GOATING EGYPT into barking up the UNO Tree

Mu, AU President

Allah, Muammar and Libya (UPS) is all we Libyans need.

الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس فضلا وليس أمر نبي من كل الأحرار يفجروا لايك ويقهروا الجرذان بمقولة الصمود والنصر

“فارس ورجال”

History Book w Mu

Our Precious, and Mighty Director in Faith, ‘teacher’ of understanding (who has an uncanny ability of insight, foresight, love, and pure unadulterated-knowledge): Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Have the world know the truth, the evil exposed and the Good be honored—even if every textbook needs to be changed and rewritten. Give honor, health and longevity to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi–-just like Aragorn II (as Mu’ammar is even still greater and wiser).

Do not permit to happen to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, what happened to Napoléoné Bonaparté; and help Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in rebuilding The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as the people again cry-out for their Third Universal Theory to be in effect with free running water, electric, and safe healthy homes without fear… Where the earth displays her bountious wealth and abundant produce….

And, to live by the marvelous code of “the GREAT UNIVERSAL GREEN CHARTER of HUMAN RIGHTS”, which was unanimously ratified by the Libyan peoples on 12 June 1988.

HAVE ALL THE SANE, faithful and decent folk left upon this globe, remember all the good dreams, visions and miracles* Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has given to us (only through the ‘grace of Allah);

all of which he had already in fine working order (until the evil claws of the NWO /BROTHERHOOD swooped down upon the nation of most delightful Fruit, and infiltrated the country with the larvae of destruction–eating away at the most tender and healthy infrastructures, until a cancerous corruption of alien greed manifested itself, opening-up a vulnerabilty for the dark powers of destruction to infest the once most holy land upon the face of Allah’s blessed Earth.

People’s of Libya, and the favored upon the earth, shed the veil of evil designs so distastfully forced upon you!

O ‘GREAT JAMAHITIYA’: once the sole nation who held Allah as Supreme, and no man (or elite-group) held sway over his fellow beings. O GREEN favor of Our Holy Prophet (PBUH), which gave strength to her people, and spread a love unknown before to mankind, most favorable in the eyes of Allah (as he has wished for his Creation since the Beginning of Time)…

Re-mark HISTORY, in verité Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and Allah and the Great Jamahiriya will PREVAIL !


*: and please Allah, cure the GMMR of her depleted-uranium poisoning, and renew its ancient waters…

Mohammed al-Khatri, posts:

People come out to the streets and ‘demanded my return after the

discovery of ‘Jamahiriya (MASS) system’ really is what is happening in Libya’

and say al-Qathafi is alive fact, not fiction. !!!!!!!

((المسعد تحطبله الريح ))

■الشعب يخرج الي شوارع ويطالب بي عودة النظام الجماهيري بعد أكتشاف الحقيقة مايجري في ليبيا وان ماكان يقوله القدافي حقيقه وليس خيال .!!!!!!!



declaration of Colonel Muammar handed him their addressees —

And for the nation and Gloria Elda


ا لى ا حمواا ننسج سر ا سيلة وقها لمح قها ل لسيد الستار الدتنورمعهد ذميم بعد ل لقلة قعق ههس اسمر الصاع قدها ليا هلقهالد وا لادق ل هلههق قققسه هل هقصاكقعا الصادق مرسي الضم بطهصايا ا للارهاب ومالهقه هدا عهة صير مز ارهاب ومر. وصهر لمحهه هلادقا ا لهمامههية ل لعغلس لقد قالها لل ؤعع ل للامة ل لعريهة وا للاقربقهة ل للأع العقيد معمر سلمه للأتنته لهم صدقوه ووقغع هعغر س ا لدول الى هاس هللأهعصارهقيادق اهضاقوا هعهة ولائه-اية المدنيين ( ،قضا على اس هههاقهقن وا وضنا لهعر« تنينا العادة لقيادة سر اسيا وهلا واسر هلك اسيز لقواه عقل لقههة ل «رها لا القدم والى ل لامه وداء الغل الدا مس عل- جم-راع ‎ ‏ سعي يسعي سسطلهاصللهاه هلهاهطلققهالملطهلس هسههةرلاعهنةلس يي امم-قع-

