USA intends to prolong the Libyan wars



Sunday, 22 February 2015
al-Qathafi prophecy achieved in February, and recognized by the world

By Muhammed al-Amine

On this day of the month of February 2011, Our leader Muammar al-Qathafi peered on the screens in front of the house steadfast dignity Bab Azizia family-home and ‘1986 memorial’. Day long and addressed the Libyans spoke in an interview with elaborately transparent and furious ..

Mu speech at Bab Aziziya on 22 FEBR. 2011

and also spoke to the Arabs and the West .. It was a direct and clear his words ..
Some felt the sharp words, his voice seismic and facial features changing face day troublesome and “shock” ..

It was in what they said some of the right if it considers that the man was aware of the scale of the challenge that awaits Libya and the Libyan people and the nation on the verge of a fateful battle ..

But if I went to fear self, parents and alarm for power and position, has proved days and the conduct and results of the battle that the man did not coward and did not back down and did not abandon one iota in single or position, which announced in his historic speech ..

Pass on years four are all worse than some of the most ominous and bitterness and melancholy to the homeland and its people .. years four Boyamha and nights and suffering and Mkadtha and Tguetalha and displace and burned and slaughtered and Mraratha tells the story of a country and the people “hit the eye,” in the words of the leader expression of confusion and the inability to find a logical explanation for the feet people to “throw himself in the Holocaust”

and the “drift behind the horde of subversive” and “surrender to the fate of the hapless drawn by his hostile circles at home and abroad.”

Four years have passed and the Libyans remember al-Qathafi warnings with every vote bombing or pencil, and with every assassination or rape .. remember the warnings of the beginnings of the crisis they are in tents solace collective ..

They Enclon the injured and the dead from under the rubble .. and remember the tones of al-Qathafi and sharp movements nerve. They are in queues humiliating and humiliated in front of the gates of the neighboring countries, and in the lines of gas stations, or queues bakeries, and in Hreaulthm behind trucks gas cylinders, and at the sight of their children and their parents sick and injured dying in the intensive care rooms and high during surgical operations due to power outages Alkahrbaúa..ogar so than familiarity Almsama not The tears of the widow mentioned ..

Libyans today to stop the warning of Muammar al-Qathafi .. It is no longer the nation and homeland. People do not people .. and fell to the hands of Libya between gangs and militias multiple loyalties and ambitions of dual nationality and customers advertisers and non-advertisers .. and abandoned by friends, and wish them even enemies.
of What di al-Qathafi warn us ??

The answer to Mcabren and hypocrites and al-Mtaamin and al-Mtsammin .. Even Alkhgelin and opportunists of the ruing that Genoa money and weapons, but Baa shame in this world before the Hereafter .. and money back fitting on Sahnathm and their bodies and Genoa hatred of worked freelance Fajr-bua their country deliberately yourselfers ..

Muammar al-Qathafi warned of the evils of chaos .. and warned of the risk of compromising the gains in safety and security ..
Muammar al-Qathafi warned Gul terrorism and risk getting a foothold in Libya, and the extent of Carthyth on the region and the entire world ..
Muammar al-Qathafi warned of severe uncontrollable hits the Mediterranean .. and warned of the loss of the Libyans for their dignity and respect, and the loss of Libyan cities of invulnerability, and the collapse of values ​​and ethics and the spread of crime and injustice ..

He warned of the destruction of infrastructure, and robbery are owned by Libya of money and wealth and reserves ..
He warned of chaos abroad, and roll a ball of flame around the neighborhood and some sheikhs and Petty conspiracy currently threatened falling into chaos and imminent collapse despite all shown from denominated, and their money and lives and compromise in order to remain untouched by the flood ..

What is contained in the letter of the Leader, was a summary of the scenario Anonymous on revealings to and of and for the Libyans and Arabs and Muslims ..

and a plot to save the West of the fall, and the bankruptcy of banks and the collapse of the mic institutions in front of their inability to find customers for their products, was the solution to drop armies and states some countries, oil and blackmail others and intimidating to open the vaults and books its instruments and sign her a blank against the multibillion-dollar deals ..

and do not forget the security of Israel, a key US job over the years and decades .. This is in addition to the synthesis of a monster religious terrorism and promote discourse radical extremist across platforms and screens and on the tongues of politicians half-educated, and Almtamaman Sharar of fanatical preachers visually configuration only slogans atonement, hatred and incitement Ibutunha in youth youthful limited perception and discrimination ..

