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JUMA BLESSING upon Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, TRIPOLI, LIBYA and all


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al-Maamrh treason 26/03/2015
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and unfortunately, the poor Houthi, who love Mu’ammar

and the Third Universal Theory, are caught-up in this mess.


US-Saudi Blitz in Yemen: Naked Aggression, Absolute Desperation

(Tony CartalucciNEO) – The “proxy war” model the US has been employing throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and even in parts of Asia appears to have failed yet again, this time in the Persian Gulf state of Yemen.

Overcoming the US-Saudi backed regime in Yemen, and acoalition of sectarian extremists including al-Qaeda and its rebrand, the “Islamic State,” pro-Iranian Yemeni Houthi militias have turned the tide against American “soft power” and has necessitated a more direct military intervention. While US military forces themselvesare not involved allegedly, Saudi warplanes and a possible ground force are.

Though Saudi Arabia claims “10 countries” have joined its coalition to intervene in Yemen, like the US invasion and occupation of Iraq hid behind a “coalition,” it is overwhelmingly a Saudi operation with “coalition partners” added in a vain attempt to generate diplomatic legitimacy.

The New York Times, even in the title of its report, “Saudi Arabia Begins Air Assault in Yemen,” seems not to notice these “10” other countries. It reports:

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday night that it had launched a military campaign in Yemen, the beginning of what a Saudi official said was an offensive to restore a Yemeni government that had collapsed after rebel forces took control of large swaths of the country. 

The air campaign began as the internal conflict in Yemen showed signs of degenerating into a proxy war between regional powers. The Saudi announcement came during a rare news conference in Washington by Adel al-Jubeir, the kingdom’s ambassador to the United States.

Proxy War Against Iran 

Indeed, the conflict in Yemen is a proxy war. Not between Iran and Saudi Arabia per say, but between Iran and the United States, with the United States electing Saudi Arabia as its unfortunate stand-in.

Iran’s interest in Yemenserves as a direct result of the US-engineered “Arab Spring” and attempts to overturn the political order of North Africa and the Middle Eastto create a unified sectarian front against Iran for the purpose of a direct conflict with Tehran. Thewar ragingin Syriais one part of this greater geopolitical conspiracy, aimed atoverturning one of Iran’s most important regional allies, cutting the bridge between it and another important ally, Hezbollah in Lebanon.

And while Iran’s interest in Yemen is currently portrayed as yet another example of Iranian aggression, indicative of its inability to live in peace with its neighbors, US policymakers themselves have long ago already noted that Iran’s influence throughout the region, including backing armed groups, serves a solely defensive purpose, acknowledging the West and its regional allies’ attempts to encircle, subvert, and overturn Iran’s current political order.

The US-based RAND Corporation, which describes itself as “a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis,” produced a report in 2009 for the US Air Force titled, “Dangerous But Not Omnipotent : Exploring the Reach and Limitations of Iranian Power in the Middle East,” examining the structure and posture of Iran’s military, including its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and weapons both present, and possible future, it seeks to secure its borders and interests with against external aggression.

The report admits that:

Iran’s strategy is largely defensive, but with some offensive elements.Iran’s strategy of protecting the regime against internal threats, deterring aggression, safeguarding the homeland if aggression occurs, and extending influence is in large part a defensive one that also serves some aggressive tendencies when coupled with expressions of Iranian regional aspirations.It is in part a response to U.S. policy pronouncements and posture in the region, especially since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Iranian leadership takes very seriously the threat of invasion given the open discussion in the United States of regime change, speeches defining Iran as part of the “axis of evil,” and efforts by U.S. forces to secure base access in states surrounding Iran.

What ever imperative Saudi Arabia is attempting to cite in justifying its military aggression against Yemen, andwhatever support the US is trying to give the Saudi regime rhetorically, diplomatically, or militarily, the legitimacy of this military operation crumbles before the words of the West’s own policymakers who admit Iran and its allies are simply reacting to a concerted campaign of encirclement, economic sanctions, covert military aggression, political subversion, and even terrorism aimed at establishing Western hegemony across the region at the expense of Iranian sovereignty.

Saudi Arabia’s Imperative Lacks Legitimacy 

The unelected hereditary regime ruling over Saudi Arabia, anation notorious for egregious human rights abuses, and a land utterly devoid of even a semblance of what is referred to as “human rights,” is now posing as arbiter of which government in neighboring Yemen is “legitimate” and which is not, to the extent of which it is prepared to use military force to restore the former over the latter.

The United States providing support for the Saudi regime is designed to lend legitimacy to what would otherwise be a difficult narrative to sell. However, the United States itself has suffered from an increasing deficit in its own legitimacy and moral authority.

Most ironic of all, US and Saudi-backed sectarian extremists, including al-Qaeda in Yemen, had served as proxy forces meant to keep Houthi militias in check by proxy so the need for a direct military intervention such as the one now unfolding would not be necessary. This means that Saudi Arabia and the US are intervening in Yemen only after the terrorists they were supporting were overwhelmed and the regime they were propping up collapsed.

In reality, Saudi Arabia’s and the United States’ rhetoric aside, a brutal regional regime meddled in Yemen and lost, and now the aspiring global hemegon sponsoring it from abroad has ordered it to intervene directly and clean up its mess.

Saudi Arabia’s Dangerous Gamble 

The aerial assault on Yemen is meant to impress upon onlookers Saudi military might. A ground contingentmight also attempt to quickly sweep in and panic Houthi fighters into folding. Barring a quick victory built on psychologically overwhelming Houthi fighters, Saudi Arabia risks enveloping itself in a conflict that could easily escape out from under the military machine the US has built for it.

It is too early to tellhow the military operation will play out and how far the Saudis and their US sponsors will go to reassert themselves over Yemen. However, that the Houthi have outmatched combined US-Saudi proxy forces right on Riyadh’s doorstep indicates an operational capacity that may not only survive the current Saudi assault, but be strengthened by it.

Reports that Houthi fighters have employed captured Yemeni warplanes further bolsters this notion – revealing tactical, operational, and strategic sophistication that may well know how to weather whatever the Saudis have to throw at it, and come back stronger.

