al-Snaded in fighting Allah’s largest hubs


Mu on democracy

 ((Wait for the promise of Allah that Allah promised to the right …

and human patient))

Tell us deluded ….. we tell you who you are.
We are not awaiting the coming …..
and pride and majesty of Allah are ready …

We wait … the first bullet fired the first gun …
from the first man to crawl al-Mmbeyin of the ‘People’s Armed Forces’ troops

We wait in command number one Pronunciamiento ….

from a man who is not like other men: of Sultan righteous Mujahid Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi ……

Praise be to Allah

الحمد الله

with Mu in Victory

(( أنتظروا وعد الله أن وعد الله حق …وبشر الصابرين))
قولوا عنا واهمون …..ونحن نقول عنكم من أنتم !!؟
نحن لا نتظر في القادمون …..وعزة وجلال الله هم جاهزون …نحن نتظر في أول رصاصه …تطلقها أول بندقية …من أول رجل من قوات الزحف المبيين من قوات الشعب المسلح….نحن نتظر في أمر رقم واحد للبيان رقم واحد ….من رجل ليس كباقي الرجال من سلطان الصالحين المجاهد العقيد معمر القداقي ……

Mu white wave

We will not abandon ‘green’ Libya (‘THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’)
to the tallons of the WAHABI (disgrace of Allah, tools serpentine of SATAN):


We will not leave green Libya

 We are promised to see this next month:


The third will be fully pm your time with the new launch your channel

to channel ‘the Great Jamahiriya channel’.

all the masses are continuing, despite all the circumstances.

Muammar al-Qathafi exposed the conspiracy

against Libya and Islam to the entire free world

 al-Qathafi forever, FB video

al-Qathafi forever


Mu’ammar preaching at UGANDA Mosque (which he financed and successfully conceived, and brought forth the diface in what was once a swamp).

Mu's discurse at his Kampala, Uganda mosque

Discourse forbidden of Muammar al-Qathafi.

Hear, O Muslims, then judge !


US Ambassador in Tripoli (Deborah Jones):

“We did require the presence of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the Libyan government.” (Hmmm!)


Bernardino Lyon (UN envoy assigned by the UNO for LIBYA), presented to the Italians a solution to appoint a neutral head of government (!! ??) to deal with the elected ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ and with the RATS ‘General National Congress’, as a board are consulted.

MISURATA and TRIPOLI (GNC) rejected Tobruk’s proposals.

UN envoy did not go to Morocco, for the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ ‘dialogue team’,  which did not go to Morocco..

The ‘Conference’ team, finishing their tenure, arrived in Morocco.

((United Nations Mission approved the request to postpone the national dialogue sessions in Morocco.))

God Aaleon movement Mesh Msboth Chhor in the group to Morocco and Mtjeic.

Kmbala al-Enezy, comments:

We demanded Blfdralah Federal, and distribution rights Beltsawi.

[picture: the 2013 Declaration of Ras Lanauf, with Ibrahim al-Jdharan and the Cyrenaica Council]

The RATS are now demanding Blanvsal and divide the country because of AMBITIONS !

We demanded the state institutions and the establishment of an Army that protects the country, and where the people are in control.

The RATS asylum Bldroa, MILITIAS and the ‘monopoly of power for themselves’…
[picture: Brotherhood’s Akkla Giani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) mayor and bully of Tripoli]


We sacrifice ourselves for their homeland and fight terrorism.

[PICTURE: Libyan Army working with the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ to fight terrorism]

The RATS offer to destroy valuable and precious things (like our holy mosques and shrines) in our country and support terrorism.
[picture: Brotherhood rats destroy and pillage RISHVANA]

Brotherhood rats destroy and pillage RISHVANA

Are we Nstoy illusion?

Kmbala al-Enezy:
نحن طالبنا بلفدرالية الاتحادية وتوزيع الحقوق بلتساوي
هم الان يطالبون بلانفصال ويقسمون البلاد بسبب اطماعهم
نحن طالبنا بدولة المؤسسات وتاسيس جيش يحمي البلاد
هم طالبو بلدروع والميليشيات واحتكار السلطة لانفسهم
نحن نضحي بانفسنا لاجل الوطن ولمحاربة الارهاب
هم يقدمون الغالي والنفيس لتدمير الوطن ودعم الارهاب
هل نستوي نحن وهم ؟

a young green soldier weeps for his nation:

a young green soldier weeps for his nation

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar
07 mars, 15:38 ·
Tdkir to just … so to forget:

the Wahabis demolish the tomb and mosque, Abdul Salam Asmar:


Libya today, the Wahabis demolish the tomb and mosque, Abdul Salam Asmar

Demolition of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown Fatouri in Zliten, shrine and Holy Mosque
Demolition and blow up and overthrow and destruction
by the WAHABI “DAASH”..
ALLAH’s curse be upon them for Eternity


and homelessness, because of the “17 GEHAR” (2011)

CIA-revolt led by the SATANIC USA and the demonic WAHABI

Libya has become the land of destruction and extreme desolation:



An important statement of the Libyan armed forces full statement  read by Dr. Hamza Thami, the aaronic voice for our LIVING Supreme Commander Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: 

23 avr. 2012

Lightning detonator (TWO YEARS AGO)
Thank you, Dr. Hamza Thami,

our Lord gives health to Libya wounded occupied bleeding and waiting and medicine from their children honorable brave treatment history for Aarahm and traitors are traitors and honest people stay honest and the strange thing is that all of we know of traitors Jardan find him out in the treason

The grandfather or father or that, according to information (Hraimi mean ………) Vaharif Sharif and the traitor is a traitor Vosdh O-Sharif, including the dictates of your duty to your religion and your country does not refuse traitors hired Alddin sold the home and religion Valkhoza and shame on the cowards, traitors.

البرق الصاعقil y a 2 ans

شكراً سيادة الدكتور حمزة وربنا يعطيك الصحة من أجل ليبيا المجروحة المحتلة النازفة والتي تنتظر العلاج والدواء من أبناءها الشرفاء الأشاوس فالتاريخ لايرحم والخونة هم خونة والشرفاء يبقوا شرفاء والغريب في الامر إن كل من نعرفه من الخونة الجردان تجد له أصل في الخيانة أما جده أو أبوه أو إنه وحسب المعلومات ( حرايمي يعني ………) فالشريف شريف والخائن خائن فأصدح أيها الشريف بما يمليه عليك الواجب نحو دينك ووطنك ولا تأبى بالخونة المأجورين اللدين باعوا الوطن والدين فالخزي والعار على الجبناء الخونة

al-Snaded in fighting Allah's largest hubs


“al-Snaded in fighting Allah’s largest hubs.”

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

الصناديد في محاور القتال الله أكبر

 Mnoren Knights Virgin reinforcements up to the fighting axes.

Libyan green ARMY

Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan blessed team Khalifa Hftar commander of the inauguration of the year and vow to arming the Libyan army to fight the WAHABI Kharijites.

France 24:

News from the prospective of a meeting between the team Khalifa Hftar (Adjutant General of the Libyan army), and Matteo Renzi, (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy).

Matteo Renzi, ITALIAN media directorate




Libyan official to visit Serbia to arm the Army.

Our LIBYAN AIRFORCE fighter jet:

Our fighter-jet

 Muhammad al-Zentany, writes:
Pensive the good guy Hedda Iajmap after legitimacy Ahtoh friends …

one he saw in a dream and in Medina, along with one national rumored

my father, and claims he Ada to Hftar all vision in a dream, promising.

The leadershop of the Libyan Army at Tobruk


محمد السنى الزنتانى.

متأمل فيه خير الراجل هدا ياجماعه بعد حطوه الشرعية … احد الاصدقاء راه في الحلم وفي المدينة المنوره ومعه احد الوطنيين الدي يشاع ويدعي انه عدؤ لحفتر وكل الرؤية في الحلم تبشر بخير


Chief of Staff, faces Melih Qlkm Libya liberal Mtktroch speech module and the victors

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar:

Peace be upon you my brothers and sisters Libyans Liberal …

Today we are we are in a ridiculous situation in front of the world’s findings: havoc happening in our country, and became Libya a ‘hotbed’ for all Admin honor of foreigners, and people of our country of them …

together all due respect to the men and my horsemen ..

bs Anhab Anicol we Kalabion Officials are all about the case with the spins in our beloved homeland of killing, destruction and burning and fire and open the way for colonization ..

mn here we start .dona of All Titles (no moss and bare) we Libyans Habbeina or we did not love the Libyans and I Bhda speech do not give loyalty to me one allegiance, only to Allah alone, Libya, and national.

but who is the beneficiary of Hedda arson, murder and displacement Is it possible I am a national no longer do mercy and Ashvqh nor Dr. between one house sons Wayne Dahab Knights Libya brave .

sobhan God Moguer conditions .