Talking about predictions, al-Qathafi long and crossing .. It’s not about prophecy and readings Gibb also comes to mind, it is an extrapolation of the facts and consideration of the past and the interrogation of the data ..

And practiced every February on the Libyans and their country of brutal and sadistic have looked more like a careful implementation of strict instructions .. or severe discipline of natural laws are not strict quality lashed them.

al-February day more to obey the orders of al-Qathafi’s  supporters of what they are doing, and did not deviate from the line of Muammar al-Qathafi’s warnings and forecasts; whit but increased credibility and proved his senses, and emphasized his words, and pulled his supporters to him and doubled from their attachment to him and loyalty to the arguments and façade, and all the meanings of sovereignty and lost independence from Libya in February day.

On the fourth anniversary of his historic speech .. innocence of the “rebels” and the terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood and their products and their masters all .. I’d have to conclude the following:

May the fifth anniversary of the speech Bab Azizia next year to carry with them the vulva to the homeland and its citizens and more remorse and shame for the traitors and the ungodly, customers and criminals .. For the rest of the interview ..

الأحد، 22 فبراير، 2015

نبوءة القذافي يحقّقها آل فبراير، ويقرّ بها العالم&بقلم ‏‎

:Muhammed alamine

الأحد، 22 فبراير، 2015

نبوءة القذافي يحقّقها آل فبراير، ويقرّ بها العالم&بقلم ‏‎Muhammed alamine

في مثل هذا اليوم من شهر فبراير 2011، أطلّ القائد ال معمر القذافي على الشاشات من أمام البيت الصامد بقلعة الكرامة بباب العزيزية. تحدّث يومها طويلا وخاطب الليبيين في حديث مُسهب شفاف وغاضب.. وتحدّث كذلك إلى العرب والغرب.. وكان كلامه مباشرا وواضحا..
رأى البعض في كلامه الحادّ وصوته المزلزل وقسمات وجهه المتغيرة يومَها اضطرابا و”صدمة”.. وكان في ما قالوه بعض الصواب إذا اعتبرتَ أن الرجل كان يُدرك حجم التحدي الذي ينتظر ليبيا والشعب الليبي وأن الوطن مقبل على معركة مصيرية.. أما إن قصدتَ الخوف على النفس والأهل والجزع على السلطة والمنصب، فقد أثبتت الأيام وسير المعركة ونتائجها أن الرجل لم يجبُنْ ولم يتراجع ولم يفرّط قيد أنملة في مفردة أو موقف مما أعلنه في خطابه التاريخي..
تمرّ اليوم أعوام أربعة كلّها أسوأ من بعضها وأشدّ شؤما ومرارة وسوداوية على الوطن وأهله.. أعوام أربعة بأيامها ولياليها ومعاناتها ومكابدتها وتقتيلها وتهجيرها وحرقها وذبحها ومراراتها تحكي قصة بلد وشعب “أصابته العين” على حدّ قول القائد ال تعبيرا عن الحيرة والعجز عن إيجاد تفسير منطقي لإقدام شعب على “إلقاء نفسه في محرقة” و”الانسياق خلف شرذمة مخرّبة” و”الاستسلام لمصير تعِسٍ رسمته له الدوائر المعادية بالداخل والخارج”.
أعوام أربعة مرّت والليبيون يتذكّرون تحذيرات القذافي مع كل صوت تفجير أو رصاص، ومع كل عملية اغتيال أو اغتصاب.. يتذكرون تحذيرات بدايات الأزمة وهُم في خيام العزاء الجماعية.. وهم ينتشلون المصابين والقتلى من تحت الانقاض.. ويتذكرون نبرات القذافي الحادة وحركاته العصبية وهم في طوابير المذلّة والمهانة أمام بوابات دول الجوار، وفي طوابير محطات الوقود، أو طوابير المخابز، وفي هرولتهم خلف شاحنات اسطوانات الغاز، وعند مرأى أبنائهم وأهاليهم المرضى والمصابين يموتون في غرف العناية الفائقة وأثناء العمليات الجراحية بسبب انقطاع التيار الكهربائي..وغير ذلك مما ألفته المسامع ولم تعد تدمع لذكره المُقَلُ..
