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Oh God, victory over the NATO agents.

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JUMA BLESSINGS upon all of good heart and who keep the love

and wisdom of Allah as a daily work nonstop.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar”:

RBI said on Friday
And Friday you have the best of days
Write to us all goodness and made us our wishes and our dead

and have mercy on all of our detainees Faraj Lord of the Worlds.



DAASH /IS, Hits Libyan Oil Field

by Joanne Moriarity



DAASH / IS, the WAHABI group now terrorizing the Middle East has made it presence known in Libya. Night before last, 03 February 2015, the al-Mabruk Oil field some 60 miles south of Sirte was attacked from 3 directions by approximately 200 vehicles of heavily armed DAASH / IS mercenaries. During the attack approximately 12 peoplewere killed, one of them was a Frenchman, there is being reported a number of hostages but that is still waiting confirmation.

The al-Mabruk oil field is an inactive oil production field at this time, Total SA the French Oil Company had been operating the field in a joint venture with the ‘Libyan National Oil’ company but the lack of security in a country over run by radical Islamic psychopaths forced Total to remove all their workers. The al-Mabruk oil field in its best days produced about 70,000 BOPD making it one of Libya’s smaller production fields.

DAASH / IS and other terrorist mercenaries have been staging out of Turkey. They come from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. They are all paid mercenaries. They are being transported into Libya by Turkish Airlines landing in Misurata, and being led by ‘Dawn Libya’ and others in their terrorist alliance.

The Misurata ‘Dawn Libya’ Wahabi-gangs attempted to take the oil port of Ras Lanuf the same evening as the Al Mabruk field was attacked but they were surprised by a large force of the Libyan army that beat them badly and cost them the lives of a number of their mercenaries.

The Libyans know that Obama is supporting DAASH/IS and other ‘Brotherhood Wahabi militias’ in Libya who have now joined together in an alliance including the well-known terrorists of ‘Dawn Libya’ in Misurata. Omar al-Hassi the leader of the Libyan ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, now holding Tripoli by force with no legitimate position of government has declared openly on TV this week in Libya that President Obama of the USA has offered his full support of the Islamist Extremists in Libya. Obama also told the Islamists to go and take all the oil fields from the Libyans and once they have completed that he will recognize them as the legitimate government of Libya.

The Tribes of Libya told me: “It is a verydangerous game that your government is playing with these Wahabi, it is dangerous for the entire world”;

and they are right.

Omar al-Hassi proclaimed leader of the Islamists in Tripoli is also a terrorist. He and his al-Qaeda buddy, Adbul-hakem Belhadj helped form the “Islamic Fighting Group” (nicknamed LFG) in the 1990’s. al- Hassi lived in the US for many years in exile because he was a WAHABI, and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA did not allow violent WAHABI living in their country. al-Hassi worked as a taxi cab driver in the US and most likely was employed by the CIA as were many exiled Libyans. The truth is that this group of exiled Libyans were exiled for a reason – they were radical psychopaths. Interesting isn’t it that these are the psychopaths now controlling Libya with the full support of the US and they were the ones the US joined hands with to destroy Libya. These terrorists make up less than 4% of the Libyan population yet the west put them in power by force, keeps them in power by force, arms them, funds them and feeds them more mercenariesconstantly.

It is not hard to understand why Libya is a failed state.

The great tribes of Libya understand the dirty game that was played and continues to be played against their country. They say, quite correctly, that DAASH / IS controlling the Libyan resources is a big problem for the world much more than it is a problem for the Libyans, the Libyans are already suffering and in exile, etc, but the control of the natural resources in Libya makes the terrorists a formidable force against the neighboring countries, Europe and every other part of the world.

It is known to the tribes that the plan is for ISIS is to take control of all the resources of the Middle East and North Africa.

Lastly, a piece of shocking news that you will never readin any other news/website/blog etc. This news comes from people that I know and trust, yesterday there were two European nations that were reading themselves to attack DAASH / IS in Libya. These nations understand the major threat to them and the world by these radicals controlling any of Libya. The attack was to begin after dark, but was stopped by none other than Obama who called these countries and demanded/threatened them to cancel their plans of attack. All of this follows Obama telling the radicals to take control of the resources of Libya, of Obama telling Hassi that the US will support all these radicals in Libya and of the US dictating to other countries, stopping them from attacking DAASH / IS in Libya.

