Planning for a Green Future

 Message leader Muammar al-Qathafi

are free,

and are free Tajourah.

Tripoli to cleanse

the capital Tripoli from Jardan and traitors.

Mu Mirage


NEW Message leader Muammar al-Qathafi are free,

and are free Tajourah.

Tripoli: to cleanse the capital Tripoli from Jardan and traitors.


“The caught Libya estimated governed? Feltstal ?!
What Ikdroush Agmoha as long as we are armed! The fighting in each division and each and every street, every valley and village Oasis and the city?
They have to surrender in front of the Libyan people?
We are human and they do not have the inventory Shi ..!
In the end, the Libyan people will triumph.”


Be prepared to defend Libya .. prepared to defend the Great Man-Made River .. prepared to defend oil .. Astt to defend the dignity and independence pride and glory .. .. they responded they responded Khalhm Enksfoa .. .. .. Khalhm Akhosioa Khalhm ashamed .. I’m in the middle of the crowd .. Tarabuls..fa in green Square.
(Pride and glory of Liberals and shame for Jardan and collaborators and traitors)

إستعدوا للدفاع عن ليبيا .. إستعدوا للدفاع عن النهر الصناعي العظيم .. إستعدوا للدفاع عن البترول .. إستعدو للدفاع عن الكرامة وعن الاستقلال ..عن العزة وعن المجد .. ردوا عليهم .. ردوا عليهم .. خلهم ينكسفوا .. خلهم يخسئوا .. خلهم يخجلوا .. انا في وسط الجماهير .. في طرابلس..في الساحة الخضراء.
( العزة والمجد للآحرار والخزي والعار للجردان والعملاء والخونة )



By: Leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
(Ahed addicted)


Rebate process and imposed due to all Libyans now now.
Each free jealous of his homeland to meet the call

and stand pause Almighty to support the homeland

and the performance of duty.
(“Knight and Men”)عُشاق-الفكر-الأخضر/1433541890290890?hc_location=ufi

Lovers Green Thought
Peace and mercy of God
After permission from an administrator, as well as my free support for the page “lovers Green Thought”
This page will be specialized everything related to the third world theory and its founder leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.
We are still at the beginning of the road and you and you draw strength and show our presence.
Sensitive except you spend a good time ..
Best regards addicted covenant.

Those who fear the masses are the ones who hired foreign troops and brought the rulers onto our land and they betrayed their country and betrayed their own people because they do not trust the masses?


Helena .. dr. Yusuf Shakir .. current events in Libya 13/04/2015

Nazgul ring-wraiths

The pioneers of our humble
To watch the video, or to download high-quality [HD]
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And very soon our channel on YouTube for videos with high quality.
We wish you spend a good time.
Best regards .. addicted covenant.

Watch for the new Channel for Mu'ammar al-Qathafi on You-Tube

(Lord of the chest  ‘Explain to me and pleased me my order’ and the solution node of the tongue’ Evgahoa say)

(رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي* وَيَسِّرْ لِي أَمْرِي* وَاحْلُلْ عُقْدَةً مِّن لِّسَانِي * يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي).

Photo de ‎عُشاق الفكر الأخضر‎.


‎(الله أكبر ** الله أكبر ** الله أكبر)<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
النشيد القومي للجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الإشتراكية العظمى.‎


Our one and only FLAG

(الله أكبر ** الله أكبر ** الله أكبر)
النشيد القومي للجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الإشتراكية العظمى.

