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Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami ..

rús February, NATO and the recognition of Israel ..

de Libya green



It was The anniversary of the ‘Battle of Jendouba’
23_3_1913 in  Libya.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments


Oh Allah, make this country safe !

O to Ashmta

“When you walk in the way of advances will see Libya into another…”

How beautiful the morning when Tsikz Paju home when you hear the mayor of Nalut in ongoing consultations with the mayor of Zintan when you find chieftains Nalut delegation Ikvona for youth rebellion

And find support Directorate south-western region power Basenthan the arrest of a young ‘Zanati Avcolh’ crime in the area.

Consider the Champions hum liberation of the country and not a minimum of disappearing.

When you hear the mayor of Zintan says reconciliation with epiphyseal reached in the final stages.

Bahgat and Western populations Riyaana residents of the Virgin in Zintan good handling…

And see the progress army Tabuth plan:

The find is room operations in the western region continuing to cities alerts for fear of penetration inside them al-Melcaat.

As happy and drink coffee and be okay News Cyrenaica region and find the population of Tripoli in their level of awareness was dragged behind a backward state, and the destruction of institutions and support the army and police.

And hear my An.cil Sabratha seeks to develop the city level and develop a level of grudges and support al-Melcaat (!!!)

When you hear the news from Misrata said Salah Badi person al-Menbod Acaa me in the swamp al-Thotr.

Home is beautiful and you hear the sweeping valley and will Jane place to promenade families Bani Walid and the rest areas and not the Valley of extremists-

When you hear the clash between the Brotherhoos and the Tuareg and Tabou stop the stability of the beach and the south.

Beautiful when it is for logistical support from all areas to keep the army in controlling the police and security Psonad Aitahh Ppadul hatred implanted in the chests.

Happy when you see Saraya to assign pay dear and cheap for Allah and country,

When you feel proud to be a fusion molecule in the social fabric and national unity.

Feel cessation before Allah when commiting a suitable mistake and pray for forgiveness of sin.

How happy is the presence of followers Page Life !

Good morning!!

[Rbnatqubl us You are the Hearer]


لواء القعقاع الزنتان

اللهم لاشمتا

كم هو صباح جميل عندما تسيقظ باجو الوطن عندما تسمع عميد بلدية نالوت في تشاورات مستمرة مع عميد بلدية الزنتان عندما تجد وفد مشايخ نالوت يقفونا امام تمرد الشباب

وتجد قوة دعم المديرية المنطقة الغربية الجنوبية بازنتان تقوم بالقبض على شاب زنتاني افتعله جريمة في منطقة ما

تنظر لابطال همهم تحرير الوطن وليس دنيا الزوال

عندما تسمع عميد بلدية الزنتان يقول المصالحة مع المشاشية وصلت في المراحل الاخيرة

وبهجت سكان الرياينة الغربية بسكان العذراء الزنتان في حسن التعامل

وتشاهد تقدم قوات الجيش بخطة تابثة

وتجد امر غرفة عمليات المنطقة الغربية في تنبيهات مستمرة إلى المدن خوفا عليهم من تغلغل الملشيات بداخلهم

كما سعيد وتشرب القهوة وتكون اخبار منطقة برقة بخير وتجد سكان طرابلس في مستوي وعيهم ولم ينجر خلف الدولة المتخلفة وتدمير المؤسسات ودعم الجيش وشرطة

وتسمع ان.مجلس بلدي صبراتة يسعي لتطوير مستوي المدينة ولا يطور مستوي الاحقاد ودعم الملشيات

عندما تسمع خبر من مصراتة ان صلاح بادي الشخص المنبود لي اقاع في مستنقع الثوتر

يكون الوطن جميل وتسمع وادي جارف وسوف جين مكان لتنزه عائلات بني وليد وباقي المناطق وليس وادي للمتطرفين