وقف الليبيون اليوم على ما حذّر منه معمر القذافي.. فلم يعُد الوطن وطنا. ولا الشعب شعبا.. وسقطت ليبيا بين أيدي العصابات والميليشيات متعددة الولاءات وبين مطامع مزدوجي الجنسية والعملاء المعلنين وغير المعلنين.. وتخلّى عنها الأصدقاء، ورغب عنها حتى الأعداء. 
مما حذّر القذافي؟؟ 
الإجابة للمكابرين والمنافقين والمتعامين والمتصاممين.. وحتى للنادمين الخجلين والانتهازيين الذي جنوا المال والسلاح لكنهم باءوا بالخزي في الدنيا قبل الآخرة.. وظهر المال السحت على سحناتهم وأجسادهم وجنوا كراهية من اشتغلوا لحسابهم فخرّبوا بلدهم عامدين متعمّدين..
حذّر معمر القذافي من شرور الفوضى.. وحذّر من مخاطر التفريط في المكاسب والأمن والأمان..
حذّر معمر القذافي من غول الإرهاب ومخاطر حصوله على موطأ قدم بليبيا، ومدى كارثيّته على الإقليم وعلى العالم بأسره..
حذّر معمر القذافي من انفلات شديد يضرب حوض البحر المتوسط.. وحذّر من فقدان الليبيين لكرامتهم واحترامهم، وفقدان المدن الليبية لمناعتها، وانهيار القيم والأخلاق وانتشار الإجرام والظلم..
وحذّر من خراب البنى التحتية، ومن السطو على ما تمتلكه ليبيا من مال وثروات واحتياطيات..
وحذّر الخارج من الفوضى، ومن تدحرج كرة اللهب نحو الجوار ونحو المشائخ والدويلات المتآمرة المهدّدة حاليا بالوقوع في الفوضى والسقوط الوشيك رغم كل ما تبديه من مقومة، وما تبذله من مال وأرواح وتنازلات كي تبقى بمنأى عن الطوفان..
إن ما ورد في خطاب القائد ال كان تلخيصا لسيناريو غفل عن كشفه الليبيون والعرب والمسلمون.. ومؤامرة لإنقاذ الغرب من السقوط الاقتصادي، وإفلاس البنوك وانهيار مؤسسات التصنيع العسكري أمام عجزها عن إيجاد زبائن لمنتجاتها، فكان الحلّ إسقاط جيوش ودول بعض البلدان النفطية وابتزاز البعض الآخر وتخويفه كي يفتح خزائنه ودفاتر صكوكه ويوقّع لها على بياض مقابل صفقات بمليارات الدولارات.. ولا تنسَ أمن إسرائيل، وهو مهمّة أمريكية رئيسية عبر السنوات والعقود.. هذا بالإضافة إلى اصطناع وحش الإرهاب الديني وترويج الخطاب المتشدد المتطرف عبر المنابر والشاشات وعلى ألسنة الساسة نصف المتعلّمين، والمتعمّمين من شِراَر الدعاة المتعصّبين ضعاف التكوين إلا من شعارات التكفير والكراهية والتحريض يبثّونها في الشباب اليافع محدود الإدراك والتّمييز.. 
إن الحديث عن تنبّؤات القذافي طويل ومعبّر.. وهو لا يتعلق بنبوءات وقراءات للغيب كما يتبادر إلى الذهن، بل هو استقراء للوقائع واعتبار من الماضي واستنطاق للمعطيات..
وما مارسه آل فبراير على الليبيين وبلدهم من وحشية وساديّة قد بدَا أشبه بتنفيذ دقيق لتعليمات صارمة.. أو انضباط شديد لقوانين طبيعية نوعية صارمة لا يشدّون عنها.
آل فبراير اليوم أكثر إطاعة لأوامر القذافي من أنصاره بما يفعلونه، ولم يحيدوا عن خط تحذيرات معمر القذافي وتوقعاته مثقال ذرّة بل زادوا مصداقيته وأثبتوا صوابه، وأكّدوا أقواله، وشدّوا أنصاره إليه وضاعفوا من تعلقهم به وولائهم لطروحاته وشموخه ولكل معاني السيادة والاستقلال الضائعة عن ليبيا فبراير اليوم.
في الذكرى الرابعة لخطابه التاريخي.. خطاب البراءة من “الثوار” والإرهابيين والإخوان ومشتقّاتهم ومن سادتهم جميعا.. يهمني أن أختتم بما يلي:
وعسى أن تحلّ الذكرى الخامسة لخطاب باب العزيزية العام المقبل لتحمل معها الللفرج وطن وأبنائه، ومزيد الندم والخزي للخونة والفجّار والعملاء والمجرمين.. وللحديث بقية..


