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Mu young Holy IMAM

MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi, leader of the ” ’69 al-Fateh Revolution of Light”: IMAM of all IMAMI

No greater expounder of truth..than Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who not only conceived, spoke, and taught, but most importantly, he implimented his thoughts into true acton…and made them a reality for all mankind.

Mu on democracy

the right to live, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s heart and soul.

Mu in Green Victory

Mu will be victorious





Green mosque



Mu’ammar al-Qathafi shines over the Sheikh Asmar Mosque in Zliten:

Mu’ammar at the Sheikh Asmar Mosque in Zliten 26 August 2012:


IMAM ALI: 08 MARCH 2015:

A group of ‪‎Iran‬’s environmental activists and officials met with the Leader of the Iranian Revolution minutes ago.

Forests are lungs of country.Officials should deal decisively with forest abuse regardless of any excuse like building hotels or even seminaries.
Land confiscation should be treated as a crime.Those who destroy nature‬ should be prosecuted and negligent environmental officers should be confronted.
Environmental degradation is a pervasive challenge with lasting and long term consequences like melting of Antarctic ice which isn’t easily reversible.
Ali Khamenei, 08/03/2015

جمعی از فعالان و مسئولان محیط زیست ایران، دقایقی قبل با رهبر انقلاب دیدار کردند.H 2015:
مسئولان باید قاطعانه با تعدی به جنگل به هر بهانه‌ای اعم از هتل‌سازی، جذب گردشگر، ساخت حوزه علمیه و برخی توجیهات ظاهرا قابل قبول مقابله کنند.
پدیده ‫#‏زمین_خواری‬ و اخیرا کوه خواری و ساخت در ارتفاعات، از دیگر مسائل رنج آور است. باید در قانون، اینگونه اقدامات جرم تلقی شوند و افراد سوءاستفاده کننده بی هیچ اغماضی مورد تعقیب قضایی قرار گیرند و اگر در دستگاهها نیز کوتاهی انجام گیرد، باید با عوامل این کوتاهی هم بشدت برخورد شود.
‫#‏محیط_زیست‬ مسئله این دولت یا آن دولت، مسئله‌ی این شخص یا آن شخص و این جریان یا آن جریان نیست بلکه موضوعی ملی است که برای حل مشکلات آن، همه باید دست به دست یکدیگر دهند.



03 SEPTEMBER 2010:

I ask people to respect trees and attach great significance to the environment. The motto, “Each Iranian Should Plant a Tree” which is common among our people is a good motto. People should do their best to plant more trees on such days. 03/05/2014
Plantation of trees is a very good tradition.The fact that we plant a tree, is a symbolic act. We plant a tree, and it means that the youngsters should plant more trees. The dear people of our country should develop a habit of [practicing] the tradition of creating this means of life

ما از مردم خواهش میکنیم که درخت را پاس بدارند و فضای سبز را اهمّیّت بدهند. «هر ایرانی یک درخت» که گفته میشود و در زبانها هست، شعار خوبی است؛ سعی کنند در این ایّام – که ایّام درختکاری و فصل درختکاری است – هرچه میتوانند [کاشت درخت را] افزایش بدهند. ۱۳۹۲/۱۲/۱۴
سنت درختکاری، خیلی سنت خوبی است. کار ما که درخت میکاریم، یک کار نمادین است. ما یک درخت میکاریم، معنایش این است که جوانها که چندین برابرِ نیروی یک آدم پا به سن گذاشته‌ای مثل ما در آنها وجود دارد و نشاط بیشتری دارند، تعداد بیشتری درخت بکارند و مردم عزیز کشورمان عادت کنند به سنت ایجاد این وسیله‌ی حیات. ۱۳۸۸/۱۲/۱۸


Imam Ali, Commander of the Faithful

While forming a false coalition against DAASH/ISIS, US wrote to Iran Foreign Ministry that they don’t support DAASH/ISIS but evidence shows the contrary. Revolutionary fighters and public forces that fight DAASH/ISIS have images which clearly show US arms support for DAASH/ISIS.
Ali Khameini, 18/02/15
در ائتلاف مزورانه‌ای که علیه داعش تشکیل دادند، نامه نوشتند به وزارت خارجه ایران که ما از داعش حمایت نمیکنیم. اما عکس‌های کمک تسلیحاتی امریکا به داعش در اختیار مجاهدین انقلابی بود.

1986 Mu’ammar and Khameini meeting:

IMAM MU'ammar greets IMAM ALI, 1986

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi breaks the Chains of Africa:

خواطر العقيد‎. on ‘FB’, QUOTE:

“Mu’ammar is not responsible for the chaos in the woods happening in his absence, but he (with Allah) is responsible for the punishment of all those who participated in it, once he ‘returns’.”


Hero al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi speaks about the suffering

in the dark prisons of Tsaitir attic terrorist militias.

His trial was again postponed to the false OCCUPIED TRIPOLI Court, to the 22nd of this month:

03 MARCH 2015

From the Boston new time, interview report with Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam Horwitzer Blood, in CAIRO (by Hannah Roberts for ‘MAIL ONLINE):

warning of the terror threat posed by DAASH’ in Libya:

1) IS can flood Europe with 500,000 migrants this year.

2) claims that 2/3 of the Libyan nation still support the Great Jamahiriya

3) calls Mu’ammar a living-Saint…

Mu car window Mu driving his golf-car Mu young Holy IMAM

4) that David Cameron, Tony Blair and the present UK leaders, follow Obama ‘like a dog’.


Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam Horwitzer Blood, has warned of a similiar false flag to ‘9/11′ can easily occur in Europe, within two years’, and that DAASH / ISIS forces in Libya, are now recruiting mercenaries for their terror, with promises of ‘white virgins’. The Wahabi groups have begun conscripting sub-Saharan Africans – would-be migrants on their way to Europe – to swell their ranks. into camps and turning them into soldiers. They give them money, drugs, tell them false tales about Allah and heaven and ‘the many white virgins waiting for them there’.

Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s cousin and former intelligence official, has professed that ‘not less than half a million’ migrants will set sail from Libya to European shores this year, just as Mu’ammar predicted, because the ‘Accord with Italy’, signed by Berlusconi with the Great Jamahiriya (with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s diplomacy), has been severed…and there are now, few forces to stop the flow of immigrants.

Among those immigrants, easily, there may be thousands of terrorists.

‘We are working to save Libya’, Gaddaf al-Dam insisted several times. ‘If we don’t do it today, tomorrow it may be too late’.

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam also claims that Wahabi Brotherhood militias loyal to DAASH in Libya, are likely to be in possession of more than 6,000 barrels of uranium.

‘DAASH’ are already known to have their hands on Sarin mustard gas. Uranium ore or ‘yellowcake’ is the foundation material for making fuel for nuclear weapons.

‘The uranium, I think ‘DAASH’ already have it, because they control this territory. They are not stupid anymore. They know how to make money. They will try and sell it.’
(The uranium, which is estimated to be worth as much as 368.32€million, could be sold to it to a rogue states.)

The Great Jamahiriya served Italy’s interests by suppressing ‘Wahabbism’, and blocking migration boats from setting off from Libyan shores.

Under the new (TOBRUK & CASABLANCA based) ‘interim’ government’s legislative body (called “MAJLIS al-nuwabb”–which translates as ‘Council of Deputies’), the evil Brotherhood sponsored ‘Isolation Law’ has been repealed, ….and ‘Great Jamahiriya’ supporters are more willing to show themselves, and participate in the remaking of the Libyan nation.

Of Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s former premiere, Gaddaf al-Dam said he is a ‘good guy’. But remembers: “He used to be our close friend… (then he helped NATO to bomb us, because of severe pressure and blackmail from Obama). Unfortunately, now he is sweeping the streets of Rome.”

“We (the Great Jamahiriya) have to be part of the solution. People want us (their ‘Great Jamahiriya‘) back”, he said.
“In Libya, the social bond is bigger than anything ‘political’. And we are not a political party. We were a social structure, beyond the ‘biggest tribe.’ “

Two million of the displaced supporters of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ (living outside of Libya, mostly in Egypt and Tunisia)...that was more than a third of the then existing population. Today Libyans have been replaced by Qatari and Wahibi (imported by the Americans from Afghanistan, their prisons, and other far-eastern countries), given the promise of Libyan citizenship (if they participated in the destruction of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’).

Overland my program tells the suffering of the Libyan diaspora:

Provide media and actor Ashraf Sharif
The tribes channel 10815 – H
Tuesday of each week


Ahmed Gaddaf-al-Dam has a bold two-part peace plan.

“We are working to save Libya. If we don’t do it today, tomorrow it may be too late,” he repeated again and again.

About the so-called ‘Morocco-meetings’, he says, “‘Let the mafia sit together”….

“We are not waiting for western powers. We are not waiting for the sky to rain gold. We are working together to save Libya now. If we don’t do it today tomorrow it may be too late.”



He also called for international community to provide arms to bolster the struggling national Army.

The EU claims that since 1995, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam had commanded ‘an elite army battalion in charge of al-Qathafi‘s personal security.’
He was arrested in 2013 for ‘attempted murder’, on the same day as Ali Maria, former Libyan ambassador to Egypt, and Mohamed Ibrahim, brother of former Libyan information minister Moussa Ibrahim, as well as dozens of others linked to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, who were scrupulously arrested, as part of a prisoner transfer deal made by the Brotherhood.

(Libyan exiles came to Ahmed‘s defence, firing on police in a dramatic eight hour seige at his home.)

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam insists that the allegations against him and members of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’, are totally untrue, and alleges that ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, then those who were the ‘GNC Allaotunai Libyan authorities’, paid 1.84€million to the previous Egyptian Morsi ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood government, to arrest him. 100 of his fellow ‘Great Jamahiriya’ supporters were imprisoned.

Ahmed was jailed in Egypt, eventually ending up being joined in custody by his former enemies in the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, until Morsi and the Brotherhood were ousted by a popular revolt of the people, with the support of the Egyptian Military, (who wanted nothing to do with the evils of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, installed upon them through the manipulations of Barak Obama and his half brother, who sponsors the ‘Muslim’Brotherhood).

After nine months, Ahmed finally was released to his home in Cairo, which is lined with pictures of his cousin, Mu’ammar.

Ahmed reveres Mu’ammar al-Qathafi as a great, great man and a living ‘saint’. “It was Mu’ammar‘s decision (to remain in Libya). To leave the country, would have been surrender, and would have been a black page in history.”

Ahmed accuses the West of orchestrating the (so-called) ’17 February revolution’, as a plot against Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, as they feared he would realise his dream of creating a ‘United States of Africa’ to rival the power of the U.S.

He explained: “I believe the West sees Africa as a mine for raw material all the future riches of the world”, he said.

“A ‘United States of Africa’ would have been able to demand better prices for their raw material, put wealth to serve people and put an end to internal struggles and diseases, to the detriment of the west”, he claimed.

He recalled travelling with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi around Africa to meet leaders and tribal kings on a mission to put this plan into action.

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam reminisced:

“We drove for 30,000 miles around the continent, we slept in the desert, the jungle, we ate their food, we wore their clothes.”

“Millions of Africans came to hear him speak. He controlled their hearts – he gave them hope that they could have a ‘U.S. of Africa’ as big and powerful as the USA.”

For years, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi pushed for a single African military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely around the continent.

Talking about the Bush‘s, Ahmed said, “the father is good, the son is crazy.”

Saif al-Arab, the most low profile of al-Qathafi‘s offspring, studied in Munich, but was killed in a NATO airstrike on his home, on 30 April 2011, along with three of al-Qathafi’s grandchildren.

