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This is our Mu



This is our Mu, 3

THIS IS OUR Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:

EXCERPTS EDITED FROM the Author of Who is this man ?:

Sawsan Ahmed Abu Ajamieh.

The ‘Media war is still unprecedented, based on lies, fraud, misrepresentation and the facts as a basic fuel, depending on the effort, is basicly to ‘make all things dazzling and to shock the recipient’, into making the recipient to hand over fully any self-cognation, replacing within the recipient a forcefully imposed conviction, that no one is to doubt,

…leaving a desperate refusal for anyone to question any of the information, even if the evidence and facts prove elsewise.

There remains excelled Media accuations, totally suspicious, to tarnish the image of this man (Muammar al-Qathafi); and to demonize and strip him of his enormous goodwill and humanity, through the investment of each technology and modern communications in the news and satellite channels and websites, video, cartoon, etc.

That the ferocity of this media-war, exceeds all the limits of morality and logic, raises suspicion and doubt. This thus leads to the curiosity and wonder about the true facts concerning Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

The media suspiciously devotes every effort to tarnish the image of this marvelous man. They continue to demonize him, and strip him of humanity.

To question about the credibility of any charges and slanders placed against him and the Libyan Great Jaahiriya, is an unforgivable heresy...

But the truth remains:
He is a person who hates hypocrisy and subservience: He refused to shake hands with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of the ‘establishment’. (The now broken treaty made with her…as) Mu’ammar al-Qathafi also introduced and initiated a humanitarian pact, with Italy and the Western Mediterranean Nations, against illegal immigration…which now is null and void (since the War on Libya). But, we all can see, the disasterous effects of breaking this treaty has meant.

He initiated that all decent Arabs could enter Libya without a visa, and made Libya available to all Arabs. He is the one who made sure that Libya’s oil money-revenues were first to help the native Libyans; and sought Arab countries to make many investments in Egypt, Sudan and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen and others.

He was successful in the prevention of alcohol in Libya, and totally blocked the trafficking of women in Libya.

The facts remain totally incompatible with the unjust campaign ground-up aimed at both Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and all the Libyan People.. and I [ the Author “Who si this man”: Sawsan Ahmed Abu Ajamieh] feel very sorry for the impact of these attempts that seek to assassinate our symbols, our history and distort, and discredit our minds.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi produced and financed the film “Omar Mukhtar”, and the inspiring “the Message”, which came through by freely converting thousands of people into Islam. He is the one Arab revolutionary-leader and IMAM, who remains committed to, and proud of his own language, and Arabic heritage, presentling publicly this with his tent, and his Arabic-clothes (despite public ridicule).

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi‘s achievements (being obvious to many, but of which world enemies with tremendous POWER are trying to cover up and distort), reminds me of the words of the poet ‘Abu Tammam’:

“If God wanted to publish a virtue …wrapped allowed it to San envious for not caught fire with bordered…
What was already well known lute can not figure out the smell of a good lute, but with fire.”

And with fire and a totally unjust war upon the people of Libya, Muammar al-Qathafi remains in verity, the person we knew embodies a lot of vituous-features and facts that were hidden…

and, all that has been shown by haters and envious enemies, and exposes and crushes them to their devious plots, which they continue to this day (4+ years after the Evil Napka), to be plotting.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi, at age 27, staged a bloodless revolution, which had not shed a single drop of blood. He is the one who gave the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the title of Secretary of Arab nationalism and Arab unity.

He cleared from Libya, the U.S. British and Italian military bases (all of which, had a major role in the aggression against Egypt).

Because of al-Qathafi, America lost their most important military bases, which paralyzed the movement of the Sixth Fleet to the Mediterranean, and make them lose the gateway to Africa. His rejection of all attempts of containment and colonial domination remained, when he refused to join the AFRICOM, and the Union for the Mediterranean.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi made Libya occupy the first place at the AU, and climbed Libya to the fifth level of the Arab world in the Human Development Index (according to the report of the UN Development Programme, 2010).

