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Moroccan Consulate in Libya Attack

Explosion in the vicinity of the Moroccan Embassy in the devastated capital Tripoli
Rue Ouahchi Ben Harb
Av. Ben Achour

TRIPOLI, Libya — A bomb exploded outside the Moroccan embassy in Libya’s capital

“A bomb inside a bag went off near the gate of the Moroccan embassy in

Bin Ashour area” in central Tripoli, the official said, adding “there were no casualties.”

There was visible damage to a “few cars in the area,” he said.

“The sound of the explosion was very strong, and the house was shaking for few seconds,” an unnamed witness told AFP.

The Moroccan embassy is not currently active, and it was unclear if anyone was inside the building at the time.

Morocco is currently hosting a UN-backed dialogue between representatives of the legitimate interim government at TOBRUK, and the “DAWN LIBYA”terrorists controlling Tripoli, with talks to resume on an unspecified date.


Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) militia stormed the bank,

and Raouf ‘hater’ carte, ‘the Republic’.


‘Roma Libya’ militias stationed in the area Qsr bin Ghashir

kidnaps youth of Qasr bin Ghashir, and moves him

to a secret horror dungeon in Tripoli.

Gathering of militias ‘Dawn Libya’ in Qasr bin Ghashir

(specifically ‘Aharif-ozlk hotel’) in an attempt to strong attack

at dawn today, after their withdrawal from the Saturday market.


Shooting a strong near the ‘Muslim Quarter’.


Disappearances and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transportation in the previous so-called bailout government since 13 days
Former Undersecretary for Roads, Ministry of Transport’s family confirmed that invitee ‘Abdul Razak Mohammed Al-Hod’

disappearance 13 days ago as he left his home in al-Fornaj, Tripoli.

He said the former official’s son Mohammed al-Hod Sunday
That armed force are a type of four cars “Toyota” made to the house
The ninth hour and a half on Tuesday (corresponding to 31 March).

And took his father after he left home to an unknown place.
al-Hod confirmed that the family has conducted many contacts with the public Allaotunai (GNC) Conference.

The Brotherhood’s so-called ‘National Salvation Government’, is to seek the release of(referred to) Abdul Razzaq al-Hod born in 1965 Petrhona, who obtained a doctorate degree in Metallurgical Engineering,
and worked in the ‘Oil Research Center’ since 1990.
Then he was appointed to the ‘Ministry of Transportation’ for roads and road transport, from February 2013 until February 2015.
(Ousted Kadhafi)


Lion statue theft Dahra area in the capital Tripoli

by the ‘Dawn Libya’ militias.




Violent clashes in the center of the Zahra bridge

and the axis of al-Zahra Madinat. 

Injury in charge of anti-crime office Inventory
‘Khalid Abmana’ of Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’, in clashes at the center

of the bridge Zahra; and killed his assistant and his title is Shaibani.


Injury Inventory (Mohammed Dra) in a battle at the ‘Land thorns’ (RISHVANA)

among his fellow criminal militias of the corner.




Report for the Western Mountain and Rishvana area:

Rishvana areas and under the control of the tribal forces:
Azizia Zayat, al-Logana, Nasiriyah, Anti-Brachii, Ameria, boys, Jaber, al-Zahra, Central South Zahra, Gamal Abdel Nasser intersection, and House Swidan.

The Unsecured areas fully underway expel militias are:
al-Rvafah (by pressures Abussaq), and fully al-Zahra city.

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed sites where there

are terrorists in al -Zahra.

Rishvana areas and Tripoli surrounds, which are still occupied by militias ‘Roma Libya’ are:
Khalid ibn al-Walid, the globe, Kerkozh, ain-Zahra East,
Easy, Sawani, the mil, Hunter, Janzour, and Tina.



Militants ‘Dawn Libya’ who deliberately cut off electricity poles

by electric saw in some areas within Rishvana before withdrawal.



General Omar Tntosh commander axis in Rishvana accompanied ‘channel Sunrise’ on a tour inside the al-Gerian quarter of the Mountain city of al-Azizia…

[Am I dreaming?? I thought the RATS killed our Omar Tntosh last month ??? His whole time ‘captive was also strange.

On 16 February 2012, we read “resistance smuggled Omar Tntosh before their eyes.

تم بحمد الله وصول عمر تنتوش الى الجزائر

We have successfully access Omar Tntosh to Algeria.

Then we read he WAS in captivity, the Zintani found him, and released him in August 2014. He then went to be appointed General for the mountain West division of the Libyan Army. He successfully cleaned-up al-BORCHVANA/RICHVANA.

