A Delayed promise for Victory

Mu seated looks up to someone addressing him

Oath which every Libyan of age took on 02 March 1977:

Oath which every Libyan of age took on 02 March 1977


The Glory of the Universal Green Charter for Mankind

and all of Allah’s creatures, 12 JUNE 1988:

The Glory of the Universal Green Charter for Mankind and all of Allah's creatures

Mu DEC 2007 Paris




Corner, but no rational man of you to silence the

horns coming out in the media fighter in your city !!

The owner of this page toddler was arrested by the

criminal gang Akkla Ghiani Gneoh (el-Mahdi Haratine)

and now they are using his personal account,

which I will put you in order to link Thdhiroa them yesterday

and arrested a young man from Duraibi this way ..

Post wider guys and this link the account in the name of Werfaly Liby

 Kdlk Misurata militias are using the Mediterrannean seaway,

to pull out of the corner, and go back to Misurata.

al-Asaaaaf entertain ‘Roma Libya’ ambulances everyday on the Coastal Road,

apparently it seems, Salaith Aasrh them by the National Army troop Forces,


(Then your speaker from the heart of the event.)

الاسعاااف امتاع الغجر موقفش اليوم بكل علي الساحلي يبدو انها ساليطة ياسرة عليهم من الجيش الوطني والقوات الساندة ياقوم

محدثكم من قلب الحدث





Terrorist Brotherhood militias burned al-Zahra Hospital,

before they withdrewl from the region.

Tribal forces dominate the feed mill,

and to continue to make progress towards Gharyan.


Tribal forces control the northern area of the city of Gharyan.

The Brotherhood militias ‘Roma Libya’ have 

backed-down into south of the city.

Room Zintan operations:
truck booty from GHARYAN

PICTURE OF:  One of the mechanisms that have been retrieved

from the Roma Libya  at Gharyan.
(Imaging with our fighter Abdullah Caúba)

(Mamed al-Adl)







8 killed and 26 wounded in the ranks of the

Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’ in the axes south of Beautiful City.




A medical source confirms the existence of a number of dead and wounded, including a truncated Parties cases for members of the ‘Roma Libya’ militias in the hospital at Sabratha, as a result of their attack on the tribal forces’ Tmrkzac hubs at Base Wattaya, since morning this mourning.

Cars and air ambulances are constantly moving between the fighting axes and the Hospital at Sabratha, where they are transporting the wounded and dead of militias ‘Roma Libya “ (who tried to progress towards the WATTAYA base. They have incurred great loss of life and their mechanisms.

‘Room Zintan operations’:

Both are asked Ali Wattaya
Prosecute militia ‘Dawn Libya’ and control screens

and locations and have had excellent things over to the
Hospital at Sabratha, which declares a state of emergency

and asked for blood donations.

(Ahmed Akrout)


‘Room Zintan operations’


This video shows of some of the remnants of Roma Libya‘ after clashes yesterday, in the center of Wattaya.

‎هذه فيديو لبعض بقايا الغجر بعد اشتباكات يوم امس في محور الوطية </p><br />
<p>اللهم لك الحمد<br /><br />
والفضل بعد الله تعالى للرجال الاشاوس</p><br />
<p>تحية للتريس</p><br />


هذه فيديو لبعض بقايا الغجر بعد اشتباكات يوم امس في محور الوطية

اللهم لك الحمد
والفضل بعد الله تعالى للرجال الاشاوس

Oh thank you
And credited God for men brave

A tribute to the tresses
Mahor al-Outih Mcyprh al-Ghaza mn al-Gjr Waljuj al-Arhabion.



Summary west axis:
I tried militias made up of (Animation (Nalut and Jadu and Zuwarah),

and fighter (and the remnants of Sabratha Misurati) progress toward Uqba Air Force Base (Wattaya) (falsely) believing that our  Army forces were ‘weak’ there,

It was a strong attack with heavy weapons and the support of their rat helicopters.
Shoved repel their attack by al-Qaeda located in the vicinity of the force,

and the force applied to the sites were under the control of the Kharijites,

and Kharijites forces suffered casualties and mechanisms.

‘The Information Office of the Chamber of military

operations in the western region’ also announced shooting

down of a helicopter of the Kharijites.
(News Summary source chamber)

media office, Omar Matouk. 

