The Control of DAASH, and the fight of the ARMY

Mu extremely sadMu elegant expressor



The Green Book is Eternal













Muammar al-Qathafi leading the ‘African Arab League’:







 Muammar African Arab League
































on the close of this Holy Juma FRIDAY,

Do not forget the allegations in the nation today in the Friday prayers, hoping that your case agree hour response:

Allah bless those who love you and do your bidding for humanity upon this earth, which you have so lovingly given to us.

Allah, grant us the safety and security.
اللهم ارزقنا الامن و الامان


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi leading the Green Riders of Libya:

O great Libyan people …contain:

as long as he addressed the Lord Commander of all Libyans, without exception, but after all what happened and is happening …

also an exception for people who sent them this strict powerful phrases that indicate the greatness of their owners for the Commander (and greatness of God has happened first and foremost). Both sold Khan nation, and the Leader does not deserve these phrases, how to traitor despicable be great …

if we are alone is the great Libyan people, he meant the Leader in his speeches. We companions, supporters chose us names Macitm not important what is important is that we are the only ones who represents the Libyan people, even if our band places and circumstances we share originality, national and brings us sincerity and loyalty to the principle we have lived.

and will live always do. We are the people and the others do not consider the people of the foundation they are just followers and gangs and militias and mercenaries have been calculated on the Libyans and today the masks fell and varied accounts also, and, one day not long ago to meet the people on the ground this.

We are home later everyone .. henchmen but people ,,.

(Lawyer leader)
“Knight and Men”



‘Rouge Valley directly’, comments

Will not steal dignity as stolen by ’17 February’.

We do not recognize our concern with labels,

for we fight cited by our homeland for the country

and NOT for their names riding strangers after completion;

but also for ‘the name of the blood of the martyrs’.




Diffusion heavy security gates of the ‘Fajr Libya’ in several areas in the capital Tripoli.

Self-styled eighth power Nawasi circulated a statement

on the owners of the stalls set up in the capital, Tripoli, Mmhlh them 24 hours.


His (Nouri ABU BUSAMEIN / BUSHMAN) saying,

“You know me what Landes anything Haitham (TAGOURIS) O”

directly from the Green Square ”

Hahahahahahah (“Knight and Men”)


The kidnapping of the National Committee for Human Rights,

‘Hadi Bin Taleb Ali Usta’, by Saadawi battalion within area Ain Zara .



“Hall of the People”

Was in the morning hours the initial target ‘Hall of the People’ improvised explosive device caused material damage in the absence of human victims …

and also found another explosive device did not explode and was dismantled.

Today after dawn prayers were monitored four cars and trucks type

them each car tank heading from west to east of Tripoli and place

to monitor the coastal road near the bridge 17.






Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted today, sites of the  militia ‘Roma Libya’ al-Rcharik  in Akrabieah, south of Beautiful City.


Saws ‘Daash’ organization in the city of Surman.

 ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ announce the birth to Surman

and issued a circular the need to separate the male

and female in the means of education

and the need to comply with the legitimate clothing for women

and they will come, but the guardians of the things these women

and Saahsb guardian and his cousin Ali this offense if they did not comply,

concerning the wearing Islamic dress and the burqa. !!

The official spokesman for the Libyan military spokesman Colonel Ahmed cuneiform:

“The Libyan army are going to do a major military operations for the liberation of the western region of Libya gradually approaching crossings Ras worthy and dehiba.”






‘Call Libya’ .. dr. Hamza Thami ..
‘Social Council and the youth of Bani Walid’
de “Libya green”






‘Rouge Valley directly’:
Message to the army leadership message to our representatives message to our government ..
Not to flirt Misurata, not to forget the blood of our martyrs that have not yet dried,
Yes to bombard Misurata Port, and iron and steel plant: their source of ammunition.

Plots and machinations of Misurata militias oppressors .… !!
al-Rjaaaaae taken it from the Liberal caution, please !
(“Knight and Men”)

 MISURATA speaks with a forked tongue.

 MISURATA crooked:

 MISURATA used “old forked tongue” sheikh  from Turkey, to start a community:

It is in their genes to LIE !





Disclaimer on all traders in Cyrenaica tomorrow will announce the release

of the gate Oqaila-Muradh which barred any future products from Misurata.

For from the trade with this country, that he would grant only 24 hours

and then we will stop all products from Misurata entering Cyrenaica.






RAT Fatima Hamroush (former ‘Minister of Health’) says,

that the organization of the Islamic state- gunmen,

stormed Thursday morning , the al-Dman al-Ajtmai headquarters in Sirte,

and asylum-workers must wear veils or else otherwise..

to prevent not having to blow up the building on their heads, and the heads of all who are there.

Of the “Islamic State Daash” threatens to execute Egyptian Copts kidnapped in Sirte

and gives Egyptian authorities 75 hours to release prisoners ew Egypt jails

in exchange for exemption from them.

