Probable Victory Weekend

The Blessings of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on this Juma Friday:

Victory with a ‘Juma Blessing’, Allah willing !

The Glory of Allah

Mannsuh Leader of the Revolution,,,

Dima amid heart Amoworh !

Sweetest greetings to our leader, whom our Lord Allah keeps safe…

ﻣﺎﻧﻨﺴﻮﻩ ﺯﻋﻴﻢ ﺍﻟﺜﻮﺭﻩ ،،، ﺩﻳﻤﺎ ﻭﺳﻂ ﺍﻟﻘﻠﺐ ﻋﻤﻮﻭﻭﺭﻩ
أحلي تحية لقائدنا ورمزنا ربي يحفظه……
“فارس ورجال”

(Knight & Men)

 Mu a-field

We are a generation built by Muammar ..wala ………..

Listen to the end al-Vedioa
Brother commander is in the city of Tobruk
(la vidéo de Mohammed Abdul Qadir).

Mu is in Cyrenaica

 The Mu 'code'

‘Call Libya’ .. Dr. Hamza Thami ..
ring Matrouh appeal to Libya from the desert 23/04/2015

(de ‘Libya green’)

Libyan Army


The target concentration of militias points ‘Dawn Libya’ Abusrh
(“The earthquake compassionate”)


Sheikh El Hamel, writes:
Pray T p Prophet (PBUH)  launching returned !

salute to the Great Jamahiriya

“…the solution Hua return of the legitimate and genuine historic leadership of the Great Jamahiriya.
(Faris al-Baraka)


meetings of People’s Congresses and Popular Committees.

World beginning to agree that Mu is Victorious



‘Room Zintan operations’, tells us:

Mohammed Baio (Be’aou) from Misurata, and speaking with him, shows him to be a totally insane patient, psychologically troubled, as well as morally deficit (as Salah Badi was).

With Family problems _ _ Jews _ avshkho _ each


(Do you think this could be in any manner, normal ???)  Misurata Brotherhood, 
showing Mohammed Baio,

and-Abdul-Rahman-Sowaihalli (all srewed-up Brotherhood rats):

LIBYAN BROTHERHOOD showing Mohammed Baio, and Abdul-Rahman Sowaihalli


After the danger Super Abdullah Naker Wayne homes …. ????



 ‘Room Zintan operations’, on FB informs us:

(Dolh Musrath al-Azmy)

government militias of ‘MISURATA’:

The Government of the so-called ‘national rescue’ (the former been ‘government of ‘salvation’) now the current composition:

Prime Minister MB Musrati
First Vice MB Musrati
And Foreign Minister MB Musrati
And Defense Minister MB Musrati
And Minister of Justice MB Musrati
And Minister of Economy MB Musrati
Strong and Minister of labor MB Musrati
In each ministry agent and at least one MB Musrati
And the Governor of the Central Bank MB Musrati
The Prime Brotherhood Musrati Oil Corporation)
Prime Brotherhood Musrati Intelligence
Prime Brotherhood Musrati military police
Prime Brotherhood Musrati military accounts.
Chairman of the Management and Administration ‘army’ Brotherhood Musrati
Chief of Military integrity Brotherhood Musrati
Prime Brotherhood Musrati Intelligence

Share al-Tbah allegedly Shani ::
(Hkachi aafjr Libya)

‫#‏دولة_مصراتة_العظمى‬ émoticône squint

حكومة المليشيات المصارتية
حكومة ما تسمى بالانقاذ الوطني بتركيبتها الحالية :

رئيس الحكــــــــــومة مصراتي
والنائــــــــــــــــــــب الاول مصراتي
ووزير الخــــــــــــــــــــــارجيه مصراتي
ووزير الدفــــــــاع مصراتي
ووزير العـــــــــدل مصراتي
ووزير الاقتصــــــاد مصراتي
ووزير القوي العامله مصراتي
وفي كل وزاره وكيل واحد علي الاقل مصراتي
ومحافظ المصرف المركزي مصراتي
ورئيس مؤسسة النفط مصراتي
رئيس الاستخبارات مصراتي
رئيس الشرطة العسكرية مصراتي
رئيس الحسابات العسكرية مصراتي
رئيس هيئة التنظيم والادارة بالجيش مصراتي
رئيس هيئة النزاهة العسكرية مصراتي
رئيس الاستخبـــــارات مصــــــراتي

:: وحصة التباعة زعما شني émoticône kiki ::



RATS Fathi Bashaga and MB Misurata company,

who run Vischey-style Mafia ‘National Rescue’ Tripoli ‘Government’:
Military press conference by Fathi Ali Bashaga and Ibrahim Baitelmal.