This (at that time) made Libya rank-in the 53rd place throughout the known world in the ‘human development index’.

The establishment of large housing projects in Libya, and total removal of all shanty houses and cottages (which is the stereo-type given for many countries in North Africa). He made an accomplished reality, the Great Manmade River project, which is the largest project to transfer water rights in the entire world. He initiated the nationalization of the Libyan oil sector, depriving the U.S. and the west of the acquisition of its native oil.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi founded the ‘Arab-African Union’ project; so that, the Arabs and the Africans could solve their problems without foreign interference. He personally funded the launch of satellites, and created the means for an African satellite Bank. (He thus deprived Europe of millions of dollars, and of their cultural hegemony upon the media within the African continent.) He is the one who tore the (false) ‘Charter of the United Nations’, and demanded an investigation in 65 wars (KILLING HOPE) which erupted since the establishment of the ‘United Nations’.

He called to investigate the execution of President Saddam Hussein and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the aggression on Gaza and other crimes. Italy was forced to apologize for their era of colonization of Libya. The West, was appalled when he proposed to deal golden dinar in Africa and the Arab world, instead of the dollar and euro. He was courageous in his stand against the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He allowed the opening-up of knowledge and personal freedoms to be applied upon the true principles of DIRECT DEMOCRACY giving the people themselves their own power of determination through the People’s Congresses and Popular Committees.

Mu in Uniform 1986

HE is the only Arab leader whoever put forward several initiatives of unity, (him being the only one who tried to collect all the Arab countries into one cohesive unite, as a Federation). and opened the Libyan Jamahiriya‘s borders and culteral society to everyone. He was the effective head of the original ‘Islamic Call Society’, which placed honest and pure (undefiled) spiritual securiy in the hands of millions, with schools, hospitals, parks, sport-stadiums, and established, in conveniently localities, mosques (where accessability did not prior exist). He unquestionably helped theworld-wide liberation movements of the oppressed peoples everywhere, and opened land for each and every Liberal, in Libya, from within the entire universal globe.

His THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY and the Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights (12 June 1988) remains not merely talk or written words; but is rather, a Living reality for All of Man.



WHY Mu’ammar al-Qathafi will NEVER leave LIBYA:

(quote from 27 SEPTEMBER 2011):

Mu remains always in and for Libya



‘Room Zintan operations’, tells us:

Yankees rated Highly MISERABLE in ’emotional state’ by poll this year !!
Of course (let us know what you Landes in Shi)

They said that the report of the happiness of the inhabitants of this planet al-Nczyk for the year 2015, has been leaked and as usual the people al-Chuklth and al-Chukalait Swiss Aanico won first place globally.

Kosaad peoples of the world (overthrew Saadhm not for chocolate and cheese Mahm Amehsalin, until the fourth ranking !!). What we
respect for the joy, the Swiss and more importantly al-Ascndfaon

and the peoples of the North Americans do not even Asvona (due to the lack of presence in the list at all), which is unfair and ‘joie de vivre’ [the joy of Life] in this ‘free al-Mmbr’ leaked to present to you, as being the most miserable people in the world this year.

Of course, out of respect for copyrights and commitment to professionalism abhorrent, I can not type the name of this most unhappy people globally, but I’m gonna give you some facts that will help you probably recognize them.

The ‘People’ have the natural resources enough for several generations, as an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of excessive, imposing a given (gas oil minerals water, etc.) Their Beach has a length of more than ten European countries, and an area larger than a lot of Asia.
They have a beautiful climate, and location in the middle of the globe, printed on the packaging of Engineering for middle school students…
With a small population compared to its resources and capabilities.

Gelle young are a literate people, mostly belong to one religion and one doctrine, and social interdependence to puts them into a ‘happy family box’.
(How Tarafo Ansu subject.)

I will write about Taouij al-Dlaa (watermelon) instead of misery. And since you are in love and Hana.

So Happy Yemen are now abandoned ..Description outrageous from Switzerland.