Photos from inside the radio DAASH Mkmadas in Sirte after DAASH

seized control of the Wayne Gardan NATO to Hrro Libya Bgelatina.


Image of the control of Daash ,in the city of Sirte, on the headquarters of radio stations.

al-Mottagsuren Mazzika DAASH,

who Satro Ali radios Sirte Hdhuma Itbau dignity,

and the reputation of the ‘rebels’ in Ichohowo Hdhumaa minds

Amobeiat hay nor Henw. Daash papers distributed, approach ‘heresy shops’ in Sirte for publication between Elena.

After control of the headquarters Mkmadas Channel Radio of  Sirte, aspiring to organize an Islamic state across Oterha, published opinions atone army, police and citizens demanding a declaration of repentance.

The Prince of speech regulation Summary of ‘Daash’ broadcast from the ‘local Radio of Sirte’, after seizing the Communications:

 According to the false organization called ‘Islamic State of Daash in Libya’:

This morning income to the ‘Ibn Sina hospital’ in Sirte, took over control of the hospital,

and then expelled all those charged with armed groups to protect the hospital.

Through accelerated pattern to organize the Islamic state Daash in Sirte,

and throughout Libya, first comes ‘the control of vital facilities’.

It is likely hours before they control the port.

 Amir of Daash in Sirte gives deadline for the terrorist militias to leave out of the‘Ibn Sina hospital’, for Misurata tomorrow. Daash organization simplifies the control of the ‘Ibn Sina hospital’ in Sirte, after the expulsion of Roma Libya’ militias. 

Now, they expel all  who are charged with the protection of the shield Central Libya forces of Misurata. ‘RAT Sirte operations room’ and the arrival of RAT reinforcements for the troops of the RAT Libya Shields and their followers who were inside the city of Sirte after Daash Bamhalam 72 hours threats to exit after Daash control of the city and joints.


“Lord help them, some of them Golo Wonderful.”

Misurata rat soldier smashesMu’ammar al-Qathafi’s picture at Ibn Sina Hospital 09 OCT. 2011


Daash trying to organize the direction of progress of the Dahra oil field, a subsidiary of Waha oil, and the OIL INSTALLATIONS GUARDS (under Ibrahim al-JDHARAN) repel their attack, backed by Libyan Airforce warplanes.

‘Rouge Valley directly’, reports:

Allah is the greatest !

Our prey ‘Ajdabiya battalion’ has imposed control over Tich Blcaml ..



the front at BIN JAWAD

 Abtalkm, they stormed the strongholds of the ‘Dawn Libya’ in Bin Jawad ..

RAT ‘Sunrise’ forces Jaboha to Roaham holders at Ben Jawad,

was Khroo Atlqohm DAASH, and Arouho to Misurata in sacks

and was ^^ have submitted al-Aqohm dampers.

requires Elly P continent mourning and Valhalten Michltin !

Rouge Valley, 12-02 0n the continent of mourning, Khashek al-Gehoyen, Pt. 2:

Palace page Rouge Valley directly after the development and Chiaanh:


News of the attack on the near field of carp Bahi field and burn it … !!!

Reports that an armed group attacked the Bahi field near field of carp,

which has the same group of sabotaging the rest of it.

Violent clashes in Bahia oilfield.

Antzero statement ‘Rouge Valley Chamber of operations’

regarding the events of “Bahi” field.

Statement – “Rouge Valley operations room”
About the attack on oil fields
(Rouge Valley directly)

الوادي الحمر مباشر‎ a téléchargé une nouvelle vidéo.

بيان -“غرفة عمليات الوادي الحمر”

بشأن الإعتداء علي الحقول النفطية

الوادي الحمر مباشر

Son of Colonel Salah Bohlaiqah (Allah rest his soul) …. Faraj Bohlaiqah

survey but 23 Kharijites in the country against the lighthouse C Chribich.

ask Allah for their victory.

‎أبن العقيد صلاح بوحليقة رحمة الله عليه .... فرج بوحليقه ...مسح بل23 علي الخوارج في البلاد مقابل المناره سي خريبيش نسأل الله لهم الانتصار‎

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أبن العقيد صلاح بوحليقة رحمة الله عليه …. فرج بوحليقه …مسح بل23 علي الخوارج في البلاد مقابل المناره سي خريبيش نسأل الله لهم الانتصار



Canadian ambassador to Libya and the Canadian embassy

will be in permanently located in Casablanca.




