Now upon us is the GREAT WASHING and ‘editing’

Mu on democracy


Mu without the colors






In a statement, the Ministry of Defence,

al-Ankad BROTHERHOOD government,

declares a ‘state of public horn’.


Brotherhood ‘Asabhjerz Abdel-baset Avljevl’ a corner militia

leader of the southern corner, yesterday was injured in battles.

He is on his way for treatment in Turkey.

Volol withdrawal of the remaining militias angular terrorist Abu Obeida

to Korbh Solomon SIGN on the way to the corner of West Madinat al-Zahra.

Zero hour, comments:

Champions progress towards the street and the four military police memorial for the battle well Trinh link between road Zahra ring with dispersion militias ‘Roma Libya’.

Allah is the greatest history repeats itself after 100 years and the odd battle well Trinh against Italians and traitors and agents. Here is repeated battle in the same place with their grandchildren.

News of the death of BROTHERHOOD’s ‘Lamin Guenida’, one of the battalion commanders for the ‘Knights of Janzour’ at the center of al-Zahra.


Libyan Air Force warplanes bombed sites

belonging to the forces ‘Dawn Libya’ up

in Ada al-Rabie area, on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli.


Heavy fire in al-Sagiv Pegrean unknown area and cars cruising the city.


Urgent .. a group of militia Lhalboss enter the central control room

of the public electricity company in the way of Sawani and controlled.


An armed group from Tripoli based on the gate

at the ‘airport road’ near the Crown trace ‘Dawn Libya’

and the injury of two people from their militias.

airport road, is littered with bouillon:

airport road, Tripoli, is littered w bouillon


Militia Lhalboss boats backhaul PSV in their cars in Tripoli

Bash know Menen escape and Miasir them uniforms on Gharghour ..

Car tracking ‘Misurata militias’ is located next to the house

of which is now the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, in Tripoli.




‘Zero hour’, on FB, reports:

Praise be to Allah:

Full control of our forces to the southern half of the patch

and Rishvana geography are as follows:

al-Azizia entire city.
Wadi Al Heera.
The beauty.
Eastern Nasiriyah.

Now, preparations are underway for the second phase of liberalization of Madinat al-Zahra, a fully-Zahra Eastern and Issa boys and secure the ring road link between al-Zahra Zahra Bridge to Bridge 27.

Then the final stage and finished editing the RISHVANA globe and Kerkozh and mil and clay and al-Hachan and fisherman and his Gospel and Sawani (in TRIPOLI).



Brigade and Rishvana advancing into Madinat al-Zahra from

several directions and the decline of the militia ‘Dawn Libya’.


Ali Zayat control area and a well Bin Salem fully in Rishvana…

and the withdrawal of ‘Roma Libya’ at al-Hachan and

road link between al-Zahra and the globe.

Arrested four Jardan ‘Roma Libya’ in Bir Ben Salem east of Nasiriyah area,

who were holed up inside the corral sheep.

al-Nasiriyah, slightly south-west of Tripoli in the mountains

Tgeyev been Khanb Hussein Mohammed Lafi of children Bouhmirh gang,

one who Srko and Nhbo people and property Rishvana.


Destruction of unfit food for consumption in Ghadames.



غرفة عمليات الزنتان

Média/actualités/édition ·

Zintan mediaغرفة-عمليات-الزنتان


‘Room Zintan operations’:

al-Qriteley punishment night home publication of the skin on the back Shourah who eats the writer that the ‘Roma Libya’ camp in al-Azizia I right Hahahahahahah

ههههههههههههه émoticône kiki

Henw Etbi hear Talplab Clkat bash your head under the wake of Gapoptk Aesbah, Abdullah Mansour, and Khalid Sharif nor how Hahaha
Nor for the battalion’s contingency Tripoli walker walker continued illusion most important thing Raaak erase publication Hedda uniforms habits and table sit and kneaded and pumice who shake and Rak Asedko Hahahahaha
(Saat al Husm)

القريتلي عقاب الليل منزل منشور من الجلد شوره اللي ياكل فيه علي ظهره كاتب ان الغجر في معسكر العزيزية اني الحق

