A special Juma blessing on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, who has, does and will always take the ‘Holy Qu’ran’ fully into his heart; and actually implemented what the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) revealed to us.
He made the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ a reality.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi wishes everyone to learn to love Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) and live their lives by the codes given in the ‘Holy Qu’ran’. This was his desire on 02 MARCH 1977, and it has never ceased to be his goal,

In doing so, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi also fulfilled the wish of Napoléoné Bonaparté, that there be a nation based upon the principles given in the Holy Qu’ran

and recognising only Allah as Supreme, and no man or human group.


Allah, give joy to our Imam Mu’ammar, to see the ‘Great Jamahiriya’ live once again..and be the true desire of all good people. Have the Libyan people remember the Covenant they made, to make the Holy Qu’ran the Law of Society, and to work at achieving all the professions of the “GREAT UNIVERSAL GREEN CHARTER of HUMAN RIGHTS”, adopted on 11 JUNE 1988..

a Juma Blessing on all who work at this ‘Great End’….


I posted the following on October 23 2013:

The people of Cyrenaica and Fezzan (south), can not live under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood “Muslim” .. which is (installed by the CIA and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) puppet Allaotunai Conference. Do what he did to Egypt, Tunisia, and also condemn the Brotherhood.

Remember that Libya is three states of Texas size + but has a number of residents of the western city of less than one. Natural resources belong naturally to the Libyan people, not Europeans or Americans! Cyrenaica, and the south, as well as the Western tribes are trying to take a stand to defend what is (by all decency) to them.

Unfortunately, we now have a situation where most of the people who live there now are not citizens, but it is the country, Americans, Brits and Italians and the French, who thought that they have a delicious feast, but it backfired on them Wahhabism.

Actual indigenous population (because of the Holocaust) is now very small. And 95% of them do not want or need to “government” “Muslim” Brotherhood installed already enjoys a doll when the People’s Congresses and People’s Committees.

Should allow people in the exercise of the rights God gave them, and be able to meet again and run the country themselves as the Great Jamahiriya. And education and do not need foreign interference and do not even want it.

The grace of God, the Libyan army and good citizens, native-take Tripoli back at this moment!

نشرت لي ما يلي في 23 تشرين الأول سنة 2013: إن شعوب برقة وفزان (الجنوب)، لا يمكن أن يعيش في ظل حكم الإخوان “مسلم” .. الذي هو (تثبيت من قبل وكالة المخابرات المركزية ومنظمة حلف شمال الأطلسي) دميتهم مؤتمر Allaotunai. يفعل ما فعله تونس مصر، وإدانة جماعة الإخوان أيضا.

تذكر أن ليبيا هو حجم ثلاث ولايات تكساس + ولكن لديه عدد سكان المدينة الغربية أقل من واحد. الموارد الطبيعية ينتمي بطبيعة الحال إلى الشعب الليبي، وليس الأوروبيين أو الأميركيين! برقة، والجنوب، وكذلك القبائل الغربية تحاول اتخاذ موقف على الدفاع عن ما هو (من قبل جميع الحشمة) لهم.

للأسف لدينا الآن الحالة التي يكون فيها معظم الناس الذين يعيشون هناك الآن ليسوا المواطنين، ولكن هي القطري، أمريكيا وبريطانيا، والإيطاليين والفرنسيين الذين اعتقدوا ان لديهم لذيذ وليمة، ولكن نتائج عكسية على الوهابية عليها.

السكان الأصليين الفعلي (بسبب المحرقة) هو الآن قليل جدا. و 95٪ منهم لا يريدون أو يحتاجون إلى “حكومة” “مسلم” الإخوان مثبتة دمية عندما يتمتع بالفعل المؤتمرات الشعبية واللجان الشعبية.

يجب أن يسمح للشعب في ممارسة الحقوق وهبها الله لهم، وتكون قادرة على الاجتماع مرة أخرى وأنفسهم يديرون البلاد باعتباره الجماهيرية العظمى. وتعليمهم وليس بحاجة إلى تدخل أجنبي وحتى لا ترغب في ذلك.

(The above was originally posted 23 OCTOBER 2013)

بالنعمة الله، الجيش الليبي جيد ومواطنين أصليين-يأخذون العودة طرابلس في هذه اللحظة!