(D. Omran el-Shaibi)

غرفة عمليات الزنتان

طبعا (تعرفوني ما انّدس عليكم في شي)
قالو إن تقرير السعادة لسكان هذا الكوكب النزيك لسنة 2015 قد تم تسريبه وكالعادة أهل الشكلطة والشكاليط السويسريون عانقو الترتيب الاول عالميا كأسعد شعوب العالم (طيّح سعدهم لولا الشكلاطة والجبنة ماهم امحصلين حتى الترتيب الرابع!!). ما علينا
واحتراما لبهجة السويسريون ومن والاهم من الاسكندفانيون وشعوب امريكيا الشمالية حتى لا يصفونا بالحسّاد نظراً لعدم وجودنا في القائمة بتاتا والذي يعتبر إجحافا في بهجتنا ومن هذا الممبر الحر اقدم إليكم تسريبة لأتعس شعوب العالم لهذا العام.
طبعا احتراما لحقوق النشر والطبع والالتزام بالمهنية المقيتة لا يمكنني ان اكتب اسم هذا الشعب الاتعس عالميا ولكني سأضع بين ايديكم بعض الحقائق التي ربما ستساعدكم في التعرف عليه.
شعب لديه من الموارد الطبيعية ما يكفيه لعدة اجيال كفرصة للتعلم من أخطاءه المفرطة، فأرضه معطاة (نفط غاز معادن مياه الخ)
لديه شاطئ يفوق طوله مساحة عشرة بلدان أوروبية وكثيرا من الآسيوية
يمتلك اجمل مناخ وموقعه في منتصف الكرة الارضيّة المطبوعة على علب الهندسة لتلاميذ المرحلة الإعدادية
عدد سكانه قليل مقارنة بموارده وإمكانياته
شعب شاب جلّه يجيد القراءة والكتابة
ينتمي لديانة واحدة ومذهب واحد وترابطه الاجتماعي يضعه في خانة العائلة السعيدة.
تعرفو كيف انسو الموضوع .
سأكتب عن تعويج الدلّاع (البطيخ) بدلا من التعاسة ودمتم في حب وهناء.
حتى اليمن السعيد تخلى عن الوصف غضبا من سويسرا.

Omran el-Shaibi

PICTURE: very sad Americans (on the whole):



Proud to be a Libyan:

 Proud Libyan horseman:

 Uniquely Libyan:



edited from:

Libya is Being Destroyed because it’s being used as the Battleground for Radical WAHHABI Mafia

 by al-Ayham Saleh Aggregator:
al-Ayham Saleh Aggregator

Gharyan Libya today, 15 September  2014. Bombers have hit the Misurata Terrorist Militia (aka ‘Dawn Libya’ , aka shield militia, aka Misurata 4th militia, etc.) camp in Gharyan, Libya. Certain media in Libya, that is siding with the terrorists, has been reporting lies about the bombing. They claim that these bombers attacked civilians in Gharyan, this is a complete fabrication, there were no civilians attacked only the terrorist militia camps. They conveniently leave that out. They are now trying to cry to the world about their fate, which of course was brought upon them by themselves. These groups have been slaughtering innocents civilians for the past 3 years ever since NATO handed them power in Libya by force. There was no crying for the innocent people killed in many cities all over Libya by these criminals. Benghazi, Bani Walid, Tripoli, Zawia, the Tawerga (tribe) and many more people and places have been bombed, homes destroyed, women raped, people slaughtered, sarin gas used, all assets stolen and there was no cry from these criminals about the innocent lives that they have destroyed. What they obviously do not understand is that there are consequences for their criminal actions and pay back will be hell for them.

During the past month unknown bombers have been hitting the radical Islamic militias, their camps, headquarters and weapons depots. There have been claims that the UAE via Egyptian airports are the ones hitting these groups of radicals that are terrorizing Libya. What we know for sure is that the UAE has arrested a number of Libyans (living in the UAE) supporting these terrorist groups in Libya with stolen money from the Libyan government. We also know that the countries surrounding Libya have stepped up and are joining hands and forces to help the legitimate Libyan government, the Libyan Army in Tobruk, and the Libyan Military Tribal Council, to cleanse their country of this plague. The Arab League, many countries in the Middle East, Europe, Russian, China and others have come forward to support the Libyan Tribes council and the legal government now sitting in Tobruk, Libya. These countries have recognized that what is happening in Libya will soon affect their own security and it must be stopped and finished where it sits.