The majority (90%) of all Wahabi in Libya are foreigners. The Libyan people are by a 99%+ margin against WAHABIISM, so Libya is being taken over illegally by terrorist mercenaries, one must ask the all-encompassing question: ‘WHERE IS THE UN?’

The Libyans are not daunted by these occurrences, they are not daunted by the lies of Deborah Jones, US Ambassador to Libya who tweets out that the Libyans are weak and stupid and cannot work together. She also says that Libya would be broken even if the WAHABI were not there. I guess 42 years of peace and prosperity with all the tribes working together, has been conveniently forgotten by this horrible woman. She meets with and supports the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, again fitting into Obama’s plan to keep Libya for the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and her offspring of DAASH /IS and many other psychopathic groups.

The Libyans will clean their country, as usual they are underestimated and misunderstood. The tribes are strong and they are courageous and do work together to bring their country out of this dark place forced on them by western Imperialists.


 (THE FOLLOWING is edited from another article of Joanne Moriarity):

Libya did NOT have a ‘revolution’, it was a false flag operation set up by the US-CIA to overthrow the stable Libyan government and to again attempt to assassinate  (as they tried for many, many years prior without success) Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.


In order to overthrow the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, the CIA had to enlist Libyans that were against the Great Jamahiriya. These Libyans were in the great MINORITY, perhaps 5% of the population at the most. Most of these Libyans were living in exile because they were Wahabi, WHO WERE OUTLAWED IN THE

Great Jamahiriya.

The truth is that, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi stepped-down for all powers totally by 1979, giving-up

his secretariat position at that time. The only rank he continued to hold, was that of Supreme

Commader of the Armed Forces of the People. This also was a requirement of the traty signed

with Candoleeza Rice in 2006.


In January 2011, the US Department of Defense proclaimed al-Qathafi as their best ally in the

war against terror. By a huge majority, some 90%+, the Libyan people are Melkite Muslim, rejecting WAHABIISM totally. (They would tell you that WAHABIISM is rubbish.)

In order to break The Great Jamahiriya, the CIA had to enlist huge numbers of mercenaries because they found few Libyans inside Libya who would join the fight to overthrow the government that was giving them a good life. The Libyans had free medical, free education, 44 cents a gallon gas, 41,062.38€ gift upon marriage,4,368.34€ gift for each child born, a new condo for 10% of your salary (after 20 years it was yours), store houses of free food if you were hungry or poor. Women were free and were emancipated by al-Qathafi by the early 1970’s. Libya was the most progressive Islamic country in the world.

So, the CIA, joined hands with those Libyans that were still WAHABI, and who wanted to turn Libyan into

an Islamic-CALIPHATE.  SHARIA was already the only law of the and by unanimous decree, on 02 MARCH 1977, but it was not in the manner of the WAHABIIS from Saudi Arabia (who practice it by the HADITH): The Sharia of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA was based solely on the Holy Qu’ran.

Mu signs declaration making Holy Quran the Constitution, the only law for Libya 02 MARCH 1977

Of course there were not enough radical Libyans to overthrow 90% of Libya so the CIA began to filter in hundreds of thousands of psychopathic Islamic terrorist paid mercenaries from all over the world. Many of these terrorists had been fighting American soldiers in Afghanistan one day and the next day they were being armed, funded and trained by the CIA and their black water mercenaries to help destroy the sovereignnation of Libya. Chris Stevens (x CIA) the now dead Ambassador to Libya was the chief gun runner to the Al Qaeda “so called” rebel mercenaries.

Early in the NATO war, Obama signed an order sending the CIA into Libya to aid the “so called rebels”. It was not a secret to anyone that these (so-called) ‘rebels’ were WAHABI, from all over the world, and amongst those incarcerated at Guantanemo (U.S. occupied Cuba) and Garu Habi (in Iraq). They were all paid mercenaries, who were given a chance ‘for freedom’ if they fought against THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Early in 2011, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi stated that it was al-Qaeda that was infiltrating with the Libyan fighting Group, using the support of NATO and the US.
Mu 28 Febr. 2011

24 FEBR. 2011:
(Reuters) – Muammar al-Qathafi blamed the violence rising against him, on al-Qaeda (followers of leader Osama bin Laden) on Thursday, and said the protesters were fueled by milk and Nescafe spiked with hallucinogenic drugs, in a rambling appeal for calm.
“Their ages are 17. They give them pills at night, they put hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe,” said al-Qathafi.

