DAASH, a tool of the West, is determined to destroy LIBYA

  al-Fateh 2 to come in APRIL 2015 (the month of the ‘bird’)

al-Fateh 2 to come in April 2015


Mu fifth


Mu balcony of Bab Aziziya 1986

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Mu’ammar al-Qathafi phone call with Tayeb al-Safi


 HOLY QU’RAN, ALLAH’s gift to all good peoples.

 (via “ZINTAN BRIGADES QaQaa”)HOLY QU'RAN, ALLAH's gift to all good peoples

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reminds us:

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Tomorrow begins the egg days for anyone who wants to fast
Wednesday, 1436/5 / 13h
Thursday, 1436/5 / 14h
Friday, 05/15/1436 e
Valdal the good as actors.


All members of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, after hearing the words of the Commander in Chief Gen. Khalifa Hftar, verified him as a denominator of sincerity in building the military, and private sectors to work together.

Gen. Khalifa Hftar denominator oath in front of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ (Council of Deputies), this morning and then appointed Commander in the Libyan Army.

Kalifta Hftar, Lt. General comanding the Libyan Army:

The official spokesman of the “Liberation Army”, the former coordinator of the Ministry of al-Dvaa at Benghazi, al-Aqidahmd builder, spent for something that you set it, Tstfen commander in the Libyan Army: Lt. Gen. Khalifa Hftar SPI:

Declines in the ranks of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and DAASH, and MISURATA MILITIAS, as a result of hearing the news of the team Khalifa Hftar’s  inauguration as a Commander in the Libyan Army.

Colonel Ahmed Bani now Libya International channel:

We have spent it and was appointed team Khalifa Haftar commander in chief of the Army; and had come real time to build a military establishment unlike the one that does not know the east, and east not knowing the west, nor any tribe and nothing at hand at all —just military recruits organizing the ‘Dawn Libya’ !!
Mahm are to leave ‘Dawn Libya’, and return immediately to official Libyan Army ranks.

Electrodes West America, Great Britain refuses to recognise any leading position of Khalifa Hftar….
‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’  hit Pakalm poles west off the wall…

America and Britain want Hftar dead.

Saqr Jeroshi will be multi-bombing Mitigua base and

Misurata which he has targeted as graduated aircraft. Saqr Jeroshi || bombing airports Mitigua and Misurata, came in response to the rats bombing of an airstrip of ZintanAir Force bombed Misurata airport to coincide with the Mitigua base.

Some of the Sudanese light aircraft given to the Brotherhood rats.

Staff of the Air Force will not allow the exit of ‘Dawn Libya’ the day after their terrorist planes and aviation bombed the Libyan Army by air.






NATO‘s overthrowing of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, was a huge, grave error and mistake”,
said a senior official at NATO, Wednesday, 04 March. The NATO military intervention in Libya to topple the GREAT JAMAHARIYA and to dishonor Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in 2011 was a mistake.

Nasser Al-Kidwa: a political solution in Libya is necessary in order to avoid negative developments.
(The official said this during talks with members of the Algerian delegation from the National Assembly will visit NATO BRUSSELS Treaty Organization.)

The international military intervention in Libya in 2011 was a extreme grave mistake committed by the international community and some Libyans, thus, ruling out a new intervention in Libya.

According to the agency APS, the official has confirmed the absence of follow-up, after the military intervention, in order to stabilize the situation in Libya, stressing that any new intervention will be more difficult than it has been in 2011.

Through the administrator in the context of talking about the NATO is ready to provide support in order to improve the security situation in the Libyan territory.

Algerian Minister Delegate in charge of the affairs of the Arab Maghreb and Africa, Abdelkader Messahel, said that the West bears the full responsibility for the outcome of the Libya shambles, stressing that Algeria had repeatedly warned of a military intervention.

Experiencing Libya since the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in 2011, deterioration in the security situation due to the armed conflict between several parties, in addition to the control of armed militias on different areas of the country, Libyan scene has increased after the emergence of complex.




Muhammad Yunus-Drissi, wrote in MAY 2012, in light of Abdullah-Hakim Belhadj al-Hasadi :

‘You take off your shoes you Sacred Valley fold’:

As one of the axioms of Aristotle in box issues logic of AHL philosophy suggest us the undisputed findings that always and never build the toughest of unjustified destruction and more degrees of impossibility and the world economy abhed the cost and the loss also accompanied by heartbreak remorse expensive socially.