Today in Libya it must be emphasized that there is only ONE legitimate government. That is the government sitting in Tobruk. In Tripoli there is an illegitimate government calling themselves the GNC (general national congress). This body is made up of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Misurata terrorists and other criminal groups. They have no authority in Libya, they were originally the puppet government set up by NATO and the US but they were formally dissovled in February of this year and stayed on temporarily waiting for the June election in Libya. Even with their mafia tactics, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood lost the ‘election’ by huge margins. This being so, they attempted to keep the results from going public by threatening death to anyone who released the formal election results.

Eventually the results leaked out and in the wave of much bloodshed, the new legal government was set up in Tobruk. They are supposed to be in Tripoli but the mafia tactics used by the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, and all other terrorist militias working with them, makes the security situation impossible. So they meet in the eastern city of Tobruk. The “MAJLIS al-NUWAAB” (‘Council of Deputies‘) in Tobruk, with their offices in Casablanca, has been formally recognized by the entire world, as the TRUE TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT for Libya, even by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and his Green Libyan  devotees. This government has declared the Misurata radical mafia militias, as illegal in Libya

and asks no Libyans to support them in their criminal activities.

The countries that are sending weapons and supplies to these criminals are the Sudan, Qatar, Turkey, Great Britain (and all of them are being supported by none other than the USA). The Libyan government in Tobruk has closed all ties with the Sudanese and Qatari until they cease supplying weapons to the criminal mafia groups. You ask, why would the USA support terrorism in Libya? Good question. The only answer I can come up with is that it creates complete instability in all of North Africa and does not allow the Africans to take control of their continent which is something that the Zionist bankers never want to happen.


Khalifa Hftar, whom the angry Americans call “the rogue general”, is fighting Ansar Al Sharia (now renamed ‘Islamic State in LIBYA, or ‘DAASH’ for short) terrorists militias in Benghazi. Hftar was dropped into Benghazi by the CIA in 2011 (whom they believd would lead the NATO mercenary rebels against the legitimate government of Libya; but he secretly supported Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

and although the (so-called) ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ “rebels” fully distrusted him, Hftar was not  ‘discovered’ as being a ‘spying-diverter of their cause’, as was (unfortunately) General al-Fateh Younes (whom Hftar collaborated with, to divert weapons to al-Jamahiriya forces). Still, those (so-called) “rebels” denied him leadership and retired him, on grounds of their enacted ISOLATION-ACT-‘law’ [disqualifying anyone who had a personal relationship with al-Qathafi or the workings of the ‘Great Jamahiriya’]. BUT,  Hftar, since MAY 2014, now has the full support of the new (anti-rebel / anti WAHHABI) Libyan Army and the Libyan tribes, as he is killing their Wahhabi common enemy…even if the Libyan Tribes and Green Libyan citizenry still do not know his true history and his sincere ‘loyalty to Libya alone’ and no foreign occupier or power.

oath of Hftar

The country of Libya, made up of a culture over 8000 years old, lived under the rule of foreign countries for almost its entire existence. After the al Fateh revolution in 1969, which was a completely bloodless revolution, the Libyan people became self ruling for the first time in their history. I do not count the old King (who was put in place by the UK) because he was controlled by the UK, US and other foreign countries. The Libyan people grew their country from the poorest most underdeveloped in Africa to the most developed in Africa in 40 + years under the SPIRITUAL-leadership of IMAM Mu’ammer al-Qathafi. The Libyan people had free health care, free eduction, a 5000 dinar gift at the birth of every child, a 45,000 dinar wedding gift, a new condominium for 10% of the salary for 10 years and they it was theirs, gas was 44 cents a gallon and women were emancipated in the 1970’s by al-Qathafi, who by the way, HATES radical Wahhabism, and had totally banned them from Libya. 96% of all Libyans are against radical Islamists. This is a fact little known in the world today.