Then they found his passport, and was reported as killed -in-action !!]



Local Government Ministry Zintan Municipality against Algerian Dialogue 14 APRIL 2015

Room Zintan operations:

Statement Municipality Zintan:

not to participate in the dialogue Algeria customers Forum

Allah is great; and thankfully





Exit rat bomber war-plane, half an hour ago, from the air base Misurata.






‘Zero hour’ on FB, reports:

Killed DAASH’s ‘Fawzi al-Rubaie’ ….. He went to hell.

al-Daashi Fawzi Al-Rubaie threatening people in Benghazi in slaughtering and cutting the bullion of the demolitions for the sisters and their mother.

He had arrived in Benghazi from MISURATA on 09 DEC, 2014

Armed clashes in the areas of “Rulrhh and Hawari” and the bombing of military aviation and artillery on the concentration of the terrorist organization Daash in area al-Sabri.






Found decapitated body back Masjid Abu Bakr to front.





Violent clashes with heavy weapons between the people among the heroes Barak Chat’ai, against the ‘Roma Libya’ militias; and the destruction of one of their militia tanks at the air-base entrance of Barak-jawah.



al-Qira (KIRAH) tank shelling on the beach by the militias ‘Roma Libya’,

and the heroes of the beach confront them Iiiklh arms.

Prisoner Abdallah al-Senussi defend his village and his family, says customers are talking about human rights, where are what is going on at the beach, which bombards his family aircraft artillery and mortars and nearly two months and the displacement of people from their areas
Decoding Allah acirc Son South bar makes difference:

Hero Brigade prisoner ‘Abdallah al-Senussi’ statements

about what is happening in Barak:

“Who speaks for human rights and the areas bombed 45 hours ago
with Rockets, mortars and aircraft? “

(now, this also is strange, as Senussi was also reported dead by the RATS, 2 months ago !!)



Ceremony first corner Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,

with Hftar and Jeroshi attending:

Hftar greets Jordan King Abdullah II 13 April 2015:


Hftar leaves Jordan to talk with Russia and Egypt:

Hftar and Sakr Jeroshi in Jordan, 2 Hftar in Jordan, 1





‘Wahhabism aims to destroy Islam from inside’

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Sunday, 12 April 2015 13:25 by Habilian

Manuel Galiana Ros, Spanish researcher and the author of the books “The Zionist lobby in Spain” and “The Global Crisis” described Wahhabi jihadism as a “fake Islamic ideology” created by new world order to “to destroy Islam from inside.” Following is an approximate transcription of our interview with him.

Over the past 35 years, more than 17000 people have lost their lives in terrorist operations conducted inside the Islamic Republic of Iran by western backed terrorist groups such as the Mujahedin e-Khalq organization (MKO, MEK). Why do you think there is no (or if there is any, few) coverage of these assassinations in main stream western Media? But instead they often picture Iran as the state sponsor of terrorism.

It is about what really happens in the West. Do the people really know that in the past 35 years about 17000 Iranian people have been killed by terrorist and Takfiri groups? No there is no information in Europe, not in Spain that I hear of about that. In fact Iran is never perceived in Europe as a victim of terrorism, but as supporter and promoter of terrorism. It is because all the mainstream Media are directly and indirectly controlled by Zionism.

Not only the Media, they also have control over all news agencies. For example, one of the main 5 or 6 news agencies in the world, the Reuters, was already controlled financially in the year 1895 by the Rothschild family. They control money, they control Banks, they control corporations, they control all the mainstream Media, they control the world business, they control Hollywood and they control everything. I think I would like to see as soon as possible that the European Union and the Euro money, disappear.

Because that is one of the main elements of control they have over Europe. The European Central Bank is depending on more electronic money on and on and the debt is increasing all the time in Europe. But I ensure that is going to end. I anticipate there are going to be serious changes soon.

The second international congress of 17000 Iranian terror victims is scheduled to be held in Tehran, August 2015. International scholars and political figures are invited to attend the congress. How do you see the significance of holding such events?

An event like that, that I myself was not aware of, most of the populations in Europe and America are not aware of either. So with that effort you will be doing, I hope the facts will be known and it will hopefully have some positive effects.

There are documents that indicate the Zionist regime of Israel, as a state sponsor of terrorism, was involved in the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists. Why is it that there is no reaction from the international organizations such as the UN?