‘Room Zintan operations’:
Tweets of the criminal ‘Fathi Bashaga’, commander Militia Hittin ..

Criminal Fathi Bashagha

Here I ask tobacco in the corner and Janzour and Gharyan,

market and Sabratha and Surman and Kikla and Amazigh:


clarify their position us now; and so, you Bnglbawa, interest of the nation and only …….
Tobacco in the cities that I mentioned, not all.

(Jamal al-Kafali)


Power outages most of the mass regions for more than 5 hours. 

Continuation crisis blackouts on Libyan cities for long

hours up from 5-6 hours a day.

a Green Flag, a rat Flag and a NATO flag, makeing a flutteing statement on a mediterranean Libyan Beach:

Room Zintan operations’, pleads:

Each of the published pictures or army positions will be responsible for anything happening to them.

Any exceptional situation should not be tolerated.
Hedda Mesh Wedding
The security authorities bear the responsibility towards Hola.

(Omar Matoq)


You pray for the men of the army of support and strength ..

Iaaaarb victory !

Allah is great and thankfully
And to Manasr from Allah.





News about the arrest of ‘Mary Sl good’ nicknamed ‘Duckh’ in Ras worthy, and sources say that her husband confirmed the news … and Nbdeh by those Aia-rafha.
(‘Duckh’ war of Warfalla fought against our system in 2011, strongly stood against all Matni word against her city and its people … but in the Bani Walid war, those who are among the Contrite, stood with their city, and abandoned ‘Duckh’.)






Tripoli adorn the sky with fireworks !

Arabic people pension Etbi something called the ‘Dawn Libya’

How many of them anxious to holiday light !


(“The earthquake compassionate”)



Kues if weddings clashes and explosions pm 1:30

Voices of intense shooting in the area Got al-Shall.


Information from wireless Jardan been closing the road

opposite the so-called ’77’ in ‘Bab bin Ghashir’ by young of Bin Ghashir.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed sites for ‘Roma Libya’ militias near

Qsr bin Ghashir area, and the perimeter of Tripoli International airport.







Industrial river water interruption in the city of Tripoli.


Fire shops basic foodstuffs street samba
Now al-Kremiah area.


Black resistance now advancing towards the capital without clashes.
Exodus forces ‘Dawn Libya’. 

Clashes in Cimafro turf now.

 Black resistance stormed the city of turf…
To Arjua forward !

Exodus of families in the turf, and the area around

the city of Janzour into Tripoli after clashes in the turf area.

Tthrrt turf Buildings, after hours, Allah willing, we will be

on the outskirts of Janzour ° Hanzor is noted °
(“The earthquake compassionate”)

Crowds of angry ‘Black Resistance’ to postpone the ‘zero hour’,

after what has been ‘the Declaration of turf areas

and Janzour military districts’.
Do not return to the forward !
(“The earthquake compassionate”)



Libyan airforce Warplanes are bombing Janzour.

Targeting two cars belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’.

‘Green Youth of Janzour’ downloaded ‘Dawn Libya’ battalion

belonging to the ‘Brotherhood Knights Janzour patrol’. 

Youth of Janzour Ikmon make an armed attack on ‘the battalion first security’ which  backs the Brotherhood Battalion ‘Knights Janzour’.

Clashes between youth and ‘Brotherhood Knights Janzour’  

lead by the criminal militia Nagy Guenidy.

Severe clashes at the entrance to Janzour now.

Clashes in one of the streets in the coastal road of Janzour.

Injury offender “Ali al-Guenida” (a terrorist militia leader

of the ‘17 February’, “Dawn Libya”), in clashes west of Janzour.

(Injury offender named Ali al-Guenida”, the field commander of

the militia ‘oma Libya’,  in clashes with troops in the tribal area al-Hachan*.)


Fire house next door to the Sudanese Embassy in Tripoli,  Bkerkarc !


The death of the offender ‘Khaled one facet’, a militiaman

of ‘Roma Libya’, from TRIPOLI, at the center of the corner Abossrh.

Elements of terrorist militias raiding houses that near Alariue Island

and stationed on rooftops, after the expulsion

of families from their homes by force of arms.


Rocket in al-Bornawi area in the corner with hearing voices

military aviation in the region’s skies.

Violent clashes in the southern region Bir_asl Angle

between ‘Roma Libya’ militias and tribal forces.






Militias manatee Janzour bombed indiscriminately

towards areas and Rishvana.


‘Black resistance forces’ inside Rishvana exceeded 9600 fighters.

Misuratan ahdalah-rarb-Musrath Warplane, out of the total air,

and Okhaddt westward …

Lord responded to the invitation Aahr, was shot down

by the Libyan Army, after the bombing of the military forces in Rishvana.