So what we see now is filling the corner of the mouth and naked eye unequivocally is an inconvenient truth that there was a squat divisive actively apply as cancer and naarah separatist ears soaked up massive pandemic and schizophrenia and greedy going now towards the trail and the collapse of the great Libyan homeland without knowing that I’m the scenario icons on my desktop home flat glass

because of the tyranny of the Emirate’s psyche if daouda of human vulnerabilities and comply with the ego and tendencies to indulge in Nashwa agonies Frothy in emotion and adaptation alehui hence sharee’ah closes the national territory and the destinies of human beings as personal to tend to succumb to those naughty personality tendencies get driven givers without a thought to satisfy all the needs of personal feelings and desires without learning market enormously disadvantages because they are not informed and did not see and does not want to see the overall picture of foreign llherbkanh they are at the heart of the fray

And in the center of the fuss and the Prairie and in the center of altabikhh or alherdmish. So, gentlemen split without you look at women and look around you how they see you, so boys, landing attempts and allamksodh due to ignorance of tampering with the social fabric and raking the Emirate raise self more sensitive places and best-kept and fondling emotions offer salads,

it played a real fire (much his eyesight) ye yourselves will you will put out easily, It is also cruel play on weak tendons might respond with you due to emotional emotional frenzy until provisional and compliment you for a short period of temporary short time volatile but lightning would abandon the intentions and speeding will volatilize to awaken and biased for the territorial integrity of the motherland after the demise of each topical analgesics and tempting refreshments as they will appeal to for a decision to alokhaz conscience

and will hear whispered to the language of reason not only durability and Libya homeland stiffness soils as an eternal requirement builds on the foundations and rules home founder Concrete supported by hardness of steel and iron to go up on her shoulders the architecture of Libya the high anticipated world Awali pragmatic bridges.

One with Tripoli and not strange at all key decisions of the fates of all Libyans and monopoly benefits people of eastern Libya and dimensions your afternoon people of Omar Mukhtar and not the proud inhabitants of the southern front, the steadfast,

But one frankly with his unit has known and studied her map on the runways of primary and unable to see and not to imagine even in the seventh dreams that Libya had become libiatan whatever the motivations of the failed irresponsible reassurances no one sane could easily sacrificed a bird in the hand versus ten tentacles tightly birds remained elusive is said to remain there on the tree waiting for the fly fisherman in a jiffy to materialize after the flight, saying “certainly flew pigeons And applaud my Goose “.

Dear Sirs, until Islam has set back the human soul, the human desires codified Bohemian and devours to distinguishes it from the animal world and refined her and her release to frolic on face value and especially those desires leading towards reproduction of proliferative pursuit behind desires do not diverge much between animals base,

Tolerant Islam that did not leave desires without regulation and legislation tightly structured life and the rights and duties of societies and protect them from all the ills and striations of harmonious coexistence is correct.

So gentlemen, before that darn alratk, trust that claim to maintain the unity of the bridges of the dirt does not mean start a dependency also means not necessarily your accusation of betrayal and not challenged firmly in historic whit your patriotism without conclusive evidence, such as the Sun and not the mean us further your contempt,

it’s his complaint or grievance or appeal or to be apprehensive about the unity of the territory by the day and the hour, just for the judges of the Republic courts no longer scared in God Lome match,

And the media declared open on both grips world and also go to the polls and tunnel to hear her groans sound and her sighs and nfesat sounds in headset ntasi democracies HD and request all the spin doctors of the world’s democracies, observers and then complaining to the world humanitarian organizations plays a mzolmth supported by overwhelming evidence and directories and all of those tools will work on trying to do right and a esteemed effective pressure without resorting to scratch or crack a map back home.

It is true that the regional bias of the geographical scope in which we live is permissible and close all the motives of human soul where and everywhere throughout the world, as the poet said:

how much land is perfect to house the boys *** and longing for the first House. But there is a traffic sign milestone should not be compromised in any way, that mark is the Libya. So one in the nation that stands ready and muzzles and ihdja compliance and celebratory MTATIE [مطاطيء] head in his gaze from the humiliation of mercy Pavilion, as parents completely. Does anyone dare disobey parents? They come with disobeying Libya.