Though the linked article below is not totally accurate, it is very good in summerising what the West is still trying to push onto Libya, despite the fact that true Libyans and the real Libyan army  are cleaning-up Tripoli right now and are on the brink of victory—not only in Tripoli, But also in Benghazi.



March today dates from 2015   Libya continues to suffer an economic blockade.   Two and a half million   Libyans (half the population) have fled into exile.    United States, after many maneuvers, which passed the murder of his own ambassador, has failed in efforts to impose a puppet government in Tripoli, and Libyans were organized in a consensus government, that of Tobruk, which has the support of the tribes, the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people and the Libyan People’s National Movement.    However, against all odds, the United States has   a meeting held in Morocco, dated   02/23/2015, attended by his ambassador,   Deborah Jones, the British Ambassador Michael Aron, and the French ambassador in Libya, on the one hand, and representatives of Misrata (Libya Dawn), ie of the worst   armed gangs operating in Libya, as well   as the recognized terrorist   Al Qaeda, Abdul Hakim Belhadj   (Suspected of complicity   in the Madrid bombings   of March 11, 2004)     and Libyan Abu Obeida, linked to the Islamic state, on the other hand.

The   conclusions adopted, among others, are:

1-       Supporting terrorist militias from Misrata    (Libya Dawn) to fight against Al   Daash (mercenaries against mercenaries)

2-     Dignity boycott the process, ie block the dialogue process   Libyan People’s National Movement

3-     Drag the Egyptian army to war on Libyan territory.

4-     Dissolve and void   the House of Representatives in Tobruk (the coalition government that includes the Libyan tribes)

5-     Pressure on Russia not to interfere in Libyan affairs.

This same scheme meeting has been moved to the supposed “peace process” Geneva,   directed by    imposed by a man   the United States, Bernardino Leon, who   if anything has been characterized   has been   for their preferences in negotiating with armed gangs and brought -terrorists- characters   and leave out of the roundtables   Libyans and Libyan People’s National Movement.

At this meeting supposed to resolve the Libyan situation, have not been invited Libyan tribes first, ie have not been invited representatives of the vast majority of Libyans and yet have attended characters as the terrorist world famous and now leader ISIS in Libya, already mentioned,   Abdel Hakim Bilhaj or leaders of Libya called Dawn of Misratah, representatives of the dissolved National Transitional Council formed in 2011 to give the green light to NATO and the coup, other extremist leaders.

He never spoke of terrorism in Libya or the real problems, so that Libyans believe that this meeting is to “legalize” the terrorists in Libya and forgive their crimes, theft and violations of human rights.

The statement released maintains that “all guests attended this summit”   But who were “guests”? His terrorists. And that “Tripoli accepts the decisions taken at the meeting in Geneva.”   Sultry Who is “Tripoli”?   The Tripoli is a puppet government of the United States, which only seeks to serve in the oil pan.   It does not represent anyone but the invaders from Libya.

They are negotiating with terrorists Libya’s future while ignoring the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people, the government of Tobruk,   the tribes, the National People’s Libyan Movement     military,   social groups, already retaking control of their country, and yet have been emigrant off the table.

Libya was the most prosperous country in all of Africa, which had   reached unthinkable levels of welfare for example in the United States and many European countries. He had the same life expectancy than Germany (78 years), full employment, distribution of oil revenues (€ 300 / month per person), medicine and universal access, such as teaching, interest free loans, 2.5 million jobs for foreigners etc. Libya was also a dam against the flood of migration to Europe.

United States and more than forty countries attackers would have to be judged at the International Criminal Tribunal for destroying a country, plunder and rapine,    negotiate with terrorists and laugh Libya and the world.


Signed .: Purification González White

Ojos para la Paz


                                                  Nota de presa, 18.03.2015

Mu'ammar al-Qathafi's I.D.

Muammar's Passport

early passport of Muammar al-Qathafi:

early passport of Muammar al-Qathafi



“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”
Allah’s curse on the Kharijites era, such as the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

and the outer LIFG fighters (now DAASH/ ANSAR al-SHARIA)

like Khalid Sharif and Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Slaba and Flint and Salah Badi.

Allah has said that those are most dangerous things to Islam,

this being the ‘Kharijites era’ (as predicted by our Prophet, PBUH).