ههههههههههههه émoticône kiki

شنو تبي تسمع تلبليب الشلكات تحت راسك باش تفيق من غيبوبتك ياصبية عبد الله منصور وخالد الشريف ولا كيف هههههه

ولا الصورة لكتيبة طوار طرابلس ماشي ماشي استمر في الوهم اهم شي راااك تمسحة المنشور هدا زي عاداتك وتقعد تبل وتعجن والخفاف اللي تهز وراك يصدقو هههههههههه

Minutes of the battle to liberate al-Azizia
I advise road and I would recommend the

‘Roma Libya’ children to return to their homes
Video portray Mohammed el-Daif

‎دقيقة من معركة تحرير #العزيزية<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
انصحكم بالمشاهدة و انصح اطفال #غجر #ليبيا بالعودة الي منازلهم<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
#فيديو تصوير @[100004031726823:2048:Mohammed Eldaif]‎


دقيقة من معركة تحرير ‫#‏العزيزية‬
انصحكم بالمشاهدة و انصح اطفال ‫#‏غجر‬ ‫#‏ليبيا‬ بالعودة الي منازلهم
‫#‏فيديو‬ تصوير Mohammed Eldaif





In full control of  the area south of Beautiful City, at Akrabieah.

Akrabieah has been secured by the population and progress to the city center now.



Clashes are now again in the center of Ajeelat.





Bombing DAASH headquarters in Sirte


Renewed mutual shelling with Grad rockets between Tnzim Daash

self-styled militias and terrorist ‘Dawn Libya’ in Sirte.


Continuing disruption of water from the city of Sirte,

and a lack of food and medical supplies and fuel.



brega-oil-marketing at RAS LANAUF


Public Administration Eastern Region company Brega Oil Marketing discussed a number of issues,

said a member of the Committee of Directors of Brega Oil Marketing, Khairallah Saleh, the General Administration of the Eastern Region on Saturday, discussed the gas crisis and a number of issues pertaining to the citizen.

Saleh added that the meeting of the routine meetings of the company, reviewed the political strategy of the company in the future, which, organizational structure and job titles and all deficiencies in all of the company’s sites.

The member of the Committee that this meeting will discuss ways to overcome the obstacles within the company operating sites before Ramadan, and provide for citizen of fuel and gas.





although Benghazi has been cleaned-out, there still are some rogue remnant ‘snipers’..

A shell landed on the bridge Buhedama Mazbb injured six people, some of them in case of injury Khtirh..o child shot by a sniper in the area of Buhedama, Benghazi …. and power outages Baddh areas of the city.

BUHEDAMA action scene







Libyan Red Crescent lifts a body from the sea in the western entrance of tuber.





Barak beach addressing clients NATO

Exclusively on mass media center on YouTube

’17 February’ terrorist militias “Roma Libya”, are burning the

civilian farm of Abdullah Senussi’s birthplace near the BRAC AIRBASE,

including Vihamn trees and murdering all the livestock.

Militia ‘Dawn Libya’ have robbed Mhalat al-Kremiah.



Yemen – the Big Picture

Photo: Drone-victims-Yemen, 13 DEC. 2013Drone-victims-Yemen, 13 DEC. 2013

05 APRIL 2015

by Peter Koenig
“Global Research”, “ICH”.

As usual, western media are deliberately confusing in communicating on the latest Mid-East conflict which eventually led to the recent atrocious bombing of Yemen by the US-directed Saudi alliance, including Qatar and other Gulf monarchies. They are proxies, to be sure, for their Washington masters. My heart is bleeding for Yemen, a country of warm and generous people I got to know well, working with them in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Yemen is a patchwork of tribes, the result of former colonies, therefore made vulnerable for conflicts; easily ignitable conflicts. A situation left behind on purpose by the old British colonial masters, today servants to the Washington Empire. That’s the name of the game throughout the Middle East – and eventually throughout the world. Dividing to reign– by Zionist-Anglo-Saxon organized and never-ending chaos.