لك . ع

عسرعععه سم سعي س س لسع عع علك عام اله ا هجوما هوب سر العروبية وقياسا سيه العقار اسققهدس قلمهم راس ١لمققهة العربية لعقهق ولانس جعله القصة هتعه٠ه ههس العاق-م هههسباي انقباض س الههه٠هة هبققدم عم يقصاكقا المارة امسي هانم هسعاها و لههاي وسقه لقط عية صاير مذ ارهاب ومر. سله هم بد وساما سلعه لقد قالها عمس ١(مة العربية حل «سة ا لاع العقيد سر ا لقد. «كقته لم قصتلطوء حموي بمعنى س العفي الى ها. النيرهقيا«قهسه بعهة هسقومايق افي غده ( ،هتغا على العهد هلال( وارضا س مخزلقا العار. لقيامة سهم المللا وحسها والر ل٠اء اللهم لقراء عققع لسهههة ١«ههاهع سهم وا ا لاسهم و،اهم للقاع ايدا هل. المهم هاج ألقها واس اس ل لك هلالة

Watch the video and listen to the words of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi.

This talk leader Muammar al-Qathafi’s of 30 years ago, speaks of Daash and Kharijites.

Mu strategy


After 4 years on the plight of February if ever Chowoa commander launched Atcololh .????
(“Knight and Men”)

بعد مرور 4 سنين علي نكبة فبراير لو تشوفوا القائد شن اتقولوله….؟؟؟؟

(“فارس ورجال”)
Leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi is in the hearts of millions:

Child undergo a process in the eye and speak during anesthesia …

and little young.one loves … Mu’ammar al-Qathafi to end the madness ..

alma al-Qathafi that he did not see Allah in all the pictures


Mohammed al-Khatri:

Of surprises coming days ….
Saadi Sivaja Agad critics and enemies and triumph over Sgiannih

I’d say Saadi has ordination ….. Saadi reason HE Libyans …….. Saadi secret Khaimah …….. Saadi commando for the home ……… Saadi beginning of Victory and its triumphant happening.


Mahamih al-Qaúd, preaches against DAASH ORGANISATION:

According to analytical Profile ,, does such thing as organizing the Islamic Daash.

We Arabs are Muslims congenitally, but there Daash company to eliminate Islam and the invasion of the Arab world fully ,, that Manriham in the recordings,

they are WAHABI and Aantamon of Islam any link, but they also are not a Arabs; but, they are just employees like any employee applying for a company to do according to the required qualifications and the qualifications Daash company is height and magnitude of advanced body Dead Heart Flaaakl

be their bodies with the same specifications coincidence .. and this company American Jewish Israeli goal of the occupation of the Arab world and obliterate Islam,

and this will not only happen following the style of intimidation Btkirh people in Islam and deform and break up all the powers and Arab armies and after that destroyed all the armies did not keep them

only the Egyptian army is now obstacle to the implementation of the rest of their plans and their plan today is to provoke the Egyptian president and provoke people to enter the Egyptian army in the war

So as would be addressed by the United States and its agents arguing that Libya still under item Seventh this item, which was destroyed Libya (did not ‘protect’ days):

Are you happy Aaamr Moussa today Is proud that you were the cause in helping the West to occupy the Arabs. If your conscience has fallen asleep and entered into a coma, toward the Libyans, Will woke up the day when he arrived at the killing of the sons of your country Egyptians, that every drop of blood in your neck and neck all the vile helped the West to our destruction

For Hakra and ‘bisexual 17 February’ are: Those like animals (in the sight of God) do Miamron him only, without understanding, they just a way naïve ,,

If he were truly al-DAASH ‘Muslims’ and their goal, it would rather be to protect Islam from what they did the opposite Helms of Islam: to kill and burn and Magallowa all that the Holy Prophet sender sword

and denied that he is honest and trustworthy whom God has sent mercy.

Every Muslim knows that Islam granulation and not intimidation and bullying, as what is happening now intentional and thoughtful all the details. If one wants to spread Islam, he must build mosques and Print the Holy Quran, and the support of religious programs …and not murder and slaughter and burn the latest cameras, output and technology .. This is not Islam that even this representation exaggerated !!