Amlah Akoshav 2, reports:
‘Roma Libya’ leaders areamong the names of those who were killed today on the war-fronts ..
– Osama Makram (militia commander of ‘Furqan incitements’ of the  Misurata militias).
– Impasse impasse (militia commander of the militia of Misurata ‘tagine’).
– Hamdi Ali Rajab, (militia commander of division Mohammed Kilani of the militia Abu Obeida).
– ‘Salah precordial’ (militia commander of the so-called ‘Military Council ‘and the commander of ‘Abu Salim’, a major terrorist). Salah ‘precordial’ Oman Burki who worked with Akilla Ghiani Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE) at ABU SALIM, Tripoli security

Salah 'precordial' Oman Burki who worked with Akilla Ghiani Gneoh (el-MAHDI HARATINE) at ABU SALIM, Tripoli security

Terrorist Salah ‘precordial’ al Burki Dead in Tripoli (see al-AZIZIA below)
“precordial” of ABU SALIM is dead.


When you see the offender Sami al-Saadi sad,

Sami Mustafa Khalil al-Saadi

that ‘Vaaalm Fighting Group’ (LFIG) suffered a powerful blow with the death of Salah ‘precordial’ Oman Burki.

Submitted by Joanne Moriarty
Salah al Burki – killed yesterday by the Libyan army and the Great Tribes of Libya. Mark one up for the good guys!

Salah al Burki- whose real name is Saleh Omran al Burki and was head of the military council for the area of Abu Salim and its suburbs – from the city of Tripoli. He actually commanded for most of the militias. In Tripoli so-called militia gangs, receive guidance from the Salah al Burki, a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group(LIFG), a radical Islamic group started by the now famous al-Qaeda leader, Abdul-hakem Belhadj.

al-Burki was a prisoner at Guantanamo and Abu Salim. He was a well known fighter in Afghanistan and was known there as Alqunba – He had a brother had died in Abu Salim prison in 1996 – named Abdul Hakim al Burki who fought in Afghanistan and also had a nickname there, Abu Ayyub. He was arrested upon his return to Libya coming from Afghanistan in the year 1989.

The UN is beside itself and so is the US Ambassador: how could the Libyan Army go into Tripoli and start to remove the illegal mercenaries and terrorists placed there by THEM?

Shocking and not acceptable for the Libyan people to have a say how their country is run and who runs it, why this is just not acceptable!

The Zionist UN representative is beside himself. Well, let me say this for the Libyan Tribes: Bernadino Leon can go back where he came from – SPAIN. He does not speak for the Libyan people, he knows nothing about Libyan culture or what the Libyan people want. What he does know about is the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to which he is a member.

So, scratch him and his talking head. Deborah Jones is a stupid woman who is actively supporting radicals in Libya. She is so far away from understanding anything about Libya she might as well be on the moon, scratch her talking head too.

Omar al Hassi the self proclaimed leader of Tripoli, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islamist, and terrorist, only is allowed to stay in Tripoli by the force of the criminal gangs that he controls with stolen money.

He is a room temperature IQ would be taxi driver who made his way into Libyan politics by force. 95% of all Libyans hate radical Islamists and refer to them as rubbish.

So Mr. “Taxi Driver” rubbish – you do NOT represent the Libyan people, you are a criminal and you are in place by force of mafia, soon you will find yourself in the dustbin of history along with all your radical Zionist buddies.

It should be noted that Omar al Hassi (ex-taxi Driver and self appointed leader in Tripoli), Bernadino Leon (UN Rep) and Deborah Jones (US Ambassador to Libya) are all part of the Zionist criminal cabal that destroyed Libya (illegally) and wants to keep Libya completely destabilized and under their control.

They are all liars and manipulators. They do not speak for the Libyan people who know exactly who those people are and what they want.

The Libyan people and the great tribes of Libya can speak for themselves, they are not children and they do not need the help of any outside group.

The Libyans own an 8000 year old culture, they understand how their country works, they know who their enemies are and they could care less what the UN or the US or some ex-taxi driver, “Muslim Brotherhood” terrorist, thinks!