عندما تسمع توقف الاشتباك بين اخوة التبو والطوارق و استقرار الشاطئ والجنوب

جميل عندما يكون دعم للوجستي من كافة المناطق للحفاظ على الجيش في ضبط الامن بسناد الشرطة و ايطاحة بادول الحقد المزروع في صدور

سعيد عندما تشاهد ‫#‏سرايا‬ لاسناد تدفع الغالي ورخيص من اجل الله و وطن

تشعر بالفخر عندما تكون جزي في التحام النسيج الاجتماعي والوحدة الوطنية

تشعر بالوقف امام الله عندما تصلح الغلط و تستغفر لذنب

كم هي الحياة سعيدة بوجود متابعين الصفحة

صباح الخير

[ربناتقبل منا انك انت السميع العليم]

 Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami .. question to the Liberal ..

raise the banner of the Tribes of the East ..

and raise the banner of the Libyan mujahideen in the sky 03/17/2015

Our Line of defense for the first commander, in front of the Nations

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

قائد الخط الدفاع لاول أمام لأمم

HAWK Saqr Hamid  Jeroshi

Hawk General Saqr Hamid al-Jeroushi, the Libyan air force commander loyal to the eastern government, said that his aircraft had bombed Mitigua airport in Tripoli and a camp used by ‘Dawn Libya’ near another airport near the capital.

He said they had also attacked the airport in Zuwara, a town near the Tunisian border, west of Tripoli.


Our Great Army, pray for them

Zintan dvsn of Green Army 2010

Enlarge !

Pray for the brave in the front lines

Libyan Army Brigades for the award.





They are faking photos of funerals of the dead MISURATA and KHARIJITE militiamen in Tripoli and elsewhere, with thousands of mourners attending.

They are also lying about the LIBYAN AIRFORCE bombings; saying, that the ” ‘so-called’ Libyan Army under the ‘rogue’-outlaw retired General Hftar,are indiscrinently killing civilians” !

They are decribing the Libyan Army as Insurrectionists of a coup that began in June 2014…

THESE ARE ALL LIES ! Please do not beiieve any of them; and try to stay away from MSM reports and newscasts.

THESE SAME LIARS are glorifying “DAWN LIBYA” and the ‘Government of SALVATION’…which in FACT are terrorists, stemming from the ‘MUSLIM’ Brotherhood, which NATO and America back 100%. (THEY ARE NO ‘GOVERNMENT ! THEY ARE ROBBING, thieving and torturous murderers…with thousands ‘detained’ by them, in secret prisons, in and UNDER TRIPOLI alone, much-less MISURATA!!

Phony pic: Mourners for Boca Mohammed Orabai, terrorist leader:

The actual mourners, perhaps the most 35-40,
mourners for Salah ‘precordial’ Oman al-Burki

(and notice Omar al-Hassi behind, and see who is presiding: SADAK GHARYIANI):

The phony pics: supposedly “Thousands of mourners flooded

Tripoli’s ‘Martyr’s Square’ “to honor their ‘dead

revolutionary hero’ Salah Burki’ “:




Zintan brigade Qaqaa

Words to say ‘I’m with the ‘Dawn Libya’, hear nor speak this Khod board
1_ between you and yourself why Hailing the ‘Dawn Libya’.
2_ Is convinced does not have terrorism ????
3_ Did you know Salah Badi was originally ‘with’ former regime?*
4_ learn that Salah Badi, amongst other things, was the first one who attacked the Tripoli International Airport (during the first time, when he was an individual decision, and excluding Misurata forces).
5_ between you and yourself ,what’s the completion plan of ‘Dawn Libya’ ?
6_ Does robbery and murder Halal Halal !!
7_ Did you know the leaders of the attic to the ‘Dawn Libya’ are fighting for the ‘Brotherhood’ and the rest Compress ??
8_ Are you one who has participated in the ‘Council of Deputies’ (for the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’) elections ?
9_ between you and yourself, Did you know that the outgoing (so-called ‘Allaotnai) Conference‘, gave a promise to Salah Badi for a Bamsk position; but the end of ‘the (so-called) Conference’ means the end of the post ?
10_ Did you know that the youth of ‘Dawn Libya’ Adhanohna, and that they are out on the ruling (which is not haram) and he Adnnouna get glory ?
11_ Did you know that the corrupt MSM (media) brought to you, when he said the ‘Brotherhood’ does not want dialogue, people said we do not want dialogue, and when he told the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood what the people want, said ‘we want dialogue, dialogue’ !! ??
12_hl, you can convince yourself that you died of a martyr ?
13_ Why are you in this situation ?
14_hl learn that DAASH is present in Sirte, for more than 3 years (under the name ‘Ansar al-Sharia’), and not because after Maaaln war on them, and there were Bahoudor Bo agreement at Sidra Khod and waved you on opacity ????