Libya my brothers, the most important of all our differences,

let’s go back Hept our home and fix what was left of it .

ln home now become homeless and the world Michmt his sons to kill them in the other.

Why Hedda blood and hatred .ales ?

We Libyans themselves from flowing, and his brothers and cousins pain we Aychen in Wad peace and pain we Ahbab and Agherab God Iaajuta that the case has become badly and Morua.

and I swear you will not forgive us God p Maflna in each other …

Each wati
Let us stand together.
Some I address People Liberal and people Alndifa sons asset Is displeases Hedda and Asktkm.

all right I know people Ablada they Escto all right even if what happened happened.

Let Ntrabott together some Norém than we even spend p all the traitors, and agents who Baau our land and Hrdo our people and been killed Ahrarna?

Yes, it’s time to tell the settlers do not come together to make it one of the Torah, initiated of Elvis and Satan tha him …

.oallah largest over Kidd aggressor

greetings to you, all the Liberal and National ……

(surgeon alien nation)

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر
8 mars, 17:39 ·
السلام عليكم اخواني اخواتي الليبيون الاحرار… اليوم نحن اصبحنا في وضع سخيف امام العالم نتيجت الخراب والدمار الحاصل في بلادنا واصبحت ليبيا مرتع لجميع عدمين الشرف من اجانب وابناء بلادنا منهم… معا احترامي لرجال بلادي وفرسانها ..بس انحب انقول اننا كاليبيون مسؤلون جميعا عن مايحصل ويدور في وطننا الحبيب من قتل ودمار وحرق ونار وفتح المجال امام الاستعمار ..من هنا نبدا .دعونا من جميع المسميات( لا طحلب ولاجرد) اننا ليبيون حبينا او لم نحب نحن ليبيون وانا بهدا الكلام لا اعطي ولاء لي احد الولاء فقط للله وحده وليبيا وطني .بس من المستفيد من هدا الحرق والقتل والتشرد هل يعقل انا وطني لم يعد به رحمة ولاشفقة ولا ود بين ابناء البيت الواحد اين دهب فرسان ليبيا الشجعان .سبحان الله موغير الاحوال .ليبيا يااخواني اهم من جميع خلافاتنا دعونا نرجع هيبت وطننا ونصلح ما بقي منه .لن الوطن الان اصبح مشرد والعالم متشمت في ابنائه بقتلهم البعض. لمادا هدا الدم والحقد .اليس نحن الليبيون نفسهم من انساب واخواة وابناء عمومه الم نكن عايشين في ود وسلام الم نكن احباب واقراب والله يااخوتي ان الحال اصبح مزري وموروع واقسم لكم لن يغفر لنا الله ع مافعلنا في بعضنا البعض… ياخواتي دعونا نقف معا بعض انا اخاطب الناس الاحرار والناس النضيفه ابناء الاصول هل يرضيكم هدا وما يسكتكم عن الحق انا اعرف ناس ابلادي انهم لايسكتو عن الحق ولو حصل ما حصل دعونا نترابط معا بعض ونوريهم من نحن بل نقضي ع كل الخونة والعملاء اللي باعو ارضنا وشردو ناسنا وقتلو احرارنا ..نعم حان الوقت لنقول للمستعمر لا هيا معا بعضنا لنجعلها توره بدءت من الفيس وساتنتهي منه… .والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي تحياتي لكم جميع الاحرار والوطنيون…… جراح الغربة

Libya in turmoil

My brothers and sisters Liberal Silks please ….

Show Hedda Peasant and published p wider

in order to know the world of Hua al-Qathafi ...?

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

Through Allah’s mercy, Mu’ammar predicted the ‘betrayal by Misurata’, and lost Benghazi; and, he reveals and taught that he is a Muslim, and that ‘the law of society’ is the ‘Holy Quran‘, giving clues which no one can deny …

اخواني الاحرار اخواتي الحرائر الرجاء ….مشاهدة هدا الفيدو ونشره ع اوسع نطاق لكي يعرف العالم من هوا القدافي…؟


Libya, what has happened to you ?


Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar:

Peace to the people of my honorable ….

men, women and elders and children, and all the people of Libya components ….

O my people struggling and decent and Gallant Let’s Almozaadat p each other and let the Titles false and escape from reality …

our country burned and looted and raped by a group corrupt and immoral and we Nndhar Baam Aionna did not move the residents ..

Do you died in us Xinhua or we’re not Nada them ..