God Speed the Libyan army and the Great Tribes of Libya as they clean the evil from their country.
Video: The Libyan citizens welcoming the Libyan army into Tripoli, taken by a Libyan citizen



Young Warrior for peace

Our real soldiers, trained and honorable, of the Libyan Army


Our real soldiers, trained and honorable, of the Libyan Army.

“The victory patience hour”__

Pray for the brave Libyan army and the Brigades for the award at this time of need:

to clear false allegations made against the Libyan Army of using cluster-bombs and attacking civilians, made by MISURATI and evil ‘DAWN LIBYA’... and deviously presented to world humanitarian organisations falsely, and the UNO.…and just when we are on the brink of VICTORY !!



United Nations has blocked the arming the Libyan army, but thanks to Allah, and the martyrs and the brave day yesterday, we acquired many arms (after our successes and the great progress) and we found our enemies’ stockpile of weapons and ammunition, tanks and guns..
“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa” tells us:

 “ZINTAN BRIGADES QaQaa”, tells us:

The cord is still p jars and victory until the hour of patience and devoid trust in God and in your army large ……

Allah is great and thankfully !

Libyan Air Force today only did the bombing:

Mitigua Airport, [Ezzedine to Ouhiche
Lee Hat group guide
The proceeds of which were bombed places of weapon Libyan Jawo (Operation Searchlight)
– Camp for transport at Tripoli Airport,
– Mitigua Airport]


Bridge Venus

Camp 07 April (previously)

Gharyan Azizia through Heera

[-kopri Zahra

-u Heera and stores of the militias nearby arms

-duaha Aziziyah City,
-triv Link between Gharyan and Azizia]

Surman Island,
(Air Force bombed
site of  ‘Roma Libya’ Select Island at Surman)
south of Ajeelat,
Zuwarah Airport (Air Force bombed Zuwarah airport after monitoring military movements),

Perimeter of Zuwarah.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’:

I received Aktar (more) than 500 message from Tripoli, Rishvana, and corner areas of the coast, and all calls to the Libyan army.

Allah is great and God Praise
(so-called) ‘Media Army’ of ‘Roma Libya’ is working on jamming

the Libyan army in Azizia, from our next preparations.

The rest of our troops are on the outskirts of the CORNER, and ‘head of Ras Worthy’ and at Ajeelat.

Mqamz in Hushah and gave me a picture of military progress in these are the area in the region Flanah really liters pictures do not do not mesh right liters Wayne ‘Dawn Libya’, really Galo, ‘Dawn Libya’ by Wayne progress Bjdiat no, not you mean Tqdmo of Bir al-Ghanam to Azizia in one day, not by how mean and Khro 5 km by them Dkhirh Djibo Dkhirh
Video does not randomized prophecy. The Prophet (PBUH) video I am certified
Achsah in Monsters, and win Ikremc, claimed circa without picking Zayed.

Allah willing, Allah will Collect the people in this great joy
at Green Square in TRIPOLI.

Everyone should prostrate prostration of thanks and praise Allah for forgiveness and for him the victory from Allah Phaho that our victory.

Interior Minister of the Libyan government on all employees of the police and to the security of the Western Region enrollment important work and securing the state’s institutions and citizens and property.

The Libyan government issued a statement on the liberalization of Tripoli.


We ask God for a speedy recovery for the brave heroes.




The Libyan – Tunisian school celebrates today:





Allia, our Army troops on the outskirts of Ras Jedir. Libyan army pursues extremists and gangs ‘Dawn Libya’ to terrorist near the borders of Tunisia.

Arab sources:

Libyan army bombarded the extremists in and west of Zuwarah near the border withTunisia.



 Mnoren capital operations of the Presidency of the Staff Room.

Tripoli by the coast:

 Aashbab capital backing all moves according to the ‘Chamber of capital operations by region’. The coming hours with the help of God joyful news from the heart of the capital, such as the place of the day, Batharir Azizia areas, and Rishvana.



Amlah Akoshav: 2nd report:
Aashbab Tripoli today is your day Guys ..
Duraibi and Got al-Shall and tourist (JANZOUR), Gargaresh, the Muslim Qarter, Abu Nuwas, and Andalus neighborhood are all in favor of the village mug

and Khlav, Gurji, village al-Buaiche, the Islamic Dawa, the airport road, the plateau, Abu Salim, Gharghour , the city and Dahmani Angle, and Fashloum, Dahra, Hani, Ben Achour, Sidi Khalifa, Bohradh, Mansoura, street corner, koza, Tajourah, East and Salah- ud-Din, and al-Fornaj, and al-Grarat, and west street,… and who have forgotten Oketboh .. !!