عصب نت Net nerve

On the anniversary of his speech said:
Tonight peaceful creep inside the cities, villages and oases this topic do them tonight and pakora But then if there is nothing in it that creep inside Tarafoh Menen come and then when I crawl internationalist his money
# Qaúd_rh
= The first was a peaceful family unification and olive branches did not work with them
= The second is to crawl inside and intended armed people were useless without NATO intervention
= The third is crawling UN commander led to # is no longer a distant Magdi the help of God not only for Libya but for all nations because Libya interest to all nations
# Asb_nt

في ذكرى خطابه قال
الليلة زحف سلمي من داخل المدن والقرى والواحات هده تعملوها الليلة وبكرى اما بعدها اذا مافيش هذا فيه زحف من الداخل تعرفوه منين يأتي وبعدها فيه الزحف الأممي الي اني نقوده

=في اﻷولى سلمية كانت بلم الشمل واغصان الزيتون ولم تجدي معهم

=الثانية هي الزحف من الداخل والمقصود الشعب المسلح كانت مجدية لولا تدخل الناتو

=أما الثالثة هي الزحف الأممي الي #القائد يقوده ولم يعد ببعيد وهو مجدي بعون الله ليس لليبيا فقط بل لجميع اﻷمم لأن ليبيا تهم كل اﻷمم


Under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Libya was “Fatih Shia’at”. Muammar al-Qathafi is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)



new Mu video

God Afaragha ..

Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free

Dr. Hamza Thami now on the JAMAHIRIYA (mass) channel:
Sightseeing Taiba all.

1:00:27 ‘Call Libya’ .. dr. Hamza Thami ..

home the responsibility of each Libyans

02/24/2015 de ‘Libya green’



Zawiyehjehvl/ Legion resistance in Ajeelat:

Martyr of 25 janvier 2015:

Involvement of Liberal
‘Salem Aaois’ of the tribe in the five appendages (CITY of FIVE). From born in 1966 Christian-

One members of the Armed people and the Air Force Academy graduate. He was one of our Army pilots
Special Squadron specialist accompanied Muammar al-Qathafi.

He then moved to the Oaouahars and specifically the first 204 battalion of tanks in Ajabadiya.
Entrusted with the protection of the base of the martyr Abdul Salam Humaid Eboumnyar Gaddafi-

Martyr participated in most of the maneuvers carried out by the armed forces of the people
He also participated in the face of heretics in the Eastern Province in 96 syphilis-
He joined the judicial corps of the armed people until ihe reached the rank of Judge of the Military Court of Misurata.
He has had a prominent role during the hyper that engulfed Libya in 2011, being a Christian, he was still entrusted with the task of securing the City of Five. He participated in the two fronts of Misurata
Western, and Montenegro.

He walked out with a large group of employees of the Armed People and Volunteers
To the city of Bani Walid and remained resistant until his fall.

He participated in the defense of the city of Bani Walid during the decision issued by the ‘unjust Resolution N°7 Council employment, and its hame.
he participated during the month of February, in the events of the city of Sabha.
Finally he had receipts and tours in the area and Rishvana, where he  participated in
The Great national epic, in which all our tribes participated, to defend our land and our honor
Epic embodied national unity
Oh God, forgive him and doing a disservice Arhmh and its martyrs.