What may result is a conflict that spills over Yemen’s borders and into Saudi Arabia proper. Whatever dark secrets the Western media’s decades of self-censorship regarding the true sociopolitical nature of Saudi Arabia will become apparent when the people of the Arabian peninsula must choose to risk their lives fighting for a Western client regime, or take a piece of the peninsula for themselves.

Additionally, a transfer of resources and fighters arrayed under the flag of the so-called “Islamic State” and al-Qaeda from Syria to the Arabian Peninsula will further indicate that the US and its regional allies have been behind the chaos and atrocities carried out in the Levant for the past 4 years. Such revelations will only further undermine the moral imperative of the West and its regional allies, which in turn will further sabotage their efforts to rally support for an increasingly desperate battle they themselves conspired to start.

America’s Shrinking Legitimacy 

It was just earlier this month when the United States reminded the world of Russia’s “invasion” of Crimea. Despite havingdestabilized Ukraine with a violent, armed insurrection in Kiev, for the purpose of expanding NATO deeper into Eastern Europe and further encircling Russia, the Westinsisted that Russia had and  still has no mandate to intervene in any way in neighboring Ukraine. Ukraine’s affairs, the United States insists, are the Ukrainians’ to determine. Clearly,the US meant this only in as far as Ukrainians determined things in ways that suited US interests.

This is ever more evident now in Yemen, where the Yemeni people are not being allowed to determine their own affairs. Everything up to and including military invasion has been reserved specifically to ensure that the people of Yemen do not determine things for themselves, clearly, because it does not suit US interests.

Such naked hypocrisy will be duly noted by the global public and across diplomatic circles. The West’s inability to maintain a cohesive narrative is a growing sign of weakness. Shareholders in the global enterprise the West is engaged in may see such weakness as a cause to divest – or at the very least – a cause to diversify toward other enterprises. Such enterprisesmay include Russia and China’s mulipolar world. Thevanishing of Western global hegemony will be done in destructive conflict waged in desperation and spite.

Today, that desperation and spite befalls Yemen.

Fri 27 March 2015 3:53PM

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra

Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra says Algiers will not get involved in the al-Saud regime’s military invasion of  Yemen, calling for dialogue among all Yemeni political parties in order to resolve the crisis.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Lamamra said his country believes “the restoration of stability and security in Yemen would only be possible through commitment to national dialogue,” Algeria Press Service (APS) reported on Friday.

“Algeria is following with great and deep concern the serious developments in Yemen amid escalation of the situation, which would jeopardize the political process, increase divisions and violence, spread terrorism, and threaten the security, stability and unity of Yemen,” he added.

People search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sana’a Airport, Yemen, on 26 March 2015. © AP

Lamamra further said that Algiers rejects military intervention in other countries, stressing that the Algerian army only fights within the country’s borders.

The comments come as Yemeni officials said Friday that at least 39 civilians had lost their lives as neighboring Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its airstrikes against members of the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Yemen.

Saudi airstrikes against the impoverished Arab country have drawn condemnation from many countries, including Iran, Iraq and Russia, as well as the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.

Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (L) receives ousted fugitive ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood-puppet Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, at Riyadh Airbase on 26 March  2015.

The military aggression against Yemen comes as ousted fugitive ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ ‘s puppet president for Yemen, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Thursday night. Riyadh says it has launched the strikes to defend the “legitimate government” of Hadi upon his request.

The blatant invasion of Yemen’s sovereignty by the Saudi regime comes against a backdrop of total silence on the part of international bodies, especially the United Nations. The world body has so far failed to show any reaction whatsoever to violation of the sovereignty of one of its members by Riyadh.


Amar al-Ohol, Houthi of Yemen:

Amar al-Ohol, Houthi of Yemen



Yemen Houthi for Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:





A young Yemen Youth represents the Houthi

in a campaign backing the prophet Mohammed (PBUH):


A young Yemen represent Houthi in a campaign backing the prophet Mohammed



 from the land of Egypt:
Adviser Akila is in favor of “the Chairman of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ “, Saleh Issa, and the delegation accompanying him up to the VIP lounge at the airport. Cherm Heik is to attend the Arab summit events, and was greeted by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Secretary General of the League of Arab States, dr. Nabil Elaraby, and Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian Foreign Minister,
and Ashour Abzhd (the Libyan delegate at the university),
and a number of diplomats and representatives of the “Gulf Cooperation Council”.

Arab summit attended by the Chancellor Saleh Issa, in favor of a reminder ‘of the group who say legitimacy in Libya, and ordered to violate the Crown’.

(picture below) Saleh Issa with a Libyan Army leader:

Libya’s delegate to the ‘Arab League’:

providing national army demands the

most prominent weapons of ‘Sharm el-Sheikh summit’.

Foreign Minister Ali Arab.ioavqon project a joint military force



Abdullah al-Thani, says:

My troops on the oil crescent, Rishvana, and the angle in Tripoli,

is a military tactic leading to the edit of Libya.”


Dabbashi Ali  (via ‘al-Arabiya‘)..

U.N. will be lifting the arms embargo on the Libyan army ..





Preparations for the Libyan army to liberate

and secure Tripoli and all the major areas of Libya.

(Supplication and enlarge)


Inventory Mahmoud Warfali threatens tribal sons

and youth of the capital Tripoli.

Militias and criminal Abdul Raouf ‘hater’ cart,

are accurately inspecting on al-Thelata market Island.


 Militias Brotherhood Knights Janzour transporting weapons

and stored in al-Turnat factory, weaving to avoid aerial bombardment.


Mc Mego, reporting:

Hey folks of the CORNER: The Libyan ARMY is coming to expel militias and Adnab DAASH on your land.
NOT as Gusllow thoughts and falsely announced ‘that the Army is coming to destroy your city’..’
If they wanted Dalk Vmnsat locusts, you will receive, because they do not Abt you ordination of Aknhm Egnbokm certificate war Ka civilians.
There Tngroo behind Kdbam.