Today is a day pause splendor and history .. today Tnasroa your army and Otunkm, and say no to terrorism in Libya, and NO to the Brotherhood in Libya !!

Today pause of one man for the Salvation of Libya, marking the beloved, closed secured your streets ..

The time has come for the response:
Tripoli, Libya and capture from ripping and burning everything beautiful ..

It is your day Guys, DC
(Jamal al-Kafali)

‘ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa” writes:

Do not want a download publication for youth areas Tripoli for fear that I forget one homage to the youth of the capital and soldiers of the Libyan army in the capital and the strength of the security and intelligence agents
Allah is great

Tribute to Fashloum
Are free market Juma
And withstand neighborhood

Victory Road
Through the fence
Bin Ghashir
Ben Achour
Got al-Shall
The Andalus neighborhood
Airport Road
Saleh village
Abu Salim
Etc ……


Zintan brigade Qaqaa:

Alert and vigilant to our people in Tripoli . There are in hiding, many gangs in Tripoli with fake writing on cars ‘Army Walibi’
(O ladder)

BE CAREFUL OF TREACHERY by INFILTRATORS_–they will make believe they are part of the LIBYAN ARMY !!!

To Tamaim in all pages Mzarth now writers Ali cars Libyan army and writers Martyr Abu Bashir Dean front al-Kremiah school and want to infiltrate the ranks of the Libyan Army:

لتعمايم في كافة الصفحات مزارطه الان كاتبين علي سياراتهم الجيش الليبي وكاتبين الشهيد بشير ابو عميد امام مدرسة الكريمية ويريدون اختراق صفوف الجيش الليبي

Caution: Creamy cars in front of the school track are Kharijites working with Misrata. They have written on their cars falsely ‘Libyan army martyr Khaled Abuamadh’.

Be attentive at full  attention from them.
Allah is great !

تنبيه : أمام مدرسة الكريمية سيارات تتبع خوارج مصراتة مكتوب على سيارات الجيش الليبي الشهيد خالد ابوعميدة الانتباه منهم .

الله اكبر

Armored vehicles surrounded the Central Bank of Libya and shooting bullets.

In the garb of women hiding hah:

Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎. Photo de ‎لواء القعقاع الزنتان‎.


It is not my son Shem men corner you months Tfllona

deeds of the devil and the closing of yesterday’s

killing of a young man under torture.

Over the radio corner published in the words of the rat “SALVATION” (atonement) ‘army’

and anyone against the Kharijites….
(ALLAH has used !)

Killed the commander of a band called Mohammed Kilani Haoh and Muhammad Siddiq Al-Kilani.

Kharijites in a corner Adkhllona to mosques and grow.

ARMY has captured the families of 10 of the Kharijites Misurata and 5 of the extremist group Abu Obaida.

The arrival of the Libyan army troops to the area of forearm and al-Togar antibrachii and 40 kilometers from the capital Tripoli Mermaid.

Army enters into Tripoli from three doors.

army arrived nights asks him

Great Experience !

Picture: Marching into Tripoli from southern Corner,

Allah bless our Martyrs.

Then monitor the gate at Ammi

 Aashbab capital Nebo night crucial

Amlah Akoshav, tells us:

Day operations will be published after the end

of the day operations for military reasons.
Allah is great !


Gun Games in Fashloum


Zoom in:
Libyan army entered Tripoli airport from the southern region.

Battle of Tripoli International Airport, airport is edited !
“Yabiladi.. my stress and executioners”
(The Libyan army)


 Libyan Air Force bombards Mitigua base,
Tripoli Airport road transport (Air Force renewed raids on Airport Road transport),

[Air Force bombed the base occupied Mitigua, and transport Batriv Tripoli International Airport, and destroy terrorist targets of ‘Roma Libya’.]

Salah-ud-din, and

Brigade camp for the first 07 April (previously).