*: IN PICTURE OF Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in Rome walking the Streets,

see SALAH BADI directly behind Mu’ammar.



Tunisian government to respond and close gates to all coming from Mitigua and Misurata trips. Dismiss the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, in Tunisia and the suspension of flights coming from Ibia- Mitigua and Misrata because of his decision to open airspace for Libyan aircraft anyway, without coordination with the security authorities.



PICTURE: Airport Djerba Zarzis, Tunisia




News presence and political activist Abdel Moez Bannon

is still in Mitigua prison and not dead as reported !
Abdel Moez Bannon
Abdel Moez Bannon when husky




Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ evacuate bin Shuaib corner area of ​​the population.

Mõĥǻmmęđ Ḁlãdèl, reporting:
Tiraan ‘Roma Libya’ bombed their own ‘Roma libya’ militias in error, at the southern corner of the axis, and the occurrence of dead and wounded from the bombing that it chills, after the dropping of the first plane, there remains extrusion horror in the hearts of pilots, and this by the grace of Allah, Hafiz soldiers from the Libyan Army planes.

Saraya assign army corner Khalokm touch.

 Found the body of an unidentified young man in Triv al-Mstl

into ministry after it has been filtered by a bullet in the head

and the body now is found Tripoli Central Hospital street corner.

 Explosion of a car near the bridge Medical Hospital

at the al-Fateh University of Tripoli. Explosion in the pedestrian

bridge from near the university entrance.

An Army army convoy composed of a very large number of cars

entering  Rishvana area from the western coastal road, destination Janzour.



Bowoouom South North Abuscabh area and

dispersion ungodly losses in the mechanisms of the ‘rebels’.

Libyan army on the outskirts of Trbuls (TRIPOLI)  

and the great Crescent al-Mmtdd corner of the South to Rishvana.

Using Kikla to the eastern gate Asbi’a apparent mountain valley,

visited the Eastern League Western Association Abuscabh by supply you

‘monsters, 60 quarries, Valley neighborhood,

T-Hlgodh village, Nasser, Bir Honey , & by the corner.

Areas are believing and thank Allah…. Allah is great !




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

7 months and ‘Fajr Libya’ they attack us.

Theircamp consists of a wall and a fence and old homes

and Rabash Army called ‘Shuyesheh’.

(CAMP SHUYESHEH is south of the City of Ajeelat, technically located in HLGODH)

camp Shuyesheh, south of the city of Ajeelat

They say that they want to enter WATTAYA !

And Mapalk respond entry to Name of the mountain to Roadat ...

 In front of the congregation come out and say that proclaim Wattaya “around the corner” and contact me revenge from the front Wattaya said there are a thousand fighters came down from the sky to fight with us (the WAHABI)
problem direct transport !