It is because Iranian scientists and Iranian subjects are not important to them. Although there are many countries in the United Nations, there are a few important countries that are controlled by Zionism and many of the other non-important countries’ votes are conditioned by these few countries. So the fact that many Iranian people including the scientists have been killed is not relevant for the west.

Takfiri terrorism is the result of dogmatic thoughts and retrogressive views of some regimes in the region such as Saudi Arabia. Despite this bitter fact, these regimes are openly supported by the United States. What is your view about this?

Since Wahhabism and Takfirism started a long time ago, they have been progressing all the time, sometimes slowly. After the 80s, when Wahhabism was incorporated not only in Saudi Arabia and Qatar but also in Turkey, in Turkish mosques and educational system, it is much installed. The United States took over from the British. The British were traditional allies of the Saud family and it was in 1944, when the World War II was finishing, the then American president Roosevelt signed a treaty with one of the Saudi kings that included oil against military cooperation. That alliance counts for many years now and in the last 60 years so much money has been moving and that money can help condition and corrupt many western politicians.

The so called Islamic State (DAASH), on one hand, is the illegitimate child of the extremist views of  Wahhabism, and on the other hand, the Zionist regime of Israel is considered as one of its significant supporters. In your researches, what did you find about these connections?

Speaking now specifically about Wahhabi jihadism, the definition basically would be: “the fake Islamist ideology of the new world order in order to create confrontations to destroy Islam from inside”. Everybody knows where this ISIS or caliphate or whatever it is called comes from. It has a precedent in al-Qaida. al-Qaida as everybody knows is an organization that was formed, created, financed and trained by both Mossad and CIA during the Afghanistan war with the Soviets. There are countries that train all these groups that really work against Islam, and provide them with weapons. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. There are other countries like Turkey and Jordan that make their territory available for military trainings. The terrorists can go across their borders.

There are also a couple of other elements that are not so widely known and that refers to some historical or religious aspects. It is known that many Jews converted to Islam in a fake way. In Arab language they are referred to as “Sabatin”. For example I would mention that somebody like Ataturk in Turkey was himself of Sabatin origin who was in very good terms with the British and Zionists in general. I am mentioning this because there is also a very strong suspicion that Wahabism also has those same roots; Zionist and Talmudic roots. The fact is, and that is recognized in some reports by the Iraqi intelligence and even recognized by the American Intelligence, that the Saud family origins from Jews of Basra in Iraq and Mr. Abdolwahhab’s grandfather had been a Jew coming from Turkey. So there is the presumption that these people should be coming from these Sabatin origins.



The Rise of the Houthi


a Houthi of YemenGreen Houthi

Mohamed Badreddin al-Houthi


Houthi in the city of Saana

Yemen city of Saana


The girl from Yafea

“….by the way, at the time, I was wearing the male head-covering – the keffiyeh/ghutra…. as is my habit when in the souq.

So why do I wear the keffiyeh?… I dress like an arab man, not an arab woman, although I do own an abaya and hijab and have been known to wear it occasionally and certainly while I was in Yemen….as seen in this photo (it was a must).  I don’t have an objection to wearing it and actually found it very comforting, although I did so out of choice of course.

However, my preference is to wear the male head covering in a Yemeni style and I get a great response from both men and women here when I wear it.  Rather than see it as disrespectful, it is seen as a mark of respect and honouring their culture, particularly because I know how to wear it properly.  Its an incredibly practical garment too.

 Pauline C

In the summer, it can protect your head from the sun and in the winter, cashmere ones keep the head warm and they can be wrapped around the face to protect from dust storms on windy days…. and we’ve had quite a few of those lately!!  In the desert, the keffiyeh is a basic survival tool.

I also wear it because everyone I’ve met in the Souq now expects it and once when I didn’t wear it, people were disappointed.  I’ve become “The Girl from Yafea”, a curiosity …. and people now recognise me through the keffiyeh.  Countless people now come to talk to me as I sit with my coffee and shisha.  Some I know and some total strangers.  It’s an ice breaker, an introducer and a talking point.  Many people want to know why I wear it, how I came to wear it, how I knew how to wear it.

Isabelle Eberhardt  Isabelle Eberhardt  PaulineC

For me, my choice of attire works for me in the place I’m in and the way I want to live right now.  I’m fully aware of the privileged position I hold which allows me that choice and while I have it, Im going to exercise it.

And there are precedents for it which date back more than 100 years with the likes of Isabelle Eberhardt – a European writer and explorer who travelled extensively through North Africa, rejected her European way of life and embraced Islam.  She dressed like an arab man and went under the name Si Mahmoud Essadi.