Do Nntdhar international community infidel corrupt criminal that invalidates our country and Hua First Contact Person p Hedda mass (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) ..

am leave DAASH and Amtalem of traitors and criminals that Aflo what they want Baalbulad and the subjects’

I am tell you Iaajuta that the war imposed on us to impose and inescapable Sawa was now the mother after a while …

Lada Phil be owners stand before God and the nation and let us live men and die with honor …

Come to work and fight for the honor and the right to have the right and wrong invalidate ….

(Thata surgeon alien nation)

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر
9 mars ·

السلام علي اهل بلادي الشرفاء ….رجال ونساء وشيوخ واطفال وكل مكونات الشعب الليبي ….يا ابناء شعبي المكافح والكريم والشهم دعونا من الموزايدات ع بعضنا البعض ودعونا من المسميات الزائفه والهروب من الواقع …بلادنا تحرق وتنهب وتغتصب من قبل مجموعة فاسدة وفاجرة ونحن ننضر باام اعيوننا ولم نحرك ساكن ..هل ماتت فينا النخوة ام اننا لسنا ندا لهم ..هل ننتضر المجتمع الدولي الكافر الفاسد المجرم ان ينقض وطننا وهوا المسؤل الاول ع هدا الدمار ..ام نترك الدواعش وامتالهم من الخونة والمجرمين ان يفعلو مايريدون باالبلاد والعباد ..انا اقول لكم يااخوتي ان الحرب فرضت علينا فرض ولا مفر منها سوا كانت الان ام بعد حين …ادا فل نكون اصحاب موقف امام الله والوطن ودعونا نعيش رجال ونموت بشرف …هيا لنعمل ونقاتل من اجل الشرف والحق يحق والباطل يبطل ….تحاتي جراح الغربة

Libya, what has happened to you



Norman ben OTHMAN:

Norman ben OTHMAN

Audit Bureau: demanding the release of remittances Libyan students studying abroad.

(Rusaifa News)




The release of the five Tunisians who were kidnapped in Tripoli.

They are in good health.

Libyan air force bombed sites of organization

of ‘Dawn Libya, in south corner.


Dr. Saleh al-Mkhozom release concerning the (defunct) ‘Conference’ session Sunday:

‘al-Mkhozom’, Representative of “Dawn Libya”, and former RAT Brotherhood Congressmen of the ‘Allaotunai Conference’ /GNC, says:

“We will not accept Bahawwar to the ‘United Nations’, if they are not giving the ‘General National (ALLOTUNAI) Congress (GNC) legitimacy.”
[Pew Ihrkona]


Libyan Brotherhood rats unlimited:

Supreme Council of terrorism does not want police in Tripoli:

Jamal Zoubih,
Head of external media management including government knows al-Hassi Tripoli:
We have informed all foreign media about the fact cowardly act carried out by the previous regime ousted this morning to unleash Dahmani targeted a police station.
We will be a press conference today optimal one in the afternoon to explain and expose the ousted defunct cells and committees ..

Police in Dahmani Angle destroyed by governing Tripoli Brotherhood.

A car bomb explosion in front of a police station Dahmani Angle.

Tripoli Police destroyed by the Brotherhood ruling Council:

And the killing of a leader of the ‘Nawasi Militia’ (which is Abdul Rauf ‘hater’  militia).




South Gate of the City of al-Rajaban



 ‘Council’ statement to the ‘top of the tribes of Zintan’:

The Libyan Army has called for the martyrs of

43 Zintani and an al-Rajaban Champion

(who were common Jtmanam a little while ago in al-Doab cemetery

in the corner), as being true martyrs.



Before dawn hour, Btiranhm Ev_llona ‘”DAWN LIBYA” rounds again in the bombing of the hospital al-Hawwadt in Zintan!!



 Omar Matouk, writes:
Neighbors of contrasts!
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday in these days of Bijlohna Hamada!
Monday, Thursday in Zintan market Icheroa in Khaddrthm and sell P peduncle!

Huge columns emanating from al-Tknat in Zintan to fighting axes.

Demonstrations in the cities of the Middle condemning

the BROTHERHOOD MISURATA bombing of the city of Zintan

and demanding Pauagaf this aggression and freeze dialogue.