Call Libya .. dr. Hamza Thami .. documents Allegiance and betrayal

de Libya green

Newsletter .. mass channel 13/04/2015
de Libya green

Black Libyan resistance

14 bird “April” This day marks the twenty-ninth anniversary
1986 Atlantic American aggression, barbaric failed to ‘Great Jamahiriya’, which form a flagrant violation of human rights and the sovereignty of nations and peoples and the principles of international law

And in this day and month of the year 1986, more than “160” One hundred and sixty US warplanes launch air strikes on Libya in the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi dropped from which many of the bombs on our beloved, which claimed the lives of many of the debtors of the children and the elderly, women

and within these martyrs that the girl adopted by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi,

and, on the occasion of this anniversary raise my name calls to our martyrs and bleeding Oatar greetings to glory maker

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi visits the wounded in

Hospital from America’s attack on 14 April 1986:

Mu'ammar visits the wounded in Hospital from America's attack on 14 April 1986

and inspiring the masses leader immortal leader Muammar al-Qathafi and all the public and his family

a decent and all are free and silks of the Libyan people is fine and from victory to victory, Allah willing,




Jean Ziegler (left) meeting with Mu’ammar Qathafi

at his Bab Azizyiah bunker in 1986:


Ajoutée le 03 déc. 2013

al-Haji Usman Tahir Samanu proud of it Cronies
Part of the shed on channel Capital speaks of fact,
In Libya, after three years of the Nakba (2011).
[Direct broadcast ‘room leader  Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’ (at Paltalk)]

الحاج عثمان الطاهر من سمنو يفتخر انه من الازلام
جزء من القاء علي قناة العاصمه يتكلم عن الواقع ،
في ليبيا بعد ثلاث سنوات من النكبة ( 2011 ) .
. البث المباشر غرفة القائد /



al-Vars al-Libya:

And Belhadj in Algeria. (see picture) And his camel in Morocco. And Ali ‘hardness’ in Qatar. Cantaloupe in America. And in Britain.

And the sword of victory in France.

And el-Mahdi al-Haratne (GNEOH) in Turkey. Because it is not a popular one of them inside. So no one draws its strength from the inside. Vaforeig is brought. A Nsbhm forcibly. And their existence depends on the support abroad.

He said (I’m me and millions me; Allah who Nasrna Ali superpower)
And they said (we are with us and meet the NATO and Clinton and Erdogan and Hamad, II and VI)
Allah says (or we say all victorious and beat to combine paying back passage)
The great truth of Allah.


Only a tribute to free, so to identify themselves
(Faris al-Baraka)

Moved to the mercy of Allah:

أنتقلت إلى رحمة الله ‫#‏الحاجة__عائشة‬ صاحبة شعر القائد معمر
( ياصيد بن صيد ياصيد فى رأس عالى )
انا لله وان الية لراجعون
al-Hajh__aaúhh Her hair was the last

remaining sister of leader Muammar al-Qathafi:
(‘Yasid bin fishing Yasid’ in a high-head)

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism



(what it was):


‎جولة في العاصمة طرابلس..<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
عندما كانت العاصمة عرين الأسد القائد معمر القذافي<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
أستراحة لـرواد ومتتبعي صفحة عشاق الفكر الأخضر نسترجع فيها ذكريات الزمن الجميل ونستنشق عبير الحرية، وربما نبكي على أطلال لن تعود لأهلها إلا بالقوة! فلا يفل الحديد إلا الحديد.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
مشاهدة طيبة.. أدمن عاهد.‎

جولة في العاصمة طرابلس..
عندما كانت العاصمة عرين الأسد القائد معمر القذافي
أستراحة لـرواد ومتتبعي صفحة عشاق الفكر الأخضر نسترجع فيها ذكريات الزمن الجميل ونستنشق عبير الحرية، وربما نبكي على أطلال لن تعود لأهلها إلا بالقوة! فلا يفل الحديد إلا الحديد.
مشاهدة طيبة.. أدمن عاهد.



Tajourah on the radio pleading with the people of Tripoli, saying

“endowed for the Liberation of the capital …. !!!”
What I Samach of the Bihrrōha ???
Aatajurae what age ….. Ritesh.
اجوراء في الإذاعه يناشدوا في أهل طرابلس ويقولوا هبوا لتحرير العاصمه….!!!
أنا ما سمعتش من من بيحرروها ؟؟؟
ياتاجوراء ما ريتيش عمر….. .

