Mu fifth


Challenge morning and steadfastness, my loved victorious commander,

Allah willing, Mu'ammar al-Qathafi, is still our Commander and Leader

Allah willing, still our leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
(“Knight and Men“)



‘Zero hour’, commentary on FB:

Today is the seventh student revolution of April revolution
07 bird “April” 1976.

This day was a turning point in every Libyan universities and educational institutions.
In 1976 arose student masses reject the reactionary system
Rotten, they believe in the principles and thoughts of leader Muammar al-Qathafi, who instigated the the final elimination of the reactionary

backward in all educational institutions at the time….
Which is the most important pillars of reliable mass-conscious society.

Student revolution removes all reactionary and cleanse the doors of educational institutions of the residues and Spider, which nestled in the minds and curb freedom of thought, where education is limited to a certain class and lonely the rest. They were members of the People who were previously deprived of this right to education, or the approach to a specific service. And,

For one purpose which is to deepen colonial presence and confirm the survival of various means where the imposition of a particular curriculum and teaching style is more like a rigid template which to live by and evolve.

It, hampered thought, given the great importance that seen by
Students in Libya since the revolution, and even in the early years earlier and those for its detonation and that students revolution in the seventh of April was a declaration of victory.

Libyan universities on the right reactionary turned them into beacons of science and knowledge, biased to the fans; and, to devote the ‘people’s power’ and ended the repressive methods of freedom, and canceled the abusive curriculum. Students were granted the ‘right to choose’ what suits them from all the Sciences.

PICTURE: Mu’ammar al-Qathafi speaking about the 07 April Student revolt on 07 APRIL 2002.

Muammar's speech 07 APRIL 2002 student revolt



Mu’ammar al-Qathafi with students celebrating the Anniversary

of the student revolution of 07 April.

Mu on the Anniversary of the student revolution of 07 April

Today we pass the 39th anniversary of the festival the seventh of April, students in the Great Jamahiriya Festival.

Was the point of this day, turning in all Libyan universities and educational institutions where erupted student masses led by student leader Muammar al-Qathafi and thinker against the reactionary regime’s repressive

and believe in the ideology and principles of its leader, who pitted on the elimination of the reactionary regime of arbitrary server for personal interests and confined to a particular class and club establishing scientific lighthouses and institutions science and knowledge that serve the general public without bias so that the student has given all his rights to choose what suits him of Science and ended arbitrary curriculum repressive of freedom
(Faris al-Baraka)

Congratulations us these glories and victories that came omitted

the great leader and his people struggling Revolution

(“Knight and Men“)


The cause of world-wide lawlessness and Chaos:


 ‘Statement of Operations Room’ (Room Zintan operations)
on what is traded on the Tribal Army and other names:

'Statement of Operations Room' (Room Zintan operations) 07 APRIL 2015


 The first time we hear ambush offerer:

‘Room Zintan operations’, reports:
Activists launch a campaign to have the word

Libya ali al-Ajabin abandon the Zjulih practiced by some

softening terrorist groups against Libyan military personnel and Libyans.

Image of the media Gamal al-Cavali:

media Gamal al-Cavali

Organized crime in Tripoli; Lawlessness imported from America

Important !!

Asks all Libyans to accelerate the withdrawal of their assets from the banks and what fills their need for storage of petrol, gas and basic goods and medicines and milk for children.

Shall be alert and taken it matter seriously because of the country will witness the deterioration of security in the coming days, please ..gmah publication and circulation ..ndhara the seriousness of the issue and its importance
(“Knight and Men”)

يطلب من جميع الليبين الإسراع بسحب أرصدتهم من البنوك والمصارف وتخزين ما يسد حاجتهم من البنزين والغاز والسلع الأساسيه والأدويه وحليب الأطفال
وجب التنبيه وأخد الموضوع بجدية نظرا لما ستشهده البلاد من تدهور أمني في الأيام القادمة ..للاهميه يرجي النشر والتعميم ..نضرا لخطورة الموضوع وأهميته
“فارس ورجال”






Janzour Brotherhood Knights militia killed sheep inventory Secretary Guenida,

who affected wounds. He was wounded in battles Bridge Zahra.


Progress and the concentration of tribal forces Bmsahh Dar healing
Just 7 kilometers from the bridge-Zahra.

Storming of the so-called ‘security directorate’ in Tripoli by

militias Abdul Raouf ‘hater’ inventory; and arrested a group of officers…

and then escaped the rest of the ramparts of the Directorate.

(Rauf ‘hater’ said that he was changing his alliances..It might be true, and not just ‘fab’.)

