The One and Only In the hearts of millions

Mu adored



 Who were asked by ‘the Supreme Commander of the armed people’,

if they (the ‘CAF’) were ready to defeat the enemy,

the response from CAF came-in loudest, “fully sir”.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

Mnoren Army soldiers from the corner and Surman and Ajeelat and Sabratha and Noael Kano
on time with Khutem Zintan and al-Rajaban and Tabou and Rishvana, Tuaregs and other cities.
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Clashes in Ghargharesh among the region’s youth  terrorist militias of Akkila Giani Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE).

Youth Ghargharesh besieging militants belonging

to the group Akilla Giani Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE).

Fire at the power plant next to the Hall of the People, one of the ‘Hall of the People’  extensions of Tripoli, allocated to police.

Hall of the people in Ghargharesh, Tripoli

fire at 'Hall of the people' in Ghargharesh, Tripoli

Voices of heavy pencil in Ghargharesh area and Got al-Shall


(near ‘Jerusalem mosque Island’)

Quality of operations carried out by the youth of Fashloum. They
burned the mechanics of Melcaat Akkla Giani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine).



“A special greeting to the people Mermaid nation’s capital.”

تحية لقبائل ليبيا ومدن ليبيا منورين دعائكم بركات



Audit Bureau:

Government Hassi steal salaries citizens. And to stop the Minister

in the government of Hassi stole 5 000 000 Dinars Libyan.

Daash organization published an audio message addressed to the brothers Tawhid 2 tone tribes of al-Tbowigayha Abu Hamza of al-Tbawi, which calls Tabou tribes to victory organization; and they were seeking arbitration law and the Caliphate State.

‎ﺗﻨﻈﻴﻢ ﺩﺍﻋﺶ ﻳﻨﺸﺮ ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔ ﺻﻮﺗﻴﺔ ﻣﻮﺟﻬﺔ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺣﻴﺪ 2 ﺑﻠﻬﺠﺔ ﻗﺒﺎﺋﻞ #ﺍﻟﺘﺒﻮ ﻭﻳﻠﻘﻴﻬﺎ ﺃﺑﻮﺣﻤﺰﺓ #ﺍﻟﺘﺒـــــﺎﻭﻱ ﻳﺪﻋﻮ ﻗﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﺘﺒﻮ ﺍﻟﻲ ﻧﺼـــﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻨﻈﻴﻢ ﻭﺇﻧﻬﻢ ﻳﺴﻌﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻲ ﺗﺤﻜﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻳﻌﺔ ﻭﺩﻭﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﺨﻼﻓﺔ</p><br /><br />
<p>"فارس ورجال"‎

ﺗﻨﻈﻴﻢ ﺩﺍﻋﺶ ﻳﻨﺸﺮ ﺭﺳﺎﻟﺔ ﺻﻮﺗﻴﺔ ﻣﻮﺟﻬﺔ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺧﻮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺣﻴﺪ 2 ﺑﻠﻬﺠﺔ ﻗﺒﺎﺋﻞ ‫#‏ﺍﻟﺘﺒﻮ‬ ﻭﻳﻠﻘﻴﻬﺎ ﺃﺑﻮﺣﻤﺰﺓ ‫#‏ﺍﻟﺘﺒـــــﺎﻭﻱ‬ ﻳﺪﻋﻮ ﻗﺒﺎﺋﻞ ﺍﻟﺘﺒﻮ ﺍﻟﻲ ﻧﺼـــﺮﺓ ﺍﻟﺘﻨﻈﻴﻢ ﻭﺇﻧﻬﻢ ﻳﺴﻌﻮﻥ ﺍﻟﻲ ﺗﺤﻜﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﺸﺮﻳﻌﺔ ﻭﺩﻭﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﺨﻼﻓﺔ

“فارس ورجال”


Ibn Tayeb (AMAZIGH)

‘Mandate of Tripoli’ office offers a message to the Brotherhood Tawhid 2

Ben Tayeb – Bn_taib AMAZIGH
Ben Tayeb mediate each of the following groups: group Amutalsh,