“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, gives us a round-up of the most important news of the day:

Libyan army encircles Tobruk, and ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ went into the dome with Major General Khalifa Hftar SPI section, right in front of members of Majlis al-Nuwaab’ who nominated him as the commander of the Libyan Army.
Brigade Khalifa Hftar denominator now as ‘Commander of the Libyan Army’.

The adoption of ZINTAN AIRPORT as officially now an ‘International Airport’ of precipitation. (“ZINTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”)

Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Jordan vows Batzlih to our Armed Forces.

The ‘Western Region Operations Room’ is preparing to provide the direction of Tripoli ‘go-ahead’.

‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ makes Atkhadd sovereign decisions: the
Libyan government is complicated with several directives to provide supplies and materials essential for all the citizens.

The TOBRUK/ CYRENAICA ‘government’ imported devices and beams for distribution within Libyan cities.



Word now ….
Algerian authorities have succeeded in controlling the Turkish ship loaded with weapons
Bound for Libya was the Turkish ship set port of Annaba
Turkish ship emerged from the Turkish port of loaded containers containing
600 thousand refill cartridges and 150 thousand capsule bombings
And a number of communication devices that operate satellite
Devices and metal detectors and GPS
(Hassan al-Obeidi, reporting)




Inventory (Nasser al-Khdhiraoy), one of the leaders of the terrorist ‘militias Abuobeidh al-Zawy’, in intensive care after suffering a car accident after a chase of unknown elements and firing on his car and a hail of bullets during his return from the war front.

‘Roma Libya’ leaders savagely executed 21 Egyptians in Libya – called this person, Abusslaman al-Jhbve,

who said in a tweet on his Twitter, as being a message to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi – after dawn raids on sites in Libya terrorists in tuber. The message says:
The name of God the Merciful As yet, dear Sisi Aslam received, otherwise I
Ginak hungry want to satisfying the flesh of your soldiers.

This is the same brutal Freemasonry….

and the USA & GREAT BRITAIN are supporting them !!! 

Obama Announces Extension of the state of emergency in Libya for one year ..

(“Knight and Men”)


Freeze the membership of the State of Qatar and Sudan’s Arab-African Union for their support of terrorism, the ‘African Union‘ ‘s headquarters were moved from Khartoum to Cairo.

Foiled an attempt to smuggle two tons of hashish

coming from Lebanon to Libya …

‘Unprecedented’ Attempt to Smuggle 2 Tons of Cannabis to Libya Foiled

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية

  • W460
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  • W460

Lebanese authorities have foiled an “unprecedented” attempt to smuggle a huge quantity of cannabis by sea to Libya, the Internal Security Forces announced on Monday.

“Following close surveillance and investigations, the anti-narcotics bureau of the Judicial Police managed to seize and foil the smuggling of around two tons of raw hashish,” the ISF said in a statement, noting that the operation occurred on Saturday.

The quantity was “prepared for smuggling by sea to Libya inside an apple shipment,” the ISF added.

It explained that the “raw” quantity of cannabis was equivalent to the output of “more than 1,000 dunams of cultivated land, or 250 tons of processed hashish.”

The cost of the seized shipment was estimated at 6.2€ million.

Describing the attempt as “unprecedented” in Lebanon’s history, the ISF announced the arrest of the main culprit in the botched operation, identifying him as 56-year-old Syrian national A. N.

A lot of residents in the Bekaa region defend the hashish industry as their only source of employment. During Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war, Lebanese hashish, which is known for its quality, fed a flourishing industry that generated hundreds of millions of dollars a year in income.

Hashish is a cannabis product derived from the resin of the plant, and produced in large quantities in the Bekaa.

Lebanon has launched several eradication campaigns, and in past years, the army bulldozed thousands of hectares of cannabis. Farmers had often taken up arms to defend their crop.

(Y.R. of Lebanon)



The assassination of ‘activist al-Hsaara victory’ in the capital Tripoli after her body was found shortly before the bag in the back of her car in one of the outskirts of Tripoli and had been filtered by firing squad …

‘Government of Salvation’ of Omar Hassi has custody of the body of activist victory al-Hsaúra and her aunt, in the hospital at Abu Salim and refuses to hand them over to forensics.