Mc Mego:
يا اهل الزاوية الجيش قادم لطرد مليشيات وادناب الدواعش علي ارضكم
وليس كما غسلوو افكاركم بأن الجيش قادم لتدمير مدينتكم
لو ارادو دالك فمنصات الجراد ستصلكم لانهم لا يبعدو عنكم الكتير لاكنهم يجنبوكم هاده الحرب كا مدنيين

فلا تنجروو وراء كدبهم

Sources from the corner:

Last night two Grad rockets fall in Aharhh area and 2 next

to the Petroleum Institute and no damage and went out

of the rocket launcher rockets at the headquarters of

Abu Obeida during maintenance.

Fall 4 rockets at residential areas in the city corner.

Tripoli –

Abda-Basit Ben Hamel:
The beginning of “Africa Gateway News,” the source said, requesting anonymity for security reasons that the four rockets landed Thursday evening on the areas of “Qmoudh Oda crescent” northern corner of the city, causing no casualties or damage, pointing at the same time that these areas far from the fighting taking place in the suburbs of axes City corner and militias against the Libyan Army.

Praise God for the safety of citizens corner population.

According to the false, from Makhal, CORNER, after the fall of many of the missiles and rockets locusts, began families graduated from the CORNER, and a large congestion and road congestion; and so, the Brotherhood militias closed roads on these families (so they can use them as human shields against Libyan Army attacks)!!

Mõĥǻmmęđ Ḁlãdèl, reporting
(Amlah Akoshav_2)
Libyan Army Convoy enters  Tripoli from the south corner,

into Tripoli-corner, where the rat supporting militias are retreating.

note: that these forces mostly follow Akkla Ghani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)

and some militias are still in Tripoli. 

Allah willing, tomorrow we will bring you pictures of their car

after it is Gnmha by your sons within the Libyan Army

and our forces supporting them.

Abdul Hakim Belhadj:

“We have a ‘revolution’ sakes.”


[Belhadj, el-Mahdi Haratine (Akkla Ghani Gneoh), etc.]



Meeting between some leaders of the ‘Libyan Brotherhood’:

meeting between some leaders of the Libyan Brotherhood


showing Mohammed Baio, and Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli:
LIBYAN BROTHERHOOD showing Mohammed Baio, and Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli


HAH HAH ! some ‘revolution’ they call it—The right to kill and enslave, murdering and thieving and destroying all that is good and spiritual (bombing mosques and shrines),  and bringing in haram and pestilence, wine and debauchery, disease, displacements and death !

Monitored the BROTHERHOOD-RAT meeting yesterday, where there was an agreement:

Akkla Ghani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) and his aides, are to go to Azizia, and give support and aid to their agents of ‘Abu Obeida’ and
criminal Salah Badi, in order-to keep-up their siege of the Wattaya axes …and Tahristin.

Tahristin every step consistent Narafoha.

“The patient is not critical

Ellie from ‘the heart of the Lion’ event:

If Khc beasts Army in Tripoli Benger, my name from al-Bah engely.”

(al-Bah Hmar).


Large Brotherhood Misrata terrorist gangs convoy

passes through Spring  Valley with sweeping oriented of Misurata.




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:

Libyan army forces on the outskirts of the south corner at Bamnatq well ‘al-Shoaib’ and its surroundings. 

The  terrorist groups suffered heavy losses, and we confiscated a variety of mechanisms. 9 kill 12 wounded toll number of the ‘Dawn Libya ‘rebels’ organization in South axis crushers in clashes with Libyan Army.

through which free:

Hlgodh, free.
Nasser, free.
Well Bir Honey, free.
Using Mdakm, free.
Monsters 60, free.

by ‘Abuscabh’, free.
Crushing, free.
Ras al-Af, free.
Eastern League, free.

‘Free Western Association’:
Valley visited, free.
Valley neighborhood, free.

Allahu Akbar

(PICTURE) when the Libyan army troops were stationed

at Hlgodh area 40 km south of the Tripoli city corner:

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

Military reasons prevents the military said sites

and Army in progress in the multi-axis.

will not respond to rumors terrorists ‘Roma Libya’ Bouchebh,

and quarries and the Valley of the neighborhood association.

and the Fa Valiant pray to Allah..that Allah takes good care of men Aahdo.
I want to enlarge !

the neighborhood for new sites !!



Mõĥǻmmęđ Ḁlãdèl, reporting
(Amlah Akoshav_2)
Libyan Army Convoy enters Tripoli from the south corner,
into Tripoli-corner, where the rat supporting militias are retreating.

note: that these forces mostly follow Akkla Ghani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)
and some militias are still in Tripoli.

Allah willing, tomorrow we will bring you pictures of their car
after it is Gnmha by your sons within the Libyan Army
and our forces supporting them.

PICTURE: Marching into Tripoli from the south corner..

Allah bless our martyrs…




“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, reporting:

Libyan Armed Forces carried-out a wide operation against the ‘Roma Libya’ (so-called) rebel’ terrorists. General Staff of the Western Chamber sent 50 reinforcements mechanism to fight in the axes especially to arrest members of the ‘rebel’ band heads of the ‘Roma Libya’ terrorists. Libyan Army and the Brigades for the award spread over a wide spread in the new organization and close besieging ‘rebel’ supply lines of the Roma Libya”.

U.S. and Britain’ policy is spoiling Libyan life, as they support al-Melcaat Brotherhood militias and Omar Hassi’s Brotherhood ‘government of Salvation’.

To keep al-Msedkih
Report and Rishvana of the looted and war crimes in Rishvana are rebels Bgah Imitllona “Fair ‘just Daab” *in Gharyan, and the self-styled Brotherhood Knights of Janzour, and CORNER’s Abu Obeida, al-Kilani, and angular (so-called) ‘rebels’ Lhalboss’s Bgah.


*:Armed clashes between the Libyan army and the gang ‘just’ (fair) Daab,*

at  Abuscabh south and east of the Association in the soles of the mountain Baggreyan.

Misurata always stands in front of the other mugger-‘rebels’ in the region.