NEW MESSAGE ANNOUNCEMENT from our Supreme Commander

new Message leader Muammar al-Qathafi:

are free and are free Tajourah.

Tripoli to cleanse the capital Tripoli from Jardan and traitors.

Out some tanks written on it in support of the ‘Operation Dignity’.

Tam calm center of the capital Tripoli.

TAJOURAH uprising against Brotherhood militias:
TAJOURAH uprising against Brotherhood militias

Targeting the militia patrols of ‘Roma Libya’

in the center of Tripoli, by the city’s youth.

Close militias ‘Roma Libya’ in front and Rishvana after

motionless youth Tripoli today.

Using the coast of Tripoli shortly before Tajourah.

Citing ‘Brigade and military Rishvana’:

Clashes in Tajourah between militias ‘Roma Libya’, and the youth of Tajourah.

Libyan airforce warplanes, bombarded gatherings

militias ‘Roma Libya’ at the entrance of Tajourah.

Photos aerial bombardment of a rat missile on a Camp in Tajoura:

DANGEROUS Concentration of terrorist militias of ’17 February’

are at the Island of Bab Aziziyah to storm Triv al-Sor (TAJOURAH):

militias of '17 February' are at the Island of Bab Aziziyah to storm Triv al-Sor (TAJOURAH), 1

militias of '17 February' are at the Island of Bab Aziziyah to storm Triv al-Sor (TAJOURAH), 2



Rally terrorist militias Misurata, in the area of Spring Valley

(Yarmouk Camp 27) and Qara poly, ready to storm Tajourah.

Dead elements of the MISURATA Brotherhood Melcaat shield

Armor al-Oeschy, last night, in the Spring Valley area.

Libyan Airforce warplanes bombed sites for ‘Roma Libya’

in the Spring Valley area.

Unidentified gunmen attacked a vehicle belonging to the armor militia Shield al-Oeschy in Spring Valley area, where they on the car as it passed through one of the roads; and attack resulted in the killing of three and wounding two of them in intensive care
The dead are:
1 __ Ali Xa
2 __ Salem Kmpeh
3 __ Ahmed Alchouda.

The wounded were:
4__ Ali Hamouda
5 __ Salem irresistible.

Tension in the Triv al-Sor and closing some streets this morning

and al-Melcaat terrorists capture some of the region’s youth.



And our response now from gangs ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorists warring with each other, in front of Liberation School, b Qasr bin Ghashir area,


and say why the group wants to withdraw the dispute and others want to fight.


Severe congestion in the region to the background of the death

of the young man Ayman al-Nuri by Misurata militias, who shot him dead.


Large convoy who are part of the militias ‘Roma Libya’,

is besieging Ben Achour area now.


Shooting voices heard in the vicinity of areas Fashloum

Mn aakd lna al-Khbr.



Hear the sounds of powerful explosions in the E Street corner
Elly has launched information Sayer Gadi tells ya free …. ????

And random shooting and closing Jamal Street,

put sand barriers following the killing of ‘Essam Sirocco’,

friend named Ibrahim al-Hanih who was also killed, and ‘Siraj al-Khaddrawi’.

Small arms clashes between rival militias in the city CORNER.

Control of the noble tribes forces on T-south corner of the city.


Out now armed convoy from MITIGUA air-base towards

the corner street and through the fence.

Youth through the fence in control of the camp and the headquarters of 77
Post Company.

Clashes in the vicinity of the corner street and through the fence.

Via a wireless rats out the second convoy of militia Nawasi

(the miliia of Raof ‘hater’-carte) in the direction through the fence

….. Please use discernible caution.

The spread of the gates now in most regions of Tripoli,

and alert to the criminal militias and inventory

Raouf ‘hater’-carte (NAWASI MILITIA), and Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine).


Rat Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine) militias stormed Got al-Shall area

and Takttf number of young people.


RAT Campaign of raids and arrests in the village of al-Buaiche Got al-Shall.