Abdul Raouf 'hater' new look


Yesterday, an armed group stormed the Faculty of Arts,

Media and taken away by some of the students to an unknown destination.


Military convoy belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’

progress of the city Corner heading towards Zahra

to support ubiquitous militias already there.

Arkh al-Hanih between the family and the family of el-Houdrawi, which led to the death of one Khadrawi family members named ‘SE Khadrawi’, of the population Omar Mukhtar Street.

I am Allah, and that we return to the mechanism.

Violent explosions were heard clearly in the areas of the airport,

Qsr bin GHASHIR, Sawani and creamy, with flying warplanes above.



Housebreaking by an armed group

and killed   ‘Yousef Al-Sammu-i’

in front of his wife and children in the Damascus neighborhood.


Found the body of an unidentified girl identity on the shore

of the market Thursday Qamath town area before and after the five and Qara poly.


Chlait direct transfer || Mshahdh Taibh:
‘Roma Libya’ militias bombard  forearm area of ​​the airport perimeter of

Tripoli and tribal forces advancing in the area Ameria. 

Tribal forces controlled hotbeds hanger area west Sbaah strong

near the Aviation Institute in Sbaah and clashes.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed Hamza camp south of the capital Tripoli.

The tribal forces wrap tightly on the sites in the area  of al-Melcaat  Sbaah

was Tqaibdém heavy losses were the families of 6 Jardan and retrieval mechanisms 4.





Libyan army in Qria Nasser and in Hlgodh.

‎الجيش الليبي في #قرية_ناصر و #شلغودة<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
تشليط نقل مباشر || #مشاهدة_طيبة‎



Killed Inventory ‘Ismail carp al-Soaay’ at the center of al-Azizia,

a field commander B.Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’.



'Roma Libya' militias are developing earth mounds on four streets of Sidra area access accidental to Aiwieshh and Rishvana

‘Roma Libya’ militias are developing earth mounds on four

streets of Sidra area access accidental to Aiwieshh and Rishvana.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

The proliferation of armed infantry in all the southern and south-western themes in the villages and towns and Rishvana for disinfection of farms and villages from the ‘Dawn Libya’ bandits and stealing-gangs.


Heavy fighting between tribes forces and terrorist militias

in several axes within the territory of the tribe and Rishvana

with power outages on most of the area.





our forces, south of Ajeelat


Clashes with various types of weapons between the tribes of the LIBYAN ARMY,

and militias forces ‘Roma Libya’ at the South axes of the city of Ajeelat.







Sunday morning found an unidentified body in the region,

“Maltese” on the outskirts of Tarhouna to a person suffering

from a broken arm was bumped by firing bullets in the head.







(SIRTE was ‘the City of Peace’):

SIRTE was 'the City of Peace'

Voices powerful explosions heard in Sirte.

Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.

Some damage to houses in the Giza area Sirte after mutual

indiscriminate shelling between ‘Dawn Libya’ Brotherhood

criminal gangs Melcaat and Daash terrorists.




LIBYAN airforce Warplanes bombed sites Melcaat Daash

zones and Sidi Farag and Rulrhh city of Benghazi.

Libyan airforce warplanes bombed SIDI FARAJ, Benghazi


what is left of Garyounes University in Benghazi:

what is left of Garyounes University in Benghazi





(so-called) ‘Access citizens’ are being slaughtered.

Bodies are going to a hospital in Hraish, TUBER.









2 killed by mercenaries and stray sheep, and four armed vehicles

and fighting continuously until this moment.


Valley ___ beach

Destruction mechanism and sheep belonging to the terrorist

militias of Misurata... tank Mahor__kirh.

The control of the Junction air base and crush mechanisms of Misrata criminal gangs

and their tails located in front of the determination of our heroes.

Still, we see our victory, with Allah’s help to our people at BARAK CHAT’AI.


‘Mahor kirh Brigade’ of Colonel Ben Nael forces,

can progress towards buildings and control them

and al-Melcaat terrorist withdraw to the base triangle.

‘Roma Libya’ militias in Taathacd by Aiwieshh and had threatened

Baalkhrog residents of the area and they say

military region al-Tmaam logic behind the airport from the south.

Conflicting reports about the captivating Colonel Mohammed bin Nile al-Megrahi, in the city of Barak Chat’ai Libya. denies news channel 24 and channel Dardanelles confirm the news of his arrest.

Generally, if the news was true Adeolh O Ahrarna and Hraúrna Lord Ivk family and resistance will continue, God willing, at the age of what Qgt someone Whatever his status.
(“Knight and Men“)

Colonel Mohammed bin Nile al_Megrahi is fine,

and is currently sitting at the base of Brak Chat’ai.