News about the shooting down of a militia ‘Roma Libya’

warplane at the center of Rishvana by tribal forces.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes continued to bomb militias ‘Roma Libya’  al-Fberaaria terrorists, who targeted a house belonging to “Abu Bakr Abu Dean” area of Ameria Borcvana, and which led to his death and wounding his wife and children, injured Bulgah and Move on the track to a hospital, in disregard clear by ‘Dell militias’ who killed Libyan citizens only to get power. 

Room Zintan operations

Extend our condolences to the family of ‘Abu Bakr Abuamad’, who has been their home for the day before the bombing by ‘Libya Fajar’ aircraft, and the head of the family died in the attack and ask Allah to forgive him and bless his soul.
We ask Allah for the safety of his wife and his children who are present at  

Zintan hospital for treatment, and ask Allah to Asbarham the ordeal, and ask Allah to Atolahm saved.

indiscriminate bombing toward Rishvana by Janzour Brotherhood Knights militia

 The killing of Munir Naluti of the ‘militias in favor of precordial’

in clashes today in Rishvana.

‘Roma Libya’ dead !-power mobile:
Munir Askar .. Nalut
Mazigh .. Ifrane
Mohammed Pietro .. corner .
All of them were stepping on them at the center…

Agencies / DNA results to body of  Azat al-Ildora is matching him!

Life returning to areas Rishvana, as

forces and tribes extended its control over the region:

Life returning to areas Rishvana



‘Roma Libya’ militias now pounding SaaS all valuable heavy

civilian homes in al-Hachan.!!!

The family of the martyr, Allah willing, Abubakar Bo Dean,

who was bombed today by the airline militias ‘Roma Libya’.
Suffice is yes, the agent (SATAN).
Nansabhm martyrs, Allah willing.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

The killing of Abu-bakar Abu-Amad family, in the full Ameria district, after the bombing of their home by air-Flight militias of ‘Roma Libya’.

Libyan Airforce Warplanes continued to bomb militias ‘Roma Libya’ 

in the military police perimeter east of Zahra, turf and al-Hachan.





The death of the so-called field commander ‘Hassan Hattab’,

and one of his aides, the Inventory ‘Ali_abu_zribe’,

at the center of the front Bossrh.


Armed vehicles belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’

ascend to Gharyan… 

Hand Sbaah small groups, each with 4 cars to avoid some of the monitoring … please convey the information to the armed forces.

Uncertain inside Gharyan ..
The criminal gang Daab launch arrests and repressive initiated yesterday as raided several houses in the city of Gharyan and arrested more than 30 men of the city and are naysayers armed militias and governed by the mostly Abugalan area campaign.

Operations room:

For the safety of the citizens on the people of the city of Gharyan:

Stay away from places and militia stationed inside the city

sites for the project as a target for artillery and troops stationed

in the vicinity of the city.

Diffusion militias ‘Roma Libya’ Bmadkhal the south of the city of Gharyan.

Pictures of tribal forces surrounding Gharyan city:

‘Room Zintan operations’
‘Operations room’:
Army forces and support troops will move in the coming hours

to the city of Gharyan to release it from the grip of

militias ‘Dawn Libya’, after negotiations with the elders fail.

 Operations room:

 Army forces and support troops advance morning Tabuth pace

toward Gharyan; and Sbaah cleared from ‘Dawn Libya’ gangs.
Army forces and support troops advance morning Tabuth pace toward Gharyan

This one of ‘Dawn Libya’ Gharyan leaders .. it was his destiny to die for wreak havoc and destruction and lawlessness .. and support them to the people of militancy and terrorism!

At a time when it can be reliably building and reconstruction .. Gharyan town that her supervisor of history not share.

Still choose the wrong side .. and still lose and lose .. and the pages of history the best witness .. Fjmlh one of the memoranda Gersaiana suffice:


(Severe fire Andjt Gharyan bread)

It is known from … participated in and led the severe battle !!

(Khalid A Kor)

A family Daab terrorist militias fighting against

the legitimacy of the Libyan state:

and the recovery of their vehicles and Autea to the bosom of the National Army ..

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

(Ahmed Akrout)

Room Zintan operations:

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

Families and Rishvana back and the region back to life as usual in al-Azizia.

Army troops made in the soles of the mountain axis Gharyan and control of the road from al-Azizia down to Gharyan.

Heera camp and the road link to the Tripoli with recovery mechanisms from the ‘Dawn Libya’, and the mevhanism’s being returned to the legitimacy of the Libyan Army.

Recovery tanks after ‘FAJR LIBYA militias Daab’ up and left them in Gharyan.

Capturing a total of ‘Daab militias’, and our Army troops receive relief from families, as we were coming through Sbaah and Trashidhm, to make the roads safe.