That being said; there is a war being fought on Libyan soil. This war is not about the Libyan people, it is a war of philosophies and world-power of an elite hierarchy select people (who are not Libyan). This war was brought to the Libyan people by Obama, Clinton, NATO, UK, France, Qatar, Turkey, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and others. It has brought death and destruction to a sovereign nation of peace loving people. Almost 1 000 000 Libyans have died so that this war can take place on their homeland.

It is past time for the world to step up and help the Libyans clean their home of this war that has taken so much from them and is NOT their war. The world is sick and tired of radical Wahhabi ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood mafia (and their offspring al-Qaeda groups), their false flag operations, all operated through the world intelligence communities (particularly the American CIA and MI-6), and will not stand for it any longer.

The great tribes of Libya with their military council and the new Libyan Army are fighting a battle that was forced upon them by a corrupt “new world order”. Libyans are a proud race, they will die before they give their country over to these psychopaths. The world can learn from their honor, valor and perseverance.


Libya: Gaddafi Message رسالة القذافي من بني وليد ليبيا – 27 September  2011

Libya: Gaddafi Message رسالة القذافي من بني وليد ليبيا  - September 27, 2011

Par mirrorthis2010



‘Room Zintan operations’, informs us

Did a power failure on the most deliberate Libyan cities or is it to technical problems ???

I think of myself as a continuation to the series of compliance and an insult to the Libyan citizen and a continuation of the series of psychological warfare on the Libyans; and an attempt by corrupt cliques of fatigue citizen and make roof top ambition is to reduce the number of hours of power cuts and not his main concern political issues and the search for his rights.

Only in our state, if Ndt morning and received a nil and Mieh mesh cut thou thus have received all your rights Adamic,

and if you find mobile coverage then you are at the stage of extravagance, …and if you find online, then you are in the highest levels of luxury.
Nqso little freedom of O Libyans Alach this extravagant.
(Zintan Libya)

هل انقطاع الكهرباء على اغلب المدن الليبية متعمد ام هو لخلل فني ؟؟؟

عن نفسي اعتقد بأنه استمرار لمسلسل اذعان واهانة المواطن الليبي واستمرار لمسلسل الحرب النفسية على الليبيين ومحاولة من الزمر الفاسدة لارهاق المواطن وجعل اعلى سقف طموحه هو تخفيض عدد ساعات انقطاع الكهرباء وليس همه الامور السياسية والبحث عن حقوقه .

في دولتنا فقط ، اذا نضت الصبح ولقيت فيه ضيء والميه مش مقطوعة فانت بذلك تكون قد استلمت كل حقوقك الآدمية ، واذا وجدت تغطية النقال فانت في مرحلة البذخ ، واذا وجدت الانترنت فانت في اعلى مراتب الترف .

نقصو شوية من الحرية يا ليبيين علاش الاسراف هذا .













A house belonging to ‘Ramadan grippy’

in hunter area was burned by ‘Roma LIBYA’ rats.


Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.  Photo de ‎غرفة عمليات الزنتان‎.


If you can not support military
And state support
At least it does not support terrorism.
Did you know that every dinar to him in any of the equipment (Hommer’s Appliances) is the dinars to support terror and devastation in Libya.
He betrayed every drop of blood came down from the champion.

In honor of the hero lion, Abdullah Sassi and his companions,
boycot ‘Hommer’ products, as they are sponsors of the killer of the owner,

(who was killed by the terrorist Abdul Razak Aradi).

(Omar Ma’touq)


‘Roma Libya’ are now the transfer of weapons and

ammunition from 32 Brigade camp formerly “Military Engineering”

corresponding to the ‘Heart Hospital Tajourah‘, to Camp 101 (al-Mihat)

and there are a group of tanks guarding the place.