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam‘s own brother Sayyid Mohammed, remains in custody (in occupied Tripoli).

A conference involving all sides is a credible aim, he said. “It is vital to bring the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ into the process…” One cannot do what the West did in Iraq… (to totally exclude the ‘Bathe Party‘ there)…
“We are still paying the price …” (of the CIA-led revolt against ‘The Great Jamahiriya).

Ahmed‘s mother is from the ‘Awlad Ali’ tribe, which dominates large segments of the Sahara, while on his father’s side, he is from the prominent ‘Gaddafa tribe. Ahmed was born in Egypt.

P.S: YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE ORIGINAL PAGE THIS WAS FROM. It is almost a ‘BARF-A-MATIC’ in it unbelievable propagated lies and prejudices against Muammar, his family and the “GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”Hannah Roberts is a ‘patsy’ reporter for the “West“; and, I had to do much editing. I mostly relied upon using only Ahmed’s original words.



Stronger O Dabashi. Fares Libya before the U.N.

This is the fate of the Crusader alliance brings to his homeland and crying in front of the world:

‘Knight & Men’, comments:

Who are you?

The ‘Great Jamahiriya’ left 700 billion in state accounts ….

after 4 years, the interim government yesterday held a meeting discussing the financial crisis now prevading in Libya:

○ There are those who say the ’17 February Rat revolte’ has not achieved its goals…
○ The Principles of February are still a ‘red line’ for them: this topic of their blessed and (so-called) ‘glorious revolution’….

(And the world asks in amazement, concening this topic ? !!)

{I say} ‘strange mafia-gang’…


Allah willing, ‘the Green Channel’ now returns broadcasting.

“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa” writes:


young people w Army have devised a great plan and control over 'Roma Libya'
Achsah with young people and draw up a plan to attack ‘Roma Libya’ sites

Mu laughing at ROMA LIBYA 17 FEBR. 'rebels'

and praise of Allah, we now have control over the ‘Roma Libya’ sites, with success.

All thanks and praise to Allah ! was Lee Haala Alaashaws.

Allah is great, Allah is great, and with thanksgiving !




Wounded and dead elements Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ who were fighting in the corner and axes of Sabratha, are presented to the ‘Red Crescent branch corner’; because, they were turned away from the ‘corner General Hospital’, thus preventing parents from seeing their renegade offspring.

And our response because: Air Force that day destroyed

targets inside the camp was bombed Bamdana corner.

When the cat Play Yaffar
Militias Junkie Akilla Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE) 

Ariqso and GNEOH (el-MAHDI HARATINE) and Astt.

and innovator Raouf ‘hater’ Ikmona attack on areas Duraibi and Got al-Shall.
Got Alshall currently  Abu_ihrkona.

The launch of the sons of al-Haji Ibrahim Hamad, release Megrahi Shban, after he was kidnapped three days ago in Tripoli by militias inventory el-MAHDI HARATINE  (Giani Akkla Gneoh) of the militias ‘Roma Libya’.

1 __acharf Hamad Shban
2 __abdagam Hamad Shban
3 __mustafa Hamad Shban
4 __ibrahim Hamad Shban

well-being Tarabulsih (TRIPOLI) Hacashh deterrence

pleasures Sheikh Imam Lieutenant Colonel Dr. ‘hater’

every day, he attacks randomized finance.


Aaaaaajl news ……
And our response now Zjul convoy consists of

twenty car belonging to the BROTHERHOOD RAT

militia ‘forces of deterrence’.

Ghargharesh to the area now

and hear the powerful explosions shake the entire capital.




picture: Brotherhood Rats pillage and deatroy RISHVANA

Found the body of a citizen ‘Walid al-Orchwena’, after he was taken from the front of his house, in the past, at the hands of ‘Roma Libya’ gangs.

I am God and to Him we shall return.








Libyan airforce warplanes bombed Ajeelat city, precisely area of Tervas.


Killed Inventory ‘Abdul Rahman Ahmad Sanusi’, of the militias ‘Roma Libya’ (who continued to the Axis Wattaya).

About 300 elements of the killing organization, ‘Dawn Libya’, are progressing in the direction ofUqba Base’ at Wattaya, through months of failed attempts.


Tgev Abd al-Rahman al-Sanusi at the center, south of Beautiful City.

Libyan Army forces dominate over ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist sites,

south of Beautiful City.






Military source confirmed that there had arrived in the city of Benghazi, two companies of the Libyan Army, as promised with their full equipment,

and noted that this ‘Jawafa battalion’ was named after the martyr ‘Hussein Jawafa’ of CASABLANCA, and the number of members within this battalion of infantry troops, exceeds 150.



Significant progress Libyan army battalion west axis

and 309 Ttwaad launched a major attack on the

regions Qnfodh and Rulrhh these days.


Clashes with heavy weapons in Laithi…

A military source from the axis Laithi confirms the intention

of this night of great progress and violent clashes spin axis ..

A shell landed on “Alnorin” mosque in Laithi and

wounding Haj Abdul Salam Jehani, who was resuscitated at the hospital.

A shell landed on a house explosives expert Mr. Tariq Saaiti, in area Laithi and wounding his brother Osama, with shrapnel in his leg.

The death of a small child near Laithi area following

the fall of the random shell at their house …..

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎. Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

And the death of the citizen ‘Nice’ Mohammed Shaalan,

in the neck by a sniper in the Laithi area.

Oh God, forgive him and Arahmh


Army troops stationed in the center of Venice, the Whale Market, and al-Sabri.



The fall of random mortar shells at Buhedama area
And one of the shells landed in the apartment, which led to the death of ‘Suleiman Hussein Ashaba’.

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.


confirmed source,

Officer of ‘Unity Bank of Benghazi’:

as of next week, God willing, starting from Saturday to Thursday,

only al-Kwyfah centers will be distributing books

and instruments of Sidi Khalifa and Deriana.