So too, the amazing Freya Stark, ‘the poet of travel’, would occasionally wear the keffiyeh and egal in a male style, mixing easily with both arab men and the harim.  Freya stark was a British traveller and writer in the 1920s and 30s, and one of the very first non arab women to travel to Arabia, writing several books on the region including her extensive travels through Yemen.

I intend to write more about these two inspiring women in future blogs but for now I will leave you with on of my favourite Freya Stark quotes:  “I do like people who have not yet made up their minds about everything, who in fact are still receiving” .


EGYPT Imprisons Obama ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood: Takes Action Against Terrorist Conspirators Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton!

Pic of Obama with his half brother, Malik Obama, who is heavily involved with Middle East Muslim Brotherhood politics of political overthrow. People forget that Barack Obama is no stranger to that global area and to Islamic goals of global domination.

In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

2013 Egyptians Overthrow Obama Morsi ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

CAIRO –  Egypt’s military-backed interim government on Wednesday declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, criminalizing all its activities, its financing and even membership to the group from which the country’s ousted president hails.


The announcement is a dramatic escalation of the fight between the [Citizens] government and [Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists] group, which has waged near-daily protests since the July 3 popularly backed [Citizens] military [Revolution] coup that toppled [NWO Terrorist] President Mohammed Morsi [Muslim Brotherhood].

Hossam Eissa, the Minister of Higher Education, read out the Cabinet statement after long meeting, saying: “The Cabinet has declared the Muslim Brotherhood group and its organization as a terrorist organization.”

“Egypt was horrified from north to south by the hideous crime committed by the Muslim Brotherhood group,” Eissa said. “This was in context of dangerous escalation to violence against Egypt and Egyptians (and) a clear declaration by the Muslim Brotherhood group that it is still knows nothing but violence.”

NWO's Use Of The CIA Created Muslim Brotherhood Within The Continental United States. Why? To Over Throw The United States Constitution By Innocuous Subterfuge At First The "Out Of The Closet" In Your Face Use Of Force.

“It’s not possible for Egypt the state nor Egypt the people to submit to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood terrorism,” he added.

Egyptian army and security officers pray over coffins covered with the national flags at Almaza military Airbase in Cairo during a funeral for 25 policemen murdered by Obama's Muslim Brotherhood. There is also growing concern in Egypt that the same scenario is taking place in Syria to install them there by the banking cabal to do their bidding.

The Brotherhood, founded in 1928. Ibrahim Elsayed, a member of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s political group, the ‘Freedom and Justice Party’, said the government announcement will have no impact on the work or the beliefs of the group, because it has seen ‘repeated government repression. ‘Muslim Brotherhood In The United States: Christian Murdered For Drinking From A Muslim Tea Cup

“This decision is as if it never happened. It has no value for us and is only worth the paper it is written on,” he told The Associated Press. “It won’t impact us from near and far. Ideas won’t be impacted by false accusations. We uphold this call only for the sake of God.”

The declaration, he said, means that those who “participate in the group’s activities, in the organization or promotion verbally or by writing or by any other means or financing its activities” will be facing punishment according to the law. He said that the government had notified other Arab countries about its decision. The Brotherhood has organizations and political parties in other nations in the region.

Ahmed el-Borai, the Minister of Social Solidarity, told reporters in a news conference that the decision means “all activities of the Muslim Brotherhood group are — banned including the demonstrations.”

The declaration gives the armed forces and the police the right to enter universities and prevent protests, as “protection to the students,” el-Borai said.

Fox News

British Muslim Brotherhood Created By Freemasonry

Thank You Mr Obama For Reminding Us Why We Should Be Ever Vigilant: In Fact 252 Reasons Why!

23 Aug. 2013



Obama’s allegiance:

Remember when ABC Network’s propagandist, George Stephanopoulos “covered” for Obama during an interview? [Video] Please note that the video may not be functioning properly, as it exposes Obama. It’s malfunction and / or subsequent deletion would be par for the course for Obama handlers. Much has been deleted from the Internet in an attempt to eliminate the reality about Obama. Libs, progressives, and Marxists are masters of historical revisionism.

