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 Iranian Leader Khamenei



Khemenei says America is trying to bury Iran

#4838 – Iranian Leader Khamenei:

Death to America; Obama Is Trying to Turn Our People against the Regime

IRINN TV (Iran) – 21 March  2015 – 04:09


 Camoplaged canvas housing for LIBYAN ARMY military SUVs:

Camoplaged canvas housing for military SUVs




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Hello I am Eachoa of the ‘epiphyseal’.

I remark that page in Facebook called ‘operations room epiphyseal’:

this page al-Adinm of Amazigh, and where I wanted to alert of these pages, to Elvis Bouquet.

The Lord saves home.

They call the Zintan “cells”, and the ‘Libyan Army’ as “Hftar’s dignity parade” who are in alliance with the ‘ousted-regime cronies’ and the ‘slave-tribes’..and they say “the last invasion of Tripoli ‘attempt’ by them” !!

BEWARE of the sites you get your information from. Many are propaganda sites for “ROMA / FAJR LIBYA” and the Brotherhood ‘s so-called ” ‘government’ of Salvation” of OMAR HASSI !!



Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات المشاشية الاحتاطية‎.
غرفة عمليات المشاشية الاحتاطية


 Hadeel Shaaban Surman Hazh on the second ranking

on the world in memorizing the ‘Holy Quran’.




 The President of the TRIPOLI based ‘Supreme Court’,  Libya Judge Kamal Bashir Dahan,

(which nullified the meetings of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ in Tobruk),

has fled to Turkey, as he submitted his resignation. 


 ‘judge Kamal paint’ went to Turkey


“ZINTAN BRIGADES QaQaa”, tells us:

Tdhan Saraya al-Baghdadi and Abu Obeida affiliated with the ‘Dawn Libya’ Melcaat, are hunkering down behind civilians, in the TRIPOLI-CORNER. We will deliver them to tell them to you who does not have a safe place in Libya.

Libyan Army forces advancing direction of the corner Psonad youth corner and elements of the army in the city and the decline and collapse in the ranks of ‘Dawn Libya’ as well as the “Brigades of Abu Obeida Tzim ‘Islamic’-State of Baghdadi”.

Yes, in God and good people in a corner Aamllona effort to assign the Libyan Army together with Saraya, to assign to eliminate ‘Dawn Libya’ and Saraya  parts from the al-Baghdadi ‘Islamic’-State regulation (DAASH).
(Da’a llahm lon)

Armed clashes inside the angle between the Liberal youth corner,

and the remnants of the Abu Obeida militias who fled the fighting fronts.

‘State regulation Daash’, has gathered Brigades Abu Obeida

to force residents lock corner shops and the colleges. Saraya Abu Obeida of the Baghdadi and elements ‘Dawn Libya’, Ikmona pressure on the people of the corner and lock everything shelter among civilians.

This book was found when you follow al-Baghdadi in the

South CORNER. It means ‘waging We Petkvrona’:

“ZINTAN BRIGADE QaQaa”, informs us:

There are two sites belonging to the “Dawn Libya” ‘s southern corner
One site, where there are large quantities of WINES, 

and hashish, and a CD Music archive…

The second site, is written on the wall of the ‘Islamic-State regulation of Daash ‘Iabgdada’, where are torched any books for the Kharijites in contradiction with their interpretation of the Sunnah.

Two different locations !!! What is this contradiction ?
And specific speech deny everything Motq Pavedioat…


Just Fashloum Talat pleasures of Hashish, and Xanthan ousted

and Qatar to launch ………

Water outages:

cottages, Plateau neighborhood, Mansoura

and some other areas of the capital Tripoli.

Water cuts from the area of ​​cottages neighborhood

and its meaning in the electricity (because many houses

receive their water with an electric pump)…

TRIPOLI, cottages (huts) area




‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs us,:

Citing ‘Room Zintan Operations’:
Proceeds losses ‘Dawn Libya’ groups of terrorists, in ‘Bir Honey’ zone and south of TRIPOLI-CORNER, (of which were)
4 killed, 7 injured and the piece after the fall of the missile accurately  mortar in place of the concentration of Brotherhood MISURATA militias.

Allah Hama neighborhood home … your prayers…

Allah cbr
Nqla an al-Rosa
Army crushes militia Abu Obeida near Bir Honey

and the village of Nasser and well Haouissa and come

on in some areas of challenge and great progress of the

Libyan Army in the region Chleyeeyeeyet.