The death of the offender (Wael Alkkla) to the militias

Inventory Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)

Atlla Giani Gneoh aka el-Mahdi Haratine

in Iron Gate Bridge Airport Road.

Close the main gate of the Central Mail and Hospital burns

and Sidi Khalifa Street.

Close the main gate of the Central Mail and Hospital burns and Sidi Khalifa Street in TRIPOLI



Escalated problems and clashes between militia and militia  Brotherhood Jdian__

Janzour al-Qoy al-Trkh Janzour, and so on background Jdian__

Knights Janzour Botherhood militia withdrawal from the fronts of the ‘flower district’.
(God will smite the oppressors oppressors and brought us forth from them unharmed)


Armed clashes southwest of Ain Zahra with the remaining

of the Volol terrorist militias ‘Roma Libya’.



‘Qguat al-Qubaúl al-Harifah’ regain control of

the area near Nasiriyah of Kopri al-Zahra.

The  ‘Qguat al-Qubaúl al-Harifah’ up process quality sheep

were 2 cars and 14.5 2 23 Dochke car and escape from

it at the site of the terrorist Militia elements.




Video air strikes on places of concentration of

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ camp in well USTA birth.



Ali free and Rishvana discernible caution and steep traitor Ismail Akedarh

the introduction of nearly 50 people from the CORNER to the ranch,

located in the corrosive. 

Grfah amilit Rishvana
Contact number of boys traitor ‘Salah Valley Chamber of operations’ for our troops to surrender in exchange for the lives of their families and the protection of their property.
Traitors are not familiar with…

اتصال عدد من صبيان الخائن صلاح وادي بغرفة العمليات لقواتنا للاستسلام مقابل حياة اهلهم وحماية املاكهم .
الخونة لا عهد لهم

Martyrdom of ‘Abdullah Amqik’ of the area in the Kerkozh and Rishvana:
martyred in defense of the land, honor against the Kharijites dogs (people of Hell).

I am God, and that we return to the mechanism.

Room Zintan operations

Colonel Idris material is 'Room Libyan Army Operations, Western Region', 1
Colonel Idris material is “Room Libyan Army Operations, Western Region”,

inspects Champions supporting force of the Libyan Army in one of axes.

Allah save them all ..

National Army gates
Manuyat_taang_shab thanks to Allah !
Colonel Idris material is 'Room Libyan Army Operations, Western Region', 2
Colonel Idris material is ‘Room Libyan Army Operations, Western Region’.


The beginning of the return of families to their

homes to the city of al-Azizia.





The withdrawal of Misusrata militias from all axes

in Ajeelat and in Surman.

PICTURE: Mnoren Helena at Surman:




…a lurking and customers in Beautiful City

Ali Al-Ahrar taken it caution and al-Rjaaaaaaae Post

published until it reaches the largest number of people

Name: Khalid Mohammed al-Bgtas

Housing: Beautiful City

(Specifically in the area of ‘well sweet’) Is supporting the militia

Lhalboss money and food.

Science is has Gdaúah materials market and the threat of the students, especially orphans any person or does not have a father and instructs Jardan in a place where the Liberals have been watched more than once.



Intentional media blackout by rats and gangs in MISURATA

for some of the incidents that happen in the city of Misurata

from the abduction and killing and bombing.

Ambulance resume trips from Tripoli to Misurata.

The arrival of a number of dead and wounded to the

emergency department of the Central Hospital of Misurata.


This is a place rags “February Revolution’ ” cursed because

science colonialism needed to be with Alangas but their

uniforms and then, I do not strange because they are at

the beginning of the Zionist Nakba greeted Levy

and suspended in Misratah Vlazem be with junk, but their uniforms.

هذا مكان خرقة ثورة قبراير الملعونة لان علم الاستعمار لازم يكون مع الانجاس الا زيهم وبعدين مش غريبه لانهم في بداية النكبه استقبلوا الصهيوني ليفي وعلقوه في مصراته فلازم يكون مع الزباله الا زيهم

Exit another warplane from the base Military College Airborne Misurata.