فأخلع نعليك إنك بالوادي المقدس طوى

كإحدى البديهيات المنتمية إلي قضايا مربع أرسطو  في مجال المنطق لدى أهل الفلسفة توحي لنا الإستنتاجات بلا منازع بأنه  دائما  و أبدا البناء أصعب من الهدم الغير مبرر  و أكثر منه درجة في الإستحالة  و  في عالم الإقتصاد  أبهض منه تكلفة و خسارة  مصحوبة أيضا بحسرة  ندم مكلفة إجتماعيا . لذا ما نراه الآن ملء الشدقين و  العين المجردة  بلا مواربة  هي حقيقة  مزعجة جاثمة فحواها  أن هناك طفرة إنقسامية تسري حثيثا كالسرطان  و نعرة إنفصالية غارقة حتى الأذنين كالأيدز  و شيزوفرونيا  مستفحلة و متكالبة تسير الآن  قدما  نحو درب التجزئة و إنهيار الوطن الليبي الكبير  دون أن تدري أيقونات السيناريو فعلتها تلك علي سطح الوطن الزجاجي الأملس بسبب طغيان ضوضأ النفس الأمارة  في حالة من حالات الضعف الإنساني   و الإنصياع إلي نزعات الأنا الدنيا  و الإنغماس في نشوى سكرات  العاطفة المزبدة بالرغاء الأحوى و محاولة تطويع التراب الوطني  و مصائر البشر كمتعلقات شخصية لتميل و لترضخ لتلك النزعات الشخصية مطيعة مساقة  مجبولة دون تفكير  تلبية لإشباع كل إحتياجات مشاعرها الشخصية  و شهواتها  سوقاً دون أن تعلم جسامة المثالب لأنها حتى الآن  هي لم  تطلع و لم ترى و لا تريد أن ترى  الصورة العامة الخارجية  للهربكانة  لأنها  موجودة في قلب المعمعة  و في وسط الهرج و المرج  و في وسط الطبيخة  أو الهردميسة  .  لذا يا سادة الإنقسام دون أن تشعروا  أنظروا إلي المرآة و أنظروا حولكم كيف ينظرون إليكم حتى الأولاد ، فالمحاولات المقصودة و اللامقصودة بسبب الجهل  للعبث بالنسيج الإجتماعي  و نبش النفس الآمارة بإثارة  أكثر أماكنها الحساسة و الدفينة  و مداعبة العواطف كأنكم صلاح الدين ، هو  لعب حقيقي بالنار ( موش أبصارة ) سوف لن تستطيعوا أنتم أنفسكم إخمادها  بسهولة ،  و هي أيضا ضرب من ضروب اللعب علي الأوتار الضعيفة  قد  تستجيب معكم بسبب الهيجان العاطفي الإنفعالي المؤقت إلي حين و تجاملكم  لفترة قصيرة مؤقتة  وجيزة متطايرة من الزمن لكنها بسرعة البرق ستتخلى مسرعة عن نواياكم و ستتطاير  لتستفيق  و تتحيز لوحدة تراب الوطن بعد زوال مفعول كل المسكنات الموضعية و المرطبات المغرية  لأنها ستحتكم  لهمس الضمير الوخاز  و  ستستمع للغة العقل بأن ليس للوطن ليبيا  إلا متانة و صلابة تربته  كمطلب أزلي تبنى علي ثراه أساسات و قواعد الوطن الخرسانية  المدعومة بصلادة الفولاذ و الحديد لترتفع علي عواتقها بنيان ليبيا  العوالي الشامخات في العالم المرتقب البرغماتي الجسور . المرء ليس مع طرابلس و لا الغرابة في الإستحواذ علي كل مفاتيح  قرارات مصائر كل الليبيين و إحتكار المنافع و إبعاد أهالي الشرق الليبي العصارى أهل عمر المختار  و لا قاطني جبهة الجنوب الصامد الأبي ، لكن المرء بصراحة  هو مع وحدة بلاده التي عرفها و درس خارطتها علي مدارج الإبتدائية  و لا يستطيع أن يرى و لا أن أن يتخيل حتى في سابع الأحلام أن ليبيا قد أصبحت ليبياتان مهما كانت بواعث التطمينات  الفاشلة غير المسؤولة فلا أحد عاقل يستطيع أن يضحي بسهولة بعصفور في محكم مخالب اليد مقابل عشرة عصافير موعودة يقال أنها ستبقى هناك فوق الشجرة  تنتظر الصياد دون أن تطير في لمح البصر ليتجسد علي إثر طيرانها المؤكد  المثل القائل  ” طار الحمام و صفقي يا وزة ”  . ايها السادة  حتى الإسلام قد ضبط جماح النفس البشرية فقنن شهوات الإنسان البوهيمية و روضها  ليميزها عن عالم الحيوان و هذبها   و لم يطلقها تسرح  لتمرح علي عواهنها و خصوصا تلك الشهوات  المفضية نحو التناسل التكاثري إنسياقا خلف شهوات لا تفترق كثيرا عما يجري بين الحيوانات الوضيعة ، لم يترك الإسلام السمح  تلك الشهوات  دون تنظيم و تشريع محكم منظم لحياة و حقوق و واجبات المجتمعات و حمايتها من كافة العلل و التصدعات من أجل التعايش الوئامي الصحيح  .  لذا أيها السادة ، قبل أن يتسع الرتق علي الراتق ،  ثقوا تماما أن المطالبة بالحفاظ علي وحدة جسور التراب لا تعني أبدا التبعية لأحد كما  لا تعني  تخوينكم  بالضرورة و لا  طعنا  جازما في وطنيتكم  التاريخية بمثقال ذرة  دون أدلة قاطعة كالشمس و لا تعني لنا مزيدا من إزدراءكم ، فمن له شكوى أو مظلمة  أو طعناً أو خيفة في ظل وحدة التراب عليه باللجوء اليوم و الساعة و التو  أولا للمحاكم الجهورية لدى قضاة لم يعد يخافون في الله لومة لائم ،  و أن يسعوا  لوسائل الإعلام  المعلنة المنفتحة علي كل تلابيب العالم و أيضا الذهاب مهرولين لصناديق الإقتراع و الإستماع إلي شهقاتها و زفراتها و  نفسات أصواتها بسماعات نطاسي الديمقراطيات عالية الدقة و طلب كافة مراقبي جهابذة ديمقراطيات العالم ،   ثم الشكوى  لمنظمات العالم الإنسانية ليصدح بمظلمته المؤيدة بالدلائل  و البراهين الدامغة و ستعمل كل تلك الأدوات علي محاولة  إحقاق الحق و الضغط الفعال المحترم  دون الحاجة إلي اللجؤ إلي  خدش أو شرخ خارطة الوطن . صحيح أن الإقليمية و التحيز للنطاق الجغرافي الذي نعيش فيه هو أمر مباح و لصيق بكل نوازع  النفس البشرية أينما كانت و أينما حلت  في كافة أنحاء العالم  حيث قال الشاعر  : كم منزل في الأرض يعشقه الفتى*** و حنينه أبدا لأول منزل .  و لكن هناك علامة مرورية فارقة  لا يجب إختراقها  بأي حال من الأحوال ، تلك العلامة هي الوطن  هي ليبيا  . لذا علي المرء في حضرة الوطن  أن يقف إستعداد و يخرس و يهجع  إمتثالا و خشوعا مطأطيء الرأس إجلالاً خافضا له جناح الذل من الرحمة  ، كما الوالدين تماما . فهل يجرؤ أحدكم عصيان والديه ؟ فما بالكم بعصيان ليبيا  .