Violent clashes too far south corner and hear the sound of explosions

and medium weapons hear voices inside the city ..


Sufi shrine bombing in the area of the Shatt al-Hinhir in Tripoli at dawn today.

Libya Tarabuls:
The bombing of the mosque and shrine ,

Sheikh Mhaolin fishing in the Shatt al Hinhir area

and damaged four houses next to it also, in the city of Tripoli.


Murder of a young Tawfiq Warfali born in 1991

after the chase in front of people by militias

and terrorist Abdul Raouf ‘hater’,

falling from above a building on Omar Mukhtar Street.

I am God and to Him we return.


Close the road in front of the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli

on suspicion of car to be booby-trapped.

Voices of the city’s ambulance.






RATS !!!

Corner Brotherhood Militias ‘Roma Libya’ warplane, bombed the Libyan Army site of concentration within the area south of the city of Bir al-Ghanum. ‘Roma Libya’ plane that came out of the  MISURATA ‘Military college’,  bombed Bir al-Ghanam area without causing any casualties among the final Libyan Army.



Mayor of Zintan, Mr. Mustafa Baroni, about the rumors about reconciliation between Zintan and Misurata, the overall points statement:

“At the request of the Shura Council Asbi’a the Committee on prisoners Misurata and they had asked to meet with committee Zintan, committee prisoners B. al-Zintani, I went to the meeting at ‘the Asbi’a Council’, which asked about the prisoners,

and were surprised at the request of the Commission of Misurata, in the Magistrate, here delegation refused to talk to is the subject of Zintani prisoners and open roads and lift the blockade on the besieged cities.

And stressed the mayor of Zintan in his statement. that:

“dialogue and reconciliation must include all Libyans and put all the issues then Snnam homeland been virtually true reconciliation and security, and renewed its commitment to the legitimacy of the parliament and Jkumth and it is representative of all Libyans.

And all other transfer is a downright lie and slander and outbidding who used to lie.”

Zintan announce an international airport precipitation:

Adoption of an ‘international airport’ precipitation Zintan by the government’s decision for 2015.


Violent clashes in the south of Rishvana and

hear the voices of artillery fire.





Killing of the terrorist militia commander Mohammed Abochreib,

of  ‘Roma Libya’ B.Sberath today at the hands of the LIBYAN ARMY

in an area south of Sabratha.







(Marsa Uasili; Arabic: الزويتينة‎)

Zueitina ‘Pontifical Island’ is smuggling arms to the WAHABI

Local witnesses from the city of Zueitina, confirmed the existence of small boats movement of funds from the island «Pontifical» which is about ten kilometers from the beach to the north-west Zueitina hyphen coast with the road to the city of Benghazi, and suspected the movement of ammunition and weapons.

coastal port where DAASH is getting their weapons



Libyan airforce Aviation bombed  the Seaaria located where militias ‘Roma Libya’ are stationed.

Libyan Airforce vertical-Warplanes voice shave sky city of Sirte.

The saws Daash published in the city of Sirte today:





LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed the headquarters of the industrial company and the river Hdtt. Significant damage to area Bin Jawad.

 Statement regarding support for the Guard Oil installations’  legitimacy (COMMANDED by Ibrahim al-JDHARAN).


Beian device Guard Oil Installations number “12” about the legitimacy of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ support.:


Violent clashes and heavy artillery shelling in the

areas of “Rulrhh – Boatni – Hawari” in Benghazi.

Guo managed from CID Benghazi capture from excommunicating as they are of asister religion.

Killing brother named ‘Nagy al-Gahoa’, after a scuffle with him, and called him a kaafir and apostate; and the reason for the military that he was burning circuit and throw Jtth when at the ‘Aisha mosque in HAWARI’.




The ‘Martyrs Brigade Abu Salim’ of TUBER, came out of their silence, after the events of the dome, and start attacking the Daash in Derna.


Security alert in the city of Tobruk, amid news of the arrival of Major General Khalifa Hftar for the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ and to the performance of the Commander in Chief of the Army values.

Affiliated to the National Security Committee of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ of Tobruk, invited Hawk Saqr Hamid Jeroshi.