Siege on Brigades Abu Obeida (of DAASH’s Baghdadi) and

Melcaat ‘Dawn Libya’ who are now on 3 axes, working together.


Zintan this morning, showing the penonema of a ‘Vhlom labh’:

Interceptor aircraft of the Libyan Air Force, is flying over the Libyan atmosphere of western Zintan al-Jabel-Nafusa.


And the flight of the Misurata Brotherhood’s new popular L-39 aircraft, which bombed “al-Rajaban” this morning !
(see picture)

Omar Matouk, reports:

The L39 plane belonging to the Kharijites, this  morning

dropped bombs on the main road near the popular

Martyrs Tabashan (new al-Rajaban), …

no damage, thanks to Allah !

‘Dawn Libya’ jet fighters launched fresh airstrikes today

against targets in Zintan, Kikla, Bir Ghanem and around Wattaya airbase.


The Libyan army‘s historical Commander, General Omar Tantoish was killed in al-Aziziya region in western Libya.

al-AZIZIA, 3

General Omar Tntoush, chief of the western operation’s room of the Libyan Army,

was killed during the latest attempt to free Tripoli. He was buried in the eastern city to Tobruk yesterday.



LIBYAN AIRFORCE operation jet fighters also carried out an airstrikes

on the ‘Fajr Libya’ camp in Gharyan. No casualties reported in the airstrikes.





“Schori rebels Sirte Council of the ‘Baghdadi Islamic-State’ “

threatens to slaughter al-Roidp Nazim Taiara Sfinh;


and he is one of the slaves of money and the power and Togat.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs and asks of us, to:

Praise Allah, and Allah for everything Kadeer !

When there was established an alliance between ‘Daash’ and the ‘lechery’ in the attack on ‘carp Bahi Oil fields’, the organization of ‘Daash’ slaughtered eight of the ‘Oil Guard Installations’ servicemen.

‘Dawn Libya’ organization at that time, had a dispute with the ‘Islamic-State regulation’ (DAASH).

Vatnzim ‘Dawn Libya’ demanded that both the ‘Islamic-State regulation’ and ‘Ansar al-Sharia’, are to be ordered under ‘Dawn Libya’.
The ‘Islamic-State’ (DAASH), wants to regulate on the contrary ‘Dawn Libya’, to be under Islamic-State regulation (DAASH).

Allah beat oppressors in some time; and it became split between some…



 Misurata accuses displaced Benghazi madinah destabilize

its security* and to graduate out of the city.


 PICTURE (above) The real new Police Force crewe of security for Benghazi




 Libyan government demanding a formal request to the Arab states assign NATO Arab forces legitimacy in Libya to eliminate ‘Islamic’ state regulation (DAASH) and Saraya al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia and its allies to re-Libyan legitimacy and stability of the country.

 After an agreement between the Arab leaders and the powers of the Arab joint Arab coalition, the Arab world  favors Saleh Issa’s request; and,  assigns legitimacy to the Libyan ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, and supports initiatives to maintain the stability of Libya, with an emphasis dialogue with the opposing Wahabi armed groups.

BUT, Can the UNO be trusted to keep their ‘word’ ???

Met in Cairo, Ban Ki-moon, and Bernardino Lyon-Gros (Brotherhood-envoy of the United Nations), with the chancellor Saleh Issa, Chief Secretary of the ‘Chamber of Deputies’ (‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ of Tobruk) and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Libyan Army (Hftar). The U.N. made for two pledge; and reassure the Chancellor, that, all the nations of the world, will support the legitimate Libyan al-Mthmtlh, being the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’,

and Morocco dialogue now confirms, that any results decided, will first have to be approved by the board of the authority of ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’ (as they are the sovereign legitimacy, in the Libyan country).

PICTURE: remember the fraud ‘responsibility to protect’ (HAH)

 Salam textual, reporting:

The name of God the Merciful…

We arrived safely last night for the city of Cairo on the way back to the homeland after the end of the Arab League Council at the summit level, has been an extraordinary summit sense of the word in terms of the Arab situation, regional and global ,,

decision on Libya was good and no custody of him, except for the state one which is Qatar…

The decision to establish the power of the Arab defense is an important step towards a joint Arab action and a major shift in the concept of Arab national security.

There were also many economic decisions and social and political .. the atmosphere was a good and what was lacking the summit, but the presence of a chair Syria vacant …

Also met with the Libyan delegation and on the sidelines of the summit, Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations and Mr. Leon his Brotherhood Special Envoy to Libya, has been transparent dialogue and frank dialogue and Hur are going through Libya …

Allah save Libya !