محمد يونس الدرسي .


Aaaaaaagel (really, a very over-simpliefied report—

completely white-washing the Brotherhood and the true situation in Libya.)

REPORT of the
‘U.N. Security Council’ on Libya: –

After the elections in Libya and defeat political movement was established a body named ‘Dawn Libya’, which led a coup against the elected power, and corrupted the political process in Libya; and has since been the cause of the deterioration of the security situation in Libya.

‘Ansar al-Sharia’ is fighting under the guise of ‘DAASH’. (They ‘morphed’ into ‘DAASH’.)

The ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ is fighting the ‘Libyan army’ in the East and is currently deployed in Sirte and Sabratha and Ubari involved with the process of ‘Sunrise forces’ in the attack on the oil fields.

The ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ kidnapped the Ambassador of Jordan to launch a terrorist release of their Mohamed Drissi …Mohamed Drissi was then killed in Benghazi.

 The UN Security Council will hold a closed session today on  Libya with the participation of Bernardino Leon, in the light of international security experts submitted a report to the Council.

‘Zintan Brigade Qaqaa’, says:
“The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is more dangerous than Christians who do not understand (and out of fear rage ‘no peace with Islam’).”

(The Brotherhood is beating peace with a corruption of Islam.)

لإخوان المسلمين اخطر من النصارى فهم يضربون لا سلام بالإسلام

A significant rise in vegetable prices in the Libyan market ..

Some citizens in Libya surprised by the arrival of the chicken price to 16 Libyan dinars ..



Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free
Oh rifled paradise ..





Libyan army announces the start of

the process of liberalization of Tripoli.

Libyan Air Force announces to the Libyan people, that the day will begin military operations against the militias in Tripoli stationed at airports in the capital and camps ….

Because in the process of Air Force reconnaissance over Tripoli
Allah is great !

Air Force bombed two sites in the capital Tripoli
Then bombing Mitigua air base. (LIBYAN AIRFORCE Bombards Mitigua Air Force Base this morning.)

The site continued to terrorist detonated Batriv airport.


Why base hit because of Mitigua occupied published in the roses

Faculty and air Misurata is grown in the clouds,

But mold and MiG 35 m and rises from the rolling house !!


Allah is the greatest ! flames in Bahi field !

Aspiring to organize the Islamic state simplifies control over Bahi fields carp.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان ·

لماذا ضرب قاعدة معيتيقة المحتلة بسبب تنشر في الورود

وكلية جوية مصراتة تزرع في السحب

ولكن القالب و الميغ و م 35 تطلع من دار الدروج !!


Urgent ..‘an-Fajr LIBYA’ very strong now in Tripoli ..