 After the bombing of arms by air, to escape Nkulaih, the

‘Roma Libya’ al-Vizan like jumping from the walls.



al-Melcaat withdrawal from neighborhood to neighborhood withstand huts previously.

Brotherhood Mafia Leaders in Tripoli (Haratine-Gneoh, Belhadj)….

Where are they now?

: D ‘Trbaiqh in the bathroom’.

Belhadj in Afghanistan

(Belhadj openly went over to DAASH)

FILTHY SCUM ‘al-JAZEERA’ and Qatari !!!!


From the outskirts of ‘Have-built to Qnfozh,
Scharf of Wattaya to Tripoli
^ _ ^ Tris Libya Mana dogs Doha

al-Jazeera LIES !

al-Jazeera LIES !

al-Jazeera tries again to produce false videos and images

of what is happening in TRIPOLI !!!

Mohammed sleepiness:

The replicas of Tripoli designed in the UAE cost of millions of people (and) Toham editing.

Hehehehe Allah !!! this sick person…

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, says:

We are not the ‘Army 01 September al-Fateh (of light)’, nor are we the ‘army of 17 February’! We are the unified ‘Libyan Army’.

نحن الجيش الليبي ليس جيش سبتنمر ولا الفاتح ولا جيش فبراير نحن الجيش الليبي


al-Jazeera lies !!

Jptna image Galo news of “in Azizia in darkness plunging”..  Aaratk in Azizia vinegary play in your future.

(all ‘al-Jazeera’ propaganda) Hahaha.

To illustrate, these images on a farm of Mohammed bin Gaddafi in Ain Zara, TRIPOLI area and not Azizia (as falsely written in Jazeera News).

 (interview below, was with the now deceased  rat-commander of a battalion called ‘tagine impasse impasse’.) SALAH ‘pre-cordial’ OMAN al-BURKI:

Randomized Vhmu Shi Roma Galo you from you Wayne?
Atmn Aaamo We Jaienkm of Malta Sea [smile]

Mesh necessary we know Wayne
We are present in all the ‘monsters Area’ in Tripoli ^^ Shayfeencom:

Battle of Tripoli according to ‘mesh girl Jazeera’ news Pavnon Martial Arts…



Western Region Operations Room

The state without an army ? (so says the WESTERN PRESS and propaganda)

‘Zintan Brigades QaQaa’, tells us:

Friday, the operations was to enhance operations on Thursday, to ‘process Searchlight’.

After the great progress of Bir al-Ghanam to the valley of the neighborhood and visited the valley and through Mdakm and Association and ‘Abuscabh monsters’ and ’60 quarries’ at Azizia,
The Vanguards strongly supported by the Army, and assign Rishvana progress  along the ‘Venus lines’ and the center of ‘Dawn Libya’.

The provocation for Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ and confusion clear and luring and dug out of Salah Badi, the Libyan army troops are stationed at Baazizah, and enhance and secure the entire al-Jafarah.

It was a night to achieve the desired touched and Qrat data al-Melcaat.

ALLAH is greatest,  to the following steps:
The rate of the axis Ajeelat, al-Ash, and at Akrabieah, are of good things,  and ‘enlarge’ the group and thank ALLAH !
please  ‘Enlarge’ !

Golo to Salah Badi and his family in al-Azizia Talga al-Rjalh (hehehehe eBay):

Golo to Salah Badi and his family in al-Azizia Talga al-Rjalh (hehehehe eBay)

General Command of the Libyan army _
Libyan armed forces:

(In) The name of God the Merciful
(And fight them until not be the charm and religion is all for Allah)

To our people in the western cities, especially the corner and Gharyan. Please, you are to stay away from the ‘Brotherhood militias’ and their vehicles and their camps gathered, they will be a legitimate target for the fire of our armed forces ..

And you stand with your Army, and Junboa yourselves and your families against the killing and destruction ..

has intensified oppression and reached Torrent Zbah, and must be the darkness of night that settles in across Libya beloved ..

Armed Vquatcm are now locked in battles for liberation ..

liberation of Libya from the terrorism that has spread.

The outbreak on throughout Libya expensive ..
Nothing will deter us from fighting until we see Libya completely free from the darkness of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ which is the most important of the infidels and the Kharijites.

Kono one hand with your army, for the construction of Libya for as long as we wanted and dreamed of ..