Today on 11 March, is  the 91 anniversary of the “Battle of ‘horse and Ade’ “

by which fought the Mujahideen Zintan against hordes of

Italian occupation red and where Stroa
Coolest jihadist epics that immortalized history …

(The Horse)

(‘LIBYA NOW Libya now’)
Hallelujah ! today the anniversary of the bombing

by the Italians of the Mujahideen of Zintan.
bombs and bomb the day belonging to the

Kharijites of the Kharijites plane of Misurata.
The ‘Roma Libya’ are similar in heart to those

Italians who bombed Zintan in our history….


‎خاص من صفحة غرفة عمليات الزنتان </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>من "مصراتة الصمود" الي "مصراتة الهروب"<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
بقايا (( فجر ليبيا )) بعد معارك طاحنة لهذا اليوم في بتاريخ 11/03/2015<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
الله أكبر ولله الحمد‎


لواء القعقاع الزنتان

خاص من صفحة غرفة عمليات الزنتان

من “مصراتة الصمود” الي “مصراتة الهروب”
بقايا (( فجر ليبيا )) بعد معارك طاحنة لهذا اليوم في بتاريخ 11/03/2015
الله أكبر ولله الحمد

Special page of ‘Zintan room operations’:

From “Misrata steadfastness” to “escape Misrata”

Residue of ‘Dawn Libya’, after fierce battles to this day in history


Allah is great, and grateful we are.

 Mazzika flight ‘Dawn Libya’ attacks police academy camp of

‘Qaqaa and lightning’ in Zintan…. Ammmmmm by Astmarw.

embankment by ZINTANi Youths:


Libyan army troops recovered the gun mechanism and 105 armored Bamhor Hlgodh.





Currently Chlait and attack military forces in all axes of Hlgodh to or Shuyesheh to West Ajaylat to Akrabieah and Mzalt huge convoys descend from Tknat army in Zintan since yesterday



JSK fall shortly before a helicopter belonging to the

‘militia Roma Libya’ tried to bomb ‘Watiyah base’.
battles at WATTAYA


Ambush applied by elements of the ‘Army of the Chamber

of the Western Region operations’ and Wattaya,

sustaining an attack upon the malacious “Dawn Libya”.


‘Mc Mego’, report:
Violent clashes since the morning in several axes,

most notably the ocean or ‘Shuyesheh’ camp, and al-Akrabieah.
The number of dead Blams arrived to 8 people and killed

a field commander in a secret Ghayeb.


Continuation of the clashes between the Libyan army

and Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ in the vicinity of Ajeelat.

The martyrdom of the brave:
Mohammed Habil
And Ziad Alkroda
Essam Touati
Azzedine Mrsat

Western Front! south of Ajeelat:
Heavy losses in the ranks of the militia, “Dawn Libya” in equipment and personnel
6 family and 5 dead and they
1 – Salam Haniyeh of five
2 – Salah Mahmoud Almdhuna of Fighting Group Sabratha
3 – Adnan Ben Barka – rebel militia battalion Tripoli
4 – Hazem Babboudh – militias Zuwarah
5 – Hamada Ayad Jabara – militias Zuwarah
There is a floating hospital in the Turkish port of Zuwarah many of the wounded received because of the bombing by our vertical flight forces. The number of their wounded exceeds 20.



Libyan Elephant field produces between 75 and 80 thousand barrels per day.





RATS !!!!!

Mohammed Bobqoshh, reporting:

Several consecutive contacts carried out by both (Omar Hassi head of the so-called government rescue and Mohammed Barasi Chairman of the Finance and Abdul Salam Jadallah Chief of Staff of the Government of Tripoli) are putting presure on the sheikhs and notables tribes of Central Region to back the GNC (‘Government of Salvation’) with bribes, as well as threats.




RATS in TARHOUNA  w Sam long range missiles

RATS !!!!!

Mohammed Bobqoshh, reporting:

Several consecutive contacts carried out by both (Omar Hassi head of the so-called government rescue and Mohammed Barasi Chairman of the Finance and Abdul Salam Jadallah Chief of Staff of the Government of Tripoli)
(circled in the photo)
are putting presure on the sheikhs and notables tribes of Central Region to back the GNC (‘Government of Salvation’) with bribes, as well as threats, from the Government of Tripoli) 

PICTURE: The Brotherhood Tripoli RAT Military of the Hassi “Government of Salvation” (GNC)

BTW: see (above) arrowed Sam bin Humaid there too.

Another photo of The RAT Military, with Jadallah at the mike, leading them:




Libyan Air Force raids upon sites in Misurata were accurate strikes.
Libyan Air Force targeting military sites within the city of Misurata.