Everyone Tugem concerning what it says about politicians in a coup against the (HAH HAH!) ‘legitimate RIXOS Conference’ and exit the guardian…

STILL, Misuratah and God Sarlkm cracked between Brotherhood and our fighters in all axes open the southern and western, eastern and Qatm,

into the trap of organizing Daash bombings in Sirte, and because threatens bombings in Misurata’s Front Bin Jawad tactics Western Region arts of war and the southern region a strategic tactic against the ‘Roma Libya’ (so-called) ‘rebels’. leaves to them a fate of disappearing like al-Ihutien.

Although we people of the city of Zintan Ikhtafohna have retained our identity, despite the torture of our prisoners, and killing them and cut off all the basic materials, despite their torturing our prisoners, and ridiculing our Army;
and despite all the insults and all used means of criminality.

But, by our Zintani honor and obedience, out of love for Allah and what He has commanded of us, Isra Bagohna, keeps these (so-called) ‘rebels’ who are in our clean military prison, in accordance with the respectable principles, without torture, and we supply to them healthy meals, fruits, and have equipped them with a TV screen, and displays of matches with European Leagues.

Look at the Conclusion…
Belonging to the ‘rebels Mathompsa Knights Janzour’ die, a steal in areas Rishvana element.
Allah grant us good Conclusion

Zintan released six members of the ‘Armed Forces of the People’
3 of the epiphyseal tribe, and 2 of the tribe Ma’dan, and 1 of al-Mgarhh.


Shura Council of Rishvana Condemn Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilian Areas in al-Azizia

‘Shura Council of Rishvana’ Condemns the Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilian Areas in al-Azizia


Shura and Rishvana condemns the targeting of civilians in al-Azizia

Abdel Basset Ben Hamel:
Issued the ‘Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana’ a statement obtained “Africa News Portal” a copy of it, as he said on the bombing of the city of al-Azizia aircraft.

Where the statement explained that the area Rishvana experiencing armed operations resulted in the exodus of many of the civilian population and the region suffers from the blockade stopped the daily life of the population, and that the armed militias attack continues wildly led to terrorize the population and the killing of civilians and the detention of many young people, according to the statement.

The Schori and Rishvana great concern about the situation in the region, especially the compulsory displacement and revenge, theft and looting, and the plight of the trapped civilians who lack basic services in the city of al-Azizia and Zahra and mil and Sawani operations.

The Schori and Rishvana through condemnation statement strongly bombing of civilian sites aircraft and indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the city of Al-Azizia. And demanded the departure of the armed formations of the city and the rest of the al-Azizia and Rishvana and not to endanger innocent people at risk as we demand the release of detainees from the region.

And called for the removal of high-density urban areas by the Department of armed conflict and not to displace people and not to harm public institutions and private property.

He demanded the lifting of the siege on the Rishvana area and open safe corridors so that the humanitarian aid to enter all besieged areas.
Shura and sages Borcvana condemns the bombing of the city of al-Azizia.

Dan Shura Council of Elders B. o Richvana, Tuesday, heavily bombed civilian sites aircraft and indiscriminate bombing of civilians in the city of al-Azizia.
The Council demanded in a statement obtained by «middle gate» a copy of it, the exit of the armed formations from the city of al-Azizia and the rest of the Rishvana and not to endanger innocent people at risk, also demanded the release of detainees from the region, and the lifting of the siege and the opening of safe corridors so that humanitarian aid entry to all besieged areas .

The statement called for the removal of high-density urban areas by the Department of armed conflict and not to displace people and not to harm public institutions and private property.

He stressed the Shura Council of Elders of The city of al-Azizia bombed aviation war, as evidenced areas and Rishvana armed operations resulted in the exodus of many of the civilian population, and suffer from the blockade stopped the daily life of the population, and the continuing attack indiscriminately led to terrorize the population and the killing of civilians and the detention of many young people.
“Dawn Libya” militias Tnkl inhabitants al-Azizia

Tripoli Africa Gateway News
Information Office of the Shura Council and Rishvana said on Monday, “Dawn Libya” militias raided a number of houses in al-Azizia, about 50 kilometers south of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the expulsion of families forced from their homes and “steal and loot all what you find in front of her in addition to beating and insulting passers-by and arrested random people. “

The Council said in a statement titled “al-Azizia experiencing reprisals from militants ‘Dawn Libya’ “, that “Dawn Libya” and militias, as well as theft and looting and burning of property of residents of areas and Rishvana and forced displacement of the families of the arrested and kidnapped a number of youth in the region numbered Since Day last Friday

and by Monday 120 people as the result of a preliminary yet no such crimes continue to the visual and ears of the international community and the United Nations and the Council of Deputies (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’) and the interim government without stirring any of them residents even once condemn the reprisals against the people and Rishvana and no longer leave little doubt in she acts of ethnic cleansing against the tribe for no reason but because they refused to bow to the Brotherhood militias , and have stood firmly with the Libyan Army and police support,  against the Brotherhood Conference (outgoing) and the government Achareitan.

شورى ورشفانة يدين استهداف المدنيين في العزيزية

عبدالباسط بن هامل

أصدر مجلس الشورى والحكماء ورشفانة بيان تحصلت ” بوابة أفريقيا الإخبارية ” على نسخة منه, فيما قال بأنه بشأن قصف مدينة العزيزية بالطائرات.

حيث أوضح البيان ان منطقة ورشفانة تشهد عمليات مسلحة أسفرت عن نزوح جماعي للعديد من السكان المدنيين وتعاني المنطقة من حصار أوقف الحياة اليومية للسكان، وأن هجوم المليشيات المسلحة يتواصل بصورة عشوائية ما أدى إلى ترويع السكان وقتل المدنيين وإحتجاز العديد من الشباب بحسب البيان . وأعرب شوري ورشفانة عن قلقه الشديد إزاء الوضع في المنطقة، وخاصة عمليات التهجير الإجباري و الإنتقام والسرقة والنهب و محنة المدنيين المحاصرين الذين يفتقرون للخدمات الأساسية في مدينة العزيزية والزهراء والماية والسواني .