The arrival of reinforcements for military Misurata militias in Sirte .

A car bomb near a concentration of MISURATA militias 166 west of Sirte

Continuation of the siege and Anaftaa food and medical

supplies and fuel for the city of Sirte. 


Benghazi prevalence of certain serious skin diseases as a result

of the accumulation of garbage in the streets and some places of population density.

Garbage and skin diseases related risk.

The great amount of trash in the streets and land became a problem. …

contaminated water include skin lesions that can cause skin, bladder,

and lung cancer.

Streets filled with putrid, uncollected rubbish, allowed leishmaniasis to thrive.


‫#‏بنغازي‬ أنتشار بعض الأمراض الجلديه الخطيره نتيجة ترآكم القمامه في بعض الشوارع والأماكن ذات الكثافه السكانيه


Vertical flight of a bomb sites of Melcaat Daash terrorist Region of Hawari.

Violent clashes in Laithi, Hawari and Rulrhh.

(so-called) ‘rebels’ February Nakba (supporters of evil/ ANSAR al-SHARIA) (AKA DAASH in LIBYA), declare a financial bonus payments for the killing of our leaders of “DIGNITY”:

Evil bounty hunters




Explosion near the building of ‘intelligence’ in district Sevilla.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed sites to organize Daash

at the entrance of the city of Aqaba, Derna-Gharba.



Adjust the large amount estimated tons of hashish and Tramadol pills

and alcohol at the border with Chad Tom port.





Kidnapping of ‘Ahmed Abdul Salam Mohammed Arifa’, in front of his office staff, which continued to manage the civil registry South Zone branch al-Tanueh area in the city of Sabha.


Mujahideen at Ady Chat’ai and succeed in cutting the supply routes for the so-called third force hostile and a group of sneak into enemy positions and destroy the 30 mm cannon on the bandwagon and 23 mm machine gun detachment.

Misurata send a delegation (HA HA!!) to Barak Chat’ai to stop the fighting and heavy losses after failing to control them…




Hftar in Jordan, 3

Hftar in Jordan.



Libyan International airliner at Zintan International Airport
Full International Flights to and from Zintan Intrnational Airport.

Tunisian authorities agree to open skies fully with Libya.





Rise of the Houthis

PICTURE: al-SARKA (the Scream), al Sarkha (The Scream) – in the cave where former leader Hussein al Houthi was killed in Marran, Saada.

Obama’s Rape of Yemen


Obama is systematically raping Yemen – using Saudi-led terror-bombing to do his dirty work. He wants Washington regaining control over its former client state. The lives and welfare of millions of Yemenis don’t matter.

Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) believes “(t)he Saudi-led collective move in Yemen entails a significant advantage for Israel.”

Houthi Ansarullah fighters “cannot be defeated from the air. The Saudi goal is to prevent (them) from using advanced weapons – fighter jets and surface-to-surface missiles – and keep the strategic port city of Aden from falling into their hands.”

Houthis don’t threaten Israel. Al Qaeda, IS and likeminded extremist groups don’t have air power except when Washington supplies it.

Endless war in Yemen continues. Casualties mount daily. Human suffering is extreme.

Streets in conflict areas are deserted – accept for bodies piling up. Essentials to life are in short supply or unavailable altogether. A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in real time.

Saudi Arabia dismissed Iran’s call to halt fighting. Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said “(h)ow can Iran call for us to stop fighting…”

He lied claiming “(w)e came to Yemen to help the legitimate authority, and Iran is not in charge of Yemen.”

The so-called “legitimate authority” is US-installed with no legitimacy whatever.

Saudi terror-bombing serves US imperial interests and its own. Mass-murdering Yemenis is considered OK – including deliberately targeting civilian men, women and children, killing them in cold blood.