Demonstrations scouring Casablanca name calling Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

ﻣﻈﺎﻫﺮﺍﺕ ﺗﺠﻮﺏ ﻣﺪﻳﻨﺔ #ﺍﻟﺒﻴﻀﺎﺀ ﺗﻨﺎﺩﻱ ﺑﺈﺳﻢ (( ﺍﻟﻤﻬﻨﺪﺱ : ﺳﻴﻒ
ﺍﻹﺳﻼﻡ ﻣﻌﻤﺮ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﻓﻲ ))
“فارس ورجال” 




Allah is great !
A joint force of:
Battalion 309 Tobruk
Security Committee Ajdabiya
Salafi youth Ajdabiya
Prey Ajdabiya battalion.
Clash of a group of Kharijites in Chinese buildings,

just two kilometers from the gate Rulrhh ..
(Mahor Gharba Benghazi)

Advice must teach Champions dignity war in Benghazi

‎نصيحة يجب ان يعلمها ابطال حرب الكرامة في بنغازي‎


نصيحة يجب ان يعلمها ابطال حرب الكرامة في بنغازي


The Libyan government will soon announce the opening of a new port with a beak Benghazi ..
This may ease the process of receiving petrol and gas through the new port.

Smoke billowed from the port of Benghazi:

We heard that 48 terrorists were Tgaifam in ‘Pisces market’

in the past few days, Cano. All have links  to prostitution in Misurata.

Violent clashes between Hftar’s Libyan Army,  and the al-Qaeda Melcaat.

Dozens are dead and wounded from both sides.


To turn the force except God fall of indiscriminate rockets into Quiche Buildings cause the death of a citizen after being hit by shrapnel in the head ..

Exclusive Gahoyen “to devour Suda”.
Masood Abdali:
His argument that “Mo Tin iron ring”.
(Axis of al-Sabri)

‎حصري للقهويين "ليلتهم سودا"</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>مسعود العبدلي صاحب مقولة هذا "مو تن حديد يرن"</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>من محور الصابري</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>الوادي الحمر مباشر‎




الوادي الحمر مباشر

حصري للقهويين “ليلتهم سودا”

مسعود العبدلي صاحب مقولة هذا “مو تن حديد يرن”

من محور الصابري

Suluq martyrs, God willing, in Benghazi battles against terrorism ..




The arrival of an oil tanker to the Hariga port of Tobruk

and other tanker on its way to the port.


Reuters: Oil production stopped in bed field in Port Aharikh at  Tobruk after a burst pipe.

Field workers reported the bed of the Arabian Gulf  in an explosion tube transport crude oil from Aserarely port city of Tobruk Aharikh field line and the transfer of 180 thousand barrels per day.
He said Issa exiled a working Arabian Gulf Company field bed.

DAASH Gunmen from the south of Libya, blew up crude oil transfer tube in the middle of the line with a length of 500 km near the «poster» station and favored exile that the explosion be due to sabotage to be buried pipeline at a depth of meters into the ground ..

Video of the fire crude oil pipeline between the port and the field Hariga oil bed 02/13/2015

Photos of the terrorist bombing of the pipe connecting the oil field between the bed and the port of Tobruk Hariga Oil
(Militant Arabism)

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.






A mortar shell fell on ‘the tent joy’,

which led to many injuries Bedm his condition critical.

The outcome of the fall of the mortar on the ‘tent joy’, killing four women and dozens wounded.

Citizen killed, ‘Emhemed Matouk al-Omla Kadhafi’, near the Municipal Guard at Mahdia.

‘Black Libyan resistance’, eulogises:

Image of the late ‘Gaddafi Al-Omla Rahman Matouk’, who was killed

in the city of Sabha.

We consider him a martyr, God willing, as he defended his livelihood and his family,  and was killed his inventory Seer and his blood aka.

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism
(Militant Arabism)

al-Haji al-Haji Hamza Abuchnger:

Important for publication:
Revealed Khvaya full sedition and that Ahict at Sabha by militias Suleiman children are as follows:

Militias and gangs and rats Solomon sons tribe are fired mortars in Sabha ,,

so make sure and show that the mortar rockets that fell on the tent joy tribe al-Qoaúd shells (Warfalla) and killed five women and wounded 15 women ,,

as well as the mortar that fell the tribes of the children of Emhemed housing and Alshech tribe and wounded three youths were all launched by the Militia Ulad Slaman.  It is the headquarters of the militia which is the headquarters of the Directorate of Security Sabha as well as tank-based secondary neighborhood were rats  the Ulad al-Alam Suleiman-ah are launched to create discord between Sabha Tribe Alqoaúd tribe Qadhadhfa ,,

and gave these militias (rats children trademark) instructions and follow them to their customers from rats tribe Alqoaúdh and foremost Jerz al-Mlqub bdomawasmh (Mohammad Ali Basir Alqaúda) to kill the young Gaddafi (Abdul Rahman Matouk Alomla) within the locality where the fabrication charge shelling Youth Qadhadhfa lying ,,

shoved the young Gaddafi was killed this charge counterfeit al-Mamrh these have been developed and implemented by Asabat Ulad Suleiman and their agents from German al-Qaeda and accurately, but God shamed and detection ,,