What is the focus of Wattaya only, is to relieve pressure from Gharyan, will Evlho in progress.

(Ahmed Akrout)

Besieged city of Gharyan three essayed forces

and tribes ask the wise city peacefully delivered within two hours.


O our people in Gharyan ..
(by Jamal al-Kafali)

Call Flanoagaf  brothers and the people of this war and Control your criminals and Hakmohm you for their crimes and to join Gharyan rode legitimacy to the state and to contribute strongly in Benge army and the police ..

O our people your children are fighting on the side of falsehood in a row now fighting the terrorist group and the criminal group the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, how missed you wisdom and intolerance Regional even those Tnasroa and your children are being killed in the process ..

O our people in Gharyan, Arise now and criminal Daab Control your blood of your sons who sells black money given to him from his masters criminals do not be followed for one.

يا أهلنا في غريان..
Jamal al-Kafali:

نداء أخوة و أهل فلنوقف هذه الحرب و أقبضوا علي المجرمين وحاكموهم أنتم علي جرائمهم و لتنضم غريان لركب الدولة الشرعية ولتساهم بقوة في بنغء الجيش والشرطة..

يا أهلنا أبنائكم يقاتلون في صف الباطل الأن في صف الجماعة الإرهابية المقاتلة وجماعة الإخوان المجرمة فكيف غابت عنكم الحكمة والتعصب الجهوي حتي تنصروا هؤلاء وأولادكم يقتلون في سبيلهم..

يا أهلنا في غريان قوموا الأن وأقبضوا علي المجرم دعاب الذي يبيع دم أبنائكم بالمال الأسود المقدم له من أسياده المجرمين ولا تكونوا تبع لأحد.

‘Room Zintan operations’, reports and comments: ·

Said criminal ‘Qugel’, the commander Militia ‘mobile power Tobakedz’, says, on the channel, “we will not allow the attack on the town of Gharyan and all areas of the mountain will move against the city (ZINTAN) that Stahjm to Gharyan.” (TWISTED HAH)

Please respond to this criminal ! He and his men cut completely the food supply and medicine going our the cities of the Mountain. They are not unlike the ‘Militia Daab’ in Gharyan, who cut fuel and communications; and online supply, and both hold a dual identity. The Army does not support the militias who are stationed in Gharyan.
Militia Daab, like you, are affiliated to the deviant Brotherhood Malfia Misurata-group, which only follows by O Ostrtkk money.

Downtown Gharyan

Room Zintan operations’, reporting:

al-Jeic al-Outna Walqoh al-Msandh:

Today and recovery mechanisms, including tank

after the escape of Kano where Herbh!

When the tank is important waxing and Gharyan

eve when the National Army and thankfully

Was written by Gharyan, that ‘MISURATA_htin’…


The ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ Official Statement concerning the

bombings by Air ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorists upon the towns of Zintan and al-Rajaban:

The 'MAJLIS al-Nuwaab' Official Statement concerning the bombings by Air 'Dawn Libya' terrorists upon the towns of Zintan and al-Rajaban

Destructive SCUD MISSILES of the Brotherhood RAT MILITIAS:

al-Qriteley boys and boys formerly ‘Saif al-Sharif’ and Misurata fighters currently:

‘Ahalh Wind’ and ‘Maaaash’ knew Is it threatens or one of the Manachireh who satisfy omitted in Mjeebh !!

Labouk fighter Ali words empty your missiles Hdola Ptousel Behm Nalut or for Tunisia Hehehehe.

Reto what Gshem How al-Qriteley ‘Adair Page Masonic’ emblem! And tongs which all Chaabasp ACCESSORIES who like him and Evf in Symposium large Yasser him do not know to laugh or laugh too.

You and boys Huwaidi Khriha the same school in the same publication, and the word Anicolo where the likes of your pages phantom (the dog who barks Yakriteley Mayadh and you are one of the dogs who do not Jet Attenbh calculated not only on dogs bite) !!

Hoaiat al-Aboaq:
al-Tbandir waltz-mazik siyadkm and lovers licking Cdah Hedda Omh !!