There will not be any withdrawals of cash during this period ……..




Majlis al-Nuwaab


MAJLIS al-Nuwaab:

Thank you for your brothers al-Vena, who have participated in the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ meetings for a week. Those who will not participate in the Morocco ‘dialogue’ and then postpone the ‘dialogue’ for a week to develop a mechanism, and steps and to form a committee, media and consultants and determine future steps of the security aspects, administrative and Dmanat and pledges from major powers to ensure the safety phase.

‘Dialogue’ will resume after consultations, and put-up the map
of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab (Council of Deputies).

Resolution requesting a deadline of one week before the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ for the next group al-Marwk study, consultation and support ‘Deputies Council political team’ and a Media delegation ‘dialogue’.

Faraj Bohashim, reports:
Session Summary Tuesday 10 th – 3-2015
Members of the board in charge of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, arrived in the presence of the dialogue sessions and have briefed the Council on Madar during the last dialogue sessions, which were held in Morocco,

The Dialogue has been offered during the session, of written proposals to the ‘Government and national reconciliation’, and security arrangements, and a summary of the priorities of the government of national consensus, according to Sessions previous dialogue ….

(He asked committee members to provide them with the names of the dialogue of the Government of National Reconciliation)

The Board concluded the following points:
1. The Council refused to propose names for the government referred to, only in accordance with a clear roadmap milestones.
2 – the road map:
A – must agree on all phases of a written document.
B – must address the legal status of the document and ‘constitutional’ government and its relationship with the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’.
C – clarify the government’s relationship with the path democratic and constitutional transition especially the third phase.
D – the need for international guarantees and regional support for the implementation of the road map, that this map in accordance with the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’.
E – the negotiating team by the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, is not authorized to sign any agreement until after the return of the ‘Council of Deputies’.

Finally, the Council of the members of the dialogue request to communicate with the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, which is sponsoring the dialogue

and asked to postpone the date for the next dialogue session to enable the Board to study the proposals made by the Committee today and thorough study.
The meeting was suspended until Thursday next,

God willing.
We ask God for success, if the Crown was capable….

Libyan army celebrates appointed team Khalifa Hftar

“commander in the Libyan army,” military base Tobruk amid a large presence …

To meet with the Libyan army at Tobruk Air Base.


  • Col. Ajami al-Tieri of Zintan, with the Libyan Army at Tobruk.

Col. Ajami al-Tieri w the Libyan Army

 Adjutant General, Chairman of the Staff of the Libyan army (NAZDAWI & HFTAR)
Adjutant General, Chairman of the Staff of the Libyan army (NAZDAWI & HFTAR)The meeting of the Libyan Armed Forces in Tobruk, shook the world.

TOBRUK_khas Maliki
Brigadier Dr. Ashour Hoael one of the main candidates for the post of head of the Libyan intelligence.
It is likely to be voted on Tuesday to one applicant for the job figures.

العميد الدكتور عاشور شوايل



Access to the body (at Subsidary Hospital) of ‘Hraish Malros‘ (whose head was separated from the body of this young man). He was a resident of  Shalawi, Tuber.




Kidnappings at the city of Sabha by terrorist Brotherhood militias.


Oooooooonaba for capturing inventory ‘Bashir dervish Masrati’, leader of the so-called ‘capital battalion’, and four of his Jarden (rat) companions, at Barak Beach.

Destroying two tanks of the militias ‘Roma Libya’, by the people of Barak defenders of their land in the city of Barak Chat’ai. Destroy a tank Barak beach area belonging to what is called the ‘third force’ of the Brotherhood armor-Shields.

RAT BROTHERHOOD ‘Misurata militias terrorists Belkcef’ are random in the ‘agricultural hub project’, destroying the crops and harvesting.

Heavy, but sporadic clashes, near Kira (Qira) condominiums, near the air base and agricultural project, and  Brotherhood Militias destroying as many homes there as they possibly can.

A delegation of Brotherhood elders Suleiman children, go up to Chat’ai today;

and Hedda delegation Mbaut by militia terrorists of Misuratah.

They will hold to stop the war and the exchange of prisoners

and the main objective of the meeting is to

mercenary rank the Turkish colonel release.

Ooooooooooooonaba uncertain after all negotiations

between the elderly MB sheiks of the Sons of Suleiman with MISURATA.

Saluting offered Misurata amount (300 million) in exchange for the release of the captive Turkish general, but our elders rejected the offer and demanded the release of the captive heroes Mujahid Abdullah Senussi (falsely reported as dead) and  Mujahid Bouzid Dorda.

Lord FAFSA their families and the families of all the Liberal.

The response from our Green notables at Shati,

headed by Sheikh Othman Gwiza, is crucial:

no negotiations and no bargains, before complete exit

of militias of Misurata  from ‘Barak Chat’ai airbase’

and the whole ‘Mgadert Shati Kmalk’.

(see yesterday’s news about the Turks in BARAK CHAT’AI)

Tdahr began the fact of the ‘armed people’ (the ‘PDF’) are missing soldiers...





Today entry of more than 20 ambulances transported the injured from Militias ‘Roma Libya’ to Tunisia.




 “ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, comments and reports:

Brotherhood and fighter Belhadj and

Ali (SALABI) ‘hardness’ and ‘flint’, JABRILall together in Algeria at their dialogue. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Ago
Jinx them Hraben need Look of Jay Aihor Haha Hazelt.

al-Roadat dialogue
See exists in Algeria !!
Of Juma, spoiled son of England, and also is a son of the CIA Qatar Maidau son of Abdul Hakim Belhadj, is also leader of the Flint “Kherba and Fashio” Brotherhood party factions of the party, which is also ominous Owoowo Algeria Mdayrh Subject.