It is certainly true, where ever the US and its NATO cronies put their heavy boots, they create lasting misery and chaos. But these never-ending implanted internal conflicts and civil wars in far-away countries are produced by design, not to end soon. They are multi-benefit endeavors, lubricating the US war machine, assuring the ‘need’ for US intervention and occupation, and they are paving the way for US / western transnational corporations’ unabated and merciless exploitation of the victims’ riches, looting their natural resources and enslaving their people.

The globalized warriors, the emperor’s proxy armies, NATO and NATO-CIA trained mercenaries forceably put-down any resistance they encounter from the native populations. People oppressed by civil strife. The little time and energy they have, must be to defend their rights, resources and country. They must fight for their sheer survival.

The current conflicts and proxy-wars in the Middle East are complex and complicated. My gut feeling, though, tells me that the wars are not really about sectarian conflicts; they are not about Shias battling Sunnis. They are part of a bigger picture, driven by Washington to achieve its final objective, worldwide hegemony, Full Spectrum Dominance.The emperor’s clients, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf States, kingdoms of tyranny, and more surprisingly, the European Union, they have all become henchmen for empire, following Washington’s marching orders.

The recent brutal attack on Yemen is US-supported and led by Saudi Wahhabis, an aggressive fundamentalist off-shoot of Sunni Islam. Fighting a proxy war against the Shia Muslims in Iran and the Yemeni Houthis, a secular off-spring of Shia Islam, as well as Syria with its ruling Ba’ath party (a socialist faction of Sunnis)–is a win-win, serving the big trans-Atlantic master, as well as Riyadh’s key objectives – regime change in Syria and annihilating Iran.
Yemen’s Houthis, a Zaydi sect of Shia Muslims, congregated themselves in the early 1990s as a secular progressive group of “Young Believers”.

As crusaders for peace they helped poor communities and organized youth camps in the northern Saada province. With President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s Government becoming increasingly repressive against any movement with a socialist connotation, the Houthi grew rapidly into an army of young men, soon becoming a dominating force in the North. They were seeking democracy, openly opposing the US-Saudi supported dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of Yemen from 1978 – 2012), who was kept in power by Washington since 1978.

American-Saudi puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of Yemen from 1978 - 2012)

The ‘Houthi’ organized a first uprising against the Saleh Government in 2004, but were defeated by Saleh’s brutal army with heavy backing by the Saudi tyrants. Under continuous popular (and Houthi) pressure, and with Washington’s nod, Saleh finally stepped down in February 2012, ceding power to his puppet-Vice President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The Houthi, by now a large constituency of al-Qathafi ‘Green Book’ followers, attracted small parties and like-minded Muslim splinter groups to form a coalition. They merged into a huge mass movement against President Saleh in 2011.

29 August 2014, in the capital Sanaa, Houthi demonstration

Supporters of Shiite Zaidi ‘rebels’ hold up a portrait of the movements leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, during a demonstration demanding for the government to resign on 29 August 2014, in the capital Sanaa. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Huwais)

Gradually, as the Yemeni government failed to provide security and properly run the affairs of the Arab country, the Ansarullah fighters started to take control of state matters to contain corruption and terror.

The Ansarullah fighters took control of Sana’a in September 2014 and are currently moving southward.

The ‘Houthi’ eventually succeeded in taking control by storming government buildings and and created a popular MAJLIS (replacing the puppet-‘parliment’) in January 2015.

Hadi freely resigned, stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by the Houthi Ansarullah movement, but the Yemeni puppet-‘parliament’ did not approve his resignation. Hadi fled to his native Aden and eventually received safe conduct from the monarchy of Saudi Arabia.

The Houthi hastily formed a five-member ‘transitional’ government and intended to implement ‘peoples committees’ and ‘popular congresses’ and set-up a ‘direct democracy’ (styled after ‘The Great Jamahiriya’).

However, after the Washington-backed Saudi airstrikes on 25 March 2015, the leadership of Yemen is in a state uncertainty. The last thing Washington wants, in the strategic southern tip of the Arab Peninsula, is a democratic autonimous state.

The al-Saud regime unleashed its deadly air raids without a UN mandate against Yemen on 26 March 2015,  in an attempt to restore power to their puppet Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

Mualla is claimed by Wahabi-militants loyal to fugitive Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is now in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The Ansarullah fighters of Yemen’s Houthi movement have made fresh gains in the southern port city of Aden despite ongoing airstrikes by Saudi Arabia.