Tafersit group, and the group Amhajr group Rdana in

Eddriwesh Province in the rural population speaks Amazigh (Tarifit) and number …

أخــــبار ابن الطيب 24/24

أخبار 24/24


Secretarial Regional Matla Driouch begins its struggle

pause in front of the headquarters of the municipality of Ben Taieb:








‘Will Tflho’, reports:

Allahu Akbar Ali watchful men for the sake of security
I tried a group of militias betrayed Libya Kikla Tasll to Kikla

and planting Aboah device on some roads, but the eyes of Hawks Army Troops

and shoring was Bmrsad them Tmkan group of escape in the valleys area was to get all the packages, and al-Slahh (which was with them) and al-Khmd.

Allah will not Evlho !

ولن تفلحو

الله أكبر علي الرجال الساهرة من اجل لأمن

حاولت مجموعة من مليشيات غدر ليبيا ككلة تاسلل الى ككلة وزرع عبواة ناسفة على بعض الطرق لكن عيون صقور القوات الجيش والقوات المسانده كانت بمرصاد لهم تمكان المجموعه من الهرب فى الوديان منطقة وتم حصول على كل العبوات والسلاحة التى كانت معهم والخمد الله لن يفلحو


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting !

Libya first channel videos shows the spread of the Libyan army forces in the camp  Shuyesheh, on a good follow-up to yesterday.

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News joyful and things are going well and columns of army Mzalt graduated from Zintan since the night of Wednesday and storm the camp or Shuyesheh and chasing Roma north of the camp and military reinforcements to all fighting axes of maximum Bir Sheep well, Valley neighborhood, Hlgodh, to the far west of Akrabieah, al-Ash, Tunisia limits.
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Black to recover the ‘camp Shuyesheh’, Because Gary chase Roma camp north !
Allah is great !  Allah is great !…….


recruits for the ZINTAN MILITARY TRAINING, downtown ZINTAN:

The killing of six members of al-Ghajar (17 FEBRUARY MILITIAS) in Hlgodh axis.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

Significant progress in the center of the Bir Sheep-well, al-Ghanum, Hlgodh…
In axis of ‘Shuyesheh’ and ‘Akrabieah’.

Allah is the greatest:

A  tribute to the heroes of the ‘Libyan Arab Army’,
And to remain because of ‘the columns since yesterday

graduated from Zintan’ and spread in all axes.

Allah is great ! Allah  willing, victory !

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

Clashes between LIBYAN Army troops,

and Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’, at a crossroads of Tripoli for Azizia.

Big move to a ‘Battalion of martyr Salah Abuamad’ at axis

through Azizia and Hlgodh
(Dawaaaaaatkm Champions)

Violent clashes between LIBYAN ARMY  and

militia forces of ‘Roma Libya’ at axis Hlgodh South of Tripoli corner.
Fierce battles with heavy weapons area

south of the city Bir al-GHANUM, corner


Allah is great !
Pray for the brave…

Dawn Libya’ after some some some some Locke Locke Locke

bombing and shelling Zintan and burn and destroy and manage and Outih and bombed…

and we liberated Shuyesheh and Awawao (Hehehehe)
Allah is the greatest !
Brave because the strong engagement

and determine not want a place to clashes in the center of Ajeelat without mentioning the region.

Big move axis through Azizia, Tripoli and Hlgodh
God is great, wanting to pray, and enlarge !
Enlarge ! !



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

Libyan army forces are deployed in the vicinity of the camp ‘Shuyesheh’

and ‘North camp’; and, inflict heavy losses al-Melcaat Jaddaa.

Allah is the greatest !

(knights Mnoren)

Libyan army tank destroyed and confiscated

a set of mechanisms for the North or Shuyesheh camp

after the expulsion of Roma from the vicinity of the camp south of Ajeelat,

Air Force bombed sites of the organization

‘Dawn Libya’ in the west of the country


Continuation of violent clashes between the

Libyan army and Melcaat Dawn Bamdana, at Ajeelat.

