺑﺮﺍﻫﻴﻢ ﺍﻣﺤﻤﺪ
ﺿﻮ ..
ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﺛﺮ ﺟﻠﻄﺔ ﺻﺒﺎﺡ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺳﺒﻬﺎ ﻓﺈﻥ ﻟﻠﻪ… مشاهدة المزيد
ساعة واحدة

photo of late hero Ibrahim Emhemed Daou Qahsa Gaddafi,

son of It Ibrahim Daou who died this morning.
Libya news shared channel Tripoli Mermaid ‘s photo.
19 October 2014 ·
(Mountain Battles Timeline Photos)
The death of Ibrahim Emhemed Daou Qahsa Gaddafi‘,

in the mountain battles while fighting amongst the Zintan





 Sheikhs Aqbilh Ataiwariq from Ubari, are calling for a ceasefire in all axes.

Statement elders and wise men and elders languages ​​area.

Tuareg declare a cease-fire in the entire South of Libya.




King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz  died early hour of morning;
and Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, his brother, is Saudi Arabia‘s new King ruler.




Libyan Embassy in Germany announces suspension of their classes

for the Libyan school in Bonn, as a result of financial distress.

foul puppet-king Idress

Libysche Botschaft

Admin September 26, 2014 Allgemein, Anzeigen, Die Botschaft, Home, Konsularische Angelegenheiten, Libysche Reisepässe


Here is today’s statement about closing the school:


Meanwhile, here is a blink from PAST HISTORY:

al-Qathafi Warns of economic sanstions on Bonn, concerning Plant Fire,

If West Germany was responsible for damage to Libya’s Pharmaceuticals facility.



— Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi threatened Thursday to impose a blockade on West German manufactured goods, if that country helped to instigate a fire, at a ‘controversial’ Pharmaceuticals plant near Tripoli. He also, angrily denied that Libya had been producing any what-so-ever chemical weapons at the facility.

Although al-Qathafi stopped short of directly accusing West Germany of a role in the crippling fire. Hundreds of Libyan demonstrators massed outside the West German Embassy in Tripoli on Thursday, declaring that West German intelligence agents were responsible.

Asked whether the plant turned out ‘chemical weapons’, al-Qathafi repeated his country’s denials.

“If Libya could manufacture them, it would not have hesitated,” he said in a statement broadcast by Tripoli Radio. “However, Libya on its own, and by its own efforts, would need another 20 years to produce a ‘chemical bomb’ (even IF we desired to do so; but we do not).”

‘Reportedly’ al-Qathafi offered a multimillion-dollar contract “to anyone who could build a chemical factory for Libya.” (Shows the nonsense of this accusation; as al-Qathafi is not involved in financing projects from abroad in Libya. He has no authority in Libya, under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, to do so.)

al-Qathafi pointedly did not mention the extent of the damage from the Wednesday morning industrial fire at the plant near Rabta, about 60 miles southwest of Tripoli, where U.S. officials of the American CIA, have been spreading the false propaganda that the plant has produced deadly mustard gas and nerve gas ‘since last year’.

FALSELY ACCUSING LIBYA, the U.S. and Arab authorities said there are ‘indications that the plant, which Libya insists is used only to manufacture pharmaceuticals, was heavily damaged by fire, and Libya’s official news agency ‘Jana’ reported, “Most of the factory has been destroyed.”

On Wednesday, the Jana news agency had accused Israel and the United States of sabotaging the plant, but al-Qathafi’s subsequent statement targeted only West Germany. After more than 1,000 Libyan demonstrators marched outside the West German Embassy, a diplomatic source in Tripoli said the Libyans accused West German intelligence agents faking details about the plant’s design to the United States, implying that U.S. agents could then have sabotaged the plant.

“If the investigation under way confirms the involvement of West German intelligence in an action inside Libya, the economic presence of Germany will be eliminated from Libya,” al-Qathafi warned.

Demonstrators outside the embassy carried signs proclaiming “Germans Are Spies and Liars,” “Germans Out” and “Germany Down, al-Qathafi’s Our Leader,” prompting the Foreign Ministry in Bonn to summon a Libyan diplomat and complain about harassment of West German diplomats. Bonn’s embassy in Tripoli delivered a response denying any complicity in the fire.

“The accusation lacks reality, and . . . any suggestion that any German citizen or West German intelligence was involved (is) pure invention,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said in Bonn.

Israel and the United States have also denied any involvement. U.S. officials acknowledged that Israel has both the capability and the motive to destroy the plant but said they had no information to link Israel to the incident.

U.S. officials said they have received credible reports that Libyan authorities arrested several suspects Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in the fire.

The U.S. government has made no secret of its opposition to the plant, and one U.S. official responded privately Thursday to news of the fire with the happy observation that “the ‘Force’ is with us.”

Official Washington reaction, however, was much more neutral.

“We don’t know the origins of the fire,” White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater told reporters in Washington. “We don’t know if it was sabotage. We don’t have any idea who did it. . . . Somebody could have knocked over a kerosene lamp or something.”

In fact, “a lot of people” in the intelligence agencies believe that the fire was caused by an industrial accident, said one Administration official privy to intelligence reports on the issue. “They have had at least two” accidents in the past, the official noted, adding that “it would be consistent with the pattern.”

Remember also the 2004 propagated ‘scandal’ of the ambassador in Bonn torturing two dissident Libyan students at the Embassy...Germany HAS NOT been a good friend to the Great Jamahiriya…(much less even concerning the False Flag LIE about the Berlin Disco in 1986…)…


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