Houthi fighters gather in the Crater district of the southern port city of Aden on 05 April 2015

 PICTURE: Houthi fighters gather in the Crater district of the southern port city of Aden on 05 April 2015

The revolutionaries reportedly advanced into the districts of Mualla and Qalwa’a in Aden on Sunday.

A local official, whose name was not mentioned in reports, confirmed the Ansarullah fighters’ advance on Mualla, saying ‘they captured the provincial government headquarters’.

The Ansarullah fighters also targeted a Wahabi-Saudi propaganda television station ‘loyal to Hadi’ in Aden, forcing the station off the air.

They fired mortar rounds at the Aden TV building, which was “damaged but there were no casualties,” a Yemeni official at the former puppet-government-run channel told AFP.

The Houthi have been engaged in fierce clashes with al-Qaeda militants and the Hadi Wahabi-government remnants over the past two weeks.

ISIS /DAASH and al-Qaeda are both involved in the Yemen conflict. They represent the epitome of western created terror armies. They continue to be supported as well as fought by Washington and its western stooges. They supposedly are bombed by NATO and its Middle Eastern allies in disguise for western propaganda.

ISIS (DAASH) is a CIA-Mossad creation
In reality they receive weapons and food deliveries from NATO and other western powers and are leading proxy wars for Washington – in Libya, Iraq, Syria – and, yes, in Yemen. ISIS helps keeping the US / NATO killing and cash machine alive and well.


The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ is basically a CIA / Mossad driven destabilizing force throughout the Middle East and North Africa with the objective of establishing neo-colonial rulers, similar to those western instigated, US / NATO led ‘color revolutions’ in the former Soviet Republics.

These newly flaring-up conflicts in the Middle East, and now especially the systematic destruction and partition of Yemen, is part of a bigger picture: a strategic move subjugating the Middle East by organized chaos.

Domination of Yemen is an important step on the Zionist-Anglo-Saxon Empire’s path towards world hegemony. Yemen at the southerntip of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia, at the Horn of Africa, already subdued to empire’sbidding, are among the most strategic spots for controlling the entire Middle East and GulfStates. They constitute direct links to the US and French military bases in Djibouti and toDiego Garcia, the British island in the Indian Ocean, leased to the US military in the 1960’s – which today hosts the largest US naval base outside the US mainland. Through this geographic triangle Washington and NATO are effectively controlling the entire Indian Ocean.

Yemen, like Ukraine, is just another square on the geopolitical chess board which the exceptional nation aims to dominate. However, revolutions and social upheavals from all corners of the globe are gradually encroaching on empire’s hegemony. Moreover, the looming economic power shift to the East will be the final blow on the way to Washington’s demise.

la publication de ‎لا للهجمة الشرسة على العالم العربى من الغرب‎.

‘Not for the Fierce on the Arab world from the West’.

Arab National Security + = Egyptian national security … for survival, Omaarabh *
Can not in any way from the separation of the Arab national security and national security of the Egyptian case-Fi threat to the security of any Arab country means compromising the security of all this is a general trend that Thdhuh Egypt in the process to eliminate everything that threatens the Arab national security and its national security at all levels, taken in the support of the State institutions, and building the Arab textile forces that must be defiant of these conspiracies hatched Arab Bdoulna.

Taking into account the standing that they do not infringe on the sovereignty of a rather supportive of the stabilization of the situation in all Arab countries in the framework of a political solution and national dialogue. Gad invincible category to the other and all of wanting to be from responding to these groups and private armed and backed by al-Melcaat.

Regional and international systems for their interests to destroy and undermine the sovereign state institutions and turn the country into a chaotic conflict will not end nor after decades.

Perhaps all we have seen with our own eyes in the Arab rest of the country. We are now in a solution of bidding and attack unjustified by some who claim falsely that they Aroben keen on the interests of the country and the people putting in forging facts and sow the seeds of discord and trading with the blood of the innocent and in the mostly trading with religion, who they take a ride to achieve their goals colonial. We say to the supporters of this al-Melcaat convincingly or Alte no longer mislead me.

would not say fear God in yourselves that if they did what they were never tools in the hands of others and horns frequency is lower awareness of toxins certain countries are all known for their projects colonial.