Continuous fierce fighting, heavy weapons south of the cities

of Sabratha and Ajeelat.





a MISURATA warplane exited poll from

the military base, of kidney air and

Okhaddt westward direction.

The release of a new batch of sons of Tawergha

from Misurata prison after more than 3 years…

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

Praise be to God for their safety and

Aqaba to the rest of the prisoners.




Mnoren Habaybe Black:

“The eastern region of Cyrenaica Land, Land Tobruk peace and generosity, and the CASABLANCA dome of pride; and Benghazi Ajdabiya sincerity and magnanimity and meadow challenge and Btnan home and panels Tradition and infidels to extension.”
(Mnoren Haley)

PICTURE: Colonel Haj Abdul Karim Nice Bouchmadh and his ‘Thunderbolt’ Special Forces:

 Battalion # 36 Thunderbolt
Progress towards the camp of 3.

‘Mnoren Eagles‘ air targets accurate,

RBI keeps them And sweeter…


enlarge !

the matter Jerkm remiss O members…

Mohammed Mnfor exiled .. ordered Air Squadron Central Trampoline
Ibrahim Saeed al-Jdharan .. field commander for the Central Region and the front is Haaz ‘Oil Guard Installations’ .

Warplanes of the ‘Melcaat Roma Libya’ now targeting sites for the ‘Oil Guard Installations in the valley Akahilh.


Found the body of a young man, “Yusuf Abdul Salam Awad al-Rubaie,”

inside his apartment in Giza Navy Buildings.

Daash in Sirte announce the horn was raised

through radio consolidation,

after the kidnapping of four of its elements:

(1)one Mauritanian and


(3)another at the hands of a gate,

(4) one of the militias Misurata.

‘Daash’ staying up checkpoints in the city of Sirte.

Voices of lead in the area hit Kerkozh Borcfanah.


Juma blessing The atmosphere in front of Sidra

is fine calm and anticipation situation ..

Your day Tayyip O best people.



Nebo best place Computer maintenance in Ajdabiya !!






Navigate to the mercy of God, 5 young heroes

‘Ajawarj Ajdabiya battalion’ in western Mahor Benghazi ...

‘Battalion prey of Ajdabiya’ wed today martyrs in Benghazi west axis
We ask God that Ptqublhm wide Brahma and inspire their families patience and fortitude
And that God accept them as martyrs
1 / Salem Masoud Fakhiri
2 / Bashir Mahmoud Fakhri

We ask God to accept them as martyrs.


‘309 Libyan army-Tobruk’:

Peace and mercy of God

Jinahm of the families do not know

where 7 killed of the Kharijites in a sweeping attack,

which is currently implemented by the battalion on terror sites

in Mahor Gharba, City of Benghazi.

We bring you all the latest developments Information and Documentation

Office Hamza … poetic … Munther cartouche

The arrival of the army columns from Tobruk to the western axis of Benghazi.
Allah is God of victory!

Violent clashes

PICTURE: ‘Thunderbolt’ Special Forces, fighting

 Martyrs of  ‘prey battalion’, in the western axis of Benghazi yesterday:
1. Salim Ali Hussein Subaihi Moroccan
2. Abdul Hamid Subaihi Moroccan
3. Nasser Salim Imran Oraibi
4. Mansour Suleiman al-Bergthe
5. Mustafa Suleiman al-Bergthe
6. Key Salah Bu Faraj al-Bergthe


Mortar shells falling on the region ..
Iaaaarb! Save slaves Muslims.

ﺑﻜﺖ ﺇﻳﻤﺎﻥ ﻛﺬﺑﺎ .. ﻓﺄﺑﻜﺖ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﻧﺴﺎﺀ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ ﺻﺪﻗﺎ
ﻭﺻﺎﺣﺖ ﺳﺮﻗﻴﻮﺓ ﺯﻭﺭﺍ .. ﻓﺄﺣﺮﻗﺖ ﺍﻟﻴﻮﻡ ﺑﻨﻐﺎﺯﻱ ﺣﻘﺎ….‫#‏الفآرس_الليبي‬

“فارس ورجال”

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

 The kidnapping of ‘Colonel Mohammed Graying’ of

internal security, this morning in front of his home, on Street Victory.