Room Libyan army operations in the Western Region
Has been dropped  a copter belonging to the militia ‘Roma Libya’ terrorists today 2015.04.27, accomplished by the Libyan Army heroes

and strength chock him at the center of Watiyah near Beautiful City.


1) ‘Room Zintan operations’, reports:

Edit missed Wattaya Zh what Houdrtash ,,,,

I mean T Galo roamed the island urgently edit Wattaya time 75228866 ,,,,,
Picture of what freed her two months ago.

Butter is what happened in the vicinity of Wattaya axes, the remnants of the Amazigh gathered from Nalut and Zuwarah with DAASH of Sabratha and Aatkaddo, that the army withdrew toward Gharyan and base obstacle Ibn Nafi empty ,,,,

Tqdmo towards term survey of more than 20 km from Wattaya, was their response Midhuren within hours , knowing that they Astkhaddmo 3 helicopters in their attack.

[A picture of one of the militias ‘Roma Libya’ terrorist copters 

that bombed military sites in the axis of Wattaya

after National Army offersRoma Libya’ militias inflict heavy losses.

Where fighter jets out of Zuwarah and Altanih of Sabratha

and MiG specialty Misurata !! Mind forgetting we vinegary

Anevkrokm O Libyan Air Force !!!]

The remnants of the mechanics of the ‘Roma Libya’ to support forces recovered National Army from their militia today in the center of Wattaya.

Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.  

Allah is great and thankfully

(Abdullah al-Doab)


On the whole, the astronomer talented artist drowsiness Qallahm…

Wattaya base does not mean bad, not a strategic site ?? !!!!!

Ahders and sitting on the Bir al-Ghanam and Khamis Gaddafi,,,,,

Tkspo where wages and their revelations axes just Wayne, Raho fleeing from it.

God bless al-Rajaban martyr and God bless Shahidi Chiaan, and ask God a speedy recovery to the wounded.

(Zintan Libya)


‘Room Zintan operations’:

Maloma_akidh ,,,
There are 28 bodies of Roma LIBYA’ in the near Wattaya axes:

two of them are MISURATI, and one of them may be of the Sowahailli family.
There are 23 bodies in the center of Gharyan,

some in our valuable Zintan hospital.

(Zintan Libya)

The death of the wayward youth, ‘Hisham Suehali’, in clashes at axis Wattaya.

He was a member of the Brotherhood militias ‘Roma Libya’.



Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.
Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.  Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.

The yesterday the national army and the force retaining him to recover a number of mechanisms from militias ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorists, to the legitimacy of the state, were also captured the number 7 people from this topic militias in the axis Akrabieah, and destroying four armed vehicles. We were defeating this topic of militias and Ntmn everyone that the rule of Uqba far Ali  (our airbase at WATTAYA) completely from this topic of Brotherhood militias.
[al-Outih Haamadh a Jerioat Aagjr]

(Ahmed Akrout, commenting)



The death of ‘Ayman Abdul Jalil’, in the center South  of Ajeelat.

He also was a member of the terrorist militias ‘Roma Libya’.

Renewed clashes between tribal forces and militias ‘Roma Libya’

southwest of the city of Ajeelat. 

The death of ‘SE Meitik’, of the Misurata ‘Roma Libya’ militias,
at the south axis of Ajeelat.


Message from men Surman front of the Deputy Noueiri ..

This is the last tweet of the deputy of the city of Surman in the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, which provides for the country’s finest young people in defense of the homeland and the legitimacy and fearful of flunkies Amosuren in Surman who are still begging every time [these bastards] ..

O Come Nuera of Xanthan and axes to fight and see eyes Surman men who are struggling for the home; and they are beside me now, and we tell you that: we are men and you are cowards (afraid not ‘represents’ us) ..

رسالة من رجال صرمان بالجبهة للنائب النويري..

هذه أخر تغريدة للنائب عن مدينة صرمان في مجلس النواب التي تقدم للوطن خيرة شبابها دفاعا عن الوطن و الشرعية و هذا الأمعة الخائف من المغسورين في صرمان لايزال كل مرة يستجدي هؤلاء الأوغاد..

يا نويري تعالي للزنتان و لمحاور القتال و شاهد بعينك رجال صرمان الذين يجاهدون من أجل الوطن و هم بجانبي الأن و يقولون لك نحن رجال و أنت جبان خائف ولا تمثلنا..