Hamad Libyana:
Many splits in the rat BROTHERHOOD (so-called) government (‘of Salvation’???) of fraud and theft, the so-called ‘al-Khassa government’ and nine and a button in the soft why ‘government resigned Conference Allaotunai’ [the end of its mandate].

Misurata militias close exits and entrances to the city of Tripoli, placing mounds of dirt; and publish the gates at the airport, through the different areas within the


 Arrest employee «Bank of the Republic» city agency Noureddine old Ibrahim Miloud, by the power of deterrence. The kidnapping employee Republic Bank city agency old “Noureddine Ibrahim Miloud” by Nuwassa militias Abdul Raouf ‘hater’ (division of the militias ‘Roma Libya’), in TRIPOLI.

al-Fateh TRIPOLI UNIVERSITY, controlled by MISURATA militias, hot-bed of illicit activity on behalf of the Brotherhood militia Shield-armor Rats.

But the fall of values and ethics and corruption wetvashi nation home. ….

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, says: Sorry for this image Fmakint I want to put this I fall to the values ​​and ethics and the decline of the nation and homeland Tvasche corruption.

Libyan Airforce bombing ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist sites west of Tripoli.

Violent clashes west of the Libyan capital Tripoli ..

Libyan Airforce bombing of the sites ‘Fajr Libya’. Libyan air force targeted sites to the ‘Dawn Libya’ militias in the south corner of the city.


Today found a mass grave of men armed people


God has mercy on the martyrs,

God willing, of the 2011 have been discovered

today inside a fence, of the CORNER refinery.

Large Brotherhood convoy followed militias MISURATA moves ‘Project plateau’ to the ‘city center’, as  a convoy of armed militias belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ is coming from the point of ‘Bab al-Azizia’ and enters ‘cottages neighborhood’.




Zintani Colonel al-Ajami al-TAIRI of the Libyan Army:


Libyan Airways International airliner at Zintan International Airport.

It is the city of Zintan with those al-Mtmeredh city, will pay the price for not standing in front of the division of Libya Ghali. Reconnaissance missions for the Air Force over the skies of Zintan (watching for terrorists who seek to infiltrate and bomb Zintan).

Airline ‘Roma Libya’ bomber aimed ‘Zintan International Airport’. Militia ‘Roma Libya’ warplanes are aimed at International Civilian Airport of Zintan. 

A Warplane belonging to the forces ‘Dawn Libya’ bombed the International airport at Zintan.

Odds most powerful war continued to organize ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist plane went out in the process of raids on military sites and our international civilian airport at Zintan…

Came up behind her, a Libyan Air Force plane, in which became an aerial chase.


RATS make fun of ZINTAN:

The dismantling of a number of bags of explosive planted several axes to block the progress of the Libyan army, and this Akhaddo Libyan army these days fierce battles on all axes intention Liberation …..


Kitchen rat-rebels displayed in the center of Bir al-Ghanam a little while ago to the bombing of Air Hftar; and thankfully did not result in Hedda bombing damage or human: not one corporeal.

The movements of suspicious customers inside the Bir al-Ghanum and intentional targeting of supervised temperatures Greens:

“Please complete caution and prudence.”


Self-styled ‘Roma Libya’ to Eyea campaigning raids logic upon Rishvana, and kidnaps 25 people from the city.


Release of the head of ‘the local council area al-Rajaban’ after his arrest by the militias ‘Fajr Libia’ and beat him severely.




(cooking on the Western Front)

Operations Western Region Chamber ordered:



South Hlgodh

Violent clashes between the Libyan army and militia forces ‘Dawn  Libya’ in each of the “village of Nasser – Halgodh” south of the corner of TRIPOLI.

Zintan brigade Qaqaa, tells us:

Continuation of the clashes between the Libyan army and terrorist factions of ‘Dawn Libya’,  west of Ajeelat.
Pray for the brave.

Gdaa ninth evening on Libya’s TV ‘international channel’:
‘Colonel Idriss material physical Cunieform’ processes is the Western Region Chamber


The process of ‘Colonel Idriss material ccuneiform’  is the Western Region Chamber Spokesman for the national military.

العقيد ادريس مادي أمر غرفة العمليات المنطقة الغربية

يتكلم بلسان العسكري الوطني

Air Force bombed sites of the terrorist organisation

‘Dawn Libya’, in the west of the country.


Libyan Air Force of targeting sites for ‘Roma Libya’ militias at Sabratha.

‘Fajr Libya’ Tmrkzac militants bombed the former “Sabratha Forest buds camp” today.


strong clashes west of Ajeelat City, in the Saffron area \ fall any number of missiles at a house in the area Zafarana B. Ajeelat.


The imposition of curfew in Beautiful City, indefinitely.