التجهيز لمظاهرة اليوم
ممر المشاة أعلام قطر وتركيا والسودان وشعار اﻹخوان

Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎. Photo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.


Preparing for a demonstration today.
Flags of Qatar, Turkey and Sudan footpath and logo ‘Brotherhood’.



A convoy of the militia vector of al-Jufra to the south consists of 25 armed vehicles and the number 2 and 3 lobster tank wagons.




Colonel Mohammed bin Nile:

Bajmaa calls to members of the immediate enrollment and to all the inhabitants of the southern region assign troops and support units of the Libyan army in clashes with the self-styled ‘Brotherhood third force’ that occupies the south.

Militias ‘Roma Libya’ used car listening devices on calls which were placed between Sabha and Barak Chat’ai.

please circulate this warning to our people in Qira (Kira)

and Barak beach and Sabha.

A copy of the axis south today:


‘Lightning’ south Troops of the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army, are moving direction Barak Beach area to support the PDF troops:

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’
Col. Bin Nile:
Colonel Bin Nile vows editing the entire south of Misurata gangs and appeal to all tribes are free to join his troops stationed in the region of Barak beach.

“Forces ((Lightning south)) of the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army, are moving direction Barak Beach area to support the PDF troops in the region, by air, in the coming hours.”

Allah is the greatest !

PICTURE ABOVE: RESISTANCE PDF at Jabha south shore, of Barak Chat’ai.

al-Outn Ilonaba:

URGENT: Violent clashes axis north of the city of Barak Chat’ai,

Between the Libyan army, and Brotherhood militias with TURK MERCENARIES.

Partial retreat of the Brotherhood armed militias ‘3rd Force’.



 An armed group to enter the new police station,

resulting in wounding one police members of the

center and the flight Moaqev All except one defendant

had refused to Escape.



A mass demonstration in the city of Sabha,

condemns Bagcef at Barak beach.

by the so-called ‘third force’ Brotherhood of  Misurata.

The main points:

1_ city of Sabha components renews its support for

the Council of Deputies (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’) as al-Chraeih power in the country.

2_ condemning the actions of ‘armor-Shield’ Brotherhood

and their  self-styled ‘third force’ in the south.

3_ support the Libyan Army.

4_ unit Libya red line.

5_ solidarity with the people of Barak beach.




News of a violent explosion in the town of al-Kufra Aokdlna.


Organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood now are official sponsor of “armor-Shield” and “Ansar al-Sharia” and “Daash” and “Supporters of the Right and the base”.

The ISIS-US Empire – Their Unholy Alliance Fully Exposed

By Joachim Hagopian

Global Research, 12 March 2015

Url of this article:

26 Things About DAASH that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About

McCAIN honors terrorist
author: Joachim Hagopian

Let’s be perfectly clear. The United States is not actually at war with ISIS. As Global Research director, economist and author Michel Chossudovsky plainly points out recently, Obama is simply waging “a fake war” against the Islamic State forces, putting on another propaganda show for mainstream media to keep his flock of American sheeple asleep in echo-chambered darkness. With a mere cursory review of recent historical events, one can readily realize that virtually everything Big Government tells us is happening in the world, you can bet is a boldface lie….

A breaking story that’s creating an even larger crack in the wall of the US false narrative is the revelation that Iraqi counterterrorism forces just arrested four US-Israeli military advisors assisting (i.e., aiding and abetting) the ISIS enemy, three of whom hold duel citizenships from both Israel and America. This latest piece of evidence arrives on the heels of a Sputnik article from a couple weeks ago quoting American historian Webster Tarpley saying that “the United States created the Islamic State and uses jihadists as its secret army to destabilize the Middle East.”

Again, if ISIS is the enemy, why did the US recently launch an air strike on Assad’s forces that were in process of defeating ISIS? The reason is all too obvious, the bombing was meant to afflict damage to stop Assad’s forces from beating back ISIS that the US is clearly protecting.