‘Room Zintan operations’:
City Municipal Council statement from al-Rajaban, striving for

Tkdab last for Flags ‘Roma Libya’ placebo will not Evlho.


بيان المجلس البلدي لـ مدينة الرجبان المجاهدة

تكديب اخر لـ أعـلام الغجر الوهمي ولن يفلحو



Army artillery pounded militia positions Daab at al-Qdhamh gate,

and the injury directly.

Allash is great and thankfully…








Room Zintan operations:
Report Zintan channel

Wattaya Canvas base perimeter on “04/28/2015”

The victory comes only from Allah !

O Allah, destroy them to the Piedgahm ‘Roma Libya’

and those who supported them in every entry of terrorism into Libya.

Al-Outih Mcyprh al-Ghazi Bozn Allah !

‎تقرير قناة الزنتان في محيط قاعدة الوطية بتاريخ "28-4-2015"</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p> وما النصر الا من عند الله </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>اللهم اهلك الخوارج وبيادقهم الغجر وكل ومن ساندهم في دخول الارهاب الي ليبيا </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


غرفة عمليات الزنتان

تقرير قناة الزنتان في محيط قاعدة الوطية بتاريخ “28-4-2015”

وما النصر الا من عند الله

اللهم اهلك الخوارج وبيادقهم الغجر وكل ومن ساندهم في دخول الارهاب الي ليبيا

Displays now Zintan TV channel ….
Men valor support force of the Libyan army in repelling

the attack militias and combat terrorism ‘Roma Libya’ Ali  

upon Wattaya axes

(Yahya Aborkiqh)



The Great Escape for Roma Libya in all axes of Wattaya ..
Oh Allah, thank you !

And thanks to Allah, that after Libya brave men

National Army and forces him chock
Photos attached to the chock forces yesterday in the center of Wattaya
A tribute to the tris
Wayne inform you placebo courtesy from

BASIC People’s Congress, Elvis Bucky Free’ ( Aagjr)






Family feud turns deadly in Sebha

A four-hour gun battle between two families in Sebha yesterday

left two men dead and several others injured.

The fight broke out in the New Hijara area of Sebha, behind the town’s pasta factory.  A disagreement between two members of the family led to shots being fired.  In the end two men were shot and killed.  Hassan Jumaa Hagar, a 30-year old, and Ibrahim Faraj Al-Senussi, 26, both received fatal wounds to the chest.

The injured include Ibrahim’s 65-year-old father, Faraj Al-Senussi, as well as Mohammed Hassan Khalifa, Mohamed Abubaker Adam, Hamid Ahmed Al-Sunni and Ahmed Ibrahim.  It is thought that some of the injured were simply bystanders and not directly involved in the dispute.  They are all in stable condition.

After police barricaded the street, family elders were brought in and able to bring an end to the fighting.  The incident is now being investigated by the police.







Egypt is getting ready to launch a large air and ground attack against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in eastern Libya (Debka-File reports, quoting military and intelligence sources).

The Obama administration is reportedly opposed to the operation.

“Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for a military campaign to capture eastern Libya — Cyrenaica — from the Islamist State of Syria and Iraq — ISIS — occupation,” reports Debka-File.

“The substantial naval and marine forces assembling at Egypt’s Mediterranean ports indicate the possible launching of the offensive by dropping Egyptian marines on the Libyan coast around Derna (pop: 100,000), which ISIS has made its provincial capital,” it added. “They may be accompanied by simultaneous landings of paratroops from the air.”

Some officials have warned that ‘ISIS may use Libya to launch attacks against Europe’. (This being THEIR OWN ‘CREATED’ THREAT to continue their war machine.)

Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh al-Sisi was not convinced by CIA Director John Brennan who related Obama’s position on April 19.

President al-Sisi was not surprised to hear from the CIA director that the Obama administration objects to a direct Egyptian invasion of Libya, and he would oppose Cairo acting against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Misurata / Tripoli local Libyan militias,” said DebkaFile.