For your information, the children of Solomon gangs had threatened the free family of Abdal.d Osman Madimn Emhemed tribe children to exit the Guenah Libya 24 carried out its threat and firing mortars on them and their children injured and fired a mortar shell at the tent joy al-Qaeda before and killed women ,,
was They target young tribe Emhemed ,,

tried these ‘militias Suleiman-iyah’ rumor falsely that the actor are young Qadhadhfa ,, and the goal of these militias Suleiman-iyah is to create sedition among ‘Qadhadhfa tribe’ and the tribe and the tribe al-Qoaúd Emhemed ,,

(And plots and plotted God and God the Best of Planners) ,, great truth of God ,,

Regarding sedition in Sabha, which was planned and developed and implemented by the militias and gangs Suleiman children in Sabha between the tribe and the tribe al-Qoaúd Qadhadhfa, it was ascertained that the Rat Killer Bdma al-Qaúda (Mohammad Ali Basir), who was assassinated by a young Abda-Rahman Matouk al-Qmafa was with this Rat Bdma set of German Oasabat Aolah-Deslaman

they who pushed him to commit the crime of the young Gaddafi was killed because he continued to these militias ,, to complete theatrical plot Solomon boys gangs that wanted to create discord between the tribe and the tribe Ruladh Emhemed children and tribe Qadhadhfa al-Mottagorat decades ,,

Gangs rats Solomon boys began to plan and prepare to create discord among the tribes of Sabha, and in particular between the tribes Warfalla and Qadhadhfa beware of them ,, ,,

مهم للنشر:
‫#‏كشف‬ خفايا الفتنه كاملة و التي أحيكت في ‫#‏سبها‬ من قبل مليشيات اولاد سليمان وهي كالآتي:
‫#‏مليشيات‬ وعصابات وجرذان قبيلة اولاد سليمان هي من اطلقت قذائف الهاون في سبها ،، حيث تأكد وتبين ان قذائف صواريخ الهاون التي سقطت على خيمة فرح قبيلة القوائد ( ورفلة) وقتلت 5 نساء وجرحت 15 إمرأة ،، و كذلك قذيفة الهاون التي سقطت على مساكن قبيلتي اولاد امحمد و قبيلة السهكة وجرحت 3 شباب تم اطلاقها جميعها من قبل ‫#‏مليشيات_اولاد_سليمان‬ ومن مقرات هذه المليشيات وهي مقر مديرية الامن بسبها وكذلك مقرها بخزان حي الثانوية وكانت جرذان‫#‏اولاد_العلام_السليمانية‬ هي من اطلقها لخلق الفتنة في سبها بين قبيلة القوائد وقبيلة القذاذفه ،، وأعطت هذه المليشيات (جرذان اولاد العلام) تعليماتها لعملائهم واتباعهم من جرذان قبيلة القوائده وعلى رأسها ‫#‏الجرذ_الملقب_بدوماواسمه‬ (محمد علي البصير القائدي) بقتل الشاب القذافي ( عبدالرحمن معتوق الوملي ) داخل محلة حيث تم تلفيق تهمة اطلاق القذائف لشباب القذاذفة بالكذب،، فتم قتل الشاب القذافي بهذه التهمة المزوره وهذه المؤمرة التي تم اعدادها وتنفيذها من قبل _عصابات_اولاد_سليمان وعملائهم من ‫#‏جرذان_القوائد‬ وبدقة ولكن الله فضحهم وكشفهم ،،
‫#‏وللعلم‬ فإن عصابات اولاد سليمان قد هددت عائلة الحر ‫#‏عبدالمجيد_عثمان_مادي‬من قبيلة اولاد امحمد لخروجه على ‫#‏قناة_ليبيا_24‬ ونفذت تهديدها بإطلاق قذائف الهاون عليهم وجرحت اولادهم واطلقت قذيفة الهاون على خيمة فرح القوائد قبلها وقتلت النساء،، وكان الهدف هم شباب قبيلة امحمد ،، وحاولت هذه المليشيات السليمانية إشاعة كذبا وزورا ان الفاعل هم شباب القذاذفه ،، وهدف هذه المليشيات السليمانيه هي خلق الفتنه بين قبيلة القذاذفه وقبيلة القوائد وقبيلة اولاد امحمد ،،
(ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين) ،،صدق الله العظيم ،،
‫#‏بخصوص‬ الفتنة في سبها والتى تم التخطيط لها واعدادها وتنفيذها من قبل مليشيات وعصابات اولاد سليمان في سبها بين قبيلة القوائد وقبيلة القذاذفة , تم التأكد من ان الجرذ القاتل ‫#‏بدما_القائدي‬ (محمد علي البصير) الذي اغتال الشاب‫#‏عبدالرحمن_معتوق_القذافي‬ كان مع هذا الجرذ ‫#‏بدما‬ مجموعة من‫#‏جرذان_وعصابات_اولادسليمان‬ وهم
من دفعوه لأرتكاب جريمة قتل الشاب القذافي لأنه تابع لهذه المليشيات ,, لكي تكتمل مسرحية مؤامرة عصابات اولاد سليمان التي ارادوا بها خلق الفتنة بين قبيلة القوايده وقبيلة اولاد امحمد وقبيلة القذاذفة المتجاورات منذ عشرات السنين ,,
‫#‏عصابات‬ جرذان اولاد سليمان بدأوا يخططون ويعدون لخلق الفتنة بين قبائل سبها , وبالذات بين قبيلتي ورفلة والقذاذفة ,, فأحذروهم ,,



A mortar-shell fell in front of Manshiya Clinic.
Militias Suleiman children are B. al-Rmih p ‘Hamed bin fronds Gaddafi‘ home.