The Houthis appeal not only to the tradition-minded tribal Yemenis – but modern ones as well. As one supporter who lived out of Yemen for over a decade said,

“We seek safety, justice, independence, rule and order. Sadaa was a haven  for drug smugglers and human trafficking to Saudi Arabia, now with Ansar Allah [the Houthi], it has become the safest place in Yemen. Electricity and water is better than anywhere in Yemen, and Ansar Allah has helped farmers build dams and make organic fertilizers.

a Saada, Yemeni man harvests pomegranates from his village farm, 25 August 2013, thanks solely to the Houthi, enacting a program following that of Muammar al-Qathafi in South eastern Libya. Saada is well known as one of the most fertile provinces in Yemen; in order to avoid western influence, the Houthis have helped farmers develop organic fertilizers.]

Rise of the Houthis


In Yemen we take pride in our guns, just as they do in the USA. Ansar Allah had made it clear that you can decorate yourself with guns but you will be punished if you misuse this privilege. al-Qaeda has been wiped out from all areas under Ansar Allah control…

Give Yemeni people safety and security and they will give their full support.”


Saudis act at behest of US imperialism: Pundit

Press TV has conducted an interview with Joe Iosbaker, a political commentator from Chicago, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen.

Iosbaker argues that the United States government should also be blamed for Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen, because the Saudis will not act without consulting with “master” Washington.

He also believes that if the Saudis attempt to go inside Yemen, they will find themselves in a quagmire because the Yemeni people are battle-hardened.

Iosbaker further says the Saudi government is acting at the behest of US imperialism, adding Riyadh thinks the invasion of Yemen will be feasible with the support of its allies but it will eventually learn a hard lesson that the people will never stop struggling for what is just.



Yemeni men wearing military fatigue and loyal to the Ansarullah movement:
Yemeni men wearing military fatigue and loyal to the Ansarullah movement

Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen have been clouded by a massive propaganda campaign which doesn’t stand up to the facts.

The oft-repeated claim is that Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is the ‘legitimate’ president of Yemen, and must be accepted as such by Yemenis. Hadi came into office after a farcical one-man election forced down Yemenis’ throats by the Saudis and the US after the ouster of the one-time dictator-president Ali Abdullah Saleh. That many Yemenis were dissatisfied with this process was of little consequence to its backers. Ever since the appointment of Hadi as president, Yemenis have not backed down from the desire to see their revolution reach a conclusion that is satisfactory for all.

Yemeni nation will not go backward

Even if we do accept Hadi as president, the image of him landing in Riyadh looking well rested, relaxed, and happy as his people endure sleepless nights of airstrikes does not do much to further his legitimacy in the eyes of Yemenis themselves. A legitimate leader is meant to lead all his people, not just his supporters, something Hadi had never been able to comprehend nor act upon. In the manic effort to control the narrative, the Houthis and others, including the army, who oppose Hadi’s rule, as in the case of the majority of Bahrainis who protest against the monarchy, are labeled as foreign ‘stooges,’ as if anyone who opposes the installed president must be serving an outside power. That Hadi himself reiterates this notion does not bode well for him as a leader of all Yemenis. He cannot serve his country, if that is his real intention, if he only wants quiet submission to him and his policies. That was Ali Abdullah Saleh’s niche form of rule, and Yemenis rejected that, so contrary to what Hadi may desire, the people are not willing to go backward.

demonstration in Ta’izz on March 29, 2015 against the Saudi invasion of Yemen
Houthi fighters and supporters take part in a demonstration in Ta’izz on March 29, 2015 against the Saudi invasion of Yemen. © AFP

Beyond that, there is the hypocrisy of nations that have united with Saudi Arabia in the attacks on Yemen. Where is there such united front when it comes to freeing the long-suffering Palestinian people? To add to the absurdity, the man meant to represent Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, has also supported the attacks on Yemen.

In addition, though Saudi Arabia and others in this ‘coalition’ claim moral authority over Yemen by wanting to see its ‘legitimate’ President Hadi put back in his place and freeing the country of foreign ‘stooges,’ within their own borders, such countries continue their dictatorial ways. That none of the countries in this coalition is democratic, while they preach to Yemenis to accept their farcical version of democracy, can only be understated as hypocritical.