Finally, Tarpley reaffirmed what many others have been saying that chicken hawk Senator John McCain is actual buddies with ISIS kingpin Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi -Simon Elliot

Of course photos abound of his frequent “secret” meetings with ISIS leadership illegally conducted inside Syria. This confirmed fact provides yet one more obvious link between the high powered criminal operative posing as US senator and the so called enemy of the “free world” ISIS.

The Islamic State is protected by the US and its allies. If they had wanted to eliminate the Islamic State brigades, they could have “carpet” bombed their convoys of Toyota pickup trucks when they crossed the desert from Syria into Iraq in June. 

The  Syro-Arabian Desert is open territory (see map below). With state of the art jet fighter aircraft (F15, F22 Raptor, CF-18) it would have been  -from a military standpoint-  a rapid and expedient surgical operation  

In this article, we address 26 concepts which refute the big lie.  Portrayed by the media as a humanitarian undertaking, this large scale military operation directed against Syria and Iraq has resulted in countless civilian deaths.

It could not have been undertaken without the unbending support of  the Western media which has upheld Obama’s initiative as a counter-terrorism operation.  



Recall that iconic photo from June last year of American supplied trucks traveling unimpeded in the ISIS convoy kicking up dust in the Iraqi desert fresh from the Syrian battlefields heading south towards Baghdad. It was no accident that they were equipped with an enormous fleet of brand new Toyota trucks and armed with rockets, artillery and Stinger missiles allfurnished by US Empire. Nor was it an accident that the Iraqi Army simply did an about face and ran, with orders undoubtedly coming from somewhere high above in the American Empire. The Islamic State forces were allowed to seize possession of 2500 armored troop carriers, over 1000 Humvees and several dozen US battlefield tanks all paid for by US tax dollars. This entire spectacle was permitted as ISIS without any resistance then took control of Mosul the second largest city in Iraq including a half billion dollars robbing a bank.

Throughout this process, it was definitely no accident that the United States allowed the Islamic State forces to invade Iraq as with advanced US airpower it could have within a couple hours easily carpet bombed and totally eliminated ISIS since the Islamic State possessed no anti-aircraft weapons. And even now with the hi-tech wizardry of satellites, lasers, nanotechnology and advanced cyber-warfare, the US and allied intelligence has the means of accurately locating and with far superior firepower totally eradicating ISIS if the will to do so actually existed. But the fact is there is no desire to kill the phantom enemy when in fact it’s the friend of the traitors in charge of the US government who drive the Empire’s global war policy.

Washington’s objective last year was to purposely unleash on already ravaged Iraq the latest US-made, al Qaeda morphed into the Islamic monster-on-steroids to further destabilize the Middle East, seek a regime change to replace the weak, corrupt, Sunni persecuting Maliki government in Baghdad and ‘balkanize” Iraq into three separate, powerless, divisive sections in similar vein of how the West tore apart and dissected Yugoslavia into thirteen ineffectual pieces. The globalist pattern of bank cabal loans drowning nations into quicksand debt and transnationals and US Empire posts predatorily moving in as permanent fixtures always replace what was previously a far better off sovereign nation wherever King Midas-in-reverse targets to spreads its Empire disease of failed-state cancer.

After Yugoslavia came Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine. It goes on and on all over the globe. The all too familiar divide and conquer strategy never fails as the US Empire/NWO agenda. But the biggest reason ISIS was permitted to enter and begin wreaking havoc in Iraq last June was for the Empire to re-establish its permanent military bases in the country that Maliki had refused Washington after its December 2011 pullout.

With 2300 current US troops (and rising up to 3000 per Obama’s authorization) once again deployed back on the ground in Iraq acting as so called advisors, Iraq is now the centerpiece of US military presence in the Middle East region. Before a doubting House Armed Services Committee last Tuesday, CENTCOM Commander General Lloyd Austin defended Obama’s policyinsisting that ISIS can be defeated without use of heavy ground forces, feebly claiming that they’re on the run because his commander-in-chief’s air strike campaign is actually working. How many times before have we heard generals’ glowing reports to Congress turn out to be lies?