Feras Bosalum:
According to what I received from Algeria:
U.N. BROTHERHOOD supporting RAT- UN REP. appointed for Libya, Mr. “Bernardino Leon”, met privately with “Keep pots” (representative of the Alliance), and BROTHERHOOD RAT “Mohammed Sawan” Chairman of the Brotherhood’s ‘Justice and Construction Party’, individually. after making an emergency consultaion in Istanbul.

The word of God and I am OK Zain vinegary country to kill them for science Medm al-Obeh exist in Algeria dialogue:

Salam textual:

The name of Allah the Merciful,
The best solution that can come out of the meeting, is to keep Algeria.
Algerian governmentén for a month, until the rest of Libya them ,,,,,,,,

O ALLAH, save Libya !






President Obama Declares Venezuela “A Threat to National Security”, Seeks Regime-Change

By Eric Zuesse

Global Research, 10 March 2015


Venezuela‘s President Nicolas Maduro, center, waves a national flag during a rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday, 28 Feb.  2015. Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas in dueling demonstrations on Saturday, with one group calling attention to a crackdown on opponents of the government and another showing support for the embattled socialist administration. At left is Venezuela‘s first lady Cilia Flores. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

The Obama Administration, which in 2009 provided the crucial assistance that enabled the progressive democratic President of Honduras to be overthrown and a junta of oligarchs to replace him; and which in 2014 perpetrated a bloody coup that replaced the corrupt but democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, replaced by a rabidly anti-Russian equally corrupt Government, and thus sparked Ukraine’s civil war against the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for Yanukovych; is now again trying to overthrow Venezuela’s democratically elected President, Nicolas Maduro.

Reuters on Monday 09 March 2015  headlined “U.S. Declares Venezuela a National Security Threat, Sanctions Top Officials,” and their report gives its closing word to an opposition politician, whom Obama supports and who says: ”It’s not a problem with Venezuela or with Venezuelans; it’s a problem for the corrupt ones” (i.e., Maduro and his Government).

In other words, yet again, the idea Obama is pushing is: we’re just trying to replace a ‘corrupt’ elected head-of-state.

The White House explains its Executive Order on March 9th by saying: “President Obama today issued a new Executive Order (E.O.) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela. … Specifically, the E.O. targets those determined by the Department of the Treasury, in consultation with the Department of State, to be involved in … actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions.”

The Executive Order itself declares that the existing Government of Venezuela limits rights and is corrupt, which “constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.”

On 14 February 2015, President Maduro had thwarted a coup-attempt against him by the Governments of Canada and the UK. This followed almost exactly a year after he had already thwarted such an attempt by the U.S. Government. In December 2013, the Maduro Government presented detailed evidence that the U.S. was planning a coup against him.

On 15 January 2015, Maduro met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. The Obama Administration is, of course, especially trying to bring down President Putin.

President Obama is also trying to bring down Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. In 2011, he had bombed away the ‘GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’ of  Muammar al-Qathafi. Both Assad and al-Qathafi also are/were allies of Russia, as is Iran. The Obama Administration is now assisting ISIS /DAASH in its war against Assad, and supporting DAASH and the Brotherhood in Libya.


Obama’s War in the Western Hemisphere and Venezuela’s National Liberation Struggle


Why did Obama declare a ‘national emergency’, claim that Venezuela represents a threat to US national security and foreign policy, assume executive prerogatives and decree sanctions against top Venezuelan officials in charge of national security, at this time?

Venezuela’s Support of Latin America Integration is Obama’s Great Fear

To answer this question it is essential to begin by addressing Obama’s specious and unsubstantiated charges of a Venezuelan ‘threat to national security and foreign policy’.

First, the White House presents no evidence . . . because there is nothing to present!  There are no Venezuelan missiles, fighter planes, warships, Special Forces, secret agents or military bases poised to attack US domestic facilities or its overseas installations.

In contrast, the US has warships in the Caribbean, seven military bases just across the border in Colombia manned by over two thousand US Special Forces, and Air Force bases in Central America.   Washington has financed proxy political and military operations intervening in Venezuela with intent of overthrowing the legally constituted and elected government.

Obama’s claims resemble a ploy that totalitarian and imperialist rulers frequently use: Accusing their imminent victims of the crimes they are preparing to perpetrate against them.  No country or leader, friend or foe, has supported Obama’s accusations against Venezuela.

Obama’s charge that Venezuela represents a ‘threat’ to US foreign policy requires clarification:  First, which elements of US foreign policy are threatened?  Venezuela has successfully proposed and supported several regional integration organizations, which are voluntarily supported by their fellow Latin American and Caribbean members.  These regional organizations, in large part,replace US-dominated structures, which served Washington’s imperial interests.  In other words, Venezuela supports alternative diplomatic and economic organizations, which its members believe will better serve their economic and political interests, than those promoted by the Obama regime.  Petrocaribe, a Central American and Caribbean association of countries supported by Venezuela, addresses the development needs of their members better than US-dominated organizations like the Organization of American States or the so-called ‘Caribbean Initiative’.  The same is true of Venezuela’s support of CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and UNASUR (Union of South American Nations).  These are Latin American organizations which exclude the dominating presence of the US and Canada and are designed to promote greater regional independence.

Obama’s charge that Venezuela represents a threat to US foreign policy is an accusation directed at all governments who have freely chosen to abandon US-centered organizations and who reject US hegemony.

In other words, what arouses Obama’s ire and motivates his aggressive threats toward Venezuela is Caracas’s political leadership in challenging US imperialist foreign policy.

Venezuela does not have military bases in the rest of Latin America nor has it invaded, occupied or sponsored military coups in other Latin American countries – as Obama and his predecessors have done.

Venezuela condemned the US invasion of Haiti, the US-supported military coups in Honduras (2009), Venezuela (2002, 2014, 2015), Bolivia (2008) and Ecuador (2010).