واكد شوري ورشفانة من خلال البيان إدانته بشدة قصف المواقع المدنية بالطائرات والقصف العشوائي للمدنيين في مدينة العزيزية . وطالب بخروج التشكيلات المسلحة من مدينة العزيزية وباقى مناطق ورشفانة وعدم تعريض الأبرياء للخطر كما نطالب بإطلاق سراح المحتجزين من أبناء المنطقة .

ودعا إلى إبعاد المناطق المدنية ذات الكثافة السكانية العالية عن دائرة الصراع المسلح وعدم تهجير الأهالي وعدم إلحاق الضرر بالمؤسسات العامة والممتلكات الخاصة .

وطالب برفع الحصار عن منطقة ورشفانة وفتح ممرات آمنة حتى يتسنى إدخال المساعدات الإنسانية إلى كافة المناطق المحاصرة .

الشورى والحكماء بورشفانة يُدين قصف مدينة العزيزية

مجلس شورى وحكماء ورشفانة (أرشيفية: الإنترنت) (photo: )
دان مجلس الشورى والحُكماء بورشفانة، اليوم الثُلاثاء، بشدة قصف المواقع المدنية بالطائرات والقصف العشوائي للمدنيين في مدينة العزيزية.

وطالب المجلس في بيان حصلت «بوابة الوسط» على نسخة منه، بخروج التشكيلات المُسلحة من مدينة العزيزية وباقي مناطق ورشفانة وعدم تعريض الأبرياء للخطر، كما طالب بإطلاق سراح المحتجزين من أبناء المنطقة، ورفع الحصار وفتح ممرات آمنة حتى يتسنى إدخال المساعدات الإنسانية إلى كافة المناطق المحاصرة.

ودعا البيان إلى إبعاد المناطق المدنية ذات الكثافة السكانية العالية عن دائرة الصراع المُسلح وعدم تهجير الأهالي وعدم إلحاق الضرر بالمؤسسات العامة والمُمتلكات الخاصة.

وأكد مجلس الشورى والحكماء إن مدينة العزيزية قُصفت بالطيران الحربي، كما تشهد مناطق ورشفانة عمليات مسلحة أسفرت عن نزوح جماعي للعديد من السكان المدنيين ،وتعاني من حصار أوقف الحياة اليومية للسكان ، وأن هجوم المتواصل بصورة عشوائية أدى إلى ترويع السكان وقتل المدنيين وإحتجاز العديد من الشباب.

ميليشيات “فجر ليبيا” تنكّل بأهالي العزيزية

طرابلس- بوابة إفريقيا الإخبارية

قال المكتب الإعلامي لمجلس شوري ورشفانة ،اليوم الاثنين ،إن ميليشيات “فجر ليبيا” قامت باقتحام عدد من المنازل بمدينة العزيزية نحو 50 كلم جنوب العاصمة الليبية طرابلس ،وقامت بطرد العائلات عنوة من بيوتها و”تسرق وتنهب كل ما تجده أمامها إضافة لضرب وشتم المارة واعتقال الناس بشكل عشوائي”.

و أضاف المجلس في بيان حمل عنوان “العزيزية تشهد أعمال انتقامية من مليشيات فجر ليبيا” ،أن ميليشيات “فجر ليبيا” و فضلا عن عمليات السرقة والنهب والحرق لممتلكات سكان مناطق ورشفانة والتهجير القسري للعائلات قامت باعتقال و خطف عدد من شباب المنطقة بلغ عددهم ومنذ يوم الجمعة الماضي و حتى اليوم الإثنين 120 شخصا كحصيلة مبدئية حتى الآن ولا تزال هذه الجرائم مستمرة أمام مرئى ومسمع المجتمع الدولي والامم المتحدة ومجلس النواب والحكومة المؤقتة دون أن يحرك أي منهم ساكن حتى بمجرد التنديد بهذه الأعمال الإنتقامية ضد أهالي ورشفانة والتي لم تعد تدع مجالا للشك في أنها أعمال تطهير عرقي ضد هذه القبيلة لا لشئ الا لأنها رفضت المليشيات ولم ترضخ لها ووقفت بقوة مع دعم الجيش والشرطة والبرلمان والحكومة الشرعيتان

 The arrival of BROTHERHOOD military support for ‘militias Roma Libya’

near the Kopri al-Zahra and orders to go to the city of al-Azizia

for rat support of the Brotherhood City Gharyan militias stationed

in the city of  al-AZIZIA. 

‘Rhythm Melcaat Dawn Libya’ are ambushed at their terrorist

camp next to the fourth division of the Fourth Brigade of

our Tribal Forces at B. AZIZIA.

Gharyan militia are pounding our troops in Azizia,

in an attempt to prevent them from our progress

and deal with them now.

*: The bombing of the city of al-Azizia with Grad rockets

coming from the platforms ‘just Daab’ based in Gharyan.





Checkpoint Triv_Gharyan



Shura Council of Rishvana Condemn Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilian Areas in Al-Azizia


“Dawn Libya” continues to theft and looting of houses in Rishvana

Abda-Basit Ben Hamel:
A number of residents of Rishvana, “Africa Gateway News reported”, that their homes have been exposed to theft, where the militants ‘Dawn Libya’ yesterday evening Wednesday operations theft and looting of farms and the contents of the houses in the west of the city of al-Azizia Zayat area and looted everything and grandmother before including their stocks of goods Foods and luggage.

He said one of the peasants in the region that the contents of all of his home had been stolen, including his farm production of olive oil and appealed al-Jafarah Security Directorate to do its duty to rein in criminals who come on and Rishvana cities and surrounding areas.

This is experiencing all regions and Rishvana a state of instability and an increase in the number of criminals accompanying the armed militias and the closure of sub-agricultural roads in all regions.


The source said he is likely to be one of the ‘Dawn Libya’, near the corner refinery brigades carried out the bombing aim of provoking a rift between the CORNER and Rishvana of the relay after news that the source was Rishvana areas, showing that the majority of its population displaced from their homes.

Rishvana Civil society organizations are condemning the ‘government of Salvation’ of Omar Hassi in


-Abda-Basit Ben Hamel:

Civil society organizations in the area of Rishvana issued a statement obtained “Africa News Portal” a copy of it, expressing its deep concern about the course of events in their own areas and Rishvana, in the municipalities of al-Azizia, al-Zahra in the mountains, and Mil and Sawani in west-Tripoli.