Czech President:


“put our citizens kidnapped in Libya is very dangerous.”

Close fields of the ‘slip and redemption’ for security reasons.



‘Rouge Valley directly’, reports:

Navigate to the mercy of God, 5 young heroes

from Ajawarj Ajdabiya battalion in western Mahhr Benghazi …

We ask God to accept them as martyrs.



Daash photographer published a report on the perpetrators of the operations in
1-Abu Musab al-Masri
2-Abu Safwan Masri
3-Libyan Abu Jandal
4-Libyan Okasha
5-Abu Talha Tunisian
6-Abu Muslim Tunisian
7-Abu Hafs Tunisian
8-Abu Ibrahim Tunisian
9-Abu Tunisian like

Knights of one ‘tribe al-Foakhar’ Mujahid
How Lake found a hero who resist terrorism in the city of Benghazi?






Champions western axis in Benghazi
Ask you to pray and to control the ‘Brotherhood Armor-Shield headquarters’ in Qnfodh, where we will be in the next few hours, Allah willing.

مقر الدرع في قنفودة بنغازي




intense security patrols to curb smuggling

PICTURE: (below) Maltese smuggling into Libya contraband:

PICTURE (BELOW): Mu’ammar al-Qathafi with binoculars

Mu w binoculars





Tabou forces in the field now Sabha.




 Forces of Tabou controlled ‘Air Force Academy Sabha’ and closing in on the strength of three o’clock invaders with victories force, led by Colonel AD. B. N (MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI) at the beach.

BARAK CHAT'AI  al-Mlapit at airbase

 MUSBANDT / al-Mlapit:

Renewed clashes with heavy weapons in the base Barak Chat’ai.

Alliance between the army and the people in the vicinity of Musbandt
against “Dawn Libya”.



News of the south – Barak Chat’ai ..

Completely untrue news circulating about the negotiations between the National Army and the ‘Brotherhood militia of Misurata (third force)’ in the absence of any peaceful solution among themselves entertained;

and Maichea of ​​Tu Solutions pure propaganda to promote all Mahnalk messengers of the ‘Suleiman (Brotherhood) Sons tribal elders’ at Shati. (All theirs was a meeting, a rest stop to Gwiza, to convey their message, and to take-away our response to them… )

And the response was the need to attend notables Misurata, because they really concerned (HAH, HAH !!) and already Houdro second day response was not to involve the region in any power struggle, no income, the tribe at that;

and that members of the ‘Dean of Mohammed Bin Nael force’, follow the Chiefs of Staff in Tobruk. no authority us they because they take orders from the General Command of the Army and they did not Afawdo the delivery of prisoners, but did not Aatervo existence of prisoners of origin, and currently prevalent in the region and the Army began to move to carry out the locations of these ‘Brotherhood militias’.

I hope to contribute to science publishing.

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر·

اخبار الجنوب – براك الشاطي .. لاصحة للأنباء المتداولة عن المفاوضات بين قوات الجيش الوطني وميليشيات مصراته ( القوة الثالثة) ولا وجود لأي حل سلمي فيما بينهم مطلقا ومايشاع من حلول تو محض دعاية للترويج كل ماهنالك مرسال من قبيلة اولاد سليمان لأعيان الشاطي كافة وكان اللقاء باستراحة لغويزي لنقل رسالة وأخد الرد وكان الرد بضرورة حضور أعيان مصراته لأنهم معنيين بالأمر وبالفعل حضرو ثاني يوم كان الرد بعدم إقحام المنطقة في اي صراع على السلطة ولا دخل للقبيلة في ذلك وان أفراد القوة التابعة للعميد محمد بن نائل يتبعون لرئاسة الأركان في طبرق ولا سلطة لنا عليهم لأنهم يتلقون أوامرهم من القيادة العامة للجيش وهم لم يفاوضو على تسليم أسرى بل لم يعترفو بوجود أسرى من الأصل وحاليا الجيش منتشر بالمنطقة وبدا بالتحرك للقيام بعمليات بمواقع هذه المليشيات .. للعلم أرجو المساهمة بالنشر

Guo attack me from the Tabou Ali, concentration of ‘militias Mzrath’
at the ‘College of Agriculture’.


A bus carrying ‘Ali Mentha’ family, shortly before the fire of unknown origin until now, and the impact of exit from the infidels, approximately 50 kilometers, wounding a man and his wife also went 4 ambulances immediately after receiving reports that another bus fire.


The following is for U.S. CITIZENS:


Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force

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