Libya powerful state with its institutions and its police and armed forces.
We have all hope for our people in
the Corner and Gharyan.

Therefore, stay away from places of engagement, and stay inside
your homes in order to preserve your souls ..

We ask God for your safety upon all the people in Libya: for LIFE IS EXPENSIVE, and seek full preservation of the Men of the Armed Forces ..

and that Allah grants them victory apron.

Allah save Libya, and its people and its armed forces.

PICTURE: Colonel Idress Material Cunieform, native of Zintan

Western Region Operations Room
To all the inhabitants of the western region your armed forces are editing the Western Region
And inform everyone discernible caution and inform residents of Gharyan and angle to get away from the concentration of the terrorist gangs to keep your safety
(Libyan army)


Where youth Azizia be presented to support the Libyan army soldiers and Saraya.

Libyan air force bombed guerrilla sites for terrorist in South Azizia.
The constant bombardment weapons al-Tqilh of tanks and al-Hauser and mortars and Grad in Jbht fighting.

Death of one of the leaders of the Kharijites. More aware Akilla Giani  Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) who named ‘Salah precordial’ his partner in Abu Salim, now killed in Azizia battles.  And the death of the rat-commander of a battalion called ‘tagine impasse impasse’.

Libyan army and Saraya, are assigned to kill a

group of ‘Roma Libya’ headed by ‘Salah precordial’ (NOW DEAD !) ; and the confiscation of their weapons and mechanics in an ambush.

al-Azizia Aajna:
Escape gangs of ‘Dawn Libya’ in the direction of our beloved capital Tripoli

Picture: a picture of a bombed-out home.


al-AZIZIA has a population of less than 4000 residents.

Mnoren folks Azizia Farahnan and do duty

with the Libyan Army and the Brigades for the award.

 In front of the band camp al-Rabah, our Fourth Brigade

of the Libyan Army at al-Azizia.
(Image before dawn):

before dawn, in front of the band camp al-Rabah, our 'Fourth Brigade' of the Libyan Army, at Azizia

al-AZIZIA liberated

al-AZIZIA liberated

 Scout 2 starting process
Pray for the brave Libyan army
Process. Scout  2
Columns of the Libyan army reinforcements reach al-Azizia.


Scout 2 LIBYAN ARMY at al-AZIZIA mechanisms

Azzedine Louhichi

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

The outcome of today’s operations:
Amlah Akoshav, reports:
To edit the western region and the liberalization of capital
Libyan army troops and Saraya provides for the award of the concentration of ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist gangs, and Tgahgahr these bands areas and entry to
Hlgodh area
Nasser village
Using Mdakm
Valley neighborhood
Valley visited
Monsters sixty
Using the quarries by Azizia.
Praise be to God then secure areas and the expulsion of gangs
Killed about 20 element from ‘Dawn Libya’  Kharijites Misrata Kharijites corner
Wounded more than 40
Then the confiscation of 6 tanks
The cannon Hauser
15 armed car
4 cars unarmed
2 armored cars
There are 15 arrested element
Withdrawal of gangs from Azizia.

Allah is the greatest


Libyan army and the Brigades for the award after the liberation of the valley visited.


Then arrested three members of al-Melcat that were tormenting the sentences in the events of 2014 and Rishvana al-Vena Zaro in the registry, and then, arrested in Jbht Hlgodh days ago:
1_ prisoner did not get
2_ seriously injured and died Baasabh
3_ third under process
Moved by Dr. Maru.

Allah gives and Aéml.



Tombstone history some pictures machines confiscated today

Nafusa Booty, 1


Munawar Ayasndid:

Lord protect you-

  • ‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:
    Martyrs raise Aaroham honor of Allah and the brave Astrona epics and Atbkhal prayer for them.
    “Maybe an hour response”

Western Region Operations Room
I say to the people of Gharyan and angle, Please stay away from the rumors and false satellite channels of ‘Muftna’ and ‘audio wa.

We reassure you, the population, of the fate of the terrorist gangs: They are disappearing.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان
غرفة العمليات المنطقة الغربية
اقول الي اهالي غريان و زاوية الابتعاد عن الشائعات والقنوات المفتنة الفضائية والمسموعة وا طمئن سكانها ومصير العصابات الارهابية الزوال .