Was the response to them by neighborhood youth have been targeted by the car directly targeting.





Tunisia adjusts the amount of gold, which is estimated at

15 kg / 24 caliber, coming out-of Libya.

Sufian military of the armed forces Bashdah infected people in the head in ..

khrj “Karim Forgiver” program on the Tunisian channel

and request the assistance of the Tunisians in treatment expenses

because he does not have a right to treatment, went to Tunisia,

where he was found, unless he finds in his country …. !!!!
Actually live state tykes state impairments “17 Gahaar”.
(“Knight and Men”)



Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Russian intelligence apparatus reveals the true and full identity of the Emir of organizing Daash nicknamed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
* Real name: Shimon Eliiot
Plan: customer intelligence to a Zionist Mossad intelligence
* Name the current fake: Ibrahim bin Awad bin Ibrahim al-Husseini al-Badri, Razavi
The plan: to penetrate the military and security fortifications to countries that pose a threat to the security of Israel, and the destruction of the invasion later in order to expand and establish a Greater Israel ..

where he lived for several years as a stage actor, and used a false identity and trained by the Israeli Mossad.
Hopefully Publishing wider fools who follow him to the fact of the terrorist organization and that led behind the Mossad knows.

‘The Endrun Project’ & JOHN McCAIN




Turkish weapons-vessels, through the Port of Algiers, are aimed for Libyan terrorists.

Book shipment of weapons inside the Algerian port coming from Turkey.
Wahabi factions, are using Turkey and Sudan as intermediaries.

A Turkish / Israeli-run network (after securing U.S. made weapons)

supplies vessels with WMD that eventually end-up in Libya for

Wahabi-terrorists (brokered through the ‘muslim’ Brotherhood).

[(PICTURE ABOVE) Turkish vessels loaded with ammo, docks in Algiers]






Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with his Egyptian counterpart,

Sameh Shoukry discuss the situation in Libya and the Middle East


Lavrov and thanks discuss the Middle East and Libya situation
Posted: 13.02.2015 | 16:02 GMT |
According to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry Friday, February 13 that the two ministers focused on contact to coordinate efforts aimed at resolving the crisis in the region, and also discussed the possibility of cooperation with the Russian, “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”, to solve the problems.
It was pointed out that the connection came at the request of the Egyptian side.

لافروف وشكري يبحثان أوضاع الشرق الأوسط وليبيا

آخر تحديث:13.02.2015 | 16:07 GMT | أخبار العالم العربي

سيرغي لافروف وسامح شكري


 SAIF al-Islam was blammed for the shananigans of MARK Allen, BP of the U.K:

 MARK Allen, BP of the U.K., who snuck CIA-Agents , Jabril and Jalil (INFILTRATED) into the Great Jamahiriya Infrastructure, through an oil deal-contract.

Libya Invasion Planned by NATO Since 2007 with the Support of MI6

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril have been paving the way for NATO’s conquest since 2007

Libya Invasion Planned by NATO Since 2007 with the Support of MI6

Mark Allen – BP’s MI6 man in Libya. Did he arrange Malmoud Jabril and Abdul-Jalil’s positions within THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA?
A violent rebellion broke out in Benghazi, Libya on February 15th this year. Six days later, Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul-Jalil resigned to set up an alternative ‘government’. On the 27th of February 2011, the Transitional National Council was established, and on 05 March 2011, this body had declared itself the “sole representative of all Libya”, with Abdul-Jalil at its head.

France recognised the TNC as the legitimate ‘Libyan government’ on March 10th and Britain offered them a diplomatic office on UK soil the same day. Nine days later, the Council set up a new Libyan Central Bank and National Oil Company. In barely a month from the start of the rebellion, Abdul-Jalil had positioned himself as head not only of the rebels, but of the new ‘government’ in waiting, with control of Libyan resources and monetary policy and the blessing of the West. On 17 March 2011 , NATO began its mass slaughter of Libyan soldiers in order to install his regime.

Clearly, seasoned imperial powers such as Britain, France and the US, would not commit to the huge expenditure of a months-long air campaign to bring somebody to power in such a strategically important, oil rich state, unless they were already a tried and trusted asset. So who exactly is Abdul Jalil?

Abdul-Jalil gained a judicial position in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in January 2007, when he was named Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice (the equivalent of Justice Minister). He has been paving the way for NATO’s military and economic conquest of Libya ever since.  