Close the 'coastal road five'
Large convoy, belonging to the militia tagine Misurata, heading towards the city of Misratah, is coming
From the western region (over yesterday on the coastal road)

through the City of Five.



Clashes in the city of Zliten between members of the mystical body Ben 





166 Misurata Militia are blocking the coastal road at Sirte.


‘Misurata 166 militia’, are in the way of the Gateway trace at the river, west of Sirte; and they are preventing cars from passing through to the eastern area of the Coastal Road. The militia are forcing the people’s cars to go back to Heisha It (Heisha to Jufrah).

Armed clashes spin the meantime  Sirte between militias al-Fberaerih
Terrorist rival for power.




Random shells fall on Gardens, Fateh district area, and Milkfish.

Random shells fall on Gardens, Fateh district area, and Milkfish

Libyan Airforce vertical copter-aviation bombarded

gatherings of DAASH at 319 Camp.

Thunderbolt Camp in Botni, Benghazi


violent clashes using artillery, tanks and  al-Hauser (Laithi area of the Pasta Factory).



‘Rouge Valley directly’, informs us
# Urgent

News of the death of the Channel crew from CYRENAICA,

who were kidnapped upon their arrival several months ago.

After that the organization ‘Daash’ executed them in the city of Derna.

We ask Allah to bestow his mercy (Itagmayorm),

and inspire and give comfort for us and their parents…

Beautiful patience and fortitude to Allah, and to Him we return …


Libyan Airforce warplanes bombed ‘organization Daash terrorist

sites’ in Ras al-Hilal axis in TUBER. 






L’enseigne de distribution Carrefour rappelle un lot de fromages de brebis Reflets de France suite à la mise en évidence d’une contamination par la bactérie listéria.

Carrefour fromages de brebis

Amateurs de fromages de brebis, méfiez-vous ! Samedi soir 25 avril, le distributeur Carrefour a annoncé le rappel d’un lot de fromages au lait cru de brebis Perail, vendu sous la marque Reflets de France. En cause, la mise en évidence par des contrôles sanitaires de la présence de la bactérie listéria dans les fromages.

Détails du lot rappelé : boîte de fromage au lait cru de brebis Perail, 135 grammes, vendus dans les magasins Carrefour et Carrefour Market.

Si les produits ont été retirés de la vente depuis l’alerte, certains avaient déjà été vendus à des consommateurs. L’enseigne recommande aux éventuels consommateurs qui pourraient présenter des symptômes de listériose

(fort maux de tête, fièvre élevée, nausée, vomissement…)

de consulter leur médecin traitement. La listériose est une maladie rare mais grave qui se traduit par une infection du sang, voire du système nerveux central. La durée d’incubation peut aller de 48 heures à 2 ou 3 mois.

Une ligne d’informations a été mise en place par le distributeur (gratuite depuis un poste fixe) : 0.805.900.021



The retail chain ‘Carrefour’ recalls a batch of sheep cheeses (produce of France), following the discovery of contamination with listeria.

 Sheep cheese lovers, beware! Saturday night, 25 April 2015, the retailer ‘Carrefour’ announced the recall of a batch of raw milk cheeses from sheep Pérail sold under the produce of the French brand. Involved, as evidenced by health checks for the presence of listeria in cheese.

PICTURE: View Details recalled: cheese box with raw milk from sheep Pérail, 135 grams, sold in ‘Carrefour’ and ‘Carrefour Market’ stores.

If the products were withdrawn from sale since the alert, some had already been sold to consumers. The company recommends that prospective consumers who may have symptoms of listeriosis

(strong headache, high fever, nausea, vomiting …)

consult their physician treatment. Listeriosis is a rare but serious disease that results in infection of the blood or central nervous system. The incubation period can range from 48 hours to 2 or 3 months.

An information line has been set up by the distributor (free from a landline): 0,805,900,021



Chicken nuggets/sticks are contaminated !

Chicken sticks with melted cheese sold under the Auchan brand are subject to recall by the manufacturer. In question, the highlight of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes.

Because they present a risk to consumers, chicken sticks with melted cheese sold under the Auchan brand in the same sign are recalled by their maker, SOPRAT society. They may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and can cause listeriosis. In adults, the disease results in an infection of the blood or central nervous system, manifested by meningitis

(strong headache, high fever, nausea, vomiting), or meningoencephalitis (meningitis with signs paralysis).