And the statement that the region is experiencing reprisals and practices aggressive and war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing, arrests and abduction of the identity and prosecution of illegal burning and theft and looting of the property and exercised their right to the worst forms of violations inhumane also carried out indiscriminate bombing continuous aviation and missiles by these militias areas Azizia, Nasiriyah and Al-Zahra and mil and Ameria.

What led to the downfall of many innocent civilians were among the dead and injured and led to the forced displacement of most of the inhabitants of those areas, and this is done in full view of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and without lifting a finger.

And denounced the institutions of civil society through its statement of all forms of military, political and media escalation against the sons and Rishvana and targeting the civilian population and military aviation sites and trying to destabilize the region and Rishvana.

It warned of the growing role of armed militias and create a fertile environment for the implementation of its plans to destabilize and be Rishvana arena for settling regional, tribal and political calculations.

And called for the withdrawal of the armed formations from all regions and Rishvana and not to endanger innocent people at risk as we demand the release of detainees from the sons and Rishvana.

While also condemned the silence of the international community about what the militias ‘Dawn Libya’ have done to the right of the people of Rishvana and violation of all laws and international conventions on human rights, and its failure to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council on the protection of civilians.

And expressed deep regret and resentment not limited double standards with which the United Nations Support Mission in Libya from the parties to the conflict and total silence about what is happening in the regions and Rishvana, especially as they graze dialogue program without that draws the attention of the interlocutors to the need to stop these violations immediately or you condemn these crimes.

And called on civil society institutions the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, and the interim government to fully do their part towards the people of Rishvana and condemnation of these criminal acts and to do everything they can do about what happens from war crimes and crimes against humanity against the people of Rishvana

and called on the interim government to clarify what is happening in the regions and Rishvana, to inform international public opinion and local and activating considered a disaster area decisions.

And condemned the so-called head of government al-Ankad mandated by ‘Congress ended its legitimacy’ because of his support not limited to these militias called ‘Dawn Libya’, and inciting them of committing war crimes against the tribe of Rishvana, bringing instability to the people of the region

and it became a reality every day because of threats and intimidation loudspeakers and forcing parents to leave the area and inform them that it was a military zone.





Militias ‘Roma Libya’ terrorists kidnap more than

100 young people from the city of Ajeelat.

Killed the terrorist and car-thief rat, “Mr. Ahmed gimmicky”.

This is a rat from the effects of terror on the ordinary citizens,

in the landfill area and the lattice in Ajeelat.


Militias ‘Roma Libya’ in Zuwarah gate.




The arrival of a large bridge aerial support to Uqba at Wattaya base.




BANI WALID from this year’s torrent rain swells.




Abar al-Haddt:

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

Hey just Misurata when we speak Zbohna and Tcolohna Magltm now
I want you to accomplish what sunrise young Rafienhm Baamr of people up on the occupation of the oil in the dead of bruised in losses is in gear
Are you satisfied?! I do not do to Matt Mqaal Matt Motta Kharijites is free to scientists and God Almighty has account.

The order came in Bin Jawad was ordered returned to Misrata without Mpadi’ve planted hatred in you the people of the oil Crescent Djaltamohm al-Ohna time that you were a minimum.

Where was your mind when you go to the Crescent oil ??
You Tkzbona on yourself and Tcolna that it came from the power !!
God and the reality that you signed when I did not see any people in the world signed the

Did you know that there is already a waste conference they did not get to the Conference of the block 60 and the fulfillment of justice.

I look at the legitimacy of elected and which tells the world, the House of Representatives !!

God will not explain to you the rebellion and oppression and out on the Crown to the order will not explain I’m not a scientist nor Sheikh even explain to you !!

God, I have learned the story of Sunrise and is # masterminded at night and flavor English.

Here today, as He says ((# beat to combine and attach the back passage))
Salah Badi, Abdul Rahman Agha Sowaihilli Pasha: your plan failed by all accounts.

توا يا مصراتة عندما كنا نتكلم تسبونا وتقولونا ماقلتم الآن

اريد منكم ما انجاز الشروق الشباب لرافعينهم باامر من الناس لفوق فوق لحتلال النفط في من مات وفي من انجرح غير الخسائر في العتاد

هل انت راضيا ?! به لمات مش مقايل مات موتتا الخوارج خلوه للعلماء والله سبحانه وتعالى عنده الحساب

جاء أمر كانت في بن جواد جاء أمر رجعت الي مصراتة بدون مبادي قمتم بزرع الحقد والكراهية لكم في اهالي الهلال النفطي جعلتموهم يكرهونا الساعة التي كنتم فيها على الدنيا

اين كان عقلكم عند التوجه الي الهلال النفطي ??

انتم تكذبونا على نفسكم وتقولنا ان الامر جاء من السلطة !!

والله الواقع الذي وقعتم فيه لم اشاهد أي قوم في لعالم وقع فيه

هل تعلم أن لا يوجد مؤتمر وهم أصلا بقاية مؤتمر لايصل 60 من كتلة الوفاء و العدالة

أنظر إلى الشرعية المنتخبة والذي يحكي بها العالم وهو مجلس النواب !!

والله لن اشرح لك علي تمرد والبغي والخروج على ولي لامر لن اشرح انا ليس شيخ ولا عالم حتي اشرح لك !!

والله قصه الشروق عندي علم وامر ‫#‏دبر‬ في ليل وبنكهة انجليزية

وها اليوم كما قال تعالى(( ‫#‏سيهزم‬ الجمع ويولون الدبر))

صلاح بادي عبد الرحمن السويحلي بشا اغا ‫#‏مخططكم‬ فاشل بكل المقاييس

Pressure on ‘the junta of Misurata’, to al-Nbaro both Salah Badi 

and Abdul-Rahman Sowahailli.