First, as head of the judiciary, he oversaw the release from prison of the hundreds of anti-al-Qathafi fighters who went on to form the core of the insurgency. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (Mu’ammar’s son) was leading the prisoner release programme – a move he now publicly regrets as being naïve in the extreme – but faced stiff opposition from powerful elements within the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Having a sympathetic Justice Minister was therefore crucial to allowing the releases to go ahead smoothly. Hundreds of members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – including its founder Abdul-hakim Belhadj, now military chief of Tripoli – were released in 2009 and 2010, and went on to form the only trained and experienced indigenous fighting units of the rebellion. In January 2010, Abdul-Jalil threatened to resign unless the prisoner release programme was sped up . On the second day of the insurgency, the final batch of 110 members of the LIFG were released; his work done, Abdul-Jalil quit his role of Justice Minister soon after to set up the TNC.

Second, Abdul-Jalil was able to use his position to help prepare the legal framework for the corporate takeover of Libyan resources that was enacted so swiftly after the creation of the TNC. Although his official role was head of the judiciary, a large part of the dialogue between Abdul-Jalil and US officials recorded in leaked US diplomatic cables focused on privatisation of the economy. These reported Abdul-Jalil’s enthusiasm for “private sector involvement”, and revealed his belief that this would require regime change, or as the cables euphemistically put it, “international assistance”, to fully achieve. The cables also reported Abdul-Jalil’s ominous comment that, on the matter of creating a “sound commercial legal environment” and improving relations between Libya and the US, “less talk and more action was needed” .

Thirdly, Abdul-Jalil was able to arrange ‘below-the-radar’ covert meetings between the pro-privatisation Libyans in the ‘Commercial Law Development Programme’ and US officials, both in the US and in Libya. The leaked US cables praised his “willingness to allow his staff to communicate with emboffs [Embassy officials] outside of official channels” and noted that “his organization seems to have a parallel track in securing visa approvals, bypassing Protocol and the MFA [Ministry for Foreign Affairs]”.

Shortly after Abdul-Jalil’s appointment in 2007, the other key player in today’s TNC – President Mahmoud Jabril

was also given a Jamahiriya position. Jabril was made Head of the National Planning Council and later Head of the National Economic Development Board where, according to the US cables, he too helped to “pave the way” for the privatisation of Libya’s economy and “welcomed American companies”. US officials were positively ecstatic about Jabril after their meeting in May 2009, concluding that “With a PhD in strategic planning from the University of Pittsburgh, Jabril is a serious interlocutor who “gets” the U.S. perspective.” Very revealing given the spate of ambassador defections that followed the Benghazi rebellion was the additional revelation that Jabril had been helping to facilitate six US training programmes for diplomats.

2007 also turned out to be a crucial year for the other big player in today’s TNC, Head of Tripoli’s Military Council, Abdulhakim Belhadj. Belhadj was the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an Al-Qaeda affiliate which launched an armed insurrection against the Libyan state in 1995 lasting for two years. His release from prison in Libya in March 2010, along with hundreds of other LIFG fighters, was the culmination of a process that began with an open letter published in November 2007  by Norman Bin Othman


– one of the group’s many fighters who had been given a safe haven in the UK since the failed uprising. His letter renounced violence and, according to the London Times, “asked Al-Qaeda to give up all its operations in the Islamic world and in the West, adding that ordinary westerners were blameless and should not be attacked”.

The letter led to a process of dialogue between the LIFG and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and was followed up two years later by an apology by the LIFG for their anti-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA violence in the past, and a statement that “the reduction of jihad to fighting with the sword is an error and shortcoming”. Someone had obviously hinted to them that drones and B52 bombers would be far more effective.

So 2007 was the year that launched these three men on the path towards their current role as NATO’s proxy rulers in Libya. Norman Bin Othman’s letter made NATO support for a violent Al-Qaeda affiliate politically possible, and helped to sucker Saif al-Islam into releasing the very people who would become the ground forces in the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Abdul-Jalil’s appointment as Justice Minister smoothed over the fighters’ release, and prepared the legal framework for an economic takeover by Western corporations.

Mahmoud Jabril’s appointment as Planning Minister prepared, at a micro-level, the detail of how this takeover would come about, and cultivated the relationships with the Western companies that would be invited in.

So why did all this come about? Who was pulling the strings?

In the case of Norman Ben Othman’s letter, this would have been a fairly simple matter of MI6 contacting him in London, where he lived, and putting him in touch with a decent PR firm to help draft the letter that would make it politically possible for NATO to set itself up as the LIFG’s airforce.

As for the two Jamahiriya appointments, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was ultimately responsible, but he was clearly not intending the outcome that resulted. He was implementing political and economic reforms driven by both genuine belief, and a naïve desire to improve relations between his government and the West; he did not realise that he was unwittingly laying the ground for the political and economic destruction of his country. So the question is – was he acting on somebody else’s advice?