Those are the Khawarij (KHARIJITES) who warned them of the Prophet [upon him blessings and peace], saying falsely blessed are those who killed and killed him ,,

ask God’s mercy to all victims, whatever their faith, and I extend my sincere condolences and grief to their families ,,

and prepared Dear Arabs: We ex And you Subsequent Vhitankm Akhras, who Asktkm to say the right word, at the right, in the last day, has spoken against you ..”


حسب تحليلي الشخصي ،، لايوجد شئ اسمه تنظيم داعش الاسلامي فنحن العرب مسلمون بالفطره ، بل يوجد شركة داعش للقضاء علي الاسلام وغزو الوطن العربي بالكامل ،، ان مانراهم في التسجيلات هم ليسوا اسلاميين ولاينتمون للاسلام بأي صله بل هم ايضا ليسو عرب انما هم موظفين مثلهم كمثل اي موظف يتقدم لشركة للعمل حسب المؤهلات المطلوبه ومؤهلات شركة داعش هي طول القامه وضخامة جسم المتقدم والقلب الميت فلايعقل ان تكون اجسامهم تحمل نفس المواصفات من باب الصدفه .. وهذه شركة امريكيه اسرائيليه يهوديه هدفها احتلال الوطن العربي وطمس الاسلام ولن يحدث هذا الا باتباع اسلوب الترهيب بتكريه الناس في الاسلام وتشويهه وتفتيت كل القوى والجيوش العربيه وبعد ان دمروا كل الجيوش لم يبقي لهم سوي الجيش المصري فهو الان العقبه امام تنفيذ بقيه مخططاتهم وخطتهم اليوم هي استفزاز الرئيس المصري واستفزاز شعبه ليدخل الجيش المصري في حرب ستتصدي لها امريكا واعوانها بحجه ان ليبيا لاتزال تحت البند السابع هذا البند الذي دمر ليبيا ولم يقم بحمايتها يوما فهل انت سعيد ياعمرو موسي اليوم وهل تفخر بأنك كنت سبب في مساعدة الغرب لاحتلال العرب اذا كان ضميرك قد نام ودخل في سبات تجاه الليبين فهل استيقظ اليوم عندما وصل القتل لأبناء بلدك المصريين ، ان كل قطرة دم في عنقك وعنق كل حقير ساعد الغرب لدمارنا اما بالنسبه لحقراء ومخنثون فبراير فهؤلاء كالبهائم( اكرمكم الله) يفعلون مايؤمرون به فقط دون اي فهم انهم مجرد وسيله ساذجه ،، فلو كان الدواعش حقا مسلمين وهدفهم هو حمايه الاسلام لما فعلوا عكس ماجاء به الاسلام من قتل وحرق وماقالوا بأن الرسول الكريم مرسل بالسيف وانكروا انه هو الصادق الامين الذي ارسله الله بالرحمة فكل مسلم يعرف جيدا بأن الاسلام تحبيب وليس ترهيب والترهيب الحاصل الان مقصود ومدروس بكل التفاصيل فمن يريد نشر الاسلام وجب عليه بناء المساجد وطباعة المصحف الشريف ودعم البرامج الدينيه وليس القتل والذبح والحرق بأحدث كاميرات التصوير والاخراج والتكنولوجيا .. فهذا ليس اسلاما بل هذا تمثيل مبالغ فيه فهؤلاء هم الخوارج الذين حذرنا منهم الرسول عليه الصلاه والسلام فطوبى لمن قتلهم وقتلوه ،، اسأل الله الرحمة لكل الضحايا مهما كانت ديانتهم واتقدم بخالص التعازي والاسى لاهلهم ،، واستعدوا ايها العرب نحن السابقون وانتم اللاحقون فشيطانكم الاخرس الذي اسكتكم عن قول كلمه حق في حقنا في الماضي قد نطق اليوم ضدكم..

U.N. Security Council refuses to lift the ban on the Libyan Army, totally refusing the Libyan Army‘s plea for the purchase of arms in the face of terrorism …. !!!!