We the people of this nation to wake up to these plots Fboaddin only Snmhawwa shame of defeat, which Mnina out and say that defeat and I mean what I say, because what has happened and is happening in our homelands of devastation and destruction has to be stop it immediately, you must stop this daily bleeding of blood and Arab officials are all real responsibility for one of them and Ayavy.

Enough crying over what has happened and threw the charges Jmava to each other, it is not too early, we do not have the welfare of the dialogue until we fight !!!

Should shove any differences and repeat Enough raking in the past, this Please tell us which I do not know when to get rid of them .. !! ??

Let’s look together towards one goal gather around a salvation for this nation from the shame of their defeats within the past four years, by which we were deceived by the West. All of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s thoughts were poisoned; and through weapons misleading, that we really want freedom and stability of our country in the North, for future generations of prosperity, liberty and security, rather than blood legacy! !!!

‘Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West’
Arab National Security + = Egyptian national security … for survival, Omaarabh *


‫#‏العدوان_على_اليمن‬ ‫#‏صنعاء‬

Photos show huge crowds, who participated in the march of steadfastness in the face of the Saudi aggression against Yemen on Wednesday
(al-Tan aly al-Yemen Sanaa)

Photo de ‎Alalam News  - قناة العالم الفضائية‎.
Photo de ‎Alalam News  - قناة العالم الفضائية‎.
Photo de ‎Alalam News  - قناة العالم الفضائية‎.

Sun 05 April 2015 10:7PM

Impacts of Saudi war in the region:

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (pictured below) urged Saudi Arabia to stop its military assault against Yemen immediately.

“Those participating in the military attack against Yemen will be deemed responsible for insecurity in the region,” he said.

Aid controversy

A spokeswoman for the International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) said that the aid agency received approval from the Saudi-led coalition to dispatch medical supplies to Yemen.

“We have received permission from the coalition for two planes now, one carrying supplies and one with staff,” ICRC spokeswoman Sitara Jabeen said, expressing hope that the aircraft could land in the Yemeni capital Sana’a on Monday.

The organization has been negotiating for almost a week to deliver life-saving supplies and equipment to the impoverished country.

village of Bani Matar, Yemen, 05 April 2015 hit by Saudi air-bombs

A Yemeni man sits looking at houses destroyed in Saudi-led airstrikes in the village of Bani Matar,

70 kilometers West of Sana’a, 04 April 2015. (© AFP)

Mon 06 April  2015 5:41PM

Peter Koenig on Yemen 06 April 2015

Saudi Arabia and some of its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf are fighting a proxy war for the United States in the region.

Saudi Arabia and some of its Arab allies in the Persian Gulf are fighting a proxy war for the United States in the region, says a geopolitical analyst in Geneva, Switzerland.

“As you know, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a number of [Persian] Gulf states are acting just as proxies to the United States,Peter Koenig told Press TV on Monday.

The United States cannot allow a country like Yemen in such a strategic location to have an independent sovereign nation, he added. “Therefore absolutely anything has to be done to subdue Yemen.”

Saudi Arabia launched an air campaign in Yemen on March 26 in a bid to restore ‘power’ to fugitive former puppet-Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

US President Barack Obama has authorized the Pentagon to provide logistical and intelligence support to Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. Saudi Arabia waging US proxy war.

The Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen is intended to create “lasting chaos” in the Middle East, Koenig said. “This is more than war crimes, this is absolute shame and the world doesn’t do anything about it, it is outrageous.”

Hundreds of civilians, including women and children, have been killed in the Saudi airborne attacks against Yemen.

The Ansarullah fighters took control of the Yemeni capital in September 2014 and are currently moving southward. The ‘revolutionaries’ said Hadi’s WAHABI-government was incapable of properly running the country and containing the growing wave of corruption and terror.