If he was, the most likely candidate is Mark Allen.

Mark Allen was the MI6 agent who had facilitated Libya’s ‘rapprochement’ with the West in 2003. Saif al-Islam had led the negotiations on the Libyan side, so by 2007, the two men knew each other quite well. But by then, Allen was no longer officially employed by MI6. In 2004, he had been fast tracked by the British Cabinet Office, bypassing the usual security procedures, to work for BP;  and in 2007, he successfully concluded a massive 20.27€billion oil deal between BP and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Could the appointment of Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril have been part of this deal? In hindsight, given their subsequent roles, it seems highly likely that MI6 would have used whatever leverage it could to manoeuvre willing accomplices into positions inside the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

According to the Daily Mail, Allen was also actively involved in pressuring the UK government to support the prisoner release programme. Of course, the tone of their article, as with the current media furore about MI6 complicitity in Belhadj’s torture, all fit in with the overall narrative that al-Qathafi and the West had a great relationship until the rebellion started and forced NATO to conduct a ‘humanitarian intervention’.

It is all designed to obscure the reality that Libya under al-Qathafi’s leadership was an obstacle to Western domination and subordination of Africa, and that MI6 has been plotting his removal ever since he came to ‘power’ (1969 al-Fateh, “Revolution of Light”).



“It is a plan that likely won’t sit well with the TEBELS [terrorist « rebels »] who were demanding their reforms, nor those NATO members who acquiesced to the war on the assumption that is was a « humanitarian intervention ».”
BTW: about the original  Documentation on the pre-planned NATO INVASION of TRIPOLI, 21-24 AUGUST 2011:

I only wish I could have found the original document…

BUT APPARENTLY, the devious Western governments and CIA men,

erased it from my saved documents…

There are huge sections of my files missing, as well as black-outs of

what I originally posted for the world to see on WordPress.


see 11 AUGUST 2011 commentary under:

Leak of a 70 page Criminal NATO Plan to Occupy Libya

UAE Would Occupy Tripoli in Post-Gadhafi Libya

West Prepares New State Radio, Mass Arrest of ‘Fifth Column’ Opponents of ‘Rebel’ (WAHABI / ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) Regime….

A 70-page plan detailing Western designs for the occupation of post-Gadhafi Libya, and apparently signed off on by the political leadership of the rebel Transitional Council in East Libya has been leaked, and paints a grim picture of the new regime NATO is planning on installing after the war.

The plan includes keeping large portions of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ‘security’ apparatus intact, with a number of the leaders of the Jamahiriya’s officers left in position on condition of loyalty to the new, pro-West regime.

Even more controversial will be the “Tripoli task force,” a 15,000-man force operated by the United Arab Emirates which will, after Gadhafi is out of power, occupy the capital city of Tripoli and conduct mass arrests of Gadhafi’s top supporters.

The arrests won’t stop there, as of course they never do for a regime looking to stifle dissent. Indeed the plan also includes discussion of a new state radio network that will broadcast orders to the public to support the new government, and warning anti-Gadhafi factions that haven’t endorsed the new regime to stand down. The assumption in the report is that these factions, termed a “fifth column,” would also be arrested. The new state media will of course be necessitated all the more by the NATO attacks on the existing media.

The Transitional Council confirmed the authenticity of the report, and while the rebel ambassador to the UAE expressed “regret” that the truth had come out he said it was “important that the general public knows there is an advance plan.” It is a plan that likely won’t sit well with the protesters who were demanding democratic reform, nor those NATO members who acquiesced to the war on the assumption that it was doing something other than swapping brutal regimes in Libya.

Iraq haunts plans for post-al-Qathafi Libya

Libya, Bir Ghanam

Libyan rebels come under fire at the strategic town of Bir Ghanam, 80km southwest of Tripoli, during fighting with government forces. Source: AFP

WESTERN governments have helped prepare a blueprint for a post-al-Qathafi Libya that would retain much of the regime’s security infrastructure to avoid an Iraq-style collapse into anarchy.

The 70-page plan, obtained by London’s The Times, charts the first months after the fall of the the Great Jamahiriya. The document was drawn up by the National Transition Council in Benghazi with Western help.

Officials say the blueprint draws on lessons from the disastrous regime change in Iraq in 2003 and the rebel takeover in eastern Libya in March.

The plans are highly reliant on the defection of parts of the Gaddafi security apparatus to the ‘rebels’ (WAHABI / ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) after his overthrow. This is likely to prove not only risky, but controversial, with many rebel fighters determined to sweep away all vestiges of the regime.

The document includes proposals for a 10,000-15,000 strong “Tripoli task force”, resourced and supported by the United Arab Emirates, to take over the Libyan capital, secure key sites and arrest high-level Great Jamahiriya supporters.

It claims (the Brits infiltrated) 800 serving the Great Jamahiriya security officials have been recruited covertly to the ‘rebel’ (WAHABI) cause and are ready to form the “backbone” of a new security apparatus.