For dictators days are numbered

The dictators of the region want nothing more than the return to the old way of doing things. One can imagine them huddled around talking about the good ol’ days when the peoples of the region silently bowed to them and did not question their rule. These men must realize that those days are long gone. Even if they are today, and for the next weeks, months, years, able to scare, torture, and kill enough people to gain the submission they demand, their days are numbered. The people of the region know that they have been deprived of rights and freedoms for long enough.

Much applause has been heard from extra-regional actors regarding the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen. There is praise being leveled about how the ‘Arabs are now taking their affairs into their own hands.’ Through this feel-good talk, one stark reality stands out. When announcing the beginning of the airstrikes, the Saudi ambassador to the US quite specifically said that this was done after consultations with the US. What kind of Arab-led mission needs consultations with an outside power? And is that why the Arab dictatorships have never done anything worthy for Palestine; because of a certain US disapproval of any such notion?

The cheers from the West, even Israel, since the Saudi-led airstrikes began may raise the uncomfortable question in many people’s minds as to whose bidding this ‘coalition’ is really doing. Though most blame must be put on the shoulders of regional countries for the dismal state of the region vis-à-vis the spread of ISIL or others as well as the horrendous human rights violations by state actors, it is just as true that the West has used this chaos to further its interests, especially in protecting Israel.

Any chants of wanting to promote democracy and freedom heard from countries where corporate interests and lobby groups twist and turn politicians into submission, are empty, at best. If there was a genuine interest in having the peoples’ voices heard, there would have been more calls for neutral dialogue in Yemen, not an attack to force people into submission.

None of the above is to say that Yemen should be predestined to fall into any one specific group’s rule. Yemenis must not fall into the trap of once again becoming part of a nation that is nothing more than a proxy satellite state of its more powerful neighbors.

Any country which believes that it can rule over another without consequence and question is mistaken. Let the Yemeni people deal with their own issues. No force upon them from outside will win their hearts and minds towards an end goal determined for them from the outside. These Brotherhood dictators must end their blood-shed, reflect on their own dictatorial-rule upon people they have suppressed for too long. The people must unite to remove these Wahabi dictators.

crater left following an airstrike on March 28, 2015 in Sana’a on the third day of the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen
People gather around a crater left following an airstrike on March 28, 2015 in Sana’a on the third day of the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen. © AFP

Two thoughts in conclusion: The elephant in the room over Yemen is the fight against al-Qaeda. While it is clear where the ideology of extremist groups in the region stems from, support for them has recently not remained solely ideological, expanding into training, funding, and logistics. The Houthis’ efforts to fight al-Qaeda, a group which both Saudi Arabia and the US claim they are against (but in reality, they support!), and the war against them raises several questions. Why is it that the Saudis have chosen to attack those against the installed Hadi government and not al-Qaeda? Who is the bigger threat to the kingdom and its dictator-allies? The answer lies in what is the greater threat to the Saudi dynasty, created by the British Empire, and feeds the whole Wahabi-Islamic world and its terror.



Fog rolls over a home decorated with the photo of former leader Hussein al Houthi in the mountain village of Marran in Saada, Yemen, 27 March  2014. Marran is the home village of former leader Hussein al Houthi, who took refuge in the mountain caves with his family and close personal friends, who nearly all died protecting him.

Rise of the Houthis

Yemeni men shout the Houthi slogan – al Sarkha (The Scream) – in the cave where former leader Hussein al Houthi was killed in Marran, Saada, Yemen, March 27, 2014. Many of al Houthi’s friends were shot down from surrounding cliffs, others crushed when the cave collapsed on top of them. Marran is now a pilgrimage site for thousands of supporters each year.

Rise of the Houthis




For years the Houthi have been fighting the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who want to change Houthi traditions, life and living the Holy Qu’ran..Houthi do not sufficate their women in burkas, nor do they practice polygamy and any of the other distorted practices propagandised by the WAHABI orders…

Girl’s schools proliferate throughout Saada, and Houthi women are given special roles in the media and leadership among their gender.

Saudiis do not even permit women to drive a car, etc.

Saudi Arabia finances the Brotherhood and other Wahabi –as does the USA.

It is a sour mark on the el-Saud dynasty, if the indigenous Houthi are to remain taking care of their own sovereign affairs. This threatens Saudi Arabia in particular.

Yes, the West have made it into a Sunni vs Shi-ite conflict…but it really goes deeper…with the fACT THAT WAHABI /ZIONISM, AND THE NWO, MEAN TO DOMINATE THE ENTIRE EARTH..AND DESTROY ALL OPPOSITION TO THEIR SATANIC SCHEMES.
HOUTHI just want to be able to live free on their own ancestral lands, and live an honest good life, as Allah has wished for them.