But, be that as it may, in the aforementioned interview, Obama referred to his “Wahhabi-Muslim faith,” and immediately, Stephanopoulos interjected, [you mean] “my Christian faith.” And, of course, Obama immediately concurred. Since Barack Hussein Obama came upon the presidential scene, there have been many telltale signs as to his WAHABI Muslim persuasions, since his actions do not mirror that of being one of Christ’s disciples. [1] [2] [3]

Not only is there Obama’s (own) spoken words, but his actions which speak louder than words. Ask yourself: “Why does Obama attack American Second Amendment rights but freely gives US taxpayer monies to Wahhabi-Muslims whose goal is to annihilate Israel and the United States? It doesn’t take aggressive thinking to know where Obama stands.


Other clear indications of Obama’s agenda and policies  illustrate that Obama sides with Islamic ideals rather than American Constitutional Republic principles. At most every turn Obama’s White House occupier influence, sides with the world of radical-WAHHABI-Islam, rather than Obama’s (hypocritical) profession of Christianity. If it isn’t Muslim ideals proliferated by Obama; it is liberal, progressive and socialist / Marxist ideals that are fomented.[1] [2] [3]

Recently, it has been reported that Obama’s half-brother, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Egyptian official ties Obama’s half-brother to Muslim Brotherhood –


When the Egyptian government and mainstream media reported on the role of Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, and his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, former Muslim Brotherhood, Walid Shoebat on Monday pointed out that the connections are now coming clearer on why President Obama has been soft on Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s reign of terror in Egypt.

Shoebat stated that one of the reports he did in the past, he showed that Malik is a member of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), an arm of the Sudanese government, which is led by President Omar al-Bashir, who is himself a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For that reason, Shoebat said that the former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt and current adviser, Tahani Al-Jebali stated that the reason the United States cannot fight the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is because the brother of U.S. President Barack Obama is the architect of the investments for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Translated by Shoebat, Al-Jebali stated in an interview, “I want to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We will carry out the law and the Americans will not stop us. We need to open the files and begin court sessions. The Obama administration cannot stop us… they know that they supported terrorism. We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with them [the terrorists]. It is for this reason why the American administration fights us.”

Pic of Obama with his half brother, Malik Obama, who is heavily involved with Middle East Muslim Brotherhood politics of political overthrow. People forget that Barack Obama is no stranger to that global area and to Islamic goals of global domination.

Shoebat has extensively covered Malik Obama in relation to President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a previous report, Shoebat revealed that the IDO was created by the Sudanese Government, which is considered by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist state. Since Malik Obama is a member of the IDO, this puts him in direct connection with Wahhabi-terrorists as well an official with a terrorist state……… –

Can it be any accident that an Obama family relative has close ties with the extremist ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood? Witness where Obama positions himself. Recognize his close ties to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood vis-a-vis his relationship with Egypt’s former leader, Morsi, who was deposed after 22 million Egyptians called for him to step down. Someone listened; and the Egyptian Military deposed the radical ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood troublemaker.

Please note the following informational link to understand more fully, Obama’s meddling influence upon Egypt and the Middle East:

Bankrolling the attack on Benghazi explains Obama’s “Strange” and Meddling Middle East Foreign Policy –

Obama is no innocent bystander to Middle East foreign policy involvement. Obama helped to instigate the overthrow of Egypt’s, Mubarak and Libya’s, al-Qathafi. In short, Obama helped micromanage the overthrow of two sovereign governments in order to (fraudulently) slide into place radical extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood; whose specified goal is to bring death and destruction.

When Obama actively and unilaterally began to militarily arm Brotherhood Muslim terrorists to overthrow The Great Jamahiriya and al-Qathafi; that (stab-in-the-back) action by Obama caught the lecturing ire of America’s sane black Muslim leader, Louis Farrakhan, who chided Obama with the words – “……who the hell do you think you are……you sat at his table…. :”

Farrakhan Warns Obama On Libya: ‘Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?’ –

Will Obama someday meet up with the same type of fate in which he tortured millions and killed with dones?  Will Farrakhan’s words come back to haunt him? How will the unrepentant Barack Obama meet his end before he returns to his spiritual father in perdition?

Directly related to the above commentary:

America’s 8 Billion Dollar Thief-In-Chief Obama and His Malicious Middle East Meddling –

Also related – please note Moralmatters umpteen articles about the Benghazi cover-up scandal on this following informational link:

Obama Benghazi Cover-up Scandal –


The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood!

Eissa offered no evidence (HAH ! ) in his speech linking the Brotherhood to Tuesday’s attack. [?????????]

Western Journalism

Iraq’s Oil To Enrich The MiddleEast Banker’s Group Known As The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

U.S. CIA War Script

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