The explosion of a car at the SABHA hospital.




The 2011 CIA-led North African erruption and Mu’ammar al-QATHAFI…


Blood & hole by Dr. Mustafa hyperbolic

Pages from the blood pit
The beginning of the fall

When erupted spark events in Tunisia suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi burned to death in Sidi Bouzid and was accompanied by a media campaign, no one expected the possibility of development of a surprise to the flight of President Zine El Abidine and the fall of the Tunisian regime terribly fast, but many analysts and politicians speculated that it will lead to important results infect Each region.

However, the sequence of events and the acceleration and media coverage hectic have shown the existence of a preset plan and the Court of media and political management for change process in the Arab region, but the Arab regimes and the security services did not deal with the seriousness as it was supposed to be facing them,

perhaps for lack of accurate information around and because every system in, He predicted that the area outside the circle of those events, and that he is not interested in them, and they are passing wave will expire in a short time ..

Considered revolutionary elements in Libya that the events of Tunisia confirm the credibility of their idea about the popular revolution, which depends peaceful popular movement and the possibility of development to the establishment of popular authority found in these spark opportunity favorable to be exploited for the development of a popular movement leads to the construction of one Arab state at least between Libya and Tunisia .

And began to contact the Tunisian revolutionary groups in Libya and abroad in order to help them to develop the Tunisian revolution and raising slogans mass, but that leader Muammar al-Qathafi had a different opinion, different when considered from the outset a plot to sabotage the region and increase the divide and return to control it.

Surprised commander everyone when challenged in an exclusive interview with Channel Tunisian people on the status of Tunisia and the nature of what is being warned of the dangers that would result, and it will negatively affect the developing Tunisian economy, and that change Ben Ali does not require these losses, especially since it will be the replacement of people by others and that will not change anything in it.

His speech was provocative to the feelings of the called themselves revolutionaries in Tunisia Vaattabrōh support to Ben Ali staging misleading media campaign against the leader and began to al-Jazeera, “the official sponsor of the so-called Arab Spring,” a propaganda campaign about the arrival of Ben Ali in Tunisia, and that the Libyan battalions preparing for the invasion of Tunisia to install bin Ali despite the nose of the Tunisian people.

Yes, I was the commander analysis right from the revolutionary Vtdhyat Tunisian people will only lead to the replacement of President Ben Ali, another may be less than efficient, and so is the case after two years of Tunisia’s revolution, and the replacement of people Cabinet others may not differ from them as much or replace the parliament another may includes other political forces and so forth.

What he wanted to say that this process can be conducted in a peaceful manner and do not need all those sacrifices, all those losses. However, the involved media originally planned was the forerunner to distort commander words out of context, and focused on the leader against the revolution in Tunisia, and that he stands with President Ben Ali, and did not hesitate to fabricate rumors and lies, such as moving the battalions of the Libyan armed people forces to attack Tunisia

and re-Ben Ali came to power by force or readiness to receive him and his family in Libya, then broadcast a tremendous amount of false and that was the introduction of the scheme, which aims to Libya and Fateh Revolution of information, it is important that the media that was able to mobilize the Tunisian public opinion against the commander personally,