Informed sources from within the city of Misurata reported that there are pressures exercised by parents in the region, onto the ‘military council’ in the city,

and a member of the Misurata Military Council, Suleiman al-Faki, a member of the rat ‘dialogue-team’, about al-Nbaro of Madawan Salah al-Badi and Abdul-Rahman Sowahailli, 

Libyan  Misurata Brotherhood Banner w Sowahailli and Badi

especially after ‘bin Gazan families’, lost in the city of MISURATA,

three of their sons at the hands of DAASH in Sirte.

The members of  the ‘Misurata Atalibona Municipal Council’, lifted the lid on the social upon SalahBadi and  Abdul Rahman Sowaihilli. They are not condemed as the people of Misurata requested.

See how the transfer of Misurata Brigades to Sirte and Bin Jawad killed dozens of people and destroyed gear and injured hundreds.

Swept through the south and Rishvana and trying to take them to the west and Montenegro.

Top rebel Tripoli Council, which led ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’  did not care about the citizen residents of the capital, and are not quoted arrogance to Tarhouna.

Melcaat hide behind cities to get a social immunity and trying to involve cities in their project.
See how it happened in the invasion of Tripoli ?

I jumped a waste ‘Conference’ Alvena who did not get even 60 of ‘Fidelity and justice’…
I do not blame Congress Vagaah authority and flus blame gullible.

God will become the largest face of terrorism and

extremism away from the fabric of social will always be in the nation’s unity.

انا ضد تسجيل مدن تحت مسمي الملشيات المسلحة بااسم المدينة فامثلا مليشيات عادل دعاب هذا المدعو يحاول بسط النفوذ والتحكم في مدينة غريان بالاستعانة بسدج

لاداعي ارفاق دعاب باسم غريان

أو ابوعبيدة الذي ينشر شردمته غصبن على اهالي الزاوية

فازاوي التاجر كيف سوف يشتغل في ضروف قفل الطرق وتمزيق النسيج الاجتماعي كيف تنشط الحركة التجارية بوجود ملشيات متعنته لا توبالي بالمواطن

عبد الرحمن السويحلي و صلاح بادي قام بجبار مصراتة في دخول حروب كرهن وليس محبه

انظر كيف قام بنقل كتائب مصراتة إلى سرت و بن جواد قتل العشرات وتدمرة العتاد وجرحي بالمئات

اجتاح الجنوب و ورشفانة ويحاول نقلهم إلى الغرب والجبل

مجلس أعلى ثوار طرابلس الذي تقوده الجماعة الليبية المقاتلة لم تبالي بالمواطن ساكن العاصمة لا نقلت غطرستها إلى ترهونة

“ملشيات تختبئ خلف مدن لتحصل على حصانة اجتماعية وتحاول إقحام مدن في مشروعهم

انظر كيف حصل في اجتياح طرابلس

قفزت بقاية المؤتمر الذينا لايصل حتى 60 من كتلة الوفاء والعدالة

انا لا الوم المؤتمر فالحكاية سلطة وفلوس الوم السذج

الله أكبر سوف نصبح نواجه لإرهاب والتطرف بعيدا عن النسيج لاجتماعي سوف نكون دائما في وحدة الوطن

 The occurrence of three consecutive explosions and very strong and do not know the reasons or as a result of the explosion is underway to make sure the incident.

Mazzika Misurata Mdayrh curfew from the area al-Qarbula

to Misurata from 10 pm to 6:00 AM.

This launched Bach.

Killed Libyan population Anakazh by five by the Brotherhood armor-Shield militia of Misurata; and, the kidnapping of a group of five more.

These five days to suffer from shortness of their armor before Brotherhood stationed in Misurata; and witnessing the siege of five, these days stenosis arbitrator, and curfews Midnight

Massarh from ‘Sunrise’. Goo Boneless withdraw Brkoah Masfah

interspersed with southwesterly winds of rain
‘Sunrise’ Bh

مصارش من الشروق. جوو مسحب بسحب برقوية معصفة تتخللها رياح جنوبية غربية ممطرة

الشروق بح




The Libyan National Army spokesman el-Hassy (Hjazi)spokesman battle Valley Rouge:

concerning the  battles at Rouge Valley:


“We deny any agreement with the militias and rebels Sunrise Libya”.


“… deny talk al-Melcaat and al-Melcaat provided from Ben Jawad after violent strikes on their positions.”


 “Progress in the direction of Sirte because the waiting is the commander of the armed forces and the army command.”

 ‘Rouge Valley directly’:
He defended against the invasion of his native homeland,
 Martyr, a Obeidi.

Shaheen mountain:
God bless his soul

Allah have mercy on him.


Gasoline and gas stocks into force in the city of Sirte

over a week ago and all stations are now closed.

Preparations for the Armed Forces for the Liberation of progress westward into Sirte.




Rouge Valley directly
Thus liberated Port Sidra
General Ahmed cunieform material

Briqh Tantsr


Mustafa al-Saiti
People who say I do not lose the battle agreement !! As Tgiu strength and Knadtha from Misurata in the west and the occupation of the target oil port after fierce battles with the Champions.

Briqhtenshab this invading force dragging tails disappointment either by agreement or other they Ansahbu without achieving their objective of this name in the military defeat of the concept.

But if you Hsudai or Kasuri and Takbs men right Vnicolk live and eat more! Htaiwkm dampers requires no group of sedition and oil each.

Libyans words sweet and income but # 60 on what was Misurata Knadtha attacking ports and oil tanks burn !! Defeated Misurata Knaúnha on the land of champions (Cyrenaica).

Mustafa al-Saiti
للناس اللي تقول اتفاق مش خسارة معركة!! لما تجيك قوة من مصراتة وكناتها في الغرب والهدف احتلال الموانئ النفطية وبعد معارك طاحنة مع ابطال ‫#‏برقة‬تنسحب هذه القوة الغازية تجر اذناب الخيبة ‫#‏سواء‬ باتفاق او غيره هم انسحبو دون تحقيق هدفهم هذه اسمها هزيمة في المفهوم العسكري. اما اذا كنت حسدي او قسوري وتخبس الرجال حقهم فنقولك تعيش وتاكل غيرها! شلطوكم التريس جماعة لا للفتنة والبترول لكل الليبيين كلام حلو ‫#‏بس‬ وينكم من 60 يوم لما كانت مصراتة وكناتها تهاجم الموانئ وتحرق خزانات النفط!! هزمت مصراتة وكنائنها عل ارض الابطال (برقة)


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:

“Allah’s mercy on the martyrs al-Vena push blood in Rabat in the vicinity of the Crescent Oil, for keeping the source of the Libyan state income from the occupation of al-Mtmurde follow a waste mass loyalty and justice.”