US-Saudis Terrorise Yemen to ‘Cry Uncle’

Finian CUNNINGHAM | 07.04.2015 | 00:00


Nearly two weeks of unrelenting air strikes on Yemen by a US-backed Saudi foreign coalition is turning the already impoverished Arab Peninsula country into a humanitarian disaster. The imposed suffering seems to be part of a policy to coerce the Yemenis into accepting a US-endorsed talks process aimed at rehabilitating the ousted Washington and Saudi-backed regime of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Saudi Arabia, the main protagonist in the 10-country bombing coalition striking Yemen, has vowed to continue the aerial attacks and has refused Russia’s calls for a humanitarian ceasefire. Russia tabled a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council for a «humanitarian pause» in the aerial bombardment to allow aid agencies access. But the UNSC said it needs «time to consider» the Russian proposal. It is not clear whether the United States, the main foreign backer of the Saudi military coalition, will block the resolution.

Yemen Houthi army

This is in spite of reliable reports that over 500 people, including at least 90 children, have been killed in the violence that erupted when Saudi-led fighter jets began pounding Yemen on March 26 with nighty raids. Over the weekend, three people were killed in Saudi air strikes on a humanitarian aid convoy in the southern city of Taizz.

With Yemen now under an air and naval blockade, aid agencies are reporting critical shortages of food, water, medical supplies and fuel for the civilian population. Cities, including the capital Sanaa, are cut off from electricity and other basic necessities in what can only be described as a deliberate siege designed to maximise suffering.

The International Red Cross has openly blamed the Saudi-led bombing coalition for hampering access to Yemen. Hospitals are spilling over with the wounded and there are reports of corpses strewn on streets in the southern port city of Aden and other towns in surrounding provinces. Stray dogs are feeding off charred remains, according to eyewitnesses.

«We are living through pure horror,» was how one man described the aftermath of nightly aerial bombardments.

The country of 24 million was already classed as the poorest Arab state even before the aerial onslaught started nearly two weeks ago. The Saudi-dominated Arab League has endorsed the military attacks by a coalition of countries that include Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Persian Gulf monarchies. American refuelling tankers are reportedly assisting the Arab warplanes, and the White House has admitted it is also providing intelligence and logistics to coordinate attacks. Meanwhile, the United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has only issued tepid calls for peace talks, but has refrained from making any condemnation of the air strikes, which critics have noted amount to flagrant aggression and violation of Yemen’s sovereignty.

Angry Yemeni citizens, who have come out on the streets in their tens of thousands to protest despite the danger of ordnance dropped from the sky, direct their fury at Saudi Arabia and the United States. They say that the air strikes are targeting civilians and social infrastructure to destroy the country.

Last week saw over 40 killed when a refugee camp in northern Yemen was hit. The victims included women and children who had been living in the Morzaq camp in Hajjah province since 2009. Tragically, they had ended up in the refugee centre after Saudi troops invaded the country five years ago, leading to a brief but bloody war with the Houthi rebels back then.

In another air strike last week on the Red Sea port city of Hodeida, around 35 night-shift workers at a dairy factory were killed in what was believed to be another air strike. The extensive damage and incinerated condition of the bodies evidenced that it was an air strike, and not the result of an anti-aircraft missile from rebels gone astray, as some Saudi reports claimed.

In yet another deadly air raid, at least 10 workers were killed when their cement factory was hit in Lahj province, just north of Aden. The Yemen Times quoted the plant owner as saying: «Some of the workers in the factory heard aircrafts in the sky seconds before the bombings. The severe damage and the completely burned bodies of the victims indicates that it was an air strike».

The aerial bombardment carried out by the US-backed coalition is said to have the objective of defeating the Houthi rebels and reinstating the exiled government of deposed president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. At the Arab League summit in Egypt last week, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman said the aerial bombardment will continue «until it achieves its goal for the Yemeni people to enjoy security.»

The Saudi monarch’s hollow words have only infuriated ordinary Yemenis even more. «We are all Houthis now,» said one protester to media. «Yemen is our home and no-one will break into our home.»

Saudi Arabia and its American and Arab allies claim that the Shia Houthis are backed by Shia Iran. Western news media routinely prefix reference to the Houthis with the «Iranian-backed» epithet. This claim is also asserted by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkish president Recep Tayyep Erdogan. However, there is no evidence to support this speculation. And both Iran and the Houthis have strongly denied any military connection.