Clearly, Obama’s ‘emergency’ decree and sanctions against Venezuela are directed at maintaining unchallenged US imperial supremacy in Latin America and degrading Venezuela’s independent, democratic foreign policy.

To properly understand Obama’s policy toward Venezuela, we have to analyze why he has chosen overt, unilateral bellicose threats at this time?

Obama’s War Threat Results from Political Failure

The principal reasons why Obama has directly intervened in Venezuelan politics is that his other policy options designed to oust the Maduro government have failed.

In 2013, Obama’s relied on US financing of an opposition presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles, to oust the incumbent Chavista government. President Maduro defeated Obama’s choice and derailed Washington’s ‘via electoral’ to regime change.

Subsequently, Obama attempted to boycott and discredit the Venezuelan voting process via an international smear campaign.  The White House boycott lasted 6 months and received no support in Latin America, or from the European Union, since scores of international election observers, ranging from former President James Carter to representatives of the Organization of American States certified the outcome.

In 2014, the Obama regime backed violent large-scale riots, which left 43 persons dead and scores wounded, (most victims were pro-government civilians and law enforcement officers) and millions of dollars in damages to public and private property, including power plants and clinics.  Scores of vandals and rightwing terrorists were arrested, including Harvard-educated terrorist Leopoldo Lopez.  However, the Maduro government released most of the saboteurs in a gesture of reconciliation.

Obama, on his part, escalated the terror campaign of internal violence.  He recycled his operatives and, in February 2015, backed a new coup. Several US embassy personnel (the US had at least 100 stationed in their embassy), turned out to be intelligence operatives using diplomatic cover to infiltrate and recruit a dozen Venezuelan military officials to plot the overthrow of the elected government and assassinate President Maduro by bombing the presidential palace.

President Maduro and his national security team discovered the coup plot and arrested both the military and political leaders, including the Mayor of Caracas.

Obama, now furious for having lost major internal assets and proxies, turned to his last resort:  the threat of a direct USmilitary intervention.

The Multiple Purposes of Obama’s ‘National Emergency’

Obama’s declaration of a national security emergency has psychological, political and military objectives.  His bellicose posture was designed to bolster the spirit of his jailed and demoralized operatives and let them know that they still have US support.  To that end, Obama demanded that President Maduro free the terrorist leaders.  Washington’s sanctions were primarily directed against the Venezuelan security officials who upheld the constitution and arrested Obama’s hired thugs.  The terrorists in their prison cells can console themselves with the thought that, while they serve ‘hard time’ for being US shock troops and puppets, their prosecutors will be denied visas by President Obama and can no longer visit Disney Land or shop in Miami…  Such are the consequences of the current US ‘sanctions’ in the eyes of a highly critical Latin America.

The second goal of Obama’s threat is to test the response of the Venezuelan and Latin American governments.  The Pentagon and CIA seek to gauge how Venezuela’s military, intelligence and civilian leaders will deal with this new challenge in order to identify the weak links in the chain of command, i.e. those officials who will run for cover, cower or seek to conciliate, by giving in to Obama’s demands.

It should be remembered that during the US-backed April 2002 coup, many self-styled ‘Chavista revolutionaries’ went into hiding, some holing up in embassies.  In addition, several military officials defected and a dozen politicians curried favor with the coup leaders, until the tide turned and over a million ordinary Venezuelans, including slum dwellers, marched to surround the Presidential Palace and, with the backing of loyalist paratroopers, ousted the golpistas (coup-makers) and freed their President Chavez.  Only then did the fair-weather Chavistas come out from under their beds to celebrate the restoration of Hugo Chavez and the return of democracy.

In other words, Obama’s bellicose posture is part of a ‘war of nerves’, to test the resistance, determination and loyalty of the government officials, when their positions are threatened, US bank accounts are frozen, their visas denied and access to ‘Disney Land’ cut.

Obama is putting the Venezuelan government on notice:  a warning this time, an invasion next time.

The White House’s openly thuggish rhetoric is also intended to test the degree of opposition in Latin America – and thekind of support Washington can expect in Latin America and elsewhere.

And Cuba responded forcefully with unconditional support for Venezuela.  Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Argentina repudiated Obama’s imperial threats.  The European Union did not adopt the US sanctions although the European Parliament did echo Obama’s demand to free the jailed terrorists. Initially Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico neither backed the US nor the Venezuelan government. The Uruguayan Vice President Raul Sendic was the only official in Latin America to deny US intervention. However, on March 16 at an emergency meeting of UNASUR in Quito Ecuador, the foreign ministers of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela unanimously denounced US sanctions and military intervention

President Maduro Stands Firm:  They Shall Not Pass

Most important, President Maduro stood firm.  He declared a national emergency and asked for special powers. He called for 2 weeks of nationwide military exercises involving 100,000 soldiers beginning March 14.  He made it clear to the Pentagon and the White House that a US invasion would meet resistance. That confronting  millions of Venezuelan freedom fighters would not be a ‘cake walk’ – that there would be US casualties, body bags and new US widows and orphans to mourn Obama’s imperial schemes.


Obama is neither preparing an immediate invasion nor giving up on ‘regime change’ because his coup operatives failed in two consecutive years.  His militarist posture is designed to polarize Latin America:  to divide and weaken the regional organizations; to separate the so-called ‘moderates’ in Mercosur (Brazil/Uruguay/Paraguay) from Venezuela and Argentina.  Despite his failures thus far, Obama will press ahead to activate opposition to Venezuelan security policies among the Chilean, Peruvian, Mexican, and Colombian neo-liberal regimes.

Washington is building pressure externally and preparing for a new round of violent unrest internally to provoke a robust government response.

In other words – Obama’s military invasion will follow the well-rehearsed scenario of ‘humanitarian intervention’ orchestrated in Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria – with such disastrous consequences on the people of those countries. Obama, at this time, lacks international political support from Europe and Latin America that would provide the fig leaf of a multilateral coalitionand has lost his key internal operatives.  He cannot risk a bloody unilateral US invasion and prolonged war in the immediate future.