Nofaliya and Bin Jawad, in the coming hours, by the joyful news.

Nazim Taiara:

Ibrahim al-Jdharan Aaserg Aahtale Yamta Lebanon Farms Aals oil.
The next day, ‘Sunrise Libya’ forces withdrew from Bin Jawad
… was silent Yaroadh good.”

‘Melcaat sunrise rebels’ withdrawal from Bin Jawad

and we issue an alert to the residents of the town to get away from the remnants of war, and military forces and support facilities ‘Oil Guard Installation’ which are advancing in the direction of Bin Jawad.

Clashes in the town of Bin Jawad between ‘MISURATA’s third power of the device’ and the ‘Oil Guard Institutions’ service.
The remnants of the ‘Roma Libya’ rogues, are evident all over the area.

After the collapse of the defenses of the terrorists in Bin Jawad and drain all their strength today Evrona went to Misurata.
‘Minister of Oil and Gas’, informs us:

“Sunrise militias withdraw from Bin Jawad to the direction of Sirte.”

 ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist militias stationed in the area east of the city Bin Jawad at Sirte 150 km, are withdrawing weapons from the front al-Tqilh.

Organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood branch of Misurata, after draining all their strength in Bin Jawad Insahbuna, to Misrata and Anscherohna news we’ve Btfaq forces with ‘Crescent Oil’, in exchange for withdrawal.


Escape gathering of ‘Melcaat sunrise’ at Ben Jawad to Misurata.

Libyan National Army The Libyan armed forces:
Libyan National Army invites residents and residents of the city of Bin Jawad to return to their homes and losing their belongings and their property, after the defeat of militants ‘Dawn Libya’ terror and its withdrawal from the city.

Celebrations in Ras Lanuf and Bin Jawad

to expel the rebels from the town of Bin Jawad.




Daash reviewing his troops in Ajdabiya city center.




‘Benghazi Security Directorate’ Police Force

Image that burned ‘DAASH’ henchmen, and ‘Roma Libya’,

and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood from the ‘Benghazi Security Directorate’.


When you see a large amount of explosives and planted mines and improvised explosive devices in Benghazi says that this was done by ‘Daash’.  What is this what is called ‘Schori rebels and “Ansar al-Sharia”.? They are DAASH in Libya. And out of the Lisp rat-military calls ‘Boca a martyr’ ??? after all this Machahd, Boca is not only in hell, but in the nadir of the fire !

Mohammed 'Boca' Orabai is in hell now

God Save the forces in Benghazi !

In all, suicide bombers have booby-trapped houses.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB, reports:

7 children killed in Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, in the city of Benghazi,

after the indiscriminate shelling by ‘Melcaat Shura Council Benghazi’ terrorists.

Allah is enough and yes, the agent (SATAN)…
We ask God to their families patient.



Bernardino Lyon Gross , says

“Please do NOT question the ‘legitimacy’ of Libya Vashraeih when NPC members(RATS Congress: the GNC ALLAOTUNAI outgoing ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) !!!!

Chairman (chief council deputy secretary) of the TOBRUK ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, Saleh Issa, issued a decree naming each of the following
1-Isa Abdul Gayoom
2. Mahmoud Masrati
3. Abdullah Athamna
4. Faraj Zidane
5. Ahmed Abdullah Aboud
6. Ahmed Saeed ELHOUDERI,
Advisers to the ‘negotiating team’ for the ‘dialogue Skheirat’ upcoming in EGYPT.






Killed Inventory (Rajab Ibrahim Ragoubi) at the airbase at Barak Chat’ai.

The occurrence of militias Roma Libya

in ambush axis Qira  Barak Chat’ai, which resulted in losses

in their mechanisms and spirits

in the ranks of terrorist Brotherhood al-Melcaat.

The Misurata militias liquidated three people from the valley area
of Barak Chat’ai, who had been arrested in the peace gate and they are …:
1. Abdulrahman Abdullah Hassan
2. Mohammed Khalil Mansour
3. Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan
And the bodies of the victims were handed over to the medical center at Sabha.

Barak Chat'ai 3

Sources from the Barak Beach:

Libyan Army Bamsandh people of the area of the base Ikterbohna Bamsafah 2 km.




The outcome of the 85 clashes camp yesterday
The killing of ‘Ali Saleh al-Miasa’,
injured ‘Abdullah horse Al-Miasa’, 

And the wounding of three of the women who

were of their ministry, to Sabha Hospital.


‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs us:

Bankrupt Brotherhood Aradwna has beaten Islam

and totally distorted it, as when Espona Ancestors follow-Banna out.

These days the Wahabi says Tanna in Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab

Days Madakhalah says in Sep Sheikh spring portal,
Is tomorrow will Icoln O daughter of Sheikh.

Allah’s mercy upon the Albanian name…
Or will we Foozna tell us the name of Sheikh Ali Fauzan
Erdon to walk ‘Nacelle Prophet’ and Matball for the Day of Judgment !

These outsiders (KHARIJITES) era enemies of Islam.

الإخوان المفلسين يرضونا ضرب لاسلام وتشويه عندما يسبونا السلف الصالح خرج اتباع البنأ
يوما يقول هؤلاء الوهابية طعننا في الشيخ العلامة محمد بن عبد الوهاب
يوما يقول المداخلية في سب الشيخ ربيع المدخلي
هل غدا سوف يقولن يا لبابنة على اسم الشيخ رحمة الله عليه الالباني
أو سوف يقولنا علينا فووزنا علي اسم الشيخ فوزان
لايردون السير باسنة النبي وماتباعه ليوم الدين
هؤلاء خوارج العصر أعداء الإسلام


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