The photographs scattered and circulating are old

photographs of when he was imprisoned in Tripoli.

Statement from the tribe al-Mgarhh -:

Seventy Mujahid Sheikh Mohammed Bin Nael al-Megrahi.

MARTYR Mujahid Sheikh Mohammed Bin Nael al-Megrahi

A man in his youth daze Western intelligence circles and broke nests reactionary Arab and moodiness them for their livelihood, and the incursion into the jungles of Africa to Libya to glory.

Mujahid Sheikh with advanced age progress, accompanied by a

constellation of Cavalry and fought alongside men

Warfalla tribe heroes who are defending their city.

And fought alongside and Rishvana are free, and you know the battlefront.

Meera Jasmine

Some images and situations compel us to speak

and we thought that we lost the ability to do so

and we are overemphasized in. ..And that’s what I said … it.


Allah bless you, o lion


Sorry for any error linguist said.




Houthi Love Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

Houthi love Mu, 2


Proxy Morons:  The Demolition of Yemen

27 MARCH 2015 edited from

Daniel M. Varisco

Aden, Yemen

The old town of Aden, Yemen, situated in the crater of an extinct volcano. (Photo: Jialiang Gao)

An invasion force arrives in Yemen on a mission to control the strategic port of Yemen.  With the aid of local allies, this invading force successfully overcomes a petty ruler and continues its march south, facing limited resistance from local armed groups.

This could be a scenario for ongoing events right now in 2015, but I am referring to 1173 CE when the Ayyubid Turanshah was sent from Egypt by his brother Saladin to conquer Yemen. The Ayyubids maintained nominal control of Yemen’s coast and southern highlands for over half a century, but never uprooted their Zaydi rivals in Yemen’s north. Their mercenary emirs, the Rasulids, in over two centuries almost managed to control most of southern Arabia, even Mecca at times. But the area now associated with the Republic of Yemen has never been totally unified under a central state, given its geographical diversity and tribal resistance. Ali Abdullah Salih presided over a unified Yemen after 1990, but he was never able to achieve absolute control over the state he eventually ran into the ground.

A year ago there was a glimmer of hope that Yemen might weather the storm of sectarian strife. The National Dialogue, sponsored by the United Nations, brought together most of the diverse viewpoints and providedthe West’s  blueprint for a stable and enviable state structure. This is an unwarrented and unfair imposition upon  the native population of Yemen. Yemen’s fragile puppet-government was headed by a seasoned politician, Abd Rabbu Mansur al-Hadi, who for the West and Saudi Arabia, seemed an ideal transitional figure since he had served many years under Saleh as Vice President and could claim southern roots. But the ‘dialogue’ was outpaced by what might be called an omnilogue, a politicized cacophony of old and new ‘revolutionary green-fault lines’ competing for influence, and the Wahhabi screeming for Caliphate ruling-power.

Most prominent were the Houthi, a local rebellion of brave anti-WAHHABI, anti-Brotherhood and anti-Saleh northerners, who managed to sweep down to the capital Sanaa on 14 September and effectively overturn former-government policy. Behind the scenes, the explanation for this unforeseen partisan Blitzkrieg was the old dance-on-the-head-of-snake master Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had strong support from major segments of the military and security. In alliance with the group he once tried to eliminate through a scorched earth policy, Saleh quite literally rose from the politically dead. Given that the UN documented his personal fortune over three decades of pilfering at between 30 and 60 billion dollars, he suddenly became the critical ‘benefactor’ of the Houthi’s advance.

American-Saudi puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh (President of Yemen from 1978 - 2012)

I hesitate to ask the loaded question “What went wrong?” given the polemic intent of a book title by Bernard Lewis just as the U.S. was “liberating” Iraq. What went wrong is what usually goes wrong, no matter the context, when you have a history of colonialism, ongoing interference from outside forces, sectarian blindness and massive wealth at the service of mischief. Yemen, as even the Ayyubids knew almost nine centuries ago, has a strategic location in the Horn of Africa, one side of the narrow bottleneck that connects the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and Asia.

Although the port of Aden has lost its political prominence, Yemen is also strategic, much to its detriment, by sharing a long and disputed border with its oil rich neighbor, Saudi Arabia.

During the civil war that followed the toppling of the Zaydi imamate in 1962, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supported the royalists in their bid to regain control of the north, while Britain still retained its protectorate of Aden.