The blueprint contains plans for about 5000 police officers now serving in units not ideologically committed to the Great Jamahiriya to be transferred immediately to the interim government’s forces to prevent a security vacuum.

The documents claim that the ‘rebel’ (WAHABI) groups in Tripoli and surrounding areas have 8660 supporters, including 3255 in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ARMED FORCES.

A mass defection by high-ranking officials is considered highly likely, with 70 per cent of them judged to support the regime out of fear alone.

The authors of the report also believe the escalation of NATO attacks to an “unbearable” level is a strong possibility.

The NTC in Benghazi confirmed the authenticity of the planning documents, but asked that The Times withhold details that could endanger rebel (WAHABI / ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) supporters working in Tripoli.

The ‘rebel’ (WAHABI) government’s ambassador to the UAE and the head of the planning cell for the task force, Aref Ali Nayed, expressed regret the document had been leaked. But he said: “It is important that the general public (in Libya) knows there is an advance plan, and it is now a much more advanced plan.”

The document shows detailed planning for key security, telecommunications, power and transport infrastructure – as well as for the country’s famous classical ruins – to be secured in the hours after the regime’s collapse .

Rebel (WAHABI) leaders express concern in the document that Tripoli’s population should not feel they are being “invaded” by troops from eastern Libya. Significantly, there are no plans to deploy rebel forces from the east in Tripoli. Instead “sections of Nafusa Mountain” from the west would be moved to the capital and media messages would stress that there is “no external imposition on Tripolitanians”. Most of Tripoli’s interim security force would come from the city.

An internationally backed one-month program for the emergency supply of $US550 million (467.45€m) of gas and petrol to western Libya would begin immediately after the regime’s fall in an effort to restore normal life.

There is also a UN-supported program to deliver immediate humanitarian aid, including bottled water, by land, sea and air, with support from key ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD  countries such as the UAE, Sudan, Qatar and Turkey.

In the first minutes after the announcement that al-Qathafi is no longer ‘in control’ (Mu’ammar NEVER HAD ‘CONTROL’ !!), a pre-recorded program of announcements by rebel leaders and clerics would initiate the Tripoli task force plan, call for calm and warn against revenge attacks on regime supporters. An FM radio station has already been prepared for the purpose in a nearby country. In the event of al-Qathafi being ‘killed or deposed‘, “strategic communications” planning suggests the NTC and its Western backers would be prepared to negotiate with his sons or what are described as “regime captains”.

A series of lessons learnt from the takeover in Benghazi warns against the creation of multiple rebel groups in Tripoli and calls for a “clear plan to deal with a hostile fifth column”.

(The Times)

According to reports from reliable sources, the fake scenery of Tripoli is erected in Qatar, in particular Bab al-Aziz and Green Square. Losing, coalition is preparing a grand spectacle. It prepares to destroy the remaining radio and television transmitters in Libya and block Libyan TV on the Internet to suppress truthful information. At the same time, the U.S. sends more drones.

Those who control the global media and the NATO bloc, are apparently convinced that they were able to deceive everyone and impose their vision of the war in Libya. That is why they believe that the play they will play in the desert of Qatar, with layouts of Tripoli, will be gotten away with. (THIS IS HOW THEDY FAKED al-QATHAFI’s murder.)

They will lie to the world, that there is an uprising in Tripoli, that the ‘rebels’ (WAHABI/ ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) demand from NATO to send peacemaker troops to destroy the remnants of the troops loyal to al-Qathafi himself and his family.

And at the same time, NATO will bomb Tripoli and all the cities of Libya, to kill as many as possible in order to destroy the most of the civilian infrastructure and cause a humanitarian catastrophe.
If al-Qathafi will go out to make a statement and reassure people, a bombing will destroy all who came to the square.

Losing, the coalition is preparing a grand spectacle. It prepares to destroy the remaining radio and television transmitters in Libya and block Libyan TV on the Internet to suppress truthful information. They will lie to the world, that there is an uprising in Tripoli, that the rebels demand from NATO to send peacemaker troops to destroy the remnants of the troops loyal to Gaddafi himself and his family.

Even more controversial will be the “Tripoli task force,” a 15,000-man force operated by the United Arab Emirates which will, after al-Qathafi is out of ‘power’ (although in reality, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi held NO POLITICAL or ‘POWER’ position), occupy the capital city of Tripoli and conduct mass arrests of al-Qathafi’s top supporters (of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA).

The arrests won’t stop there, as of course they never do for a regime looking to stifle dissent. Indeed the plan also includes discussion of a new state radio network that will broadcast orders to the public to support the new government, and warning anti-al-Qathafi factions that haven’t endorsed the new regime to stand down. The assumption in the report is that these factions, termed a “fifth column,” would also be arrested. The new state media will of course be necessitated all the more by the NATO attacks on the existing media.

Mu vs NATO 1

Mu Triumphs over NATO 3

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