Referring to violent clashes taking place in the town of Zawiyah, about 50 km (30 miles) from the capital Tripoli, al-Qathafi said: “What is happening in Zawiyah is a farce … Sane men don’t enter such a farce.”

“You people of Zawiyah, stop your children, take their weapons, bring them away from the thoughts of Bin Laden, the pills will kill them,” he said. “Leave the country calm.”

CONT’D from Joanne Moriarity:


It was public knowledge. But that did not stop Obama.

The rest is history, but suffice it to say, everything you read about Libya and al-Qathafi was a lie intended to allow Clinton and Obama to blow up Libya, her people and dishonor their beloved FOUNDER.

What is happening in Libya today? Well, lets start by saying that after NATO flew some 60,000 sorties, using depleted uranium and FAE (fuel air explosives),violating every international rule of engagement for war; Libya is in shambles, a failed state with over a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure destroyed. Obamabrags about only spending 1 billion to blow up Libya, but the real cost is over many billions and that came out of the Libyan coffers that were in the FED bank accounts and were stolen from Libya. Of the 6.5 million total population before NATO, 500,000 were killed, over2 million live in exile, 1 million are homeless, 2 millionlive in terror with no hope and 40,000 are illegallyimprisoned with thousands already tortured to death. There is no rule of law now in Libya.

NATO and the US left behind all the WAHABI psychopaths and had them set up a puppet government that represented about 5% of the Libyans. This government was not a democracy; it created no security and used armed gangs, now referred to as ‘militias’, to control and kill. This government stole Libya blind and left her people suffering. This my friends was the GNC – the ‘General National Congress’ (OMAR HASSI’s ‘Government of Salvation’), Barak Obama, John McCAIN and Hillary Clinton’s creation, made up of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and her offspring, called ‘ROMA LIBYA’/ ‘Fajr LIBYA’ / ‘DAWN/SURISE LIBYA’: al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and any other fringe radical group made up of psychopathic terrorists….

The GNC was formally disbanded in February of 2014 but stayed on temporarily until the election which took place in June of 2014. No matter how much these criminals threatened the Libyan people at gun point, those that could vote did and much to their anger, the radical ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and others were voted out of office. Of course the ploy that the GNC was for democracy was a lie and they were not about to stand for the Libyan people to have a voice or lose any of their power. As soon as the legitimately elected people came to Tripoli to be sworn in to the government they were all threatened at gun point, some of their homes were burned, families were kidnapped, etc. Consequently, these duly elected ‘Council of deputies’ had to set up a new government in Tobruk and Casablanca: it was either that or die trying in Tripoli.

The sorry pieces of trash in Tripoli refuse to leave and give Libya to the Libyan people. They maintain their control over Tripoli by force of terror. The world…watches this horror in deafening silence. Even worse, the UN acts like they there are (2) governments that must meet and discuss reconciliation. Why should the Libyans who have suffered greatly under the hands of these tyrants ever negotiate with them? The Libyans will never ever allow this kind of trash to stay in their country and any person who has ever met a real Libyan would know that fact. Even still the US Ambassador to Libya, Deborah Jones, continues her support of the GNC and Misurata (home of Terrorist gangs known as Libya Dawn). The Great tribes of Libya will not meet with her because she is openly supporting the terrorismin their country. How is it that the US, who claims to promote democracy, refuses to accept the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (COUNCIL of DEPUTIES) working temporarily out of Tobruk and Casablanca, all the while continuing to support and have dialogue with the non existent government of the GNC made up of WAHABI psychopaths that are hated by all the Libyan people?

Even worse the old puppet GNC is led by a man named Omar al-Hassi, himself a world renowned criminal terrorist.

Omar al-Hassi: (Qalkm of no good )


“That Misrata Brigades has the internal disagreement, and the city of Misurata, the process ‘Dawn Libya’ goal was the elimination of Zintan and the Zintani to be totally disarmed.

Kikla was retained for the process. If you want to bombard Misurata, then Zintan and Kikla will be the victims; because, of the forces in the mountain have received them.

The ‘National government of Salvation’ has no control over the forces of Misurata.”  !!


“I am against Zintan because they want to eliminate Misurata. I hate ZINTAN because Zintan stands in front of the rule of Misrata al-Aeugd. Their ‘henchmen’ are making a counter-revolution; and have changed the story of the oil Crescent, for oil.”