However, he is inexorably moving in that direction. Obama has seized executive prerogatives to attack Venezuela.  He has alerted and mobilized US combat forces in the region.  He understands that his current teams of operatives in Venezuela have demonstrated that they are incapable of winning elections or seizing power without major US military backing.  Obama is now engaged in a psychological as well as physical war of nerves:  to run down the Venezuelan economy, to intimidate the faint-hearted, and exhaust and weaken the militants through constant threats and widening sanctions over time.

The Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro has accepted the challenge.  He is mobilizing the people and the armed forces: his democratically elected regime will not surrender.  The national resistance will be fighting in their own country for their own future.  They will be fighting an invading imperial power.  They represent millions, and they have a ‘world to lose’ if the ‘squalidos’ (the domestic fifth column) should ever take power:  if not their lives, their livelihoods, their dignity and their legacy as a free and independent people.


President Maduro has sought and secured Russian military support and solidarity in the form of arms, advisors and an agreement to engage in joint military maneuvers to meet the challenges of Obama’s war of attrition…President Putin has addressed a public letter of support to the Venezuelan  government in response to Obama’s threats.

Obama is engaged in a two-pronged economic and military strategy, which will converge with a US military invasion.

The overt military threats issued in early March 2015 are designed to force the Maduro government to divert large-scale financial resources away from meeting the economic crisis to building emergency military defense.  Through escalating military and economic threats, the White House hopes to diminish government subsidies for the import of basic foodstuffs and other essential commodities during an internal campaign of hoarding and artificial shortages committed by economic saboteurs.  Obama is counting on his Venezuelan proxies and the local and international mass media to blame the government for the economic deterioration and to mobilize the big protests of irate consumers. White House strategists hope a massive crowd will serve as a cover for terrorists and snipers to engage in violent acts against public authorities, provoking the police and armed forces to respond in a re-play of the ‘coup’ in Kiev.  At that point, Washington will seek to secure some form of support from Europe or Latin America (via the OAS) to intervene with troops in what the State Department will dub as ‘peace mediators in a humanitarian crisis’.

The success of sending in the US Marines into Venezuela on a peace mission will depend on how effective Special Forces and Pentagon operatives in the US Embassy have been in securing reliable collaborators among the Venezuelan military and political forces ready to betray their country. Once the collaborators seize a piece of territory, Obama can mount the charade that US Marines are there by invitation…of the democratic forces…

Under conditions of explicit military threat, Maduro must change ‘the rules of the game’.  Under emergency conditions hoarding is no longer just a misdemeanor:  it becomes a capital crime.  Politicians meeting and consulting with representatives of the invading country should lose their immunity and be summarily jailed.  Above all, the government must take total control over the distribution of basic goods; establishing rationing to ensure popular access; nursing scarce financial resources by limiting or imposing a moratorium on debt payments; diminishing or selling assets in the US (CITCO) to avoid confiscation or their being made illiquid (“frozen”) by some new Obama decree.  On the external front, Venezuela must deepen military and economic ties with its neighbors and independent nations to withstand the US military and economic offensive.  If Obama escalates the military measures against Venezuela, the parliamentary elections scheduled for September should be temporarily suspended until normality is re-established.


Implementing “Democracy” and Regime Change in “Enemy Countries”: The “Electoral Integrity Project”

By Prof. Tim Anderson

Global Research, 16 March 2015

Url of this article:

Élections Venezuela Maduro

A multi-million dollar Australian Government funded project at the University of Sydney, linked to spin doctors in Washington, is using a biased and secretive method to help discredit elections in a range of ‘enemy’ countries. The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP) joins the United States Studies Centre (USSC), established in 2007, as another heavily politicised initiative which compromises the independence of Australia’s oldest university (see Anderson 2010).

A key target is socialist Venezuela, which is facing yet another destabilisation campaign, backed by Washington. The recent rounds of violence began in early 2014 and recently led to the arrest of several opposition figures for murder and coup plotting. The pretext for the violence has been that the government of President Nicolas Maduro is somehow democratically illegitimate.

However the radical, popular ‘Bolivarian’ governments have won 12 of Venezuela’s last 13 elections. Further, 80% of the voting age population participated in the 2013 election, won by Maduro (International IDEA 2015). That is a massive increase on 1990s levels, when the Chavez phenomenon effectively sidelined the old and moribund two party system. And the electoral system is secure. Even the political journalist for anti-government paper El Universal described Venezuela’s electoral system as ‘one of the most technologically advanced verifiable voting systems in the world’, with protections against fraud and tampering and scrutineered random recount mechanisms (Martinez 2013).

Sydney University’s ‘Electoral Integrity Project’ tells a very different story. According to their 2015 report, Venezuela’s Presidential election in 2013 was one of the worst in the world, ranking 110 out of 127. They corroborate their data with a survey claiming President Maduro only had a 24% popularity rating, with ‘85% believing that the country was heading in the wrong direction’ (Norris et al 2015: 31). The EIP did not mention the Hinterlaces Polls, which have had Maduro’s popularity (during the recent crisis) ranging from 39% to 52%; nor do they cite polls showing overwhelming rejection of the opposition’s violent attempts to remove the elected president (Dutka 2014).

The EIP produces an impressive forest of data to form its rankings on the legitimacy of elections worldwide; but what is the basis for all these numbers? Though it is not so easy to find, the method involves selecting a range of criteria and then seeking ‘expert opinion’, from a group of unnamed people. That is, the numbers and rankings rely on ‘expert opinion’, and those experts are anonymous. There is only anecdotal recourse to more standard methods, such as actual opinion polls, or actual participation rates.

Yet popular and expert perceptions are a curious thing. As most mass media remains in the hands of a tiny oligarchy, for whom Venezuela has long been a ‘black sheep’, image shaping is often distorted. Surveys by the Chilean-based company LatinoBarómetro (2014: 8-9) illustrate this point very well.