Although a reconciliation avoided the kind of sectarian bloodshed that often follows such civil strife, the Saudis never stopped trying to influence the governance of its dirt-poor southern neighbor. Starting in the 1970s it was Saudi Arabia who bankrolled Yemen’s Ministry of Education to import ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Wahhabi teachers, thus teaching a whole generation of Yemeni youth an intolerant faith unlike that of the Zaydi and Shafi’i views that had evolved in relative harmony over a millennium. Rumors continue to circulate that Yemeni President al-Hamdi was assassinated in 1977 because he was attempting to unite the two Yemens, much to Saudi chagrin. The pattern was set early on: loyalty was purchased with Saudi riyals, especially in the north where there were tribal affinities across the national borders.

69,252.08€92,336.1€) for al-Hadi’s capture.

The Houthis are Zaydi in name, but their name choice of ‘Ansar Allah’ exposes the extraordinary influence Mu’ammar al-Qathafi upon their thinking. Hussein al-Huthi was trained in Qum and greatly admired Ayatollah Khomeini and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi. In his new branding of Houthi Zaydism, he introduced a mantra that calls for death to America, death to Israel, cursing the Jews and victory to Allah. Media pundits have over-underestimated the theological influence of Iranian Shi’a political views on the Houthi movement. Both the Iranian Revolution and the al-Qathafi ’01 September revolution’ (with the introduction globally of the ‘Green Book’), have magnified their traditional Zaydi thinking (first exemplified by the renowned 18th century scholar al-Shawkani, a Zaydi greatly admired in Sunni schools). Neither Iranian strict Shi’a interpretations, nor the violent Saudi-inspired Wahhabi views, are indigenous to Yemen. Particularly WAHHABISM has launched a morass of vitriolic hate speech and intolerance that has brought nothing but misery to Yemen’s people.

The Houthi are only part of the story, the pawns in a chess game that includes Saleh as the Queen, capable of moving in any direction, the tribes as castles that tend to move in one direction at a time, the meddling bishops of Islah (the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party in Yemen) and the Wahhabi, and the knights that skip over convention as al-Qaeda or Ansar Sharia.

And ‘poor defenceless’ [their puppet] (?) al-Hadi is ‘the King who must be protected because he has no offense of his own’??? On the sidelines money and ideological support are coming in from the United States (which  launched a thousand – it seems like a thousand- drones against al-Qaeda), Saudi Arabia and the GCC (who supposedly have been keeping the government budget ‘afloat’—but riddled it with corruption), and Iran (which has come to the rhetorical aid —but not military aid—for the Houthi). A few days ago it looked like checkmate, as al-Hadi fled his palace in Aden ahead of Houthi Brigades, and Saleh’s loyal Republican Guard.

The game is not over by any means.  The snakes this time are not only nipping at the heels of Saleh and upon the Houthi; but are poised to strike a death blow.  Saudi Arabia has assembled a coalition of just about every state in the region, including  Sudan and Jordan along with the GCC; only Oman is sitting on the sidelines.

The specter of an Iranian proxy to rival Hizbullah in Lebanon has made strange bedfellows, so that both Israel and Saudi Arabia are so afraid of Iran that they are on the same page for this involvement in Yemen.  In the first air strikes it would appear that Yemen’s military capability has been wiped out completely in the air and the major bases have been damaged.  The rhetoric and the taunting is at a fever pitch, but the handwriting, as even old Belshazzar knew along the Tigris, is on the wall.

I do not know if the Saudis and their allies will send in ground troops or if they will follow the example from Libya and simply bomb the Houthis into submission.  It may all be a show of force and limited destruction to drive the Houthi, and crone Saleh to the bargaining table.  But what kind of bargain can be made at this point?  The Houthis are viewed with hesitation in the south and Hadramawt; the southern movement wants a separate state; al-Qaeda is able to take advantage of the insecurity to suicide bomb whoever is their enemy of the moment.  And the youth who inspired the street revolution through student protests are nowhere to be seen, except perhaps in morgues and prisons.


What will happen now, you ask?  No crystal ball can foretell the future of this massive civil mix-up.  One thing is certain.  Yemen will not only remain the poorest country by far on the Arabian Peninsula and the region, but it will be even more dependent on foreign assistance.  So the interference will not disappear.  The dream of a Yemen chosen by the Yemeni people free of outside influence has faded, perhaps an illusion from the start.  Historically, Yemen’s people have weathered civil wars, incursions and famines, but this was largely due to the relative stability of tribal custom and local governance.  Has the killing and hatred gone so far that Yemen is in danger of becoming another Iraq or Syria?  I do not think so; at least I hope not.  Over a millennium of tolerance between Zaydi and Shafi’i must mean something.  Only the coming months will tell if the ‘proxy morons’ win the day, or if Yemen is given back to its own people.


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