Besides, the Houthis are not the only section of Yemen’s population that have risen up to overthrow the erstwhile Saudi and American-backed president Mansour Hadi. While the Saudis and their allies would like to portray the Yemeni upheaval as a narrow sectarian cause led by Shia Houthis, the reality is that the protests against Hadi galvanised a broad swathe of the Yemeni working class. Those protests culminated in the take-over of government institutions earlier this year and the discredited president fleeing the country to seek sanctuary in Saudi Arabia two weeks ago. Saudi Arabia, the US and other members of the bombing coalition claim that they are acting in response to requests from the «legitimate government of Yemen». But Hadi was kicked out because he reneged for three years on promised transition to democracy, as demanded by the Yemeni population.

In truth, the Yemeni struggle is not one of Shia versus Sunni, or Iran versus Saudi Arabia. Rather it is one of a pro-democracy movement versus the US-Saudi old order of a repressive regime that has quashed the aspirations of the Yemeni people for decades.

Some analysts reckon that the bombing campaign on Yemen is to soften up the armed opposition within the country ahead of a land invasion. Saudi and Egyptian warships joined in the bombardment in recent days with shelling of the southern coastal province of Abyan, east of Aden. Up to 400 soldiers belonging to the Yemeni armed forces, who have formed an alliance with the Houthis, are believed to have been killed in the naval strikes, according to the Yemen Times.

There are also reports of fierce gun battles and artillery exchanges on the northern Yemeni border between Saudi troops and Houthi rebels. Some 150,000 Saudi troops have been mobilised on the border since last week when the air raids started. Egyptian and Saudi warships off the southern coast are also reported to have hundreds of marines at the ready for an amphibious assault.

Nevertheless, there are doubts that the Saudis or the Egyptians would embark on a risky land invasion that could turn into a costly quagmire. Both countries have incurred heavy losses in previous land wars inside Yemen. In 2009, the Saudis lost at least 200 infantry during a failed invasion which turned into a rout by Houthi fighters.

The Saudi-led air strikes are more likely being deployed as a campaign of terror to force the Yemeni rebels into engaging in political talks with the ousted American and Saudi-backed regime of exiled president Mansour Hadi.

While backing the Saudi military coalition, both Washington and London have at the same time urged «all sides» to engage in «political negotiations».

Reuters reported a US official who said «the Saudis had shown little appetite for a ground invasion if it can be avoided.» «The objective here is to get to a point where the Houthis halt their destabilising actions [sic] and come back to the table,» said the unnamed American official.

Such talks would be futile from the point of view of Yemen’s pro-democracy movement. Engagement with the Hadi regime has already proven useless over the past three years. However, renewed talks would be a way for Washington and Riyadh to reinstall the discredited Hadi regime through forcing a «compromise» with the Houthi-led uprising.

The Saudi-led bombing of Yemen, coordinated by Washington, is thus serving as a hammer to coerce the Yemenis towards the negotiation table. That table will then be the anvil upon which a terrorised population can be bent into political shape to suit American and Saudi objectives. Those objectives are to ensure that Yemen remains an enfeebled state under the tutelage of foreign domination.

With the Saudis covertly supporting Al Qaeda extremists in eastern Yemen and together with a reinstalled puppet regime, Yemen would thus be engineered back to failed-state conditions whereby democracy and national unity are thwarted. The last thing that the Americans and the Saudis want is a unified, democratic Yemen that serves the interests of its people, instead of the interests of foreign powers.

Worse still, would be a sovereign Yemen that adopts friendly relations with Iran and which is strongly critical of regional meddling by Washington, Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

That outcome is the essence of nightmares for Washington and its despotic clients in the Middle East. Hence, Yemen must be bombed and terrorised into «crying Uncle Sam» and accepting its fate of being a failed state under Washington’s dubious patronage.

But the courage of the Yemeni people may yet confound that cynical plan.




Sam bin Humaid has been photographed in one of Turkey's BAR HALLS


Sam bin Humaid has been photographed in one of Turkey’s BAR HALLS.

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