For over a year now we’ve seen this same MSM game being relentlessly waged to falsely demonize Putin. The sinister, warped minds of the divide and conquer strategists from the ruling class elite don’t mind the resultant hating of Moslems around the world either. That’s all by diabolical design too.

If only six organizations control the entire planet’s mass media outlet that feeds the masses their daily lies like their daily bread, another winning bet would be that in a heartbeat they could also effectively shut down the internet pipeline that showcases ISIS horror show theatrics on the global stage. But by design, they are willingly, cunningly disseminated for worldwide mass consumption.

In fact the only consistent group that’s even been able to militarily hold their own and actually challenge ISIS, the Kurds, are watching UK ship heavy arms to the same losing team the Iraqi army that ran away from defending Mosul. The last time the West gave them weapons and supplies, they handed them right over to ISIS.

In a recent Guardian article, a Kurdish captain said that the Kurds offered to even buy the second hand weapons from the British used in Afghanistan. But because the West is afraid the heavy arms might empower Kurdish nationalism into demanding their own sovereign nation for the first time in history, the US wants to ensure that Iraq stays as one nation after implanting its latest Baghdad puppet regime. The fiercely independent Kurds are feared if they were granted autonomy that they might refuse to allow their homeland to be raped and plundered by the US unlike the corrupt current Iraqi government. The Kurdish fighters could sorely use the bigger guns as they plan to launch an offensive in April or May to take back Mosul from ISIS. But when permitting an ancient ethnic group its proper due by granting political autonomy risks interfering with the Empire’s rabid exploitation of another oil-rich nation, all bets are off in doing the right thing.

The mounting evidence is stacking up daily to unequivocally prove beyond any question of a doubt that ISIS is in fact a US mercenary ally and not the treasonous feds’ enemy at all. From mid-August 2014 to mid-January 2015 using the most sophisticated fighter jets known to man, the US Air Force and its 19 coalition allies have flown more than 16,000 air strikesover Iraq and Syria ostensibly to “root out” ISIS once and for all.

Yet all this Empire aggression has nothing to show for its wasted phony efforts as far as inflicting any real damage on the so called ISIS enemy. Labeled a “soft counterterrorism operation,” a prominent Council on Foreign Relations member recently characterized Obama’s scheme as too weak and ineffectual, and like a true CFR chicken hawk, he strongly advocates more bombs, more advisers and special operations forces deployed on the ground.

But the records show that all those air strikes are purposely not hitting ISIS forces because they are not the actual target. Many air strike missions from both the US Air Force as well as Israeli jets have been designed to destroy extensiveinfrastructure inside Syria that hurts the Syrian people, causing many innocent civilian casualties, while not harming ISIS at all. This in turn ensures more ISIS recruits for America’s forever war on terror.

Repeatedly oil refineries, pipelines and grain storage silos have also been prime targets damaged and destroyed by the West. Because in 2013 Obama’s false flag claim that Assad’s army was responsible for the chemical weapons attack was thwarted by strong worldwide opposition and Putin’s success brokering the deal that had Assad turning over his chemical weapons, a mere year later ISIS conveniently provided Obama’s deceitful excuse to move forward with his air offensive on Syria after all.

Finally, on numerous occasions the US was caught red-handed flying arms and supply drops to the Islamic jihadists on the ground. According to Iraqi intelligence sources, US planes have engaged regularly in air drops of food and weapons to ISIS. These sighting began to be observed after one load was “accidentally” dropped last October into so called enemy hands supposedly meant to go to the Kurdish fighters. Realizing the US has betrayed them, as of late Iraqi security forces have been shooting down US and British aircraft engaged in providing supplies and arms to their ISIS enemy. This is perhaps the most incriminating evidence yet in exposing the truth that ISIS is being supported, supplied and protected by the US Empire more than even the Iraqi government forces the US claims to be assisting in this phony war against the militant Wahabi ‘Islamic State.