Allah said, “” O ye who believe that God became Christians and prove your feet …
He says, “” We had a really believers. “”

((Seek help in patience and prayer, and it is a big but the humble {45}

who think they Mlaqgua their Lord, and they shall return to him {46}))

لواء القعقاع الزنتان
7 أشهر وفجار ليبيا وهم يهاجمونا معسكر يتكون من سور وسياج وديار قديمة و رابش للجيش ‫#‏أم‬ شويشة
ويقول نريد دخول الوطية
ومابالك يردون دخول الجبل لاشم ‫#‏رويبضات‬
قال تعالي “” يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنْ تَنْصُرُوا اللَّهَ يَنْصُرْكُمْ وَيُثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَكُمْ …
قال تعالى “” وَكَانَ حَقًّا عَلَيْنَا نَصْرُ الْمُؤْمِنِين “”
((وَاسْتَعِينُواْ بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلاَةِ وَإِنَّهَا لَكَبِيرَةٌ إِلاَّ عَلَى الْخَاشِعِينَ {45} الَّذِينَ يَظُنُّونَ أَنَّهُم مُّلاَقُوا رَبِّهِمْ وَأَنَّهُمْ إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ {46} ))




The Zintan desert area is wet

The desert area is wet ! (heavy rainfall)

Mayor of Zintan, Mr. Mustafa Baroni:
Reconciliation between epiphyseal and Zintan in the latter stages.

Mustafa Baroni

The funeral for the ZINTAN bomber was PAGAN. He was not a Jew and not a Muslim.

Rabbi strong ^^
Ali Bourkika Al-Zentani, writes:
The funeral is only Tqazh ???? !!!!.

 The important issue is why the salosh (al-Ash) SUDANESE  pilot and not a Jew and not Muslim?!?!?!

قوية يامعلم ^^

منقول :

علي بورقيقة الزنتاني

هي جنازة والا تقازة ؟؟؟؟!!!!.
المهم ف الموضوع هو علاش ما صلوش على الطيار والا يهودي مش مسلم ؟؟؟!!!


Assigned to the criminal Alkkla Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)

Bamhor al-Azizia, after the killing of ‘precordial’ (Salah Burki);

and Allah

Aly Ma Ocol Shahyd.


Libyan air force bombed militant positions belonging

to a criminal just Da’ab, who occupies some institutions in Gharyan.




the Militias were gone !

NO, AJEELAT IS NOT FREE…the rats came back again !!

Militias “Dawn Libya” to arrest large numbers of the children of the city of Ajeelat, randomly in the zones ‘Lattice and Landfil’, to coincide with their campaign of enrollment of a group of Military and civilian Front, fighting south of the city the past few days.

(There was shooting with very light weapons..

small hand guns and Kashmalokov rifles…

by the young people from these areas.)



picture: Park in Beautiful City (by RACDALIN)

 totally FREE !

Meeting Qaswarah mechanisms but other flavor.




Melcaat Misurata slowed Celine area in the ‘

City of Five’, 48 hours to hand over 200 people !

NOTE concerning the image:


but it is the only picture of a militia that Google would give me…

and there is no other mention of this terrorist

threat anywhere’s else online !!!

The shooting range in Jardan-mane

has injured inventory prisoner Ibrahim Daou. He is now in a hospital.



members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group LIFG, now renamed DAASH in Derna

Ahmed Libyana, reports:
Leaders of the ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group‘ in Tripoli supplying militants Cane religion, committed Mudbhh al-Jbashy family in Tarhouna, about 60 armed vehicles and gunmen from different areas, to help the offender Cane and terrorist Ahmed Saadi (member of the defunct ‘Congress’ outgoing Allaotunai),  nicknamed Abu Aleem, to extend the Brotherhood‘s control over the city of Tarhouna and its edges.
Libyan Islamic Fighting Group led by Abdul Hakim Belhadj, ...

احمد ليبيانا

قيادات في الجماعة الليبية الاسلامية المقاتلة في طرابلس تمد مسلحي الكـانّي الدين ارتكبوا مدبحة عائلة الجبشى فى ترهونة بحوالي 60 عربة مسلحة و مسلحين من مناطق مختلفة لمساعدة المجرم الكاني و الارهابى احمد الساعدي عضو المؤتمر المنتهية ولايته المكني بـ ابو عبدالعليم في بسط السيطرة علي المدينة و اطرافها




The attack on the ‘al-Farouq Battalion’ made incitements

by the inhabitants of the region of Misurata.