The death toll likely tops 2,000.  Numbers injured include thousands more – many maimed for life.

Official figures way undercount. Slow-motion genocide explains things.

Well over 100,000 have been displaced. Eighteen days of terror-bombing and ground fighting caused horrific conditions.

Hospitals are overwhelmed. At least five were terror-bombed. Those operating haven’t enough supplies for the wounded.

The longer conflict continues, the worse things get. A grocer running out of food said “(t)he war of hunger has not started yet.”

Residents in conflict areas have no place to hide. Yemen is being systematically raped, ravaged and destroyed – another US imperial victim.

It may be turned to rubble before things end. Tens of thousands may die.

An Aden resident said everything around him is “damaged, ruined. Everything is destroyed.”

Saudis “are bombing innocent people and families.” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius visiting Riyadh expressed support for Saudi-led terror-bombing.

“(W)e are here to demonstrate our support, especially political, to the Saudi authorities,” he said.

One rogue regime supports another. Mass slaughter and destruction are OK.

Resolving things militarily is impossible. Violence assures more of it.

Diplomacy alone can work. Iran’s state-run Al-Alam TV said hackers accessed its Twitter account and You Tube channel.

They published fabricated reports about Houthi leader Abdul-Makik Houthi’s death.

Al-Alam officials blamed Saudi anger for its critical reporting of its terror-bombing.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Kkamenei called Riyadh’s campaign a “crime and genocide.”

He cited rising civilian casualties. Obama refuses to evacuate up to 4,000 stranded US citizens.

Russia continues rescuing hundreds of people in need – so far citizens from 19 countries, including 45 Russian nationals and 18 Americans on Sunday.

Others are being evacuated by air and sea. Five air rescue missions were undertaken.

At least eight other countries are evacuating their nationals – including China and India.

A trapped US citizen told RT International:

“Nobody will help us evacuate. The (US government’s) reply was an automated message that they do not have any evacuation plans. Basically we are left on our own.”

America prioritizes waging global direct and proxy wars of aggression.

Its message to trapped US citizens in Yemen: You’re on your own, out of luck, too bad if you’re killed or injured. Expect no help from Washington.

US resources go for war-making – not helping its own citizens in need, at home or abroad.

Last week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Houthis haven’t decided whether to launch attacks on Saudi territory or try cutting off the strategically important Bab-el-Mandred strait – connecting the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

Nasrallah believes Saudi aggression will end in “catastrophic failure.” How many thousands of Yeminis will perish in the meantime?

How much unspeakable human suffering will continue?

Russia urged all sides to halt fighting – to resolve things diplomatically.

Obama wants endless conflict. He operates by his own rules. He invents them to fit policy.

He does so to justify mass murder. Human lives don’t matter. Civilians are as fair game as combatants.

He once bragged to aides about murder by drones saying “I’m really good at killing people.”

Millions died on his watch – by violence, preventable diseases, starvation and overall deprivation.

How many more will perish before his tenure ends? How much more human suffering is too much?

How much longer will US unaccountability for high crimes against peace be tolerated? When will long denied justice be served?

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Fars News reported senior Yemeni Ansarullah movement member Hossein al-Ezzi saying “differences have intensified in the Al Saud dynasty over the Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen.”

“(I)nsecurities (in several Saudi regions) have been intensified.” Some Saudi official fear possible internal chaos.

Conflict threatens to spill cross-border. Anything ahead is possible.

War has a way of widening on its own. The entire Gulf area may be embroiled before things end.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

One thought on “Planning for a Green Future

  1. Dear Green Friends,

    Hillary Clinton, evil war monger and lead hawk for attacking innocent Libya, is running for President in the U.S. As an American I would LOVE to publicize her meetings with terrorists like Belhadj*,* and anyone who is part of a group the U.S. considers a terrorist.

    Also, if you have specific English wording that you would like to use about her or demand the U.S. must do (beside reparations, of course) please let me know that too.

    Yours in Peace, Dawn Elise

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