In pregnant women, the disease is characterized by flu-like symptoms (fever …). It can cause death in utero. The incubation period can range from 48 hours to 2 or 3 months.

View Details recalled:
Packaging: Box of 200 g
Barcode (EAN): 3 596 710 380 336
No veterinary identification: CE EN 56261001

People who think they have consumed this product and exhibit symptoms similar to those mentioned above should consult their physician.

For more information: 0800 21 60 85
The editors
Posted by Editor Tuesday, April 28, 2015: 9:14

Des bâtonnets de poulet au fromage fondu vendus sous la marque Auchan font l’objet d’un rappel par leur fabricant. En cause, la mise en évidence de la bactérie Listeria monocytogenes.


Parce qu’ils présentent un risque pour les consommateurs, des bâtonnets de poulet au fromage fondu vendus sous la marque Auchan et dans cette même enseigne sont rappelés par leur fabricant, la société Soprat. Ils ont pu être contaminés par la bactérie Listeria monocytogenes et peuvent donc entraîner la listériose.


Chez l’adulte, cette maladie se traduit par une infection du sang, voire du système nerveux central, qui se manifeste par une méningite (fort maux de tête, fièvre élevée, nausée, vomissement) ou une méningo-encéphalite

(méningite avec des signes de paralysie).

Chez les femmes enceintes, la maladie se manifeste par des symptômes grippaux (fièvre…). Elle peut entraîner le décès in-utéro. La durée d’incubation peut aller de 48 heures à 2 ou 3 mois.

Détails du lot rappelé :
Conditionnement : boîte de 200 g
Code-barres (EAN) : 3 596 710 380 336
N° d’identification vétérinaire : 56.261.001 FR CE

Les personnes qui pensent avoir consommé ce produit et présentent des symptômes similaires à ceux évoqués ci-dessus doivent consulter leur médecin traitant.

Pour plus d’informations : 0 800 21 60 85





Yemen’s army spokesman, Colonel Sharaf Luqman, says Saudi Arabia has been looking for an excuse to continue its military aggression against Yemen after failing in the first phase of its attacks.

Contrary to what the Saudis claim, the operation dubbed ‘Restoration of Hope’ was only intended to serve Riyadh’s own interests, Colonel Sharaf Luqman said on Tuesday.

“After suffering defeat in achieving their objectives, the Saudis were looking for an excuse to continue their aggression,” he said, stressing, “The Saudi attack on Yemen is not a war but an aggression”

Luqman said the devastating war on the impoverished Arab country was not launched by an alliance of several countries but simply by Saudi Arabia.

Luqman also blamed Saudi Arabia for initiating the war on Yemen, accusing Riyadh of covering up its war crimes against its neighbor.

“The infrastructure of Yemen is being destroyed under the bombardment of Saudi fighter jets,” he said, adding, however, that Saudi Arabia’s relentless aggression will strengthen the Yemenis’ determination to respond.

According to the Yemeni army, the country was the target of more than 3,100 airstrikes over the past month.

In their latest attacks, Saudi warplanes bombarded various areas of Yemen, including a military base in the capital, Sana’a, on Tuesday.

According to local sources, over 30 missiles also hit the northwestern Yemeni city of Sa’ada.

Saudi warplanes also attacked the Yemeni city of Khormaksar in the southwestern Aden Province.

Yemen’s al-Massira television reported that the capital, Sana’a, has also been the target of shelling since Monday midnight.

On Monday, over 30 Yemeni citizens lost their lives when Saudi fighter jets bombarded various areas of the southwestern province of Ta’izz.

Four civilians, including a woman, were also killed and several others injured in the bombing campaign in the southern city of Aden.

A Yemeni walks past a vehicle damaged during an airstrike by Saudi warplanes in the capital, Sana’a, 21 April 2015



 al-Houthi banner for Yemen

Dean Henderson explained reasons America’s John Kerry favors the Saudi bombing campaign.

The United States supports Saudi Arabia’s military action against Yemen because the operation is on behalf of US oil companies, a geopolitical commentator says.

“Yemen has always been a sort of a doormat in that region. The people there have been badly exploited by the [P]GCC nations, the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council kingdoms,” Dean Henderson told Press TV on Sunday.

“Essentially the big Western oil companies cooperate throughout that region, so the Saudi’s bombing campaign… is on behalf of oil companies,” he added.

On Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry supported the airstrikes against Yemen.

The top US diplomat praised the Saudi monarchy for making a shift from a full-scale air campaign to striking targets when the ‘Ansarullah fighters of the Houthi movement’ try to ‘seize’ [How can one ‘sieze’ what is already theirs, as indigenate natives of Yemen …which the Houthi are ?] more grounds inside Yemen.

Henderson also explained other reasons John Kerry favors the Saudi bombing campaign.

“The Houthi are the enemies of al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula and we have to remember that the Saudis, the US, the British, [and] the Israelis, all back al-Qaeda, have created al-Qaeda,” he said.

So by diminishing the power of the Houthi, you are crushing the workers, the people who are sick and tired of getting exploited by these kingdoms in oil fields,” the analyst noted.

SAUDIIS bomb Yemen continuously
Picture of a recent Saudi bombardment of Yemen.

Henderson also said that Yemen’s enemies are reinforcing al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, which is the tool they’re using to keep Yemen down and keep the people underdeveloped, divided, and make sure that they do not become a developed nation.

Henderson described this situation as another case of neo-colonial intervention by the West.

Saudi Arabia started its military aggression against Yemen on March 26 – without a UN mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to fugitive former puppet-President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

More than 1,000 people, including at least 115 children, have been killed in Yemen since Saudi Arabia began its illegal military offensive, the United Nations said on Friday.



Yemeni children wait to fill their jerrycans with water from a public tap amid an acute shortage of water supplies to houses in the capital, Sana’a, due to the ongoing Saudi airstrikes in the country, April 26, 2015

Yemeni children wait to fill their jerrycans with water from a public tap amid an acute shortage of water supplies to houses in the capital, Sana’a, due to the ongoing Saudi airstrikes in the country, 26 April 2015.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned that the ongoing Saudi aggression against Yemen has turned the impoverished Arab country back 100 years.

“The war and its results have turned Yemen back 100 years, due to the destruction of infrastructure… especially in the provinces of Aden, Dhalea and Ta’izz,” ICRC spokesperson Claire Feghali told a Monday press conference in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

He added that the Saudi attacks against Yemen pushed the country into a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

“It’s a catastrophe, a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said, adding that providing Yemenis with international aid “was difficult enough before, but now there are just no words for how bad it’s gotten.”

Saudi Arabia launched its air campaign against Yemen on 26 March 2015 – without a United Nations mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement and to restore power to the country’s fugitive former puppet-President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

On 21 April 2o15, Riyadh announced the end of the so-called “Decisive Storm,” the first phase of its unlawful military operations, which has killed nearly 1,000 people and injured some 3,000 people so far, but airstrikes have continued in a second phase, called “Restoration of Hope,” with Saudi bombers targeting different areas across the country. Saudi Arabia continues to deliver air strikes against Yemen killing many civilians. 

Saudi Arabia has also been stopping ships and planes carrying aid to war-torn Yemen.

Yemeni officials have warned that the country is facing fuel, electricity and water shortages.

Yemenis wait in line to buy bread from a bakery in the city of Ta’izz, 22 April 2015. (© AFP)

Reports say fuel prices have increased to 9.24€ per liter in some parts of the oil-producing country.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) also said that hospitals in Yemen are in dire need of fuel to continue providing services to the people.

According to Yemen’s Health Ministry, the month-long Saudi aggression has killed nearly 150 children and around 100 women.


Smoke rises above the military academy in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on April 11, 2015, following a Saudi airstrike on Houthi Ansarullah camps. (© AFP)

Smoke rises above the military academy in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on 11 April  2015, following a Saudi airstrike on Houthi Ansarullah camps. (© AFP)

Saudi warplanes have carried out an airstrike against a military academy in Yemen as Riyadh pushes ahead with its military campaign against Popular Committees, loyal to Houthi Ansarullah fighters, in the Arab country. 

Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Saudi fighter jets struck the military academy in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on Sunday morning, leaving a number of people killed and injured,

Shortly afterwards, Saudi military aircraft pounded Ansarullah positions in al-Jeraf district, which lies in the northern part of Sana’a.

Two civilians were also killed on Sunday as Saudi warplanes struck al-Khafji district in Yemen’s northwestern province of Sa’ada.