He was unpopular in Tunisia may outweigh its popularity in Libya, Muammar al-Qathafi and feet like a godfather to maintain the ‘dictatorial’ regimes in the Arab world and it is against the revolutionary Arab popular movement ..
حفرة الدم &بقلم الدكتور مصطفي الزائدي
صفحات من حفرة الدم
بداية السقوط
عندما اندلعت شرارة الأحداث في تونس بانتحار محمد البوعزيزي حرقا في سيدي بوزيد وما واكبها من حملة إعلامية، لم يتوقع أحد إمكانية تطوّرها بشكل مفاجئ إلى هروب الرئيس زين العابدين وسقوط النظام التونسي بشكل مريع وسريع، لكن كثيرا من المحللين والسياسيين توقّعوا أنها ستؤدي إلى نتائج مُهمة تصيب كل المنطقة. غير أن تسلسل الأحداث وتسارعها والتغطية الإعلامية المحمومة لها بيّنت وجود خطة مُعدّة مسبقا ومُحكمة إعلاميا وسياسيا لإدارة عملية تغييرية ما في المنطقة العربية، لكنّ الأنظمة العربية وأجهزة الأمن لم تتعامل معها بالجدية التي كان يفترض أن تواجهها بها، ربما لغياب المعلومات الدقيقة حولها ولأن كل نظام في المنطقة توقع أنه خارج دائرة تلك الأحداث، وأنه غير معنيّ بها، وأنها موجة عابرة سوف ينتهي مفعولها في وقت قصير..
واعتبرت العناصر الثورية في ليبيا أن أحداث تونس تأكيد لصدقيّة فكرتهم حول الثورة الشعبية، التي تعتمد الحركة الشعبية السلمية وإمكانية تطويرها إلى إقامة سلطة شعبية وجدت في تلك الشرارة فرصة مُواتية لابدّ من استغلالها لتطوير حراك شعبي يؤدى إلى بناء دولة عربية واحدة على الأقل بين ليبيا و تونس. وبدأ الاتصال بالمجموعات الثورية التونسية في ليبيا والخارج بهدف مساعدتها لتطوير الثورة التونسية ورفع الشعارات الجماهيرية، إلا أن القائد معمر القذافي كان له رأي آخر، مختلف عندما اعتبرها منذ البداية مؤامرة لتخريب المنطقة وزيادة تقسيمها والعودة للسيطرة عليها. فاجأ القائدُ الجميع عندما تحدت في لقاء خاص مع قناة نسمة التونسية عن أوضاع تونس وطبيعة ما يجري بها مُحذّرا من المخاطر التي ستنتج عنها وأنها ستؤثر سلبا في الاقتصاد التونسي النامي، وأن تغيير بن علي لا يتطلب هذه الخسائر، خاصة وأن الأمر سيكون استبدال أشخاص بآخرين وأنه لن يتغير في الأمر شيء. كان حديثه مستفزّا لمشاعر من سمّوا أنفسهم الثوار في تونس فاعتبروه دعما لبن علي فشنوا حملة إعلامية تضليلية ضد القائد وبدأت قناة الجزيرة ” الراعي الرسمي لما سُمى الربيع العربي “في شن حملة دعائية حول وصول بن علي إلى تونس، وأن كتائب ليبية تستعد لغزو تونس لتثبيت بن علي رغما عن أنف الشعب التونسي.
نعم لقد كان تحليل القائد صحيحا من الناحية الثورية فتضحيات الشعب التونسي سوف تؤدي فقط إلى استبدال الرئيس بن علي بآخر قد يكون أقل منه كفاءة، وهكذا هي الحال بعد سنتين من ثورة تونس، واستبدال أشخاص الوزراء بآخرين قد لا يختلفون عنهم كثيرا أو استبدال البرلمان بآخر قد يضم قوى سياسية أخرى وهكذا دواليك. أي انه أراد أن يقول إن هذه العملية يمكن أن تتم بطريقة سلمية ولا تحتاج إلى كل تلك التضحيات، وكل تلك الخسائر. إلا أن أجهزة الإعلام المتورطة أصلا في المخطط كانت سباقة لتحريف كلمات القائد عن سياقها، وركزت على أن القائد ضد الثورة في تونس، وأنه يقف مع الرئيس بن علي، ولم تتوان َ في تلفيق الإشاعات والأكاذيب من قبيل تحريك كتائب من قوات الشعب المسلح الليبية بالهجوم على تونس وإعادة بن علي إلى سدة الحكم بالقوة أو استعدادها لاستقباله وأسرته في ليبيا، ثُم بُث كمّ هائل من المعلومات المكذوبة والتي كانت مقدمة للمخطط الذي يستهدف ليبيا وثورة الفاتح، المهم أن وسائل الإعلام تلك تمكنت من تعبئة الرأي العام التونسي ضد القائد شخصيا، وهو الذي كان يحظى بشعبية في تونس ربما تفوق شعبيته في ليبيا وقُدّم معمر القذافي وكأنه عرّاب الإبقاء على الأنظمة الدكتاتورية في الوطن العربي وأنه ضد الحركة الشعبية الثورية العربية..

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