The image of Venezuela’s democracy from outside the country is rather ordinary (seen as 41% and 47% favourable, between 2010 and 2013), whereas within Venezuela it is very different. Venezuelans rate their democracy at 70%, the second highest (after Uruguay) in Latin America. Latino Barómetro (2014: 9) itself is surprised by these results, saying: ‘The five countries which most appreciate their own democracy are countries governed by the left: Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Nicaragua … the democracy of which citizens speak is clearly not the democracy of which the experts speak’.

Yet surely any democracy is best judged by those who are able (or unable) to participate in it? The opinions of expert outsiders seem of little relevance. That is an elite approach. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Art 25) describes democratic rights this way: ‘the right and the opportunity … to take part in the conduct of public affairs, directly or through freely chosen representatives’. That refers to the right of citizens in a particular body politic. Gauged against this principle, the method of EIP project, relying on outside expert opinion, seems poorly conceived.

Yet an elitist approach is consistent with the model promoted by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government funded body launched by the Reagan administration in the second cold war of early 1980s. The NED (usually through intermediaries) funds a range of organisations in attempts to shape democracies or ‘civil societies’, to make them more friendly to or compliant with Washington. One of the founders and first President of the NED, Allen Weinstein, said in 1991, ‘A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA’ (Lefebvre 2013). Indeed, as with the ‘psy-ops’ of the CIA, the NED has been implicated in coups and destabilisation plans in a range of Latin American countries, including Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela (Kurlantzick 2004; Lefebvre 2013; Golinger 2006). The NED idea of democracy has been described as ‘[a] top-down, elite, constrained (or “polyarchal”) democracy … [where] the elites get to decide the candidates or questions suitable to go before the people’ (Scipes 2014). French researcher Olivier Guilmain (in Teil 2011) says that the NED finances opposition parties in numerous countries and provides special aid to exiles and opponents of regimes targeted by the US State Department’.

Eva Golinger, whose book The Chavez Code exposed the Bush administration’s involvement in the failed coup of 2002, has documented the NED’s contribution to destabilisation and coups in Venezuela. In the last year or so the NED has spent many millions on Venezuelan opposition groups ‘including funding for their political campaigns in 2013 and for the current anti-government protests in 2014’ (Golinger 2014). She calls this ‘the same old dirty tactics’ of a coup in motion (Golinger 2015).

It might not come as a surprise then, to find that there are indeed NED and other US Government links to Sydney’s Electoral Integrity Project. Chief investigator Professor Pippa Norris proudly lists her work as a consultant for the NED, and at least six of the project partners (without whose support the EIP ‘would not have been possible’) have direct US government funding. The EIP method of relying on expert opinion seems quite consistent with that ‘elite, constrained … democracy’.

Worse, the EIP relies on anonymous opinion. A member of the project clarified this to me in these words: ‘we have to maintain the confidentiality of our sources as part of our legal obligations … revealing the names of the experts could potentially risk putting them in harm’s way in several states which do not respect human rights and which suppress critics’. Be that as it may, the opinions of anonymous people provide no way to assess the legitimacy of an independent state. It contradicts the principles of openness and transparency, values the EIP claims to both assess and promote. Who are these anonymous experts? Do they include opposition figures in the countries whose governments are under attack? Do they include the Washington insiders who advise on destabilisation and coup plans? There is little indication the EIP takes seriously the well-established principle of avoiding conflicts of interest.

It is also alarming that the EIP, as an Australian Government (ARC) funded academic project, whose subtitle (‘Why Elections fail and what we can do about it’) suggests a measures of praxis, shares the Washington phrase ‘failed elections [which] raised major red flags’, mentioning several states, including Syria. It is well known that a major military intervention in Syria was narrowly averted in September 2013, after false claims that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons against children (for evidence of the falsity of these claims see: Hersh 2013 & 2014; Lloyd and Postol 2014; ISTEAMS 2013). Does the EIP seek to associate itself with ‘red flag’ military interventions, if countries fail to meet its dubious criteria?

The project rated Syria’s 2014 presidential elections near the bottom of its chart (125 of 127), on the basis of its anonymous expert opinions (Norris et al 2015: 11). The only rationale for this can be seen in a brief note which observes ‘the election was deeply flawed because some areas of the country were not under government control, so polling did not take place in the regions where insurgents were strongest’, and the fact that ‘National Coalition – the main western backed opposition group’ boycotted the election (Norris et al 2015: 27).

While these are correct statements, they do not tell the whole story. Conflict in other countries did not seem to bother the EIP or its experts quite so much when they ranked the Ukraine election at 78 of 127 (Norris et al 2015: 10). Yet the election monitoring group International IDEA (2015), an EIP partner, puts participation rates in the Ukraine’s 2014 presidential election at 50%, while in the Syria’s 2014 presidential election it was 73%.

Clearly the US foreign policy factor is at play. Washington arms the ‘opposition’ in Syria and the government in Ukraine. Similarly the NED has directly funded the Syrian opposition (NED 2006; Teil 2011; IRI 2015) while urging military support for the Ukraine government (Sputnik 2014; see also Parry 2014).

Finally we might observe that Israel’s 2013 elections were duly reviewed by the EIP, leading to a very healthy 17/127 ranking (Norris et al 2015: 8). Apparently being a racial state, with several million effectively stateless Palestinian people, held in military-controlled territories and with virtually no civil or political rights, has little impact on the EIP assessment. Yet this is consistent with what the Washington-Tel Aviv axis has long told us about Israel as ‘the only democracy in the region’ (e.g. Goldman 2015, etc). The double standards are breath-taking. With the Electoral Integrity Project’s US links and its elitist assumptions about democracy it seems the project has little sense of conflict of interest, let alone appropriate research method.


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