Supporting force of the army from destroying the epiphyseal al-Qdama gate

and escape militia located at the gateway to the Gharyan.





‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

A waste Kharijites:

Abu Ubaidah
Shaaban gift
Just Daab
Shield West
Ansar al-Sharia Sabratha Branch
Kilani elements
Akkila Giani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)

These Melcaat Militias are still manifest in the land.
(andtheir ranks are supported by American mercenaies!)

Thousands of foreigners have flocked to Iraq, Syria, and Libya, in the past two years, mostly to join Islamic State.



 Tribute to Surman ‘dignity’



Nazim Taiara said the army was afraid to bow hands
Haha Jake henna Iatiara.

Message from young people to Nazim Taiara “Andietro”:


Libyan army forces are editing al-Ash and access

to the outskirts of the crossing at Ras Jedir.

The liberation of all south of Ajeelat, determines the grain project.

Our Air Force bombed ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist sites at

Suenah and B. Ajeelat area; and provided the army with artillery.

Libyan army forces are now in progress in the area below  Beautiful City,

area of ​​identification in al-Hachanh and Akrabieah
And also, the axis of Ajeelat. Libyan army and the Brigades for the award of progressing in the area and the Akrabieah Bamsaderh ammunition and gun Hauser. ‘Roma Libya’ community Sarlhm hysterical randomized Ikdro: How was 13 airstrike in Sobh but offers to Azizia military and to the vicinity of Ajeelat and Beautiful….


Killed a field commander of the ‘Roma Libya’ community named ‘Zuhair’ in the axis of Ajeelat.

Zuhair, now is killed, was field Commander for 'Roma Libya'


Hahahaha Dskt Wattaya cattle with the ‘Roma Libya’ people give in effect.

Zaidi dose Yanpo Hahahaha told you once liberated Watiyah 86422578754






Five convulsed and closed the road in front of al-Melcaat

then destroyed the mechanism and the killing of two elements.


‘Fajr Libya’ is besieging Zliten, and the City of Five, and is preventing movement on the coast towards Tripoli, after the implementation of the process of quality which targeted the gates of ‘Dawn Libya’ in Anakazh and Msallata, killing Musrati in Anakazh, and another wounded in Msallata …..





Schori ‘rebels’ (so-called ‘revolutionaries’) Sirte Council is Bamlah bypass in Buildings 500 b Sirte and the death of dozens from the criminal group of Salah BADI rebels: C.
Rebels attacked the rebels but Mlacah rebels Aaina Ialil terrorist attack and the victim penitential Maine Aaina.

مجلس شوري ثوار سرت يقوم باعملية التفافية في عمارات 500 ب سرت ومقتل العشرات من جماعة المجرم صلاح بادي 

ثوار :C
ثوار يهاجم على ثوار بس ملاقاش ثوار ياعيني ياليل ارهابي يهاجم تكفيري والضحية مين ياعيني




Port Sidra fighting front

fighting front of the Crescent oil:

a tank filled:



Allah is the greatest
Libyan air force bombed C Faraj al-Hawari area /Rulrhh


Mortar rounds on the Quiche region and the killing

of the child ‘Mohammed survivor’ age 14 years old.


Frogmen in (Pisces) WHALE market




 Kharijites era and the heads of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Kharijites of Misurata:
A month before, they were the Shura Council Galo (so-called) ‘rebels’ tuber.

For your information, TUBER did not participate in the ‘council of deputies’ elections; and the municipality does not have, and does not have, any side strapped state, nor does it have an army or police!...
only the tongue of the Kharijites with much ‘hot-air’.

PICTURE: DAASH forces claiming to be the police in TUBER

Today Agulwna I.S. organization ..…. (they were “ANSAR al-SHARIA”)

Dear to Kharijites Tkzbona yourselves folly.




Tribute to Tabou tribes and the Tuareg:
لواء القعقاع الزنتان
تحية لقبائل التبو و الطوارق




Good news in the coming hours:
fall BRITISH ambassador (was Michael Aron) in Libya before the Honorable Libya.
The English authorities are to change its ambassador in Libya and put in place, a new Ambassador, Peter Mililt (Malilt).
And another as the new British ambassador at to Jordan.


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