Omar al-Hassi, along with Abdulhakem Belhaj, another “world renowned” terrorist and al-Qaeda leader, were the founders of the Islamic Fighting Group, better known as LFG. This man al-Hassi is a known terrorist and yet the UN and the US continue to speak with him like he deserves some kind of respect. This is the exact reason Libya is not stable and the huge majority of her people are in exile.

The shocking truth is that Obama supports this radical GNC gang and has offered them recognition as the legitimate government in Libya if they will take over the oil fields. To that end, the US is continuing to arm these radicals in Libya quietly in the background. The UN has an embargo against arms into Libya and yet the US willfully looks the other way while Sudan, Qatar and Turkey fly in arms and mercenaries to the Wahabi Brotherhood every week (through MISURATA airport and Mitigua, and the southern borders).

The legitimate Libyan Army that is fighting to cleanse these WAHABI BROTHERHOOD-led criminal gangs from their country is openly embargoed from receiving any aid or help from countries willing to step up and help stop the flow of these radical psychopaths. These countries know thatLibya has training camps set up by the CIA to train DAASH/ISIS and other radical groups…. only Obama, Sudan, Turkey and Qatar are supporting these illegal activities in Libya.

The sad truth is that this is the way Obama and Clinton want Libya: They do not care a wig about the Libyan people. What they do care about, is that Libya has huge resources and is the gateway to Africa, the 1 280 000 mass graves now in Libya make no difference to them – it is just acceptable collateral damage.

Obama and his minions will learn that the Libyan people will never accept mercenary WAHABI rubbish to rule their country. They will fight and they will win in the end. The fallacy of the Zionists criminals is that they do not understand an 8000 year old tribal system and the strength it infuses in its people. There are many countries in this world who are willing to step up and help Libya, many of them are her neighbors, they know the facts and their time of hiding in the shadows is coming to an end.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, comments and PRAISES:

There is no need Tazl mood uniforms on the ‘February channel’ “farce”.

The destruction of everything that happens in their classrooms find them “Tnoih” Hey battalion so and so and so Aaktaah.

Pencaarham and write their uniforms.

We Yakoat because in the last labor to edit, control and secure the territory of Libya

for duty to the stability and maintain peace and safety of not including the capital Tripoli.

Hey Battalion 101
Aasoeria Tripoli
Battalion “loyal”
Battalion M.t air
Air Defense Battalion
Saraya corner
Brigade 407
406 battalion
Tank battalion
Saraya and Rishvana boycotted the wild
Saraya “Nasr perdition”
Saraya Zintan Military Council
404 Tank Battalion
Units of Staff of the Western
Artillery Battalion
Battalion “Knight”
For the Southern District
Coastal Security Battalion
Wattaya processes
Air Defense Forces
Saraya border
Battalion Abu Bakr, “chief of staff”
Logistics Battalion
Saraya Military Engineering
Battalion field of engineering
Saraya Surman
Saraya army “Asbi’a”
Saraya al-Rajaban
Military unit “Taiji”
Vital installations Guard battalion
Battalion 407
Oil installations Guard service
Diplomatic Security
Central Support
The protection of the South Battalion
Saraya Ajdabiya
Saraya Benghazi
Thunderbolt special forces
Counter-terrorism forces
Brigade 399
Saraya Tobruk
Forces built
Air forces of Tobruk
Altjeic infidel forces
Saraya Green Mountain fully
Saraya slip Hun
Saraya entire military region of Cyrenaica
Army units Barjma
Brigades simmering turf
Martyrs Brigade corner
Directorates of security Libya
Saraya military zone “mountain”,
Defence Regiment in “Jufrah”
Saraya simmering Zliten and five
Military units simmering continent, poly
Brigade 309
Jawafa 165 border guards

Shahat eye passing battalions

First Brigade infantry battalion
Battalion 148

Infantry Battalion al-Mgazzhh

Brigades Biar

vital goals battalion
climber Aanouh and Owoo

until we rise above for our nation.