(They are all in cohoots …and take their orders from OBAMA who LEADS THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD)


Band 999 Force Egyptian private Forces, are on the first ground,

for their operation in Libya, sofar which has led to the arrest

some members of the organization Daash.

CAIRO, at the UNITED NATIONS assembly, said that EGYPT  would hit any Turk aircraft or Turkish steamer approaching Libya or Egypt.

Egyptian authorities to prevent the Libyan plane from entering its airspace and force them to return. Egypt closed its airspace for a Libyan plane which was to make a  stop before heading to Istanbul.



Satellites that can identify the place where the slaughter of Egyptian Copts and even Wayne went offenders, but who owns this technique is the same from the making of this film the unknown.

Egyptian intelligence know very well that the video for the slaughter of COPT Christians, is from a creature of Western intelligence; but, they are unable to prove that evidence enough to convince the Egyptian people.

We do not deny that the thought of appropriating Daash beheadings and the shedding of blood; but, what we see from the films are cinematic Daash-ah industry funded intelligence know what to do in order to convince the peoples that it is the savior while it’s a particular colonialism.

Field Marshal Tantawi deficit, when he was at the head of the Egyptian military council, is the reason for everything that happens to Egypt today.


(Marsa Matruh, Qism Moursy Matrouh, is the Gouvernorat de Marsa-Matruh, Égypte)

Egyptian Director of security at Marsa Matrouh,

declares a state of emergency maximum at port Saloum.


Call Libya .. dr.  Hamza Thami .. Where our leaders?  …treason….
However, the plot of the betrayed 02/10/2015






News confirms that the EVIL militias ‘Roma Libya’ have maintained

8 military aircraft from Sudan, and is now ready to use.

PICTURE: some of the Sudanese Light attack aircraft sold to Brotherhood ‘Roma Libya’ rats:

 Militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ military aircraft, are flying over the skies of the capital Tripoli.


‘MUSICIAN’, writes:
In the end, young people will enter into Fashloum MITIGUA base

and abrade Karah and his followers in the streets Friday Market.


An armed group “of a battalion of Hattin Misurata” intervention

to replace Gdaúah materials next to the ‘Starbucks coffee shop’

next to the shop burned 108 buildings by 2 thrower, lead and left.

Found five severed Jtt Russians in the Manara in Qsr bin Ghashir area,

which date back to the Egyptians, the bodies were transferred to a hospital in Asabieh.


Hear the sound of gunfire in the vicinity of Salah-ud-din.







Strong clashes now at south monsters sixty of al-Azizia,

led by General Omar Tntosh. Youth and Rishvana have to shooting on one of the gangs of ‘Roma Libya’ in  al-Azizia at the Libyan gates, wounding a number of them.




MISURATA bombed the ZINTAN airport airstrip again:

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombarded Zintan aviation airport runway.

That was the report yesterday of a Miq 23 warplane,

which graduated from Mitigua airport-bound …

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ bombed the city of Zintan in the ‘Western Mountain Center’.

‘Roma Libya’ Warplanes type Miq 23 change on Zintan airport ..


Decision to suspend all flights between Morocco and Libya;

which, we all were so joyous about last month for ZINTAN AIRPORT.

Morocco prevent Libyan aircraft from entering the Moroccan airspace and airports Moroccan.



Melcaat fron the CORNER bombed Libyan Army sites,

in the area south of the city Bir al-Ghanum, without causing damage,

but, then the Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ bombed air sites

in Bir al-Ghanum and damaged a house.






Continuation of violent clashes between Libyan Army and militias ‘Roma Libya’

in ‘Abu helped’ and west Shuyesheh and Suenah nearby Ajeelat.

LIBYAN ARMY  attacking ‘Roma Libya’ stationed zones by the river

and south of the city al-Oasaria near Ajeelat.

Violent clashes with heavy weapons between LIBYAN ARMY

and militias ‘Roma Libya’, south of the city of Ajeelat. RAT Militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ with their RAT Sudanese warplanes bombed the concentration of Libyan Army positions south of the city of Ajeelat.