You new to you Aavaaargin of Scud-eat


القريتلي صبية سيف سابقآ وصبية خالد الشريف و المزاريط والمقاتلة حاليآ
اشله ريح ومعاااش عرفنا هل هو يهدد او واحد من مناشيره اللي يرضي بيها في معجيبه !!
يابوق المقاتلة علي كلامك الفارغ صواريخك هدولا بتوصل بيهم لـ نالوت او لتونس ههههههه
ريتو لما غشيم كيف القريتلي ادير صفحة شعارها ماسوني ! وملقط فيها جميع شباسب الصبع اللي علي شاكلته ويفتفت في دوة كبيرة ياسر عليه لاتعرف تضحك او تضحك ايضـآ émoticône kiki انت و صبية الهويدي خريحي نفس المدرسة بنفس المنشور وكلمة انقولو فيها لامثال صفحاتكم الوهمية ( الكلب اللي ينبح ياقريتلي مايعضش وانت واحد من الكلاب اللي لا جيت لاتنبح ولا تعض محسوب فقط علي الكلاب ) !!
‫#‏التبندير_والتزمزيك_لسيادكم‬ ومن عشاق لعق الاحدية هدا انتم ومش جديدة عليكم يافااارغين ‫#‏سكوديات‬ هههههههههههه


When will you put solution pox ‘Aaovernmh Parliament’ and of the Brotherhood’s  Air ‘Roma Libya’, in the western region specifically !!!

At the time of the Libyan Army troops and supporting written in terms of force on the ground victories and progress to extend its legitimacy, in the usurped the cities of emerging terrorist groups and non-legitimate recognizing the range!
(Scottkm al-Mkhgel iktlna)

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

متي سـ تضعون حل جدري ياحكومة وبرلمان وسلاح الجوي الليبي لـ طيران الغجر الدي يخرج من مصراتة ويقصف كل يوم في المنطقة الغربية تحديدآ !!!
في وقت قوات الجيش الليبي والقوة المساندة تسطر علي الارض الانتصارات و التقدم لبسط الشرعية في المدن المغتصبة من الجماعات الارهابية الخارجة علي نطاق الشرعية والغير معترفة بها !

Air militias of ‘Dawn Libya’ are pounding the city of Zintan with more than six random missiles near the civilian airport, and near the hospital accident, and near the popular market B. al-Zintan when they are full of itinerant shoppers.
(Geraúm ‘Fajr Libya’ ali Medinh al-Zintan)


Destructive SCUD MISSILES of the Brotherhood RAT MILITIAS












This is what the owner of the house, and ask Allah to be offset by good ,,,

Sure yard room and store weapons and place operations are still mercenaries and times until the Flyers Atalaao from the surface of the yard …
God’s curse on all of the advocates of Misurata militias and their tails, and the curse of Allah on all bastards in Walker Snake in Mitigua.

Minimum ancestor religion, O city of ingratitude.

Place takeoff flight known ‘Roma Libya’ who bombed civilians

in the city of Zintan and Zintan airport today and times previous
To be more clear (air al-Qaeda terrorist Misratah)
Ma_alve_tantzera_fah_aa_overnmtna_moqrh ?????? !!!!!!

مكان إقلاع طيران الغجر معروف الذي قصف المدنيين في مدينة الزنتان ومطار الزنتان اليوم والمرات السابقة
لنكون واضحين أكثر ( القاعدة الجوية الارهابية مصراتة )
‫#‏ما_الذي_تنتظري_فيه_يا_حكومتنا_الموقرة‬ ؟؟؟؟؟؟!!!!!!



Today on 04/23/2015 was bombarded Zintan city bythe  criminal gangs and terrorists. This time their goal of safe houses and popular markets where the world where their (so-called) ‘parliament’ where the ‘Security Council’ and MB Leon chattel dialogue. We are tired of talking with them and Ahawwar after today …….

 ‎هذا ما قاله صاحب المنزل ، ونسأل الله ان يعوضه خيراً ،،،</p><br /><br />
<p>أكيد الحوش غرفة عمليات ومخزن اسلحة ومكان لانزال المرتزقة ومرات حتى الطيارات يطلعو من سطح الحوش ...</p><br /><br />
<p>لعنة الله على كل من يناصر مليشيات مصراتة وذيولها ، ولعنة الله على كل الأوباش في وكر الأفعى في معيتيقة .</p><br /><br />
<p>الدنيا سلف ودين يا مدينة الجحود .</p><br /><br />
<p>:<br /><br /><br />
:</p><br /><br />
<p>Zintan Libya‎

‎اليوم بتاريخ 23 / 4 / 2015 تم قصف مدينة الزنتان من العصابات المجرمة الأرهابية وكان هده المرة هدفهم البيوت الأمنه و الاسواق الشعبية أين العالم اين البرلمان اين مجلس الأمن اين ليون متاع الحوار لقد سئمنا من الكلام معهم ولاحوار بعد اليوم .......‎

اليوم بتاريخ 23 / 4 / 2015 تم قصف مدينة الزنتان من العصابات المجرمة الأرهابية وكان هده المرة هدفهم البيوت الأمنه و الاسواق الشعبية أين العالم اين البرلمان اين مجلس الأمن اين ليون متاع الحوار لقد سئمنا من الكلام معهم ولاحوار بعد اليوم …….