The death of the citizen “just warming”, under torture at the hands of Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ in Racdalin area.




28 مليون قطعة سلاح في ليبيا وسط تدفق مرعب للمتطرفين .

28 millions d’armes en Libye au milieu de la circulation terrible des extrémistes.

MISURATA ammo stocks from USA: weapons smuggling in the post-Qaddafi Sahel

Algerian security forces had seized a sizable cache of the weapons a little more than 60 km south of In Amenas, itself about 40 km from the border with Libya. The francophone Algerian daily ‘el Watan’ provided more details on the story, noting that the stock, which had been carefully protected and buried in the desert, contained 43 missiles, including 28 SA-7 missiles as well as 15 of the significantly newer and more advanced SA-24.

The weapons seem to have been at a midway point in the delivery process; as the original article noted, after bringing in the weapons, smugglers wrap the stock in protective plastic before burying it and marking the location on a GPS. Wahabi fighters are then given the GPS coordinates for their brand new supply of missiles, guns, or whatever else might be buried in the desert.

(oddly, the link to the original ‘el Watan’ article seems to have disappeared from the website).







Libyan Air Force:

Libyan Mig-21 Fishbed fighter jets over North Africa
Libyan Air Force Mig-21s conduct frequent reconnaissance missions along the coast and over the Gulf of Sidra to detect suspicious ships. “The Air Force is ready to carry out orders to bomb any target approaching the maritime and territorial waters, especially oil ports.”

Bouchemouthe, commader of ‘Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt’:

Bouchemouthe, commader of Special Forces 'Thunderbolt'


Armed clashes between the Guard Oil Installations (under Ibrahim al-Jdharan) and ‘elements of organisation Islamic state DAASH’ near the fields carp and Bahi. Aspiring to organize the Islamic state simplifies control over Bahi fields carp.

Two oil installations guards were killed in a suicide attack on the port.



Military Air Force has this morning pounded the militia ‘Roma Libya’ and DAASH, in the city of Sirte.

 Daash organization asserts control of the ‘Higher Institute of Engineering’, Sirte Center, and stopped by the study.


Misurata factions bombed the residential

area of ​​Ras Lanuf Bassoarich Grad.


The bombing of the Libyan army positions and guard installations Bamehat Crescent oil from by the western axis of Melcaat Misurata comined with the southern axis factions of Daash.
Daash + Misurata have combined their forces.

PICTURE: battle between Oil Guard Installations, and the Brotherhood Militia ‘Sunrise’:


Daash to attack and fire in Dahra oil field as a result of the fall of missiles and rockets by the organization of the Islamic state
And forces in the region stem the region’s progress Daash. Exclusive
Message we received from one of the young people who were ‘Dahra field’ and pass on to you as we received
I hope you publish my Aadinm this topic for all of you my trust and credibility clutter your home page:

What happened to the field of the company Oasis “Libyan-American” piggyback is a surprise attack of DAASH and they control it for hours and pulled out after they ran-out-of Dkhiratna.

To meet the region’s youth from slip and Eats her wanted and supported by the people is not only the place has been restored but the field has not been completely burned, but its impact remains a black spot in the middle of the desert.

No one forces not called Hftar not interfere, nor Misrata militias called Houdran, have supported us. All I return and repeat them are young people slip and Eats her wanted are filed with their bare chests and regained the place Allah and yes the agent (SATAN) in everyone.
And this is he end of my telling you;
and God bless you for stretching Aatdr.”

Continuation of violent clashes medium weapons and heavy and fire one of the reservoirs field Dahra oil after being targeted by al Daash backed militias “Roma Libya”.

(from an earlier report of 20 MAY 2014):

A pipeline 25 km south of Libya’s oil exporting port of As Sidra has been destroyed according to our sources.
this was an attack .. the pipeline was carrying hydrocarbons to or from the port which is in the central-east part of the country’s expansive Mediterranean coastline.
The main oil fields supplying the port are Waha, Samah, Dahra, Gialo and Mabruk and made up the majority of Libya’s pre-war output.



Basic People’s Congress Elvis Bucky free:


Video of gunmen who fled after burning Dahra field .. !!!

«Video» three cars, carrying armed group,

which is speeding back to town Nofaliya, having torched, last Monday,

in Dahra oil field southwest of Sirte appears.

‎فيديو مسلحين يهربون بعد حرق حقل الظهرة..!!!

«فيديو» يظهر السيارات الثلاثة، التي تقل المجموعة المسلحة، وهي تعود مسرعة إلى بلدة النوفلية، بعد أن أشعلت النيران، يوم الإثنين الماضي، في حقل الظهرة النفطي جنوب غرب سرت.‎


فيديو مسلحين يهربون بعد حرق حقل الظهرة..!!!