This as local residents in al-Zahrah village of the southwestern province of Taiz are rummaging through the debris of houses destroyed in Saudi airborne attacks, and have so far recovered the dead bodies of 15 civilians, among them women and children.

The developments come on the same day as Ansarullah revolutionaries, backed by allied forces, managed to wrest control over government headquarters in the city of Ma’rib, located about 120 kilometers (74 miles) east of Sana’a.

A Saudi border guard looks through binoculars at a post on the Saudi-Yemeni border on 06 April 2015. (© AFP)

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, tens of Saudi soldiers were killed and a number of others captured during a retaliatory attack by tribal forces on a military site near the Yemeni border. 

According to Yemeni reports, members of the Takhya tribe launched a surprise attack on al-Minare military base in Saudi Arabia near the northern Yemeni border city of Sa’ada on Sunday. 

The attack was reportedly carried out in retaliation for repeated Saudi aerial assaults on the positions of the tribe and the slaughter of its members. 

The tribesmen also seized large amounts of arms and ammunition, as well as a number of military vehicles from Saudi forces. 

Yemenis dig graves on 04 April 2015 to bury the victims of a Saudi airstrike against the village of Bani Matar, Yemen. (© AFP)

Hundreds of civilians, including women and children, have been killed in the attacks.


25 SEPTEMBER 2014:


Houthi martyr leader Haitham al-Hamdani

Shahid victory. He told me the martyr leader Haitham al-Hamdani God’s mercy upon (national wounded to Aertoy only the pure blood of the nation Sntbura even true. Aémna to how we will give to Acunnina Snroyh to recover). They have done and wished certification in several confrontations and finally extended to the portal band disbanded Congratulations to you the testimony Dear Assad and brave hero.

(Colonel Sharaf Luqman, Yemen’s army spokesman)

Colonel Sharaf Luqman, Yemen’s army spokesman, addresses a news conference in the capital, Sana’a, on 09 April 2015

17 AUGUST 2014:

بعد مماطلة الحكومة في الاستجابة لمطالب الشعب ، فتح اعتصامات سلمية استعداداً للخيار القادم ….السيد عبد الملك بن بدر الدين الحوثي…. يحذر ويحذر….. ويحذر….. الدوله نصف الداعشيه من ارتكاب اي حماقات تجاه المسيره السلميه غدا لان العواقب ستكون وخيمه كما قال ايضا نحن اخوه في الاسلام وديننا واحد ورسولنا واحد وقرأننا وحد ومعا ذالك يجمعنا جرح واحد وبلاْء واحد ومصايب واحده ….. فعليناااا ان نتكاااتف جميعا لااسقاط الجرعه ..

After the procrastination of the government in responding to the demands of the people, open a peaceful sit-ins in preparation for the next option ….

Mr. Abdul Malik bin Badr al-Din al-Houthi …. warns warns warns ….. …..

State “DAASH” half of committing any follies toward peaceful march tomorrow because the consequences would be disastrous, as we also said his brother in Islam and our religion and our Prophet and one and one together and united our ‘Holy Qur’an’ piece brings us one and wounding the scourge of one and Misfortunes one …..

Flinaaaa that Ntekaaatv all of Aasagat dose ..


Sat 28 March  2015 7:28AM

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters inspect the damage at the scene of Saudi airstrikes near the airport in the capital, Sana’a, on 26 March 2015

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters inspect the damage at the scene of Saudi airstrikes near the airport in the capital, Sana’a, on 26 March 2015. © AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, a political commentator from Idaho, to discuss recent comments by Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, who slammed Saudi Arabia for its bloody invasion of Yemen.

Glenn believes that the Al-Saud regime is the main financier of terrorist groups such as the ISIL in the troubled Middle East region.

Riyadh is acting as the US and the Israeli regime’s “functionary,” working to impede Iran’s influence in the Middle East as the Islamic Republic does not play ball with Washington.





The Muslim Brotherhood And Obama Administration Serve The Global Elite!