Clearly the unfolding daily events and developments in both Iraq and Syria overwhelmingly indict the United States as even more of “the bad guy” than the supposed ISIS terrorists. Recently the US was caught financing ISIS and has all along supported Arab allies that knowingly fund Islamic extremism. During the six months since Obama vowed to go after them and “root them out,” countless times the US and allies have maintained the so called enemy’s supply line with regularly scheduled air drops. Meanwhile, in both Syria and Iraq after a half year of alleged bombing, ISIS forces are reported to be stronger than ever. The air strikes have not been hitting jihadist targets because the American and coalition forces’ actual targets in Syria have been vital infrastructure and civilians that are clearly attacks on Assad. All of this irrefutable evidence piling up is backfiring on the American Empire. The world is now learning just how devious, diabolical and desperate the warmongering, pro-Zionist powerbrokers who are the war criminals controlling the US rogue government really are. Their evil lies are unraveling their demonic agenda as the truth cannot be stopped.


by Michel Chossudovsky (Globalresearch)

1. The US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war. 

2. CIA training camps were set up in Pakistan.  In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, some 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Afghan jihad.

“Advertisements, paid for from CIA funds, were placed in newspapers and newsletters around the world offering inducements and motivations to join the Jihad.”

3. Since the Reagan Administration, Washington has supported the Islamic terror network.

Ronald Reagan called the terrorists “freedom fighters”. The US supplied weapons to the Islamic brigades.  It was all for“a good cause”: fighting the Soviet Union and regime change, leading to the demise of a secular government in Afghanistan.

Ronald Reagan meets Afghan Mujahideen Commanders at the White House in 1985 (Reagan Archives)

4. Jihadist textbooks  were  published by the University of Nebraska. “. “The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings”

5. Osama bin Laden, America’s bogyman and founder of Al Qaeda was recruited by the CIA in 1979 at the very outset of the US sponsored jihadist war against Afghanistan . He was 22 years old and was trained in a CIA sponsored guerilla training camp.

Al Qaeda was not behind the 9/11 Attacks. September 11, 2001 provided a justification for waging a war against Afghanistan on the grounds that Afghanistan was a state sponsor of terrorism, supportive of Al Qaeda. The 9/11 attacks were instrumental in the formulation of the “Global War on Terrorism”.


6. The Islamic State (ISIL) was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General IntelligencePresidency (GIP), Ri’āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-’Āmah ( رئاسة الاستخبارات العامة‎).

China unlikely to join Obama's anti-ISIS coalition: Report

7. The ISIL brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of  Bashar al Assad.

8.  NATO and the Turkish High Command were responsible for the recruitment of ISIL and Al Nusrah mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011. According to Israeli intelligence sources, this initiative consisted in:

“a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels.The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011.)

9.There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIL. British Special Forces and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria.

10. Western military specialists on contract to the Pentagon have trained the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons.

“The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels onhow to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday. ( CNN Report, December 9, 2012)

11. The ISIL’s practice of beheadings is part of the US sponsored terrorist training programs implemented in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

12. Recruited by America’s ally, a large number of ISIL mercenaries are convicted criminals released from Saudi prisons on condition they join the ISIL. Saudi death row inmates were recruited to join the terror brigades. 

13. Israel  has supported  the ISIL and Al Nusrah brigades out of the Golan Heights.

Jihadist fighters have met Israeli IDF officers as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu. The IDF top brass tacitly acknowledges that “global jihad elements inside Syria” [ISIL and Al Nusrah] are supported by Israel. See  image below:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon next to a wounded mercenary, Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights’ border with Syria, 18 February 2014″

Inline images 1


14 The ISIL are the foot soldiers  of the Western military alliance. Their unspoken mandate is to wreck havoc and destruction in Syria and Iraq, acting on behalf of their US sponsors.

The real John McCain

15. US Senator John McCain has met up with jihadist terrorist leaders in Syria. (see picture right)

16  The Islamic State (IS) militia, which is currently the alleged target of  a US-NATO bombing campaign under a“counter-terrorism” mandate, continues to be supportedcovertly by the US.  Washington and its allies continue to provide military aid to the Islamic State.