“Brennan leaned hard on the Egyptian president to follow Washington’s line, but al-Sisi refused,” he added later.

President al-Sisi did tell the CIA director that he does not plan to keep the Egyptian army in Libya. He is planning to pull his troops out after the Wahhabi are defeated. Ultimately, al-Sisi said he would hand all powers back to the ‘MAJLIS al-NUWAAB’ Tobruk Intermittant  genuine temporary Libyan government.

ISIS’ presence in eastern Libya and Sinai poses an unacceptable threat to al-Sisi’s country of Egypt, noted the report.

“He has been warned in a number of intelligence reports that the Islamic State’s terrorists have already penetrated some Egyptian towns and even infiltrated certain army units,” it said.

ISIS is reportedly beefing up its presence in eastern Libya with reinforcements from Syria and Iraq to counter Egypt’s planned assault.

“From Syria, they are traveling by air or sea through the Mediterranean; from Iraq, through the Sinai Peninsula, whence oil and drug rings smuggle them across the Suez Canal and Egypt,” said Debka-File.

Libya has been engulfed in unrest since The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA was overthrown in 2011 with the support of the Obama administration. Various tribes, militias, and political groups are competing for power in Libya.

The country has been split by two warring factions. One is led by the legitimate government operating out of Tobruk (and with offices  in CASABLANCA), and the other by the MISURATA ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood with their violant allied Wahhabi Kharijite militias in Tripoli.

The Obama administration has been supporting the Tripoli Misurata ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood with the aid of Turkey, Sudan and Qatar; but, and other Western nations have been totally reluctant to intervene.

Egypt, without the support of the U.S., has already launched airstrikes against ‘DAASH’ /ISIS targets in Libya after the WAHHABI ISLAMIC-STATE group beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians.






First Month of War in Yemen

first month synopsis of Yemen War

Nikolai BOBKIN | 28.04.2015 | 11:17

Houthi defending their life and the truth

Conflict in Yemen

The war in Yemen started a month ago. The conflict is likely to spread farther across the whole Middle East. The confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran is getting deeper. Supporters of lslamic State established a new group called Soldiers of the Caliphate in Yemen. The Shia movement Ansar Allah (the Houthis) is preparing to strike Saudi Arabia in retaliation.

Tehran understands that the United States stood behind Saudi Arabia inciting it to start the war. Iran is not going to give up. At the moment Tehran sees lifting of sea and air blockade of Yemen as its main goal. Iran’s Foreign Ministry on April 24 summoned Saudi Arabia’s charge d’affaires to express Tehran’s protest over Saudi Arabian warplanes’ interception of Iranian planes in the Yemeni airspace, including one carrying a consignment of humanitarian aid for war-hit Yemenis. Iranian officials reminded the Saudi charge d’affaires that the Yemen-bound Iranian flights had already obtained the necessary permissions for flying in Oman-Yemen air route and had fully coordinated the plan with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. A senior Iranian official says Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen and its prevention of the delivery of the Islamic Republic’s humanitarian aid to the war-wracked country will not go unanswered. »We consider all options for helping the Yemeni people and immediate dispatch of humanitarian aid and transfer of the injured», Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said on April 26. Amir-Abdollahian’s remarks came after Saudi fighter jets intercepted an Iranian airplane carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen and prevented it from entering the Yemeni airspace on Thursday, April 23. Now Iran can take a decision to escort its transport aircraft. It may lead to a direct confrontation.

Iran still has its ships deployed in the Aden Gulf. The 34thflotilla (the Alborz destroyer and the Bushehr helicopter carrier warship) replaced the 33th flotilla which had been deployed in the region for 77 days. Iran’s Navy CommanderRear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said fighting pirates and ensuring safety for Iranian vessels sailing in high seas are among objectives. A Saudi official warned Iranian warships sent to the Strait of Bab El-Mandeb and the Gulf of Aden not to enter Yemeni waters. «Iranian ships have the right to be present in international waters, but they won’t be allowed to enter Yemeni territorial waters», spokesman of the Saudi-led anti-Houthi coalition forces, Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri told reporters in Riyadh. Iranian President Sheikh Hasan Rouhani slammed the Saudi aggression on Yemen, stressing that Riyadh carried out the attack because of its failure to materialize its wishes in the region.