Okhnha aa mwalim:

Allah, I certify that this did not utter a lie, but, and I bear witness of Allah, that things between Zintan and Riyaana neighborly relationship quiet and both enter the other for the city is safe to himself and his family and his wealth and even overlapping boundaries of cities and almost never be separated.

I certify that, by Allah Almighty, of the publication of the previous publication unless otherwise only sow discord between Zintan and Riyaana nor any health information by the publication.

On the whole I say: “Let the curse of Allah on the liars.”

Zintan Baokhaddoa logo Libyan Airlines (ABOVE).


Room Zintan operations (VIDEO):
(Allah scattered the respondents) It’s the call that broke their backs these militias began to conflict with each other for a long time and all Maitkdm military backing and force him getting Khalafathm and Asubho betray in some carry some responsibility for their defeat.

The right will triumph in the end the injustice, thanks to Allah.

(Mamed al-Adl)

‎( اللهم شتت شملهم ) انها الدعوة التي قسمت ظهورهم هذه المليشيات بدأت النزاعات فيما بينها من مدة طويلة وكل مايتقدم الجيش والقوة المسانده له تزداد خلفاتهم واصبحو يخونون في بعض ويحملون مسؤولية الهزيمه علي بعض ف الحق سينتصر في النهاية على الظلم بفضل الله .</p><br /> <p>:<br /><br /> :</p><br /> <p>#محمد_العدل‎


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

( اللهم شتت شملهم ) انها الدعوة التي قسمت ظهورهم هذه المليشيات بدأت النزاعات فيما بينها من مدة طويلة وكل مايتقدم الجيش والقوة المسانده له تزداد خلفاتهم واصبحو يخونون في بعض ويحملون مسؤولية الهزيمه علي بعض ف الحق سينتصر في النهاية على الظلم بفضل الله .




Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.


‘Dawn Libya’ Brotherhood Rat militias struck

the rightous house owned by ‘Abubakar Abubrigadh’ today,

and they killed and wounded his wife and daughter.

We ask  Allah, of them to be martyrs

(Yahya Aborgiga)




Jump to the mercy of Allah, Colonel, “Ali Hadi” from al-Rajaban city and one of the heroes of the Libyan Army forces of the axis Jnob (south of Ajeelat), after repelling the militias, “Dawn Libya”, which tried to attack our progress, since this morning.

(al-Mrussel Mamed)


one in the axis of al-RAJABAN

A snapshot of one in the axes.
A tribute to the Arabic city of al-Rajaban.

Allahu Akbar !

Here are some galleries and ‘flea-market’ boutiques ‘antibrachii’

operate of refurbished and recycled items:

and their morale is high,

and the population happy to enter the National Army,

which all have things exactly thankfully.

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

(Yahya Aborgiga)


 Tribal youth and Libyan Army playing football in al-Azizia.

 Col. Tntosh in al-Azizia:

calm now in al-AZIZIA:




Oh Allah, they are free Rdwoowoa Ajeelat

and Aaaaaaahmowoowon and Jamaaaaaaaah  Mowoowoubarkh

(“Knight and Men”)

Room Zintan operations:

Aaaaaajl :: entering a military force to the people of Ajeelat

supporters of the army to the new area,

and power outages on the city now .. and bullets in the air.

(Mn qlb al-Haddt
al-Mrussel Mamed)


Please circular .hada young man living in the city of Ajeelat

.omsagt his head since the birth of one of the heads of Hamas

and the ungodly elements lurking…

and because he moved to the city of Sabratha, which runs a network of recruitment and al-Othak Bdaash

Name: ‘Saddam Palestinian’ father

and sexual pain from Algeria.

erjo circulate ..
(Ousted Kadhafi)

الرجاء التعميم .هدا الشاب يعيش في مدينة العجيلات .ومسقط رأسه مند ولادة وهو أحد رؤس الفجار ومن عناصر حماس المندسين ولأن أنتقل الی مدينة صبراته وهو يدير في شبكة التجنيد والأتحاق بداعش الأسم .صدام فلسطينی الأب والجنسية وآلام من الجزائر .أرجو التعميم ..
ازلام القدافى


Shut down the oil line connecting between

Elephant field in the south, and in fact:
Mjma Mlath,  Sabratha and Zuwarah.

Elephant Oil field in Zuwarah



Renewed clashes between Libyan Army with tribes Wattaya axis forces

united against the  Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’.


Time 5373625526 ‘Roma Libya’ and flags ‘liberate’ Uqba base (WATTAYA) and editing this time on Al-Jazeera  !!!..(WE ALWAYS KNEW WHERE al-Jazeera’s head was at…)
(Ha HA HA HA !!)

It is important that each received the news editor for ‘Roma Libya’ Wattaya, understand that the length of Clbouch Elly strong Halba and Acklinh ..