The reason for the War now on Yemen…just remember what happened in 2011 especially to ‘The Great Jamahiriya’…I need not say any more. The truth is plain for itself for anyone who is not under the veil.

The Houthi’s appeal not only to the tradition-minded tribal Yemenis – but modern ones as well. As one supporter who lived out of Yemen for over a decade said,

“We seek safety, justice, independence, rule and order. Sadaa was a haven for drug smugglers and human trafficking to Saudi Arabia, now with Ansar Allah [the Houthis], it has become the safest place in Yemen. Electricity and water is better than anywhere in Yemen, and Ansar Allah has helped farmers build dams and make organic fertilizers.

In Yemen we take pride in our guns, just as they do in the USA. Ansar Allah had made it clear that you can decorate yourself with guns but you will be punished if you misuse this privilege. Al-Qaeda has been wiped out from all areas under Ansar Allah control…

Give Yemeni people safety and security and they will give their full support.”

The Houthis are a majority throughout northern Yemen, but particularly in Saada and the Old City of Sana’a. Many locals appreciate they provide security and organize community gatherings.


Rise of the HouthisTwo young girls walk home in the Old City of Saada, 25 March  2014. Much of Saada was destroyed in the last war, in 2009, but the Houthi have taken great pains to repair the Old City, and have poured investment into restoration of the region and job growth.

The director of the school at Saada, Yemen, praised the Houthi support of schools and education,

saying since they’ve gained control of the province,

supplies to the school and quality of education have improved.


Community gathering in a Houthi-majority neighborhood in the Old City of Sana’a, 26 January 2013

Rise of the Houthis

“Women’s role in society can’t be separated from men’s role, they have one combined role. Woman and man are one entity, there isno difference between them except their sex.”

These are the words of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi, given in a speech commemorating the birthday of Fatima, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s daughter, on 20 April 2014.

In numerous speeches, al-Houthi has portrayed women as a basic element in the process of building the country and improving society. Statements given by multiple members of the Houthi Political Office seem to support women’s rights and condemn any actions oppressing women.

al-Houthi seems to think there isn’t a problem with women’s rights in Yemen. Rather, in his view, Zionism of taking advantage of the women’s rights movement to create conflict.

“Zionism tends to present women as if they are in an isolated world away from men and then they raise disputes and conflicts between them to make women think that they are oppressed and have to fight to get their rights,” he said in the same speech in April 2014.

During the National Dialogue Conference, in which nine of the 37 Houthi representatives were women, the group backed a 30 percent quota for women in government. And in the Constitutional Drafting Committee they voted in favor of a law to set a legal age for girls to get married.

“There is a fierce media war in the country. Ansar Allah [the Houthis] are targeted by those who don’t want good for the country,” says Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Houthi Political Office in Sana’a.

He claims the group is fully supportive of women’s rights, and denies allegations made by opponents that claim otherwise. “They come up with lies and make up stories just to defame Ansar Allah by saying that Ansar Allah are trying to get into people’s personal freedoms like banning women from driving or imposing dress codes.” (THAT IS A TOTAL LIE; it is the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and other WAHABI groups which seek restrictions upon women.)

Ammat al-Mujib al-Qahoom, a female Houthi representative to the NDC, also says that what has been reported against the Houthi regarding the way they treat women is a part of the media war against the group.

“Women in Sa’ada and in all the governorates controlled by Ansar Allah have their full freedoms to drive cars and to go out with or without a mahram. We are not Salafis. Ansar Allah don’t get into peoples’ own businesses in general and women’s businesses in particular,” she told the reporters.

al-Qahoom said that she and other female Houthi politicians who represented the Houthis in the NDC haven’t been asked by the leadership of the Houthis to not drive cars or to go out with a mahram. “I and other female Houthi politicians and activists drive our own cars freely and we go out without a mahram. We usually drive our cars to the Political Office of Ansar Allah without facing any objection from the leadership of the Political Office.”

al-Bukhaiti said the Houthi do not—in any official capacity—tell women in the capital or any other governorate to stop driving if they are unaccompanied by a mahram. “Ansar Allah has never asked women to stop driving cars without a mahram, whoever says so is telling a lie. People can judge for themselves. Women drive cars freely in the capital,” he said.

BTW: also do you note the date this ‘War on Yemen’ began ?

It seems the Yanks adore their war godess ‘Minerva.’

It is same day they attacked Iraq and Libya as well….

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