«Destroying the infrastructure of an impoverished country and killing children, women and men make no sense other than [meaning] that a country has lost its balance, and there can be no other interpretations», he said. Iran has its ships deployed in the region since 2008. It acts in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

The war in Yemen has given a rise to the spread of extremism in the region. The jihadists’ movement is on the rise. A newly announced division of the Islamic State group calling itself the «Green Brigade» has launched attacks against the Houthis. The Islamic State supporters have intensified their activities in other countries of the Middle East. The HAMAS leadership in concerned over the appearance of jihadist groups in Gaza sector. The Islamic State wants to spread its presence there. Cairo has extended the state of emergency in the Sinai Peninsula where Islamists continue to clash with the government forces.

The Islamic State strives for expansion taking advantage of the fact that the aggression against Yemen has greatly destabilized the Middle East. It is relevant for Saudi Arabia. The terrorist threat has become acute. For the first time it threatens the very existence of the royal family. On April 21, the Saudi Ministry of Interior advised on its website that security forces had been placed on alert following reports of a threat to oil installations and shopping malls throughout the Kingdom. The state of emergency is declared in many areas in the south of the country. Last weekend two policemen were killed as a result of Islamic State attack. Saudi security forces have foiled a terrorist attack by militants affiliated to the Islamic State, an Interior Ministry spokesman announced. The «terrorist operation» would have seen seven car bombs target different sites across the Kingdom, with Riyadh also announcing that one of the suspects arrested later admitted to killing two police officers at a checkpoint in the Saudi capital earlier this month. The Islamists groups in Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Nigeria (the Boco Harum) have moved under the control of Islamic State. Saudi Arabia is next. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al Shaykh said the Islamic State militants are the enemies of Islam. At that Riyadh continues to fight the Houthis in Yemen.

Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels have threatened to launch an attack on Saudi Arabia if the bombings in Yemen do not stop. The Zaidi group has sent the warning to Riyadh and demanded that UN-brokered political dialogue be resumed in Yemen. The Houthis «will carry out a military attack on Saudi Arabia, if the airstrikes on Yemen don’t come to an end», Mohammed Bahiti, member of the Ansar Allah movement, told TV channel Al Mayadeen. Bahiti stressed that the Houthi rebels «do not require missiles» to carry forward with their promise, referring to Yemeni military depots destroyed in the airstrikes. He also rejected claims that Operation Decisive Storm, led by Saudi Arabia, was able to successfully destroy the Houthi rebels’ military capabilities. Saudi Arabia is vulnerable to destabilization of the Shia-populated areas. Tehran says the internal strife between Saudi princes has escalated. The internal crisis serves the interests of those who would like to overthrow King Salman.

Saudi Arabia cannot defeat the Houthis without having boots on the ground. The Saudi allies are not chomping at the bit for deploying ground forces in Yemen. Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates have no capability to conduct large-scale ground operations. A couple of battalions would not be enough. The first month of war in Yemen showed that these states have no wish to get further embroiled in the Yemeni conflict under the banner of Saudi Kingdom. Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan continue to watch the situation creep. They are in no rush to start a direct confrontation with Iran.


2 thoughts on “Proud to be Libyan

  1. Thank you for your very educational news updates. This would never be printed or shown on American media.

    Life in empire is not happy like American TV. America, invader of wealthy, smaller countries–and brutal killers of Black citizens. Many, many homeless and hungry people in NYC. Recent polls say 1 in 6 people go to bed hungry–and about 1 in 3 are children. Hillary & capitalists are living so wealthy while SO MANY hungry sleep in the streets.

    America is a terrible government. Many of us in NYC (New York City) remember Libya and protest her destruction and protest to this day. We demand Hands Off Libya and Reparations for Libya.

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