Along without what not considering Ulkipala (screwy and big whopper lies).

‘Room Zintan operations’, reports:

In an exclusive telephone interview with ‘Colonel Idris material’, who orders the Libyan army operations room of the Western Region, on the situation in Uqba base (WATTAYA), Colonel Idriss says firmy that ‘base Watiyah’ remains under control of the LIBYAN ARMY; and we still defend the town of Watiyah…

Although Tkteph there are numerous attacks from Aktar Mahmor by ‘Dawn Libya’ militias, and Kharijite terrorists whom they use in an attempt to relieve their pressures existing at the center of militias ‘Just (FAJR) Daab’ in Gharyan ..

As for the morale of the Libyan Army heroes, and supporting forces  [the tribal forces with Khamis Gaddafi leading them], are superbly high, gratefully…

Hedda was SMC-page response to questions many people who started coming to me, through your Word, Ali Maichea in Facebook pages which belong to the lying ‘Dawn Libya’…

Hedda to ask the people not to believe ‘Dawn Libya’ with thir spread of (false) rumors; and al-Akadeb and twisted (so-called) ‘accuracy’ in their news reports….

(Imad Ffenak)

Zkarobh greet you from Wattaya base and Qallkm Hdoma

Ahelmo been Akdbo been Anschero in yapping:


They Hrro Wattaya time trillion Hahahahahahahaha
Walker Aahalzona Bncirokm Ali had your minds and

the minds of Adakkon who shake and Raaakm Qlto

you Wayne Twaaa !!


Khamis is better i-Photo beautiful; and Ajeelat dimensions Tkelmo p

Wattaya Aaohmin Aaptua victories Elvis Bouquet


(al-Lenbh al-Daama Ilerhab hitt mn al-Outih)

يسلم عليكم ‫#‏زقروبــة‬ من قاعدة الوطيــة وقاللكم هدوما يحلمو تم يكدبو تم ينشرو في النبح انهم حررو الوطية للمرة الترليون هههههههههههههههه

ماشي ياحلزونة بنسيروكم علي قد عقولكم وعقول الدقون اللي تهز وراااكم قلتو انتم وين توااا !! تي خير فوتو الجميل و العجيلات بعدين تكلمو ع الوطية ياوهمين يابتوع الانتصارات الفيس بوكية هههههههه


News uncertain,,,
The fall of the MI35 helicopter belonging to the ungodly ‘Roma Libya’ ,


after they were targeted by the Libyan Army forces

in the obstacle Ibn Nafi base (Wattaya Base), and landed the plane
In the city of Sabratha in the Sports City.

MI-35 attack copter in flight

(Zintan Libya)


Artillery mutually inter-tribal forces and terrorist militias

in southern Diar al-Lafh in the Racdalin area.


Violent clashes with heavy weapons between

tribal forces and militias ‘Roma Libya’ in the area of Akrabieah.



Functioning ambulance Tripoli-line Misurata heavily since morning.

The arrival of a number of wounded and dead to this day to

the emergency department of the Central Hospital of Misurata.


Voices takbeers in almost all the city’s mosques.

Clashes in the city of Misurata near the factory breeze dairy products,

between family of al-Otfluaaúlh al-Raeid and names of the dead

(Bashir child) and (Ramadan child), and still clashes continuous limit this hour.

The absence of most of the students for the examinations in the

colleges of the ‘University of 07 October’ because of their

involvement in Misrata militias.

The draft agreement, which has between al-Mgarhh

and Misurata militias original and not counterfeit,

handled by some of the pages !




Allah Akbar

Hdhum two men Cyrenaica..

Asmau Tarat al-Jdharan and reality.

And thanks toAllah

‎الله اكبر هذوم هما رجال برقه<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> اسمعو تعريت الجضران وحقيقته<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> ولله الحمد‎
VIDEO with  General Hftar:

Rouge Valley directly:

Ibrahim al-Jdharan.

Sang Misurata Tgalk ** Yally Mataraf Jdharan
And sang Who is who Hlthm ** and Amclt even Brotherhood
It is an advanced who recruited ** It is not the field of MASHAV
It is who fixed A. al-Ambda **

It Hoalli km governor Khan.


الوادي الحمر مباشر

اي جضران. انشد مصراته تحكيلك**ياللي ماتعرف جضران
وانشد من هو اللي شلطهم**وامشلط حتى الإخوان
ومن هو اللي متقدم جندا**ومن ماشاف ولا ميدان
ومن هو اللي ثابت عالمبدا** ومن هواللي كم حاكم خان

Cyrenaica Valley Rouge Directly video


Militia 166 of ‘Roma Libya’ are making massive bombardments

continuously on the city of Sirte, with various types of heavy

weapons and missiles locusts and ‘al-Hauser 106’, provided

courtesy of the USA’s (so-called) ‘war on terrorism’.