مفيش حاجة تعذل المزاج زي قناة فبراير ” مسخرة”

كل ما يحدث تدمير في صفوفهم تجدهم ” تنويح” يا كتيبة فلان وياكتيية فلان

 انا بنسيرهم ونكتب زيهم

نحن لأن ياقوات في المخاض الأخير لتحرير والسيطرة وتأمين أراضي ليبيا للقيام بالواجب لاستقرار والحفاظ على السلم ولا من والأمان ومن بينهم العاصمة‫#‏طرابلس‬

يا كتيبة 101
ياسرايا طرابلس
كتيبة ” الأوفياء”
كتيبة م.ط الجوية
كتيبة الدفاع الجوي
سرايا الزاوية
للواء 407
كتيبة 406
كتيبة الدبابات
سرايا ورشفانة قاطع البرية
سرايا ” نصر الهلاك ”
سرايا المجلس العسكري الزنتان
كتيبة 404 دبابات
وحدات أركان الغربية
كتيبة المدفعية
كتيبة “فارس ”
للواء الجنوب
كتيبة أمن السواحل
قوات البحرية
عمليات الوطية
قوات الدفاع الجوي
سرايا الحدود
كتيبة أبوبكر الصديق ” لاركان ”
كتيبة الإمداد
سرايا الهندسة العسكرية
كتيبة هندسة ميدان
سرايا صرمان
سرايا الجيش ” الاصابعة “,
سرايا الرجبان
الوحدة العسكرية ” تيجي “,
كتيبة حرس المنشآت الحيوية
الكتيبة 407
جهاز حرس المنشآت النفطية
الأمن الدبلوماسي
الدعم المركزي
مباحث أمن الدولة
كتيبة حماية الجنوب
سرايا اجدابيا
سرايا بنغازي
قوات الخاصة الصاعقة
قوات مكافحة الإرهاب
للواء 399
سرايا طبرق
قوات بنينا
قوات الجوية طبرق
قوات التجيش الكفرة
سرايا الجبل الأخضر بالكامل
سرايا زلة وهون
سرايا المنطقة العسكرية برقة بالكامل
وحدات الجيش بارجمة
كتائب تجيش المرج
كتيبة شهداء الزاوية
مديريات لأمن ليبيا
سرايا المنطقة العسكرية ” الجبل “,
كتيبة دفاع عام ” الجفرة “,
سرايا تجيش زليتن والخمس
وحدات العسكرية تجيش القاره بولي
للواء 309
الجويفي 165حرس حدود كتيبة شحات كتائب عين ماره اللواء الاول مشاة
كتيبة 148 مشاة كتيبة المقزحة كتائب الابيار كتيبة الاهداف الحيوية

 طالع اينوح ووووو حتي نحن نسمو لعندنا


 Allah, as I always say a great faith in Allah Lord opened today in our face
Was the liberation of many western areas and operations to retrieve large vehicles, ammunition and weapons.

The Benghazi today, “Allahu Akbar”
All axes Mchae Allah.
There are many developments I can not disclose them but Allah is the greatest great Shi
Allah is the greatest !




Cars firefighters from the front of the Fine Arts Theater
Nook Dahmani
Security and safety
On the last brief electric seam.

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎ 

سيارت الاطفاء من امام مسرح الفنون الجميلة

زواية الدهماني
امن و امان
وفي الاخير يطلع التماس كهربائي.

Enfin apporter un contact électrique et d’incendie de camions devant le dossier de théâtre des beaux-arts levage sécurité Dahmani.


Aajl..taúrat penetrate the sound barrier in Tripoli ..

Salah Badi disease-war attack on the floor of the airport in Tripoli

and claimed the key to control is not currently capable of doing what his dream in control failure.





 Gary process of implementing a true Sharia school science education legitimacy

of the book and the year in the city of Zintan
“Urges the Quran and Sunnah logo Pavhm advances to the nation.”





Turcot everything and Harpo died of Matt and fled fled
Was the name of a battalion of Hattin Misrata
And a battalion of Zorah named Martyrs Nafusa
O Allah, grant victory to the army


Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎ 

تركو كل شي و هربو مات من مات و فر فر

كان فيه كتيبة اسمها حطين مصراتة
وكتيبة من زوراة اسمها شهداء جبل نفوسة

اللهم انصر الجيش



 Military supply “port”


Hittin Aajna ‘Roma Libya’ Bh remaining after this offering troops yesterday in the western region in all axes

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎. 

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎ 

حطين ياجنة غجر ليبيا بح هذا ماتبقي بعد تقدم القوات يوم الأمس بالمنطقة الغربية في جميع المحاور

Armed forces
Increase the number of verses recovered from gangs today
Allah is the greatest.