“The ultimate goal that these people have in mind … is the goal to create a One World Government run by the banking industry .. run by the bankers! … The whole agenda is to create a One World Government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted !”
– Aaron Russo 0:15 onwards

“He’s (Rockefeller) the one who told me 11 months before 9/11 ever happen, there was going to be an event. .. And out of that event we will invade Afghanistan, (for) the pipelines to the Caspian sea. We were going to invade Iraq .. to take over the oil fields, establish a base in the Middle East and make it all a part of the New World Order! And we will go after Chavez Venezuela. Sure enough 9/11 happened ! … And there was going to be this War on Terror which has no real enemy. And the whole thing is a giant HOAX! … This whole War on Terror is a FRAUD! ”
– Aaron Russo 2:30 onwards

  • The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (Masonic Brotherhood really) is an Illuminati organization. Illuminists disguise themselves as Christians, Jews, Muslims …etc. The MB is just another arm of the CIA! There is a psyop that is fomenting Islamophobia, particularly amongst Christians. They want to deceive Christians into fighting against Muslims (in the coming Satanic World War 3). Muslims are not the problem! Look behind all these ‘Christians’ who are promoting/fear mongering Islamophobia. They are either easily deceived useful idiots or Illuministi! God /Allah and His Beloved Servant, Jesus Christ,  never taught me to hate and kill Muslims! And the ‘Holy Qu’ra’ says to ‘respect the Christians and not do harm to them’. Do not be taken for a ride!

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration Serve the Global Elite! 

    By Susanne Posel, theintelhub.com 
    Huma Abedin, who is the top aide to Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, has been accused of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist group that is working directly with the CIA in toppling governments through fake revolutions and domestic terrorism.

     Michele Bachmann has been receiving heat from her political peers for havingwritten a letter to the Inspector General of the US State Department, in which she stated that Abedin’s family members (specifically her deceased father, mother and brother) are not only tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, but involved directly with the faction.

     Bachmann’s letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cited that “political correctness” overtakes the clear and present threat to the US government from Muslim radicals domestic and foreign. “In practice, this has translated into direction that amounts to ignoring pre-violent jihadist behavior–no matter how threatening–as long as it can be construed as ‘constitutionally protected.’”

     Bachmann admonished Obama to revise his foreign relations policy. The outing of Abedin and her Muslim Brotherhood ties has been turned into an attack on religious freedom .

    Bachmann’s assertions are true . In fact, Abedin’s mother, Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin is “one of the founding members of the Muslim Sisterhood” and a “long-time chairperson of the “International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child” (IICWC), which wants to impose Sharia law on Egypt, and eventually, the West.” The IICWC believe that:

     • Female mutilations is not a criminal act

    • Child marriage should be legal

    • Men have the right to polygamy and marital rape

    • Children belong legally to the father

    • Physical, mental or emotional abuse by parents cannot be legally punished

     Clinton, on a visit to Saudi Arabia, spoke at the Islamic college of Dar El-Hekma where Dr. Abedin is vice-dean and founder.

    Since Bachmann’s accusations, an anonymous man who was “described as a Muslim man” and made an “unspecified threat” toward Abedin. This ambiguous “threat” from “a New Jersey man” has prompted Abedin to employ security to protect her.

     Abedin, who is of Egyptian decent, is married to House Representative Anthony Weiner who is Jewish. Weiner is aself-proclaimed Zionist, as he proudly stated: “Support for Israel was always a very big focus in my household growing up. I am a Zionist.”

  • OBAMA leads the brotherhood:


  • The Obama administration has been working with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood after their (so-named) ‘Arab Spring’ toppled the Egyptian government, unjustly  incarcerating the president MUBARAK. Brotherhood‘s Mohammad Morsi, (who presentlynow, is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment) the former president of Egypt, and member of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood was another plant by the CIA meant to be controlled and implement the US government’s agendas in Egypt.

    In celebration of the (so-called) ‘elections’, Obama gave the MB 1.39€ billion in foreign aid to the MB. Having a terrorist group in control of this prominent Arab nation is a big coup for the Obama administration. This bribe is obviously a clear indicator that the MB will do the bidding of the US covertly, while appearing to be against the US government on the surface.

    Just three months ago , Obama hosted members of the MB at the White House to “broaden [the US] engagement” of the Egyptian leaders they have shadow control over.

     Abedin, her ties to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and her close relationship with Clinton places the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood at the heart of the Obama administration. Whether the tail is wagging the dog or vice versa may not be relevant. All of these puppets serve the global Elite and play their part very well.

  • Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

The Masonic Origins of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood :


“GARONSKI” continues:

The Masonic origins of the WAHHABI movements, and their true goal to undermine Islam and fight for Western Zionist Powers such as Britain and the United States of America. The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood has acted as a clever technique to recruit agent-provocateurs for the Illuminati. The lowest ranks may sincerely believe they are defending Islam, and confronting “Western imperialism”. However, these various terrorist groups, through representing different factions, are part of a single network serving the same Illuminati cause.

When we explore the political and financial connections of the terrorists, we find that these are not merely wayward fanatics, operating in isolation, but that their channels penetrate to the upper reaches of power, in the British and American governments, and outward into the nether regions of the occult and criminal underworlds.*




William Engdahl on Egypt’s  former- (so-called) ‘democatic’ uprising:
They are being organized in a Ukrainian-style high-tech electronic fashion with large internet-linked networks of youth tied to Mohammed el-Baradei and the banned and murky secret ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, whose links to British and American intelligence and freemasonry are widely reported.



30 Septembre 2012
The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (‘Masonic’ Brotherhood really) is part of the western Illuminati. Do not be taken for a ride!


‘Muslim’ Brotherhood created by British Intelligence:
Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence agent…states in his report on Iran’s Islamic Revolution that the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood was created by “the great names of British Middle East intelligence”…and that their mission was to “keep the Middle East backward so that its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted…”

The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is a London creation, forged as the standard-bearer of an ancient, anti-religious (pagan) heresy that has plagued Islam since the establishment of the Islamic community (umma) by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the seventh century.

Representing organized, deluted and warped WAHHABI  fundamentalism, the organization called the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimum in Arabic) was officially founded in Egypt, in 1929, by the British agent Hasan al-Banna.

Today, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is the umbrella under which a host of (so-called) fundamentalistand radical brotherhoods and societies flourish.

The ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of global governance. Without the British, “radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous.”

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

Why is the western Illuminati fomenting revolution in the Middle East to overthrow their own puppets and install the Muslim Brotherhood? It cannot be for peace. If they want peace, they will continue with their existing puppets. The real agenda is the Satanic World War 3 plan! They intend to trigger their Greater Middle East war in which the Muslim Middle East and Zionist ’666′ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit will be destroyed! They want to destroy the 2 major religions oppose to ’666′ ie.: Islam and Christianity! Many Christian sheeple will fall when they see Zionist ’666′ Israel destroyed !

“GARONSKI” continues…

The real ‘Muslim’ Brothers are…the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

The globalists have long been using wars to subvert, demoralize and destroy Western civilization.

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish the middle classes, depopulate and enslave the masses, and leave only the rich served by a technocracy. The whole world will resemble a repressive third world country governed by the IMF, UN and World Bank.

The globalists are headquartered in London and centred on the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs.







Mon 13 April 2015 3:43PM

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham

Iran has dismissed as incorrect Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s false  claims about the Islamic Republic’s interference in Yemen as Saudi warplanes continue their  brutal military aggression against Yemen.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Monday that the Saudi official speaks about Iran’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs while his country’s military forces violate international regulations and target infrastructures and homes in the impoverished Arab country.

She added that the Saudi military forces are killing innocent Yemeni people including children and women and do not “listen to legitimate international demands for stopping the war against a defenseless country and nation.”

“Based on its principled stance, the Islamic Republic of Iran wants an end to any military operation against Yemen and urges the dispatch of humanitarian aid including medicine and food [to the Arab country],” Afkham said.

The Iranian spokesperson emphasized that Yemen is an independent country with wise people who do not allow any foreign country interfere in their country’s affairs.

Afkham said the continuation of Saudi Arabia’s military campaign against Yemen has failed to settle the country’s problems and will further complicate them.

Smoke and flames rise from Yemen’s Faj Attan Hill following a Saudi airstrike in Sana’a, 06 April  2015. © AFP

“A political approach, Yemeni-Yemeni dialog with the participation of all parties, groups as well as political and social movements, and the establishment of a national unity government are the only solutions to the present crisis and prevention of the killing of innocent people,” she pointed out.

The Saudi foreign minister on Sunday dismissed Iran’s repeated calls to end airstrikes on neighboring Yemen and said Tehran should not interfere in Sana’a.

Yemen’s armed forces and popular committees spokesman, Colonel Sharaf Luqman, said on Monday that nearly 2,600 civilians have been killed in the Saudi aggression so far, adding that Saudi air raids are hitting residential buildings.


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