«فيديو» يظهر السيارات الثلاثة، التي تقل المجموعة المسلحة، وهي تعود مسرعة إلى بلدة النوفلية، بعد أن أشعلت النيران، يوم الإثنين الماضي، في حقل الظهرة النفطي جنوب غرب سرت.

 Libyan air force mount strong attacks on the attacking force field Dahra and Aqaibdhm.

There has been a huge loss of life and mechanisms.

Note that the militias attacking a mixture of Misrata militias and organizing the Islamic state.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

Melcaat Misurata and organize Daash

combined forces to bomb the oil fields.

Today was one of the ‘Dawn & Sunrise Libya’

attacks with Daash upon the ports Dahra field up in flames !!

The pictures show the LRP piggyback plant, one of the largest gas liquefaction plants Oasis company ….

Hspenaallah and yes, the agent (SATAN)...

Oh ALLAH,  your family and prostitutes DAASH ungodly...

we ask for the blessings of Allah !


Boabh al-Ost, reporting for ‘Rouge Valley directly’, see orange jump suits [remember DAASH slaughters?], and some flags Green, others of the rats.

Boabh al-Ost, reporting for 'Rouge Valley directly', see orange jump suits, and some flags Green, others of the rats



Targeting Abraq Airport three Grad rockets. Targeting Airport Abraq B-talath Grad rockets without causing any human damage.




Clashes and shelling by tanks near the al-Sabri Clinic.

Injury to the team’s first (eldest) son Khalifa Hftar ‘denominator’ day,

yesterday at the center of al-Sabri. The injury is not serious.

killed DAASH's Aboumaad Syrian


Libyan army forces have killed DAASH‘s Aboumaad Syrian,

at the cement factory in the center of Benghazi.

Allah is great !

Image Jtt terrorist who was killed in the battle of the day:

Arrest a person tried to put a car bomb Street tunnel area al-Haddaúqub-medinh, Benghazi, eastern Libya.


“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa” reports & Comments:

Salem Abidi:

Capture component inside a car bomb was detonated.

car bomb type Encode capture him young Laithi at Bridge Bay and was heading to the pool for young Laithi of the suicide bomber and blow up his soul in them Adeso him and Ashlt on the face was arrested and handed over to search the criminal ..

Botalhh Tunisian suicide bomber who blew himself up at Benghazi, was a young Thoroughbred Ttauenoasmh real Aladdin al-Abbar in the third decade of life, who traveles from Tunisia to Libya.
New video released by Daash, the
suicide bomber Abu Talha Tunisian who carried out a suicide attack in eastern Benghazi

hspa ALLAH and yes, the agent in them traitors Kharijites !

Allah Save Benghazi from these terrorists.

‎فيديو جديد نشرته #داعش, للإنتحاري أبو طلحة التونسي الذي نفذ عملية انتحارية في #بنغازي شرق #ليبيا.‎


فيديو جديد نشرته ‫#‏داعش‬, للإنتحاري أبو طلحة التونسي الذي نفذ عملية انتحارية في‫#‏بنغازي‬ شرق ‫#‏ليبيا‬.

Burn Moroccan home Jerve MP ‘Ibrahim Abdullah Zghidi’ in Laithi area by DAASH..

Targeting the headquarters of the CID in Benghazi, by  mortar of two projectiles.

The bombing of the headquarters of the criminal search, in 

area al-Kwyfah, Benghazi.

Dismantling explosive devices planted red Society «Mukhtar formerly» Hijaz Street in the city of Benghazi.




LIBYAN Air Force directed air strikes for the DAASH site at the Chinese company Rulrhh area.

After days will announce edit Benghazi fully specific asks how.

Killed militant ‘Mokhtar bin Imran Mouncoph’ in Benghazi.

Muntasir Zoghbia, reports:
Markh Benghazi:
Find a dead DAASH (sniper) at the ‘WHALE market ‘area today,

Daash organization mourns Mukhtar Bin Omran, who carried out the suicide at dawn today in Pisces market area in the east of Benghazi.

when the Libyan Army was combing the area. Sofar no one has identified him.
That in previous investigations of some of those arrested, have confirmed that there are graves that have been introduced for the burial of their killed for whom no one seems to know anything about them.

The death of two of the Navy as a result of

a suicide bombing near the port of Benghazi.



Tobruk, demanding the establishment of housing for the displaced ..

 Vice Lippi: I am ashamed of the “Draft Law of the salaries of deputies”.

 Deputy of the Council, “Abubakar Ibrahim Mahmoud”, comment attending the meetings of “MAJLIS al-Nuwaab”.