Daash organization bombed the Koutoubia 166,  

near the olive presses through Bohadi.

Continuation of armed clashes between militias heavy weapons in February Brotherhood terrorists “Roma Libya” and aspiring Daash organized in the city of Sirte, where the city suffers from a suffocating siege of more than a month since the disappearance and Mdahir life and the lack of fuel and goods al-Tamonah and the lack of liquidity to banks and high prices.

Khrrrrrv O .. Shoaib was Abak Ali Gazi …… !!


Mukhtar debate:

Bending government in the sale of crude oil has failed in its favor.

Although shipments out of the port Aharikh but the returns of these shipments have been transferred to the ‘Central Bank of Libya’ in Tripoli to calculate the National Oil Corporation, Central Bank of Libya… AND NOT TO THE LIBYAN PEOPLE THEMSELVES !!!


‎الوطن ما تخاف علية ..........دوبين برقة مصبيا</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>قذاذير عرب برقة عالوطن وشاغلهم .......وغيرهم يحرق فيه عطهم حرقة </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>هدية من ادمن جديد‎

 —What scared him home ……….

Dobbin Cyrenaica Musbaa
Qmaazir Arabs Cyrenaica and preoccupation …….

and others where Athm burn heartburn.


AJDABIYA sandstorm, 1

The atmosphere in the dome today.
Through the Tobruk and by the discharge of Ajdabiya Dome

where vision is not clear because the tribal winds:

AJDABIYA sandstorm, 2


Sandstorm in AJDABIYA, 3



An acute shortage of medicines and medical equipment

in most hospitals in the city and a private hospital evacuation.


Armed clashes taking place in the area now of Buhedama.

BUHEDAMA action scene


The fall of a number of mortar shells anti-personnel area

of Tablinwa and Buildings of  marsh now.


Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed concentrations of

Bgerman ‘Shura Autenzim Daash’ terrorists.


The arrest ( in a house within the Benghazi area) of the criminal terrorist ‘Adam BoSidra’, a so-called “surgeon”, in the ‘Hospital 07 October’. He is accused several filtering processes within the hospital. He is the brother of the notorious criminal Mohammed BoSidra (see picture), an Allaotunai member of of the (now defunct, Brotherhood) GNCongress.

Mohammed BoSidra





Violent clashes taking place in al-Sabri district in the center of Venice

and victories remarkable  with our Libyan Army.






Libyan Airforce Warplanes targeted the Headquarters Office of

Education’ for the regulation STATE /Daash in the city of Derna.

PICTURE: Other Libyan airforce bombings:

Aazizh dome Statement military heroes in the back Rouge South tuber axis

Mohammed Abdul Qadir a partagé la vidéo de Aazizh dome.

Statement military heroes in the back Rouge South tuber axis.

Hassan Bozhb threatens cousins ​​in the eye of passers-by

Call registered for the slain terrorist (Hassan Bozhb). (Tuber)

Registered for the slain terrorist call (Hassan Bozhb Mansouri), one of the leaders in the tuber Daash where cousins ​​threatening passers-by in the eye area bombing locust ,, call clarify the doctrine.


Ali Asbali:
Coming soon … Major General Suleiman Mahmoud Obeidi

General Sulieman Mamoud al-Obeidi

and Colonel Faraj Barasi at the head of Guo to sweep TUBER 

commissioned by the Command and General tribes Aharabi.


Col. Faraj and Col. Nice Bouchmaidh of Special Forces ‘Thunderbolt’:

Col Faraj and Col Nice Bouchmaidh of Special Forces 'Thunderbolt'



Vulva (VICTORY) soon!

The MAJLIS al-Nuwaab actively in Action

The MAJLIS al-Nuwaab actively in Action






Gospel, South Libya

Nzowoouh families of the Gospel of Batjaaaaah area.

Libyan airforce Warplanes bombed the concentration of  ‘

Roma Libya’ militias in South Libya’s ‘Gospel’ area.

News from entering the tribal army to the Gospel’ area,

and I hope this confirmation.


Stealing gold from the mountains Owaynat in Libya by Sudanese mercenaries:




Based on the news who reached us and, God willing Tconc true …. what an agreement between al-Mgarhh and around the city of Misurata

and Barak Chat’ai.

I mean, after victories over the rats, they are content to dialogue with militants and corrupt rats, strengthens my view, even if it means surrender released Saadi, al-Sanusi, Mesh Bin Nael-bone.

Allah reward Barak, In the blood of the martyrs, are are not kept in vain.

(“Knight and Men”)


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