17. US and allied bombings are not targeting the ISIL, they are bombing the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria including factories and oil refineries.


18.  The IS caliphate project is part of a longstanding US foreign policy agenda to carve up Iraq and Syria into separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an ArabShia Republic, a Republic of Kurdistan.


19. “The Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) is presented as a “Clash of Civilizations”, a war between competing values and religions, when in reality it is an outright war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic objectives.

20 U.S. sponsored Al Qaeda terror brigades (covertly supported by Western intelligence) have been deployed inMali, Niger, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Somalia and Yemen. These various affiliated Al Qaeda entities in theMiddle East, sub-Saharan Africa  and Asia are CIA sponsored “intelligence assets”. They are used by Washington to wreck havoc,  create internal conflicts and destabilize sovereign countries.

21 Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) (supported by NATO in 2011),  Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM),  Jemaah Islamiah (JI) in Indonesia,  among other Al Qaeda affiliated groupsare supported covertly by Western intelligence.

22. The US is also supporting Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations in the Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region of China. The underlying objective is to trigger political instability in Western China.

Chinese jihadists are reported to have received “terrorist training” from the Islamic State “in order to conduct attacks in China”. The declared objective of these Chinese-based jihadist entities (which serves the interests of the US)  is to establish a Islamic caliphate extending into Western China.


23 The Terrorists R Us:  While the US is the unspoken architect of the Islamic State,  Obama’s holy mandate is to protect America against ISIL attacks.

24 The homegrown terrorist threat is a fabrication.  It is promoted by Western governments and the media with a view to repealing civil liberties and installing a police state.The terror attacks by alleged jihadists and terror warnings are invariably staged events. They are used to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

In turn, the arrests, trials and sentences of “Islamic terrorists” sustain the legitimacy of America’s Homeland Security State and law enforcement apparatus, which has become increasingly militarized.

The ultimate objective is to instill in the minds of millions of Americans that the enemy is real and the U.S. Administration will protect the lives of its citizens.

25.  The “counter-terrorism” campaign against the Islamic State has contributed to the demonization of Muslims, who in the eyes of Western public opinion are increasingly  associated with the jihadists.

26  Anybody who dares to question the validity of the “Global War on Terrorism” is branded a terrorist and subjected to the anti-terrorist laws.

The ultimate objective of the “Global War on Terrorism” is to subdue the citizens, totally depoliticize social life in America, prevent people from thinking and conceptualizing,from analyzing facts and challenging the legitimacy of the inquisitorial social order which rules America.

The Obama Administration has imposed a diabolical consensus with the support of its allies, not to mention the complicit role of the United Nations Security Council.  The Western media has embraced the consensus; it has described the Islamic State as an independent entity, an outside enemy which threatens the Western World.

The Big Lie has become the Truth. 

Say no to the “Big Lie”. Spread the message.

The truth is ultimately a powerful weapon.



Egyptian authorities are Baarjaa Libyan aircraft given to Egypt during by the “GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”; and then return 6 of 12, Gary receipt of the survivors…

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is Baarjaa squadron

fighter jets to Libya after years.

This squadron was given to Egypt years ago by the “Great Jamahiriya”; and because access to the Libyan 6 of them to land, and the rest received later.

The arrival of six fighter jets to Tobruk airport out of 12 plane will reach 6 other beauties later.
This squadron commander had aquired them in the past. “The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA” by giving them a present for Egypt … ..
President al-Sisi now has returned them to Libya, after Hftar was named commanding general in his inauguration as army commander.

The aircraft still carry the logos of ‘Great Jamahiriya’ science.

Gary aircraft coating process currently underway with the knowledge of the state’s new aircraft.

# Enlarge !

Invitee: Norman ben Othman (Ali Twitter)

‘Turkish Airlines’ officially recognize the arrival of shipments of weapons on board their aircraft to Cairo; and ‘apologize’ for it and says that ‘it happened by mistake’ !!

stash of weapons found aboard ‘Turkish airlines’ for the second time:


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