‘Salam textual’, reports on the Bernardino LeonUN Agreement:

The name of God the Merciful
When meeting with Mr. Leon UN Secretary-General of the United Nations yesterday, the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, in Tobruk confirmed on the following:

1. The ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ is the only legitimate in LIBYA (Abba) and its legitimacy is not the place to discuss or research.

2. All that is to be agreed upon in the dialogue sessions depends not final, until after a vote in the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’.

3. The ‘Government of National Unity’ are awarded confidence of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, and are monitored by them.

4. procedure that promote ‘confidence’ will be raised at the next meeting, including the opening of roads and allow the passage of medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

5. The next meeting will address the ‘national unity government’ and the security map for the withdrawal of militias.

6. The paper will go out after the next meeting, and will be forwarded to the ìMAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, to be studied and modified.

7. Request for Proposal figures to take over as prime minister or ministers to be non-argumentative.

8. that all parties to the dialogue emphasized the condemnation of terrorism and fight it.

9. What is happening and has happened in Rishvana, is war crime.

Bernardino Leon: The municipal and local councils will be involved in the next dialogue session.

[Allah save Libya !]

Chinese Foreign Ministry:
China renewed recognition Bamcil legislative authority

of the Council of Deputies in Tobruk (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’).
And, as he said, China stands with the Libyan people

in front of the fight against terrorism and China is ready

to provide Msaadat to Libya in the coming weeks.

Leaks coming from some members of the Libyan government:
1. Prime Minister: Dr. Aref Nayed (Sufi)

2 Deputy Prime Minister: Mustafa Abuhakor
3 Defense Minister: Abdullah bending
4 Foreign Minister: Mohammed Abdul-Aziz (RETAIN HIS POST, good)
5. Minister of Local Government: Jumaa Sayeh
6 Justice Minister: Abdel Hafiz Gogha
7. Minister of Finance: great friend
8 Oil Minister: Mohammed thermal
9 Education Minister: Fathi Magbari





Libyan army spokesman Ahmed material cuneiform:

LIBYAN Army forces surrounded Derna and combing the surrounding forces in the waiting is the team’s first Khalifa Hftar to submit, edit, and eliminate hotbeds of terrorism.


O Allah, save them

Lord, God of victory…

Mujahideen Shura Council of the Libyan city of Derna denies Libyan army siege of the city.

Derna-libya KHARIJITES, 2011


Joe weapon currently patrolling the poll above the tuber.

An assassination attempt on  “Nasser Aker Boroaq” (a military-man, of ‘elements of light’), an improvised explosive device planted under his car in the area of TUBER.




News of the abduction director of the Ministry of Defense in Southern Region Office.




 Violent clashes spin of the air base perimeter Barak now, among the inhabitants of the region and the militias of Misurata.

Barak tribes beach controlled on the basis of Barak flights.

Libyan tribes dominated the ‘Barak air base’ and the expulsion (removal) of the Brotherhood Misurata militias, including people with help of the Barak Chat’ai area.

Shooting between Musrati and al-Kirh area residents with the knowledge that the situation is fraught with the Rate-two trucks loaded with propane-gas canisters were stolen yesterday Sabha road to Barak.

‘Libya ROMA’ militias are B. al-Rmih indiscriminate civilian area Qira Shati and reports of some injuries and wound citizen Osama Mohammed Maihoub.

The closure of the road link between the city of Sabha and BARAK CHAT’AI (the City of the beach) at the gate Qoirh al-Mal by militias
belonging to the ‘Roma Libya’ ..


TENDENCY large force of Tabou at base Tmanhunt now ..





Meeting between the Ministry of Interior and the Libyan Interior Tunisian then approve:

1_ open in favor of a scene through Tataouine port.

2_ commitment to the Tunisian authorities to maintain the Libyans care in Tunisia and the Libyan authorities are required to maintain the care of Tunisians.

3_ study cancel the decision of the Tunisian authorities to prevent the owners of the old Libyan passport from entering into its territory.

4_ internal Tunisian government will train batches of Libyan police.

 Stop ‘Sniper Swedish’ fugitive from Libya who tried to enter Tunisia !



Saleh Jaudh yesterday in Tunis airport diplomatic passport red …

صالح جعودة




Bratslav Jajeic (Serbian Minister of Defense) in regard to the Libyan Defense Minister in charge (Massoud Arhomh) gives an enthusiastic reception at the headquarters of the Serbian Ministry of Defense.


Channel news:

the opening of the church major Bamasrath at  Dafniya +
Islamic conquests seemed counterproductive attack:

قناة النبأ : افتتاح الكنيسة الكبري بامصراتة ‫#‏الدافنية‬ +

الفتوحات الإسلامية بدت هجمة عكسية




The Washington Times: Egyptian army prepares to strike again in Libya ..


Salloum Egyptian port receives 1250 returning from Libya.







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