'Ansar al-Sharia's al-Farouq Battalion' (from Misurata, based in Sirte)







Asma al-Saifa, reports:
Tunisia to the ‘Dawn Libya’ of the same yesterday, in Laithi (BENGHAZI). They told him a martyr ‘Lama’, who blew himself up today in Sirte’s ‘Bukhari station’, told him a terrorist.
Is not this hypocrisy ??

Cyrenaican battle on Tuesday ... Knit Black

Of the battle on Tuesday … Knit Black



Horse Kdaha Wit Belkal … and Pekka Asyoraa Malaya …

forbidding Ahakar Rajajil to the appropriate Samaya.



Allah, and to Him we return.

Suicide of them to the martyrdom of 9 to and because some of the wounded.
3 blasts.

The Libyan Air Force responded to the operation of the suicide bombings

and the ‘supporters of the devil’ (‘ANSAR al-SHARIA’) sites.


All medical personnel to go to the ‘Hospital 1200’ because

of the presence of injuries, and Kharijite-patients practicing suicide in Cast !


Sam bin Humaid .. one militias ‘Shura Council’ of the rebel leaders
Complain to the channel splash of lack of supply

and lack of ammunition and noted that the conditions

on the ground in Benghazi bad for them ..

Shura Council’, of the ‘rebels’ (‘ANSAR al-SHARIA’, but became group of ‘DAASH’),

walked the suicide bomber checkpoint militias affiliated

to the “Sunrise Libya”,  result in deaths and injuries.

 Channel scandal published by Reuters news of the

Schori bombing BenghaziTerrorist operation Nqztha militia ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ terrorist shortly before the city of Benghazi in response to the killing of the dog Boca Oraibi and news about the fall of the ten dead and a number of wounded civilians from the troops of Hftar.

It is Mohammed 'Boca' Oraibi in DAASH now, confirmed.

 ‘Shura Council and the Council of Benghazi rebels Schori rebels Sirte’ Ikmona Bamilit sync which fall Dhaah.


 ‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, tells us:
Because Advanced directives are not allowed to publish pictures of DAASH with severed heads.

‘Daash’ in Benghazi, walks the great Haj in age and cut the head Evsllona.

To turn the force only in Allah !

Organization “Daash” published photos of  former military “Bashir Mustafa Agha, a resident of the area Laithi” intermittent dismembered corpse:

Channel news definite process quality?!
Image Link developed reservations about bringing all published in a publication due to the policy with Facebook.


Disco killed near Boca in Drissi Clashes in Benghazi.


Tayeb net Sanusi al-Ozyre and other followers of the Libyan state in Tobruk, says:
“Ilisu Húla traitors Aharko pain in the spread of the AIDS epidemic to the people of Cyrenaica in the Lambda? Pain steal the projects and downloaded to accumulate billions out of state.
Ikso pain and Asjno and Ikthelo Ankulo and all of them said “no” in the past !!
If Hua difference between them, and the clique of corrupt rogue Brotherhood.
What happened to you, O sons of Cyrenaica ??”

الطيب الصافي والسنوسي الوزري وغيرهم من اتباع دولة الجماهيرية في طبرق .. اليسو هؤولاء خونة الم يشاركو في انتشار وباء الايدز لابناء برقة في ما مضا ؟الم يسرقو المشاريع وقامو بتكديس المليارات خارج الدولة
الم يقصو ويسجنو ويقتلو وينكلو بكل من قال لهم “لا ” في ما مضى !!
اذا ما هوا الفرق بينهم وبين زمرة الاخوان الفاسدة المارقة
ماذا حل بكم يا ابناء برقة ؟؟

PICTURE: aids…Beware !!






Urgent and dangerous:
‘Militia force III’ of the Melcaat terrorism from MISURATA, after they were expelled from the Shati, went to Sabha, where was felt the imminent expulsion from the Sabha Bank robbery, where these same criminals have stolen 7 million dinars and are preparing to leave Sabha.





 The real OBAMA.


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