One of the Liberals in the city of Misurata, informs us,

that there Exited a warplane from the base at ‘Misurata Airborne’,

just minutes before now…


 Warplanes type Miq 23 change on Zintan airport ..




21 Egyptian fishermen return home after being

released by the terrorist ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias of Misurata:





DAASH is to organize a military parade in the city of Sirte amid today.


Columns organization Daash scouring the city of Sirte in a large military parade and shouting loudly, “the state of Islam remain”.



Exit squadron of aircraft in the direction of tuber and Sirte

from the Egyptian air force since the few.

 Egyptian Aviation enters the atmosphere of Sirte .


Burn RAT air defense camp fully Sirte today morning.

Exit armed convoys belonging to the organization Daash

towards the south up to 500 armed Ysearh. Log armed convoy belonging to the terrorist organization Daash passed ‘sweeping p 60’.




The assassination of  Mohamed shaved cabled, an officer of intelligence in Ajdabiya. The armed DAASH group called the assassination of ‘Hussein Bouhoria cabled’, on  al-Antalat Street in the city of Ajdabiya, which is backing the security.

.. Security and military coordination with the joint force members of the Interior Ministry and the General staff of the army of Libya and the Libyan intelligence service and military intelligence. 

Lines for car fuel (gas) in AJDABIYA:


Airport El Beida La-Abraq:

Abraq Airport issued a circular to prevent travel of Libyan passports

issued before 2007 to Tunisia and the Tunisian meet demand in particular.

Abraq International Airport prevents the entry of Egyptian workers and Bangladeshi, Syrian, Yemeni and Palestinian until further notice.
al-Beyda BEIDA airport  El-Beida Airport, La-Braq Airport, Airport El Beida La-Abraq.



Libyan airforce Aerial bombardment nests militias of DAASH in Boatni area.


Armed clashes in the area of ​​Laithi.

Injury Colonel Faraj disco wife of the martyr,

by a random shot near al-Sboukh building in Benghazi.

Lilly warplanes bombed sites in Benghazi.



Libyan airforce copters targeted dens of terrorists in the area of ​​ Rulrhh.


Men for help finding the remains of unknown identity

of the bodies at a garbage Nviac in al-Ithamh area.




The killing of the terrorist (Mohammed Dernawi) The impact of the Egyptian bombing,

the second man for Daash in Libya and the leader of the field responsible for eastern Libya. (Gone to Hell.)

(Militant Arabism)


Video of the effects of the Egyptian army bombardment of the city of Derna in Libya
Watch the video also here:


Egyptian planes bombed the headquarters of the Sharia Court

and camps for “Daash”.

The displacement of a large number of residents of the city of Derna. 

Libyan army aircraft targeted at sites near the city of derna



Daash organization publishes pictures announcing

control of the air base  at al-Jufra.

 LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed a helicopter

landing at the al-Jufra airbase.

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed al-Jufra air-base

and columns of smoke rising. Picture of the RAT plane, which was bombed yesterday at al-Jufra airbase, by the LIBYAN ARMY.





The Awlad Sulaiman
“Children of Solomon” support the BROTHERHOOD MISURATA MILITIAS, in the bloody events in the south of Libya.

Militias Suleiman children arrest of Egyptian workers and hand them over to the militias of Misuata to incarcerate, torture and maybe worse !!!!!

the children of Solomon Sabha: Istgatn Bmkhnthe Mzrath their wives and their men danced their welcome for MISURATA.


Mohammad Khair El Houcine, from SABHA, has been

released from the dark prisons in Misurata.
Praise be to the safety and the calcaneus to the rest of the

heroes home Honorable.



Tunisian Foreign Office ask their citizens again refrain from traveling to Libya.

PICTURE: Tunisian border at RAS JEDIR



I fear, with all the connections the USA has, and supplying arms to their evil mercenary divisions globally, the wars will not end….
UNTIL the USA government (with their NWO minions and BROTHERHOOD) is totally destroyed…

Then the supplies will finally stop—but it appears, not before that…
The terrorist USA is the $$$$, arms and gold-keeper.

Obama Now Has Kill Switch, Dictatorial Communication Ability Over Entire Media:


The Power of the DAGL’s World emperor:



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