Killing field commander Ibrahim Mohammed Mahiche of ‘Dawn Libya’ forces

at the center of Akrabieah, south of Ajeelat.

Armed forces advancing northward on the outskirts of Ajeelat – and Beautiful City.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’:

After the great victories of the day in all axes western region and the great progress
And Aydaaltkdm and edit the port and the arena and center of the country and the courts Benghazi compound
And rejoice in our troops of the Oil Crescent, repelled ‘Roma Libya’.

We sing these verses of poetry:

Allah is the greatest
Libya army Dyer them this topic ….
fled and escaped Elly Tbaty bemuse …
House of Ahjum …
Aslaha like thunder Nad Aizum …
Security Wattaya said Qayyum.
..aleom Revenge of ‘Roma’ and AVI Anrdh tactic
of his home with his plan …
Decree forbade them …
Gnhm them accustomed to his promise …
Today ‘Roma’ them Mchum day.
..aly Roshm to cheat cloud filled …
Qahochehem army unto Agnum is …
And Rahm # Asyudh of choosers Uldh …
at the height of the afternoon Anjum (s) to …
Each end Iltqilh said Kent, who …
Lengai estimated true Ayaom ….
and who is not afraid to sign the sea and extending ..
“” .jeic Libya dominated severe Aazum ….
and missed Fjarham Maad LES response. “

Praise and thanks to God.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa a partagé la vidéo de Zintan TV channel.
A full report of Zintan TV channel:

Militias ‘Fajr Libya’, escape from all axes, illustratesd in the Western Front.

قناة الزنتان الفضائية‎ 

هروب مليشيات ليبيا من كافة المحاور بالمنطقة الغربية.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, comments:

Unit of “Gsorh” addicted to “girl” pages
Absent absent absent
And TGI writer:
God largest airline of ‘Dawn Libya’ bombing from out of Wattaya.
Hahahaha shape “Adair was in Mbcabach

and Tian ground pepper Joe” * is Hzka aviation bombed al-Lahu Akbar
Haha God “play”, I do not troops…
Shape pasta fire hehehehe !!





Attribute Khotna in Zliten A. al-Vadjah who became a three-day market,

there’s no power but God,

a family of six people have been killed in cold blood and the killers fled and oooooo Allah!

Zliten Friday 02/06/2015
A heinous murder in the market area Tuesday filter an entire family was shot dead

and the family consisting of father, mother and three sons, and the title of the family (al-Ovena)
To turn the force but from God.

(POSTED BY BOTH: ‘Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar’, and the “Zintan Brigade QaQaa”)





Air Force bombed sites of the infidels in Sirte

8 killed Libyans and number two Ghanaians and two Filipinos in the number

of armed attack on the oil fieldcarp south of the city of Sirte.



The withdrawal of 40 armed tracking mechanism ‘DawnLibya’ of  “Misurata,”

going from Ben Jawad to Misurata.

A delegation from Misurata up to Bin Jawad discuss ways and the way the people of Misurata

withdraw from Bin Jawad to Misurata, after harsh licking from the Libyan Army

and the Oil Guard Installations strikes.

Violates the banner out of the legitimate Libyan state will not tolerate them.



The occurrence of the Kharijites in ambush for the Libyan army behind the North Benghazi Court.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs and comments:

Because Benghazi approaching the final operations after ‘the liberation of the port and the courts complex and arena’,
Because the role of the great interior next to all devices:
1. Cameras should be installed at all the gates of Benghazi and especially vital places and security and military.
2_ must be supported by the State Security Investigation and Intelligence and Security Directorate of Criminal Search
3_ issuing system to follow all wanted to show whether or foreigners.

God grants success.

the port of Benghazi after entering the army.

 Friday and troops from inside the port:



News of the  killing of Sam bin Humaid‘s  brother, Mohammed (also a terrorist), 

at the axis Pisces market.



killing two people and wounding 20 in a suicide bombing in Benghazi
The attack, according to our sources in the cast specifically Hijaz Street.



Egyptian and Tunisian trade union workers to alert all workers take caution and lack of presence in the

clash areas and away and out of Misurata Mazal (MILITIAS), is where you will find your safety.






Muhammad bin Humaid is approximately Sam bin Humaid in Turkey Bh “leaders supporters of Satan”.


Here  are two pictures of Humaid leading and fighting amongst DAASH / ANSAR al-SHARIA:

HiSAM bin HUMAID, WAHABI fighter:


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